Thursday, July 31, 2014

Favorite Freebie Finishes--Christmas Edition

I want my summer back!! Yes, I know many of you are enjoying lovely warm, sunny summers, but we've been experiencing even more days of record low temperatures here in western Pennsylvania. Honestly--wearing my winter bathrobe on these chilly "summer" mornings is not something I want to be writing about as August approaches, but that's my life right now... How are things in your part of the world? Warmer and sunnier, I hope? I think a lot of us thought that after that frigid winter we endured, we would be rewarded with a perfect summer... ha!! Unfortunately, it's been anything but...

In keeping with our chilly weather, I've been working on catching up on my monthly Christmas ornament challenge and have finished three new ornaments which I'd love to show you today. These all happen to be freebies, and, as I've said many times before, I'm so thankful to all of you talented cross stitch designers who share your talents with us.  The first is one I'm sure you'll all recognize: "Seven Pines" by Little House Needleworks which you can find right here. This linen doesn't photograph very well because the holes are so large. I'm not even sure what it is--some mystery 25 or 26 ct. scrap that I found in my stash, but I liked it because the white showed up so nicely. Since the holes in the fabric were so large I ended up using two threads stitched over one rather than the usual "one over one." I like the effect--the stitching really stands out! I used long stitches for the carrot nose rather than cross stitching it as was charted and made a couple of changes to the suggested DMC colors. I used DMC 498, 869, 921, 3051, 3371, and white (just in case you're wondering)...

And here is how I finished it into one of my little pillow ornaments. The size of the snowman stitching is only 1½ inches by 1¾ inches so it definitely needed to be beefed up to make an ornament worthy of displaying on a full-sized Christmas tree. I found three coordinating fabrics, some rope-like braided trim, and a couple of buttons in my stash which finished him off quite nicely! The back of the ornament is the same green fabric shown on the left. So, this counts as my ornament finish for May (I told you I was behind!).

"Seven Pines" freebie finish

My ornament for the month of June is designed by Erynne Chard over at Stitcheree blog and is just a small portion of her delightful "Joy" design. You can find the link for this freebie in her post right here. This one is stitched on 35 ct. natural Northern Cross linen (another great fabric when you want the white to really stand out) using the suggested DMC colors. I really like the blue jay that Erynne designed--a nice change from the cardinals that you typically see in Christmas stitching. As usual, the red in my photo is much, much brighter than the color in real life. I sure wish I could find a camera that photographs reds well...

This was finished into a flat mounted ornament (using the talented Vonna's tutorial).  I forgot to pad the stitching before attaching it to the mat board, but it still looks fine. This was the first time I used the mini-pompom trim on a finish and I love how it turned out--so crisp and fresh looking.  This piece stitched up very quickly and would make a great last minute gift for a stitching friend, don't you think?

"Joy" freebie finish

My third ornament finish is, again, just a portion of a different chart by Erynne called "It Snowed Last Night." I really wanted to stitch a snowy winter scene on this lovely 32 ct. blue Belfast linen that I purchased a while ago and thought this piece fit the bill perfectly. Stitching it over one was a bit difficult, but I love how tiny and detailed the finished piece is. You can see the full chart right here--isn't it pretty? I have a special fondness for sayings with the word "bliss" in them because that is my mother's maiden name. A lovely name... don't you think?

I kept the finish very simple for this one--just added the blue plaid fabric that is shown in the background and some bright white cording. I think the snowflakes Erynne designed are just about the prettiest ones I've seen--the whole scene perfectly captures that special feeling you get when you awake to a landscape that has magically turned white over night.  Again, the red color of the DMC is not coming through properly at all in this photo--it is actually a deep burgundy in real life. Thank you, Erynne, for your darling designs--I will proudly hang them on my Christmas tree each year...

"It Snowed Last Night" freebie finish

So, I'm caught up, for now, with my ornaments... I can't wait to gather them all together at the end of the year for my annual "Parade of Ornaments" photo shoot! I'm really proud of the ones I've made this year...

Gifts in the mail... I was so touched to receive a package of goodies all the way from western Canada from my sweet friend, Anne at Doll's Musings. She sent a beautifully stitched and finished box filled with fabric, buttons, and thread (all in blue, of course!). Just look at this beauty she stitched and monogrammed just for me! Having done a couple of box finishes myself, I know how long they take so the fact that dear Anne would spend her time creating one for me makes it even more special. I love the blue birds and the pretty flowers--I believe Anne said this was a BBD design. Thank you so much, my friend--I will treasure your gift and think of you each time I look at it!

Such sweet gifts from Anne!

Busy July... The month of July is always one of the busiest for our family. My husband and I celebrated 37 years of marriage on the 23rd, my youngest son turned 26 (hard to believe) on the 9th, and my husband finally caught up with me and turned 59 on the 14th (yes, he is a "younger man" by six whole months and he never lets me forget it!). Add to that trips to Washington, DC and upstate New York to visit my parents and it is surprising that I found any stitching time at all. I really miss my needle and threads and am looking forward to our annual beach vacation next month where I hope I can relax and stitch more often. 

A simple gift idea... I wanted to share a gift with you that I made for my husband's birthday. When you get to be our age, you really don't need much of anything so it's a challenge to come up with something a bit different. Have you heard about the Tabletopics conversation starters? Well, I thought about buying him an edition, but at $25.00 each, I thought... why not make my own questions? I discovered that many others have had a similar idea and was thrilled to find an abundance of questions and even a downloadable graphic to decorate the jar that houses them right here. I found another great bunch of questions here and you can easily Google "conversation starters" for more ideas.

 You never know what you'll learn...

I picked and chose which questions to use to best suit my family and spent an afternoon printing them out, cutting them up, and folding them to place in the jar. The jar is a simple clear plastic container that once housed my former (I'm proud to say) addiction--chocolate covered raisins. (Unfortunately, I've moved on to a new addiction--Milk Duds!). I attached a coordinating green ribbon to the lid to jazz it up a bit, too. The questions range from serious, to silly, to sentimental and my oldest son is enjoying them so much he has decided to add a few of his own to the jar. We only pull it out at Sunday dinners when we are together with our older sons, but we've all really enjoyed it and are learning a lot about each other.

Some new backyard creatures... So many of you have told me how much you enjoy seeing the photos of our backyard wildlife. Yes, we certainly are blessed with an abundance of wild animals (well, except when they eat our flowers and vegetables, that is!). On Sunday, I happened to look out and see a turkey--well, not just one turkey, but an entire flock! We've seen one or two turkeys before, but never a papa, mama, and seven little ones (turkey babies are called "poults") running around. Oh, they were darling--you couldn't help but smile when you watched the little ones trying to walk up the hill and keep up with their parents... (You can click the photos for a larger view).

An entire turkey family visits our yard

And here are a couple of close-ups--notice the pretty markings on the father...

Soon after these photos were taken we saw not one, but two Great Blue Herons out by the pond--you just never know what you'll see looking out our kitchen window!

Well, I think that's more than enough from me today... I hope each of you enjoys a wonderful August--not many days left until school is back in session, are there? Thank you all for your great comments on my last post and I'm so appreciative of all of your advice on healing my Plantar Fasciitis pain. It seems to feel better for a while and then I have a set-back, but I think I'm on the right path... I really miss my daily treadmill walks, but filling in with the stationary bike and lifting light weights has actually been great, too. I'm glad I've discovered even more ways to stay fit although I wouldn't wish the pain of Plantar Fasciitis on anybody. Enjoy the rest of your summer, my friends. Bye for now...


Vickie said...

Yay! A wonderful surprise to find your post first thing on my dashboard. :)
Wonderful new ornaments Carol. I absolutely love the way Bliss turned out. And yes, that is such a fabulous last name!
A whole turkey family is very awesome indeed!
I may just steal your husband birthday gift!! That would make a great one for Brian coming up real quick here too!

Nancy said...

Beautiful ornaments Carol! I especially like the designs by Stitcheree! Looking forward to seeing your parade of finishes later this year.

How fun for you to see a turkey family! We have a family of woodpeckers that we see in a tree next to our back porch!

Sherri said...

I love your Christmas edition freebies! Your Christmas ornaments and finishes are always so cute and festive. What a fun surprise to see a turkey family in your yard. I love watching to see what birds show up at my feeders. Cute idea for conversation starters. I am SO looking forward to your annual Christmas ornament post. Sounds like I'm wishing time away!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Beautiful finishes Carol and thank you for the links to the designsWhat a talented lady Erynne is.
I love your Turkey pictures,not a bird I am likely to see in my garden:-)
Hope you have lovely beach holiday and some good summer weather too.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Oh I love those little baby turkeys, well as long as they are in your yard and not eating my veggies! Your pieces are beautiful, I love the red, white and blue one! We have quail here, I love seeing the mom leading her babies around too. I haven't seen the quail fly just running here and there... Hopefully it warms up for you in August, I would share some heat with you, if you like....

Clare-Aimetu said...

Sorry your weather is not summery but you're definitely in 'holiday' mode with those gorgeous ornaments. I love your table topic jar, great idea :-)

Tricia T said...

The JOY finish jumps off the screen - So pretty!!!! Your conversation starters look fun, too. That would be a fun Christmas game when my family is all together. Have a wonderful beach vacation next month!


Lynda Harrison said...

Hi Carol!
How lovely to read your latest post - thinking of Christmas already - and such beautiful sitting! I love it all - the turkey's are marvellous!!
What a shame about your weather - perhaps you will have an Indian Summer? Here in the UK it has been very warm, with lots of storms - but the gardens are very dry ..... Sorry to mention our good weather when yours isn't!
Hoping you have a great rest-of-the-week!
Love and best wishes,

Faye said...

Hey Carol.... I always look forward to your posts.... Today's is chocked full of goodies.. Love the pretty stitches! July IS a busy month for you and alas, school is right around the corner.... Our children return 8-25 so I'll be opening up the classroom a week prior... 20 more fresh darling 6 year olds to love and educate~ I just love it!!! Take care my friend......

Robin in Virginia said...

What a super post to find and enjoy this morning over my coffee! Carol, your ornament finishes are gorgeous. It would be hard to pick one as a favorite, but I do like the little joy one. Neat gift idea for your husband (and your family overall). Sending along belated anniversary wishes to you!

Robin in Virginia

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Wow! So pretty finishes! Love them all.

cucki said...

very sweet finishes..
big hugs to you x

Christina said...

I will gladly trade you weather. We have been in the 90s with no end in sight. Just glad we have cool nights/mornings.
Your ornaments are beautiful as always. Happy Belated Birthday to your son and DH! Love the jar idea. Oh the box is beautiful! I haven't been brave enough to try a box finish yet. Glad your foot is doing better. Have a wonderful time on your vacation. I can't wait until fall when I get mine.

Kristen said...

Very nice ornaments - I always love to see your creative finishes!

Friendship Crossing said...

Hey, I'm not the last to comment on here for a change ~ LOL
Darling stitched ornament/pillows ~ love how the colors POP!!
Congrats to you and your honey!!
That turkey family is sure cute!
What a wonderful idea for your jar ~ I might just have to 'borrow' your idea and try on my family too.

Hugs to you Carol!

Sally said...

Oh Carol I am in awe at your beautiful ornaments.I would never think of using parts of those larger designs. They look wonderful. I have both those designs downloaded so will have to find them and borrow your idea if you don't mind.

I love your gift from Anne. It's so pretty.

Congratulations to you and your DH on your anniversary. Love what did for him for his birthday.

What a sweet turkey family!

Vicki said...

Your ornament finishes are terrific, Carol. And I really enjoyed the photos of the turkeys, the little ones are so precious! Glad you're feeling better. I hope it warms up so you can shed your winter robe, hahaha.

Cole said...

Beautiful finishes Carol ~ I love seeing your ornament finishes! You do an amazing job on them!

An exciting month of festivities for sure! I hope the weather turns around for you, it sucks when it's summer and it doesn't feel like it!!

Jackie said...

So adorable Carol:)

Frances said...

Your finishes are divine, as always! Love to see your beautiful creations!
The turkey family is such fun! We see turkeys from time to time here in Mississippi, and I love to see them walk! Cute!
Thank you for another interesting blog post!

Annie said...

Beautiful new finishes. I love Erynne's designs. She's very talented in a variety of needle arts.

I really have to try that Northern Cross linen. The white really does stand out well.

Your conversation game is too funny. I can't imagine doing that with any of my family members. They can't stop talking long enough to listen to any questions!

Anne really sent you a nice gift. Enjoy!

And turkeys too! Must be fun around Thanksgiving... or do they hide in anticipation?

Beautiful weather here lately. Warm not hot and low humidity. I'll take it!

Joy said...

Thanks for sharing the links to the Freebies. I have downloaded them as I think they're all great

Barb said...

The ornaments are beautiful, as usual! I love the one with the big snowflakes on the blue linen. They were all pretty but that one spoke the most to me. If you want summer, come to the Pacific NW. We are going to have a record breaking number of days over 80 degrees. Our summer temps are usually in the 70's. I loved seeing the turkeys!

AJ said...

What great finishes! It's been rather chilly here in Nothern Illinois as well, but I like it that way. I love falling asleep at night with the windows open, smelling the cut grass and listening to the cows moo. Okay maybe not so much the cows, they set the dog off!

My boyfriend never lets me forget that he is a whole 2 days younger than I am. Tells everyone that I am the older woman in his life!

I love to see how you finish your projects. They always look so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finishes, they are all lovely.
I love the gift from Anne, what a lovely friend.
Sweet turkey family too - we only seem to get pigeons and sea gulls!
Best wishes x

Charlene ♥ NC said...

I love that you use the shared freebies. It seems I collect and forget them. I think Joy is my favorite from this group - just a slip of the pattern, too! Great idea for the Table Topics. Probably some surprises. I remember hearing my Grandmother call baby chicks what I thought was 'pullits.' Bet that's where it originated. Hope your summer gets warm and sunny. Ours hasn't been as hot and steaming as some in the past. Be well, my friend.

Hilda said...

So wonderful new ornaments, dear Carol! And they look so typical you - your really have your personal perfect style of finishing. I love it!

I am so sorry for you, that the weather is that cold and not summery this year at your country.
Here we had a wonderful July. Since yesterday we have rain and colder temperatures too. The perfect weather to start thinking of christmas stitchings. Thank you for these wonderful freebie links.


Judy said...

Hi Carol,

It is always a pleasure to find your posts. Such beautiful ornaments you have stitched and finished. I think my favorite is the LHN one. Ofcourse the others are perfect too.

Congrats for your 37 years of marriage! The birthday gift looks like it will last for awhile with all those topic slips in that jar. How fun!

The weather here has been below seasonal temps as well. I must admit, I enjoy it. I hope this quickly approaching winter will not be anything like last year.

I enjoyed your turkey photos. I have never seen a turkey family.

Until next time...enjoy!

Judy Heartland stitcher

Michelle said...

Oh Carol your stitched pieces are just lovely. The 'Joy' is stunning I love the colours you have used. What a wonderful gift for your husband - I agree it is always difficult trying to come up with a gift idea. Thank you for sharing your photos with us my friend xx

Melody said...

Hi Carol. What a wonderful post again. Your ornaments are beautiful, and your finishing is perfect as always! I need to start thinking about adding some ornaments to my stitching basket. I love the birds you have seen from your kitchen window! The turkeys are interesting for sure!

Summer has been cool here too, but I don't mind. I'm not a big fan of the heat.

diamondc said...

Happy Anniversary, I love the header picture so sweet.
Love all your finishes great choices and wonderful finishes.
The turkey's are a hoot, look at the little babies so cute.
I have seen the tabletopics what fun making your own.
Thank-you for viviting my blogsite.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your stitching and finishing are pure perfection Carol :) each little ornament more stunning than the last! That makes for one STUNNING TREE come December! :)
You have a beautiful yard :) I've always thought so!

Margaret said...

Baby turkeys! Soooo cool! I absolutely love your conversation starters idea. I so need to do that. Then maybe my DD will stop complaining. lol! Love your finishes -- they are all gorgeous! Love Anne's present too -- wow!

valerie said...

Wow, look at all the tiny turkeys! So cute...just like your ornies! I think my favorite out of the bunch is the bird one. And what a pretty box gift from Anne. I love the idea of the conversation jar for Sunday dinners. What's the question about San Francisco...come to SF, Carol! ;) Life's a blur over here and I owe you an email. There is so much to tell you...mostly good. I'll catch you up soon. *hugs*

Beth said...

I admire your stitching Carol, but it is your finishes that make me swoon! Are you enjoying the turkeys? They can be a bother stomping on new plants in the spring and pooping everywhere.

Véronique Rose said...

très jolies broderies j'aime beaucoup vos finitions
très bonne journée

Bekca said...

Beautiful finishing as always Carol, I can't wait to see your collection of this year's ornaments in December. Sorry to hear the weather has been disappointing. We've had a few hot days, but it's just starting to get cool, which I for one am grateful for! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, and Happy Birthday to your son and husband, what a joyful month. I hope you have a great time at the beach on holiday, looking forward to reading all about it :)
Best wishes.

butterfly said...

Hi sweet friend another fantastic post , full of lovely goodies , your stitching and finish is fantastic, and I love what you do with a free chart and make it look so amazing.
I will be looking to your August stitching . Love every thing you stitch.
Wishing you and DH a lovely weekend and the sun shines for you , hugs.

Paisley said...

Beautiful stitching! Thank you for sharing!

Our summer here in MI has been chilly and rainy. I'm hoping August kicks it up a notch!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Lovely stitching! It's always so much fun to see all the pretty things you make and to see what's new in your world.

Blessings always and happy stitching sweet friend. :)

Heather said...

I LOVE your ornaments. Especially the snowman one!!! I have printed it out and I am going to start stitching one!!!

You always do such lovely finishing!! ;o)

I bet you are really looking forward to your beach vacation!!! I LOVE the beach! :o)

It has been a crazy summer weather wise. I think we have been a little warmer than you!

Happy Anniversary!

Bianca said...

Great finishes! My favorite is Joy. You're right, it is nice to see a bluejay.

Gabi said...

How wonderful! Your ornaments are so beautiful. I love them.
You have a wonderful yard.
Hugs and greetings from Germany

Angela said...

I love all of your ornament finishes Carol! You put so much thought into each one and it really shows :)

Lovely gift from Anne :)

Julie said...

Stunning gift from Anne.
Beautiful collection of ornaments, all stitched and finished so fabulously.
I'm sorry you are nit having summer sunshine, I'll send you some of ours!
Great livestock, I wonder if they'll dare to venture close near thanksgiving.
Love and (hugs) x

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Your ornaments are all so adorable. And what a sweet box gift from Anne! So fun to see a family of turkeys in your yard! Hope your foot continues to heal.

Shirley said...

Hi Carol,
Sorry to hear your weather is not good. Here in eastern England it is unusually scorching (it probably wont last). I just love your finishes, especially the frosty one on blue. I don't know how you get your finishing ideas -they are always so beatiful
kind regards,

Marie said...

Hi Carol...Thanks for sharing the Freebie links! As always your finishing is beautiful!

It has been a bit chilly here in VT as well, but I welcome the cooler tempos.

Your question jar is so clever. I should have done that when my boys were younger as then no longer live with us and sadly, we do not get to see them all that often.

I hope that you and your DH has a wonderful anniversary. Enjoy your vacation!

Linda said...

Congratulations on the absolutely gorgeous stitching and finishing Carol. I am so jealous.


msmartello said...

Hi Carol,
Love your ornament finishes! They are fabulous! You gift box is very special also. Such cute turkey babies. I have never seen babies. I love watching turkeys. They are so fascinating! That is a great gift idea. I may use that for someone in the future. School starts 1 month from today. I can't believe it!
Take Care

Myra said...

Lovely, lovely ornaments Carol. If you find a camera that photographs red well please let me know. My camera doesn't do reds either. :o(

You have had a busy summer but I know you enjoyed the time with your family. Summer has been busy here you can tell I haven't had much computer time.

Those turkeys are fabulous! How wonderful that they chose you to visit.

CalamityJr said...

Wow - for as busy as you've been this summer, I'd say stitching and finishing those gorgeous ornaments is quite an accomplishment! I's always drawn to ornaments that say "Joy" because I have a dear cousin with that name, so I'm especially partial to that one. Happy belated anniversary.

I'm really connecting with you on this post - I know exactly what you mean about never forgetting that age "gap" as I'm 7 months older than my honey. Then there are the turkeys; we have a male and female who hang around just beyond our back yard. There was a poult (thanks for the word) last year, but I haven't seen any babies this year.

Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful beach vacation next month (this month, now, in August?)!

Maggee said...

Love the threee ornament finishes! I have loved Erynne's patterns for years--I first stitched her 'Snow Poem' for a friend in 2009 and have wanted to stitch it again for me ever since! It's in my 'to-do' container. Many years back, I did jars with conversation starters for Christmas gifts at work. I hadn't thought about them lately... hmmmm... Love the turkeys! Hugs!

Mii Stitch said...

I always admire your finishes, they are always spot on!! Lovely goodies from Ann too :) xx

priscilla said...

Such pretty ornaments Carol !! The 3rd one is my favorite :) We have had a chilly summer here too but no rain !! It rained so much in the spring and now we don't get any ! Love seeing the turkeys in your backyard ! Hope your foot gets better fast ! Love your ornaments !

Penny said...

Your ornaments are so beautifully stitched and finished, Carol! I really love the little winter scene stitched on the blue linen. And bliss is a lovely name. What wonderful gifts from Anne! We used to use the conversation starters at dinnertime when my children were younger. They are a great idea. Love the sweet little turkey family. :)

Kaisievic said...

What a wonderful post, Carol. So great to catch up on all your news. Congrats on your anniversary and Happy Birthday to your youngest son. Lovely ornie finishes and thank you so much for all of the freebie links - so great to have them! Love the pics of your Turkey family, too.
hugs, Kaye

Melanie said...

It really is quite chilly this summer here in Connecticut as well. If I sit outside past 6pm most nights I have to go back in for socks and a sweatshirt. I guess I'll take that over it being too hot though. :)

These are all so darling! And gosh, that last one with the snow on the letters? Such great detailing.

VERY busy month! Happy anniversary. 37 years is amazing. :)

I read that Tabletopics price first as $25,000, haha! Oh boy. Took me a second to right myself.

Lillie said...

The days are humid and hazy over here :(

Lovely choice of Christmas design and like always you finished it beautifully.

It's always a joy to read your post Carol and Happy Anniversary !!

Happy Birthday to your son

Kay said...

Beautiful finishes! Love the pictures of the turkey family, that is so cute! With it being August now maybe summer will show itself for a while. I live in Ohio and it has been very rainy and cool here. I have had many moments of wearing a sweater this summer. Hard to believe next month is Autumn already

Andrea said...

Beautiful ornament finishes. I do like 'Joy' (I do actually have this freebie printed out - surprisingly for me!), which is strange because they are not traditional Christmas colours, although it doesn't necessarily have to be meant for Christmas.
A lovely gift too. That jar idea is great!

Meari said...

I made up 'table topics' for the BF and I a couple years ago to "play" during a picnic. He really enjoyed it. I made little cards and put them in a box.

Beautiful finishes! Thank you so much for sharing the links.

Brigitte said...

Ahhh, maybe I'd completely enjoy your weather, it sounds perfect for me, lol. But we have a bit of the same over here, cool mornings, some sunshine and sometimes rain during the days. And NO heat. That suits me. But most people would like to have it a bit warmer, I know.

It seems that it's not only stitching that we have in common. My husband and I have our birthday on the same day but just six months apart, and he is the younger one of us. And believe me, I know all the jokes that exist about this fact, lol.

Your three new ornaments are so wonderful, great stitching and finishing. And these snowflakes stitched over one on the blue fabric are fantastic. I can imagine a whole ornament with just these snowflakes.

Good to hear that the pain in your foot is slowly getting better. And I hope that it will stay this way.

Simply Victoria said...

Oh Carol - I could have written the first paragraph of this post myself. I too can be found in my winter robe lamenting for summer. Finally, these past 7 days are feeling like summer! Happiness!!!
I adore your new ornaments. Each one is fantastic. Thanks for sharing them with us. I appreciate the freebies too and you have a special way of uncovering them online, stitching them up and making us aware of how we can do the same :)

Pam in IL said...

Such a great post! The ornaments are lovely and your finishing is always so perfect and creative. I chuckled when I read about that special feeling when you awake to snowfall during the night because the special feeling I get is "Yuck, I have to shovel again this morning!"

Wonderful gift from Anne too. Happy (belated) Anniversary! So how does your family like the conversations starters?

passionfruitprincess said...

I just love all your finishes Carol! Each is cuter than the other. I also love the jar idea and your gifts. But the turkeys! How cool is that? Just adorable. Brenda was trilled!
Have a great weekend!

Ana Paula

Cindy's Stitching said...

Really pretty Carol. I can't believe it is August. The thought of fall and winter, bahhh. I love the summer.

Karoline said...

Your ornies are lovely, congratulations. The box from Anne is stunning.

The baby turkeys are too cute

KimM said...

Your finishes are so pretty! Thank you for the links -

ricketyjo said...

Congrats on your finishes, they are so lovely! :)

Christina said...

Oh I love the seven pines freebie. I have it saved on my ipad and hope to stitch it soon. I don't think I will be stitching it on 40ct though! ;0)
I love your gift idea. I wish I'd thought of that at our wedding. Although, I don't think anybody was stuck for conversation once the wine started flowing! I'd like to adapt that for our Christmas table this year (did I really just say the 'C' word?!) I think it will bring up lots of family stories/memories.
Oh yes, there's a definite autumnal feel round these parts...brrr.

Christina said...

Oh I forgot to mention how much I love your mum's maiden name. I always have surname envy! I've grown to love my unique surname and even kept it when DH and I married, but it caused a lot of teasing when I was at school AND when I was teaching! Lol.

Lynn B said...

Hi Carol,

Just loving all of those gorgeous Christmas ornies, they are absolutely beautiful!

Lynn B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

The ornaments are just gorgeous, as usual! But I LOVE the conversation starter gift - so clever, creative, and fun. You're right, once you get to a certain age or point in your life, material gifts not only become difficult to buy, but unnecessary. It might be fun to record some of the answers for your sons and their future progeny. I know I would love to know some fun, interesting things about my grandparents, and we've been encouraging my in-laws to write these things down in a book for Nick.

Annette said...

Wow Carol What a beautifull post you made!
Your 3 christmas pieces are very beautifull. Dont need to think about christmas yet But love seeing yours!! And as always your finish off is amazing.
Today I saw the box of Anne. Its very beautifull she done a beautifull job on it!!
Hihi. Those turkije pictures. What a funny animals.

Congratz to your family. What,a sweet men that he always it telling you he Is younger.
I get teased a lot at the moment that Im 30 now. Dont like it AT ALL.
Hope you better soon and can Enjoy your vacation. Have fun. Im asking for more sun too. Lost of Rain here.

Kathy Ellen said...

Carol, again and again, you inspire me with your beautiful stitching and wonderful finishing! I would love to have your incredible finishing talent!

Thankyou for sharing Stitcheree's sweet designs....they are so special, and I have already printed "JOY" to stitch! Love it!

You must have really enjoyed watching Mr. & Mrs. Turkey and their cute little family in your yard! How wonderful!

Blessings, dear Carol!

Lumiruusu said...

The Christmas Ornaments are totally awesome.I really love your creativity and finishing skills :)
Your blog is realy inspirationa :)

Mavi. said...

ohhh Carol, tu patio trasero es como un zoo, yo me muero de miedo con las aves y los pavos. Me gusta verlos desde la ventana, protegida por si acaso. Preciosas tus almohaditas, me gustan todas en especial el paisaje nevado.
Aquí hace calor, te envío un poquito para que superes las bajas temperaturas.
Un gran beso.

Solstitches said...

I'm trying to imagine seeing a turkey family strolling around the garden :)
Your Christmas ornament finishes are so lovely and I love the pretty blog header too.

Anne said...

Is it too late to comment?!Gosh I can't believe how time flies by!! I adore your little ornament finishes, especially the first one. The three different fabrics is a great idea but looks like very finicky to sew together...or perhaps I'm just thinking of my own abysmal sewing skills!! The snowed house on that blue is so pretty and sort of gets me excited for Christmas again even as I sit and have the sun blast on my face. It is a BBD design :D Love the tabeltopics!! Sometimes me and my hubby need that!! I guess that comes after being together for 15 years! Hugs to you dear Carol and I hope to hear from you soon!

Ashleigh said...

Hi there, Just stumbled upon this blogpost and I love the Joy cross stitch, but am unable to get to the website to download it, you wouldnt of saved it all these years? would love to stitch it in memory of my late mum, Joy :)