Monday, April 8, 2013

Ornament Finishes and Giveaway Winners

Greetings from Pennsylvania on a lovely spring day! Yes, it is finally beginning to feel like spring after our record-breaking low temperatures last week. It was a frigid 19° on April 4th--can you imagine? According to our local newspaper we were colder here in the Pittsburgh area than in Juneau, Alaska or even Moscow! But, today we are supposed to reach a lovely 67°--it was so nice to wake up to the sounds of the Mourning Doves' coos today. I hope the rest of you who have endured an "endless winter" are enjoying sunnier days, too.  

Someone asked about my Christmas ornaments in my last post... Oh, yeah, that's right, I was supposed to be stitching one a month, wasn't I? Well, I'm just a bit behind--four months behind to be exact! The good news is that I made some progress and finally finished these little cuties for my January and February selections. First up, is another of the four snowmen featured in the chart "Let It Snow" by A Stitcher's Hands. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll remember I stitched his red, white, and blue themed buddy last year (you can see him by clicking here). I used the suggested DMC threads on a piece of 32 ct. mystery linen and embellished his hat with a little white pompom. The plaid fabric was a sample scrap from Joann Fabrics and the backing fabric is the gold-toned napkin shown in the background which I picked up at Kohl's. There are two snowmen left in this booklet--hope to get all of them stitched at some point.

A Stitcher's Hands: "Let It Snow" snowman

My February ornament is one of my favorites from the Little House ornament series called "Bringing Home the Tree." It is stitched on 40ct. raw natural Newcastle linen using the suggested threads. I just love that little black Scottie with his red collar and booties--so sweet. I really liked the border in this one, too. To finish it off, I simply ruched some sage green satin ribbon and added three white pearly pins at the top. What do you think?

"Bringing Home the Tree" (Little House Needleworks)

I'm currently working on my third and fourth ornaments of the year and hope to have them done by the end of the month so I'll be all caught up...

GIVEAWAY WINNERS: OK, admit it, how many of you skipped down to this part of my blog to see who won my 1000+ follower giveaway?  Oh, I know many of you did. And chances are all but three of you were a bit disappointed. This is the hard part for me--I so wish I could give each of you, especially those who regularly comment, a little something. But, I simply don't have the time or resources to send so many gifts all over the world... I was truly honored that so many of you (almost 200!!) entered my giveaway for my simple handmade pieces. I mean I wasn't giving away anything very valuable, so it meant all the more that so many of you wanted a little something made by me. A simple pillow didn't seem like much, so I've added a few more goodies to the winner's packages, but will keep everything secret until they arrive at their new homes. My husband did the honors in picking the names out of the hat (well, really, it was just a plain old paper bag :) and, without further ado, here they are:




If the winners will please contact me with your mailing addresses, I'll get your packages out to you soon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed stitching them! And for the rest of you, all I can offer is my sincere thanks. Thank you for your wonderful comments, your emails, your friendships and support. I truly loved reading about the simple things that made you smile in your entries and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys "a simple life!"

SPECIAL THANKS: Imagine my surprise when I received two wonderful packages in my mailbox this past week. First of all, my new blogging friend, Dawn, sent me one of her sweet scissor fobs as a Random Act of Kindness. I was so touched and honored that she would think of me and wanted to make me smile. I just love it, Dawn--the colors of lavender are perfect for me and the flowered white beads are so sweet. Doesn't the fob look lovely on my favorite pair of scissors? Thank you so very much, my friend--I'll think of you and your kindness each time I admire your beautiful creation!

Scissor Fob RAK from Dawn
Thank you, my friend--it is beautiful!

And from one of my long-time blogging buddies, Valerie (Fog City Dweller blog), came a belated birthday present package (which, believe me, was well worth the 3 month wait!!). I honestly gasped, "Oh, it's beautiful," when I removed this beauty from the package. Just look at this stunning Drawn Thread ornament that Valerie made for me--perfectly stitched and finished! And you know what, I had picked this exact chart to stitch for my April Christmas ornament--luckily I hadn't begun yet! This is from "The Holly and the Ivy Sampler" chart and is one of my favorites. How did you know Valerie? 

"The Holly and the Ivy" birthday gift from Valerie
I adore it, my friend--thank you so, so much!

As if the ornament wasn't more than enough, Valerie included all of these goodies, as well... There was a cute LHN chart, a blue skein of silk, a blue notepad, and a cute key chain from Valerie's beloved San Francisco. I told her I honestly plan on visiting her fair city one day--especially if she agrees to be my tour guide. Thank you, thank you, my sweet friend--I am so happy we've "met" through our blogs...

So many birthday goodies from Valerie!

SUGGESTIONS NEEDED: Is there anything more heart-warming than welcoming a new baby to the world? Well, how about welcoming three new babies to the world? My best friend's daughter recently gave birth to triplets--two dear baby girls and a precious baby boy. I had the best time shopping for these little outfits and even made a card to welcome them (definitely outside my comfort zone--I am not a papercrafter by any means, but it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself). I fell in love with these sweet pink dresses with matching hairbands and I think the little boy will look mighty sharp in his plaid shorts and spiffy white crested shirt, don't you? Now, I would love to stitch some little Christmas ornaments or a triplet themed sampler for them and that is where I could use your help. Have you stitched or received anything that would be appropriate for a trio of new babies? I'd really like to make something special for them as I watched their mom grow up from the time she was a tiny baby herself and her family moved in three houses down from me. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be so appreciative.

Baby gifts and handmade card 
to welcome a trio of new babies

After all of these years, I've finally read an old classic, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett and, oh, how I enjoyed it. Am I the only adult who had never read it as a child? I actually think I probably appreciate it and enjoy it more now than I would have as a child. And, of course, I had to watch the movie as soon as I finished the book, and it was charming. A perfect movie for spring with all of the budding gardens and newborn animals--and did I mention the sheep? Lots and lots of sheep for all of you cross-stitch sheep lovers (myself included!). Anyway, if you haven't read the classic book or seen the movie, I highly recommend them both...

MOVIN' TO BLOGLOVIN':  With the upcoming demise of the Google Reader you can now follow my blog in a new reader simply by clicking on this link and signing up: Stitching Dreams blog. Hope to see you all there!

Well, that's it for this week, my friends... Thanks so very much for stopping by and saying "hi!" I do appreciate each and every comment so very much. I wish you a week filled with sunshine! Bye for now...


Bruna Aguiar Melo said...

Such gorgeous works!!!
I'm in love...

Barb said...

Oh Carol, your work is always so beautiful and so special (I think probably just like you.). You have a wonderful, creative talent.

Those triplet gifts are so adorable! Can you even imagine having triplets???!!! What a joy! And what a challenge, too. Won't they be busy?!?!? ( that's quite the understatement, isn't it?)

Congratulations, too, to the 3 very lucky winners.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your finishes are gorgeous! I especially like the ruched LHN ornament. SO pretty!

Gabi said...

I am always amazed by your finishes. they are wonderful! Congratulations to the 3 winners.
Greetings from Germany

Julie said...

What a lovely post Carol, and no only because i was lucky enough to be one of your winners.

Congratulations to the family on their new additions, your card is beautiful and outfits are so cute. I hope you get to have some baby cuddles.

Fabulous gifts you have received in the mail. The scissor fob is very pretty and Valeries little stitched gift is such a pretty design.

Congratulations to your other 2 winners, i'm off to email you my address ..... xxx

Annie said...

Cute little ornaments. Love how you did the ribbon on the LHN piece. I have to give that a try at some point.

Congrats to your winners! And you are quite the winner too with those lovely gifts.

Nice package for the triplets. I've never stitched for triplets, but I have for twins. I remember doing a tall narrow clown so I could stitch both sets of baby facts on the sides. I've always wanted to do the Plum Street Hares for a family with 3 kids since so many of those designs have 3 hares, but I'm not sure that would work here. Maybe with a bit of re-design.

♥ Nia said...

Love your cute red friend, looks so cute =) And the second ornament, another lovely finish :) Congrats sweetie, both beautiful :D

Nope! I did not jump, no scroll down to read the winners first :D I feel so proud of myself right now!! hahahhaha :D
I like to read and comment while I read, specially on big posts hehehe this way I can comment and won't miss anything ;)
Congrats to the winners :D

Bloglovin is very nice to use, right? :)
Help us a lot and it's user friendly, not much to learn about it. Simple :)
I'm following you already ;) hehheheh
Hugs&smiles, have a great week sweetie :D

Scrap said...

lovely works ! very nice finishes !I love snowmen
have a nice day

Ranae said...

Pretty ornies, good luck catching up, you can do it
Congrats to the lucky winners
Lovely gifts from Dawn and Valerie
Triplets... How fun
I don't have a clue for stitching a trio, sorry!!

Mii Stitch said...

What a lovely post! Lovely finish & great goodies too x

Sherri said...

That was a fun giveaway. I love your finishes as your pieces are always perfect.

Kate said...

Delightful read, Carol. All the pieces are beautiful including the one that was a gift. Congrats to the lucky winters. I'm delighted for you that spring has arrived - we're still waiting for it :)

Margaret said...

Well I didn't skip down to the winner so there. lol! Love the ornies you've made so far this year -- exquisite as always! Nice gifts from friends as well! Those outfits for the triplets are darling! I can't think of a thing to stitch for triplets, but I'll keep thinking about it as the day goes on. Congrats to the winners too. :D

Tricia T said...

Good morning, Carol! I look like the little bunny in your header today as it is raining here... my poor puppies do NOT want to go outside!!! : ) I really, really, really like your snowman dressed in yellow. ADORABLE!! He's one of my very favorites! So glad you enjoyed Secret Garden. My favorite of her stories, though, is Little Lord Fauntleroy. I love the old classic children's stories!!!!

Good luck on the quest toward a triplet stitch. The rest of the present and the card are precious!

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...


Your blog is just lovely!
The finishes are beautiful and I love the gifts from your friends.
The outfits for the babies are so cute and I hope you manage to find something lovely to stitch for them.
Have a good week.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love both Christmas ornaments and congrats to the winners of your lovely stitched smalls.
The piece your have featured in your header is adorable.

Natasha said...

Again another round of beautiful finishes!! What can I say? I love them all the header picture is very cute.

I am happy to hear that spring has finally arrived in your area, it has been a LONG winter I am ready for warm weather.

Your gifts are very sweet, the flower fob is beautiful and the ornament you recived from Valerie is very pretty....

I hope you have a great Monday :)

Sweet Sue said...

Yep, we're more than ready for Spring aren't we?! Great post and finishes as always, the plaid cotton is super:) Have a great week to come! Don't forget the sunscreen LOL!

Elizabeth said...

Love your work. The snowman ornament is very cute. You inspired me to try my hand at doing an ornament or two a month. Enjoy the spring like weather today

Jennifer said...

You always have the loveliest finishes - your eye for color and what works together is truly a gift!

Congratulations to your friend's daughter on the triplets - she'll have her hands full, but her joy will also be tripled. Whenever I stitch a birth sampler, I try to work with whatever theme or color scheme was used for the nursery, or nurseries in this case, perhaps? Even when things change as they grow up and into a "big kid" room, there's still a tie to their very first room. I also use the same process for choosing which ornament to make for a newborn. Years and years later, there's still a reminder of their baby days.

Giovi's Creations said...

lovely post, Carol!
Your little xmas cushion looks great, I love it!
Congrats to the winners, They're very lucky people :)

Hugs, Giovi

Maggie said...

Such beautiful finishes!
Love the outfits you have chosen for the special trio :-)

Congratulations to all the winners of your give away too!

Christina said...

Such lovely ornaments. Your finishing is always so perfect for the design.

Congrats to the winners!!

BrendaS said...

Carol -- Another great post! Your Christmas ornaments are beautiful and finished so wonderfully as always:)

Congratulations to the winners of your giveaway! Lucky ladies!

I'm glad Spring is on it's way to PA. We're getting some much needed rain and I hope this will help our Spring flowers bloom!

Have a great week my friend:)

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Gorgeous stitching finishes Carole, I love Let It Snow and a lovely birthday gift too.
The outfits you chose for your friend's triplets are so cute:)
Congratulations to your giveaway winners as well.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Your little ornies are so sweet! Love your ruching - almost looks like braid. The pup could almost pass for Pixie! Nope - didn't skip down, and I know the winners will be tickled. Triplets - bless the hearts of those parents! Glad you're finally thawing out with some spring weather. Enjoy, my friend!

Cole said...

Congrats to your winners!

Beautiful finishing & stitching as always Carol, I love how you finish off your little pillows with more than just one fabric, or trim. Gorgeous!

Cute card! I just had my first experience with papercrafting on the weekend ~ I think I'm hooked! ;o)

passionfruitprincess said...

Oh, My Goodness! I won the egg ornament! I cannot believe, Thank you, Thank you! Thanks to your hubby too, for picking my name! Wow! I am sooo happy! That's so kind of you, I never won anything on giveaways, and getting an ornament from you... priceless.
Your new finishes are darling. The little pearls look lovely.
I will think about your question and let you know.
I am so glad you finished The Secret Garden and also watched the movie. Have to watch again one of these days.
Again, Thank you very much and have a wonderful day! Mine will be, I am so happy!
Ana Paula.

Karoline said...

Gorgeous finishes as always :)

Congratulations to all the giveaway winners

Shelly said...

Congrats to the winners! And Carol, I'll have you know I read from the top to the bottom! I tend to enjoy reading blogs that have a lot of pictures and lots of words; like yours.

Have a nice week!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Congrats to the winners. I love your ornament finishes. I really need to get crackin' myself. Your RAKs are lovely as well. I have no suggestions for the babies but the clothes sure are cute. Have a great week!

Vickie said...

Great post Carol. Always so glad to hear about you.
Guess where I am right now? The the library! Our internet is out fo almost a week. You know I am a big library fan, but this is not as comforting as reading posts in your own home in your nightgown!!
Glad your weather is improving. Ours is too, but we may get snow on Thursday. =(

arcadia said...

I love the marvelous gifts you got ! And your finishes/stitching are always so inspiring !
Congrats to the lucky winners :-)

pipersmom said...

It was a great giveaway! Those are lucky ladies! I enjoyed seeing your gifts and your triplets card turned out ever so cute.

Giovanna said...

Lovely Christmas ornaments, and what gorgeous gifts from Dawn and Valerie. Congrats to the winners of the draw.

butterfly said...

Congratulations to all the winner's how lucky you are, Carol's ornaments are always so beautiful.

Cute Christmas ornaments love them.

Lovely gifts , to a lovely lady.

Oh cute baby wear love them and your card. hugs.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations to your lucky, lucky winners I'm jealous!!!

Your stitached and finished ornaments are devine!!!!

Emma/Itzy said...

Your ornaments are lovely, I wishI could finish as well as you do!

Congratulations to the winners of your giveaway - they are very lucky!

Andrea said...

Wow, wow, wow. Love the Christmas ornaments. Such wonderful gifts too, really like the colours of the beaded fob. Sorry can't help on the triplets, but if I know you, you'll pick out something wonderful.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

What a wonderful post! I love the ornaments you finished - the snowman is adorable and the fabrics are perfect.
Congrats to the giveaway winners!
The gifts you got from Valerie and Dawn are just wonderful.
Love the outfits for the triplets but have no help in selecting a sampler for them. I'm sure you'll find one though!

cucki said...

sweet finish and great goodies..
hugs x

priscilla said...

Love your new ornament finishes , Carol ! Very cute ! Finished prefectly ! Cute baby outfits and card :) That would be such a keepsake for them to have a special ornament !

Mary Ann said...

Gorgeous finishes--as always! And, the little outfits you bought for the triplets are adorable!!

Nicola said...

Love your Christmas ornaments Carol, I think I have Bringing Home the Tree in my stash.

Congratulations to the three lucky winners - they won't be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous ornaments you completed and wonderful gifts to receive. I love the outfits you picked up for the triplets. Congratulations to your giveaway winners!

Robin in Virginia

Kay Eyles said...

I really like your Christmas sewing, I meant to get ahead and have only actually done one this year! For the triplets how about a design for baby's first christmas and do it in different colours for each of them. Also, there are quite a few christmas alphabets around so you could do a small decoration each with their initials on.

Linda said...

Your ornaments are adorable as always Carol. Congrats to the winners. You have received some lovely gifts.


Kaisievic said...

Great blog post, so much to read about, thank you. That is one of the things which I love so much about blogging, learning about the lives of others. Gorgeous prizes, Carol and you are so generous in your giveaway and then so lucky in the gifts you received.

The outfits for the triplets are gorgeous and I love your two ornie finishs.

Congrats on a 1000 followers,

hugs, Kaye

Carolyn NC said...

Love the ornaments! Congrats to the winners and such lovely gifts you received. I love The Secret Garden! I need to read it also. Which version did you see? Both are must sees. One was BBC's and the other the movie? Makes me want to go back and see them and The Little Princess, too!

Faye said...

I always marvel at your beautiful work Carol.... Beautiful as usual especially the darling snowman... Triplets..??.. I will email you if something comes out at me.... So blessed..this post makes want to go stitch a tiny ornament!

Blessings to you, Faye

Deb said...

Your ornaments are just beautiful Carol. Especially love the ribbon finishing on Bringing Home the Tree. And Triplets - my gosh I can only imagine having three babies at one time.

Shari said...

Carol, again, everything looks great! I am going to be 'searching for' that snowman know me & snowmen!!!
Congrats on the triplets!!!!! GOTTA LOVE TRIPLETS!!!!!!!! Do I need to pull my triplet charts for you to borrow? Remember, I did a sampler for our guys!

Barb said...

A blog full of wonderful things. I have stitched a baby sampler but not an ornament. I am thinking of doing a Christmas one each year for my new little Granddaughter who is coming in June but I don't have any good ideas for triplets. Your card was darling and the outfits adorable!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love your two ornament finishes! The RAK package that you received is lovely, too--congrats! The outfits that you picked out for the triplets are adorable! We're having warmer weather here in Illinois, too. Hope it lasts.

Pam in IL said...

Carol, I love reading your blog and your beautiful finishes! Imagine my surprise as I read this latest post and see that my name has been drawn for one of your wonderful gifts!

I'll send you an email with my address. I'll have to think about ideas for the baby gifts.

Thanks for making me smile!

Beth said...

Congrats to the winners of your wonderful ornaments. Your 2 newest ones are great too!

Judy said...

Lovely post! Congrat to the winners of your giveaway. Lucky ladies indeed! Your new ornaments are beautiful. Always perfect!! And thanks for the connect to bloglovin. I wouldn't want to miss following your blog. Happy spring.

Judy heartland stitcher

Michelle said...

Beautiful stitching - congratulations to the winners xx

Mavi. said...

Carol, preciosos tus bordados, ese hombre de nieve con su borlita ha quedado ideal. Enhorabuena a las afortunadas por el sorteo y enhorabuena por los regalos que has recibido.
Una gran satisfacción tener tres hijos, pero así de golpe tiene que ser mucho trabajo y muchísima alegría e ilusión.
Para los niños y niñas, yo haría mantitas, arruyos, de patch o de lanita.

Carol, your precious embroidery, this snowman with his tassel has been ideal. Congratulations to the lucky draw for the congratulations and gifts you have received.
Very pleased to have three children, but that has to be hit a lot of work and a lot of joy and enthusiasm.
For children, I would make blankets, arruyos, patch or wool.

Christine said...

Your ornaments are beautiful. Congratulations to the winners.

Carol B said...

Lovely finishes! The little details you put in really make them each so special. You inspired me to get back to my 'monthly' ornaments too. I'm almost finished stitching the second one, and could probably get caught up without too much trouble. Happy stitching, Carol

Chris said...

Beautiful ornament finishes Carol and congratulations to your winners!
What lovely things arrived in your mailbox this week.
Wow! triplets :)
Happy Spring!

Joy said...

Ha! I did not skip down to see the winners. Why would I skip your wonderful finishes?

I totally remember my dad taking me to see "The Secret Garden" in the movie theater. I was like 8 or 9. I've always enjoyed it but I've never read the book.

Ellen said...

Gorgeous ornaments! I always love your finishing, so inspiring!


Manka said...

Hi Carol! Your ornaments are so beautiful, the little snowman is adorable :)

Thanks for the great giveaway and congratulations to the lucky winners !



Mary said...

Wonderful finishes Carol. You are moving right along catching up on your monthlys.
Time seems to be flying by, doesn't it?

Congratulations to the three winners. What treasures they are about to receive!

The triplet outfits are adorable.
I know you will find the perfect stitched piece for them with your creativity.

Secret Garden has always been a favorite for me. I need to watch the movie again.

Happy Spring:) (finally)

Meari said...

I'm using Bloglovin, too. I wasn't sure I'd like it but so far so good.

Such cute ornaments! I always love seeing what you're up to.

Sorry, can't help you with the triplet idea. Haven't stitched anything for babies in a long time.

Nice gifts... What a lucky gal you are.

P.S. I didn't skip to the bottom to see who the winners were. lol

Stress Less said...

Love your finishes! You always do a fantastic job! I've never read the Secret Garden either. Maybe I'll have to add that to my list to read.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

c'est vraiment magnifique ! bravo avec de gros bisous

Mysia said...

Thank you so much for this fun ;o)

valerie said...

Congratulations to the winners! And I am so happy to hear the weather is warming up for you in PA. What a relief! I am so glad you like the ornie! Beautiful stitching and finishing on your two christmas ornies. You'll catch up on the other two soon enough! Love the outfits for the triplets. How darling! I'll type up an email to you soon. I am so usual! :) *hugs*

Sally said...

Oh, Carol. your Christmas ornaments are simply delightful!

Congratulations to all the lucky winners :)

You know I never read the Secret Garden as a child either. Abi bought me the illustrated version of the book a couple of years ago and I still haven't read it!

inga said...


Myra said...

Congratulations to your winners - they are truly in for a real treat. I just love that little snowman Carol - makes me smile. Your stitching and finishing is lovely as always.
Our temps are near the 80's this week. No spring here (except for the pollen) we jumped right to summer.

Valma said...

your post is a delight once again =)
you made 2 very beautiful pieces for Xmas, I so love the LHN one ! so sweet...
very well done sweetie
the fabrics on Let it Snow are a great choice ! it's really pretty
you offered me a chart last Xmas and I want to do a piece as pretty as this one with it =D
You also received beautiful gifts, so great to open the letter bow and to discover a surprise =)
the clothes you bought for your friend's babies are very sweet.
We have here a cartoon, it is called 'les triplés' (the triplets) and if you google 'les triplés - point de croix' you will find many charts. They are 2 boys and a girl, but it can easily be changed as they have the same face =D
Maybe you will find something to stitch =)
Have a great day sweet Carol

Big hugs

Oops ! I forgot to congrat the lucky winners hehehehe =D

Fiona said...

Lovely ornaments. Your gift was lovely and your new fob looks great with your scissors. Sorry I can't help with the baby gift. Congratulations to the winners.

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations to the winners. Your christmas ornaments are gorgeous.

Michele B. said...

Your stitching is absolutely lovely as usual, and so are your gifts, but what really got me excited was reading that you read The Secret Garden. It's one of my favorite books. My husband took me to see the movie when we were dating - one of the reasons I knew he was a keeper. And now you must read another by the same author, A Little Princess. Totally different story, but just as good. And if you can, get ahold of the Tasha Tudor illustrated editions of this and also of The Secret Garden. There's nothing like them. I now return you to your regularly scheduled stitching...

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh tout est vraiment magnifique comme d'habitude

Melanie said...

Congrats to the winners! I can't say I'm not jealous because I totally am but in a totally good-hearted way. lol
Love the two new ornaments as well!

I haven't read through the comments here to see the other suggestions but I could totally see you doing 'first christmas' ornaments for the babies. You love ornaments and who would think to give them a holiday related gift so early in the season so it will be a nice surprise. (And I'm sure you have plenty of ornaments in that theme that could be easily tweaked to fit in a name/date.)

I did read the Secret Garden when I was young but not super young. Like most things of that nature that I read at the time, I appreciated it in a much different way as an adult. (I still own a copy, along with the original Little House books, Bambi, and other classics. I can't let them go.) Maybe that is where my love of Jane Austen comes from - it has a similiar feel to it, don't you think? Brooding, scrappy heroine, tortured love, etc.

Anne said...

Oh Carol! I adore your new finishes, especially the LHN with the ruched ribbon. I'm going to have to try the ruched ribbon trim at some point! Congrats to the lucky winners on receiving your exquisite little finishes!! Such a pretty ornament Valerie stitched for you and lovely goodies too! I adored the Secret Garden as a child and loved the movie too. I loved reading children's classics! Such a charming book and glad that you read it! I'm happy that the winter has turned more like spring for you! Whoohoo!!


Catherine said...

I always love seeing a post from yours I know I am going to see such great things! Your finishes are adorable!!
Congrats to your winners ~ they are lucky ladies!
Such sweet gifts you received too!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous ornaments Carol! Love what you got the triplets-so cute and the card is cute too.

Kay said...

Carol, as always very beautiful work that you do!! You make me jealous with your posts because you always seem to get more done than I do these days! Congrats to your friend on the birth of their babies, quite a handful, but quite a blessing as well

Nancy M said...

I am so far behind again! Your blog is always filled with lots of eye candy, so I save it for when I have time to look and comment. I've been so busy stitching I've been ignoring the blogs! Love your group of finishes this time. I have the LHN ornie to stitch. I think I even have it kitted up! I think a Christmas ornament would make a great gift for them. I did one that had 3 angels in it. Maybe something like that would be appropriate?

Bekca said...

Congratulations to all of the lucky winners! Your stitching is so beautiful Carol, I love your LHN finish. Classic books are my favourites too, I really want to read more of them over the summer.
Best wishes and happy stitching to you.

Anna van Schurman said...

Love the way you finished that snowman!

Kathy Ellen said...

Carol, you always finish everything so that adorable snowman and 'Bringing Home the Tree' finishes.

Congratulations to your three lucky winners. They must be thrilled to receive such special gifts from you.

Love the pretty scissor fob from Dawn and the lovely ornament from Valerie.

What darling little outfits for the baby triplets. My goodness, but their Mommy & Daddy must have their hands full with 3 new babies!

Blessings for a wonderful week!