Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Splendor and Attic Treasure

Hello, my blogging buddies! How is June treating you so far? With the cool weather we've been having here in western Pennsylvania the past week, you would never know that summer is only two weeks away! I don't remember a June ever starting off this way... But, I've been attempting to hurry summer along--with some summery stitching, at least!

A while back, my generous friend Kathy, over at "Kathy's Sit and Stitch" blog offered to send me the adorable LHN Summer Splendor chart after she had finished it. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed stitching a piece this much. Every little motif is just so summery--the chirping birds, the tiny cottage with its white picket fence, the luscious-looking strawberry patch. And how about the weeping willow tree--doesn't it looks like the perfect place under which to sit and delve into an intriguing new book? This will be my very first addition to my June bowl of smalls with the theme of...drum-roll please--strawberries!!

"Summer Splendor" is stitched on 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle linen with the suggested overdyed threads. I kept the finish quite simple due to all the little motifs and just applied thin strips of white lace and attached some square shell buttons in each corner. The little pillow is backed with the floral fabric shown in the background.

In keeping with the spirit of giving and generosity that is so common in our stitching community, I want to offer this "Summer Splendor" design to a fellow blogger. Please leave a note specifically stating that you are interested in the drawing for this chart in your comments. The only requirements are:
1. Please have an active blog
2. Please agree to stitch it promptly
3. Please pass it along to a fellow
stitcher via a drawing on your blog
4. Please post your finish and the history of
where the chart has traveled (with a link to the post of each stitcher's finish) like this:

1. Kathy at "Kathy's Sit and Stitch"
2. Carol at "Stitching Dreams"

My other finish is a little pillow sent as a RAK to my friend, Brenda. This freebie from 123 Citrouille is available by clicking here. I stitched this one over one on 28 ct. cream evenweave with overdyed threads so it is quite small. Instead of ric-rac, I stitched a little zig-zag between the fabric and the design with a bit of the brown thread used in the basket. I've never tried that before, but like the look of it. I included a Chessie & Me chart and a pretty skein of patriotic floss along with the pillow and Brenda seems very happy with her surprise...

Kindness begets kindness and my sweet friend, Elia, sent me this beautiful heart all the way from Spain. Elia won one of my giveaways last month and we have become friends despite the ocean that separates us! I just love the design (from Blackbird Designs "For My Friend" booklet) and she also included a sweet scissor fob with the word "Amor" on it. And look at the miniature scissor charm she tied on to the ribbon--adorable! ¡Me encantan tus regalos, Elia, mi amiga! Muchisimas gracias por ellos y por tu amistad preciosa! (I love your gifts, Elia, my friend. Many thanks for them and for your precious friendship). If you aren't familiar with Elia's blog--please stop by and say "hola"...

Most of my regular readers know that my childhood home has been sold and my siblings, husband, middle son, and I headed up to New York a few weeks ago to clean out the attic and basement (most of the living space had been tackled over previous months)...It was probably the hottest weekend of the year so far--closing in on 90 degrees! And, yes, I ended up on attic duty. Now this is a huge attic on top of a five-bedroom 1906 era house. They sure don't build them like that anymore! What a workout; I must have made 100 trips up and down two flights of stairs throughout the day. I have never felt sweat pouring down my face like that in my life. But, the attic is now emptied, as is the basement, and things are set up in my parents' barn for an estate sale next weekend.

I wanted to share some of the goodies that came home with me from that cleaning weekend. I chose the sentimental things--nothing of much value except for the memories they invoke. I asked my mom if I could take Grandma's vintage Singer sewing machine--and she said yes! I just love the pretty Bentwood dome case it came in, complete with its own little key to open it up. The cord is pretty frayed so I'm afraid to try it out...perhaps I should get a new cord made. Does anyone have any experience with cleaning and refurbishing these old machines?

Grandma's old Singer

Vintage Singer "Model 99" sewing machine from 1929!

Look at the engraving on the silver endpiece!
They sure don't make them like that any longer.

We aren't sure where this old print came from--it may have belonged to my great-uncle. Anyway, I thought the chubby babies crying for world peace were so charming. I did a bit of research on this old drawing and found it was from the talented hands of Charles H. Twelvetrees (1888-1948). He was famous in the early 20th century for his drawings and postcards of chubby cheeked children. This particular work is dated 1915...

Charles Twelvetrees print circa 1915
Unfortunately, the peace that these babies
cried for almost a century ago still eludes us...

These four glass bottles were found in a cupboard in the basement so I brought them home to add to my collection. The smaller two on the left were filled with alcohol--a long-forgotten Christmas gift from days gone by. They are shaped like a pear and a strawberry--so cute! (No, I didn't drink the questionable looking alcohol--down the sink it went!). They'll be perfect for displaying summer blooms in the coming months...

Pretty glass bottles

OK--this poor Santa is "slightly" ragged looking--even a bit scary. He definitely looks like he's seen better days, but, oh, does he bring back memories. As grown-ups, my brother and I would always get into playful arguments about who he actually belonged to. When I discovered Santa in an box of old Christmas decorations, I gleefully announced to my brother: "Ha ha--he's mine now!!" He laughed good-naturedly and Santa was carefully placed in my car to travel to his new home in Pennsylvania.

A much-loved Santa

Earlier this year, my mom had passed on some of my grandmother's sewing things to me since I am the only stitcher in the family. When I first told her what us stitchers use flower frogs for (displaying our collection of scissors for you non-stitching readers!), she was a bit horrified, but after realizing that it would actually be used and not just end up sitting in a cupboard collecting dust, she relented and gave me the most beautiful amber-colored glass flower frog. I think it is one of the prettiest I've seen!

Grandma's amber flower frog

...and filled with scissors.
I'm not a scissor collector like many
of you, but I've received a few fobs and
pretty scissors from stitching friends.

When mom asked if I would like Grandma's sewing basket and thimble, I was especially touched. I can still remember the basket sitting in Grandma's home. She was an expert seamstress who could whip up a dress in no time. But, her expertise was in smocking. What I wouldn't give to have one of those precious smocked dresses she made for me when I was a child...When I was a little girl, I always thought this was a Native American basket, but it turns out to be Chinese-made. The little brass decorations on the top have Chinese characters on them along with some pretty glass beads. I'll bet some of you own similar sewing baskets, don't you?

Grandma's double-decker sewing basket

...filled with a rainbow of threads!

My dear grandmother's gold thimble etched with grapevines.
Isn't it beautiful? On the back are her initials.

So, that's it for my "treasures." Oh, but wait just a second--hold on! I do have one final thing to show you... Tucked over in a corner of the nearly emptied attic, way back under the eaves, I spotted a nondescript-looking cardboard box. Scribbled in black marker on the side of the box, I saw the word "BONE." I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if some pretty bone china was inside?"

"But, look, Carol," said my cousin who was there helping, "on the other side of the masking tape is an "S." B-O-N-E-S? Bones? What on earth could be in this box???? Holding my breath, I very carefully removed the tape, pulled back the lid, and lifted a layer of newspaper. What should be staring back at me but...





Are you ready?

(Don't peak if you are easily scared...)


A skeleton in the attic!

Yes, a grinning skull with an entire box full of bones. It was a full skeleton! Now, you've all heard of the expression "Skeletons in your closet," haven't you? How about skeletons in your attic? Yikes!! In all the time I had played in that attic on rainy days and the hours my sons had spent there while visiting their grandparents, not one of us had ever come across this box. Why was it there, you ask? Well, my dad was a doctor--a surgeon, in fact, and the skeleton was something he had used in medical school when studying anatomy. The yellowed 1950s-era newspaper it was wrapped in was from Buffalo, NY where he was studying to be a doctor. So, what do you do with a full skeleton? Why, you send it home with your little brother who is also a doctor! I wonder if he'll put it together and display it in his office? He was delighted with the find and he so enjoyed tormenting me by waving the skeleton's foot in my face. Some things never change... It was certainly "the find" of the weekend!

I want to welcome my new followers--so glad to have you here! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments--I truly look forward to hearing from each of you. If you ask me a question and want a response, though, please make sure you include your email address. If you post anonymously I have no way to answer you--and I really do try to get back to each of you when at all possible. There are still so many of you who have "no-reply comment" issues. Please, please check your profile and make sure you don't fall in this category. You can learn how to change your settings in this previous post which you can read by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today--may your day brings many smiles and laughs along the way. Don't forget to let me know in your comments if you would like to be included in the drawing for "Summer Splendor!" Bye for now...


Annie said...

Love strawberries so a strawberry theme is just perfect for June I think. And what a great start with the LHN piece.

Like the idea of a stitchy seam treatment on Brenda's pillow!

Pretty giftie from Elia. I like the way she attached that cute scissors charm at the top.

You are really one hard worker! I'm glad you ended up with so many treasures as payment. That sewing machine is wonderful. Hope you can find someone to whip into shape. Bet it can sew a great seam when it's is good working order. And it's so great to have home to display all these pretty things that bring you such good memories.

And also great that you have a brother who can appreciate the bones!

Bekca said...

Your first finish for June is perfect Carol. I love the way you've finished it. I would love to be included in the travelling pattern, I've kept trying to be involved in one, but so far, they have eluded me!
Wow, what treasures you found! The amber flower frog is truly special, as is the thimble. I know you will cherish these items.
Best wishes.

Barbara said...

Carol, I can truthfully say that yours is the first blog I came across with a full skeleton shown. LOL Great story about your Dad and how your brother will now carry on the tradition.
I love the sweet finds you found and the beautiful treasures from your Grandmother. The frog is gorgeous!!
I would be honored to carry on the LHN stitched piece along. It's a beautiful design which somehow I have overlooked. Thank you for the chance.
All in all, you had a wonderful day remembering.....even though you "glowed" quite a bit. LOL
Blessings, Barbara

Shirlee said...

Oh Carol! I think this is the most entertaining blog post I have ever read! I loved every minute of it ... really! I share your joy in bringing home all those precious memories from your parents' old home. That little Featherweight machine you have there looks to be in near perfect condition! If you want to send me the serial number from the front of the machine (beneath the golden badge) I can let you know the date when it was made : )

Maggee said...

Hi there! First, would love to have that LHN pattern and help it travel. Next--what terrific finds! LOVE the sewing machine! What a gorgeous front piece... and the case is exquisite and perfect! The frog, the sewing basket, the glass bottles, the personalized thimble...all such great finds! And they are even more valuable because they are family items, not coming from a store or estate sale! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Shirlee said...

Whoops! I was so excited reading all you wrote & seeing all your photos that I totally forgot to ask you to add me to the drawing for the LHN chart. I love strawberries as well : ) I will most definitely follow the "rules" of acceptance : )

Margaret said...

Love your finishes! Loooove seeing all the stuff from your parent's house! Wow, what a treasure trove! The skeleton is sort of cool -- lots of history behind it, and a good reason for it being around too. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing everything. Glad everything is wrapped up and ready for sale too.

Giovanna said...

Nice mementos from the attic - the skeleton just rocks, and it's cool to have another doctor in the family to pass it on to. Congrats on the finishes.

MoonBeam said...

Carol, I would love to be included for a chance to stitch the Summer Splendor LHN design. Love all the motifs, especially the strawberries. Really nice finish; your other little pillow is really sweet, too.

Great attic finds!! Made the work on the hot weekend worthwhile.

Thanks for a nice post...great way to start the day!


Sweet Sue said...

Beautiful post with lovely finishes, treasures and memories, thx for sharing. Your GM's needfuls are very special. Her grapevine motif thimble is really quite lovely. {not entering} Have a great day Carol!

Jennifer said...

Was thinking of you and looked and you had a post!! What a wonderful one it is . I loved seeing all your attic treasures and me being a nurse loved the story of the box of Bones. Interesting that your Dad studied to be a DR. in Buffalo just an hour from us. The Singer machine is stunning . I need to have a day to take pics of my treasures and recent stitching. It will be coming soon as things are winding down here and the children are busy with end of school projects and soon exams. I couldn't promise to quickly stitch that beautiful LHN project but may order it for my stash as it is so lovely stitched . Your flower frog looks great with all the scissors and fobs.Hope all goes well with the estate sale.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

You've been busy Carol!! I love your Summer Splendor finish. Could you include me in the drawing, please? It looks like a fun stitch!!

I'm so glad you found some treasures in the attic. My mom and dad are cleaning out their house at the moment, too. It's interesting to see what you'll unearth, isn't it!! : )

Have a blessed week!


Lisa V said...

Great post Carol, I loved reading the whole lot.
Your LHN pillow finish is just delightful. I would love to be included in the draw for it to travel to my place.
You have some wonderful keepsakes now, I'm sure you will treasure them always. Just love your amber frog piece.

Peggy Lee said...

My goodness Carol...what a lovely post!
I adore how you finished the LHN piece. The lace is the perfect touch!
I will pass on your sweet offer though. With all that's in my basket I know I wouldn't be able to hold up my end of the bargain. It's a great idea though!
I found myself getting all choked up when I read about the treasures of your grandmother's. I have one of my grandmother's sewing baskets and I have HER mother's darning basket. I was always close to my grandmother and now she is in a nursing home in Lewisburg and doesn't recognize anyone. It's so sad.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us...bones and all! {yikes}

Vickie said...

Good morning Carol. Please include me in your drawing for Summer Splendor. Oh the treasures, how wonderful. Love the thimble. Not the skeleton! Brothers! I have three younger ones! ;) I just love homes and I am getting sad over your parents home and I haven't even seen it! I have admired the gift you sent Brenda, it is great.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Good morning, I enjoyed reading every word this morning. As usual your pieces are just beautiful! I am thinking you need to write a small book of some sort.... maybe a book about stitchers and their friendships, just a thought. I wish you could show a picture of your childhood home from the outside because that is a most interesting attic!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Wonderful attic finds, well, except for the skeleton. Enjoy that lovely Singer sewing machine.
Your finishes are wonderful.

Gabriele said...

Hi Carol, what a nice post. You found some really wonderful treasures on the attic. The "Singer" is great. When I saw it, it reminded me on my Grandmothers one. Long time ago.
The skeleton... wow... Halloween in June.
Your finishes are again wonderful.
Hugs from germany

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Hello Carol - I love your blog - so pretty! I also would love to be a recepient of this pattern and help pass it on - I have had my eye on this one for a while now - who knows, maybe we will all end up stitching it? :) I am currently stitching a LHN pattern called the Alphabet Rhyme which I am doing for my daughter - you are welcome to come have a look. Take care, Amanda

Julie said...

A truly wonderful blog post Carol. You brought back lovely treasures from your old home. I too have one of those old Singer sewing machines, it belonged to my great aunt.

the summer basket is going to be super, a lovely little ornament you have stitched to start it off.

Beautiful gift from your Spanish friend.

Katherine said...

Well, guess a skeleton in the attic is much better than one in your closet. That Singer is a treasure! A lot of sewing machine repair shops will take on the task of cleaning and can probably even put on a new cord for you. I just bought a 1958 featherweight this weekend and will take it up to my Bernina dealer to have a look at it so I can use it. Yours is much more charming though.

Solstitches said...

My goodness Carol where do we begin to comment on this lovely post?
I think I'll start with my favourite part of the post which was the treasures that came out of the attic.
Wow! I love the sewing basket, the gorgeous flower frog and the beautiful thimble.
I have a machine just like that one and I use it in preference to my modern machine although it is probably wise to have yours serviced before actually using.
Love the pretty gifts you received from your friend in Spain and the lovely pillow you stitched for Brenda.
Your finished Summer Splendor is beautiful and I'd love to enter for the travelling pattern.
Lovely new blog header

Anonymous said...

What lovely stitching by you and your friend! Looking forward to seeing your June bowl fill up with strawberries!

Fabulous (and interesting -- the skeleton) attic finds!

I love your new blog template and header!

Robin in Virginia

PS Not entering your chart giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Not sure if you know but you can look up exactly which year the Singer was made by using the serial number on the machine. I have done that by googling with other machines dating back to the 1800's.
Must be something about the skull. My father had one too. As kid's we brought it out at Halloween. I think it is still around.
I really like the LHN chart. Would love to be included in the drawing.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Carol, your pieces are so beautiful. You are truly one talented lady!!! I love seeing what treasures you found in the attic and the surprise at the end is just priceless!!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes as always Carol! Love your attic treasures!

BrendaS said...

Carol --
Summer Splendor is just beautiful. It will make a great start to your "Strawberry" bowl of goodies!

You found some wonderful treasures in your parent's attic. The sewing machine is fantastic shape:) I love the little stories you included with the items you brought back to live with you. Wonderful memories....(even the skeleton LOL)

Bonnie Hunter is a national quilter/teacher and collects old sewing machines. I'm sure she could help you find someone who would be able to get it working again. Her website is:

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. I always enjoying visiting with you:))

Ann said...

Hi Carol,
Well, you had lots to talk about!
I'm in love with that LHN chart and would like to participate in the drawing (those colours just scream SUMMER).
Believe it or not, but I've bought the same machine like you now have a couple of months ago (post about it can be found on my blog). I think that only the decorative plaque is a little bit different.
As for the skeleton in your attic - WOW! You can use it for Halloween to chase unwanted guests LOL!
I'm curious to see future (stitching) surprises! :-)
Have a nice day!

Natasha said...

Carol, That LHN finish is just darling. Stitchers are the best and so kind :)

WOW! I just love all of your treasure you found... I would have been spooked by finding a box of bones LOL Thanfully I have never come across such a thing before ;)

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Natasha said...

Carol, That LHN finish is just darling. Stitchers are the best and so kind :)

WOW! I just love all of your treasure you found... I would have been spooked by finding a box of bones LOL Thanfully I have never come across such a thing before ;)

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Kathy A. said...

Another wonderful entry. I love reading what you write Carol.
You have done a wonderful job with Summer Splendor. I look forward to seeing where it shall travel next.
Your sewing machine is just so very special. I have an email somewhere about cleaning them. I will find it and send it on.
I love the story of the bones! I don't know whether I would have been thrilled or horrified but loved the happy ending. Take care my friend.

Cath said...

What lovely treasures you have received, so nice to have something of your Grandmas' to remember her by .
I love your finish , and would like to be entered for the chart please .
Thanks .X

Hilda said...

Dear Carol,
your first finish for your June bowl of smalls looks soooooo wonderful! I really love it. Please put me in your list for the drawing - I really would enjoy being part of your travelling pattern.

I also love this cute 123-Citrouille finish.

What wonderful treasures you got from the house of your childhood. I can imagine that it must have been hard work to clean this huge attic - but the things you found are pretty compensation. Except the bones of course ..... hhhhhuuuu I think I really would have screamed, if I would have found them. A scary beautiful story ;-).


Phyllis said...

Lovely finishes! I love LHN designs so much and when I saw your finish, I knew I wanted to stitch it. I don't have a blog, so can't enter your contest, but I follow your blog and enjoy reading it. You have found some nice treasures in that attic!

Elia said...

Dear Carol, is adorable as ever finish you've given to cross stitch, I love this design, very nice!

Show us the treasures of the attic are just fantastic, I love that old machine is a great treasure,
the children's picture made ​​me smile,
but the thimble is grea!!!!
I collect thimbles so I treasure the piece of your grandmother, (skull not so much, but my daughter really excite you see)-

Thank you for your words you spend me, I'm glad you liked it, is a piece of my garden that has flown to you, you are lovely!


eljardindemiduende ^^

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Carol, what a fun post! I see why you welcomed me to the club. LOL! I love your finishes and I'll have to send you some strawberries. I love the treasures you found too. Especially the thimble! Throw my name in the hat for the traveling pattern. I'll keep my fingers crossed. {{Hugs}}

Melissa said...

As usual, Carol, your post is so filled with wonderful things that I don't know what to comment on first!

Thank you for sharing the photos of the big "clear out" and your treasures! It was great that you got the sewing stuff and that glass frog is lovely! So I see you've started collecting bottles as well! I will have to show my collection soon!

Love the LHN that you stitched and your finishing is just gorgeous! As usual, I might add!

Mary said...

I love the colors in Summer Splendor, Carol...a great start to your June bowl of stitched treasures!

You certainly found many happy memories in your childhood home. Isn't it funny how finding our old treasures can bring us such joy and remembrances of good times, some forgotten?

The flower frog is a unique color and a perfect home for your scissors.

Your stitching time will be all the more sweeter surrounded by your grandmother's keepsakes.

Your gifts from Elia are beautiful and perfect for summer, too!

And the BONES...a little ironic reminder of how far your Dad's years of training brought his young family to that home to settle and begin his practice?
As kids if you knew they were there, you probably would have never ventured into the attic....I wouldn't have!

Enjoy the rest of your June stitching. This month seems to be flying by, too!


Beth said...

Love your Summer Splendor finish - Strawberries - a great theme for June. How special to have so many of your grandmother's sewing items too.

Mary Ann said...

I love reading your posts! Summer Splendor is a beautiful finish, and I am looking forward to seeing more of your strawberry finishes for June!!

You certainly found some lovely treasures(well, except for the the skeleton)! : )

Heather said...


What lovely stitching!! I have admired that LHN pattern on several blogs. You did a beautiful job on the finishing!!

I love all of your treasures from your parents attic! I especially loved the story of your little brother waving the foot in your face!! That made me laugh! I have an older brother like that! ;o)

Here is a link to a Singer site that I have used and I believe they restore old Singers.

Love, Heather

Nancy said...

Beautiful stitching Carol - as always! Such wonderful finds from your parents attic. Sentimental value is absolutely the best, don't you think? I can imagine Bones was happy to finally be discovered!

Vicki said...

Oh Carol! You found some treasures in the attic, indeed. I have a single layer sewing basket with similar bead work on the lid. I need to look to see if there are Chinese characters on it, I've never noticed. The bottles are so cool. And I'm envious of the flower frog. I loved the surprise of the "skeleton in the attic"!

Meari said...

I loved hearing about your family stories, Carol.

I belong to a couple of vintage singer boards since I own a treadle, and I'm sure you can replace the cord. What a beautiful machine handed down to you, as well as your grandmother's sewing basket and thimble. The thimble is just precious.

Your finishes are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! How did you attach the flat lace? I would like to be included in your giveaway.

Jennifer said...

Well your stitching is just FABULOUS as always, and I love the theme of strawberries for June. When you venture to my side of the state, you must be sure to visit the Strawberry Sampler in Chadds Ford. (And I am sure some local stitchers, myself included, could make arrangements to meet you!)

I am deeply, deeply sentimental, so your treasures thrill me to no end. But OH that sewing machine!!! You're right, they don't make them like that anymore - what an amazing remembrance of your grandmother!

butterfly said...

Lovely post again, that skeleton is more scary than Harry my spider, ha.
Beautiful stitching love all your June ornaments , would love to have a chance to win the strawberry one so pretty.You came home with some lovely goodies I had a sewing machine in fact it was the same Singer when my girls were small I use to make all their cloths and some of mine , we didn't have allot of money so I would knit and sew , that really takes me back Carol, hugs.

passionfruitprincess said...

I just loved this post Carol! And I love all your treasures...but not the last one...
That's wonderful that you are keeping your Grandma's sweet things. Lovely sewing machine!
Ana Paula

Friendship Crossing said...

What an enchanting post! I enjoyed seeing your new finishes for this month~how cute and sweet they look!
The treasures you came home w/are amazing!!
Love the 'bones' ~ how funny!

Have a great week Carol!

Marlene said...

Your singer machine, is so very basic, I always clean mine using a clean paint brush to get rid of all the dust, place kitchen towel in the base and then use a light oil every where, let it drip overnight, then use a cloth to clean it all away, lastly lighty spray all the moving parts. I don't oil the top parts often, just remember to use loads of old fabric until all the oil has gone. They are the best stitching sewing machines in the world.

Jenny said...

LOL on the skeleton - that must have been a surprise!
Love all your attic finds (especially the flower-frog with all your scissors n) and also the gift from Spain - what a beauty!

The LHN pillow is adorable. What a great way to finish it. I would love to stitch this beauty, so count me in for the drawing, please. I am also a strawberry lover, but I love birds even more. This charts has both! :-)

Bianca said...

I love your strawberry summer theme. They are one of my favorite fruits when they are so delicious! Your grandmother's sewing machine is beautiful , and skeleton was a neat surprise. I'm glad you were able to take home some memories. as usual I've enjoyed reading your post.

Lesley said...

Your stitching is very pretty Carol:) Thank you for the link to 123 Citrouille,it is such a pretty design. I know exactly what you mean about Summer Splendour,I enjoyed stitching it immensely.
Thank you too, for the peek into your attic,so interesting,lovely mementos,especially your Grandma's sewing machine and the flower frog, and I love the skeleton in the closet:)

♥ Nia said...

Strawberries! What a wonderfull theme for June :) Can't wait to see some more of your finishes this month!!
The first one is beautiful =)
How nice to share your pattern! IT's very pretty but I have so much to stitch in a near future =( I will pass the opportunity to someone who can stitch it sooner! Maybe I will find it somewhere later on the stitchcing travel :)

OMG!! That sewing machine looks so pretty :D Isn't it gorgeous?? Precious!!
Lovely glass bottles that you found out! Strawberry.. perfect ;) heheheh
oh! I've never seen a piece like that amber flower frog! beautiful!
You have some treasures over there! :D

LOL! You could have saved that one for halloween ;) hahhahhaa

Hugs to you my friend!! :)

Theresa said...

Beautiful finishes and lots of interesting finds!!!! LOVE the sewing machine!!!! It is gorgeous!!!

I love "Summer Splendor" very much, but I'm afraid I'll be too busy the following month to do any stitching~ Please exclude me from the giveaway. Maybe I'll join in down the road.

Marty Branch said...

Carol, I just loved reading your blog today about the treasures in the attic (and that box of bones)! Plus the beautiful needlework finishes. Thank you for taking the time to write this up for your blog readers like me, Marty

priscilla said...

Beautiful finishes Carol ! Love them ! Such great treasures from your parents house ..Love reading your blog !

Rachel S-H said...

I think you handled the skeleton better than I would. How wonderful that you got some family treasures.

Patty C. said...

I would looooove to stitch summer splendor!
Always a pleasure ;)

Deborah said...

Where to start, Carol. I love the finish and the gift from Brenda. The things you brought home from the attic are such wonderful treasures.The sewing machine is fabulous. I love, love the frog. My friend, Cheryl has 2 frogs in that style from her grandma. One is red glass and the other is black. Great post.

Ellen said...

Gorgeous finishes! Love your theme for this month's basket!

Hard work and great treasures from the attic! I especially love the sewing machine and the amber frog!


Margaret said...

I had to laugh about the skeleton in your attic. My family only has the literary sort not the literal!

Mindi said...

Your Summer Splendor piece turned out amazing! Its a pattern I thinks is adorable, and I'd love a chance joining the sisterhood stitching it.

Cleaning out the attic must have been very bittersweet, but you came across some amazing things. I just inherited my grandmother embroidery basket, which is very similar to yours.

Barbi said...

Love the finishes as always!!! And you redecorated your blog! Very nice! Great finds in the attic! the skull is a little weird though! LOL
I would love to have my name put in for the travelling stitch please :) Thank you!!

Carol R said...

Great post - lovely stitching and finishing. I would love to be entered into your draw for the chart please.

Faye said...

I loved going back in time with some of those photos of yours.... That time worn Santa brings back wonderful memories and I am more than certain you will use/cherish that nice sewing!!

Nice job on all accounts....I know it was a tedious task cleaning out and the estate sale will be a job as well..... Pace yourself....

Always, Faye

sunny said...

What wonderful treasures! I would love to be included in the drawing to stitch the beautiful summer pattern. Thanks for the chance.

Judy said...

What lovely family treasures came to stay with you! The stitching and finishing are adorable. As always, a pleasure to read your blog.

Judy heartland stitcher

Beth Pearce said...

Wow, your stitching is fantastic, and I love the way you finished your pieces. That flower frog is beautiful. I am like you and have not bought that many scissors, but I have a collection of wonderful gifty scissors and fobs. How funny was that to find a skeleton in the attic - I guess knowing your medical family it wouldn't have freaked you out like it would have me = LOL, That sewing machine is a treasure - I have one about that old my DH's family with the stand and pedals. I have yet to find out where to get it cleaned and possibly working.

Cindy's Stitching said...

What a nice post. The treasures in the attic how sweet for you. Love the frog. The sewing machine is priceless. Santa made me laugh. The really are treasures for you. your finishing is beautiful. All of the pictures are so nice. I didn't know you dad was a surgeon. The Bones made me laugh also. Have a blessed week.

Alissa said...

Have I mentioned how much I love your blog? I get excited when I see a new post from you in my Reader! haha :)

LOVE the LNH pattern. Although there aren't many LNH patterns I don't like...

As always, your finishes are beautiful and inspiring. I can't believe all of your great finds. The sewing machine is fantastic!

Valma said...

June is only starting and I'm impatient to be at the end of it to see you bowl =)
Strawberry...yum yum (is there any link with the cancer campaign which started in June with a strawberry as an emblem ? no, it was just an idea ! forget )
you did a first wonderful pillow and the one you made for Brenda is wonderful =)
I had an eye on Elia's blog, she makes very pretty things too
a new blog to be visited :)
you found real treasures in you old attic !! wooo !! what a wonderful sewing machine ! and the thimble and the basket...everything in fact !
your grandmother will be even closer to you now
and I really prefer what you got than the bones your brother had :)
what a post you made ! delightful
big hugs sweet Carol

and regarding the giveaway...I won't be able to stitch it 'promptly' :(
I give my chance to someone else :)

boysmum2 said...

oh the thought of finding that skeleton makes me laugh so much. I hope your brother appreciates what he has been given. The stitches are beautiful in all you have sewn well done. I do love reading your posts always some interesting things to read about.

Veronica said...

Strawberries! That's a wonderful idea. Anxious to see more strawberry finishes ^.^ Please put my name in the hat for this new traveling pattern :)

Such great finds. Reading your post, this sentence just popped into my mind and I can't help sharing it with you...

"Treasures untold, in the attic unfold."

It rhymes :P Seriously though, they sure don't make a lot of things like that anymore. Hopefully you'll be able to get the sewing machine cord replaced and enjoy sewing with such a lovely piece of art.

The flower frog, thimble and glass bottles are so pretty too. The skeleton however, not so much. LOL!


Lois said...

Oh Carol, I don't know where to start! Well, actually, I do!! The sewing machine you brought home is the exact same one that I have!!!! As you know, I'm not great on the sewing machine but I love that the one I have was used by my grandmother and then my mother. What nice things you brought home to have as memories of your childhood.
Love your theme for June and such pretty finishes and nice gifts you've received.

Chris said...

Beautiful finishes Carol! I love Summer Splendor. I am too busy right now to take on another project.
The RAK is sweet too. I really appreciate that you always provide links to the freebies that you stitch.
I am so glad that you received your grandmother's sewing basket and thimble. The flower frog is beautiful.
Have a great weekend.

The Queen Bee said...

Fun times over your way with those bones! What a beautiful machine! I also have my grandmother's Singer featherweight. Yes, I do know someone who works on's here, though. You'd have to cart it up and leave it but he does good work. He's the sewing machine repairman extraordinaire so he's very busy. All the same, you're probably not using it so being without it for a little bit wouldn't hurt.

Yes, I'd love to stitch the lovely traveling pattern.


Michelle said...

Wow what a lovely post - really enjoyed reading it - great attic finds x

Michelle said...

Oh my, Summer Splendor is so gorgeous and your finish is just perfect! I would love to be entered into the draw for the travelling chart!

The other little pillow is so cute and what a lovely gift to receive!

What great finds in your parent's attic! It must have been both fun and nostalgic to go through everything. I love the skeleton!

Enjoy your start of Summer - an early Winter has set in here in Cape Town and it is raining non-stop!


Jenny said...

Dear Carol,
Your finishes are so beautiful, I love them. I am really loving Summer Splendor so that is going on my "to stitch list" as of today...grins...I too am a sentamentalist and always choose items based on that. When my Grandmother passed away I choose an afghan she made, a sampler,a book she used to read to me, and her knitting needles and yarn stash. It has brought great joy over the years to use those needles and know she had created something special with them too. I love what you chose, especially the thimble and the basket....but the skeleton was great to. Hope you have a happy day and you have a chance to stitch some more strawberries...

Linda said...

Great finishes Carol. They are really cute. I so enjoyed seeing all the old things from your family home. Very nice.


Melissa said...

What finds! My mom has a Singer too. It's so old and delicate looking that I don't know if I'd ever be able to use it without the fear of breaking it all together. Most electrical places should be able replace the cord pretty easily.

Also please enter me into your chart draw. I'd love to have the opportunity to stitch it.

Happy Stitching!!!


msmartello said...

Hi Carol,

What great treasures to bring home with you. Those are the best! Love the skeleton. Wouldn't it have been something if you left it there and the new owners found it. I wonder what thoughts would go through their heads. LOL!


BARBARA said...

What a wonderful adventure through your family attic and the treasures you received are truly keepsakes. I again look forward to seeing all your smalls for June and my daughter, Maureen and I hope to see you sometime if you visit in NY again

Nancy M said...

What an interesting post! All your finds are really special! That sewing machine is awesome with the silver plate. And the flower frog?? That is very pretty and looks great with all you scissors and fobs in it. I'm so glad that you came away with many special items you can have in your home now. I'm sure it was a very bittersweet weekend. I hope your brother puts the skeleton together and keeps it in his office. How special that would be. I'd love to borrow the summer pattern and pass it on! I really need to work on some smalls. Love your strawberry theme and I'll look forward to your basket overflowing.

Penny said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! It's kind of like having a little visit. :)
Beautiful finish on Summer Splendor! I know I have that pattern somewhere in my collection. What a lovely gift for Brenda and you received one as well! You sure did find some interesting things in the attic. Love the sewing basket and what a pretty thimble. Never could get the hang of using one. :)

Jennifer M. said...

I just loved reading your blog post today. That LHN pattern is absolutely lovely and your finish is perfect as always. I love anything LHN designs. Please please include me in the drawing.

Cleaning out the attic sounded like a HUGE job. I can relate with the stairs. That is how my recent move went. You have some lovely treasures there. The amber frog is gorgeous. You are so lucky to have found that Singer machine. That type is a rare type to find!


Dani - tkdchick said...

Carol you always stitch up and finish the moste lovely smalls!!! You certainly love to work on the high counts and over one!

Please enter me in the pattern giveaway!!!

Wow what neat thigns you've come across while cleaning out the old family home!

Carol B said...

What lovely finishes, and I love the story of your adventures in the attic :-)

Please enter me in the drawing for the LHN traveling chart. Carol B

Myra said...

Oh what wonderful treasures you came home with Carol. But....a skeleton in...the....attic?!?! I'll bet you couldn't believe your eyes and I am sure a laugh or two was had by all.

Lovely finishes as always. I am always waiting to see what beauty you are going to show next.

Have a great weekend!

Septiembre said...

Carol, you've rescued from the attic true wonders, with a tremendous aesthetic and sentimental value. I find beautiful, the thimble is a jewel and divine scissors holder. The machine a relic to be displayed, but can not find the cable, is to show off From bones to say, it is very strange and curious. I love the new embroidery is gorgeous and others too. Many kisses and good weekend.

Septiembre said...

Carol, you've rescued from the attic true wonders, with a tremendous aesthetic and sentimental value. I find beautiful, the thimble is a jewel and divine scissors holder. The machine a relic to be displayed, but can not find the cable, is to show off From bones to say, it is very strange and curious. I love the new embroidery is gorgeous and others too. Many kisses and good weekend.

Tatkis said...

Wow, your stitching and finish of Kathy's design is lovely!
I'd love to take part in the draw - strawberries are my favourite berries :)


Siobhán said...

What wonderful finishes, Carol! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog header piece!! You really have put a zing in my needle today--I hope it continues long enough for me to get to my stitching chair! ;) Beautiful work. I love the piece from Elia, too.

I will pass on the giveaway with thanks because I am so unreliable with stitching at the moment. I will enjoy watching it travel through the blog world!

What a neat bunch of items you got from your childhood home! I love the sewing machine. I recently found out that my aunt's BF tossed out my grandmother's old Singer sewing machine to make room in my aunt's garage for his car. I am sick at the thought of it. :( The skeleton find--egads!! Your brother sounds like a lot of fun. I have one like that--and know to run and lock myself in the bathroom when he finds something he knows I won't like! LOL

Enjoy your weekend!

Christina said...

Great theme for June Carol. Strawberries always spring to mind when I think of June because that's when Wimbledon starts. Although it's never been the same for me since Pete Sampras retired.
How great that you found a skeleton in the attic! It reminded me of a episode of 'Frasier' although I think they found theirs in the basement!
What a fantastic Singer sewing machine. When I was 11 our Home Economics teacher wouldn't let us loose on the electric machines, so we had to sew our first project on the Singer apron took me weeks to sew! lol.

Jackie said...

Carol, I can tell the treasures from your parents house have great meaning to you. I loved hearing the stories associated with each one. The Singer Sewing Machine looks to be in fantastic shape and I hope you can get a cord replacement soon.

I'd love to be included in the drawing for Summer Splendor. Your finish is exquisite!

Melody said...

Carol, what pretty finishes you have! I'd love to be in your drawing for the chart.

Your flower frog is especially pretty.


Anne said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I don't know where to start. The 95 comments (mine being 96th) the stitching, the precious family heirlooms, the SANTA....lolololololol!!! I think it's the Santa! HE cracks me up! And how you and your brother have this thing with him!! The Singer machine is very precious and what a great heirloom to have. I know it was difficult packing your parent's house up, but it had to be done. Love the crying babies! Those glass bottles are amazing...especially the pear (I have a thing for pears!) That glass frog is probably the prettiest I have seen..and your mom's response to what we do with them!Lovely threads and thimble too!

Stitching now perhaps...oops forgot about the skeleton! Soooo cool! And creepy! You had skeletons in your attic! HAHAHA!!

Okay, stitching. Love the strawberry theme and that LHN chart!! I want to add myself in the draw but I have too many things on the go and not enough time. I may catch it in the next one!

Lastly, I was in the library today and I thought of you!!



JillMN said...

You got some very special things from your hard work in the attic. I love the sewing machine and the thimble. The flower frog is gorgeous!

I would love to be included in the chart drawing. It is beautiful!

pat said...

all so fantastic !

Edit said...

I love your finishes Carol, and also the gift you received is so lovely. But those family treasures... The sewing machine is so beautiful and the other things as well. I am sure they mean a lot to you and that they will be treasured.

But the skeleton... that must have been scary :)

Have a lovely week,

Ms. Wright said...

This post is wonderful, Care. I remember a hot summer and chilly winter playing school in the attic. I love the pictures of the attic chimney. Really some wonderful memories from Mom and Gram in terms of stitching--you're clearly the one with the talent in that area. Great to see these beloved pieces becoming a part of your home. Thanks for sharing!

Gillie said...

What a lovely post with all the atic finds. Would love to take part in the drawing and will certainly send it on.

Vinniey said...

Love all your attic "treasure hunt" but the skeleton is a bit scary! Lol :) Especially the antique sewing machine and the basket! Love the engraving on the end piece of the machine; It's absolutely stunning! Gorgeous! Thanks for showing us all your finds. :)

Your first ornament for June bowl is too gorgeous, Carol! I love all of the motifs from this chart too. That little white house with fence is very cute! Love the finishing of this little beautiful, very simple but gorgeous! beautiful heart ornament from Spain and the little pillow you've made for Brenda is beautiful too!

Nima Titus said...

carol, it's always pleasure to visit your blog and to read and see your lovely post...

Orlythe said...

Your lovely Singer is a model 99 and you're going to be surprised at what a beautiful stitch it makes. Because it has sat untouched for so many years, please have a trusted professional go over it -- don't try to do it yourself. Reproduction bobbins for your machine are available at JoAnn's or Wal-Mart -- look for generic "class 66" bobbins. Authentic vintage bobbins can be found on Ebay. To own your grandmother's sewing machine is a rare and wondrous privilege. May you make lovely things with it and may you feel your grandmother's loving presence as you work.

Jan said...

Please include me in the draw for the sweet pattern. Your finish is gorgeous.

I,too am a doctor and had to get a skeleton to learn my anatomy. I was lucky by the 90s there were plastic skeletons available.

I love all of your Grandmother's treasures and keepsakes.

Saskia said...

Hi Carol!

What a lovely story on your blog! I would love to partcipate in the LHN give-away on your blog and I promiss I will help the chart travel around the world!

LoriU said...

I keep coming back to your blog this month and admiring that bluebird pillow in your header. It is tooooo stinkin' cute!!!

Hazel said...

Your finishes always amaze me. I love the summer LHN finish and you sure have finished it perfectly. Yes I would dearly love to be in with a chance to stitch it. Perfect for summer especially when it rains a lot!! So please count me in. xx

Valentina said...

Wow! That skeleton really scared me!!
But leaving it out, your finishes are gorgeous as always!

Kathy Ellen said...

How beautifully you have stitched and finished 'Summer Splendor', a perfect piece for celebrating the beginning of summer. If it is not too late to be considered for the the 'travelling pattern', I would love to be included too.

What a treasure trove of exquisite family antiques you discovered in your your childhood home. Your grandmother's sewing machine and beautiful thimble are incredible, and I love the beautiful amber flower frog too. In the midst of all the hard work, what memorable treasures you brought home, including the skeleton:)

Blessings to you!

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Carol! Best wishes to ypu from Russia! Your strawberry stitching is just perfect! I'm a great fan of LHN designs and have already copmleted many pieces! It would be a delight to get this chart and stitch it as well.

Brigitte said...

And again there are two little pillows that are so creatively
finished that I want to go and finish some of mine the same way. You're always such an inspiration to me. Enjoy the nice RAK that you received.
You went down memory lane it seems. There are wonderful finds that you could take home with you. I like the old sewing basket, and the old Singer machine is a real treasure.

Quiltsmiles said...

HI Carol, Great seeing what you've been up to. I'd love to be in on your giveaway and we'll be camping again shortly so I'll have plenty of time to stitch it and send it on it's way similarly right after.
What great gifts came home with you after cleaning up your parents home and reliving many memories. That 1929 singer is absolutely beautiful. I know you'll enjoy it for that, but also since it belong to your grandmother. I have an active blog typically, but since the gardens have been on the top of the prioity lists, mine has taken a back seat and has been mis used, I need to post since there has been much that has happened around here. Hopefully that will change soon. lol
Beautiful stitching and finishes as always. Glad to hear all is well in your world.

Suzanne said...

I really love your Summer Splendor finish and the delicate lace trim, it really fits nicely together without detracting from the stitching.

We just finished cleaning out my grandmothers house with has now been sold. No amazing treasures like you found and definitely no skeletons. What beautiful things you found in the cleanup, especially the sewing machine. They definitely don't make them with such character any more.

Lillie said...

What a wonderful treasures, skeletons and all. The sewing machine is a beauty.

If its not too late, please include me for the draw on "Summer Splendor" You finished this beautifully.

Annette said...

I love the pillow you made of the LHN Summer chart, that lace rock on it. so wonderfull, really beautifull
Wonderfull your giving away the chart.

and such a beautifull RAK made by you. wonderfull

That heart also is so beautifull for your June bowl, it would be lovely there.

That must have been a big job, in your old house, I love that sewing machine, you need to keep that, it is so wonderfull

Those chubby babies are so funny, beautifull piece, beautifull written on it.

I love your Glasses bottles, indeed they would be so wonderfull with plants from your big garden

What a wonderfull flower frog, and your scissors in it are so great

How wonderfull al those gift from your grandmother, your going to have so much joy with them

Ow no a skeleton.... blehhhh..
How great your brother is also a docter, and he has that thing now.. hihi.

Beautifull post again

Kay said...

I so love anything LHN to begin with, very beautiful indeed. I love all the stitchy, beautifully sewn pieces that you shared. What amazing treasures you got from your grandmother. My grandmother had an old sewing machine similar to what you showed. Thanks for sharing a part of your world with us!