Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stitching Strawberries

Good morning, good morning! I'm sure some of you wondered if I would ever post my June bowl of smalls, didn't you? Well, I'm happy to tell you that I just finished them up yesterday and I'm eager to share them with you. Although I didn't get as much stitching time as I would have liked (do we ever??) due to dealing with the estate sale at my childhood home, I did manage to stitch and finish four new strawberry themed pieces along with three adorable fabric strawberries. Is there anyone out there who doesn't like strawberries? I just wish the season lasted longer, but at least these little creations will stick around a while!

First up is a freebie from Cosmic Homemade called "Sweet Strawberry" which you can find by clicking here. I really love the combination of the black crows with the burgundy strawberries in this one. It is stitched on 32 ct. raw natural linen using the suggested DMC colors (although I did switch the two reds here and there). To finish it off, I made a small pillow with the black and tan gingham fabric and a bit of ivory colored trim. Simple and sweet, just like the berries!
"Sweet Strawberry" Freebie

Another freebie finish (available here) comes from the "Le Chalet des Perelles" blog. The chart can be obtained by emailing a request to Cathy, who designs so many pretty things for us (look in the right sidebar under "Contactez l'auteur" to send an email to her.) "La Maisonnette aux Fraises" (The Strawberry Cottage) is stitched over one on 28 ct. natural brown linen using the suggested DMC colors. I omitted the heart and butterflies and added an additional bird. I've used this pink dotted fabric in many of my finishes and, unfortunately, am just about out of it! I think you can tell it is among my favorites--there is just something so happy about polka dots, isn't there?

"La Maisonnette aux Fraises" freebie

Trying to find a piece that included the name of the month with some strawberries was a bit difficult so I ended up combining several Lizzie Kate charts to serve that purpose. I had this charming red and green print fabric which I wanted to use in my finish so I pulled the thread colors from that and I love the final result. I used the strawberries from Lizzie Kate's July Flip-It, the birdhouse from her June Flip-It, and the beehive from the LK chart "Plant a Little Sunshine." What do you think? Outside of the piece being a little wonky (I always have trouble getting those lines straight on flat finishes like this--does anyone have any hints on getting them straight?), I'm very pleased with the final product. It turned out a bit larger than I would have liked and if I ever stitch it again, I'll try doing it over one rather than over two on 32 ct. Jobelan.

Lizzie Kate June Flip-It
(using bits of "July's Flip-It" and "Plant a Little Sunshine" charts)

Finally, I stitched this little pin pillow by Hillside Samplings which can be found in the chart called "A Berry Nice Sampler." It is stiched on 32 ct. gray touchstone linen using the suggested DMC colors. I rather like the salmon colored berries and the variety of stitches really give this finish a different look. The strawberry is made up of Diamond Stitches with Satin Stitched flowers and grass. Throw in a few Smyrna Stitches and it makes quite a lovely, little piece. (I did leave off the words "Berry Nice" that were charted--just liked it better without them). I used the darkest salmon color to make my cording and topped it with a little bow to finish it off (and hide the corner where the cording meets!).

Hillside Samplings "A Berry Nice Pillow"

I had been wanting to try making some fabric strawberries for a while, so what better time than now? Oh, I just loved making these little things and would have made dozens if the end of the month wasn't closing in on me. I followed Martha Stewart's template for the berry itself, but rather than using her template for the top of the strawberry, I simply cut one free-hand out of some olive colored felt. They are filled with fiberfill rather than the sand that Martha suggests. (Do you think she disapproves?) After gathering the top, I just glued on the "leaves" and added a pretty pin. Can you see how making these would be addicting?!

Fabric Strawberries

Below are the fabric strawberries, my four latest June finishes, and "Summer Splendor" which I showed you in my last post:

June 2012--Strawberry Stitching

And here are all five displayed in my bowl of June finishes. Wow! Half the year is over--do you think I can keep this monthly goal up for six more months? I'm afraid my Christmas ornament stitching has fallen by the wayside--sure hope I can catch up at some point!

June bowl of strawberry stitching

I want to thank all of you who emailed me asking how I was faring after the estate sale at my childhood home two weeks ago--your concern meant so much to me. An amazing amount of time and energy goes into a sale of that magnitude--from the hauling, to the sign making, to the pricing, to the organizing, to dealing with the buyers, to the cleaning up afterward. It may have been one of the most physically draining things I've ever dealt with, but even harder was the emotional toll it took. Having moved into that house when I was only five years old meant I had a 52 year relationship with it and it was ever so hard to see it emptied and all of its belongings carted away by complete strangers. Luckily, a few old neighbors and relatives bought larger pieces of furniture, so it's nice to think of some beloved things going to good homes.

In the end, very little was left so I would judge it an extremely successful sale which helped make all of our hard work worthwhile. I do plan on writing a tribute to my old home at some point, but, right now, it is just too hard to do without tears welling up in my eyes. I truly can't believe I'll never spend another moment of my life in that special house...

Thanks so much to all of you who entered the drawing for the newest traveling pattern: "Summer Splendor." The chart will be traveling far, far away--to Australia!! Yes, the winner is:

LISA from Lisa V's Lounge

Congratulations, Lisa--I know you'll enjoy stitching it as much as I did! Please send me your address and I'll get this in the mail to you next week. And for those of you who didn't win, you may want to go check out Lisa's blog--when she is done stitching this, it will be up for grabs again...

I do have a couple of stitched gifts (a birthday gift and a baby gift) that I've finished recently, but I think this post is long enough already and I'll save them for another time. I leave you with these gorgeous flowers that appeared earlier this month. Foxgloves, snapdragons, and wild roses (complete with a "Daddy Long Legs Spider"!)... their blooms have faded now, but they sure were pretty at their peak!

June flowers ~ 2012

Thank you all for your very thoughtful comments and emails--each one is so special to me, I hope you know that! Welcome to my new followers, too--it's so nice to "meet" you... I still shake my head when you tell me my finishes inspire you! My finishes have come a long way over the past three years since I began blogging, but I still find it amusing that some of you find my little creations inspirational. However, I thank you so very much--your compliments truly warm my heart... Enjoy your weekend and take some time to stitch! Bye for now...


Annie said...

Yummy strawberry collection. Beautiful work as always. I especially like the Hillside Samplings piece. The colors really pop. I seem to have so much trouble choosing the right fabric to get that kind of contrast to show up.

Love your stuffed strawberries. You did a beautiful job on those, especially the felt tops. I'm sure Martha would give her stamp of approval.

So glad the sale was a success and that all the hard work is done. "32 Maple Avenue" ? Can that really be the address? Sounds like something out of a 50's sit com!

Margaret said...

I love all your strawberry pieces!! Your Lizzie Kate combination came out so great! I'm so enjoying seeing your monthly ornaments. I hope you keep up with it through the year. Who needs Christmas stitching with this? lol! I'm glad you are through with the estate sale. I can just imagine how heart wrenching the experience must be, and also how much work as well. Hope you can get back to normal life now.

Shirlee said...

Carol ... I have loved strawberries since the early days of my marriage & your bowl of smalls is wonderful! I am going to be putting all those patterns on my want list : ) Your finishes are lovely & your way of displaying them as well!

Vickie said...

Oh Carol! How wonderful your June bowl is. I have to say that A Berry Nice Pillow is absolutely lovely. What a great job you have done on them all.
I am drained just reading about the estate sale. At least it is over with now. You and your siblings accomplished much.

Siobhán said...

Oh, such beautiful flowers! Very pretty, Carol, as are your finishes! I loooooove strawberries and definitely need to stitch more of them myself. Your fabric strawberries are adorable, too!

I'm so glad to hear the estate sale went well. My mom has been in my childhood home for 42 years now and talks about moving. My dad did a mural on one of the walls and I think I can face the loss of the house--except for that wall. Big hugs.

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Wow! So many yummy disigns in one post! They are all great! Thanks for the link to a free chart! I think I'll stitch it as well.
PS: your flowers are also beautiful!

dulcinella said...

Your stitching pieces of this month are just to cute for words! They really took my breath away. Wonderful bowl of finishes! And then the most delicious fruit as a theme Thanks for this post. As to the house you left, it will be better over time. Keep the good memories in mind and you will soon be able to smile thinking of them without tears. Hugs

Melissa said...

This months theme is was great Carol! I always like seeing what you whip up for your bowl of smalls.

Thanks for sharing!

Trotting off to grab 'Sweet Strawberries' for myself :)

Happy Stitching!!!

Parsley said...

I have to tell you...strawberries make me SMILE! I will check out these freebies for sure! Thanks for sharing and inspiring more stitching.

Tatkis said...

Adorable, yummy, sunny strawberry stitched motives, and I love your finishes!


Gabriele said...

Your June bowl is wonderful again.
Your flowers are really beautiful.
I know what you went thru with the old house. I had to do it 4 years ago. It will be better with the time. Keep the wonderful memory you have.
Hugs Gabi

Rita said...

Great job on your strawberry collection! I love how you included the fabric 3D strawberries.

I look forward to reading about your childhood home when you're feeling up to writing about it.

Lee said...

Lovely strawberries Carol! In the summer my favorite themes are strawberries, watermelons and sunflowers. I loved seeing your collection!

Lisa V said...

Hi Carol, I love all your strawberry finishes, too cute!!
I'm excited to have won the travelling strawberry LHN chart, will send you an email now.

LoriU said...

Oh my gosh I love the strawberry theme!! Perfect for June!!! Thanks for including the link to Sweet Strawberry...I saved it already! The fabric strawberries are adorable too! Great finishes again!!

Nicola said...

Your June bowl is full of gorgeous ornaments!! The LK combination works so well, I would never have guessed that it wasn't charted like that originally.

Lovely flowers!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Yay! It's Carol's "Bowl of Smalls" day! : ) I am now all inspired to go stitch, which is good cuz it is HOT and muggy here today and stitching is about all I'll be good for. : )

I pray time will leave only precious memories and no pain when you think about your childhood home.



Dawn said...

As everyone else is, I to went to grab those patterns. Your finishes are beautiful and the strawberries are just to cute. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Laurie in Iowa said...

As always, your June finishes look fabulous.

Kay said...

Thed strawsbery collection is fabulous, the pincushions too. I have made some of these myself but am never happy with the leaves.

Giovanna said...

These are all so pretty - love the Hillside Samplings pillow in particular.

BrendaS said...

Carol -- Beautiful collection of Strawberry things. Your stitching and finishing are simply stunning!

I'm sure your glad that the estate sale is over and that it was a success. You will always have your memories of that wonderful home! No one can take that from you.

Have a great weekend. It's supposed to be HOT here this weekend so I hope to stay in and STITCH!!!

HUGS to you my friend.

Unknown said...

Carol - beautiful work as always. It is always a treat to see what you create each month. Hugs to you for getting through the sale.

Deborah said...

I love this months stitching. The berry nice pillow and the fabric strawberries are the best. The finishing is excellent.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I love all the strawberries you chose this month! They turned out really cute. I think you should do a small with a house on it and include 32 Maple Avenue in it somewhere. That way you would have a nice reminder of a place that holds such special memories for you. Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Great additions to your June bowl! Your fabric strawberries turned out great!

Glad the estate sale went well! Cherish the memories you have of your childhood home!

Robin in Virginia

Barbara said...

Carol, all of your finishes are just beautiful! You should be very proud that you inspire other stitchers..including myself. Just stunning work all around.

Julie said...

The June bowl is beautiful, such pretty colours, i love the black gingham, now that does look so stylish.

{big hug} to you Carol xxx

butterfly said...

Oh Carol can I come and live with you. Your post is always so inspiring and you can teach me how to do those wonderful finishes , Just love all the JUNE theme ones well just love soft fruit , I think I am a big Softy.
You always come up with the most beautiful charts and make them up so beautiful.
I hope your stitching will help heal the sale of your family home I know it's not a easy thing to do.
It's a new stage in life and there will be many happy new stages too.
You have many wonderful friends in the blog land who are always there for you and so am I , sweet friend, take care , hugs.

kryska said...

Wszystko jest takie piękne:) Jestem zachwycona Twoimi haftami:))))) Pozdrawiam

Melissa said...

Carol, I am always bowled over by what you select to stitch and how lovely you've stitched and finished every one! This month is no exception! I love strawberries too. Our season is very late this year but I hope we will see more berries to come!

The flower photos are lovely!

Lesleyanne said...

Your June bowl of ornaments are gorgeous Carol. I love how you have adapted the L*K one. Thank you for the freebie link. I hope one day my finishes will look as good as yours. Look forward to seeing your July bowl. Gorgeous flowers. I am so pleased the sale went well I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you and your family.

Melody said...

Carol, What a beautiful group of finishes for June! Your work is always such an inspiration for me. I love your choices of strawberry charts. Your little fabric strawberries are so cute!

Also, beautiful flowers.

Heather said...


Your stitching is as beautiful as ever! Thank you for sharing the freebies!!!

I am sorry for all that you have been going through.

Love, Heather

Beth said...

Oh Carol - I like them al - but am especially taken with the Hillside Samplings "A Berry Nice Pillow". I helped with my Grandparents' Esetate Sale - I consider them sad events as it means an era (and usually a life) has ended / is ending. For that reason it really bugs me when people dicker over prices - these are the cherished items that made up someone's life!

Marsha said...

Love, love, love your strawberry finishes. So happy and pretty.
Foxglove are one of my very favorite flowers but I can't grow them in our clay soil.
So glad your sale is done. When my parents left their home it broke my heart. For me it's weird to think when they are gone I will have no reason to go back to Pittsburgh. I haven't gone by our childhood home and don't think I want to see any changes.

Elia said...

Carol, just so lovely this finishes for June!!!

I love your flowers garden too!
You will always have your memories of that wonderful family home! No one can take that from you.
Big hug to you ^^


Friendship Crossing said...

Wow Carol, I think you need a larger bowl~LOL. You always inspire me w/all of your beautiful stitching and finishes. I don't know how you find the time every month to come up w/so many!

Thanks for the info on where to get the freebies and for sharing your gorgeous stitchy items!


Nancy M said...

Your bowl or goodies is just gorgeous each month! What will you do with all your stitching time next year when you have the months already taken care of?? Do you machine sew your pillows? When I do a flat finish, I try to make sure my pattern doesn't have a stitched border that is square! It's hard to pull the material just right so that it doesn't look wonky! So much for my hint, huh? LOL I'm glad the sale went great, but I can imagine the memories there are going to be flowing more freely now that you will not be returning. Ah....another chapter in life.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness what beautiful stitching and photos xx

Patty C. said...

Your June basket is looking fabulous!

Patty C. said...

Your June basket is looking fabulous!

Ana Cristina said...

i love your blog!

Nancy said...

Carol I love all of your strawberry finishes! Everything looks so pretty, and thank you for the freebie links. Strawberries are one of my favorite things to eat! And, they are so good for you. I love your fabric strawberries too.

I know it must have been hard for you to have the estate sale, but I'm glad some of your parents things went to homes that you know.

Your flowers are gorgeous! Hope the weekend ahead is a happy one for you!

Annette said...

I miss your blogs so much..
This week I'm going to read a month of post of you... hihi.. that will keep me busy!!
Your really such a great crafter, wonderfull

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

you stitched some really sweet designs and I especially love the way you finished them - thats where my weakness lies knowing how to finish - but after looking at your smalls I will push myself to learn - I wish you luck in reaching your goals - take care

marly said...

What a beautiful trove of treasures! You continue to amaze with your finishing ideas and skills. It's quite traumatic to let go of the family home and possessions so I hope you will be feeling better soon. Maybe convert a photo of the home into a chart?

msmartello said...

Great finishes Carol! I really love the strawberries! I think I'll have to make some of those for myself. So cute!! Hope things will settle down for you now. That is a big undertaking to clean out a house, have an estate, and travel back and forth as you have. Kudos to you!! What wonderful memories you have to keep with you. Not to mention your treasues from your previous post.Can't wait to see next month's smalls. You know all your followers are expecting these now. LOL!

Cindy's Stitching said...

all of the strawberry designs are so cute. the extras you made look great. I am sure martha wouldnt mind. so glad the estate sale went well. It is so much work.

Jackie said...

You've stitched a beautiful basket of strawberries!

I'm glad the estate sale went well and can understand your point of view regarding your childhood home. My parents had decided to sell my childhood home and it upset me quite a bit. It's so much more than a house. SO much more.

Ellen said...

Gorgeous strawberries collection, love them!

Love your creative finishing!


Barb said...

Hi Carol, Your monthly bowls are true works of art!! Just lovely! You also have some very pretty flowers in your yard. I'll look forward to your tribute to your home.

Jennifer said...

It's very hard to leave a special home, but you do get to take your memories with you. I often get nostalgic for my grandparents' house, which I will probably never set foot in again, but spent many, many, many hours there growing up (sometimes I think more than I spent in my own home, for a time). I like to think of places like that being so filled with love and good memories that they just can't help but bring that to the new family that moves in.

Oh a happier note, your strawberry finishes are just lovely. You did a WONDERFUL job with the Lizze Kate chart - you wouldn't even know it was cobbled together. As for getting lines straight, if you use a piece of foam core in your flat folds, try using stainless steel dressmaker pins and pinning down into the core at regular intervals, starting in the middle and working to the edges. That's how Jeff keeps lines straight when he does our framing, especially when the pieces have stitched borders that would make a little wonkiness more noticeable. This is very similar to how Jeff does it:

Christine said...

Your straweberry finishes are gorgeous, I love the one with all the different stitches. I like the idea of hiding the cord overlap with a bow too.
I would derive a sneaky amount of pleasure from thinking Martha might disapprove, but I'm rebellious like that...
Glad the estate sale went well, it must have been quite a wrench for you

Valma said...

Ho my ! you June bowl is just wonderful !
I love each piece in the same way, really
maybe it's because strawberries are my favourite fruits , but also because you're a real great crafter =D
I have to make some strawberries too =)
berry berry nice pillows you made =)
can't wait to know what theme you chose for July
big hugs

Lois said...

Carol, your strawberry theme is just perfect! I love all your finishes and you little strawberries are wonderful! I can see how they could become addictive! I'm glad things went well with the estate sale but I can understand what an emotional time it was for you. Enjoy the rest of June, can you believe it is almost July (of course, I'm looking forward to seeing what you go with for next month - I'm thinking patriotic?)

Chris said...

Hey Carol!
I am glad to hear that the Estate sale went well and is behind you. What a hard thing to deal with, so may memories. Hugs.
Your Strawberry bowl is FABULOUS.
I love your little strawberries. The stitched pieces are all wonderful too. And as always thanks for sharing the freebie links.
Have a great weekend and stay cool.

Dona said...

What a beautiful theme for June! Your strawberry collection is so sweet! I think Martha would like your creative use of her template.

Sally said...

Carol all of your June finishes are gorgeous. You finish things so beautifully.

I'm glad that your estate sale went well. It's so hard to let go isn't it.

CalamityJr said...

Your stitching is always so beautiful. I have a question about the design in your header. I followed the link, and tried to get every line in that post to let me click for the pattern, but was unable to do so. I also couldn't figure out how to read it in English. I'm feeling quite hopeless and helpless right now, but could you give me some guidance, please? Thanks for your help, and all that you share.

passionfruitprincess said...

What lovely strawberries, Carol! Hard to pick a favorite. Your bowl looks wonderful! I also love the flowers :) Have a wonderful day!
Ana Paula.

barbara said...

Wonderfully appropriate theme choice for June, Carol! And as always, your stitching and finishing are so wonderful. :)

Vinniey said...

What a beautiful post! I love strawberry! Love your June basket. Beautiful strawberries finishes and beautiful flowers in your garden as well. So glad to hear your estate sales went well. :) what will you going to stitch for July basket? I just can't wait to see your new finishes of small.

Catherine said...

I'm trying to catch up on some of my blog reading and was so glad to see your post as they always make me smile. Adorable is the only way to describe your June strawberry finishes!! You always find the cutest patterns and finishing fabrics.
I can only imagine how much work and energy ~ both physical and mental went into the sale. I will be facing something similar down the road. The place where I grew up has been in my mom's family since the late 1800's, and with two houses on the property and the outbuildings, there will be a lot to go through.
Hugs to you!

Angela said...

I love each and every one of your June finishes Carol! Your stitching and blog is so inspiring to me and I enjoy my visits :)

Daffycat said...

Oh how I love this month's theme! Strawberries are a favorite of mine and I have quite a collection of them in my kitchen. I love every one of your strawberry finishes. The little fabric berries are just darling and a perfect accent to your stitched ones. Well done!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

You'll have ♫♪♫ Strawberry Fields Forever ♫♪♫.
Another beautiful month's worth from your talented hands! And for Christmas Ornaments, there's December! One of these days I'm going to try those strawberries, too. I'll check out Martha's version to see if it's one I could handle.
I imagine that all the work and emotions were hard, but I'm glad it was successful.
Take care, and enjoy stitching the heat away.

Melanie said...

Strawberries are a PERFECT theme for June. They are all deliciously lovely and perfectly finished. (And strawberries paired with crows? I could swoon that's so adorable.) The fabric strawberries are such a great little touch to add to the mix. They *look* addictive so I'm shocked you didn't make a whole bowl full of them. lol I can imagine getting caught up in that, oh yes.
I've got a major thing for polka dots too, for some reason. You'll have to poke around for a new favorite dotted fabric. You know it's out there. lol
Have a great weekend!!! You deserve some 'chillaxing' time after the stress of all that.

Christina said...

Oh Carol, you always find such WONDERFUL freebies - thanks once again for the links. :0)
Your strawberry basket is adorable. My favourite is definitely A Berry Nice pillow. I just love the variation of stitches. And your finishing is impeccable as always.
Your fabric strawberries look good enough to eat. I'm a nervous sewer so perhaps I'll get my mum to make me up a few!
All of your strawberry stitching has made me think about BBD Strawberry Garden that is languishing in my stash pile. Perhaps this time next year my BAP 'Santa's List' will be finished and I will be able to start on other projects? Here's hoping!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Your foxglove is beautiful! I bought one and the wind broke the flower so I promptly cut it off and brought it in the house to enjoy! I love all your June pieces, I am always amazed how you find unique patterns to stitch and then turn them into sweet little pillows. I almost missed your lovely newsletter, I have been freezing cherries and more cherries.... come over and have a piece of cherry pie on the 4th.....

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

I love your stitching !
bisous de FRANCE

Mary said...

Carol, you have your own "strawberry festival" gracing your June bowl.
Everything is lovely and the 3D berries add a sweet addition to your stitching.

It's going to be fun watching the travels of LHN Summer Splendor!

I'm glad to hear that the estate sale went so well. Hopefully this transition will bring you peace.
I'm sure that it's consoling to know that the beloved pieces will be treasured among family and friends in their "new" homes.

Try to stay's HOT HOT HOT here.


Edit said...

I am glad to hear the sale went well, it must have been a really stressful and emotional time for you. But good to know some neighbours bought furnitures, so the will continue living in good homes.

Your strawberry finishes are absolutely beautiful, love the idea of combining several LK charts to get the one you wanted :) And also the fabric strawberries are great! I wish the season of this wonderful fruit would last longer, but here it is over for some time already :(

Your flowers are so beautiful, here there are very few left, we have had really hot days lately.

I wish you a lovely week,

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Carol what a beautiful bowl of delicous designs you've stitched up this month! Great theme for June, strawberries! I've got some whipping cream in the fridge crying for fresh local berries!!!!

Take care!

Ranae said...

Carol, what a terrific strawberry themed post. It looks so delicious.
It's sad to see your childhood sale, you never know you could always go back and ask the owners for a tour.
We did that with Dan's gramdparents farm,they updated it so cool, it was nice to see what they did many years after purchasing. They were very interested in what Dan could tell them about it and memories
Take care!!!

Kathy Ellen said...

Carol, your June Strawberry pieces are wonderful, and so beautifully finished. You are an inspiration! 'La Maisonette aux Fraises' is adorable and I love the pink polka dot fabric you used for finishing.The strawberries are adorable too.


Penny said...

Your stitching and finishing are always such a treat for the eyes!! Your June finishes look so sweet all together in the bowl!
I can't imagine how hard it must have been both physically and emotionally doing the estate sale. I guess we all will face something similar some day. I'm so emotional right now I don't even want to think about that day.
Your flowers are a feast for the eyes too! :)

Anne said...

You've done it again Carol! Caused me to drool all over your finished piece!! Well, not know what I mean!! Darling, dandy, dreamy and delicious strawberry designs!!! Congrats also to Lisa for winning the Traveling Pattern..I'll have to follow where it goes!! Glad to hear some of your parents' things went to neighbours and relatives. It must have been very hard for you. I would've been crying! Lovely flowers to...and I love Daddy Long Leg spiders :D


Suzanne said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful collection of strawberry pieces you have stitched this month, I love all of them.

Glad to hear the sale went well, it's so much work and such a relief when it's all over and done with.

Annette said...

There I'm.. hihi...
We all would have more stitching time,and strawberries, a whole year long..
I love strawberries, last night I stitched 3... need to finish them up.

Sweet strawberrie, is a cute design, and you finished it up so beautifull.. love the pic, with the real strawberrie.

You are good in finding freebies, love the next one too.. The pink fabric with black dots is great

Hune from Lizzie Kate is great, I love how changed the design, I'm making July strawberrie months, and you do it with June.. lol ;))))
the back fabric is so wonderfull

Berrie Nice pillow is a great way with stitching, love how it al is made, and your red thread around it .. wonderfull.

Yes amd little strawberries, of fabric belong with it!!

Your bowl, looks so great, wonderfull, enjoy it, .. I can imagine, that's is so much fun walking by it.

I can imagine it was very difficult to make that sale, how brave of you, that you still done it.
I hope you can get peace with it.

congratz to Lisa

what a beautifull flowers can't wait to see your gifts..

Andrea said...

It's so nice to read and see a post like this. Your "strawberry2 June pieces are wonderful and look so at home in the display basket.

♥ Nia said...

It's strawberry party!!! :D hehehe
Beautiful works sweetie :) And yes, I agree with you on the polka dots ;)
June flip-it is so cute too!! =)
oh my!! Berry nice.. perfect! Gorgeous!!!
Hugs&smiles to you :)

MartyG said...

Carol, what lovely finishes. Now I want to run out and make strawberries. Since you asked, one secret to getting your pieces nice and square (or rectangular) is to make sure your stabilizing material (mat board, card board, comic book board, or as I use skirtex) is square. I use a rotary cutter, quilting ruler, and cutting mat. You can also use a metal t-square, or L shaped ruler. If your stabilizer is wonky your needlework will always be wonky too. I have also found that lacing the needlework rather than gluing gives you a lot more control in making sure your needlework is straight on your stabilizer. By lacing I can roll the needlework to make sure my edges are straight. If you have questions you can email me.

Kay said...

I love the strawberry themed stitched pieces, they are all so very beautiful! Glad to hear the sale went well. Been there done that many years ago when my mom had passed away and it was so much work..Hope you have a good week!

Septiembre said...

Carol, que conjunto de cojines más bonitos. Cada vez te superas más y más, si ello es posible.
Las flores son preciosas.

Rowyn said...

I love your June bowl of summery smalls. They are all gorgeous.

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.

Lynn said...

Oh Carol, such pretty strawberry finishes! Your finishes always make me smile. They're so cheery. The fabric strawberries look easy enough that even I could tackle them. Your Maisonnette aux Fraises is so pretty too. I really must get mine finished!

I see from your previous post that you brought home some wonderful memories from the estate sale. I know how difficult that must have been for you. I'm so glad that things went as well as they did.

I hope you have enjoyed a fabulous 4th of July celebration. We have been laying low here because of the extreme heat and on top of it I managed to go and pick up a summer virus that has knocked me down somewhat. However we are busy preparing for own yard sale. It is way overdue and I will be relieved to have things cleaned up.

Solstitches said...

Another wonderful bowl of gorgeousness Carol.
I love all of your pretty finishes especially the Hillside Samplings pillow and the LK fusion is a great idea. Love the finish you did on that one.
Happy weekend,

MoonBeam said...

Ditto all the rave reviews above!

This post rocks!

I don't even mind doing some queen stitches for those strawberries that are designed as such.

You have a beautiful collection.


valerie said...

I am so behind on blog reading that I am only seeing your strawberry collection now. They all look wonderful but my favorite is the "berry fine" small...the specialty stitched really make it pop and that pink trim is perfect!

I can imagine the estate sale being so hard to deal with. All the memories in that house! *hugs*

priscilla said...

Love your strawberry bowl !! They all are stitched and finished to perfection ! My favorite is the little strawberry house cute ! Glad your estate sale went well .. I am sure that was a very emotional time . Hope you are ok ! Your flowers look beautiful ! You have to show us your vegetable garden !

charlene said...

I would like to suggest some stitch therapy. Pick a "tribute piece" to that special home and as you stitch it out, be thankful for all the great memories. Then present that piece to the new owners to hang somewhere in the home in memory of your fond times there. Its great therapy... I know from experience. And don't ever feel like you can't spend another moment there, because you can in the memories you will retain forever. Blessings to you....

Brigitte said...

So many strawberries in this post. I have to go and look for some strawberry charts myself so that I can prepare them for next year's stitching.
Wonderful finishing!!!!!

Valentina said...

Hi Carol, I loved all your June ornaments they're so beautiful are really inspirational!