Tuesday, December 8, 2015

To the ends of the earth...

I'm back! Did you miss me? I sure missed all of you, but I tried to peek in at your blogs from time to time while traveling the 13,980 miles to and from the very tip of South America. At times, it hardly seems real that we were actually way, way down there! I've outlined our flight path in blue on the map below so you can see the breakdown of our trip: Pittsburgh to Atlanta (521 miles), Atlanta to Buenos Aires (4,995 miles), Buenos Aires to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego (1,474 miles)... and then back again! 

It was so great to see my youngest son conversing like a native with the cab drivers and waiters in Argentina--that's what immersing yourself in a foreign country can do in just a short time. It honestly would have been hard to navigate the country without him by our sides as very few people spoke English and our knowledge of Spanish is elementary to say the least! We hiked and canoed in that pristine Patagonian wilderness, visited historic sights in Buenos Aires, and smiled at the thousands of penguins on Martillo Island. Many of you have asked for photos and I can't wait to share them with you. That will have to wait a bit, though, until I've had time to organize and edit them and that "free time" won't come until after Christmas.

13,980 miles to Tierra del Fuego--and back again!

So, for now, you'll have to be satisfied with seeing my final two monthly ornament finishes for 2015. I actually finished both of these in November before we headed off to South America as I knew I would have no time when I returned. It was a bit of a culture shock when we stepped off the plane here in Pittsburgh and were greeted by signs of Christmas everywhere. You see, both in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia there were no overt signs of the approaching holiday other than a few small displays in store windows. So very different than here in the U.S. where you are bombarded with it at every turn! I'll have to say, it was much more relaxing down there. As soon as I returned, I felt my stress level quickly creeping up with all the thoughts of things that probably won't get done this Christmas season. Oh well... there is always next year, right?

Anyway, my ornament for November is this cute chickadee couple from the "Prairie Birds" (book no. 24) Prairie School design. I stitched it on 40 ct. gray Newcastle with the suggested DMC threads and finished it as a flat ornament with black gingham fabric and DMC 355 handmade cording. The ornament's hanger is a piece of the same frayed gingham fabric. I simply backed the finish with a piece of coordinating felt--very easy!

"Prairie Birds" (Prairie Schooler Book No. 24) finish

The final ornament of the year comes from Homespun Elegance and was actually stitched at my stitching retreat in October. It can be found in the old "Cinnamon Stick Christmas V" booklet along with many other darling designs. I've always loved the sentiment on this one and think it turned out so cute. I did change a few of the colors and eliminated a larger charted border to shrink it down to "ornament size."  I stitched this piece "over one" on 28 ct. tea-dyed Monaco and dressed it up with some candy cane striped fabric, green cording, and a tiny brass heart to echo the stitched words. What do you think?

Homespun Elegance "Cinnamon Stick Christmas V" finish

Beautiful RAK from Andrea... Many of you are familiar with Andrea's lovely blog, The Craft Room, but just in case you're not--head on over there! You are in for a real treat! Each year Andrea creates and mails out some stunning ornaments as RAKs for her regular readers and commenters and, this year, I was one of the lucky winners. I honestly have never seen such perfect finishing--I fell in love with this sweet Homespun  Elegance ornament that she sent my way as soon as I opened the package. Thank you so very much, Andrea--it will truly be treasured for years to come!

Lovely RAK from Andrea!

In addition to our trip, we have had some other big events in our family. Just this afternoon, my oldest son's girlfriend successfully defended her doctoral thesis in cellular biology--she is now a PhD! I attended her presentation and have to admit, I understood none of it--I felt really uneducated! Science was never my strong suit, though, and as my oldest son told me--"We all have our strengths." I'll bet none of those scientists in that room could stitch and finish an ornament like I can--ha ha!! Anyway, we are very proud of her and wish her every success in her career...

And last week, my middle son celebrated a milestone birthday--he turned 30!! To have two of my three sons in their 30s now is really making me feel old. This giant chocolate eclair dessert has been his annual birthday request since he was a young boy and I'm proud to still be making it for him each year.  It's a combination of a puffy bottom crust, an inner layer of cream cheese, French vanilla pudding, and milk, a top layer of Cool Whip, and some final swirls of chocolate, butter, and powdered sugar. It really does taste just like a chocolate eclair!

Giant Chocolate Eclair Dessert for the birthday "boy"

As I mentioned earlier, I fear that Christmas is getting the best of me this year... To those of  you who I exchange presents with--please forgive me as yours will, most likely, be late this year. Being away for 10 days in late November/early December has just put me so far behind. I'm also working more hours at the library to compensate for being away, too... Sigh...  Oh well, I will leave you with a sneak peak of our great South American adventure photos. This was the view at sunset from our hotel room in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia. Yes, my stress level was non-existent down there, as you can imagine!! Just gazing out at the tranquil waters surrounded by those snow-covered mountain peaks instantly calmed me down--ahhhh.... I never, ever dreamed that I would some day be at the very tip of South America--and if it weren't for my son studying in Argentina this semester, that would never have happened. Oh, the places your kids can take you!

Sunset Over the Beagle Channel, November 23, 2015           Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
I'm heading up to New York to visit mom tomorrow and can't wait as it's been nearly three months since I've seen her. Hopefully, I can just relax a bit while writing out Christmas cards and trying to finish up a few ornaments for gifts. I am trying my best not to stress out and keep telling myself that it's okay if everything doesn't get done this year... Just breathe, Carol... breathe.

I hope to be back next week with my annual "Parade of Ornaments"--can hardly wait to show you the 12 little ornaments that I've created this year adorning my stairway garland. Until then, thank you all for your wonderful and thoughtful comments--each one is like a little gift and I am so appreciative of the time you take to write them! Bye for now...


Myra said...

I was just wondering today how your trip went. Welcome back! I hope you don't stress too much over Christmas and enjoy the season. Your ornaments are just lovely as always.

Cindy said...

OMG! What a trip you went on! I can't wait to see your pics - I'm always the one who actually wants to see vacation pictures!

We seem to have much in common. I also have 3 boys, two of which are over 30. We were able to watch our oldest defend his dissertation (in philosophy) and I didn't understand a word! This spring our middle son will do his defense in neurobiology. Same thing, I'm sure!

I always look forward to seeing your projects. In fact, I'm going through your older posts:) Have a great week and try not to stress!

Robin in Virginia said...

Welcome home, Carol! I have been thinking of you and wondering if you had returned. Wow, what a cake you created for the birthday boy! Your ornaments are delightful. Look forward to seeing your 2015 parade of ornaments. Enjoy your time and visit with your Mom!

Fiore said...

Hi, I'm Fiore from Italia. I enjoyed very much your post. Compliments for your birthday cake, it had to be very good! I also bet nobody can stitch and finish an ornament like you can, that was a very good joke ;-D hihihihi
Don't worry for Christmas preparations, you will able to manage all.

Brigitte said...

Welcome back from your trip, Carol. What an adventure it must have been! This one picture that you show is so exciting and a real appetizer for all the pictures to come. It's so wonderful to see how our children have the possibility to discover the world.

Your two last ornaments for this year are both very beautiful and from designers that I absolutely love. Perfect finishing as always, Carol. And thank you for the tip to cover the back of the first ornament just with felt. I have never tried this sort of finishing but now I think I'll try it out with one of my next ornaments.

So nice for you that you were one of the recipients of Andrea's RAK ornaments.

That birthday cake for your son looks gorgeous - and so delicious. My older children will hit the big 4 next year and I still can't believe it, lol. Yes, we get older but we are young at heart, aren't we?

Have a safe trip and a great time with your mom.

Mavi. said...

Carol, bienvenida de ese tu viaje tan lejos a esa tierra tan impresionante. Me alegro que hayas disfrutado con tu hijo y de los paisajes que has podido ver y guardar en tu retina y en las fotos.
Preciosos los adornos de navidad. Enhorabuena por el doctorado de tu futura nuera. Felicidades a tu hijo por su 30 cumpleaños.
Diciembre está siendo raro, no hace el frío que tenía que hacer, el tiempo está loco con sus cambios climáticos.
Ya dentro de poco es Navidad, tiempo de reflexión y de juntarse con la familia.
Un gran beso.

Mavi. said...

Carol, welcome that your trip so far to that land so impressive. I'm glad you enjoyed with your son and landscapes that you've been able to view and save on your retina and in the photos.

Precious Christmas ornaments. Congratulations on your future daughter-in-law PhD. Congratulations to your son by her 30th birthday.

December is still rare, not the cold that had to be done, weather is crazy with their climate change.

Already soon is Christmas, time for reflection and get together with the family.

A big kiss.

Gabi said...

Welcome back from an exciting trip! I am sure you enjoyed every minute.
Your ornaments are wonderful.
Congrats to your son!
Warm greetings and a hug,

Preeti said...

Your ornaments are always so beautifully finished:) Lovely RAK gift!!
Sometimes it is good to be away from hustle and bustle of our festivities. We end up overloading ourselves with lot of work. Not all things we dream/plan can be accomplished on a festival. We need to save energy and be relaxed to enjoy with family with whatever has been prepared so far. And since you have been on a holiday, so just don't let the rejuvenation go waste;)
The scene is looking so great from your hotel room. Excited to see the penguins!!
Happy Birthday to your son!! Yummy cake:)

Loubie69 said...

What a wonderful and long trip you had, love the last photo you posted in this blog post. Great stitchy finishes too :-)

Silvana said...

sono felice per la bella esperienza del viaggio e del dottorato della ragazza sicuramente un mento felice bellissimi i tuoi lavori
tanti auguri dall'Italia ciao Silvana

Linda said...

Congrats on the gorgeous ornament finishes Carol. I really do need to come see you for finishing lessons. Looking forward to hearing and seeing pics of your trip.


butterfly said...

So happy you are back safe and that you had a wonderful holiday and spent some wonderful time with your son. It looks like an amazing place.
Wow your ornaments are so beautiful , I love the little extras you add so pretty and such beautiful finish on both .
Take time to relax my friend hugs .

Marilyn said...

Great finishes and RAK.
Thanks for sharing the pics.
The pic of Argentina looks relaxing.
Oh, that Eclair dessert looks delicious!
Can't wait to see your Christmas tree and garlands.

Lisa V said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip.
Two lovely ornies to add to your yearly collection. Such treats!
Look forward to seeing your decorating this year.

Nurdan Kanber said...

Welcome back Carol and happy birthday to your son!

Your trip is also my dream trip ♥ You are so lucky to realize it! I hope, one day I'll have time to realize it too! So, I can't wait to see your travel pictures!

As per your stitching and new ornaments; they are just perfect ♥♥♥

Warm greetings from far!

Manuela said...

Welcome back from your wonderful trip.
Your little ornaments are so beautiful.
Greetings, Manuela

The Queen Bee said...

You and I are in the same boat when it comes to travel and Christmas prep. As hard as it was, I am sure glad I pushed myself to shop and decorate before Thanksgiving. What a relief. There is still more to do but it feels like I have things under control.

Can't wait to see the pictures. I also need to put some thought into assembling a post with pictures but haven't even looked at the pictures taken by my husband.


Kate said...

What an adventure you've had, Carol!! It's good news that you went there and back safely. I can't wait to see your pix of the penguins, lol. Your pieces are beautiful, of course. ^^ Don't fret over Christmas - it will happen whether you're ready or not so just enjoy it.

Vickie said...

I am so very, very glad you are back safe and sound. What a trip of a lifetime! Less Christmas frazzle sounds truly great!
WHEN you have time in the future, may I have the recipe for that awesome cake please?

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Carol, I am so glad you had a fabulous vacation and safe travels to see your son and back home again. Your finished ornaments are as beautiful as ever! Just relax at Christmas, I'm certain that your friends that you exchange gifts with will be more than happy to receive a little treasure from Carol no matter what the time of year. Don't be frantic, the season isn't for that. It seems our society presses in from all sides expecting us to be perfect in all we do. No matter what you do or do not do on time or not, we all love you as does God. :)

Mary Ann said...

Oh, your trip sounds like an experience of a lifetime, and after seeing the one photo, I am looking forward to seeing the rest! Your two ornaments are lovely!! And, I am looking forward to the "parade of ornaments", too!! : )

I hope you enjoy the visit with your mother, and try to let the stress of Christmas melt away--it will be a wonderful time with family and friends no matter how little or how much preparation goes into it. Sometimes simple can be best.

Lynda Harrison said...

Hello Carol!
So good to see your new post and to welcome you back from your fantastic trip! I'm so glad you had a fantastic time, and very happy that you have returned safe and well.
Your stitching is wonderful! I know I say that every time - but it's true - and it gives me such pleasure and inspiration to see it!
As for your baking - the cake is superb and no doubt tasted as good as it looked!!
Marvellous to see you home - take care,

Mii Stitch said...

Welcome back!
Beautiful ornaments :)
I see you too have been the lucky recipient of Andrea's beautiful creations!

BARBARA said...

Thank goodness for our children, who now share some of their wonderful adventures with us and if we are fortunate enough, we get to see it with them....love it and welcome back! Don't stress, just do what you can and enjoy :) Merry Christmas Carol

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

So glad you are home safe and sound, Carol. I'm glad to hear your son is settling into the language as well as he hoped. And congratulations to your other son on his PhD! Blessings to you and yours this Christmas!!


pj said...

What a trip! So happy you got to enjoy time with your son and see another beautiful part of the world. I love reading your blog and always drool at your ornament finishes! I have a pile of finishing to do and just hate it. Not my talent for sure!

I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas and hope you just enjoy it and don't stress over what doesn't get done. Casual! Ha!

Merry Christmas!

Pam in Iowa

Annie said...

What a trip and what a great experience. So glad everything went well for you.

Cutie pie stitching and finishing. Nice that you still found time for stitching.

Congrats to your son's girlfriend. Getting a PhD is not an easy thing.

Love that dessert! You know how to celebrate!

Bet your Mom will just adore your visit with all your tales of adventure in Latin America!

Vicki said...

Welcome home! Glad to hear your trip went well. I can't wait to see your garland of ornaments.

Hilda said...

Oh hi, my dear friend and welcome back from your wonderful adventure! I wasn' t quite sure when you departed and will be back, but now you are here. I am really really looking forwart to all the pictures you will show us, but of course I will patiently wait.

Your last two Christmas ornaments for 2015 are so cute. Love them both. It is always a great pleasure to see your finishings. And all this wonderful designs you find and stitch ...

Happy belated birthday to your middle son - so wonderful that he still wants to celebrate his birthday with his favorite cake from mom.
And congratulations to your eldest girlfriend.

Have a wonderful Christmas time my dear friend and keep this calmness you had down in South America in your heart ....


Penny said...

Your trip sounds absolutely amazing, Carol! And such a beautiful sneak peak ~ definitely looking forward to seeing more pictures. What a beautiful job on both ornaments! Your posts are always such a treat for the eyes and I'm afraid I may have drooled on my keyboard a little looking at that fabulous cake. :) It can be so easy to get stressed with the holidays, but as you say, just breathe and visualize some of that beautiful scenery from your trip.

Sherri said...

Welcome home from your whirlwind trip! Sounds amazing and I look forward to seeing your pictures. Funny how our kids can provide us with opportunities that we never expected. As usual, I love your ornaments. I especially love the one from Homespun Elegance as it is one of my favorite Dickens' quotes, but your finishing makes it perfect. I should order that book from Sandra while she is getting rid of her inventory. You've also enspired me to make the Chocolate Exclair cake; it's been a long time since I've made one.
Yummy! This year, I've decided not to stress about getting ready for Christmas and just chose the things that I wanted to put out and let it go at that. Amazon has become my new best friend! Ha! Don't stress, it'll all work out.

priscilla said...

Beautiful ornaments as always Carol ! So glad you had a great trip , and I can't wait to see the photos from that and of course your Christmas stitching photos!

Sandra die Puppenhexe said...

My love Carol ,
again I devoured every one of your words . I love your stories and the way you can pack big and small things into words . I am delighted that you had such a wonderful time . All the locations whether that is so far away from me in your vacation or even in your home and yet you bring them close to me. That is wonderful. To look at your embroidery makes me happy , your loving processing and the small details . It's nice that you exist and send you best wishes from the other end of the ocean ...
Greetings Sandra

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Carol, your travel must be great! Such a distance, a lot of experiences, beautiful countryside, look forward to the photos!
Congratulations son birthday!

laceystitcher said...

Yes, you were missed; but what an adventure and opportunity you had! Can't wait to see the pics. Your ornaments are absolutely beautiful; makes me want to start on PS ones right away. I did several this year for a Christmas event that we have in our town of about 1100 people. The weather was so cold and icy which kept many people from traveling to our event this year. This was the 39th year for it and it was only the 2nd time this has happened, so we are still very fortunate. I look forward to your next post with your ornaments; I just love them. I usually sell mine or give them away; I think this would be a good year to try to make some to keep for my tree. Enjoy your time with your mom...............

AnaCristina said...

you almost arrived here in brazil!!!

Mylene said...

Welcome back Carol!
Looking forward to see some of your travels.
Lovely ornaments and sure wonder and looking forward to see your garland..
Have a safe trip and enjoy your visit with your Mom.

Melissa said...

Carol, I am so glad you guys had a great time down there. I will look forward to seeing the stunning photos after Christmas. It was great that your youngest got the opportunity to do his exchange down there!

We went to Germany because of our son too. Yes, the places our kids can take us!

Lovely RAK from Andrea. She is an amazing stitcher. Her finishing is exquisite. Your two ornaments are wonderful and I can't wait to see your stairs and your house all decorated for the Holidays.

Enjoy the visit with your mom!

Barb said...

Could you share the recipe for that fabulous cake? Your pictures are lovely of your trip. Thanks

Barb said...

It's great to have you back Carol. I'm so glad the trip was a big success. It sounds like you had so many wonderful experiences. I can't wait to see the pictures. Your ornaments are beautiful as usual. Try to relax and enjoy the season. I am very limited so that is what I'll be doing.

Christina said...

I'm glad to read that you had a safe and wonderful trip. Your ornaments are adorable as always. I no longer let Christmas stress me out. If things don't get done, than oh well. The true meaning of Christmas is not about stuff. Congrats to your son's gf! Best of luck to her! OH wow, that cake looks very good.

marly said...

I'm glad you're home safe and sound from your memorable trip. I hope you can relax and enjoy your holiday. It will be over so quickly!!

Lillie said...

Welcome home Carol. Sound like you had fun and an adventure. Beautiful ornaments finished, love HE the best. Crongrats to your son's gf. Wishing your son a Happy Belated Birthday, that Giant Éclair looked really yummy. Enjoy your trip to NY, Carol.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

What an exciting adventure Argentina must have been! Your photograph of Tierra de Fuego looks so serene. I love your beautiful ornaments, as always. I agree that there is way too much Christmas merchandising; it can turn anyone into a Scrooge!

Jan Doling said...

Wow! Your South American adventure sounds wonderful and I cannot wait to see more photos of your travels. I hope you manage to de-stress about the forthcoming festive season, I am sure everything will be fine, why do we put ourselves under this pressure every year. I am trying to be chilled about it this year and not worrying that I haven't even bought my cards yet! I am looking forward to seeing your staircase garland which I look forward to each year. I am nagging my sons to get my tree out of the loft so I can get out my cross stitch ornaments to decorate it with but might have to nag a bit longer before that happens - I do live with three males who don't enjoy this time of the year unfortunately. xx

Sheryl S. said...

Interesting post as always Carol, Lovely stitching and received gift from Andrea, all with beautiful finishes.
I am eager to see your photos of S. America, the penguins in particular. Congrats to DIL, we need more like her in the world and your son´s cake is beyond words, just looks so delicious.

Justine said...

You have been busy! So glad that you had the opportunity to visit your son on his amazing exchange and I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.
Congratulations to your clever daughter-in-law, she must have worked very hard to gain such a qualification.
I love your ornaments and the gorgeous gift from Andrea too. Don't put yourself under any pressure - this should be a celebration not a chore!

Julie said...

What an adventure you've been on, that's a stunning pic you showed.
Congrats to your DIL on her achievement
Two spectacular ornaments you've created and such a pretty one from Andrea.
The new header looks wonderful with the PS santas set out.
Have a lovely visit with your mum

Maggee said...

Yay!! You are back!! I have thought about you on your trip a lot these past weeks... and I really look forward to hearing and seeing more next year!! As always, your ornaments are delightful to see! The little heart on the first one really caught my eye--nice touch! I also love that saying... and am going to look around to see if I have it by a different designer... I don't have any HE. Love the birdies!! I was also a recipient of the RAKs from Andrea... hopefully I will post this week. She does beautiful work--definitely!! Yummm.. that cake looks delicious!! Take your time, and relax and enjoy the holiday season... don't let 'hurry up' rule it! If it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done! Enjoy the time with your Mom! Hugs!

Cathy H. said...

An amazing trip! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures! I also can't wait till to see the 2015 ornaments hung!

Syd said...


Welcome Home! I've missed your posts. Your trip sounds like it was wonderful. Your finished ornaments are beautiful!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What an amazing trip. I can't wait to hear more about it when you get the chance. I'm sure you will fondly remember it for years to come. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound.

Karen said...

Welcome back! Your vacation sounds truly wonderful. Those ornaments are beautifully stitched and finished as usual. You are so organized to have them done before you left on your trip.

Cindy's Stitching said...

how nice you had a great time carol. you ended the year with some pretty finishes. your family milestones are wonderful. don't stress over the holidays, things work out. enjoy your visit with your mom.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Argentina is so pretty! I'm so glad you had a great trip and are safely home now. I love your new little ornaments and your wooden bowl has some great Santa's in it! Have a great trip to see your mom!!

♥ Nia said...

Woooowwwww! What an adventure :D Your biggest trip ever, no? :)
Maybe next time you can all cross the big pond and your son can try a bit of portuguese ;) hehehheh not the same as spanish, of course, but close... :) Or I can just speak english and take you all to see my city :D Specially now that I'm back to Lisbon ;) hehheehh
Sounds like you had a great time :D Really, next you need to come to Europe and see the wonders we have on this side =)

Happy birthday to your boy!!! Best wishes for him :)

Your finishes are lovely as always! Ohhh that second one.. so sweet, so beautiful, lovely details!! Congrats on your work my friend!!

Big hugs to you :D

PS: See? I'm here!! Keeping up! keeping up ;) hehehehehhe :D

StitchinByTheLake said...

Carol what an amazing trip that must have been! Your ornaments are both just wonderful, as usual, and the one from your friend is adorable! blessings, marlene

Jocelyn Thurston said...

What a master you are at finishing your ornaments and they are lovely. So glad your journey to and from the 'bottom of the world' went well and you are home with time to prepare for Christmas. May I also add my voice to the requests for that cake recipe...it looks divine.

Jennifer said...

Wow, breathtaking picture from Patagonia! I look forward to seeing more pictures from your trip. Love the new ornaments too, especially the chickadees. Have a lovely weekend with your mom.

msmartello said...

Hi Carol,
What a great trip and if you don't get everything done that is OK. A trip like that is worth not get getting some things done. Love your ornaments! My mom makes an eclair cake just like that. It is super yummy! Happy Holidays!


Andrea said...

Carol ... welcome back. Glad to see you arrived back safe and sound. I'm anticipating lovely photos in the New Year of Argentina. You are getting a reputation for being a globetrotter, now off to see you Mum!! Have a lovely time.
Wonderful ornaments as always. I love that you bring designs that I for one have never seen.
I'm ready for Christmas now ... if it's not done or I've forgotten something ... it will just have to do. Just have to get a week and a half worth of work out of the way, oh and fit my last days' leave in, and then ... enjoy!
Sending Christmas hugs.

Barb said...

Hi Carol - you have certainly had quite the adventure,haven't you? What a great opportunity you had to visit your son in Argentina and a trip to Patagonia! Wow! And a big Congratulations to your son's girlfriend on earning her PhD - what a great accomplishment.

Happy Birthday to your son, too! Any chance you would share the recipe for that Eclair Cake - it looks heavenly delicious!!

Carol, your latest ornaments are just so charming - I really believe you inspire us all with your beautiful stitching and finishing. I think we are all eagerly awaiting your Parade of Ornaments. I think it's become an annual tradition that we all truly love!

Hope you enjoyed your visit with your Mom - 3 month goes fast, doesn't it?

xo - Barb

Margaret said...

I'm way behind in my blog reading. Ugh! Anyway, I can't wait to see pics from your trip! My DD would be totally envious of your son, and especially your being in Buenos Aires for any time at all. That's her goal -- to go there. She's a tango nut. :D Love your ornaments. Both are gorgeous! I hope your visit with your mom is good. Congratulations on the PhD grad! Happy belated birthday to the 30 year old too. I swear, it was traumatic enough for me with my youngest turning 21 and my DD turning 25. I can't imagine the big 3-0! Anyway, try not to stress. Enjoy the Christmas cheer and if things don't get done, that's ok!!

Linda said...

Beautiful! You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada, and Merry Christmas. I love your blog background!

Lynn B said...

Hi Carol,

Sounds like you have been having fun! I enjoyed reading this post and seeing what you have been up to lately, glad you are back safe.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Joy said...

Yes, you've been missed. What a great trip. Lovely ornaments as usual.

Melody said...

Carol, what a wonderful adventure!! Yes, you were missed. We are all in the same boat, struggling to be ready for Christmas. Enjoy.

Beth said...

Welcome home. I hope you had a mot excellent adventure in Argentina. You know me and birds - love your chickadees in the Prairie Birds ornament!

valerie said...

Wow!! How exciting! Your trip sounds fabulous, Carol. I am so glad you had a good time. You beat me to Argentina...it's been on my bucket list for a long time now. Your ornies are lovely, as always. Try to not stress about the holidays. Life is bustling and you can only get done what you can. I still owe you an email...life has been full of ups and downs but I'll catch you up soon. Merry Christmas Hugs!

Veronica Ong said...

Stunning stitching and finishing as usual.

Argentina sounds wonderful. Would love to visit someday...

Welcome back and look forward to seeing your ornaments parade ^^

Merry Christmas!

Lesley said...

I posted a comment with my i pad which did not work and I meant to try again but forgot!
Your photos are gorgeous,so glad you had a great time seeing your son.
Oh my,thst cake looks delicious,I bet it did not last long!