Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Thank you... They seem like two such simple words, but I hope you know how much all of your support has meant to me since I lost my dad on October 31st. Your wonderful comments on my last post truly warmed my heart; they made me smile and they made me cry, but most of all, they reinforced what I already knew--that the stitching/blogging community is filled with  the most warm, caring, and generous people. And I am so lucky to call you my friends. Life seems different now that dad is gone--it's almost as if a haze has fallen over things. I know it will clear after a while, but right now, it still seems pretty thick. I know those of you who have already lost a parent will know exactly what I mean. I want to thank you, my friends, for the wonderful cards and caring emails--I was so touched by each and every word that you sent my way. I could feel those hugs you were sending me from far, far away. Thank you--truly...

With Thanksgiving looming (and me preparing for 17 guests this year!) I have had little stitching time, but I do have a few finishes to share with you today. I began Heartstring Samplery's "Let Us Be Truly Thankful" back in October at my stitching retreat, but didn't get very far. I only finished the vine on the left and didn't pick it up again until last week. By then, I had a new plan for it--I decided to stitch it in memory of my dad and in honor of my mom. I changed the date from the charted 1827 to 1927, the year of their births, and added their initials next to the flower on the right.

Heartstring Samplery's "Let Us Be Truly Thankful

Other changes I made were adding another acorn to the right of the word "Thankful," reversing the squirrel so he faced toward the center, and evening up the center flower motif so it was symmetrical. I also stitched the entire word "Thankful" in the darker brown rather than just making the "T" that color as was charted.

The finish is quite simple--just some brown ruched ribbon surrounding the little pillow. The dusty yellow fabric shown in the background is what I used to back it. I plan on placing this newest pillow in my wooden bowl of Thanksgiving finishes, but may just keep it on display all year. After all, I am so very thankful for my dear parents each and every day of the year, not just at Thanksgiving time... I was lucky enough to win this chart in a giveaway from sweet Heather and I would love to pass it on to one of you who wants to stitch it. Just let me know in your comments and I will have a drawing and announce the winner in my next blog post.

I'm pleased to say, I've stitched my final two monthly ornaments for 2014, too! You notice I say "stitched"--not finished... The finishing will have to wait until after Thanksgiving. My ornament for November is from the November/December 2011 issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine.  I fell in love with the wonderful teal color and the peaceful scene so beautifully designed by Kathy Schmitz. It is called "A Winter's Night" and the silk thread I used was Dinky Dye's "Emerald" color on 40 ct. flax Newcastle linen. To me emerald always denoted green, but this is definitely more on the blue/gray spectrum. Isn't it pretty?

A Winter's Night designed by Kathy Schmitz

And, last, but not least, is my December ornament--this little cutie from New York Dreamer called "Frosty Night." I used most of the suggested colors on 40 ct. Country Mocha Newcastle. Although I use one strand of thread when I stitch on 40 ct. fabric, I did use two strands for the snowflakes to make them really stand out. I also put some fringe on the long-armed snowman's scarf. I just thought the robins were so sweet in this design even though we don't have robins in the winter here in Pennsylvania. Do  you have them where you live? I think they probably do stick around in the more moderate climates... 

"Frosty Night" designed by New York Dreamer

I owe a couple of special thank-you's to two stitching friends who sent me a little something in the mail. First of all, my wonderful friend, Annie, stitched this beautiful condolence card for me. When I returned home after the funeral, this just happened to be the first card I opened and tears sprang to my eyes all over again--not because it made me sad, but because I was so honored that Annie would take the time to stitch such a pretty card for me. Thank you, Annie--I will treasure it...

Condolence card stitched by Annie

And from a new stitching friend, Frances, came a lovely card in which she enclosed this little "Dad" chart. She thought I might like to make up one of my little pillows or a small ornament in memory of Dad. I will do just that, Frances--what a wonderful idea. Your thoughtfulness touched me deeply--thank you again!

"Dad" chart sent by Frances

I received many lovely cards filled with such kind words of love and support over the past few weeks. Here are some of them and even more arrived since I took this photo. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to send a little greeting in the mail--they certainly brightened my days...

Sympathy cards from around the world

This beautiful orchid arrived from my husband's co-workers after dad died. They sent it to me here at home rather than delivering it to the funeral home which I thought was such a wonderful idea. I've never had an orchid before and am a bit worried that it won't thrive under my care--do any of you have any tips for me? 

I've been keeping very busy baking for Thanksgiving (now that my oven is fixed--it broke last week, wouldn't you know!). Next to stitching, baking is my favorite de-stressor. Here are some of the cookies and the pecan pie that I've made so far. I love to bake and so I really look forward to this time of year. I put half of the cookies in the freezer and save them for Christmas--sure saves me some time when December rolls around!

Thanksgiving baking 2014

The turkey family that has strutted through our yard for the past few months has been hard to spot recently! Do you think they're trying to remain hidden until after Thanksgiving is over? I took this photo way back on October 9th and that was the last time I saw them--see how big the babies have gotten? What funny looking creatures they are, aren't they?

Doing the "turkey trot!"

The deer have been in hiding, too, now that hunting season has begun. This stately buck is beginning to sprout antlers as can be seen in this photo from mid-October. Now, all those pretty fall leaves have disappeared and the dull, gray November weather is upon us. Better than the seven feet of snow that they got in my hometown of Buffalo, NY, though!!

It's almost time... I've heard some rumblings going on upstairs lately. They seem to be coming from the storage box tucked underneath the bed in my guest room. Hmm... could it be these little beauties are getting anxious to come out of hiding for their annual "Parade of Ornaments??"  Stay tuned!

Almost time to decorate the tree!

It's a small, small world... I was amazed to learn that two of my blog readers had connections to my small hometown. I got two wonderful emails from stitchers who recognized my small western New York town just from the photos I posted in my memorial post on my father. I never named the town or my family, but they both emailed me to say they new exactly where I had grown up. One used to visit her grandparents there and had fond memories of the little town. And even more amazingly, another actually grew up there and attended the same church that my family did in the 1980s and 90s (after I had married and moved to Pennsylvania). In fact, she even became a librarian--just like me! I can't make this stuff up... the world is definitely shrinking because of the internet!

I am way behind on answering emails and commenting on your blogs, but I hope to catch up this weekend after Thanksgiving is over.  Don't forget, if you would like a chance to stitch the "Let Us Be Truly Thankful" chart in my first photo, please leave a comment saying so and I will draw the winner in a couple of weeks.

Again, my friends, thank you so very much for all of your kind words--they really have helped my heart begin to heal. I wish you each a blessed Thanksgiving Day with friends and family. We truly all have so much to be thankful for, don't we? 



LaNelle said...

Carol, again my sympathies in the loss of your Dad...what a beautiful blog you have written I love how you dedicated this to your parents it will be a treasure for all time. Your stitching as always is gorgeous...please take and many blessings to you & yours this Thanksgiving!

Irene said...

oh carol, ci vuole tempo per superare un lutto, ci ho messo 3 anni per non piangere più per papà e solo adesso ricomincio a vivere meglio, ti capisco tanto. I tuoi ricami sono magnifici, tutti, buon giorno del ringraziamento e cerca di essere felice

The Queen Bee said...

So many things to be thankful for...friends, common bonds, and our love of stitching. Your latest finishes are so pretty.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


Mary Ann said...

Carol, I do understand your comment that it seems a haze has fallen over things since the passing of your dad. I still miss my mom and dad very much. It has been a couple of years, and the haze has turned into wonderful memories.(((hugs)))

Beautiful stitching and finishing--as always!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Scrap said...

Hi Carol ! What good fortune to visit your blog ! The embroidery is great! your free box of make me dream .. a true regale for the eyes!
Not to mention the biscuits December .... yum!
good day to you , and good preparation for the holidays

Mii Stitch said...

Fabulous stitching as always :)
Thinking of you during this hard time. Always cherish the memories.
For the orchid, I have a few (one even had a "baby"!!), just water it once a week. Cut the stems once all the flowers are gone. It will probably be "quiet" for a few months, it's normal. During this time, it should make new roots and leaves.... and then eventually flower again :)

Vickie said...

I know the exact haze you speak of. Hugs to you.
I love the way you personalized that piece for your parents.
Frosty Night is so great. Love the fringed scarf addition. And the way you made the snowflakes pop.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Beautiful stitching Carol and lovely finishing.
What a gorgeous orchid,I hope someone can give you a few tips on keeping it healthy,not me I struggle with orchids unfortunately.
Your baking looks fantasic,I bet it tastes even better.
I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving Day,no doubt it will be poignent but as your last post expressed,you have so many happy memories of your Dad.

Annie said...

So nice to have the support of your friends and family at this time. And stitch therapy is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Your customized Thankful piece is just perfect.

I didn't remember that Winter's Night design. Looks really lovely with those elaborate antlers. And Frosty Night is super-cute. Never saw that one either.

Orchids, cookies (fabulous cookies!), turkeys, deer... plenty of eye candy on this post.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

butterfly said...

Love your blog and stitching Carol , you do have some wonderful caring friends out there .
It's good we can all help each other a little .
Good to see you enjoying your stitching and cooking every thing looks amazing .
I love looking at your blog , and thank you for bringing me into blog land.
Have a great Thanksgiving big hugs .

Syd said...

Each of your pictures if more beautiful than the one before.

Kate said...

Carol, such a lovely tribute to your parents to personalize your sampler - it will be a keepsake forever. As I read through your post and came across each photo of one of your creations I found myself uttering "oooh" - you do amazing work. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy having family and friends around. ^^

Hilda said...

Dear Carol,
I am so happy to read from you! This little memorial sampler for your parents is a wonderful way to show your thankfulness. I love how you "redesigned" it a bit.
And your latest Christmas ornaments! Oh my, they are amazing. Especially the snowman with the robins is so cute.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my dear friend and enjoy your family and friends (and all those tasty bakery you have shown us)


Tricia said...

What a sweet post, Carol! That snowman finish is just precious! I love the robins in it - they look like a promise of spring. : )


Melissa said...

Carol, such lovely stitching but as per usual. I do so like how you changed the Thankful design to honour your parents - very nice and very special!

My goodness you are a great baker too! Look at all the goodies! Lucky are the guests coming to your dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving! Sending you big hugs!

Heather said...

Oh Carol! Hugs! I lost my daddy 3 weeks before I turned 17 and the haze will lift!

I love how you personalized the thankful piece! It turned out so beautifully!

I love your two ornaments, especially the snowman ornament! We had robins throughout the winter, last winter. They would disappear when it got really cold and snowy and then show back up anytime it warmed up. :-)

Heather said...

I forgot to say that all of your cookies look amazing! I hope that you have a blessed thanksgiving!

Lynda Harrison said...

Hello Carol,
How good it is to fear from you and read your latest post. Always such beautiful stitching - and your baking is just perfect.
A wonderful tribute to your parents, which it know must have been a poignant stitch.
May you and your family have a peaceful and loving Thanksgiving.
Oh - glad to see the turkeys are intact!!
Thinking of you with love and warm wishes,

Robin in Virginia said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your post! Fabulous finishes and I would definitely leave the Heartstring piece out all year. Great pictures of the deer and turkey! Hmmm...your cookies look positively yummy and now I have a hankering for some spritz.

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving, Carol!

Robin in Virginia

PS Please don't enter in the draw for the chart. I have it tucked away to stitch in the future.

Michelle said...

What a lovely blog post thank you for sharing your photos with us Carol. A beautiful tribute to your parents. You are blessed and loved xxx

marly said...

Always thoroughly enjoy your posts. Your changes to Thankful - perfect. And Frosty Night is adorable. Love the photo of the buck. Have a blessed Thanksgiving as you open your home to guests.

Carolyn said...

I know this time of year is so hard when we've lost a loved one. Those "firsts" are always difficult. I admire you that you can look past that and find true thankfulness during the holidays and also in the days to come. I wish you and yours a MOST wonderful time together. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. :)

Preeti said...

I can understand the phase you are/have been going through as I had been there three years back when I lost my Dad at the age of 65 only. It took me two years to come out of shock. My husband suggested me to start blogging to deviate myself from the trauma.
Your stitching is lovely . The snowman and robins look very cute!!

pj said...

Carol, love the new finish! Beautiful stitching and Rouching! Brown ribbon was perfect. You have been very busy but still thinking of others...I would love to stitch this design and a chance to win. Will look great in a bowl all year!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Happy memories!

Pam in Iowa

pj said...

Forgot to tell you that your treats are as perfect as your stitching. All looks delicious!


Terri said...

Yes, we do have much to be thankful for this year! My youngest son walked away with just soreness after an awful car crash that was so bad he had to be cut out of the car! (pictures on my blog)

I would love the chance to stitch this pattern! Would you consider making it a traveling pattern?

Lynda Harrison said...

Hi Carol - I forgot to ask if it would be ok to be entered in your draw for that pretty little - and special chart.
Thank you.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What a pretty tribute piece. I'd leave it out all year round too. I can almost smell those yummy cookies now. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friend. Hugs and love to you.

priscilla said...

Love your 3 new stitched pieces Carol ! Your finishing on Thankful and the personalization is wonderful ! Love your new ornaments.. can't wait to see them finished ! Hope you are doing well... I have never frozen cookies ..what do you wrap them in and can you tell they have been frozen ? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family !

Karen said...

What a wonderful way to remember your parents. I would keep that out all year long as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lumiruusu said...

Hello carol and greetings from Finland again ! I really love the adaptations You did to Your Thanksgiving sampler-You are very creative and talented lady!
I am always waiting your blog posts Your stitching and finishing skills are so far beyond mine :) Be Blessed and guided by The Angels

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your thankful finish is lovely and so special dedicating it to your Dad! I would love a chance to stitch that please.

Your last two ornaments are lovely, I look forward to seeing how you finish them.

That box of ornaments is like a fine assortment of chocolates, oh so yummy!

EvalinaMaria said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I've missed mine (Canadian) so this year I'm celebrating the American one.
Your stitching is lovely, the ornaments and the pillows are fabulous.
Evalina, This and that...

Melody said...

Hello Carol. I am always happy to see a new blog post from you. Your Thankful pillow in memory of your Dad, and in honor of your Mom, is so lovely. What a great idea to honor them this way. I would love to be included in your giveaway of the chart.

Your two newly stitched ornaments are so pretty! I always feel so inspired after reading your blog.
Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Carol, such lovely blogposts you have written about your Dad. As you know, I know exactly how you feel - yesterday it was a year to the day that my Mum passed away. I still miss her but I am so comforted by the fact that she is no longer suffering and that my 95 year old Dad is still with us and in fact has a new lease of life as he is no longer suffering either as he was her primary caregiver! Don't ask, I know, I know how can a 94 yr old be the primary caregiver for a 91 yr old? But they would just not be separated. Sorry, I have not meant to make this comment about me but to offer you some comfort.

Lovely gifts and cards from all your friends and I love your Thankful design and would be honoured to be able to stitch it if I win the giveaway - I would stitch it in honour of my parents and replace the date with "67 years" as that is how long my parents were married.

Anyway, this comment is almost as long as your post now - lol!

My condolences again, my dear friend,

hugs, Kaye

Ellen said...

Love how you personalized the "Thankful" design!

Yummy cookies! I am no good at baking ha ha!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Dede said...

OH I would love to stitch this for next year! Please toss my name in the hat!
Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for a wonderful family!

valerie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Carol! Your cookies look scrumptious and professionally done. Congrats on your finishes. I love your Thankful pieces especially the one in honor of your parents. Despite the sadness and difficulties, there is a lot to be thankful for and I try to remember that as I prepare for my trip next week. I think your christmas ornies are super cute! The New York Dreamer one is super cute!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

((hugs)) to you sweet friend. I know the fog of which you speak....stay close to Him and take your sorrows to Him..and know that we are all out here for you...praying and sending you ((hugs)). :) Blessings to you always sweet friend.

love, love, love, love that snowman with the redbirds. :)

Wanda said...

Dear Carol,

You have been on my mind so much this week as I know you are having Thanksgiving. I know it is a difficult time for you but am so glad that baking acts as a de-stressor for you. Your baking looks beautiful(just like everything you do!)
I was so touched by your ornament in honour of your parents - what a beautiful tribute and one that will touch you each time you see it. Our parents are such a blessing.
Frosty Night is too cute for words!
I am not at all surprised by the outpouring of love and support for you Carol - you are such a friend and source of inspiration to so many of us. Take good care.
Hugs, Wanda

Pam in IL said...

Beautiful stitching! I really like the piece you stitching for your parents and would love the chance to stitch it too.

Happiest Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Judy said...

Hi Carol, Your Heartstring Sampler piece is beautiful. The changes and finishing demonstrate your attention to detail. It is a perfect tribute to your dedication and honor of your parents. It deserves a year round display.

The Nov/Dec ornaments are adorable and I can't wait to see them finished. I can hear those ornament in the storage box screaming to display their beauty for the holidays!

Please eat one of each of those yummy cookies for me. And another of each of them when they come out of the freezer.

I hope you have a lovey Thanksgiving with your family and that all your memories help you through this holiday season.

A big hug to you,
Judy Heartland stitcher

Jenny said...

Carol, Your little Truly Thankful pillow is really beautiful and stitching it for your Mom and Dad was a wonderful idea. What a treasure to have! All of your stitching is awesome as usual and your cookies look so delicious I feel like I could reach through the screen and try one :) I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs from CA.

Linda said...

Wonderful post Carol. All your stitching is lovely as always.


Frances said...

Another lovely post from you...
Your little sampler is so sweet and so special. Just beautiful!
All of your stitching is so pretty and finished so wonderfully by you!
Wow--the cookies and pie look divine!
I hope you will have a blessed and serene Thanksgiving!

Nancy M said...

My sympathies on the loss of your father. I love that you dedicated your little pillow to your parents. I'd love a chance to win the chart & stitch my own dedication to my mother who I lost at Christmas 14 yrs ago.

Beth said...

Wonderful stitching as always Carol. I see so many that I'd like to stitch myself. Thoughtful cards and gifts honoring you father's passing. I can hardly wait to see your Christmas cross stitches.

Mouse said...

love your wee pillow :) adore the turkeys and the deer too ... gorgeous stitching as always ....how lovely to receive all those thinking of you cards ... (would have send one but no addy :()
orchids, feed every so often with orchid liquid food usually 10 drops per litre of water ... don't over water and use cooled boiled water with the added food in it ... mine flowers all year round in my conservatory ....
ooooooo yummmiesssss just re seen the cookies .... love mouse xxxxxx

Gabi said...

Dear Carol, again my sympathies on the loss of your Dad. You wrote a lovely posz. You will see, the haze will go and then wonderful memories remain.
Your stitching is beautiful - as always!
Oooh my, the cookies look so yummy.
Hugs from Germany

María Dolores Jiménez Acevedo said...

Thank you for your words. Beautiful stitch in memory of your dad. All my love and happiest Thanksgiving

Lois said...

What a lovely piece to stitch as a tribute to your dad, Carol. It's just perfect. I love your ornament finishes too and those biscuits look delicious. I haven't even thought of starting my Christmas baking yet! Take care my friend, I hope the haze starts to pass soon, it will take time. xox

Daffycat said...

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, Carol.

Such lovely stitching and finishing on the Thankful design. What a treasure it is.

I'm excited to see your box of ornaments! Yay! The Robins are here year-round in Oklahoma. In the spring it's not unusual to see a flock of hundreds patrolling a field or large yard...like little worm sentries!

Lynn B said...

This is a wonderful tribute to your parents and such a wonderful idea.
You have some wonderful memories to hold onto Carol, you are blessed.

Your drawer of ornaments is fantastic and your baking looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carol

Beautiful stitching.
Thank you for your kind words on my blog x

Sherri said...

What a beautiful post. Love your stitching.
Have a truly Happy Thanksgiving.

Margaret said...

Love all your stitching. the piece in memory of your dad and in honor of your mom is wonderful. Your mom is still in Buffalo, right? How overwhelming that snow was! Wow! I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Annie said...

The first Holiday season after the loss of a loved one is always the hardest. Sending you lots of hugs to help your through.

Giovanna said...

They're all lovely finishes, well done.

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Carol, your post is full of beautiful words !!!
Your love of parents is so honest!
Me very, very fancy decorations for your Christmas tree!
There are so many and beautiful finish!
I wish your family a nice Thanksgiving !!!
Cupcakes are yummy:-)

Sharon said...

Carol, your work is truly beautiful, some of the best I have seen. That haze of which you speak is difficult and I have been there...but it will lighten eventually...thankful for sweet memories. I hope you and your family have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sheryl said...

Pretty stitching Carol. I like the changes you have made to the beautiful little pillow. Yummy cooking, intriguing box of ornaments and that gorgeous snowman and robins. We do see robins here in the North of Spain.

Julie said...

I hope you and your family can enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving Day Carol. I'm sure dad will be there with you in spirit laughing along as you all reminisce about past family gatherings. I hope it helps you all to heal the hurt in your hearts right being all together in love and strength as a family.
{{love and hugs}} xxx

Kay said...

I haven't read blogs for a little while so am behind on news. I send you love, prayers and hugs for the loss of your father. My own father is terminally ill and I know it won't be easy.
Your stitching is just beautiful, I especially love the december ornament that you have stitched.
Happy Thanksgiving. x

Christina said...

I'm so happy to see that you are surrounded by lots of loving and supportive "on line' friends. Your stitching is beautiful as always. I love to see how you adapt the designs. Such yummy looking cookies. I have been in the mood to bake as well.

Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Dear Carol, there are a lot of things to be thankful for...friends, common bonds, life in general and our love of stitching. Your latest finishes are all gorgeous, especially the snowman. A happy Thanksgiving to you.

Rachel said...

What a heartfelt post--sending thoughts your way, especially love and prayers for the loss of your father.

Lovely stitching, as usual!:)

Cindy's Stitching said...

What a beautiful post. You have great parents. How lucky you are. The memory pillow so nice. I like the colors. The table of cards made me smile. Huggs and well wishes from around the world. Your cookies, oohhh boy. I am sure there was a feast at your house. Your posts always makes me smile. Looking forward to you christmas post.

Kay said...

So many beautiful finishes as always!!!! I did winter's night a few years ago as well! So many beautiful photos as well that you shared, especially of all the cooking you did. 17 is a big number of people to have over for Thanksgiving. I hope you had a good holiday!

Andrea said...

Your sampler is a wonderful memorial to your Father. Love the other pieces you have stitched too. Looking forward to seeing how you finish those. Oh the box of ornaments is coming out!! Wow all that baking ... any left?!
try and enjoy the Christmas festivities and make more happy memories.

Nancy M said...

I'm sure you had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by family. The first holidays after losing a parent are the hardest, but the memories and stories bring that person back with us. Your baking looks awesome. I wish that was a destressor for me! Your stitching and finishing is always the top of the class! I strive to be like you! Spent some of this weekend getting the decorations out. It's a bit harder this year since the remodel, nothing is the same and things don't have their "spot" yet. I don't have any smalls for my basket this season. So I used the basket to put my parents old ornaments in. Two of them have their names written with glue and then glitter put on them, priceless.

Annette-California said...

Such a incredible post filled with well really all LOVE!!! I love the chart Frances sent you in memory of your dad.
I am so sorry to hear of your dad's passing. And yet you are incredible for hosting Thanksgiving with family.
Your cookies look so beautiful!
Love and Hugs Annette

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Look how loved you are Carol! But I already knew that :)
I love your sweet little pillow and the memories that it represents. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! I'm awaiting your tree post.... I know it's going to be gorgeous!! :)

Charlene ♥ NC said...

With Thanksgiving passed, hope you'll have some time to stitch (finish) and get your Christmas display completed. That little Frosty it cute as can be. Sending wishes for happy memories and big hugs!

Maggee said...

So many goodies in this post! I look forward to seeing your tree and other decorations for Christmas! Your displays are always a delight! I have bookmarked the Heartstrings ornament--that is really nice! Big Hugs!

Melanie said...

It's a wonderful little finish to honor your mum and dad. Just beautiful. :)

passionfruitprincess said...

Hello, Carol! Beautiful stitching, I really love the New York Dreamer design. And lovely cards and gifts too! As always your cookies look amazing, and the pie, too.
I have so much going on, here, kind of short on time. Glad you are finding comfort after the passing of your Dad. Lovely pictures of him.

Ana Paula.

Meari said...

First ((hugs)) to you... I know how you feel about losing your Dad.

Your newest stitches are gorgeous as always. I've added Frosty to my wishlist on 123.

Is that a special box you keep your ornaments in? I need something like that as my ornament collection is getting too big for a plastic baggie, and I don't like the idea of keeping them in my attic.

frankcheez said...

Hello. First I'd like to send my condolences for the loss of your father. My sympathies. You've made a beautiful tribute to him on here.

I am new to your blog, having only discovered it a couple days ago, but I cannot stop looking at your beautiful cross stitch finishes. I keep coming back and scrolling through you posts, getting more and more inspired. I have never been wild about smalls until I found your blog, and now I've caught the smalls bug!I was wondering if you have any tutorials or instructions on how you finish your beautiful ornaments and flat folds. I'm new to making cross stitch ornaments, having only made a couple, and they definitely need improvement. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing this slice of your life here.


Brigitte said...

Oh yes, I also know the haze that is lying over everything when you have lost a loved one. Both my parents have already passed and we were very close. I am sure that being with your family over Thanksgiving Day helped a lot. I love the little pillow that you stitched and dedicated to the memory of your father and to honour your mother. How thoughtful.

Your other stitching is so beautiful as well. I particularly love the little scene with the cardinals. I love these birds although I have never seen one in real life, believe it or not. They don't live in Europe as far as I know, and even when travelling in the US I have never seen one. Maybe one day ...

What a delight to see your drawer with all your finished ornaments. It must be a delight for you, too, to open it when the Christmas season starts and to prepare all these little beauties for showing.

Quiltsmiles said...

Nice to see you finding your needle again. I hadn't visted you in awhile and was surprised to find out about your Papa. I hope this finds your heart content.


PS; Do you happen to know what happened to Deborah from Cranberry Samplings blog? I wonder what happened to her as she hasn't posted in the past year.

Sally said...

What a beautiful post Carol.You are right the blogging/ stitching community is a wonderful place. I felt that when I lost my Dad.

All of your stitching is gorgeous as always. I do love that New York Dreamer one. We have European Robins here and they are so beautiful. They are my favourite birds. They are very cheeky! It is said that when you see a robin it is a loved one that has passed coming to say hello.

I love your thankful piece. Please can I be added to your giveaway for the chart. Thank you.

How lovely of Annie and Frances to stitch such special pieces for you. So pretty.

Aunt Bea said...

Dear Carol,
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. May God give you and your family strength and courage during this time.
Your post for your Dad is just beautiful. God bless you always.
I love the ornament in your banner. I love cardinals. Where can I get this chart?
Please take care. My thoughts are with you.

Aunt Bea

Lillie said...

Time will heal the pain Carol. I hope your mom is coping well.

Love your new finish, am totally impressed with your Christmas Ornaments.

Another lovely post, always a joy to read your beautiful and inspiring blog Carol. Thank you for sharing.

v mowry said...

Hi Carol.
Love, absolutely LOVE your creativity-especially your finishes. I was a cross stitcher in the ‘80 and ‘90’s and then got hooked on quilting. Two years ago I discovered Lori Holt’s blog and found our she’s a cross stitcher and her work brought me back to cross stitching. You said to e-mail you for the over dyed floss you used in your Give Thanks free belie by My Heartstring. I realize it’s been years but if you remember the colors you used I would be so grateful if you would share then with me. Perhaps you’ve forgotten or did not write then down. I know there’s and outside chance you have them. Just thought I’d take a chance.
Thanks so very much,