Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Small Finishes and Big Thanks

Hello! Hello! And how are my blogging buddies doing on this fine morning? I hope this last week in April finds your part of the world greening up and beginning to bloom with those lovely pastel colors that can only mean spring has arrived. Spring has definitely "sprung" here in western Pennsylvania even though the temperatures have been quite temperamental. Last week  it was 71° on Friday morning and then a mere 24 hours later it was almost 40° cooler! Crazy...

I've only managed a bit of new stitching lately because my husband and I spent some time in southern Florida earlier this month (more on that in a bit). But, I was so relieved to get the April Word Play finally finished up. Yes, "relieved" is the correct word...as much as I love the finish and as adorable as this design is, I just didn't enjoy stitching it any more than I enjoyed stitching the January Word Play. I don't know what my problem is because as an avid reader and librarian, I love words. I persevered, however, and ended up with, what I think, is a very cute finish.

April Word Play

I stitched the April Word Play "over one" on a very pretty 25 ct. sage green evenweave of some sort. I thought it was a 28 ct., but it turned out larger than my January Word Play finish so it must be a 25 ct. Most of the suggested overdyeds were used, but I had to change the colors of the leaves and the birds' feet and beaks because they just weren't showing up well on the green. To finish it off, I used the same tiny white ric rac that I used for the January Word Play and backed it with the darker green cotton fabric (from a cloth napkin I bought at Kohl's). I wish the color difference showed up better--the backing fabric is quite a bit darker than the evenweave. I do love this finish!

Finished April Word Play

I also had to change the way the word "Seeds" was stitched on the little wagon since this was stitched over one.  Stitching it the way the design was charted made it too crowded looking so I simplified the letters a bit. And, taking the advice from several of you who already stitched this, I gave the bunny a cute and fluffy white tail made entirely of French knots (or my version of them--I am NOT the best French knot maker in the world)!

 April Word Play

So, will I stitch more of these Word Play designs? Probably--I did buy all twelve charts after all!! (And don't we all always stitch each and every chart we purchase--ha ha!) But, I will have to stitch them sparingly--just now and then, not one month after another. I'll be skipping May and June, but might pick up July during the summer. Here is a photo that will give you a better idea of the size of the little pillow next to some freshly picked daffodils from our back yard...

April Word Play

Now, on the flip side--a design I loved stitching was this Little House Needleworks piece. It will eventually be a scissor fob--just didn't have time to finish it for this post. It is from the chart "Wool Needlebook & Fob." And yes, I also hope to stitch the needlebook, too, at some point. Don't you love the sheep? And the colors--the purple just makes this design! This is stitched over one on 28 ct. dirty linen with the suggested DMC threads. I'll show you the finished fob next time--it will be my first fob finish, believe it or not!

 LHN Scissors 
(From "Wool Needlebook & Fob")

FLORIDA VISIT: As I mentioned earlier, I was in sunny southern Florida (Naples to be exact) recently. As much as I complained about our endless winter and longed for warmer weather, I wasn't quite ready for the extremely hot (85°+) and humid days we had our entire visit. I'm not sure what happened, but my hot flashes were out of control the entire time I was in Florida... Having dealt with them for 15 years (yes, you're reading correctly), I'm no stranger to them, but, oh--I felt like I was absolutely melting the whole visit. I'm assuming it was the heat that triggered them to be so outrageous because now that I've come back to cooler weather I'm back to "normal."

Despite the uncomfortable temperatures it was so nice to see the tropical plants and trees that we don't have up north. Thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the prettiest botanical beauties. Many of these photos were taken at the Naples Botanical Garden which, if you ever find yourself in that southwest corner of Florida, I strongly urge you to visit.

Shaving Brush Tree

 Common Screwpine

Silk Floss Tree
(No, that's not where stitching floss comes from!)

Banana Plant

A tiny skink 
(notice how well he blends in with the wood)

Asian Garden at Naples Botanical Garden

Spanish moss draped tree

Naples is a wonderful city to take long walks in--so many beautiful houses and interesting things to see. Here are some of the sights we saw on our long walks...

A boy reading a book mailbox--how sweet!!

Flowers blooming in every color

Tropical trees in all shapes and sizes

So many lovely houses and estates... 
I'll take that pink one!!

Our last night was spent strolling the beach
 near the Naples Pier.

THANKS TO... It's always good to get away, but, for me, there is nothing like returning home! I love my house and yard and being surrounded by my stitching and books and other simple things that make me the happiest. When I got home I found a lovely surprise waiting for me from Manka. Just look at all of these beautiful goodies that arrived in a recent giveaway win all the way from Hungary. I wish I could show you just how perfectly stitched the heart shaped bookmark and the biscornu are. The ribbon roses are lovely and the delicate specialty stitches add so much to these pieces. The talented Manka offers some lovely free designs on her her blog, so if you haven't visited, please stop by. Thank you again, my sweet friend from Hungary--I love each and every thing you sent my way!

Giveaway beauties from Manka!

And arriving like a burst of Carolina sunshine came what Faye called a "belated, belated birthday gift!" I was so surprised and thrilled to open her package and find one of her beautifully stitched project pouches. She chose the colors especially for me in the prettiest shades of yellow and blue...And look at the tiny scissors charm attached to the zipper--adorable! Why, she even monogrammed it for me... I know most you are familiar with Faye's Carolina Stitcher blog, but if you aren't, please pay her a visit. You'll be inspired by her beautiful stitching as well as her finishing of many of our fellow stitchers' projects. Thank you again, Faye, so very much, for your special birthday surprise and for your friendship. I know I'll think of you each time I use your lovely gift...

Blue and yellow stitching pouch from Faye!

I think I'll wind up this way-too-long post now, even though I have more to share with you. It will just have to wait until next time! I'll leave you with two photos of what makes spring time in the north so special...

April in Pennsylvania

Is there anything prettier than a bouquet 
of freshly picked spring flowers?

Enjoy this last week of April, my friends, and thank you all for dropping by today! It's always so nice to visit with you and I sincerely appreciate each and every comment and email. I'll be in New York visiting with my mom and dad for the rest of the week so I may be a bit quiet on the "commenting front," but will definitely catch up with your blogs when I return.  Bye for now...


Mii Stitch said...

Carol this is a really great long post! I've just enjoyed reading it from begining til end! Your April word play stitching is beautiful & I love all your little changes. The finish as a little pillow is just so sweet! Looks like you had a great time in Florida. Those pics are fantastic & I wish I could have such a sweet letter box!! Here in UK it wouldn't last a day :D Well thanks to you I've also discovered a very talented person. I'm now following Manka's blog. This little heart is so precious!! What lovely goodies. Have a lovely day x

Christina said...

"And don't we stitch each and every chart that we purchase???" Oh that had me chuckling Carol! Lol.
Your word play finish is so cute. I'm glad that you included the photo of it next to the daffs because I had imagined it being much larger.
The pouch from Faye is just lovely - blue and yellow are definitely your colours!
I'm glad you had a good time in Florida. Oh what I wouldn't give to feel some sunshine on my face...it's been a while!

CalamityJr said...

Funny how designs that drive us batty can turn out so beautifully. Hope you see the beauty in what you stitched every time you see it instead of the aggravation you felt. Thanks for sharing your trip photos!

Lois said...

It's been too long since I've dropped by your blog Carol! I love your latest finish, it's adorable but, like many of us, I can relate to the not feeling the love while stitching a piece. It is a lovely finish though! What lovely goodies from the giveaway win and I really enjoyed the pics from your recent trip. I hope you have a good trip to see your parents.

Parsley said...

I have really enjoyed seeing the word play patterns you and others are stitching. I think I'll be looking on eBay!!

I can't wait to plant more daffodils. I see a white one there. Aren't they so diverse and sweet?!

Great photos. Makes me want to go for a walk in some serene gardens.

Belinda said...

Enjoy the beautiful spring colours Carol, we are in Autumn here and all the leaves are falling off the tree and the mornings and nights are colder.
Your April pillow is lovely, I especially loved the bunnies cute tail!! I love doing french knots.
Thanks for sharing your Florida photos, the plants are striking. I love the cute banana plant too.

Denise said...

If all your Word Play's come out that adorable then then think of them as you stitch. Loved your visit to Florida. My DH was there last week and complained of the heat too - he didn't show me such pretty pictures when he came back though! :)

priscilla said...

Love your April word play .. your finish is so adorable ! Beautiful photos from Florida ! Hope you have a nice visit with your parents :)

Margaret said...

I love both your stitching finishes! The pictures from your trip to Naples are wonderful too! We went there once when DS was maybe 2 years old. That's a while ago. lol!

Solstitches said...

Another lovely blog post Carol.
The pictures of your trip are beautiful.
The April Wordplay pillow is gorgeous. Love the way you finished it and funny you should say it but I'm stitching May right now and not enjoying it one bit either.
I stitched a beehive last night and spent some time this morning picking it out because I messed the colours up :(
I doubt I will want to do any of the others in the series.
Love your LHN fob stitching. I have that pattern and it's gone right to the top of my list!
Lovely gifts from Faye and Manka.
Your blog header pillow looks gorgeous.I don't remember if you ever blogged about it but I love it.

Tricia T said...

Hi Carol! I love your finishes this month. I've heard more people say that they don't enjoy stitching the Word Play charts, but I think they are so sweet when they are finished!! And -- of course! -- I love the sheep fob. Can't wait to see it finished!!

So glad you had a nice Florida getaway. DH and I were in Pensacola for a weekend and it was nice to enjoy the sunshine for a day or two before coming back to "almost" spring weather. : )

Have a wonderful week!


Erin said...

That April word play design is adorable...I love the little bunny in the wagon! I've avoided purchasing any of this series, but maybe I need to reconsider. :D

Your Florida pics are lovely. And what gorgeous goodies from Manka!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed reading your latest blog post! Your April Word Play turned out very cute and I really like it with the tiny ric rac trim. Lovely photos from your Florida trip! Your daffodils make me smile!

Robin in Virginia

Quiltsmiles said...

Carol, glad you got to warmer weather during the Spring but sorry to hear of your suffering or should I say melting while you were there.
Your stitchy finish looks wonderful with that tiny ric rac trim the way you did it. It's so sweet and will be anxious to see your scissor fob finish sinceI also purchased that pattern- but have to stitch it yet. You may just be the inspiration I need. Happy Spring- Jane

Annie said...

Love that wordplay finish. I can't imagine why you didn't find that to be a fun stitch. I guess you just never know til you actually put needle and thread through the fabric.

Isn't it always the case that after such a long winter, when you are aching for warm weather, Mother Nature turns on the heat with full force to irritate you!

Love the trip photos too, especially that cute mailbox with the little boy.

Lovely gifts from your blogging buddies. Enjoy!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Lucky you getting to go to Naples. Looking at your photos made me feel warm despite the snow flurries outside my window.
Your finish is lovely... sorry to hear you don't enjoy stitching the Word Plays designs. The results are wonderful.

Vicki said...

Your Word Play is so cute!

Ellen said...

April Word Play is gorgeous, love it!Love your LHN finish too, the purple flowers are pretty!
I enjoy your beautiful trip photos of Florida!

Beautiful gifts from Manka and Faye! Really love your bouquet of spring flowers!


Stress Less said...

I love your finishes. They are both so beautiful. So glad you had a good trip to FL. I know exactly what you mean about no place like home! Can't wait to see what you choose to work on next.

cucki said...

aww sweet wordplay...and lovely cutie stitching xxx

Mary said...

Your Word Play is adorable Carol and doesn't show the tediousness at all...great job.
I'm looking forward to seeing your finished scissor fob. This pattern is sweet.

It seems as if you had a wonderful time in Florida despite your personal "heat." Yes, our 87 degree day here a week ago turned "my" heat pump up such that I started to dread our upcoming summer temps.

You took beautiful pictures of a beautiful place.

Safe trip to NY and back

Your garden is bursting with beautiful color! A nice reward for a long,cold and dreary winter, right?

Julie M said...

Wonderful stitching Carol and I enjoyed the pics from Florida too! I haven't stitched any of the Word Plays but would like to someday along with about a million other charts!

Shirlee said...

I was doing okay reading your post until I got to the french knot part at which point I had to go take a pill & lie down for a while : ) I did the January word play but replaced the January with something else because I didn't want it to be limited being displayed for just one month. It turned out okay but I will never do another Word Play. Argh ... so much to comment on here ... lol! Will just end by saying that while looking at those Florida photos I could feel the oppressive heat & humidity. Great mailbox though : )

passionfruitprincess said...

Lovely gifts you got Carol!
And the pictures from Florida are beautiful. I love the banana tree, reminds me of Brazil.
Your finishes are darling, the little bunny is so cute, I I really like the way you are finishing this series. Have a good time visiting with your parents! Oh, and your flowers are lovely!
Have a great week!
Ana Paula

Dawn said...

I love your word play finish, everything is so pretty and wonderful. What a lovely birthday gift from Faye!

Hilda said...

Your newest finishes are again soooo cute! I love the colours of the April Word Play - I think the fabric you have chosen is just the perfect background for this pastel colors.
And I love this tiny little (future) scissor fob.

Fine to read that you enjoyed your trip to South Florida although it was so hot.

... and no - there is almost nothing prettier than aspring flower bouquet. So good that spring is here finally!

Have a nice week my dear friend!


Cole said...

Lovely gifts! And lovely pics too, thanks for sharing your trip with us :) That mailbox is pretty awesome!

Enjoy your time with your parents!

Vickie said...

Beautiful Carol! Oh such gifts for you! Wonderful.I am sorry your trip was plagued by hot flashes.

Vicky L said...

Your April word play came out beautiful. I love the sheep in your soon to be fob. Florida is beautiful and the flowers are gorgeous. Glad to hear you had a great time.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I'm glad you had a good getaway and returned home safe and sound. I always enjoy your finishes. I'v thought about the Word Play series. I like how yours turned out.

Gabriele said...

Lovely stitching as always. Glad to read you had a good time in FL, it's so long ago since I was there and yes, Naples pier I remember.
Have a wonderful week.
Greetings from Germany

marly said...

Really enjoyed the botanical photos. I'm so impressed with your over one stitching. I avoid a small verse of it and you are doing entire projects! Sounds like you had a very nice Florida trip, and I agree that coming home is so comforting. Very nice gifts too!

butterfly said...

Thanks Carol , for sharing all those wonderful photos.
Your stitching is beautiful again love the little rabbit and the sheep. Hugs.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm hearing from a lot of stitchers that they are not enjoy the wordplay charts... wonder why? Anyhow you persevered and it looks great!

Looks like you had a great trip!

Fiona said...

I loved reading your post. Your trip looks like it was full of interesting and lovely things. Your stitching is beautiful. Enjoy your lovely gifts.

msmartello said...

Hi Carol,

Looks like you had a great trip. I know what you mean. It is so nice to get away but I always love to come back home with my things.
Word play is adoreable and what lovely gifts. My daffodils are up as well. A good sign that Spring is finally here.


Pam in IL said...

Love your post and pics! I have the Word Play designs but have yet to stitch them. I'm kind of afraid to...

Beth said...

Your April Word Play was well worth the effrt. The rick rack finish is charming! What a lovely Florida Garden...it is always good to get back home though isn't it?

BrendaS said...

Carol -- I LOVE your April wordplay over one and the finish is just perfect! It was well worth your effort to keep plugging along:)

Glad you had a good trip to Florida and enjoyed the warmer weather and beautiful scenery. Hopefully we will start to see some warmer temperatures "up north" here very soon.

Have a good trip to New York and a nice visit with you parents:)

MoonBeam said...

Love your April Word Play. I think I pinned this on Pintrest this morning, but didn't look at it closely to see that it is stitched over one. Sweet.

Love the mailbox. Enjoyed your vacation pictures.

Beauty everywhere.


Kate said...

Such a delightful read, Carol. Your April Words finish is quite lovely and I so enjoyed all your photos of FL. Lovely gifts from Manka and Faye.

Linda said...

Your April wordplay is stitched and finished beautifully as always Carol. Great wins and gifts. I loved the pics of Florida. Maybe in my next life I can travel around the states. Haven't been further east than Nevada. Your fresh flowers are gorgeous. They might survive five minutes in my house. I have very bad furbabies.


Alissa said...

I just love your posts, Carol. I get so excited when I see a new one from you in my Google Reader. :)

These finishes are so pretty. And I'm so glad you were able to get away for a bit. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Gillie said...

Well, it's raining and a little gloomy here in MI so lovely to see the photographs of everything! Hope you have a good visit with your Mum and Dad. xxx

Barbi said...

Love your word finish! The bunny is adorable and I know that's why you stitched it. So Sad that you won't be doing all of them but I can understand that you don't like th lettering. The finishing on that is perfect.
What a wonderful trip, and wonderful photos! Makes me want to head down and take pics of my own....by the way...I'll take the pink one too. That little circle room that it looks like it has there off to the side would be a perfect spot for stitching...don't you think?

Myra said...

Your word play piece is just adorable Carol. I hope you enjoyed your time in Florida - I sure enjoyed the gorgeous pictures.

Barb said...

I loved seeing your pillow version of Word Play. It is adorable. I can't believe you did that all over one!! You must have better eyes than me-at least younger!! I agree about Florida. We lived in Florida for 3 years quite some time ago. It has its own beauty as you captured in the pictures. I would never live there again. I truly think I would melt!!!!

Maggee said...

I wouldn't mind having that Florida warmth right now...brr.. it is 50 degrees here! Tomorrow it is supposed to be 80! Hello?? Looks like your trip was a good one! Love the April wordplay piece--nicely done! It's over one--no wonder you struggled with it! And your little tiny LHN piece is equally nice! Relax and do some charts on bigger counts now! You have received some lovely gifts--the bag from Faye is such a pretty color. Today my husband picked me a delphinium from the yard... love it! Hugs!

Faye said...

Enjoy your project pouch, my friend.... Your many projects can travel in it between FL to NY..... be safe.... Faye

Michelle said...

What lovely photos Carol thank you so much for sharing them. I adore your stitching xx

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your word play finish. It is gorgeous. Gorgeous photos from your trip. Lovely gifts received. Beautiful spring flowers.

Christine said...

We're supposed to stitch them? Oh dear, I think I've been doing this wrong.
The April wordplay finish is gorgeous, and I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures from your trip

Manka said...

Hi Carol,

I enjoyed your Florida pictures so much! Thank you .

I just love your April Word Play finishing and the design is so cute,too.

.. and I'm so glad you liked my gifts :)


Julie said...

Love all the different finishes that you do.Thanks for sharing the pic'c.Nice to see different parts of the world from my armchair.; )Would love the Postbox one.

Shari said...

Carol, your word play looks wonderful! I am working on that one myself.....I just don't have enough stitching time these days! The little boy I took on day care of in January keeps me hopping!!!!!
your vacation pictures look wonderful....

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing your Florida trip pics. I love the garden visit pics. All those tropical plants.
April looks great, you did such beautiful finishing on it.
I think your fob will be wonderful too. It is just a tiny ornament :)
Have a wonderful time in NY.

Mary said...

More fun finished for you Carol!

So glad you enjoyed your time here in Florida, but no apologies for the heat. Have you ever visited om August?! Loved the photos!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh mon Dieu quelles sont belles vos photos, les broderies sont sublimes, quel talent ! Les cadeaux de Faye j'adore !!!
bisous de FRANCE

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Nice finishes, Carol! Especially Ilove the sheep fob! It's a small masterpiece! And thank you for sharing your Florida trip pictures!


Tatkis said...

Such a lovely April word play stitching and finishing! Wonderful gifts from your friends too :)
Thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos!


Sally said...

Beautiful photos from your trip.

Love your wordplay finish.

Libby said...

The Word Play piece turned out beautifully. I hope you forget the misery and can enjoy it for years to come.

I LOVE that mailbox. I want one!

Too bad the Florida heat was overwhelming. It can sure spoil a vacation. I'm pretty sure you won't be experiencing anything like that while you're here.

Safe travels.....Pam

Bekca said...

Thank you for sharing such gorgeous pictures from Florida. I hope you had a lovely trip despite the heat.
Faye's pouches are so beautiful, I'm glad you've received a special monogrammed one :) Have a great time in New York.
Best wishes.

Carin said...

You received some lovely gifts !!
I like the pictures of that botanical garden and esp. the one of the mailbox :-)
Your stitching is again so beautiful, love the april ornament, beautiful finished !!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

So sorry you're not enjoying the stitching, but your finishing is sweet as can be. Glad your get away with DH was fun and beautiful. Very pretty gifts, too. Enjoy the visit and have safe travels!

Melissa said...

Love the April word play, Carol! If you get bored not having enough over one's to stitch, I can send some your way! ;-)

What lovely photos of your visit. I've never been to that part of the world so it was interesting to see the sights.

Valma said...

wow, where to start ?? =D
This is a beautiful post
Manka does amazing pieces !!! you're very lucky to have received such a beauty
your new small pieces are very beautiful
I love what will be the scissor fob =)
I'm stitching LHN sheep and their chart are very beautiful
and what to say about your trip to South Florida !! woooow !!! did you see Horatio ? =D
Very very beautiful pictures, once again it has been a delight to come here today
big big hugs

Christina said...

Such lovely finishes. Glad you were able to get away,even if the heat was unbearable. Oh, such lovely gifts you received.

Anne said...

Love your April Word Play. Hadn't seen that pattern before. I like it and how you finished it! Thanks for the great pics in Florida. I can;t travel so they are precious to see. Lovely gifts you received too, how wonderful !! :)

Nancy M said...

I know 2 people stitching these designs and you both say how it's hard to push through and finish them. Really strange. Your changes look perfect. We have a few spring flowers, but still not a leaf on a tree! I can't believe it will be May in a few days and no green yet! Hopefully with the predicted just a bit warmer weather will make things pop.Hope your time with your parents will be a pleasant one!

Giovanna said...

Delightful finishes! And great gifts from your friends. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of Florida.

♥ Nia said...

Ohhh happy to hear that spring has arrived for you too :D
Here it's wonderful! Sunny, warm, pretty flowers blooming, joy!! :D
Lovely stitching as always :)
Silk floss tree! Lol ;)
Enjoy your weekend sweetie, enjoy this wonderful season :D hugs to you

Anne said...

Spring has sprung for you Carol!! Yay!! I'm so happy it has. I love your little vase of spring flowers. They truly are the best thing in the world. I have a few sprigs in mine right now :D Love your April word play and the changes you made. I have this chart too but have yet to start it...APril's almost over! I may do the french knot thing for the tail seeing as I actually like making french knots AND the bunny SHOULD have a fluffy tail!! The pictures of the botanical garden are amazing. I love the shaving brush tree. It's fantastic! Sorry to hear your heat flashes came back :( Glad you are back to normal!!



Anna van Schurman said...

Funny, my cousin was just in Naples two weeks ago. Thanks for mentioning the botanical gardens. My parents live about an hour away, and when we visit we are always starved for entertainment. This knowledge will come in handy on our next visit!

Melanie said...

I always love these Word Play finishes, even if you don't find them terribly exciting to stitch up. Love that the rabbit has wispy whiskers too. I hated French knots too until I learned about the Colonial knot. Now THOSE I can do quite easily. I always sub those in now. Can't wait to see what you do for the finishing on the fob. Definitely a purple fabric for that! :)

Love the photos of your trip. I confess to never having seen any of Florida outside the big amusement parks. My bad. Lol

Julie said...

Wordplay looks super, but I would say that as it has a bunny on it, I love his little powderpuff tail you created.

The LHN 'scissors' fob is really cute, I've stitched these and use them regularly.

Lovely pics of your Florida trip, I hope you have a lovely time spent with your family and dad is doing well.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Ictures, thank you for sharing with us. I love the finish on your April Word.

Michelle said...

Such sweet stitching and beautiful pictures from your trip! Enjoy the first days of Spring!

Lillie said...

Another lovely finishing of April Wordplay. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of your trip.

Mavi. said...

Carol, que bonitos tus acabados, cada vez son más primorosos.
Una maravilla la primavera con sus flores, aquí estamos volviendo al invierno, glups...

Karoline said...

Lovely finishes, congratulations and you got some great gifts.

Lovely photo's from your holiday

Anne said...


Just found your blog.
Your finish is lovely, the bunnies tail looks great in French knots.
Your holiday photos are lovely.
Sweet presents too.
I enjoyed looking at your blog.

Deborah Schander said...

I love your finish on the Word Play piece! And the french knot tail is just too cute.

Kaisievic said...

Fantastic long post, Carol it was so great to catch up on your news. I had never heard of Naples, Florida (I know that there is a Melbourne in Florida which always seems strange to me living in Melbourne, Australia) but it looks like a pretty city to visit. When you think of Florida you tend to think of either Miami or Orlando and forget that there are other great cities in the state. Feb word play is looking very pretty but I know what you mean about them being a bit tricky to stitch. I have started January but it has been put away and I, too, work with words for a living (teacher-librarian, English and History teacher and now History publisher - words are my life and my world). hugs, Kaye

Kay said...

I love how April word play came out, very beautiful! So many wonderful photos from your Florida trip, looks like you had a great time! Wonderful things you came home to as well. Happy spring!

Brigitte said...

I was away from blog reading for quite a while. But coming back and reading your post made up for all the withdrawal symptoms I already had, lol.
Thanks for showing those gorgeous pictures from Florida. But I know what it is to deal with humid heat - when I visited St. Louis last year I was like paralyzed by the heat and the air humidity. Every step outside was a challenge. I'm just glad that we don't have this kind of humidity up here in the mountains where I live.
I love your word play pillow. It's a wonderful series but I couldn't stitch all of them in a row either.

Catherine said...

Just now trying to catch up on some blog reading! So good to come across your post. Love all of your stitches and goodies ~ your finishes are always so perfect! Glad to see you and your hubby were able to get away ~ loved all of the pics!

Anonymous said...

What lovely stitching...each one. You do such beautiful work always. thanks for sharing the photos of Florida...my sister lived there for a while. It can get hot! I am loving the warm Chicago days we are having. Spring is here finally!

Natalia said...

Such a cute April Word Play !!! I love how it looks stitched over one !!
Florida sounds nice and I am glad you enjoyed it in spite of the heat. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures with us !

Melody said...

Hi Carol. I am behind in reading blogs, so I'm slow in getting a comment made. You have some great pictures of your Florida visit. Such interesting plants!

Your April word play turned out great. I have most of the charts, but haven't stitched one of them yet...

Meari said...

Beautiful gardens! Cute finish. I love the little bunny with his white cotton tail.

Sadly, I think I've started having hot flashes and night sweats. :(

Annette said...

I was looking for the comment button, I could not find it.. lol
You did a great job on April Word play, maybe the colors not very Springy?? you wanne stitch more colors?
The finish off is so wonderfull.
cute LHN piece.. funny sheeps

Ow My, love the pic's of Naples.. very beautifull, all those plants an dflowers.. The beach Picture is also so beautifull.
Looked liek you had a awesome time.
Very awesome to see.

And you got spoiled when you got home!!
How great!!
Enjoy it!!

It was a wonderfull post Carol, I enjoyed it very much.. love all teh flowers also the last ones!!!

Unknown said...

fantastic your pillow...

Cindy's Stitching said...

Carol the pictures are beautiful. I am working on July words. I thought is was so funny you did april.

Elia said...

Uauuuuu... me ha encantado este último trabajo, le has dado un acabado que me gusta mucho,
yo lo hice el año pasado.
Es lindo, como todo lo que haces,
gracias por compartir las flores tan exóticas que no conozco y las fotos, son bellas,

un abrazo
disculpa que esté perdida por mis problemas, no tengo tiempo de escribir



Anonymous said...

Florida is hot - but beautiful! Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos. I'm glad you're home and your stitching is always such a delight to see!

Wanda said...

Hi Carol! Your Easter finish is adorable! I laughed out loud at your comment about stitching every pattern. Patterns are such fun to look at, imagine, enjoy and sometimes to stitch. The LHN fob is so cute. It will be fun to see how you finish it. As always, your blog is so wonderful to visit. :)