Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkeys and skunks and raccoons, oh my!

Thanksgiving greetings! It's hard to believe turkey day is almost here, isn't it? If you're wondering where I've been for the past three weeks, it's a good bet I've been doing something Thanksgiving related. Either prepping for the 21 folks that will be feasting here on Thursday or stitching some little pillows for my November bowl. What else could the theme be for November other than "thankfulness." And I am thankful...for so very many things that I've been blessed with throughout my life...

One of the things I've most enjoyed about stitching things for my monthly bowl is looking through my old freebies and books and stumbling upon a long-overlooked design that just fits the theme perfectly. For November, these five designs cried out the loudest and I'm so happy I finally stitched and finished them.

November 2012 Thanksgiving Finishes

I'm sure many of you recognize and have stitched this first one yourselves...This is Primitive Betty's "Thankful" freebie which you can find right here. This one stitched up very quickly with a bit of Crescent Colours "Roasted Chestnut" on 40 ct. flax Newcastle. To finish it off, I attached a trio of brown buttons in various shapes and sizes and used a couple of brown patterned fabrics to turn it into a little pillow.

Primitive Betty's Thankful freebie

Do you keep all of your old stitching books and magazines from years past? I do, and I'm so glad, because you never know what will appeal to you on down the road. Pieces I would never have stitched 20 years ago are now calling my name! This next finish is a perfect example... "Harvest Sampler" is from a very old (1998!) Leisure Arts hardcover book called Holiday Reverie. I left out the alphabet and a couple of the bands because I wanted this to be small enough to fit into my bowl. This was stitched on 28 ct. tea-dyed Monaco over one with a skein of Crescent Colours "Tennessee Red Clay" and finished into a simple pillow with some clay colored fabric and a bit of lace trim.

"Harvest Sampler" (from the book Holiday Reverie)

After stitching "Halloween Spots" last month and being so pleased with how it turned out, I decided to stitch "Thanksgiving Spots" for November. For this piece I used a variety of overdyed and DMC threads and stitched it over one on 28 ct. almond lugana. It is SO tiny--not even two inches square!! Even after I added the fabrics on the sides, it measures just 3 1/2 inches... Did I ever mention how much I love tiny things--I guess you've figured that out after all the smalls I've done this year :o)

"Thanksgiving Spots" by The Trilogy

And those long-legged birds make another appearance in my monthly bowl, too! I don't know what it is about them, but they always manage to make me smile. This "Thanksgiving Bird" dressed as a Pilgrim is particularly cute, isn't he? The chart, by Heart In Hand, called for a pumpkin button which I didn't have, so I improvised and stitched a cute pumpkin in its place. It is stitched on 40 ct. flax Newcastle with a variety of overdyeds and DMC fibers.  The fabric shown behind is what I backed it with and a handmade cording of DMC 729 finished it off quite simply. I actually made two of these this month--one flew off to the other side of Pennsylvania as a birthday gift for my sweet friend, Mary.

"Thanksgiving Bird" by Heart In Hand

Last, but not least (in fact, this is my husband's favorite finish for the month), is another freebie from Beth Twist at "My Heartstring" blog which you can download right here. Obviously, this one is stitched on black and I just love how the colors pop... I stitched it over one on 32 ct. black Belfast linen and, at times, I wondered why I was torturing myself! I love over one stitching, but NOT on linen, and NOT on anything higher than 28 ct. But, somehow I found myself using a 32 ct. linen--in black, no less!! Just call me crazy... But, isn't it sweet? If you would like a list of the threads I used (all overdyeds), please feel free to email me. The backing fabric is just a bit of fabric from a gold colored cloth napkin. I then accented it with some orange ribbon that matched the pumpkins...

"Give Thanks" freebie from My Heartstring blog

So, which one is your favorite this month? I love them all, but I'd say I have to agree with my husband and pick the "Give Thanks" freebie stitched on black...

2012 Thanksgiving Finishes

And here are all five in my wooden bowl along with one of my favorite older finishes, the framed Prairie Schooler turkey (which, in my opinion, is the most handsome cross stitched turkey out there!). I can't believe I'm down to one last month of filling my bowl. I so appreciate all of your supportive comments along the way this past eleven months--you've really kept me going!

November 2012 bowl of finishes

Here is a close-up shot for you...

And one more...

The poor dazed and confused raccoon

I'll bet you're wondering about the title of my post... What do skunks and raccoons have to do with Thanksgiving? Well, in truth, nothing, but we are hoping and praying that our resident skunk--yes, skunk, doesn't make an unwanted appearance on Thursday as our Thanksgiving guests arrive. My husband discovered, a few days ago, that a skunk has taken up residence under our front porch so he arranged for a "critter control" specialist to set up traps to remove it. Well, after a bill of $203.29 (oh, when I think about the stash I could have bought with that money!!), all we've managed to catch so far is a frightened red cardinal and an ancient gray raccoon. Both were set free and went on their way (although, it took the dazed raccoon a while to amble off). So, where is Mr. Pepe le Pew? I sure hope he isn't biding his time waiting to spray our guests on Thanksgiving as they walk up the front sidewalk.  I think we'll be kind and warn them to use the back door!

How will you be spending your Thanksgiving? My husband's family will be coming here and this year we have a small gathering of only 21--yes, that is small for us! I've hostessed Thanksgiving 11 out of the past 15 years, so by now, I've got it down to a science. I have shopping lists and spreadsheets with meal timing and such on my computer. I have amassed all the various dishes, glasses, silverware, tablecloths, and serving bowls. I've baked and frozen a tasty assortment of cookies and pies, breads and muffins ahead of time. I've assigned my guests a dish (or two!) to bring. But one thing eludes me--I CAN'T MAKE GRAVY!! In fact, I am a complete and total flop at making gravy. My mother-in-law has to rescue mine each and every year. Last time, it was so thin, she spent nearly an hour stirring and stirring... adding cornstarch, etc. to make it thicken. I can't ask this poor 84-year-old woman to do that again this year. So, you know what--I'm cheating! I'm buying my gravy at Whole Foods this year!! (But, if any of you have any hints at all about making a good, simple turkey gravy, I'd love to hear them...)


Well, I think that is more than enough of my blathering for today! I want to wish each of you who celebrate Thanksgiving a lovely day with your family and friends. I am so thankful for the presence of each of you in my life--your comments and emails, support and inspiration, really mean a lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment--I know how busy you all are at this time of year, so it means all the more! Bye for now...


Kate said...

Carol, they're all so beautiful. My favourite is the Thanksgiving Bird. Good on you for finding your way around the gravy problem. Enjoy your Thanksgiving gathering.

cucki said...

Hello dear they all so beautiful..I love them all so much
Happy thanksgiving to you xx

Anne said...

Oh wow Carol! I love your turkey stitching and your finishes. I love the brown buttons you chose for Thankful. The Peace and Plenty is gorgeous too. I really love that red by CC. I think I might have to order some actually I like it so much! I adore tiny wee things too and the Spots design is perfect! 3 1/2 inches oh my! So darling! The long-legged birds make me smile too and this guy is particularly cute! I seriously don't know how you do it with the 1 over 1 on the black. I might have to give it a try with my headlight on so my eyes don't go wonky!!

Aw, the sweet little raccoon. I am very fond of those little bandits. I hope you find Pepe before your dinner!! I think buying the gravy is smart instead of slaving away for hours trying to make the perfect one. I'm not great at making gravy either so I usually buy mine!!Good luck with the dinner and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family!

Hugs Anne

Lily said...

Thank you for a pretty, bright post :)

I hope for a nice, smooth & cosy Thanksgiving for all, especially for the skunk and raccoon...

SilverCuteDwarf said...

Carol, I am in delight from your small pillows! All of them such different and very beautiful. :-)))

Ali said...

WOW!!! Your stitching and finishing are gorgeous - have a lovely Thanks giving xxx

Faye said...

Another winning month of smalls Carol~~~ Love them all, especially Beth's design on black linen...over one no less~ ygg~~~

I am not a gravy queen either...I like to pride myself on being a good cook, but the gravy I have to hold my breathe to see if it is lump-free..... I have no secrets, I NEED the secret~

Many blessings to you and your family this coming week of Thanksgiving and beyond.

Always, Faye

Sweet Sue said...

Lovely November finishes Carol! Can I plz share my top secret gravy tip ~ start with a bottle of really good wine (I prefer Asti), pour a glass, r.e.l.a.x., sip slowly, sip some more, without spilling wine proceed to reach in fridge for store bought gravy, place gravy (not wine) in saucepan on stove top and doctor up that gravy to your hearts desire LOL! And no, this secret has NOTHING to do with my recent stove mishap either! Happy T-day to you and yours xoxo

butterfly said...

You did it again Carol, blew me away with all your beautiful stitching , just amazing . Love every thing.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving .
I wish we could Celebrate it here but we do Harvest festival. HUGS.

Gillie said...

Say hi to Robyn when you go in for the gravy! Love ALL the finishes but leaning towards Big Bird lol and Betty's sweet one. We are coming to the Burgh on Thursday so will save! xxx

Shelly said...

Great finishes-as usual:)! My favorite is Thankful with all the brown, which I like.

My family of 3 are staying home, and I'm cooking. My other brother and his family are going to his in-laws this year. And I can't make a good gravy to save my life! Sometimes it turns out great and sometimes lumpy! So you have company:)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Michele said...

love love love your Thanksgiving stitching/finishing! I have stitched almost all the birds and they make me smile too :)

My FIL was always the gravy maker and so was my mom ... I never learned from Mom :( My oldest son Chris learned from my FIL and is now the official gravy maker ... I still haven't learned! lol

Laurie in Iowa said...

I always love seeing what you've been stitching and finishing. Your Thanksgiving stitching is wonderful.
Sorry about the skunk situation.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Oh what lovely photos - wonderful stitched pieces thanks for sharing them xx

Margaret said...

Love your Thanksgiving pieces!! Beautiful -- and you've really kept up with this too! I hope Mr. Pepe LePew is good and doesn't show up for your 21 guests. i can't believe that 21 is small for you! lol! As for gravy, well, all I know is that when my DH makes the gravy, he uses milk and flour and stirs until it's nice and thick and yummy. His gravy is delicious too!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous November pieces, Carol! I love the HIH Thanksgiving Bird; he makes me grin!

Good luck with your Thanksgiving gathering and do hope Mr. Skunk stays away!

Robin in Virginia

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm hoping that Mr. Le Pew has proactively moved on to another home!

I've got gravy "issues" too. Except mine always comes out thick and as is cools it sets - think concrete. I've not spent a lot of time trying to perfect my gravy technique as I don't happen to like it and most of my family doesn't either! Whole Foods sounds like a great plan!

Daffycat said...

Wonderful holiday designs, Carol! Are you planning on doing this again next year? It has been so much fun to watch each month.

Ewww, skunk at the front porch! We had something digging up our flower beds and Dash set the trap. I was so worried he would catch a skunk but it turned out to be a rather ugly opossum, much to my relief!

Anne said...

Wonderful finishes as usual! Such talent! My favourite is actually Thankful. Thanks for the links, and Happy Thanksgiving as well. Here in Canada, we had turkey day on Oct 8th, but I will definitely be watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday!! That is when I do my Christmas cards. :)

Tricia T said...

So many things to comment on!! First - beautiful stitching! I think my favorite new stitch is the Peace and Plenty, but the PS Turkey is my favorite over all!! I am so amazed at all your over 1 work, and on black, too, no less. You are an inspiration!

I do hope your skunk stays hidden during Thanksgiving. What a memory that would be!!

As for gravy, the secret is in the "slurry". By whisking together flour and cooled potato water or milk you can add it to your hot fat without making lumps. Keep whisking over the heat and add more water and/or milk along with salt and pepper to taste. Mmmmm.... That always worked wonderfully until I went gluten free, but unfortunately GF flour doesn't work the same way, so no gravy here this year!! : )

Have a blessed thanksgiving day celebrating with your family!


Natasha said...

Wow that is a lot of people!! Good luck on the gravy making I can make a good gravy but I cant verbalize d have to show you.

Awww, your finishes are all so darling! I just love the over one on black. It turned out great, I love over one but I have never done that on black fabric. I think my eyes would hate me LOL

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and good luck on the Gravy. DH and I will be spending ours at Boston Market since all of our stuff will be packed up waiting for the movers to come

Anonymous said...

Your projects are great, but it's your finishing talents that really make them shine! Wow, but you have a great eye and a lot of talent!!!

Good luck with the skunk and the gravy - and may one not conjure thoughts of the other. ;)

Shirlee said...

Hi Carol! Hopefully Pepe has moved elsewhere. Love your stitchings & finishings, as always : ) Cooking for 21? I'm a basket case if I have more than 2 pots going on the stove at the same time! I cannot make gravy either ... or a good chicken soup for that matter. I've been given various recipes, watched like a hawk by the recipe giver, done exactly what I was supposed to do, & my chicken soup is tasteless & my gravy is a nightmare to behold. Sigh!

pj said...

Carol, another fabulous month of smalls!!!! Great choices and I love the theme! The Beth Twist design is very pretty but I like the Small Spots one too and have it here on display. We don't have that many Thanksgiving designs so glad you found some turkeys!!!

Wanted to tell you, I got a big 1800's dough bowl for my birthday and it will be great for smalls next year!!! All due to your inspriation of course.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy the family! I love to make gravy but have found that the ones in a jar are good too!!! :)

pam in iowa

Barb said...

As usual Carol, your finishes continue to amaze me. You have provided such a great example in finishing this year and I thank you. I ,too, am having a crew of 11 for dinner. Now about the gravy, I wish you lived closer. After many frustrating and failed attempts at making the gravy, I found that a specialty store here makes the BEST turkey gravy!! That's that, no more gravy making for me. If I thought I could, I would mail you some. Have a Wonderful thanksgiving!!

Vickie said...

My favorite is the Harvest Sampler Carol. Second is your and your husband's, Beth's pattern.
You know I love tiny too. It is just awesome. That's all there is to it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicola said...

You will surely be busy cooking for 21. Looking forward to seeing some photos of the dinner.

You have the most amazing display of smalls.

Linda said...

Your stitching and finishing is so awe inspiring Carol. I sure wish I could do finishes like yours. Great job. I love them all.


Ellen said...

Another bowl of delightful smalls! My favorite is the Thanksgiving Bird, he is cute with his long legs ha ha!

Wow, I admire you, cooking for 21 is a big job!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I am sure the gravy will be delicious.

Friendship Crossing said...

Love them all but I think the Trilogy Spots is my fave!! Can't believe how tiny it is! How cute!
I'm not good at making gravy either! Good luck ~ LOL!


Kathy H said...

Thanks for sharing all those beautiful thanksgiving pieces. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Myra said...

Your experience with the raccoon was much better than mine. :o) I do hope Mr. Skunk doesn't crash your party.

All of your finishes are gorgeous. My favorite is also the one stitched on black.

Wishing you and your family a bountiful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Beth said...

Carol - What a wonderful basket full of "Thankfulness" - they are all super. I confess though to really, really, really liking the PS on your header - you've inspired me!

Deborah said...

I love your Thanksgiving bowl. Such wonderful finishes. Have a great holiday.

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Wow, Carol, beautiful stitchings! Love them all!

Lesleyanne said...

Another stunning bowl of smalls. They are all gorgeous but my favourite in the Heart in Hand Bird. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope pepe le pew doesn't put in an appearance.

Julie said...

Your Thanksgiving bowl is fabulous, it will be very much admired by your family as they spend thanksgiving with you. I hope you all have a wonderful time Carol.

I do hope Mr lePew stays absent on the day and finds somewhere else to celebrate himself!

Hilda said...

Dear Carol!
Wonderful new smalls for your monthly bowl! I love them all - and I do love your american feast of Thanksgiving although we do not celebrate something similar here in Austria. But I always use this time to think of all the things I am thankful for!

I hope you and your family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving (and Pepe will celebrate his far away from your front door)

Valma said...

ho my ! it's impossible to make a choice this month !
once again you did so great pieces
maybe 'thanksgiving spots' arrives just before the others but but we have to take a picture on the arrival line =D
I love your buttons on the first ! and your fabrics are always so well chosen
congrats =)
We don't celebrate thanksgiving here of course, but I wish you a wonderful one with the whole family and friends coming this week
big big hugs

Gabriele said...

All is so beautiful! Have a happy thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Lovely finishes!

I hope your Thanksgiving dinner runs smoothly, without any stinkers.

Annie said...

Great thanksgiving collection of smalls. You really find the best coordinated designs for your themes. Did you know that Heart in Hand series are known as the 'pooping birdies'? ;-)

Sneaky little skunk. Just don't rile him!

I'm not a gravy fan anyway. If that's the least of your cooking issues, you are doing great!

Krista said...

You're Thanksgiving smalls are gorgeous! You do such lovely finishing. I do not cook all that much so the only tip I can give you is to use flour as a thickener, make sure it heats thru, then wisk, wisk, wisk like crazy :D and then I hope for the best! lol!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Chris said...

I love your bowl assortment for this month. Like you I love looking through old freebies in my stash and my magazines for inspiration.
I hope Pepe doesn't make an appearance.
Good luck with the gravy. I have never cooked a turkey myself. I am thinking it is time :)
Have a lovely holiday!

priscilla said...

Carol, they are all beautiful finishes ! Love the black one as well , and the Thankful turkey .. Sounds like you have your Thanksgiving under control and I am sure your dinner will be wonderful !Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family !

Siobhán said...

Carol, they are sooooo cute! I think I have to agree with your husband, I love 'em all but I think Beth's freebie is my favorite.

21 for Thanksgiving! Wow! Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Ireland but as a family, we have always celebrated. My daughter, who is in grad school in Dublin, just called to say that she wouldn't be able to get home on the weekend as she'd hoped. She has classes during the week and then has a PT retail job and they won't give them any time off. Bummer. :( So, it'll just be the four of us. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Giovanna said...

What a great bunch of finishes - congrats!

Anna van Schurman said...

Well, you know my secret to gravy--buy it! I hate gravy so I didn't make it for the longest time. I'd just buy a jar.

Mary Ann said...

Love, love, love all of your Thanksgiving pieces. My favorite is the Mr. Turkey, but of your recent finishes, I would have to say the Give Thanks on black is stunning!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Elizabeth Ann said...

I love your bowl of Thanksgiving treasures! I might give this a try for next year. You always inspire me to do better with my stitching! I read through everyone's comments and didn't see a gravy hint so I will share mine. I separate the grease from the turkey broth and then heat the broth until hot. Mix warm water and flour in a very small container. I use around a 1/2 cup of flour. When it is smooth and the broth is gently boiling (add salt and pepper to broth) wisk in the flour slowly. When it is thick enough to your preference add a few drops (very few) of Kitchen Bouquet. If you get a few stubborn lumps just remove them. Family loves it. Have a great Thanksgiving! Can hardly wait to see the Christmas decorations this year!

Pam in IL said...

Carol, WOW! I love all of your finishes! I've been wondering about all the charts, books, magazines, etc. that I've been collecting since the early 80's and if I'll ever be able to stitch any of the designs and have them actually fit in with my style now. You've proven that I can!! I will be browsing through them with a different attitude now.

How long have you been stitching to fill your bowl each month? What do you do with the designs you stitched last November if they aren't in your bowl this year?

I love your creativity in finishing these little stitches for your bowl. I never seem to have the creativity ideas to make such adorable little pillows.

Living out in the country, we have lots of wildlife living around us. I hope your resident skunk decides to hid far away from your front porch.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Christina said...

All of your finishes are great. Thank you for the links to the freebies.

I love your litle dolls, and I am not a doll person.

I can't make gravy either. I do the same thing, buy it. Have a wonderful holiday.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

A wonderful bevy of Thanksgiving beauties. I do love the PS Mr. Turkey, but the long-legged guy really makes me smile.

Watch your mailbox for the best and easiest gravy ever!

Annette said...

You have made so much beautifull pieces!!!
LOve them.. so cute!!
My favorite will be...... Thanksgiving bird.
AS always I love your finishes.. so beautifull all the fabric's!

hihihi.. sorry.. I needed to laugh. it's not funny...
That could be a lot off stash..
Darm :(((((((((

You baking a dinner for 21 people..
You will rock it!!
But you can't make gravy..I don't believe that...
Your so good organized..
But for 2013, your goal is to make a greavy each week, just as long as it will be a perfect one!!!!!
What a lovely dolls!!
Have a wonderfull thanksgiving!
I love too see pic's of all the yummy yummy you put on the table..
I can't wait.

Have fun..
Happy cooking, baking and stitching!!!

Jennifer said...

Carol as usual you have done a beautiful job with your November bowl of smalls. Every time I read your blog I am inspired but my life gets in the way . Hope to do a post before Christmas as I have been stitching .
I would just get the whole foods gravy . There is one up the street from where we live and I will do that too if the need ever arise!! thanks for the tip and have a wonderful time with the 21 folks who should be greatly thankful for YOU!!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh goodness, Carol, I can't pick a favorite this month. They are each special in their own way! I have to confess I didn't get the gravy making gene either. I cheat all the time. I figure if someone is going to gripe about it then they can make the gravy next time! LOL! Hope your Thanksgiving is full of blessings! I'm thankful for our friendship.

Carolyn said...

As always, you've brought a smile to my face again. Every month I look forward to seeing what you stitch for your bowl. You never disappoint me! These are just darling...all of them. It's hard to pick a favorite. I just love them all. I DO hope you do this again in the coming year. You've given me a great idea to use some of my smalls and freebie patterns that are gathering dust. LOL Now to see if I actually do it. I have so many stitching plans next year. I love making plans and lists. :)

I do hope Mr. Stinky Poo moves along and doesn't become a "pet".

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hugs from Texas. :)

Melanie said...

You and the long legged birds!! Heheh. Love 'em! I do believe you could do an all bird theme for an entire year and it would be fabulous. :) They are all great little additions and MAJOR kudos to you for getting through an all-black over one piece. My eyes are straining just thinking about it.

Awwww. I get sad thinking of that poor cardinal in a cage. I've only ever seen those in pairs around my house so hopefully his mate stayed close and didn't leave him for good. Poor thing. :( I don't why we don't have 'issues' with skunks, being in such a wooded rural area, but you make me thankful, once again, that we don't. What a pain.

I buy the gravy too. Enh. You know what? I don't really LIKE turkey gravy, even when it's made well. I like CHICKEN gravy - which can be hard to make from scratch when all you have around are turkey bones. So I buy chicken gravy because that's what I like and I'm the chef so pffftttttt!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Once again you have out done yourself with your finishes! I have a huge collection of charts, freebies on the computer and magazines and I love to look through them for inspiration. The only problem is that I just don't have the time to stitch them.

I used to suck at gravy as well until I found the best recipe for make ahead gravy. I make a huge batch of chicken gravy and then freeze it in small containers. On the day I defrost it and then add the roasting juices of whatever roast I am making to the pan. It's always a success and my kids lick it off the plates and fight over the leftovers.

Wanda said...

Oh Carol, every month I think you cannot possibly top your beautiful work, and every month, you do! Beautiful ornaments and finishes! I had a difficult time choosing a favourite but I think for me it's a tie between the November turkey and the Leisure Arts Peace and Plenty ornament. I am so inspired by your creativity in finishing them. Once I have ornaments for all seasons on my wall tree, I may need a bowl of ornaments...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks as always, for sharing.

marly said...

I like Thankful and Give Thanks the best but there are certainly no losers here. I couldn't fit that many people for dinner and we don't even have 21 people left in our whole family! My sister is a gravy guru and she uses a vintage aluminum gravy shaker that is stepped and mixes the flour/water perfectly. Adds it to the turkey drippings with College Inn turkey broth. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your weekend!

Lillie said...

Gorgeous designs and so beautiful finishings.

Looks like you will be cooking up a storm this Thanksgiving.
Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.

Jane said...

Lovely creations Carol, they're all gorgeous especially the finishing but I do love the Heart in Hand Thanksgiving Bird, I've only ever stitched one of the set but they're great fun to do!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your very BIG family ~ have a lovely day followed by plenty of well deserved rest I think! xxx

Mary said...

Such lovely, creative finishes for the Thanksgiving season! I'm always in awe of stitchers who can do such wonderful stuff to their small pieces.

I owe all my success with gravy to Wondra flour. You really can't go wrong with it. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Happy Thanksgiving Carol. All of the pieces are so pretty. May you have a blessed day with your family.

Kathy Ellen said...

So many very special Thanksgiving pieces, all beautifully stitched and finished, Carol! Your creativity and displaying your lovely finishes are just perfect!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love your Thanksgiving stitching and finishing! They are all so precious! I think my favorite is the one done on black, but Peace and Plenty is right up there, too. I admire you cooking for 21! We're going to a friend's house, so all I have to do is bring one dish to share. My idea of a perfect Thanksgiving.

Silvie said...

Love your thanksgiving collection of smalls! Particularly the Heart in hand's bird!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Carol have a wonderful Thanksgiving! You've got a wonderful festive bowl this month!

valerie said...

Another month of wonderful smalls! Love your thanksgiving theme and I think I like the one done on black as well. And I never tire of seeing that handsome PS turkey. He's wonderful! I hope that the Thanksgiving feast goes off without a hitch, gravy and all! I hope that skunk stays away and doesn't end up spraying its perfume on anyone. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Carol! *hugs*

BrendaS said...

Carol -- It's always so wonderful to stop by and visit with you and see your beautiful stitching. All your November smalls are just perfect with all the small touches you add to make them shine!

I hope your resident skunk doees not make an appearance and that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Andrea said...

Love all of your finishes.
Skunks! Oh my!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mavi. said...

Carol, your embroidery is very beautiful and the combination of fabrics for the cushions is perfect ride.
I love how you finish and how it looks.
A big kiss.

♥ Nia said...

Beautiful stitching for your holiday :D
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here but I do enjoy to read and learn about it :) Can't help on the cooking part :p hehehe
Happy Thanksgiving to you sweetie!! Hope you're having a great time with your family =)

Teresa said...

bellissime tutte le tue rifiniture, complimenti per i tuoi ornamenti sono tutti perfetti.

Catherine said...

Oh Carol! Another wonderful bowl! Love them all, but I have to agree, the Heartstring piece just pops!!
I hope that your skunk behaved for your guests. Bless you for preparing for so many! I hope your day was wonderful and that you are having a peaceful weekend!

Nancy M said...

Your bowl amazes me every month. What will you do next year?? LOL I'm doing a snowflake piece on dark blue 32 ct over one and it's taking me forever, so I can empathize with the black piece for SURE! You've gotten great tips on the gravy. I've never had a problem with pork or turkey gravy....I use flour and water and shake it good before adding to the every time. Hope the day went well. We had 24 at my mom's house. She only did the turkey and the rest was bought to her house.

msmartello said...

Happy Thanksgiving Carol! Well it is hard to choose which is my favorite but I guess I am more partial to Thankful b/c I think I am drawn to the cute buttons. We celebrated the holiday with my family at my Aunt's house. We alternate each year between mine and my husband's family. i will ask my mom about the gravy. She makes a mean gravy let me tell ya!


Scrap said...

Hello ! I love your work ! it' gorgeous ! so very beautiful !
merci , bises

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Your stitching is all gorgeous, Carol!

I hope you had a lovely, stress-free Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful week!

passionfruitprincess said...

Always lovely finishes Carol! I wish you and your family had a great Thanksgiving, and that Mr. Skunk moved away. Can't wait to see what you will stitch for December!
Have a wonderful day!

Ana Paula

Meari said...

I love the Peace and Plenty small the best, but they're all really great!

I hope you had a a great Thanksgiving, and that Pepe didn't show up.

Unknown said...

I like your Style...for my this blog is the best....
ciao Pat

Karoline said...

All your Thanksgiving stitching is gorgeous, congratulations

I hope your celebrations went off well and that the skunk stayed away

Tatkis said...

Such wonderful autumn finishes! Great work!


Beth R. said...

Hi Carol! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Once again you did a beautiful job of stitching and finishing your monthly ornaments. I'm looking forward to seeing what you stitch for December. I do hope that you have another stitching challenge for yourself for 2013 and share on your blog for your stitching friends to drool over! Happy Stitching! Beth

Anna said...

Bellissimi questi tuoi ricami. Ho guardato un po' in giro, sei davvero bravissima, complimenti!!!!
Un sorriso
P.S.: I hope you understand, do not know english

Gray Bonnet said...

These finishes are gorgeous! The trimmings are just lovely.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Giovi's Creations said...

I love your cushions bowl! Really cute!
Cheers, Giovi

Kay said...

All beautiful finishes!!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Bekca said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Carol. I can't imagine catering for that many people, but you've got it down to an art.
Beautiful finishes. I have a soft spot for those Heart in Hand birds too.
Best wishes.

Christina said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I missed this post Carol!
I can't help you with the gravy conundrum I'm afraid. I'm useless in the kitchen. For years we've gone to my mum & dad's for Sunday lunch so I've never had to tackle a roast before.
As for the stitching, I love the Give Thanks stitched on black. I've never stitched on black but I do have some in my stash. It's aida though so I think that puts me off!
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I look forward very much to your Christmas post!

Solstitches said...

Oh my goodness Carol your Thanksgiving bowl was surely overflowing with good things!
All of your pillows are gorgeous and I love them all.
Of course I always have to choose my particular favourite and this time it's a tie between the Give Thanks by Heartstring Samplery and the beautiful Peace and Plenty redwork.
Absolutely stunning and so beautifully photographed as well.
I'm looking forward to your December bowl now and wondering what you have planned for 2013?
Can you do it again or have you had enough?

Heather said...

Carol, I love all of your stitching for this month!I can't decide which is my favourite! I like both the Thankful and the Give Thanks. I really like the black fabric of Give Thanks!

I hope you have a blessed December!!!

Love, Heather

Ann said...

Hi Carol,
As always you've added some lovely ornaments to this month's bowl.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and can't wait to see your ornaments for December! ;-).
Kind greetings,

Jackie said...

I am never disappointed with the monthly bowls thus far Carol. I really do love them and I am inspired by the PS Turkey:) I guess I am going to have to put a Turkey out for next year after seeing yours and Vonna's.
Hope the skunk have not returned for any good eats. LOL.
I like your display of the dolls too.
Gravy…Hummm, Did you get help yet? If not, let me know and I can help to "stir" you in the right direction.
TFS your beautiful bowls and looking forward to seeing the next set.

Lynn said...

As you can see, I'm a little late in my commenting lately. Your November smalls are as wonderful as all the previous months have been. I think my fav is the Primitive Betty Turkey. So simple but so effective.
How did your Thanksgiving dinner go? I can't imagine cooking for so many!
As for gravy, I usually put one part flour to 2-3 parts water in a jar, shake it well and add it slowly to the juices while mixing constantly. If there is not enough of the natural juices I add chicken broth as well as salt and pepper for seasoning. I keep the heat fairly high and whisk constantly. Mine isn't always perfect. I have been known to have a lump or two but I strain things before serving.
Hope this helps for your Christmas meal!