Saturday, November 18, 2023

Thankful for life's simple things

Happy Thanksgiving week to all of my friends here in the United States! I'm sure those of you who are hosting the feast on Thursday are busy shopping for ingredients, prepping what you can in advance, cleaning the house, and crossing things off your to-do list. I have to admit that I've relished the extra time I've had this year without any obligations at all for Thanksgiving. I've spent time bringing  Christmas decorations down from the attic, organizing card lists, planning menus, and even buying a few presents. I'm hoping that by the time December rolls around, I'll be able to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of this special season. Without a doubt, this is the earliest I've begun preparing for Christmas. How about you? Are you holding off until after Thanksgiving (as I usually do) or have you begun checking things off your list of holiday tasks? Or are you one of those rare people who have everything already done?

Before I get to my stitching, I just want to take a few moments to thank all of you who left supportive comments or took the time to send an email urging me to keep on blogging. Some of your comments left me a bit teary-eyed and all touched my heart. It wasn't just that one horrid comment that I received that has me thinking about signing off... there are many things that have been bothering me over the past year. January 2024 will mark 15 years of blogging for me--pretty good I'd say, as I've seen many blogs come and go during that time. But, I'm tired of adjusting to the changes to the Blogger format, fed-up with how difficult they've made it to comment on certain blogs (including mine I'm told!), and just kind of worn out. I'm getting older--I begin my last year in my 60's in two months.  For now, I'll keep going, but there will come a time when I'll say adieu and I promise--absolutely promise--that I will let you know and say a proper goodbye. 

I've never been this far behind in my monthly Christmas ornament challenge! But, I'm almost caught up and I thought you'd enjoy seeing my two latest cuties. For September (yes! I'm that far behind!), I stitched "Merry Christmas 2012" by The Victoria Sampler. This is one of the charts that can be found in the 2012 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue (on page 71). It is stitched on 28 ct. dove gray Monaco with DMC threads. Although there wasn't a ton of stitching involved, this one was not my favorite to stitch... Do you see all those tiny reindeer and the sled carrying Santa? All are stitched over one. I love the final effect, though, and the sweet snowy town that they are flying over. To make it an oval finish, I added many more snowflakes. I like the blue checked backing fabric--it's nice to have an ornament now and then that doesn't scream red or green, don't you think?

"Merry Christmas 2012" from the 2012 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue


October brought yet another blue ornament and one I've wanted to stitch for many years. Just recently, a friend lent me her chart so I was finally able to check that one off my list. This is an older design by The Trilogy called "Secret Snowdrift." It's stitched on 40ct. woodland brown Newcastle using a variety of overdyed threads and DMC. I just love the six snowmen being blown about by the swirling snow--and check out those two little penguins peeking out! Adorable! This originally came out in kit form and I believe you can still purchase it. There is a lot going on in this piece so I kept the finish simple--the back is a blue flannel material from one of my son's old shirts and the blue cording is tied in a simple bow at the top. I also added a silver snowflake charm for a bit of sparkle. What do you think?

My finish of "Secret Snowdrift" by The Trilogy

Here are my September and October ornaments all ready for my tree... Just two more to go--can I finish by December? Yes... I... Can!

September and October ornaments for 2023


Since we aren't hosting Thanksgiving this year, I only put out a portion of my Thanksgiving stitching for a small display. The sideboard next to my kitchen table is perfect as we get to enjoy these pieces while eating our meals. I already posted these next photos on Instagram and some were surprised that this was just a "portion" of my Thanksgiving stitching. Yes, I only put out the easily accessed pieces this year--the ones I keep in an old dresser drawer in one of my guest bedrooms. The others are in boxes piled high in a closet and I was simply to lazy to get them out this month :)

Thanksgiving display for 2023

How about some close-ups? If you have any questions as to what the names of certain designs are, you can go to this post last year where I named all of my Thanksgiving pieces. Links are provided to each finish so you can learn more details. 

My favorite piece is the large Prairie Schooler turkey in the brown frame.

So, tell me... do you have a favorite? Mine is that classic Prairie Schooler turkey surrounded by the fall leaves  the last photo. I just love him! But, that tiny pouch stitched on black is a close second. Do you stitch for Thanksgiving? I try to do a piece or two each year, but, unfortunately, wasn't able to add to my collection this year.

Although we aren't hosting Thanksgiving, my husband and I were both craving pumpkin pie! That is a must-have for the two of us each year--along with pecan pie. But, I'll let you in on a little secret--I hate pie crust! I hate the taste of it and hate making it even more! I've never had a pie crust that I like and often leave most of it on my plate and only eat the inside of a pie. But, I've found a perfect solution--a crustless pumpkin pie! And a delicious one at that... It was so easy and saved so much time (and aggravation!) when compared to rolling out and transferring a tender pie crust into the baking tin. I found the recipe on the site "Cupcakes & Kale Chips" right here. I know this will become my new go-to for holiday desserts; in fact, I plan on making it again for Christmas! Give it a try and let me know what you think...

A yummy crustless pumpkin pie and an older (2005!) fall finish: Bent Creek's "Leaf"

I think you know by now that it's the simple things in life that I treasure... time with my dear family, a good book, the way the sunlight plays in autumn, a piece of music that moves me to tears, the smell of something yummy baking in the oven, the feel of the fabric as my needle and thread weave tiny x's while I sit quietly stitching. When we visited my little grandson earlier this month, I enjoyed another of life's simple things--something I hadn't done in many, many years: jumping in a big pile of freshly raked leaves. I think you can tell from the smiles on our faces how much joy this simple act brought us all. 

One of life's simple pleasures: jumping in the leaves with my sweet grandson

So, look for the simple things in life--they're all around you and bound to bring a smile to your day. I wish each of my U.S. friends a blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family. Through all the discord and disasters and discontent that the world has experienced lately, we still have much to be grateful for right here in our own back yards. And, as always, I'm so very thankful for the friendship of my fellow stitchers over the years. Whether a new reader or one of my oldest friends, I appreciate each of you. Bye for now...

Mister B (that tiny speck in blue in the lower left corner!) flying a kite on a beautiful autumn afternoon in Maryland


Gabi said...

Good morning Carol, sitting here with a cup of coffee and reading your new post. Your stitching is as wonderful as ever. You inspire me always. The snowmen are really cute.
What fun you had jumping into the leaves. I did that too when I was young. Today, I would like to do but getting up ......
Wish you a wonderful week,
hugs, Gabi

butterfly said...

Hi Carol ,
Love your 2 new ornaments the finish looks fab.
Great photo of the family in the leaves.
Have a wonderful Thanks giving my friend.
Hope you have a wonderful time hugs June.

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

Dear Carol
how right you are!
Enjoying the small pleasures in life is where happiness truly lies.
Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday and I hope you enjoy this tradition.
Your decorative corner is adorable.
Many hugs from Spain

Marilyn said...

As always your ornament finishing is spot on!
I need to get out that VS & stitch it, it's so very pretty.
Love the Snowmen too.
Your display is so pretty, Yes, the PS is gorgeous, & i love the Hands On Give Thanks on that dark fabric.
Hmm, that pie sounds interesting.
What a cute pic of you, hubby, & Mr. B in the leaves. :)
We are going to a niece's for Thanksgiving this year.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Carol.
Take care.

Manuela said...

Hallo Carol,
deine beiden Weihnachtsfinishes sehen wunderschön aus. Meine Achtung, dass du einen Teil der Stickerei 1 über 1 gestickt hast. Eine wirklich süße Stickerei vom Weihnachtsmann mit seinem Schlitten. Das Motiv vom zweiten Finish kannte ich gar nicht. Ein richtig süße Stickerei mit den vielen Schneemännern.
Yummy schaut dein Kürbiskuchen aus.
Genieße die Thanksgiving Woche and a big Hugs Manuela

Robin in Virginia said...

Both of the ornaments you shared are beautiful, Carol. I really like the Snowmen one by The Trilogy. Hang it for Christmas and leave it out through January! I love your Thanksgiving display -- each piece is a beauty. The pictures of you in the leaves is precious as is the one of Mr. B flying a kite. Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I love your emails, everything you stitch is beautiful. Your finishes and displays are always so inspiring to me. Thank you for taking time to share. Blessings to you snd your family, this holiday season!

Stasi said...

Your Fall/Thanksgiving pieces are all so lovely, Carol...hard to pick a favorite!
I am thankful for your blog as it always makes me feel like I'm sitting down with an old friend and sharing what's important in our lives. We recently had a leaf raking event with our little guy...he wasn't too impressed until i started throwing them up in the air and yelling "whee"!!!
Enjoy your relaxed Thanksgiving!!!

Christina DErrico said...

Hi Carol
I always enjoy visiting with you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🧡🤎🧡
By the way I have added at least another ornament to my list😊♥️♥️

Rita H said...

So glad you will continue publishing your blog for a while longer … whatever that “while” turns out to be!
I love both of the ornaments and will begin my hunt for the charts after posting my comments!
I will definitely try the crust less pumpkin pie. I can take or leave the pie shell. I’m fact most times I leave a good portion of the crust. When I do bake my pumpkin pie, with a crust, I’m lazy using a refrigerated pre-made crust. Certainly miss my Mom’s flakey homemade crusts! Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

DebMac said...

I am a late comer to your blog, wish I had found you 15 years ago. But as age creeps up on us, we find we just have to adjust to the new reality. Notice I didn't say we had to like it. I always felt the Christmas season should start after Thanksgiving but the last couple of years my brain and body say it's OK to get a head start. Our son was a Thanksgiving baby so while not every year we celebrate that on Thanksgiving, I try to make sure his birthday doesn't get lost in the bigger celebrations. At almost 31, I don't know that he really cares anymore but after all we went through to get him here; I DO! One of many things to be thankful for. Our grandson and 5 month old puppy had a marvelous time with our leaves this year.I always enjoy seeing your finished ornaments. You come up with just the right finish for each. Happy Thanksgiving.

Vickie said...

Both ornaments are darling! The PS turkey is my favorite of yours. :) We will have a small Thanksgiving here this year. Brian, Madeleine, Emerson and I. That is fine. Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving to you all!

Kathy Horohoe said...

Hi Carol,

So good to read your post and see your two lovely ornaments for September and October. I've never seen them before and they are both very sweet. The snowman one is adorable, and yes, with my old eyes I had to search for the second penguin peeking out. Too cute! I love the photos you shared and the one of you all in the leaves certainly brings back lots of fun memories. I also remember when my family lived in an old antique home on 5 acres. It was during my middle and high school years, and the property had enormous trees of all types. Fall was always very beautiful, until the leaves started to fall of course. My mother loved raking leaves and would rake while we were at school. My dad hated raking leaves, so he bought rakes for all 6 of his children and every Saturday during the fall, we had to rake leaves in the morning before we could go anywhere or play with our friends, including my brother on the varsity football team. The poor dad had him raking leaves at 7:00 AM before he left for a game. I laugh about it now, but the leaves were endless for sure. God bless my mom who loved yard work of any kind!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jennifer said...

Blogging sure has changed - and it does seem to be a lot harder for the blogger and the reader these days. I always enjoy reading yours and am glad you will continue for now - but also understand there is a time for everything, including the end of blogging. Love your two new ornaments and I always see an additional detail when I see them here - today it was the penguins, I didn’t even notice them on IG! Wishing you a restful week and a very happy Thanksgiving- enjoy the early setup for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your monthly blog. Especially your new ornaments. I hope you continue to write you blogs. I look forward monthly to see your new ornaments & the way you decorate with your creations. It feels like I have new friends
Interested in my favorite hobby. I’ve never been outside of western US & I love to see pictures of your garden. Now Mr B is a joy to hear about and watch him grow so quickly. I also love your favorite PS turkey. I also stitched it & it’s one of my favorite stitched pieces. Wishing you & all followers a happy
Thanksgiving. Best wish to all.

stitchinrose said...

Hi, Carol
I really love your stitching, the way you finished them are amazing. I do hope you continue blogging for a long time to come, not only do I enjoy your stitching, but always finish your blog with a warm smile, always feels like I have visited an old friend. thank you in advance for letting us know when you will stop, always makes me said when people stop blogging without saying good bye. I always pray for them.

God bless you and yours. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Cathy H. said...

As always, love your ornaments! I haven't seen those snowmen before. They are so cute!

The picture of you all in the leaves is so much fun! It brings back memories of when our grandsons were young. We raked piles of leaves for them to jump in. I was taking pictures of them when I slipped and fell flat on my back. Thankfully no injuries! We all had a good laugh!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm thankful that you are continuing to blog, although I do know that it's time consuming and isn't an easy thing to do. When you decide to end it, I hope you'll continue to post your pictures on Instagram!

sandi s said...

You have made some beautiful cross stitch items! I love seeing them. I love the PS turkey. I don’t think I have ever seen it before. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs,

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Seeing a new post from you is one of the highlights of my mornings; always good to hear from you and see what you are stitching.

I'm sorry someone felt it necessary to type something so cruel; what is this world coming to. And I often hear of the same thing from women as well as men who have YouTube videos. And even though you don't know the sad person who feels that is necessary, I'm glad you know you are dearly loved and supported by the stitching community.

Most happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband.

LoriU said...

Hello Carol! Your two ornaments are so cute. The 1 over 1 looks great although I must admit, when I zoomed in it looked a little like rabbits pulling the sleigh LOLOLOL. I love the secret winter one. I so wish I had the eyesight for 40 count.

Happy Thanksgiving and I am glad you decided to keep posting for now. Although in the future you will still be able to use Instagram to show us your stitching!

Ps I do not like pie crust either!

M. said...

Belles décorations manuelles et tellement personnelle ! Je vous souhaite une belle journée de thanksgiving. Merci pour le lien recette du gâteau

Christel said...

Pas de Thanksgiving en France. J'ai commencé la semaine dernière a acheté certains cadeaux pour Noël. Je veux comme vous, pouvoir m'asseoir tranquillement en évitant la foule et profiter calmement de la chaleur de notre foyer. Je m'occuperai de descendre du grenier les décorations de Noël la première semaine de décembre.
En effet, j'ai vu toutes les modifications pour éditer un article et aussi pour laisser un commentaire sur blogspot. Cela ne me motive pas à reprendre le chemin du mien délaissé depuis plus de 18 mois... Donc ne suivez pas mon exemple, continuez le vôtre tant que vous le pouvez. Il est si bon de venir y flâner pour contempler vos ouvrages et avoir des nouvelles.
Bravo pour vos ornements de septembre et octobre. Les motifs sont superbes et les finitions tout autant. En bleu j'aime beaucoup.
Un bel assortiment de décorations pour l'automne. Impossible de faire un choix précis, elles sont toutes charmantes...
Je n'ai jamais fait de tarte à la citrouille, mais j'en fais du potage. Comme vous, maintenant je ne fais plus que des tartes sans croûtes, lorsque c'est possible.
ais oui, quoi de mieux que les choses simples..! Apprécier ce que nous avons, ce que la nature nous offre, et c'est le bonheur. Savoir profiter de chaque jour qui s'offre à nous.
Joyeux Thanksgiving à vous et votre famille.
Amitiés de France,

Katie said...

Sometimes a lazy holiday is nice to have. We went out today and gathered groceries. Just need accent salt so hopefully my local Walmart has it Wednesday. Two stops today we didn't find it. We were invited to my Grandparents which is nice. So we will get a large meal. I make deviled eggs to take. We are making some veggie dip for here and some oyster crackers with seasoning my son and hubby love to make. It should be a nice lazy time after Thursday though. Hubby is enjoying deer hunting this week as he took the time off.

We have planned where we are shopping. We are focusing more on experiences instead of things. We need to buy some things but not rushing it. We have several fun days planned ahead though full of shopping fun.

Hugs. Glad you are sticking around. I found out I had an issue with my cookies. I needed to clear my settings and start over. I've not had a problem with commenting after that. I can't imagine blog world without sweet Carol.

Kay said...

In every thing give thanks, on black fabric, this is my favourite ornament but it’s hard to choose. You have such a lovely collection of them. Your home must be beautiful all year round with your different displays.
Happy thanksgiving. We don’t celebrate it here in England but I am thankful for many things and it’s good to take time to think about it. I am thankful for my family, my dog, my stitching hobby and stash, candles, beautiful autumn colours, central heating, my duvet, cake and bread, books, and many more things. Enjoy your celebrations. X

Carol in Texas said...

Carol, this Carol in Texas always looks forward to each of your blog entries. When you decide to bring it to a close, I’ll miss you a lot, but I do understand your frustration with the changes in technology and it must take a lot of time to put together your wonderful blog entries. Your finishing is just gorgeous and I love the creativity of each one. Both of our sons and their families arrive today for the rest of the week. I have spent a lot of time cleaning, baking, planning, shopping. Blessedly both daughters-in-law provide a lot of the food and love to cook. It will be a chaotic time and when it gets underway I’ll enjoy it. And I’ll enjoy the quiet that will follow once they all head home! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I’ll try the crustless pie recipe….it’s my husband’s favorite pie. Thanks for all the information you share.

Barbara said...

Christmas preparations: I ordered our photo Christmas cards a month ago and they are now waiting to be addressed. Been thinking about what foodie gift(s) I’ll order on the Internet.

Ooooh! I would not like to see you stop blogging but I completely understand your frustrations with it. It has been come an unpleasant challenge at times. The loss of my Sweet Tea and Sandals blog this past summer being a prime example.

You asked our opinion on a favorite in your Thanksgiving display: I like them all but the round “Grateful Thankful Blessed” is my favorite because I like the novelty of a round circle finished piece.

You hate pie crust?!!!! But your photo of the crustless pumpkin pie is sooo attractive with the whipped cream adorning the edge.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving enjoying the simple things. I like things simple, too, more so as I have aged. And quiet. I don’t do noise very well, either.

MartinaM said...

15 years is a long time, you have written so many beautiful articles, even though I haven't been here that long, I like to look back at older reports and enjoy it. I'm happy about every month that you're here, but you can also understand each other very well when you think about saying goodbye. You have to do what is good for you.
You conjured up two beautiful new ornaments, really great.
I also think your Thanksgiving decorations were really well done and nice to look at.
Yes, you're right, it's the important little moments that go into your heart and remain as wonderful memories. You can't buy these little moments with all your money, and what's special about them is that they just happen and make you happy.
enjoy your Thanksgiving, your last days of November.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol -
I just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍽

Much joy and happiness to all of you.

Barb R. 🍁❤️

Bluebird said...

I enjoy reading your lovely blog, and always admire your stitching. I'm sorry I missed commenting on your last post; I certainly understand your frustrations with blogging, and of course 15 years is a long time. I often go back to your older posts to read those as well. I really appreciate all the time and care you put into your blog posts- thank you so much.
Your ornaments are both so pretty, and I love your Thanksgiving stitching display. My favorite is the large turkey as well. Prairie Schooler patterns are so classic and beautiful. I definitely agree that the simple things are the most important, and I do try to always remember that and be grateful. Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family.

SueH said...

You're right about the way blogging has changed over the years. I to have been been blogging for many years, first on Sue's Krafty Kards and then on I'd rather be Stitchin, but I don't have much of a following. I keep going thought because I appreciate those who do visit and it's my way of keeping track of what I'm up to!

Your ornaments are so cute and your Thanks giving display is very pretty. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your Pumpkin Pie!
Happy Stitching! Sue x

Alhana said...

Hello, Carol!
Just a quick message to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving from this side of the Ocean. Hope you have a great time together.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog from time to time. I hate pie crust. ☺️ I just bake the pumpkin inside in a pie tin and enjoy. Makes me happy

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

It is lovely to catch up on your blog Carol.My favourire ornament is a small one,The Woods are filled with....such gorgeous colours.I love Autumn
I am no no longer on social media,I was diagnosed with cancer early this year and all of my time and energy,the latter of which has been severely curtailed,has gone into dealing with treatment and doing my knitting and stitching,which bring me joy and peace.I am remaining positive,it is better for me and my loved ones and there are so many things to be thankful for.My care under our NHS has been wonderful
I have more treatment to go through in the New Year.My diagnosis came on the same day our younger son was told he was in remission from stage 4 cancer he was diagnosed with at 35 years old in August 2022.This was far,far harder to take in than my own diagnosis.He is 37 now and enjoying his little boys,now 6 and 2.His care in Berlin,Germany was exemplary and he became a favourite with the nurses because of his positive spirit.
Your blog has given so much pleasure and inspiration for so long,thank you.I am three years behind you in reaching my next milestone birthday,however,I have already tired of platform changes and a shift in social media that,I find over all,I do not like.
The stitching community has been the best one I have ever participated in and I am so glad I took the plunge and started Lesley's Stitching Diary' way back when.
I hope you both had a lovely Thanksgiving.
Take care x

Lesley uk

Jutta said...

Dear Carol,
Your two ornaments are beautiful, I really like your post, thank you for the great photos.
We also have a lot of piles of leaves here, but the leaves are wet and cold, how nice that you could take a bath in the leaves.
Have a nice weekend and kind regards from Jutta

Julie Wright said...

Glad you’re continuing the blog, Care. I know I see your posts on IG, but I always enjoy reading your more indepth blogs. 💗

Jackie's Stitches said...

How do you get your oval finishes so perfectly oval?

Not as many people are blogging and I know quite a few that have quit due to issues with blogger which is a shame. I still love reading them and while I love IG too, sometimes you just need to say more.

The photo of you, Mr. Stitching Dreams and Mr. B is probably my favorite photo of Mr. B ever!!!

We had a quiet Thanksgiving (they all seem quiet to me without my parents) with just 4 of us but it was good to have some quiet time with my sister and youngest son. To have some less hectic conversations where everyone can hear and participate.

Faith... said...

It is nice when you have no worries on a holiday except to show up for dinner! My daughter and grandson do the decorating and they usually do it on Black Friday but this year she had to work so I am not sure when it is going to happen. I am so happy that you decided to continue blogging, for a while anyway. Sometimes I am also ready to give it up but I just keep going and going sort of like the Energizer Bunny. I enjoy reading the blogs because you can really get to know people better and enjoy their work. When you decide to quit I do hope you will keep posting on Instagram for us.

That Santa flying through the sky with his reindeer is adorable. You always have the best finishing for your pieces. I also love the Snowmen! The snowflake is perfect for this piece. That is a lot of Thanksgiving pieces to only be a portion! :)

I agree about the pie crust so I will be looking up that recipe! What a great kite flyer Mr. B is! It looks like a beautiful area for him to be enjoying his day too.

Thanks for sharing Carol!

Shelly said...

I'm a little late in commenting! I could've swore I commented already. All your finishes are so cute! You're one of the best, right up there with Vonna. The prairie schooler turkey is gorgeous, gorgeous colors. My only contribution to Thanksgiving was buying the turkey breast, making fruit salad and buying a pie. My daughter did the turkey baking and the rest! It's kind of nice to pass on the torch. Take care Carol!

Anonymous said...

Your ornaments are going to be beautiful on your tree! Just love how you finished them.
Your fall display looks amazing. So much eye candy! The one I must add to my list of to do stitching is that beautiful PS Turkey, he is pretty cool.
How fun was that pic of you, your husband and Mister B! I remember times like that when Jordan was little. It makes one smile to think about those times.
I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving.

Robin said...

Oh my, I am right there with you with the Blogger changes. Just when you think you’ve got in mastered, there is an update! As always, your decorations look great. I think I like the turkey you like as well but he is in a close race with the long-legged on too - I think Bent Creek. I do look forward to reading you but admit I fall a bit behind on checking and commenting. I think that will be my 2024 pledge, to keep current with other blogs. Robin in NJ

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Good afternoon, Carol. I hope you have had a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your sideboard was decorated perfectly for the season. Love the truck filled with stitches. I am sure you will be all caught up with your Christmas stitching in no time. The photo of you , your dear hubby and sweet Mr. B. is adorable. You should frame and put that photo out each fall season- how cute!!! Enjoy decking the halls for Christmas. Hugs.

Leonore Winterer said...

Hi Carol, and happy (very late) Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday.
I've already started preparing for Christmas, and I think I'm doing well this year, but there are always a couple things that don't get done until the very last minute, aren't there?!

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with blogging. 15 years sure is a long time, and I get how you'd be tired of all the changes! Somehow things never seem to get better, only worse!

Your ornaments are great - you got such a great collection of stitching decorations, not just your Christmas ornaments but the Thanksgiving stuff too! I've slowly started building my own collection (not thanksgiving, obviously) but you know's taking time with all the stuff I got going on, craftswise!

Now I'm going to let you in on a secret too...I haven't had any pie crust I like either, because I've never had pie! It's not common around here. I think about making some myself, but how would I know if it turned out okay if I got nothing to compare it to?

I love the picture of you and your grandson in the pile of leaves, you all look so happy together!

Seasons said...

Happy December, Carol!
I love your blog, and I plan to stop in more often!
I collect and love snowmen! I love little houses, too. I just love both of those ornaments!
Thanks for keeping up your blog. I know that the blog I started, but did not keep up on, still lives on out there in cyber land! Yours, being so popular, will always be visited, though!