Monday, July 30, 2012

Star-Spangled Stitching!

Good morning all! I was overwhelmed by so many kind comments and anniversary wishes on my last post--thank you all very, very much!! Your words certainly made it easier to deal with the fact that my husband was so far away on our 35th anniversary. I'm very happy to have him home again, all safe and sound...I don't think we had ever been apart on our anniversary before. But, there was a silver lining to his being in Alaska--I had a lot of free time to stitch (along with the fact that I didn't have to cook all week!). And here is what sprang from my needle. Yes, my finishes for my July bowl are complete--and just in time since a new month begins on Wednesday! Not all of these were done this past week, of course; I've been working on them throughout the month. They're a bit late for the 4th of July, but with the Olympics going on, I've thoroughly enjoyed working with all the red, white, and blue threads and fabrics.

July patriotic finishes

So would you like to see how I finished each one of them? Well, here we go! First up, is this adorable design by Heart in Hand. I'll have to admit, the whole time I was stitching this, I kept thinking of two of my sons. No, they don't remind me of long-legged birds, but the little red and white banner draped over the bird is almost exactly like the University of Richmond crest which is where my youngest and oldest sons graduated from. Do you see the resemblance? "4th of July Bird" is stitched on 36 ct. Belfast linen with the suggested DMC and overdyed threads. I stitched the gold "Cecilia's star" (first time I've ever done that particular specialty stitch--or even heard of it!) in place of the flag charm because the colors on the flag charm just didn't coordinate well. It worked out nicely because I ended up making cording of that same gold and I think the color is a perfect accent. The blue star fabric shown behind is what I used to back the tiny pillow. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Prairie Schooler designs always seem to make their way into my monthly "bowls" and July is no exception. This patriotic heart (using a bright--for PS designs anyway--DMC 311 blue) is from Book No. 13: A Prairie Year. It is stitched with the suggested DMC threads on 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle linen. For the pillow, I combined two blue fabrics--a stripe and a dotted sort of blue. Topped with a burgundy button and a white star, I think the whole effect is quite classy looking. This is probably my favorite finish of the month, but it's hard to say!

The Lizzie Kate July Flip-It Stamp is my next finish... Another example of taking a very simple design and adding fabrics and trims to turn it into something special! Again, I used 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle linen (I love that stuff because the whites show up quite well on it) and whatever overdyed threads I had in my stash. I did make a few changes in this one (of course!). I changed the color of the word "July" to match that of the watermelon. I also sewed black matte Mill Hill beads on for the seeds. The original design had ants on the finish, but I decided to leave those off. The striped and solid blue fabrics are both from old shirts (go through those closets everyone--you never know what goodies you'll find!) and I finished this one off with some rope-like trim and a little yo-yo made of the blue fabric. Cute!!

This little cutie is called "Summer House" and is a Little House Needleworks design (it was an old freebie which I don't see available any longer on the internet). For this one I used 40 ct. flax Newcastle with a variety of overdyed threads. If you wonder why I use so many 40 ct. fabrics, it is so the pillows will turn out small enough to fit in the bowl. I actually think I stitch faster on 40 ct., too, because you only have to use one strand of thread and there are no worries about twisting as there are when using two strands. I chose a red and white gingham reminiscent of a summery picnic tablecloth and some red ric-rak to finish it off very simply.

Finally, I found a very cute Prairie Grove Peddler freebie available here. This was such a quick stitch--just took a day. Yep, you guessed it--another one on 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle linen!! I used the suggested DMC threads, with the exception of changing the blue to DMC 824. I wanted it to match the blue in the tri-color ribbon I had chosen for the edging. I usually use only one strand of thread when I stitch on 40 ct., but I wanted the USA to stand out a bit, so I ended up using two strands just for that portion. What do you think? A quick and easy finish in just one day!

Below are my five new finishes along with the Chessie & Me "Love Liberty" finish that I shared with you in my last post. Do you have a favorite this month?

July 2012 patriotic finishes

And here they are all snuggled into my wooden bowl along with three patriotic finishes from last year. Don't they make you just want to stand up and salute?! On to August... I have a theme in mind--can anyone guess what it might be? I'll give you a hint--it's one of my favorite summer things...

July bowl of patriotic finishes

THANK YOU!! Through blogging, I've been lucky enough to "meet" so many wonderful people from around the world. One of my dear friends, Hilda, who lives in Austria, recently surprised me with a pair of French cross stitching magazines. Oh, I was so tickled to receive these--everything from the designs and colors all the way down to the advertisements was simply lovely. My one year of college level French helps a bit with the translation, but honestly, isn't the language of beautiful stitching universal? If you haven't visited Hilda's blog, Hildi's Good Life, please stop by--her stitching and photography are absolutely delightful! Thank you, Hilda, for your thoughtful gifts and even more, for your friendship.

MY NEW PET (well for one week!!)...
While my husband was on his Alaska bike trip, I was tasked with keeping his garden alive. That meant daily trips to check on the vegetables and watering if necessary. Luckily, we finally received many, many inches of rain last week--the first time all summer--so, I didn't have to water at all. On my very first day of "garden duty," though, just look at what greeted me! Peering through the Havahart Trap, was this little guy--a small woodchuck. Not exactly a friendly bundle of fur; he bared his large, ugly, yellow teeth (he obviously hasn't visited his dentist in quite some years!) and leaped at me when I tried to open the door of the trap to get him out.

I tried and tried, but I couldn't figure out how to release the door so he could escape. I couldn't just let the poor thing sit there all week and die, so my soft-hearted self began feeding him--from my husband's garden. Oh, he ate like a king all week--fresh tomatoes, lettuce, succulent green leaves. All under cover of some shady pine trees. When my oldest son came over for a visit on Friday, he was finally able to figure out how to get the door open. We expected the woodchuck to make a mad dash for his freedom, but what did he do? He just sat there in the cage for a while--obviously he had gotten used to the easy life and didn't really look forward to being on his own again and having to scavenge for food! Eventually, he waddled out to, hopefully, be reunited with his furry family. (Ssshhh...don't tell my husband I let the little fellow go--I don't think he would be quite inclined to have dealt with him in the same way!)

I'll leave you with something far prettier than that image of the homely little woodchuck. Isn't this a lovely photo of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly that was perched on our orange Cosmos? Click on the photo and you can see all the colors that make his wings so special--the blues and little bits of orange along with that pale yellow and black. What a mosaic of beauty!

Thank you all for sticking with me this far--I keep telling myself to make my posts shorter, but it doesn't seem to ever work out that way for some reason! (***Special Note: For any of you who have ask me questions in your comments, the only way I can respond to you is if you leave me your email address. You may email me directly (my email address is in my profile on the sidebar) and I'll be happy to respond). I hope your week is a relaxing one... I'm looking forward to the month of August and lots of family gatherings. Because of those, I may be a bit "absent" from blogging in the coming month, but will try to visit your blogs whenever possible. Enjoy your week, my friends! Bye for now...


Anonymous said...


All your finishes are beautiful!

Your July bowl looks lovely.

Poor woodchuck - at least he ate well!
The butterfly is so pretty!

Annie said...

Beautiful set of finishes. You always come up with the most interesting combination of fabrics and trims and such creative ideas. I always love those 'pooping birds' (learned that moniker from Pumpkin). That's so funny how the design matches the school crest. And my eyes hurt just thinking about 40 ct.

I probably would have called animal control if a woodchuck ended up in my garden (assuming I had a garden). You have a such a good heart!

Glad to hear DH made it home safe and sound even it does mean your stitching time might be a bit more limited! ;-)

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Carol, please, don't make your posts shorter, they are adorable as they are! Your newest finishes fascinated me! I too stitched Lizzie Kate's watermelon! I think it's a really good idea to stitch on 40 count linen as the designs won't turn out too big. I'll follow your example and try this fabric myself. Thanks a lot for the inspiration!
Have a nice time.

riona said...

Love your finishes. Great choice of fabrics and I think combining a yo-yo with a button is a very clever trim ... one I will have to use myself sometime.

AnaCristina said...


cucki said...

hello deary, all your finishes are so lovely..
your july bowl is looking so pretty.
i love your new pet so much.
big hugs and love cucki xxx

Jackie said...

Beautiful finishes! You always manage to come up with the perfect touches.

I've never seen a woodchuck before. Like a prior commenter said, I would have probably called animal control too.

Giovanna said...

What great finishes - well done!

Vickie said...

Love these finishes. You must have some pretty good photography skills Carol. I actually thought the woodchuck looked kinda cute. ;)

CalamityJr said...

Love your July finishes - your stitching is beautiful, and you come up with the BEST colors and trims to make them complete. Thanks for the inspiration!

Maggee said...

All of the July finishes are exquisite! And Inspiring too! I think the PS one is my fave, tho the LK one is a close second! Oh who can decide?? Thanks for sharing! I, too, have never seen a woodchuck before... he was kinda cute! Have fun with the French magazines--you will understand the patterns just fine! Hugs!

Elizabeth Ann said...

You know I came up with this pretty great idea, after July is over they could come here for a month, no use packing them away after all that work..... I absolutely love them all, I even have a pretty neat bowl to put them in.....

Margaret said...

So has the woodchuck taken up residence in your garden? lolol! So funny! I love all your ornaments! Very nice! But you always do such spectacular work.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Oooh, hard choices this month to pick a favorite! I love the Prairie Schooler one, and I think my second favorite is the bird.... but from your finished bowl of goodies I love the Long May She Wave one!

Your woodchuck is cute. How many times during the week did you find yourself saying, "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood??" LOL!! : ) I'm glad you fed him. You are a woman after my own heart!

Wonderful update!

Sweet Sue said...

Such festive and finely finished projects, congrats on a stunning July bowl! Enjoy those mags, you lucky stitcher. Sounds like Woody had no aversion to the greenies:)

Lanie said...

Carol ... your July finishes ... one is cuter than the next!

Dare I say it!?, but that woodchuck may be a friend for life along with his family and friends! Sounds like he thought he was on vacation for a week! I wouldn't have wanted to leave either!

Shirlee said...

Beautiful photos all around! Love all your Americana stitchings : ) The butterfly is gorgeous ... you captured it perfectly! How funny about the woodchuck! He indeed got comfortable with your motherly care : )

marly said...

You really need to put out a little booklet with your finishing ideas! Impeccable and creative! Perfectly stitched, too. I don't know how they do it, but our groundhogs manage to get under the fences and we lost our melons and cukes to them again. The deer took care of the lettuce and peppers! The tomatoes have that disease where the spotted leaves yellow and fall. Not a productive year!

LindataxPA said...

As always Carol..........your posts make me green with envy - if only I could finish like you do!!! Your monthly bowls are so so cute. I'm guessing that August is for sunflowers. Am I right?

Enjoy your month of family celebrations - it's what we all love most in our lives.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Oh Carol, I love each and every one of these beauties!!! Your July cottage finish is so unique!!! I may have to copy! LOL! Can hardly wait for the August selections!!

BrendaS said...

Carol --
What a wonderful post with all your gorgeous July finishes! Your work is so beautiful with all your attention to detail!

Cute little story about your visit from the woodchuck. Glad your son was able to release him before your husband got home:)

Have a good month with your family and enjoy the last month of summer!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I love all the July finishes. Thanks for the link to the freebie too. This month seems to have just passed by in the blink of an eye. I can't believe August is just days away already!

Melissa said...

Good morning, Carol! I'm so glad I have a late start to my first day of work today so I can catch up on blogs, especially yours!

I so enjoyed this post! The stitching - all gorgeous! The garden stories and photos - wonderful. That woodchuck has found a new friend I think!

Have a fun week!

Natasha said...

What beautiful finishes as always!!

I think that Woodchuck is a cutie LOL But the butterfly is far pettier. Thanks for sharing :)

Vicki said...

Your July finishes are terrific and they look so sweet nestled together in your bowl!

Angela said...

I love all of your patriotic stitches Carol!

I look forward to seeing what you stitch for August :)

Shelly said...

I enjoy reading your 'long' post so please don't change! Beautiful finishes, as usual. My favorite has to be the 4th of July Bird. I love your cording, I'll have to try that. As for the woodchuck, I'd probably so the same!

Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Wow what beautiful finishes - I love them all. Really enjoyed reading your post xx

Beth said...

All so cute - can't pick a favorite! I enjoying examining your finishes. The use of fabric, cording, etc really makes your 'smalls' all very special. I am glad that the woodchuck won his freedom!

Mary Ann said...

First, let me say that I enjoy your long posts--don't change a thing! And, I love, love, love your star-spangled finishes!!! I am going to guess that August will be sunflowers--I always think of sunflowers for August. And, thank you for sharing Mr. Woodchuck's "vacation photos". I do believe he will be back. : )

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

All such beautiful finishes! I think, if I had to choose, my favorites would be the PS heart finish and the LHN July house but they're all fabulous.

Loved the pics of your furry critter visitor!

Solstitches said...

Oh my goodness Carol I don't know how you manage to keep this up but I do so look forward to seeing your monthly basket display.
Each one of your July ornaments is gorgeous. I'm loving the little yo yo with the button on the watermelon pillow.
Thanks for another lovely post.

Marsha said...

I thought I liked the first one best. Then you showed the next and then the next! I just can't decide because they are all so stinking' cute. You're a nut with the woodchuck but he does look awful cute. That's a great butterfly picture. Have a great August. I was guessing watermelon for the theme but you already have one for July. Hmm - sunflowers?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous looking entries for your July bowl! While I really like them all, my favorite is the PS one! Not a surprise, I bet!

Glad your son was able to release Mr. (or Mrs.) Woodchuck! Lovely butterfly and flowers!

Robin in Virginia

Christine said...

I love the way you finished off each of these patriotic pieces! Congrats on such a beautiful job. I'm very inspired so thank you for sharing!

And I learned something new as I had no idea there were traps for woodchucks, lol!

Missfil From Paris, France said...

I LOVE very much the way you finish your embrodery !!!!!!
So cute !

Bianca said...

Your finishing is exquisite. I could never pick just one favorite! I had a question about the trim on the LK July Stamp. I was wondering if you glued the trim on after sewing the pillow, and also if the edges were tucked into the seam. Thanks so much for all of your posts; I always enjoy them.

Melanie said...

This might be my favorite theme! (Until my next favorite theme. I do tend to get distracted by the 'shiny'. lol) I just never get tired of seeing red/white/blue finishes. I only finished one this year for July so I'm CRAZY impressed you did all of these in one month. The little details like the black 'seed' beads and gold cording are perfection.

I think you made a friend for life there with Chuck. Just saying. :)

Jennifer said...

If only I were as creative with my compliments are you are with your finishes!!! it hardly seems enough to say "gorgeous finishes" when you churn out so many lovely things!

I am very interested in the Cecilia's Star stitch - I googled it and couldn't come up with anything. I have a particular fondness for stars (being a Cowboys fan and all) and could make good use of that star stitch.

Can't wait to see what you finish for August. Lighthouses, perhaps?

MoonBeam said...

Carol, what a cute bunch of patriotic finishes. You would have fit into our group this past Saturday very nicely!

Glad the ground hog story had a happy ending.

Your butterfly photo is gorgeous. Nice summer post!


Flávia e Cristiana said...

Gostei muito de suas publicações! Lindos trabalhos. Um abraço.

Joy said...

Your finishes are awesome as always!

I would have let the little guy go too. I got a little upset when I found out that one of my coworkers was shooting armadillos in his backyard. I have a soft spot for little critters.

Daffycat said...

Your July finishes are spectacular! I LOVE every one of them. I have so enjoyed watching what you come up with the stitch and finish each month - thank you!

A woodchuck? How funny he is!

Barb said...

Your July bowl is a work of art!!! Love that little woodchuck!!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous, really love all your July finishes!

I guess you are stitching sunflowers for August! It's one of my favorite flowers.


Jennifer M. said...

I love your July bowl! I did the Easter bird for an exchange and it was such a joy to stitch. All of your projects came out lovely.

I'm surprised that woodchuck let you get close enough to feed him after all. I probably would have been too scared to get near it.

Enjoy your month of family functions. :)


Karen said...

There should be a law against all that cuteness!!! Oh my...I just love them all and your finishing on each is just perfect.

happy stitching....

Lesleyanne said...

Your July finishes are stunning as always Carol. I love them in your bowl. Love the woodchuck story, I won't tell your husband lol. The butterfly is gorgeous.

Rowyn said...

I love your July bowl of smalls. You finish them all beautifully (and creatively... that little yoyo is sooo cute!).

So that is what a woodchuck looks like. He's kinda cute! I love that you fed him well for the week (that's what I would have done too! lol).

Oh wow, what a stunning butterfly specimen. You got an amazing photo of it too.

Have a great week!

Valma said...

Ho my, this butterfly is amazing !
Nature makes real superb little
things !!
you also make superb little things =)
your July bowl is full of lovely cushions again
all the fabrics ad ribbons you used are perfect, bravo
great story of Mr Woodchuck =)
happy stitching for August bowl
big hugs

Elia said...

All your finishes are beautiful my friend!
I love the july-summer very much.
Loved the pics of your furry critter visitor :)
your garden is so wonderful,

happy stitching Carol!


butterfly said...

oh so lovely again, sweet friend you are so talented
With the way you stitch, finish and find such beautiful matching materials , you are the artist.
Love everyone that you have stitched and you push me on to stitch more and more, bless you. hugs.

♥ Nia said...

Sorry sweetie, I was a bit behind on my blog reading (my birthday weekend was too full!! hehehhe) but I've read and comment on your previous post just now ;)

Lovely finishes.. again!! :D hahaha
Love the yo-yo detail on your little pillow :D looks so cute! What a great idea :)

hahahaha your 'new pet' was enjoying his life with you taking care of him :D heheheh Smart guy!! smart guy!! :D

Roberta said...

Love the woodchuck - you definitely made him want to stay!!

As usual your stitching is wonderful and you get so much done.

Anne said...

It's funny that we both missed our men but enjoyed the time along to get loads of stitching done!! Your finishes are just perfect and so cute. I'm glad you didn't stitch the ants near the watermelon. I hate ants...ick! Lol about the woodchuck! I love how you fed him the veggies you wouldn't eat but now he doesn't want to leave! Why would he when he has front door dinner service?!!

msmartello said...

Hi Carol,
I know it's a little late but Happy Anniversary! I guess I am a little behind in my blog reading. I love all your July pieces but I think I have to say my favorite is the summer house. I love Little House and I saw this pattern on another bolg. I fell in love with it and when I found out I can't stitch it I was bummed. So cute. That butterfly is gorgeous! have a great day!

Gabriele said...

Hi Carol, and again wonderful finishes. The colors look so fresh and the matching is perfect.
The butterfly is gorgeous and the new familiymember :)))) great. never saw it before.
Have a nice week.
Hugs from Germany, Gabi

LoriU said...

HI again! Hey I didn't read all the replies, but I wanted to let you and others know that I emailed Diane from Little House about the "Summer House" Freebie and here is her extremely prompt reply (she wrote back in less than 3 minutes!)

"That chart along with many older (former) complimentary charts can be purchased in a large pattern pack called "Something Old, Something New". It can be ordered from your local shop."

So I wanted to share that info in case anyone wants to contact their LNS to purchase more fun stash!!!

LoriU said...

Back again...wanted to say, that woodchuck/gopher/groundhog looks mean!

Also, I was wondering how/where you store your basket pieces after the month is over?

Laura said...

They are all beautiful! Love all your different finishes for them.

Judy said...

Hi Carol, the July bowl is just a sparkle of awesome partiotic smalls! I envy your finishing talent. Each one seems perfect for the stitched piece--which is also perfect.

I bet the little woodchuck will be back with friends for more garden goodies--and maybe avoid the trap next time.

Loved the butterfly photo--I don't remember seeing a butterfly like that before.

Thanks for sharing--looking forward to nest time.

Judy heartland stitcher

Lillie said...

WOW! fantastic stitching and you finish each piece beautifully.

Chris said...

Wonderful finishes! I love them. Thank you for always posting the freebie links too.
Glad that your husband is home!
Have a great week!

boysmum2 said...

My fav would be the long legged bird one, I love how the little yellow star shows against all the other colours. They are all so cute, well done for July, your country would be proud

Mindi said...

Gorgeous finishes for this month, its hard to pick out a favorite! I think the woodchuck is adorable, and I'm glad you released him instead of doing something more permanent. Unfortunately he might decide to hand out at the garden now he's learned he'll eat well there.

ozgrkdn said...

Hi Carol,My daughter's blog LookbookUnlimited is began broadcasting...I hope, you do support her:)))Have a nice day:))

Ele said...

Dear Carol,

another wonderful post of you, a great pleasure as every time!
A basket, filled with strawberries, refreshing Christmas ornaments, lovely finishes to celebrate the 4th of anniversary and some birthdays...weeks full of joy and celebration. Hope the next weeks are like in this way too...;-)

Have a wonderful sumemr and stitching time


Ms. Wright said...

You certainly have been busy stitching away, Carol. I love all the finishes for each of the pieces, and I continue to be amazed at your ability to choose and create finishes that compliment your pieces.

As for the woodchuck, he probably enjoyed his time at the Inglis Garden Lodge. Event though I know he was not doing your garden any type of service...I still think he's pretty cute.

priscilla said...

Love all the finishes ! I have 3 favorites, The lizzie kate, love the yoyo.. and that you used a shirt for the fabric clever !the Prairie Schooler and the summer house...Love them !EWWW on the woodchuck..I don't think we have those here , at least I have never seen one ! I am going to guess either beach or butterflies for August .. Can't wait to see what your theme is !

Annette Bevelander said...

Wow what a beautidull pieces you have been stitching again!@
Your needles are on fire!! you done such a awesome job on them

I´m still so in love off how beautifull you always finish them up.. love it from every single piece!!
Your really a great crafter and sewster

What a wonderfull gifts you got!! beautifull

hihihi your story about your new pet!! it made me laugh so much... poor DH..

What a beautifull butterfly.. wonderfull

enjoy your weekend

Meari said...

You are such a great heart to feed the woodchuck until you figured out a way to set him free. :)

Love your July projects. I can't pick just one. They are all adorable!

The butterfly is beautiful!

Christine said...

I am new to you blog and your stitching is beautiful.

Julie said...

A lovely post Carol. Mr Woodchuck obviously enjoyed his stay at 'Carol's hotel' lol.
Love the July bowl, beautiful collection in there.
I'm so pleased you have finally had some rain.

Scattered Threads said...

Your finishes are just beautiful Carol; and the nice pic of the butterfly. I like the colors as well.

Kate said...

So much eye candy, Carol. Always a pleasure to visit. Belated Happy Anniversary!

Ranae said...

Very lucky woodchuck I would have did the same thing
Gotta love all the red,white and blue

Catherine said...

Oh gosh, Carol, I could never pick a favorite from your finishes!! They are all so adorable and you always have just the right special touches.
Aawww.....that was probably the best week of eating for that little fellow. Is he still sticking around?
Great photo of the butterfly as well.
Enjoy your family times this month ~ looking forward to hearing about them and seeing you're August smalls!

Hilda said...

Dear Carol,
your July-stitchings are sooo gorgeous. I always adore your choice of designs and even more I adore your wonderful finishes. Always inspiring!

The story of your little visitor is again sooooo cute. On the second photo he looks really happy. No wonder that he did not want to leave this wonderful place ;-)

Please, never do stopp telling us so wonderful stories. I love reading your posts so much!


P.S.: You are very welcome - I am so pleased that you like the magazins I sent to you!

Christina said...

I always love choosing a favourite from your basket of smalls! This month is a toughie though...I think I'm going to say the Prairie Schooler Patriotic Heart. I love the stripey fabric and the cute button. ALTHOUGH...I do really like the trim you have used on the LK flip it stamp...arghhh! Definitely a tough month.
The photograph of the butterfly is beautiful. Iris received a butterfly kit for her birthday. Five tiny caterpillars arrived at our home around 2 weeks ago and within 10 days they had increased their size ten-fold! All five are now in their cocoons. We now wait patiently for them to emerge as Painted Lady butterflies. Iris has thoroughly enjoyed watching the process and she is looking forward to releasing them into our garden!

Septiembre said...

Hola Carol, cómo te ha cundido, libre de obligaciones maritales, así si que se estira el tiempo.
Me gustan todos tus bordados en especial el de la sandía y el de la casita. Las telas que has utilizado quedan estupendas, en todos los cojines.
Que odisea con la marmota, que tranquilona y feliz se le ve en la jaula, menos mal que ya está libre.
Muchos besos.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Carol as usual you have a spectacular array of finishes. I love how through finishing you took something ordinary and made it spectacular!!!

Melody said...

Carol, Your patriotic finishes are beautiful! I love your choices of patterns. Your work is an inspiration.

Too funny about capturing the woodchuck and then feeding him. I'm sure he would have been happy to stay with the good things you were feeding him.

The butterfly is beautiful. Your posts are always fun to read.

valerie said...

Beautiful Red, white and blue stitches Carol! All your finishes are amazing! I can't believe you had to deal with a woodchuck on your own...and feed it! Ack....I'd have been scared and freaked out! Beautiful butterfly photo!

Veronica said...

Oh, Carol, I love your red, blue and white post. All those lovely designs. I don't think I could have picked a favourite though the watermelon comes close. Love that yo-yo you made to complement it.

LOL! No wonder the woodchuck didn't want to leave with you feeding it all the vegetables you hate ^.^

Beautiful butterfly. It sure has gorgeous wings.


Nancy M said...

Another awesome monthly display! Your bowl is overflowing with some great pieces this past month! We are only about 4 1/2 hours apart, we need to get together so you can give me a finishing lesson. Your pillows look so good! You really have a knack for just the right material combos. And when you use 40 ct, are you really just going over 1? I've done 2 silk kits and it nearly killed me. I don't think I've done anything smaller than 36 ct. We have a HUGE woodchuck living under our shed, when we catch it, it won't get such friendly accommodations.
PS. I still haven't forgotten about looking for that invitation, I will find it!

Vinniey said...

As always, your finishes are so beautiful and unique! I love them all! Each of them are so special. You really have great eyes on choosing the perfect fabrics and trims for each stitching works. Good job, Carol! :) I wish you have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching!

Giovi's Creations said...

Woow! What a production! :)
I'm back and let me tell you that all your photos are simply beautiful (projects, pets and butterflies)
Hugs, Giovi (in London for a while)

Brigitte said...

Oh Carol, and again I'm in awe over this wonderful display of little pillows. My favourite? That's really hard to choose, but I think I'd go for the Prairie Schooler. Or the Summer House? Well, I don't know, they are all wonderful.
Your theme for August, hmmm, could it be sunflowers? I'm already very curious ...

Anonymous said...

I love how you have finished these! I have several just waiting for that final touch. Thanks for the ideas!

Anonymous said...
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Andrea said...

Stunning finishes.

Parsley said...

Lovely finishes!!

A woodchuck? I think I'll have to find out how it differs from a beaver.

Myra said...

Hi Carol! So sorry it took me so long to get around to commenting. I read your post the day it was published but just now had a moment to leave a comment. You know I love me some patriotic stitching and this post from you was just a delight.

Anonymous said...


Your Patriotic bowl is lovely with all those beatiful finishes`.

Holly x

Susan said...

All your July finishes are gorgeous, Carol!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Edit said...

I love your July finishes Carol! :) the long legged bird is great, I also stitched one from this series not long ago and hope to stitch more in the future (I would like to do the season ones, spring, summer, etc). The Summer House is also a very nice one, I stitched it once, too, but slightly different colours :) Love your July bowl, they look so great together.

Here it is still hot, although it might cool down a bit for the weekend. I hope it does.

Have a great weekend,

Michelle said...

Carol, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself for the past few days...just reading through your blog and admiring your finishes. I've been in a stitching slump and I think your blog has helped revive my spirits! Please continue to have lengthly posts! Happy Stitching, Michelle

Valentina said...

Hi Carol, thank you for another great post of beautiful stitching and wonderful finishing! I'm not at all into ornaments, mainly because I'm rubbish in sewing things, but seeing all your creations engourages me to have a try at them! This month my favourite is the Prairie Schooler heart, but all the others are beautiful too! Looking forward to see your August bowl!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh Oh beautiful pictures my dear, I love stitching patriotic !!!

bisous de FRANCE

Anonymous said...


Just stopping by to say how much I love your Patriotic stitching. Your stitching is beautifully finished off to!


Kay said...

You sure do manage to keep busy, I love your finishing on all of your finishes. Your stitching as well is magnificent.

passionfruitprincess said...

Carol, I love your long posts and your "backward tales". I enjoy all the cute stories and pictures of the animals that visit your yard.
Your ornaments are amazing. Perfect finish on each one. You always find the right fabric and trim.
About your gift. Oh, my goodness! Lucky you! I love these magazines! I visit their website often and just go crazy. The little red riding hood one is out of stock already. One of these days I will buy one :). Probably a Christmas issue. They are all lovely.
Now that I am back from Brazil, I need go back to the routine. So many things to do, so little time!
Enjoy your weekend!
Ana Paula.