Tuesday, November 22, 2022

In Everything, Give Thanks

It's almost Thanksgiving! Are you ready? I've been cleaning and baking like a fiend--my house never looked (or smelled!) so good. Seriously, though... it's so nice to have the windows sparkling, floors cleaned and vacuumed, and freshly made beds just waiting for a house full of guests! My little grandson (Mister B) arrives tonight and will be here for an entire week--I can't wait! This will be his first Thanksgiving with us and I can't wait to introduce him to our family favorites. Of course, his mom and dad will be coming, too :) My youngest son and his girlfriend arrive from Washington, DC on Thursday morning and later that day 20 of us will gather around our table and give thanks for our blessings. It's been a very difficult year for my husband's side of the family and this will be the first holiday without my mother-in-law. She loved Thanksgiving so very much and I'm happy that she inspired that same love in all of us. How will you be spending Thanksgiving? Are you hosting like me or traveling to be with a loved one?

My Pottery Barn cubby was looking a bit anemic in terms of Thanksgiving decor so I quickly whipped up three new finishes for it. The first one is a freebie from Heartstring Samplers called simply, "Give Thanks." It can be stitched on a lighter fabric or on black, but you know me--I chose the black, in this case 25 ct. black Lugana. I used the suggested DMC threads and stitched it "over one" to make it small enough to fit into my cubby (whose squares are just 4 ½ inches by 4 ½ inches). You can find this lovely chart right here.

"Give Thanks" freebie--love it on the black and I thought the little acorn charm in the upper corner was so sweet!


Another freebie, compliments of Heartstring Samplery is this sweet design called "Grateful Thankful Blessed." It is available by clicking this link along with many other delightful designs from Beth Twist. I certainly appreciate the generosity of so many of the cross stitch designers at this time of year! This was stitched "over one" on 25 ct. vintage country mocha Lugana using Crescent Colors 'Pine Needles' and 'Autumn Spice' and Weeks Dye Works 'Chestnut.' I love the simplicity of this design and finished it using a mustard yellow round metal disc that I had in my stash. I think the metal disc was supposed to be used to hold candles, but it makes a great background for round finishes, too. 

"Grateful Thankful Blessed" freebie finish


My final Thanksgiving finish is a chart I've had in my stash for years--I'm so glad I finally stitched it! I just love those white pumpkins in this charming piece by Hands on Design. It is called "Give Thanks" and is stitched on 40 ct. woodland brown Newcastle using all of the suggested threads (except I substituted Gentle Arts 'Tin Bucket' for the dark grey color). Do you like the final finish with the two brown fabrics separated by some ecru ric-rak? I think it's my favorite of the trio. Which one is yours?

"Give Thanks" by Hands On Design--love those white pumpkins

A Thanksgiving trio of new finishes for my cubby


So would you like to see the Thanksgiving version of my Pottery Barn cubby? I still have a few more spaces for future little pillows, but I rather like the way objects such as the squirrels or the Pilgrim couple add interest to the whole look.

Pottery Barn cubby all decked out for Thanksgiving

I'm often asked questions about individual finishes so I'll give you some close-ups with links to my finishes (where available--some were stitched before I began blogging!). Just click on the name of the piece and it will take you to my original post where you can learn more about that particular finish.

Top row: Prairie Schooler turkey from "Spring & Fall" (Book No. 90), "Be Ye Thankful" by The Cricket Collection  Middle Row: "Harvest Sampler" from a Leisure Arts book called "Holiday Reverie," "Pumpkin Patch" from Just Cross Stitch Magazine Sept/Oct 1988 Bottom Row: "Thanksgiving Spots" by The Trilogy

Top Row: Prairie Schooler Turkey from "A Prairie Year" (Book No. 13) stitched before I began blogging, Pilgrim couple stitched so long ago I have no idea what book it came from  Middle row: "Autumn Tree" by The Trilogy (I recently updated this finish as I never liked my initial one which you can see here),  "Let Us Be Truly Thankful" by Heartstring Samplery Bottom Row: "French Country Squirrel" by JBW Designs

Top row: Turkey pouch from Prairie Schooler Book No. 52 "Prairie Year Rounds," "Thankful" freebie by Primitive Betty Middle Row: Prairie Schooler "Autumn" from an issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine (unfortunately, I did not record the issue), Block from "Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow" by Carriage House Samplings (I substituted the sheep that was charted with squirrels) Bottom Row: "Grateful Thankful Blessed" by Heartstring Samplery (in this post), "Joyful Autumn" by Homespun Elegance     

Top row: The Pilgrim couple are actually salt and pepper shakers that I got years ago when I was first married, "Give Thanks" freebie by Heartstring Samplery (in this post), my dear mother's silhouette and ceramic baby shoes that are always showcased in the center cubby Middle Row: "Give Thanks" by Plum Street Samplings (in this post), PS Autumn (see caption from previous photo) Bottom Row: "Give Thanks" by Hands On Design (in this post), "Thanksgiving Bird" by Heart in Hand Designs

Here are a couple more photos of the entire cubby... Do you have a favorite? I think my favorite is the little Prairie Schooler turkey pouch filled with shafts of wheat in cubby 13. I just love it!

It's been frigid here--a shock after the unseasonably warm weather that we enjoyed in early November! In fact, we even had our first snow of the season last week. It was so beautiful, but only lasted one day. I was really hoping we would have snow for Thanksgiving, but it's getting up into the '50s that day. Oh well, the warmer weather definitely makes it easier for travelers. I'm just thankful that we didn't get that crazy 6+ feet of snow that they had in the Buffalo, NY area. That is my hometown (I lived there until I was five) and I still remember the huge snowstorms that crippled the area even back in the 1950s. I just can't imagine digging out after that much snow!

First snow of the season: Tuesday, November 15th

This acrobatic squirrel wasn't letting the snow keep him from stealing the bird seed!


That's about it for today--it's time to get back to my baking! There are pies to be made and muffins to be baked, as well as a pumpkin roll to create, and the cookie tray to put together. Thankfully, baking is one of my favorite things to do... 

I can't leave without thanking each of you for your heartfelt comments on my previous post about the flooded Florida house and the death of my mother-in-law. I cried even more as I read through them, but they were happy tears knowing I have so many caring friends out there. I've said this many, many times, but I am truly thankful to be a part of the best community online--the cross stitching community. I think we chose the right hobby, didn't we? Anyway, we are just taking things day by day and have made no firm decisions on the family home in Florida as of now. We know better days are ahead of us and one of them will be on Thursday  as we gather together and count  our  many blessings. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Bye for now...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blogging friends!


Sandy said...

I can’t pick a favorite. They are all so cute together. I too have a crowd coming, but I am excited to have the gathering and count my many blessings.
We do have the best hobby and this community is special. Happy Thanksgiving.

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

It's hard to choose a single embroidery among so many marvels, Carol, but I think I'll choose the one with the two brown fabrics separated by the beige detail.
Your cubicle looks ideal with all the small embroideries of this theme.
I am glad that you can receive and celebrate with all your loved ones and that you can give thanks for them and with them.
Hugs from Spain

Vickie said...

My favorite of the trio is the same as yours. So very pretty!! The entire cubby looks fantastic Carol! I hope you have a splendid, Blessed Thanksgiving! We are going to the in-laws this year.

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Those are such adorable little Thanksgiving finishes to round out your cubby. While decorations are a little sparse this year after culling last year, I am quietly working away on a few little finishes for next year. In the meantime, we are preparing for the Christmas holiday. Enjoy being surrounded by your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving! -Andrea

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, your November Pottery Barn cubby is simply amazing with so many beautiful Thanksgiving related pieces. Your three newest are darling. The pilgrim couple you stitched and framed are by The Need'l Love Company, I think! I keep hoping they will be reprinted. Love your snowy pictures, Carol. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Dianne K said...

Beautiful post and Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for always sharing your talent!!

butterfly said...

All so beautiful, your display is fantastic, and I love all your new stitching.
I wish you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
You need some fun time after the sadness you had these last few years.
Big hug and kisses to all, June.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Oh I love your Thanksgiving cubby! So many cute things to look at, you've been very busy over the years! It would be a delight to walk past and just look at all the little items in the shelves... xx

Annelein said...

Have a great time with the family. Love your collection of thanksgiving stitcheries.

marly said...

So difficult to choose a favorite, so I won't! With twenty people coming it's a good thing you like to cook! What a lovely day you will have with family as you toast your MIL. I'm sure favorite stories will be told. And after the festivities, several days with the little one, what could be better!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and family.

Marilyn said...

Oh Carol, your cubby is so very pretty, & your finishes are perfect, as always.
My favorite is Give Thanks by Hands On, so pretty.
We had a little snow also, but most is gone, too warm again.
I wish you & your family the best of Thanksgivings!

Leonore Winterer said...

Well, happy almost-Thanksgiving to you! I hope you'll be having a great time with your family. As you probably know, Thanksgiving is not really celebrated in Germany (and besides, our date is the first Sunday in October) so tomorrow will be business as usual for me. That being said, I love Thanksgiving decorations and you really outdid ourself this year! Your new finishes are wonderful, and I agree, I think the white pumpkins are my favourite, as well.
Your winter wonderland outside looks beautiful as well. We've been seeing lower temperatures than in October as well, but where I live, there hasn't be any snow so far.
Happy baking!

Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s always such a joy to read your blogs! And your cubby ALWAYS amazes me! Am so close to getting mine to where I can start filling it, but yours always gives me inspiration!! Thank you!
I love the finishes but the little metal disk is simply adorable!
Thank you again for providing some sunshine in our lives!
Enjoy your grandson (and his parents ūü§£) and have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Cathy H. said...

I love your seasonal stitching! Especially this month's, as Thanksgiving is so special to me. Of the three you just stitching my favorite is "Give Thanks" by Hands On Design. I love those white pumpkins. In your cubby my favorite is Prairie Schooler "Autumn." I love houses!

My twin grandsons (age 15) both play in their high school band and are marching at Univeral Studies in a Thanksgiving parade, so there'll only be half of us here this year. I'm proud of them, but definitely will miss them!

I know you will be enjoying your holiday with family! Mister B is going to love learning your traditions!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

diamondc said...

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving Carol and Family: I love your shelf it is lovely and full of wonderful things to enjoy; the Thanksgiving couple are adorable; they do not make salt and pepper shakers like that any longer.
Your new finishes are beautiful I like them all.

have a wonderful day


Anonymous said...

I live in Orchard Park NY (about 10 miles south of Buffalo) which received 80 inches of snow Friday - not the record since since town West had 81 inches! But life goes on, neighbor helps neighbor, and we are thankful to have the extra time to stitch! When I look at the destruction a hurricane may cause I am thankful that snow will eventually melt causing minimum problems. Wish everyone a blessed thanksgiving with family and friends

M. said...

Merci ! Joyeux thanksgiving

Christel said...

Pas de fête de Thanksgiving en France. Je vous souhaite de passer un moment agréable avec tous vos invités.
Je ne peux choisir quelle broderie j'aime le plus. Elles sont toutes très belles avec vos finitions toujours parfaites.
Pas de neige chez nous (hormis dans les régions montagneuses), ce n'est pas moi qui m'en plaindrais. Le froid se fait plus ressentir ces derniers jours, ce qui me vaut le retour des douleurs, mes muscles sont comme tétanisés.. Voilà une des raisons qui me font détester les saisons froides et adorer le soleil et la chaleur.
Il est adorable votre petit voleur de graines pour les oiseaux ;-) Dans notre jardin nous avons un écureuil roux parfois deux (sa compagne ??) qui viennent manger les noix que je mets à leur disposition. J'aime les observer tout comme les oiseaux qui viennent dans les mangeoires mais qui volent aussi des graines à notre petite poule Lynette.
Joyeux Thanksgiving .
Amitiés de France,

Alhana said...

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Kyle said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy every moment together. Your cubby overflows this Thanksgiving gratitude and happiness.

Jutta said...

Dear Carol,
very beautiful, your display looks fantastic and I love all your new stitching.
I wish you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
Here in Germany, Thanksgiving is not celebrated at all, please celebrate for me.
Hugs Jutta

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love your cubby display. I should keep my eyes open for something similar.

You’re definitely going to have a full house with 20 people. How lovely to all be able to get together. It’s a nice idea to have it the month before Christmas so people can share themselves between different parts of the family. Over here, it’s usually Christmas Day with one side and Boxing Day with the other which can be a lot in just two days! We just stay at home and let them come to us now!

Enjoy your week with Mr B.

Barbara said...

Carol, your Pottery Barn cubby is WONDERFUL! Years ago I stitched those pilgrims you have in the very top right of the cubby. It was like seeing old friends when I spied them in your blog post.

Happy Thanksgiving!

MartinaM said...

Two beautiful new ornaments, and such great finishes again, I especially like the little charm. But my favorite is your last pattern, Give thanks. Very beautiful. And your cubby looks so perfect.
Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time with your grandson and family.
Hugs, Martina

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
your three new finishes are wonderful as always. I like your cubby shelf and my favourite is the Finish in the box No. 2
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.
Enjoy the time with Mr. B.
Big Hugs, Manuela

Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I know you're having a wonderful time with dear family, especially Mr. B. Thinking of you all gathered together - just what you need after a rough couple of months. xoxo

Joy said...


Your finishes never cease to amaze me. I just got a new laptop as an early Christmas present so maybe I'll start blogging again.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Claire said...

So many beautiful things in your sweet cubby, Carol! I can't pick a favourite but the ones done on black really speak to me and you know Prairie Schooler designs are my favourites. Your snow looks so pretty. I'm sure the cardinals will be arriving soon. We definitely chose the right hobby and I'm so thankful for that. Many thanks for adding links to your projects and to the designers who are so generous with their freebies. I hope this family season brings peace to your loved ones and that you cherish these moments together. Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to all of your Christmas joy that I know will be happening in the weeks to come. Love you, my friend.xoClaire

Shelly said...

Too hard to pick a favorite but I think I like the one you like, just because of the shots of white/Ecru from the ric rac. By now, I'm sure most of your guests have made their way home. I'm hoping you took lots of pictures!

Katie said...

So thankful you had such great plans for Thanksgiving day. I love each part of the trio of finishes. But I think I agree with you on the Give Thanks piece. Just adorable. Love the way you finished it too. That cubby display is just perfect and gorgeous and all the compliments around. Love it!!

Faith... said...

I think my favorite is Grateful but honestly all of the ornaments in the cubby are beautiful. I also love how the little knick·knacks look in the different openings, they bring variety to the cubby and I am sure many hold dear memories. Glad you got to have a week with your little buddy and avoided all that snow!

Sandra said...

Beautiful Thanksgiving embroidery. Yes, I really loved the two brown fabrics separated by some off-white rick-rack. A beautiful finish! How exciting to get your first snowfall - even if it didn't stay for long! Wishing you a wonderful month of December!

Jennifer said...

I love your new pieces Carol, especially the round finish on the candle holder - what a neat way to finish it! Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving week. My brother’s family came to town and we had four full days for the whole family to spend together. He and my SIL cooked the meal and we brought the pies and green bean casserole (my husband’s favorite) and it was a great day. Your cubby is fabulous as always - I really like that PS autumn piece, may have to go digging for it!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Carol, your cubby is filled with so much cuteness. I can not choose a favorite. I was wondering which is your favorite to decorate your cubby or you corner cabinet? You always have both decorated perfectly for the holidays. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. You are a blessing. Hugs.

Nancy M said...

I tried to comment on the October post, but couldn’t. I just returned from the Naples area in early March. I drove to the Ft Myers area and couldn’t believe the devastation. Where my sister was staying for 3 months (Estero) was on the 16th floor and other than a few palms missing, it looked untouched. But the lots on the Tamiami where things were piled up waiting to be taken away we’re still huge and this was 5 months after you returned! You are right, anything that wasn’t newer construction and up higher didn’t survive. I felt so sad for all the lifelong residents with the older houses that were totally destroyed. I’m sure it was a blessing that your in laws did not know about the end to the house. You have precious memories there and you did a wonderful thing to clean up and scavenge through the things you could save.