Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the Love of Sunflowers: Part II

Greetings from your long-lost friend! I'm sure many of you wondered if I would ever post again... Not only was I traveling a lot this month with trips to North Carolina, New York, and Ohio, but I also really seemed to lose my blogging "mojo." I still enjoyed reading and commenting on your blogs, but, as far as putting a post together... well, let's just say, I don't think I've ever had a month with only one post in the nearly four years I've been blogging. I sure hope this doesn't become a chronic problem for me. It has made me ponder when I will stop blogging altogether. I mean I'm sure I won't be blogging when I'm 85, right? 80? I doubt it--I'll be lucky if I can still thread a needle by then! How about all of you? What helps you get through the blogging "blahs?" Do you ever wonder how long you'll keep blogging?

Luckily, I've still been stitching--haven't lost any interest in that at all! Many of you were spot on when you guessed that my monthly theme for August would be sunflowers. I made it easy on you when I said it was one of my favorite things... They are listed right in my profile in my sidebar! So, to see what designs have made it into my monthly bowl, let's get started...

August 2012 sunflower finishes

You all know what a Prairie Schooler lover I am and two of my sunflower finishes for the month are PS designs. I actually used the June block (without the wording) from "Summer & Winter" (Book No. 91) to create this first piece. I loved the colors in it and when I discovered these fabrics in my stash, I thought they complemented them perfectly! The orangey-red strip is from a cloth napkin I purchased at Kohl's last month and the plaid is just a scrap of sample upholstery fabric from Jo-Ann's! Don't they look like they were made to go with this design?! The mama bird and her babies are stitched on 40 ct. flax Newcastle using the suggested DMC threads.

Prairie Schooler: "Summer & Winter" (June block)

This Heart In Hand design called "Sunflower Sampler" may just be my favorite finish for the month. I stitched it over one on 25 ct. mushroom lugana using overdyed threads (a mix and match of whatever looked right to me!). Then I sewed it into this cute little pillow using a brown print and a yellow and brown polka-dot fabric... Top it with the rope-like trim and a little yellow yo-yo adorned with a speckled cocoa colored button and...voilà!

Heart In Hand: "Sunflower Sampler"

Or, maybe this other Prairie Schooler finish for August is my favorite--it's so hard to decide! For this one, I stitched just a portion of the PS Birdhouse Sampler from Book No. 45: "Garden Samplers." I used the suggested DMC colors and stitched it over one on a 28 ct. khaki evenweave. I just love how tiny and delicate it looks stitched over one. I added an additional blackbird at the bottom of the birdhouse, backed it with the cheery print fabric shown, and finished it with a simple cording to match the sunflowers. Cute! Cute! Cute!

Prairie Schooler Birdhouse

This Homespun Elegance Design is called "Crow's Treat" and is from the "Tiny Stuff II" booklet. It stitched up very quickly on 30 ct. dirty linen with the suggested DMC threads. Aren't the satin stitched sunflowers sweet? They give this simple piece some nice dimension along with the addition of the wee black buttons. I love using gingham in my finishes (as you've probably been able to tell!), but I especially love it in the fall--it just gives finished pillows a nice cozy feeling.

"Crow's Treat" by Homespun Elegance

Next up, is Lizzie Kate's August Stamp Flip-It. I like to have a piece included in each monthly bowl that has name of the month stitched on it and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It is stitched on 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle linen using whatever overdyed threads I had in my collection. The colors in the fabric I used for the backing of this flat mounted ornament pick up the colors in the stitching beautifully, don't they?

Lizzie Kate's August Stamp Flip-It

My final sunflower finish is a freebie called Manuela's Sunflower that you can find right here. I stitched this a few years ago, but finally finished it off into a tufted pincushion just last week. I left off the outer border, added some brown beads, and turned it on a diagonal. I'm not sure what linen was used, but I know I used the recommended DMC colors. It is backed with a cheery yellow floral print that perfectly matches the colors in the sunflowers.

Manuela's Sunflower freebie

Here are all six August finishes grouped together...So, what do you think? Do you have a favorite?
August 2012 sunflower finishes

And that completes my 8th bowl of finishes for the year--can you believe summer is just about over and fall is right around the corner? I'm so happy with how these sunflower finishes turned out--very cheery and just perfect for this time of year...And my sunflowers even cooperated and two lovely smaller ones bloomed just in time to take the photo yesterday!

August bowl of sunflower finishes

But wait--look closely! There is one finish there that I haven't described yet. Look in the back right corner--can you see that darling Country Cottage "Sunflower Alphabet?" This little beauty came to me as a surprise from my friend Linda as a very late birthday gift (I had to laugh when she told me it was actually for my birthday back in 2011!! It's never too late to remember someone's birthday, especially when the gift is as adorable as this one!) . When Linda read my blog last month, she just knew that sunflowers would be my theme for August (she knows me well!) and decided to get her gift to me as soon as possible so I wouldn't stitch it myself (indeed, I had already pulled this CCN chart!). I just love your gift, Linda--your stitching is so, so perfect. After she had finished stitching it, she sent it away to be beautifully finished into a flatfold by Vonna. Two very talented ladies, I'd say!! Linda just loved the sweet green bow that Vonna added and I have to agree--it makes me smile whenever I see it. Thank you again, Linda--your sweet gift is, indeed, the perfect addition to my August "bowl!"

Gift from Linda--thank you so very much!!

Our hot and sunny summer has been perfect weather for the sunflowers in our garden this year. I never remember them reaching the heights they have this August--many were too tall to even cut! The tallest are probably over 12 feet tall with thick, green stalks almost two inches in diameter... The bees just go crazy over all of that lovely yellow pollen. If you click the photo below, you can even see a trio of pollen-drunk bees on the middle sunflower...

Sunflower gardens: Summer 2012

In early August, we gathered for our annual family trip/reunion in North Carolina's lovely Outer Banks. Our house this year was in South Nags Head and was large enough to accommodate all 23 of us! Unfortunately, the older I get, the less I can take the sun. Even when slathered with plenty of sunscreen and sitting under an umbrella, I seem to develop a red, hive-like rash on my arms. Not exactly something I want to remember from my trip! Anyway, it was great to catch up with my husband's whole family who are spread throughout several states. Would you believe this is the 28th consecutive year the whole family has vacationed there? We missed a couple of years due to me just having given birth in 1988 and an early school start back in the 90s, but it has been a great way for my sons to really get to know their cousins. Now that the "kids" are all grown, they tend to just come for a few days, but this year, we were lucky enough to have all three sons there for a full week. Here are some of the scenes from the week and the pretty salmon-colored beach house that we so enjoyed...

Nags Head 2012

View from our third floor deck

The dunes and sea grasses looking down the beach

It is beautiful at night, too!

Believe it or not, I actually do have a couple more pieces to show you--gifts I stitched for friends and a new Christmas ornament finish, but I'll save those until next time. I want to welcome my newest followers--so glad you're here! And I want to send a huge "thank you" to all of my dear friends who leave comments or send emails just to say "hi" or to tell me that my blog has inspired them in some way. I truly appreciate each and every one of you so very much.

Happy Labor Day weekend to my U.S. stitching friends--I hope you'll find many relaxing moments to sit and stitch a while. I'll be working at the library on Saturday (oh, the life of a public servant!), so my weekend will be a bit shorter, but I'm still looking forward to a nice picnic dinner on Monday with my family. Hopefully, I'll be back soon! Bye for now...


Annie said...

Blogging less, but stitching more... not a bad combination. And you certainly haven't lost your knack for composing great posts!

The sunflower collection is so cheery. Beautiful finishing as always. I love the colors on the Chatelaine sunflower. They really pop! And what fun to get that surprise flatfold to complement your work.

The NC photos make the place look very inviting. A great getaway (although not exactly peaceful with that size group!).

Have a great Labor Day holiday, Ms. Public Servant! The violins are coming out shortly.

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Carol, your new blog entry is AMAZING! It was my greatest pleasure to read and watch the photos. I LOVE all your sunflower designs, but Heart In Hand: "Sunflower Sampler" most of all. Thank you very much for posivite and inspiration!
Hugs, Tatyana

Angie Burrett said...

Lovely lovely blog - beautiful sunflowers, and your holiday pictures great. Thanks for such an inspiring blog! Have a good Labour Day weekend.

Mavi. said...

Hola Carol: se te echaba de menos. Pero como has aparecido con tanta labor hecha y tan bonita no se tendrá en cuenta. Puedo elegir dos? ellos son: Sampler Sunflower y el de Lizi en count 4O ummmmmmm.
Maravillosas las fotos de las vacaciones de verano en familia, que bonitos lugares. El sol con los años a mi marido le pasa lo mismo que a ti y a nuestra hija y eso que ella es joven.
La vida del funcionario público en España está difícil, yo lo soy.

Hi Carol: I missed you. But as has appeared in such work done and so pretty is not taken into account. I can pick two? They include: Sunflower Sampler and 4O count of Lizi in ummmmmmm.
Wonderful photos for the family summer vacation, that beautiful places. The sun over the years my husband feels the same to you and our daughter and that she is young.
The life of a public official in Spain is difficult, I am.

Elia said...

Hello Carol,
you can not imagine what I like your work in August, at the end you have time to embroider many and each more beautiful!
I like sunflowers, I always like to plant some in the garden, for decoration!
I congratulate you for the photos of the beach, I miss her, many years ago that I should not floor ...

Enjoy these days, this end of summer
and thanks for this nice post!

besos y abrazos


Mavi. said...

I do not know where I will continue blogging older, for now I'm on it.

Margaret said...

All of your finishes are wonderful, as is the present from your friend. You are always amazing! The family reunion sounds like it was lots of fun -- and how nice that your sons stayed the whole time! Bummer about the rash though. Sorry you have to work on Saturday. As for blogging -- blogs should be fun, not work. So blog when you want to! :D I always love seeing posts from you though, so I hope you do continue with it for a long time to come!

CATHI said...

Lovely finishes! And you had certainly a wonderful holiday!


Barb said...

Your needlework is spectacular! You are, indeed, a very talented and creative lady! I always love to see what you have cross- stitched and how you have finished them. You are amazing and such an inspiration. (I love sunflowers, too, such happy 'faces')

Your family reunion photos are gorgeous - thank you for sharing them with us!

Happy Labor Day!

Vickie said...

Hi Carol! Lovely photos. So glad you had a whole week with all your sons. =) I like the PS June block and Manuela's Sunflower the best. They are all so carefully crafted. You always inspire me!

Isobel -Argante- said...

love this blog...
how many wonderful works...

The Primitive Hare

priscilla said...

Gorgeous ! Love them all ! They are all finished so cute ( as always ) ! How fun to have all your family in the same house ! Can't wait to see next months bowl !

Shelly said...

Great finishes! I like the PS Birdhouse and that cording is perfect and pretty. I never loose my blogging mojo but I never seem to get in more than 2 posts in a month! I kind of like to have something stitchy to show and to talk about. That beach looks really inviting; I could go for that right now!

And a great Labor Day weekend back at ya!

Kate said...

Carol, I just love your sunflower stitcheries!!!! You didn't blog for a month but look at all the stitching you did .... I think there is a lesson in there for me (smile).
I really enjoyed the photos - what a lovely spot.

Ellen said...

Gorgeous! I love sunflowers too!

Thank you for sharing your reunion photos, the house looks great!

Happy Labor Day!


Gabi said...

Funny now you mention it. When life becomes to hectic, I tend to land into a blogging blah. But never thought about when I might stop blogging. Come on....we're continuing until they have to drag us away from the keyboard!!!!
LOVE all your beautiful finishes. And they looks so very lovely together in that bowl. It looks all so Summer and happy.
Great to hear you had a great time away. Sorry that you've developed a sun allergy. I got some problems with that in Italy. Hopefully it stays away from now on.
Love the pictures from the beach.
Looking forward to see the rest

Elizabeth Ann said...

Wow I love those sunflower designs! And I even love those real sunflowers more. All I got planted this year was grass, hopefully next year I can have some flowers. Your letters to us are worth waiting for, we wait patiently to see your beautiful cross stitch treasures.....

Julie said...

How can I pick a favourite, they are all so pretty and wonderful.
What a great idea to vacation as a family, what fun you must have all had and so wonderful your boys were all there with you. Such special memories of happy times to keep your heart filled till the next one.
Beautiful gift from Linda to adorn your August sunflower bowl.
Much love to you Carol x

Karyn said...

Oh Carol, your Sunflower finishes are just beyond gorgeous! I love each and every one, and was inspired by them all.
Your summer has been a fully packed one so far, and your family reunion sounds wonderful, and to have it work out 28 years in a row! You are so blessed :)I love the pics.
I adore your blog, and am happy to read it whenever you feel like posting, your writing style is so wonderful. I often find that I get in a slump and lose my blog mojo for a bit, and so I just don't...I think that blogging should be without obligation and for your enjoyment more than anyone else, more or less like a journal. I will blog as long as I enjoy it and for now I just adore ya'll so much that I will never quit, even if I don't post each there ya go, my opinion :)
Have a great day and thanks for the share.

Melody said...

Hi Carol. What a wonderful post filled with news...

I feel like an infrequent blogger as well. But, your sunflower finishes are lovely! I think your monthly bowl is such a great idea. I have stitched the PS sunflower sampler and it has been one of my favorites for years.

Your NC vacation spot looks fabulous. I want to go there to visit sometime. I chuckled when I read that you will be working at the library this Saturday. I will as well. So, my Labor Day weekend will not be a long one either.
I will think of you while at work on Saturday...

Thanks for sharing your news and your beautiful sunflower finishes with us.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous August finishes for your bowl, Carol! The sunflower pieces are so bright and cheerful! I love how you finished each and every one of them.

Thanks for sharing pictures from your Nags Head trip!

As you know, I love reading and viewing your blog! It is such a pleasure to see a new post from you!

Robin in Virginia

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

As you said Carol, your blogging blahs definitely did not affect your stitching . Those are lovely designs you have stitched for August and your sunflowers are fantastic. We have had awful summer weather here in the uk,and I have not seen any sunflowers nearly as good as yours.
How great to have a holiday each year to catch up with loved ones and it must have been so lovely to have your three sons with you for a whole week.
I do sometimes wonder how long I will keep up with my blog. I have thought I may have a break at some point, especially recently, with so much going on here. I still love visiting blogs though, I remember how excited I was when I realised that there was a stitching blog world out there and I was introduced to so many different designers through other bloggers' stitching,yours being one of them,but it is no good blogging if your heart isn't in it,so I'd blog when you feel like it. I'll look out for your updates in 'my favourite blogs' column:):)

Laurie in Iowa said...

You may not have been blogging, but you sure have been doing a lot of stitching and finishing. All your smalls look fabulous.
Your family vacation looked fabulous too!

butterfly said...

I have been waiting to see all your August stitching goodies, and once again they are all beautiful, I love every one of them, they are all so pretty.
Oh no Carol you can not stop blogging, what would I do without my dear friend who inspires me with every blog.
Now I have got to keep stitching well into my 80s and over to stitch all the wonderful charts I have.
Once you past 60 you keep on going, it's all in the mind about age. Did I show you on my blog the lady who was 104 still stitching beautiful things.
Looks like you had a great time away what a beautiful beach house. Oh that would be my dream.

BrendaS said...

Carol -- I so understand what you mean about blogging. I've felt the same way the last several months too:) Hopefully it will pass.

Your finishes are just beautiful. I always admire the clever way you put things together and your stitching is perfection! Love the over 1 that you do.

The family vacation/reunion looks like it was wonderful. So glad you are able to get together like that. Great Memories....

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hope you find time to pick up needle and thread.

Ann said...

Hi Carol,
I can understand that you sometimes don't wanna blog (my blogging activity in July and August also went downhill :-).
I also love sunflowers and can't pick a favourite. They are all soo beautifull!
It looks to me you had a great holiday with your family!
Have a nice weekend!

Lanie said...

Hi Carol! Don't sunflowers make everybody happy ... I just love them! Thank you for sharing your "sunflowers" with us. Each one is just as charming as the next and your finishes are fabulous as always!
In today's world with families scattered from coast to coast, how nice that yours takes time every summer to gather and enjoy one anothers company. Your pictures are beautiful!

LoriU said...

Great blog post Carol! I love the Crows Treat piece, especially the gingham!

What a nice vacation. I am glad your sons were able to spend it with you!

Mary said...

Your sunflowers are beautiful, Carol. Each one is lovely but my favorites are the PS birdhouse and HIH sampler.
As always, your finishes are wonderful!

Your special sunflower flatfold from Linda is the perfect complement to your August bowl.

I'm glad that you had a good vacation with your family. Carolina will always be special to me, because we have so many happy vacation memories spent there with our kids.

You are my stitching (and blogging) inspiration so I'm happy to see that your mojo "downtime" was short-lived!
Your blogging and stitching talents do you proud my friend...

I wish you many more years of the same :)


msmartello said...

Great finishes Carol! They are all my favorite, I can't pick just one because you finish them so cute. Your trip looked like a slice of heaven.
My weekends are always short since I work every Saturday. I took a vacation day on Sept 22 for my husband's birthday and I can't wait. looking forward to a little getaway this weekend afterwork Sat since it is a holiday Mon. Have a great holiday. Maureen

Cole said...

Oh what beautiful stitching AND finishing Carol! I think your Sunflower Sampler finish is my favorite!

Looks like you've had a fantastic August!

Shirlee said...

Carol! I love your little sunflower pillows ... each & every one! Your stitching is so beautiful & your finishing is a dream! I wish I could be as good & creative at finishing & as quick to stitch as you are : ) As for blogging, I haven't ran into a blogging slump yet (I've been at it for a little over a year now). At this point I truthfully can see myself still blogging at 80 or 90 but who knows where modern technology will take us by then. I really enjoyed your post : )

Charlene ♥ NC said...

You were missed, but I knew you were traveling and partying! So glad you had a great time with your kids and family - you certainly deserved it after this wearing year.

My favorite in this batch is 'Crow's Treat.' As always, all your finishes are beautiful.

Enjoy the short weekend! I'm looking forward to it in the long version, too.

Ali said...

Loving all your makes and your gift - my favourite is the Sunflower sampler xx

Giovanna said...

What a great collection of sunflower finishes, well done!

Tracey said...

What beautiful stitching and gorgeous finishing! I wish I could finish as well as you-especially those cute little pillows. Your OBX pics are lovely- I love the beach- I only live an hour and a half away from Atlantic Beach and haven't been there all summer. :( Maybe in the fall.. it won't be so crowded then anyway. ;)

Tricia T said...

Beautiful stitching this month, Carol! I like the little alphabet sampler and the Homespun Elegance ones best, I think - but that's being really picky because I love them all! I often consider stopping my blogging. When life gets busy, or when I'm reading and blogging more than actually doing the things I'm reading or blogging about! Blogging is an obligation I put on myself, so it is the first to go when I feel my life is getting out of balance. : )



Cath said...

Totally gorgeous finishes. I think the Heart in Hand one is my favourite , just love the way you've done that one.X

Beth said...

Couldn't begin to pick a favorite - they are all wonderful - what a great basket of smalls you have for this month!

Daffycat said...

Carol, I tried and tried to pick a favorite one this month but I can't...they are all too wonderful! Each one is more perfect than the last. The sunflowers theme is darling and your finishes are all so precious. Good work!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Carol, a visit with you is always the highlight of my day and this visit was wonderful. I love all the sunflowers and I'd have to say my favorite is the birdhouse. Your vacation pictures make me wish I was right there with you too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Hugs!

Michele said...

Waving Hi!! Nice to see you back :)

I adore sunflowers and your stitched designs are lovely! I decorate in September with sunflowers .. can't wait to get my sunflowers out to enjoy.

Lovely gift from Linda! It's perfect :)

Mouse said...

cooo I survived all the writing , drooled over all those gorgeous finishes ... and yes you do inspire me and lovely gift you got too :)
and wow can I come to that beach for my hols too
take care and can't wait to see your next showings :) love mouse xxxx

Jackie said...

I'll be back to read and don't want to miss a word. A little girl expect to see me at the bus stop. LOL.

Lesleyanne said...

Your August Sunflower finishes are all GORGEOUS. Couldn't possibly pick a favourite. A beautiful gift too. Sounds like you family vacation was great - lovely pictures. I hope you don't stop blogging as I LOVE seeing your finishes - can't wait too see September's finishes.

passionfruitprincess said...

Oh Carol, it is always a pleasure reading your posts! But I know, sometimes it's hard to write a post.
Talking about that I need to write one :)
Your vacation pictures are lovely! So wonderful spend time with loved ones in such a beautiful place.
I love all your sunflowers. Girl, your collection of ornaments is growing prettier every day.
Have a great weekend!

valerie said...

Oh my much wonderfulness in this post. I just love all your sunflower finishes. Did you stitch all these this month?! How in the world do you do that?! I am suffering from stitching withdrawal! Linda was so sweet to send you that flatfold too. I think my fave is the PS with the colorful bird. I've never seen that one before.

Looks like you had a wonderful time in NC...the view is amazing!I think your rash is heat rash. I get it too when I go to hot/tropical environments. Isn't it maddening?!

SilverCuteDwarf said...

Carol, everything is very beautiful, as always! Especially I like "Sunflower Sampler"

Anonymous said...

Loved all of your sunflower finishes~missed reading your blog but you sure wrote a great one...enjoyed it! Don't give up blogging!

Evelyn in VA

Jackie said...

Hi Carol,
It is always a pleasure to see you posts with finishes.
I have two favorites, The Heart in Hand Sunflower Sampler for the colors of the fabby and Crows Treat by Homespun Elegance for the blackbird in the design. They really all are beautiful as the usually are including the gift from Linda that was finished by Vonna.
Your Sunflower gardens bloomed very nice too. I love very large Sunflowers. They are a very dramatic and striking flower.
Looks and sound you had a wonderful time at the reunion spending time with your family.
I think maybe you were getting sunburn with the rash. Do you think so?
Humm…what keeps one to continue to blog? Hummm...When one does not get much traction, LOL, It has to be self-motivation along with my projects and stitching I work on.
I look forward to seeing the gifts you've finished and enjoy your picnic dinner after work this weekend. I will be thinking of you.
Take care and I really enjoyed reading your post.
Blessings and hugs,

Rowyn said...

I love all of your sunflower finishes Carol. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be the PS Birdhouse - but they really are all lovely.

I received an invitation to a dinner recently printed on a seed packet, with sunflower seeds inside. I can't wait to grow them and hope they grow as large as your ones. 12 feet? Amazing!!

I started my blog in 2005, and sometimes wonder how long I will continue too. I definitely don't update as often as I have in the past. I just blog when I have the urge or something to share that I think others might like to see.

I loved your beach holiday photos. Nags Head looks just beautiful with all that golden sand and not too many other beach goers (just how I like it!).

Gabriele said...

Beautiful as ever!
Hugs from germany, Gabi

Valma said...

coming here and read your posts is always like sitting in a comfortable armchair, a cup a coffee close to me and starting to read a good book =)
even if it's only once per month =)
I made a break too in blogging those days...but shame on me I also made a break in my stitching :-/
maybe because of the Summer, or because we need to make breaks sometimes...
Anyway, your August bowl worth the waiting =)
It's amazing once again ! I love all your pieces (and the one you received from Linda !!) but my favourite is heart in hand =D
How cute !!!
it seems you had a great family reunion, the place was ... Paradise non ?? =)
it's great you had all your sons with you, moments we won't exchange against anything ! so happy for you
can't wait to see your next pieces
big big hugs

Jola said...

Piękne hafty. Serdecznie pozdrawiam. Jola

Chris said...

Hey Carol!!
So glad to hear from you. I think that this time of year everyone is so busy it is hard to sit down and write. You have definitely been busy!
What a lovely month of finishes. I love your group of sunflower stitching. I would like to do a pear christmas ornament group, but i would need to be more organized than I am to accomplish it. It is just something that I think about.
I love the piece Linda sent you. How wonderful.
I end up with that rash thing in the sun too. What is that about?? Ugh! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

Libby said...

Love the sunflowers. Watching the display come together every month has been so much fun.

I'm looking forward to seeing your fall and Christmas choices.


Shari said...

wow, not sure which one I like the amaze me everytime I look at your blog.....
you have such a way with shows in your comments!
And your stitching/finishing is just amazing......gorgeous!!!
have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I love reading your blog, everything is always presented so beautifully. Your beach photos make me miss the beach and fresh air - my favourite stitch is the Prairie Schooler Birdhouse - big hugs from me for a beautiful blog, cute patterns and pretty finishings! : )

pj said...

Carol, you are so generous with your posts and pictures that we cannot miss out on one month of your stitching for the bowl!!!! Thanks for keeping us up to date and we love all your finishes. I am so glad you wrote such an inspiring note on your blog as usual and hope you continue to share~~~~

It is obvious that your followers just love to sit down and read each and every one of your making a new friend!

Your sunflowers are gorgeous and that was such a great "subject" for the month of August. I love the PS design but all of them turned out so nice! You have been busy stitching so we can wait for this eye candy .... just don't miss a month! I love the "bowl" idea and hope to do some of the same maybe in 2013...put it on the calendar each month (but I may only get one finished a month)....:)

hugs, pam

Jeanne said...

Another winning combination Carol! So hard to pick a favorite as I love them all..but the piece by Homespun Elegance I think takes my vote this month, love the black accents on it.

Yes I find it hard to keep blogging sometimes for various reasons...many times have contemplated hitting the big delete button but I keep on chugging. I hope people continue to blog and not all go to Facebook or something like that. Sometimes I miss the old stitching bulletin boards that used to be so active but they kind of went by the wayside when people started blogging. What keeps me going is the sharing with other stitchers...since I don't have my own local group of stitchers I just have my virtual stitch buddies to understand my love of stitching!

Linda said...

Hi Carol. All I can say is wow. Your stitching and finishing are absolutely gorgeous. I love them all and can't pick just one. (I am so jealous, I sure wish I could do finishes like all of yours) Congrats on all the great finishes.


Sweet Sue said...

Hi there, great August finishes Carol. So glad to know I'm not the only one who sees scraps, napkins and such as valuable stash for finishing. Glad you had a nice time at the beach. I'll be in Sodus Point on Sunday. Enjoy the holiday weekend as best you can, with needle in hand:) xoxo

Giovi's Creations said...

Carol, I really love your mini - pillows. All they are so beautiful! Your real sunflowers look great too:) Congrats for your gift! Cheers

Giovi (in Barcelona, again)

Portal do Ponto Cruz said...

Hi there!

I'm here to inviting you to meet my cross stitch blog "Portal do Ponto Cruz". It's originary from Brazil but you can translate it online and many stuff speaks for itself! =)
Joy it in!

Sally said...

Your sunflower finishes are all beautiful, so bright and cheery.

Your photographs are stunning.

Teresa S. said...

As usual all of your stitching is lovely, Carol. And your finishing is inspiring!

My favorite is PS Summer and Winter block but it was a tought choice!

Looks like a beautiful place for a family reunion!

Jennifer M. said...

I love Sunflowers! All of your August finishes are fabulous. That was a perfect theme. The pics of the beach you stayed at are beautiful too. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family.

Already looking forward to your next update. :)


Lynn B said...

Hi Carol,

Wow your stitching is gorgeous, everything you make is sooo lovely! I have had a long break from blogging but hopefully I will be back in October to carry on where I left off. I only stopped because I was working temporarily, however, I missed my stitching and can't wait to start again.

Wishing you lots of best wishes and hugs from across the pond!

Lynn B

Wanda said...

Hi Carol:
Your August finishes are as spectacular as always! I am glad you had a wonderful August full of lots of fun family events (and some stitching time!) I love to read your blog but would never wish it to feel a burden to you so you should blog according to what fits with your life. The gifts of inspiration you have provided are truly priceless and there can never be enough thanks for them.
I really like all of the August finishes but I think my favourite is Prairie Schooler crow from Book 91 (maybe because I have a 'thing' for crows). Happy September! Wanda

AnaCristina said...

hello carol! are you embroidering cross stitching for the halloween?

Catherine said...

Wow, Carol! It doesn't matter how often you post, as your posts are always such a pleasure to read and full of stitchy eye candy! Maybe it's just the summer weather we've been having, as I have had a hard time posting too. At least you have some stitching and finishing done ~ I'm missing my mojo on that too!
Your bowl of finishes is adorable!! You seem to outdo yourself every month!! I may just try this next year, maybe...
How wonderful that your sons were able to join you for the whole week! It must be nice to have a family that gathers every year. Hugs!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh I love your pictures, very beautiful, bisous de france

Nicola said...

Your sunflowers are just gorgeous!! Love the PS ones in particular. How I wish they wouldn't discontinue their designs, I always seem to fall in love with the OOP ones.

I know that feeling about blogging less, I've been meaning to post for some time now, but haven't got around to it. However, I have still been stitching and a post will be coming soon.

Ms. Wright said...

Love the pieces this month, Carol. You've certainly been very busy stitching. The sun flower pieces are just always. Thanks for sharing your work...makes me feel as if I'm actually seeing it in person.

Michelle said...

Your sunflowers are just gorgeous!!

Nicky said...

You might be blogging less, but the content is still fantastic. Your sunflowers are all incredible, and as always, your finishing is perfect! Your family holiday tradition is a great one, must be so neat to know you will always have that time to spend together in a beautiful place.

Myra said...

I have been looking forward to seeing your sunflower finishes and you sure didn't disappoint me. I love, love the fabric and trim you used for the PS piece - it sets it off so nicely. I enjoyed seeing your pics of the coast too.

Shirley said...

I have just started blogging again after a very long gap but it wasn't because I lost my mojo but because I have been without a computer for ages. I just love your work, so pretty, I love sunflowers too.
All the best,

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG I love sunflowers and what a fantastic theme for August!!! All of your finishes are darling!

Michelle said...

The Sunflower theme is so great! Love all your stitches and the finishing is absolutely perfect!

Hilda said...

Dear Carol,
oh what a pitty, that you lost your blogging mojo. I really hope it will come back to you because I love your blogposts soooo much. But of course I do understand it. Especially if there are so many other things to do and think of in ones life, you do not have many place for thinking about the next blog post. But - as long as I do miss it, when I did not write a post for a longer time - I will go on blogging .... and who says, that only one post per month is too few ;-)
If it is that interesting and full with so many adorable finishes, it is just right!!

I love all your sunflower finishes. It is really not possible to decide which one is the cutest! And they look gorgeous all together in the bowl!

Have a wonderful September, my dear friend!


Meari said...


Your finishes are always so beautiful! I get a lot of inspiration :)

I've been thinking about how long I'll be blogging, too. Every once in a while, I seem to run out of blogging ideas. I hope you don't give it up too soon... I really enjoy reading yours.

What a great vacation. I'm always so envious of families who do vacations like that. (My family doesn't) I think it would be so much fun to do that.

Annette said...

I often lost my blog mojo.. take a little break, start missing it and then enough energy to do it again.
I love it so more, seeing what others make.. sharing what I make..
I reallu love blogging.
I hope to do it as long as I can!!

As always I love all your pieces.. so beautifull stitched and swen.

Your Sunflowrs are wonderfull

Wow what a awesome pics.. looks like ou had a wonderfull time!!!

Have a great weekend

Edit said...

Oh Carol, these sunflower finishes... I could not chose a favourite, they are all so lovely!!! I was really looking forward to see your August bowl :)

Looks like you had a busy August, and a nice time at the seaside with family. I miss so much going to the sea this year, we try to go once every year and this year all the things that happened made it impossible :( But sure we will go next year and it will be even more special! :)

Have a great weekend,

Karoline said...

Your August finishes are gorgeous, congratulations.

You got a beautiful gift from Linda & your holiday photos are lovely

Anne said...

Ooooh those sunflowers are lovely and bright and happy! I can't pick a favourite because they are all amazing, including your finishing and your eye for detail! I love your real sunflowers too!! As for the blogging bit, I often think how long I will blog for. I suppose until I feel it's time to stop? Which I don't foresee doing anytime soon. I hope you don't too cause I love your posts!!

Those photos from your trip are amazing. How wonderful to relax by that glorious beach! I'm the same as you with the sun and heat, I get so exhausted and I get blisters on my decoupage and ears :( I always have to put sunscreen on those parts...the rest of me browns though. Can't wait to see your new Christmas ornament!!



Kathy Ellen said...

It looks like you had a perfectly wonderful vacation on the beach in that fabulous house, but I can't imagine sharing it with such a huge crowd! Sorry that you suffered from the sun rash:(

As always, waiting for your posts are always well waiting for.....each and every one of your beautiful sunflower designs are so special and so uniquely finished.


Rachel S-H said...

Pretty, cheery finishes! Your vacation shots are lovely.

Berit said...

I love your before-and-afters. My favorite "before" is of course the PS, but the after amazed me by having the birdhouse shoot from last to far-and-away first thanks to your use of that gorgeous cord with jaunty corner bow! :o

For me, it just makes it. :D

What wonderful vacation pictures! I think that salmon house is squeal-worthy enough to be Yellow House Class! What a beautiful family tradition; thanks for sharing.

Miss LindaLee said...

Oh my goodness! I just love your blog. What a great place to come and visit. With a cup of coffee for sure. I love it here. Keep up the great job.

Your stitching is beautiful, and I love the way you chooses a theme and then jump in and go for it.

I'll be back often for sure!
Cross’N My Stitches

♥ Nia said...

It's not about the quantity... but the quality ;) heheheh But I hope your blogging mojo is back because I love to read your posts and see your works :D
Don't do that to us again, ok? ;) eheheh

What???? You're too young to think about when to stop blogging! Life's short! Don't worry so soon ;) Enjoy it as long as it's fun :D

I always kive ALL your finishes!! :D
PS Birdhouse is lovely! My favorite on this post, for sure :D

ooohhhh beautiful place!! I can see you had a great vacation :D
Have I told you how much I love the beach? ;) heheheh For me.. that looks like heaven on earth! :D

Hugs&Smiles to you :)

Lillie said...

Envy ! Envy! Envy! I just adores all your sunflower designs and finishing including the real ones. I always wanted to plant sunflowers but never got around to it, thou I have the seeds.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful beach photos, lovely.

Sometimes when life took over everything else and I've gone MIA or when I have no stitching to share I wonders too.

Welcome back and lets grow 80 together! LOL My mom just celebrated her 80th.

Solstitches said...

Another fabulous post Carol. You never fail to delight with your monthly basket of goodies.
I love all of your beautiful finishes.
They are all gorgeous of course but I alwaus have a favourite and this time it is the Homespun Elegance Crows Treat. I'm just loving the gingham fabric and black ric rak.
Beautiful gift from Linda.
Wonderful beach pics. I'm sure it is a distant memory now.


Anonymous said...

My name is Sarah and I'm with Dwellable. I was looking for blog posts about the Outer Banks to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, drop me a line at Sarah(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you :)

Brigitte said...

Your family-get-together must have been absolutely great, at such a wonderful place. When else do you usually have the chance to be together with cousins and aunts and uncles?
Your August bowl is filled with the most beautifully stitched and finished sunflower items.

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful collection of sunflower stitching you have done. I couldn't pick a favourite, I think I love them all.

Lynn said...

I'm so woefully late with my comments lately! I seem to have lost my blogging mojo and frequently think about when I will quit blogging. I seem to get in my posts but have very little time for commenting now.

Your sunflower finishes are stunning!! I think my favourite is Crow's Treat. Your finishing is impeccable. I really wish I had your initiative!

Veronica said...

Oooh... Sunflowers! Love every single one of your finishes. What a great gift from Linda too. So hard to pick a favourite. Maybe Manuela's Sunflower? It never caught my eye until I saw your finish. By the way, where can I find the trim you used for the Birdhouse ornament? It's so lovely and I'd love to get some for myself. Thanks!


Valentina said...

I'm soo late in commenting on this lovely post Carol, sorry. What can I say, another bunch of nice ornaments, all perfectly finished!

Kay said...

I love the sunflower theme! They are all so very beautiful