Thursday, December 24, 2015

And they say that it's Christmas...

...but it's in the 60s here in western Pennsylvania! Good morning, my stitching friends! Is it warm where you are, too? In all my 60 years, I never remember a December like this--it is supposed to be in the 60's here (more like May weather for us) throughout the Christmas weekend. I hate to say I miss the snow, but (I miss the snow!). The mild weather has been great in terms of getting around to shop, decorating the outside of houses (in fact, I swear more houses than ever have put up outside decorations this year), and getting back and forth to work easily. But, without the cold, ice, and those pretty white things that fall from the sky, it just doesn't feel Christmasy. As my son said, "This is what Christmas in northern Florida must feel like every year!" 

Anyway, the cards are sent, the groceries are purchased, the few presents we bought (our main gift was the Argentina trip from last month) are wrapped and under the tree, and the tree is up. Yes, the tree--the one I stitch for all year. Would you like to see?

2015 "Stitching Dreams" Christmas Tree

I can't tell you how much I smile when I see each little ornament perched on the tree.

I am truly running out of space! I wonder how many hours of work have gone into creating these little ornaments?

This year, I set aside a special portion for the Prairie Schooler ornaments that I have stitched. Unfortunately, the six PS Santas that I did this year, never got finished so they aren't hanging with their friends.

Can you see the top of my Santa doll that has been in my family since I was a little girl sitting under the tree? My brother and I always argued over whose it was, but I ended up with him somehow.

Ah, here is the jolly fellow himself, just resting up until his big night... Very 1950s, wouldn't you say (and if truth be told, just a bit creepy looking in the face). I'm sure he once had a black belt and other accessories, but this is all that is left of an almost 60 year old, well-loved Christmas tradition.

The tree at night is so pretty, but hard to get good photos of. Here is one with the lights in my sunroom on:

And here is a final shot with the lights off...

2015 Cross-stitch filled Christmas tree

I've loved seeing photos of your trees and your new ornaments this month--thank you all for sharing! Some of you who don't have blogs have even emailed me photos, too, which I always enjoy seeing. Thank you, thank you to each of you for your kind comments on my "Parade of Ornaments" post last week. It was such fun seeing which ornament you liked the most. At this point in the voting, it appears that the July ornament (the Prairie Schooler one with the little boy carrying his Christmas tree home) is favored by most.  Anyway, it was interesting to see how varied the responses were. I think poor Miss May (the LHN angel) was the only one who failed to receive a single vote. Poor thing--I can hear her weeping in the other room as I write this!

Well, this is short and sweet today as I have a ton of things to attend to--mainly in the kitchen. What are you preparing for your holiday dinners? We have manicotti for our Christmas Eve dinner so I want to prepare that ahead of time along with some homemade bread. And we'll be having our traditional Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with turkey and all the trimmings since we missed out on it when we were traveling in Argentina in November. My youngest son, I'm so happy and relieved to report, flew in late last night from Argentina (after a one day stop to check on his apartment in Washington, DC) and is now tucked into his small childhood bed upstairs. That sounds funny, but it is so nice as a mother to know he is home safely! My other two sons will arrive today and I'll be putting all of them to work in the kitchen--they are becoming quite the chefs!

I'll be back soon to share with you the wonderful Christmas gifts from my stitching friends--I was very spoiled! Bye for now...

Merry Christmas to each of you--
may your day be filled with the love 
and laughter of friends and family! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

2015 Parade of Ornaments!

Are there really only seven days left until Christmas?! As the big day approaches, I'm feeling better about things than I was when I last posted. I've definitely cut back on the decorating this year and, you know what... I'm okay with that. The house still looks festive, just in a more scaled back fashion. I still don't have the tree entirely decorated--my ornaments are sitting in their underbed storage box waiting patiently for their moment to shine. Hopefully, I can get them hung later today as I have to work tomorrow. I also need to sit down and catch up with all of your blogs--have to admit, I've barely had time to glance at them since we returned from Argentina. I will make a special point of visiting as many of you as I can today...

I know many of you are new to my blog, but each year I devote one post to the monthly ornaments I've created over the past twelve months. If you are interested in seeing previous "Parade of Ornament" posts, you can find them by clicking on the highlighted year:  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Once again, even though this December has been much warmer than normal (with NO SNOW at all!), we have had a serious lack of sunshine, so my photos are not the best. 

2015 Monthly Ornament Finishes

Yikes! That photo is worse than I thought!! How about some close-ups? You can click on them, too, for a better look...

January ~ March 2015 ornament finishes

April ~ June 2015 ornament finishes

July ~ September 2015 ornament finishes

October ~ December 2015 ornament finishes

I always enjoy hearing which is your personal favorite. I'll give you a closer look so you can make your decision...

Prairie Schooler Santa from "Christmas Past"

Prairie Schooler "Winter Wind" motif

Country Cottage Needleworks "Snow Birds"

"Joyeux Noel" French freebie

Little House Needleworks: "Joy To the World"

Little House Needleworks:  "Deer Valley Inn"

Prairie Schooler's "Button Up" finish

Grandma Kringles: "Winter's Night"

All Through the Night: "Merry Christmas" finish

"Let It Snow" snowman finish

Prairie Schooler: "Prairie Birds" finish

Homespun Elegance "Cinnamon Stick Christmas V" finish

Oh, I'm so pleased with this year's ornaments (I know I say that every year, but, I feel so happy when I see them all posted together). I love that they are all very unique and I can't wait to move them from my stair garland to my Christmas tree!  So, which one wins your vote? I hate picking favorites, but, if I have to, I choose February. It just invokes such a feeling of peace in me and, of course, the red cardinals remind me of my dad.  

Here is a final look of my garland at night...

All is calm, all is bright...

Amidst all of the decorating, gift buying, card sending, etc. that December brings, I had to make a treat for work. Our tradition is to bring a treat in during your birthday month. So, why, you ask, am I taking a birthday treat in during December when my birthday isn't until January? Well, we had several people who had birthdays during the same months so there was some shuffling done and I ended up with December. So, for three nights this week, I baked and baked and ended up with this large cookie tray to share with my wonderful co-workers. They were so appreciative and I froze the cookies that I didn't take in to have for Christmas. This year, I made Christmas Butter Cookies, Reese's Cup Cookies, Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies, Raspberry Almond Shortbreads, White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies, Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies, and Bombshell Brownies! Can you smell the butter and sugar? As usual, the Reese's Cup Cookies were gobbled up first. Which would you choose?

How many calories are on this plate? Oh, that's right--
calories don't count at Christmas, do they?!

I have received some lovely Christmas gifts from around the world, but am waiting to open them until I've sent out my own gifts. I am so, so sorry mine will be late this year, but I just couldn't meet the mailing deadlines having been away last month. I hope you'll be patient with me and I promise, I'll try to do better next year...

Well, I'm signing off now so I can go visit your blogs, head to the post office, finish decorating the tree, wrap a few presents, and address the last of the Christmas cards. Sure sounds like a busy day, just like I imagine each of you is having. Thanks so much for dropping in to visit me today--I know it's not easy at this time of year. Try to relax and enjoy this last week before Christmas... I know I'm going to!  Bye for now...

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

To the ends of the earth...

I'm back! Did you miss me? I sure missed all of you, but I tried to peek in at your blogs from time to time while traveling the 13,980 miles to and from the very tip of South America. At times, it hardly seems real that we were actually way, way down there! I've outlined our flight path in blue on the map below so you can see the breakdown of our trip: Pittsburgh to Atlanta (521 miles), Atlanta to Buenos Aires (4,995 miles), Buenos Aires to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego (1,474 miles)... and then back again! 

It was so great to see my youngest son conversing like a native with the cab drivers and waiters in Argentina--that's what immersing yourself in a foreign country can do in just a short time. It honestly would have been hard to navigate the country without him by our sides as very few people spoke English and our knowledge of Spanish is elementary to say the least! We hiked and canoed in that pristine Patagonian wilderness, visited historic sights in Buenos Aires, and smiled at the thousands of penguins on Martillo Island. Many of you have asked for photos and I can't wait to share them with you. That will have to wait a bit, though, until I've had time to organize and edit them and that "free time" won't come until after Christmas.

13,980 miles to Tierra del Fuego--and back again!

So, for now, you'll have to be satisfied with seeing my final two monthly ornament finishes for 2015. I actually finished both of these in November before we headed off to South America as I knew I would have no time when I returned. It was a bit of a culture shock when we stepped off the plane here in Pittsburgh and were greeted by signs of Christmas everywhere. You see, both in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia there were no overt signs of the approaching holiday other than a few small displays in store windows. So very different than here in the U.S. where you are bombarded with it at every turn! I'll have to say, it was much more relaxing down there. As soon as I returned, I felt my stress level quickly creeping up with all the thoughts of things that probably won't get done this Christmas season. Oh well... there is always next year, right?

Anyway, my ornament for November is this cute chickadee couple from the "Prairie Birds" (book no. 24) Prairie School design. I stitched it on 40 ct. gray Newcastle with the suggested DMC threads and finished it as a flat ornament with black gingham fabric and DMC 355 handmade cording. The ornament's hanger is a piece of the same frayed gingham fabric. I simply backed the finish with a piece of coordinating felt--very easy!

"Prairie Birds" (Prairie Schooler Book No. 24) finish

The final ornament of the year comes from Homespun Elegance and was actually stitched at my stitching retreat in October. It can be found in the old "Cinnamon Stick Christmas V" booklet along with many other darling designs. I've always loved the sentiment on this one and think it turned out so cute. I did change a few of the colors and eliminated a larger charted border to shrink it down to "ornament size."  I stitched this piece "over one" on 28 ct. tea-dyed Monaco and dressed it up with some candy cane striped fabric, green cording, and a tiny brass heart to echo the stitched words. What do you think?

Homespun Elegance "Cinnamon Stick Christmas V" finish

Beautiful RAK from Andrea... Many of you are familiar with Andrea's lovely blog, The Craft Room, but just in case you're not--head on over there! You are in for a real treat! Each year Andrea creates and mails out some stunning ornaments as RAKs for her regular readers and commenters and, this year, I was one of the lucky winners. I honestly have never seen such perfect finishing--I fell in love with this sweet Homespun  Elegance ornament that she sent my way as soon as I opened the package. Thank you so very much, Andrea--it will truly be treasured for years to come!

Lovely RAK from Andrea!

In addition to our trip, we have had some other big events in our family. Just this afternoon, my oldest son's girlfriend successfully defended her doctoral thesis in cellular biology--she is now a PhD! I attended her presentation and have to admit, I understood none of it--I felt really uneducated! Science was never my strong suit, though, and as my oldest son told me--"We all have our strengths." I'll bet none of those scientists in that room could stitch and finish an ornament like I can--ha ha!! Anyway, we are very proud of her and wish her every success in her career...

And last week, my middle son celebrated a milestone birthday--he turned 30!! To have two of my three sons in their 30s now is really making me feel old. This giant chocolate eclair dessert has been his annual birthday request since he was a young boy and I'm proud to still be making it for him each year.  It's a combination of a puffy bottom crust, an inner layer of cream cheese, French vanilla pudding, and milk, a top layer of Cool Whip, and some final swirls of chocolate, butter, and powdered sugar. It really does taste just like a chocolate eclair!

Giant Chocolate Eclair Dessert for the birthday "boy"

As I mentioned earlier, I fear that Christmas is getting the best of me this year... To those of  you who I exchange presents with--please forgive me as yours will, most likely, be late this year. Being away for 10 days in late November/early December has just put me so far behind. I'm also working more hours at the library to compensate for being away, too... Sigh...  Oh well, I will leave you with a sneak peak of our great South American adventure photos. This was the view at sunset from our hotel room in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia. Yes, my stress level was non-existent down there, as you can imagine!! Just gazing out at the tranquil waters surrounded by those snow-covered mountain peaks instantly calmed me down--ahhhh.... I never, ever dreamed that I would some day be at the very tip of South America--and if it weren't for my son studying in Argentina this semester, that would never have happened. Oh, the places your kids can take you!

Sunset Over the Beagle Channel, November 23, 2015           Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
I'm heading up to New York to visit mom tomorrow and can't wait as it's been nearly three months since I've seen her. Hopefully, I can just relax a bit while writing out Christmas cards and trying to finish up a few ornaments for gifts. I am trying my best not to stress out and keep telling myself that it's okay if everything doesn't get done this year... Just breathe, Carol... breathe.

I hope to be back next week with my annual "Parade of Ornaments"--can hardly wait to show you the 12 little ornaments that I've created this year adorning my stairway garland. Until then, thank you all for your wonderful and thoughtful comments--each one is like a little gift and I am so appreciative of the time you take to write them! Bye for now...