Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small Finishes and a Big Harvest

Good morning, my stitching friends! I sure hope the worst of our heat wave is behind us and those of you who suffered the widespread power outages last week are recovering and returning to normal. What a week! We "only" reached 99° here in the Pittsburgh area and I feel very lucky when I hear of the 100°+ temperatures so many of you in the mid-west had to deal with. And my poor blogging friends in the United Kingdom seem to be faced with day after day of nothing but rain. Is there no happy medium? At least those high temperatures gave me a very good excuse to sit inside and stitch and read...

I managed to finish the first of my small pieces for my July "bowl" and I had the best time stitching it! This is "Love Liberty" by Chessie & Me and I stitched it on 32 ct. Confederate gray Belfast linen with the recommended threads. The only change I made was to use two threads for the cross stitching rather than the one suggested on the chart. One of the main reasons I enjoyed stitching this (outside of that adorable black cat--I love black cats in case you didn't know!) was the fact that it incorporated so much "over one" stitching and lots of Smyrna stitches. The entire roof, stars, leaves, and border are all made up of Smyrna stitches. Sure, they each took more time than a plain old cross stitch would have, but they give such nice dimension to the finished piece.

"Love Liberty" by Chessie & Me

And here it is all finished up! The crows, flag, cat, and heart are all stitched "over one"--don't you love how detailed they look? For the finish, I chose a burgundy fabric dotted with gold stars and applied some handmade gold cording (DMC 3045) and a burgundy colored star. I seem to have managed to get this one quite straight (compared to my poor crooked Lizzie Kate finish in the last post) so thanks to all of you who suggested pinning and lacing the finish and making sure my mat boards were perfectly square--what a help! I took your advice and I think this one is much less "wonky!"

"Love Liberty" by Chessie & Me

My dear friend, June, had a birthday last month and I wanted to stitch her something special. For those of you who are familiar with June's blog, Butterfly Wings, you'll know that in addition to her being an amazing stitcher, she is also an avid gardener. Her flower photos are an instant pick-me-up on a gloomy day. So, what better piece to stitch her than "Earth Laughs In Flowers" by Prairie Schooler? This tiny pillow is stitched with DMC threads on 40 ct. antique white Newcastle linen and surrounded by handmade cording in a yellow-gold color. I did add in more pinks to the mix to coordinate with the fabric backing. June seems to love it and I hope she'll think of me each time she looks at it--I so enjoyed every stitch!

"Earth Laughs In Flowers" by Prairie Schooler

Another stitched creation was made for my dear friend, Cathey's (also known to many of you as "Pumpkin") sweet new baby boy. I thought this marching teddy bear proudly carrying the Canadian flag would be just perfect for his very first Christmas. The chart is a freebie which can be found here. I did change the maple leaf on the flag a bit--made it larger and a bit more detailed. It is stitched on a mossy green evenweave using DMC threads and finished into a small hanging pillow with red ric-rak and a coordinating green flannel. (Cathey's son's name is stitched under the bear, but I've covered it up for privacy). I hope this happy bear makes her little guy smile for years to come!

Canadiana Teddy freebie

2012 Garden

Even though we've been faced with extreme temperatures, "our" garden (well, honestly, my husband deserves 99% of the credit--all I do is enjoy the fruits of his labor) has flourished with all the sunshine. Just look at this crop of goodies that he picked on Saturday! Now, all of my long-time blog readers know I'm not an eater of green vegetables (remember this post?), but I will eat lettuce, peas, and uncooked spinach. If the zucchini is disguised in breads, cookies, cakes, or muffins, it will also make its way into my mouth, too! My husband can't possibly eat every green vegetable that he grows, so much of it is given to friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Are any of the rest of you green-vegetable haters? I sometimes feel like a little girl who never grew up when it comes to eating my vegetables!

A bumper crop of vegetables from this year's garden

To use up some of the zucchini, (well, exactly one of the ten zucchini on hand!), I made this yummy Blueberry Zucchini Bread. To make it even healthier, I substituted 1/2 cup of the vegetable oil with 1/2 cup applesauce. Look closely--can you see the little bits of green? At least I consumed a teeny portion of green vegetables this weekend! Does anyone else have any tried and true zucchini recipes that I might like?

Blueberry-Zucchini Bread

And here's a little bit of garden trivia... Do any of you know what the mystery plant below is? Hint: it's something my husband uses in another of his hobbies!
Can anyone guess what plant this is?
(Answer is at the bottom of this post!)

July is a month filled with celebrations in our family. My youngest son turned 24 yesterday (yes, he's bemoaning the fact that he is "getting old!"), my husband catches up with me on Saturday and turns 57 (yes, I married a younger man--six months younger!), and my dear parents celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary tomorrow. 59 years together--quite a feat in today's world!! I'm heading up to New York tomorrow to see them for my monthly visit so I'll be able to help them celebrate.
to my parents, dear husband, and youngest son. I love you all so very much...

Thank you for taking time to visit me today--I know it is especially hard in the summer months to read blogs, let alone comment, so I truly appreciate hearing from so many of you! I plan to be back next time with some Christmas stitching--fingers crossed! I hope the remainder of your July is filled with things for you to celebrate as well. Bye for now...

(ANSWER to the mystery plant question: it is "hops". My husband brews his own beer and uses this in the process. I'm not a beer drinker so I can't tell you how it tastes, but he certainly seems to enjoy it! Cheers!)


Jackie said...

Gorgeous finishes! I especially love the Love Liberty piece.

I'm finding I love vegetables more and more. One day I'd love to have a garden. I think I don't understand how much work it is though!

Dawn said...

Love the smalls, beautiful work! My garden looks good but nothing is ripe yet, you are so lucky to have so much to enjoy!

Barbara said...

Carol, I'm a little different because I could very easily become a vegetarian without much help. I love all kinds of veggies, green or otherwise.
Love your Liberty finish..so sweet!
I think it's fantastic about your parents 59th wedding anniversary and I wish you a happy trip.
(wish I could taste your DH's beer)

Siobhán said...

That little bear for Cathey's son is ADORABLE!! Love your finishes. Your garden is so pretty, too--what a bountiful harvest! I'm not a beer drinker either, but how neat that your husband can brew his own beer!

Septiembre said...

Muchìsimas felicidades a tus padres por su aniversario, a tu hijo (por ser tan mayor) a tu marido por ser tan joven, a ti por ser tan especial.
Me encantan tus bordados en especial el de las flores.
Las verduras me gustan todas y si son de huerto como el tuyo, más.
La cerveza también, pero más el vino.
Muchos besos.

Lots of happiness to your parents for their anniversary, your child (being so old) to your husband for being so young, to you for being so special.
I love your special embroidered flowers.
I like all vegetables and whether they are garden like yours more.
I like beer, but wine.
Many kisses.

CalamityJr said...

What lovely gifts! I know you've made a couple ladies (and one tiny boy) very happy. Oh, I'd love to be near enough to help you eat some of those beautiful veggies. Blessings to all your family members on their special days!

Parsley said...

You are quickly becoming one of my fav blogs to visit. I so enjoy your stitching as it gives me ideas for future projects and you finish them so well!

Enjoy your fresh veggies! YUM

natalyK said...

Beautiful finishes! The Chessie and Me design is adorable. Love the wee bitty kitty in that one! You have a bounty of veggies, our garden is still in the growing phase. Sure hope we get some fresh veggies soon. Happy Stitching!

Elia said...

As usual you always, your finishes are fabulous!
I like them all, I don't knowwith which I can stay.
Congratulations to all the family on their anniversary and to you for that wonderful garden and crops!
The plant could be a variant of the currant or raspberry, is possible!

I like your garden,
a very special hug with these hot days,

besos y abrazos

eljardindemiduende ^^

Vickie said...

Beautiful garden Carol. I would gladly help eat up the leftover veggies. ;)
Such pretty finishing as always. You made lovely gifts.
Once you told us hops, I said oh yes, that's it!!

Giovanna said...

Very pretty finishes, congrats!

Peggy Lee said...

Your finished pieces are just gorgeous! I blew the first one up to see the smyrna stitches. Very nice. You finish your pieces so beautifully.

Happy birthday and anniversary to everyone. WOW...59 years!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Little summer pieces are so pretty! Did I mention my birthday is in February?? Have a great trip and a fun day with your husband - Happy Birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous finished finishes, Carol! Sending best wishes to your parents on their anniversary and birthday wishes to your son and husband! Your garden harvest looks yummy!

Robin in Virginia

priscilla said...

Carol.. Wow ! You are so fast ! Love both of your July finishes and the gifts! Happy Anniversary to your parents ..that is quite the acomplishment !Happy Birthday to your husband and son , Hope you all get to celebrate ..
Your garden looks great ,I love green vegtables ! Except peas ! Our zucchini is not doing well this year , Usually by now we have some.. Can't wait to see the rest of your July bowl !

Margaret said...

I love your July ornie, and also the gifts for your friends. Beautiful! The garden abundance is amazing! Wow!!! And happy birthday and happy anniversary! So many celebrations in your family!

Anonymous said...

Lovely finish and your harvest is magnificent.

Katherine said...

Love the Liberty piece! My garden is embarrassing this year; just embarrassing. And I was going to say HOPS because we have some that grow on the gazebo of the herb garden at the historical society. They make a great sun shade when they get big!

BrendaS said...

Carol -- Love Liberty is just darling and I LOVE the way you finished it. Very nice gifts for June and Cathey's son. How very thoughtful of you:)))

Your garden is really producing some nice veggies. I'm not much of a baker so I don't have any zucchini recipes for you.

Happy Birthday to your son and a big Congratulations to your parents. Have a good time in New York.

Take care my friend.

Lanie said...

Hi Carol!

As always, your finishes are delightful!

And your photos give me garden envy! With our very busy spring/early summer, we missed putting our little garden in this year. Thankfully we have several great farmers markets in our area. Garden-fresh everything/anything makes me a happy girl!

Happy birthdays and anniversary to your loved ones. Safe travels and wishing you a wonderful visit with your parents.

Mary Ann said...

Lovely finishes!! And, your garden harvest is amazing!

Happy Anniversary to your parents--59 years--WOW!!

Kathy A. said...

What pretty pretty stitches you have made. I love the little Canadian teddy bear. Must stitch that one for myself one day ROFL.
Enjoy this gorgeous summer.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Carol, I always enjoy your posts! What great finishes and great gifts to give. Have a good time on your journey.

butterfly said...

Another mouth watering post, Wow again your stitching is just wonderful , and thank you for mine Carol and yes I do think about you every day your sweet stitching sits by where I sit for coffee each day and I just love it and think to myself I must stitch more over one.
Love the Teddy, Happy Birthday to all and a happy Anniversary to your sweet parents.
Lots of wonderful veg and the bread looks so yummy I may just come to tea one day, hugs.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness what beautiful finishes - I love them all. I wished we had nicer weather in the UK at the moment it hasn't stopped raining for weeks and weeks! Enjoy your trip xx

Beth said...

Great stitching - super finishes. A wonderful garden and an enduring marriage - what more could anyone want?

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Wonderful finishes, Carol! I know Cathey will be thrilled with the Canadian bear for her little guy.

Your garden is so beautiful - wish I were a neighbor; I'd gladly take those green veggies off your hands.
MMMMMM.... that blueberry bread looks so good!
Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved and to your parents, as well! Happy birthday to your son! What a wonderful, celebratory month.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Happy birthday for your Parents !
Very beautiful pictures !!
I love your blog, bisous de FRANCE

Annie said...

Lots of fun pieces. I can never get those flat finishes straight. Not in my nature I guess! Yours looks great.

Bet Cathey will love that little teddy. He's just the cutest.

The bread looks so yummy!

Yea, we're back to the 80's in DC. Thunderstorms on the horizon so holding my breath for continued power supply.

Daffycat said...

Oooo, wonder finishes, Carol! I LOVE the patriotic finish so much. Smyrna crosses are a pet favorite of mine. I find them so pleasing to stitch.

I only like zucchini if it's fried crispy. But frying kinda negates any Heath benefit, doesn't it?..

Daffycat said...

HEALTH...dontcha love iPad's auto correct?

Christine said...

I love the way you finished Love Liberty! Congrats on all your finishes.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Always a refreshing read from start to finish. Of course I love everything you have stitched and finished and done for everyone. Each is splendid and perfect! Chessie and Me has a lot of great cat designs :)
Hops...make a perfect addition to any brewers brew (my hubby and I home-brewed when we were first married when we had a lot of extra time on our hands!) Lots of work though growing and roasting...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to the appropriate members of your family! May they enjoy many more years of them!

Deborah said...

Your Chessie and Me finish is lovely! The way you finished it is perfect.

Alissa said...

Beautiful finishes as always - I really like the Liberty Love finish! Thanks for sharing the blueberry zucchini recipe. I am going to make it this weekend. Looks delish!

Meari said...

Congrats on your adorable finishes, Carol! They are just wonderful.

Wow, what a great garden harvest. Mine is barely growing. I have lots of green tomatoes, a few baby green peppers, a tiny squash or two, and a teeny-tiny watermelon.

I LOVE all vegetables... raw and cooked. Yummo!

Happy Birthday to your DS and DH, and Happy Anniversary to your parents. 59 Yrs... Indeed a feat!

Maggee said...

Yay to your folks for 59 years! That is surely a wonderful excuse to celebrate a while! All your stitching and finishing is just gorgeous! Gonna go back and read those tips on how to center finishes... could always use a fresh approach! I really like your finish on Liberty! Hugs!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous finishes!

Love your garden, great harvest! Would love to have some of those beans ha ha!

Happy Birthday to your DS n DH and Happy Anniversary to your parents!


NerdGirlNicole said...

Ugh! Nobody's leaving ideas for your zucchini! I was hoping you'd get some good ones because I want to know too!!! :)

PS....Love your Liberty!

marly said...

Oh Carol, those projects are fabulous. Your header and blog are just beautiful too! So much to enjoy in this post, as always. I have a zucchini chocolate bundt cake recipe that is divine, and all the rest are casseroles with meat. Maybe I'll put the recipe in my next post. Damn. Now I want cake.

Beth Pearce said...

Love your stitching, and am jealous of your garden delights. Here in KY we have had such a drought, that most of the home gardens have just been mowed down because nothing was bearing anything. Bummers!

Shari said...

another wonderful post! You always write such wonderful posts...
love the stitching....Cathey will love the piece for her little guy... and oh my!!! Your garden is WAY AHEAD of mine.....

Judy said...

Hi Carol, what lovely sitiching and finishing. It is always so much fun to find a new post to read. The garden is very nice. I don't have room for a garden and I miss all the fresh vegetables. Since we have only had about an inch of rain in 3 months..a garden would probably be scorched! Congrats to your parents for 59 married years!! Hope they have many more. Enjoy your month.

Judy heartland stitcher

Barb said...

Hi Carol, As usual, Your finishes are just beautiful!!! You do have talent. I like black cats too. If I weren't allergic, I'd have one. My daughter has a little black cat named Inky. Her dog and cat are the pets I can't have due to allergy! Have a wonderful visit with your family and congratulations all those special events!! I'm very impressed with all those garden goodies!

Veronica said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing as usual, Carol. I love the result of over one stitching but can't say I enjoy doing it too much. That's my Achilles' Heel to your beading ^.^

Your husband is a man of many talents. I, on the other hand, love vegetables and that pic is making my mouth water.

Happy Birthday to your son and husband and Happy Anniversary to your parents.


Lesley said...

Gorgeous finishes Carol. I love The Earth Laughs In Flowers. How lovely to see all those veg. Ours are suffering from far too much water here, and my lovely flowers are not flowering properly. It is very miserable weatherwise, and I totally agree there is no happy medium with the weather at the moment.

Chris said...

Good Morning Carol!
I am so happy that it has cooled off! I hate wishing for summer to be over but when it gets that hot that is exactly what I do.
Your new crop of small are so lovely. I know that June and Cathey are thrilled!
Your garden looks amazing. Lots of wonderful things.
Good wishes to all your family members that are celebrating this month!

The Queen Bee said...

Oh, hops! I couldn't think what it might be.

Lovely finishes and happy birthday and happy anniversary to everyone. We're having lovely weather around these parts so I hope you enjoy while visiting.

I printed out the zucchini bread recipe. It looked extra good with those blueberries. I probably don't have any recipes you'd like....I like to saute zucchini with a little garlic and mushrooms. I'm not a huge veggie fan but do like a few things.


Dani - tkdchick said...

What a lovely July stitch and its beautifully finished! Great gifts for friends too.

I'm VERY partial to black cats as well!

Julie said...

A super July small for the bowl.
I saw your beautiful finish on June's blog, you are a treasure to send something special, i am sure Cathey loved the little teddy for her precious little special boy.

WOW!!! well done hubby, that sure is a beautiful haul of goodies to eat. I did guess the hops and didn't scroll to the bottom to see the answer first, honest LOL

Christine said...

Thank you, Carol, for the tip on framing! ~ Cross Stitch Christine

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, beautiful finishes! I love the colors in the PS piece and I bet that and the Canadian Bear piece will be treasured for years to come by their new owners.

I am terrible with green veggies too, but I try. I will eat the same ones you will, except I'll eat spinach in any form (I never would growing up), green beans and broccoli as well. Have you tried roasting or grilling your veggies? Makes them much more palatable when they're nice and browned up. I like to dress green beans with some bottled italian dressing and cook them up in a veggie basket on the grill. Very yummy. Same for zucchini.

My husband would LOVE to brew his own beer and wine, and I think it would be a good hobby for him. Perhaps when we get our basement finished, he can set up a small operation down there.

Happy joyous celebrations to all!

Melanie said...

'Love Liberty' really is a fantastic finish! It has amazing detail for such a small piece. Very thoughtfully designed AND stitched. :)
The two gift pieces are lovely as well. (How cute is that marching bear???)

I have to admit I love love love eating green veggies. Not with you on that one. Sorry! Heheheeh. I happily (and greedily) eat steamed broccoli 2-3 times a week, every week without fail. LOVE it plain with a little sprinkle of kosher salt. :) The bread looks DELISH. Much better than what I do with zucchini, which is just to grill it. (Lazy cook.)

Happy Birthday and anniversary wishes to all!!!! :)

Anne said...

You've outdone yourself again Carol!! Gorgeous finishes for your July bowl and I really love the gifts you made for June and Pumpkin! That Teddy Canadian pillow is adorable! HAHAH! Just read your post about green veggies in the hole!!! So hilarious! I'll eat your greens any day. I love how you have to disguise greens in something else!! That bread does look yummy!! Yay for your husband growing hops and brewing his own beer! I love beer! Happy anniversary to your dear parents!!


Linda said...

Wow Carol. Great finishes. Happy celebrations to your family.


Penny said...

I love the little black cat in the Chessie & Me piece! All of your finishes are lovely, Carol! And that little bear is adorable! What a healthy bunch of vegetables from your garden. I don't think there is a vegetable I won't eat. :) Wishing your son and husband a very happy birthday and special anniversary wishes to your parents!

Mary said...

The detail on Love Liberty is lovely, Carol.

You are so thoughtful to stitch an ornament for Cathey's son. What a keepsake for his first Christmas!

Your garden has been good to you, even though you aren't a fan of the "greenery"
I have to try the zucchini bread because I have 3 pints of blueberries that need to grace a few recipes soon.

Happy Birthday to your son and husband.
What a milestone for your dear parents...true love endures!


Valma said...

Ho my !!!
what a weather you're having !!!
think I wouldn't survive to such temperatures...
here it's so cold ! it seems that Autumn replaces Summer ! maybe we will have Summer in September !
you made a lovely piece for your July bowl. Both strawberries and 4th of July theme, great =)
and the pieces you made for Pumpkin and June are so sweet, you're a sweetheart
happy stitching sweetie, in fact happy everything =)
big hugs from France

Solstitches said...

Your garden produce looks wonderful as does the cake you made.
I'm really liking the style of finishing that you used on the Liberty piece.
Beautiful finishes especially the one for June which I love. The teddy is so cute too :)

Brigitte said...

So, you are also married to a younger man. Like me, and my husband is also exactly 6 months younger than I am. We always have a lot of running jokes during the six months when he's younger than me, lol.
I'm just the opposite when it comes to green vegetables - I simply love them, with one exception: I don't eat spinach, and it doesn't matter if it's cooked, raw or in any other form. I think everyone has one of two vegetables that they don't like.

Your stitching and finishing is so adorable. And you are right, all those little details over one look gorgeous, much more delicate than they would look if stitched over two. I'm not a over one lover, but I do it when it's limited to some motives.

Have a great time in New York at your parents'.

passionfruitprincess said...

Very cute finishes Carol! I love the Teddy Bear! And your garden...beautiful pictures, I love it! I love zucchini. Everything looks wonderful. Congrats to your husband for such a great job! And happy birthday to all!

Ana Paula.

Melody said...

Hi Carol!
What a great finish for July! You do the prettiest finishes! I am truly envious.

Your garden bounty looks yummy. I love green veggies... wish I was your neighbor...ha!

We like to split zucchini and rub olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt and grill. But, I'm sure that is not the idea you are looking for....lol!

Cindy's Stitching said...

All so pretty Carol. the bread looks good. you crop is looking good this year. still hot here, but not bad.

Tatkis said...

Adorable stitcheries and finishes!
Happy anniversary and many more happy years to your parents!


Charlene ♥ SC said...

You posts always bring a smile to my heart. Enjoy all the upcoming celebrations. Ready to start the Christmas stitching? I was trying to remember when you started your monthly bowl stitching... Has it already been a year? Take care and be well!

Cottage Garden Samplings said...
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Vinniey said...

Happy anniversary to you parents! And happy birthday to your husband and son! :) 
I learn a new plant from you today... Hops are used in beer processing. I just can't stand to eat either fruits or vegetables except fruit juice. But I love your garden! Your Blueberry Zucchini bread looks yummy! 
Your first ornament for your July bowl is beautiful and gorgeous finished! June and Cathey are so lucky to have your beautiful crafting. :) Both ornaments are beautiful! 
Just curious, are you going to put all your monthly ornaments on the Christmas tree in year end? Did you count how many ornaments you've made since you start stitching? It must be a lot! :) and all your ornaments are so unique and lovely. 
Happy stitching and enjoy the upcoming celebrations. (((hugs)))

Scattered Threads said...

What a month of celebration for you all. Wishing them all celebration of content and happiness.
Your DH have a very nice garden and love the bread.
I've missed seeing your post. I've been incredibly busy, tired and dealimg with the 100+ temps.
Amidst it all, I've continued to stitch when I can and hope to do a post soon...I hope.

Gabriele said...

Beautiful finishes! I love them. Yummy, I remeber the Zucchinibread when I was at my friend's house.Your garden looks .... wonderful!
Please send the heat wave to Germany, since 5 weeks only grey clouds, rain and sometimes a blue spot! But not the high temperatures. We heard about it when I still was in Canada. Have send an email, did you receive??
Hugs from Germany, Gabi
I think the beer will taste good!

Gabriele said...

Woe I forget, congrats to your parents!

Bonnie Brown said...

Love the finish on the Canadian Bear :)

Catherine said...

What wonderful finishes, Carol! Love them all ~ and you certainly made June and Little Pumpkin smile for sure!
All of your garden goodness looks so yummy. There is nothing like fresh homegrown goodness. I have a chocolate zucchini cake recipe and also a zucchini soup that I love!
Hope that all of the birthday and anniversary celebrations went well. Hugs to you!

barbara said...

I can't believe how beautiful your stitching and finishing are!

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Carol! Your new finishes seem fantastic! The bear is sooo huggable! And the bread you made looks yummy!

Nancy M said...

Your finishes are awesome as usual. Your July finish reminds me a lot of my July finish! We are so hot and dry our county is in a severe drought! 1/4" since June 1. The bunnies got my bean plants but I hope to get enough of the other stuff to make salsa. Hope you had nice family celebrations! And are you keeping up with the harvest?

Bekca said...

Hi Carol. What a brilliant start to your July stitches, the black cat is certainly adorable.
I have just been catching up with blogs and read about the estate sale. I hope it is becoming easier for you. It felt strange not returning to my childhood home, but I was only there for eight years. I hope the treasures you brought home conjure happy memories of your beloved home.
All of those vegetables are making my mouth water! I think I'm very lucky that I enjoy most fruits and veg. Lawrence is awful with it!
Best wishes my friend.

Lois said...

I'm way behind on commenting these days Carol! So, here I am almost a week after you posted! What lovely finishes for July, esp your Chessie & Me finish. Even when I try pinning and lacing I still have the greatest difficulty getting anything to look straight!!!! Look at that bounty of vegetables from your garden! So much here has just drowned in the rain. Happy birthday to your DH and youngest and happy anniversary to your parents - what a wonderful achievement!

Angela said...

I love your July stitches and I'm a big sucker for Black Cats too :)

Love the gift you made for June, it's so pretty.

Last but far from least I love, love , love the little Canadian bear you stitched for Pumpkin Jr.

Sally said...

All of your finishes are beautiful, Carol, but my favourite has to be the PS one you stitched for June. There is something just so special about that one.

Happy Birthday to your son and husband. Happy Anniversary to your parents. That is definitely quite an achievement :)

♥ Nia said...

Really? Too hot over there?! In UK too much rain.. what's happening with the weather?! =/
In Portugal we are having summer days during the week and then.. rain on Saturday!! So, people have heat while working and then.. no beach on the weekend =/ Oh well, not a regular Summer season but it could be worst! When it rains is just a bit, it's not like in UK so.. it could be worst!

Fun fact! I didn't know about your love for black cats :p hehehe
All your stitching looks beautiful, your finishes are always perfect :D

I have no idea what plant is that.. now I'm curious! :p

July is the best month :D hehehehe Congrats to your parents and happy birthday to your DS and DH :D
You married a younger man? 6 months? hummm... should I tell you that Rui is 5 years younger than me? probably not.. I won't tell :p hahahah

Ohhh that canadian bear is the cutest! Adorable gift =)

Jennifer M. said...

Beautiful finishes! They all turned out lovely as always. Those vegetables looks yummy. I wish I lived in a state where the weather was friendlier to grow vegetables. They are so expensive at the grocery store.

I hope you have a wonderful time visiting your parents. :)


Suzanne said...

Gorgeous finishes you have, especially the little teddy bear ornament.

What a fabulous garden you have, I am very envious.

We are a family of vegetable lovers, having vegetarian night at least once a week. I have many zucchini recipes, but if you are not a great vegetable lover, then I am not sure they will be appropriate. There is one way that I know that everyone I have ever made it for has loved and that is do breadcrumb it and fry schnitzel style. We do it occassionally and can easily get through three of four zucchini, no problem. It's even better the next day as part of a sandwich filling.

Edit said...

Your stitches are beautiful as always Carol! Here the heat is still going on, more than 30ºC in the flat, don't even dare to check how much outside... We had some days reaching 40ºC...

Your garden looks so lovely, wish we could have one too.

And congratulations to your family members for their birthday's and anniversaries! Next week we celebrate the 4th birthday of out nephew :)

Have a lovely week!

Kay said...

As always your stitching is so beautiful! Your garden looks like it has been flourishing beautifully! Sounds like your summer is like mine with all the birthdays. Too many for me. Happy anniversary to your parents! I hope your summer has been good to you.

Pumpkin said...

I can honestly tell you that your gift was well received! I have it hanging on Junior's door :) Again, thank you Carol for your wonderful gift. It was perfect :)