Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Prairie and patriotic stitching at the end of May

Hello my stitching friends! I'm here with one final post for May... It's been a while since I checked in, hasn't it? So much has happened in the world since my last post on May 5th--it's been a month of highs and lows for all of us, I'm sure. I have been stitching because that is the one thing that always helps soothe my anxiety. Honestly, where would we be without our stitching? 

I posted this larger finish on Instagram a couple weeks ago, so many of you have already seen it. Oh, how I love the blue and brown color combination in this "Prairie House Sampler!" If I had to give up all other stitching and just concentrate on one designer's charts, I would choose "With Thy Needle and Thread" by Brenda Gervais. Sometimes, I question the colors at first glance, but she has a knack for putting together the prettiest color combinations, don't you think? The end result is always perfection!

"Prairie House Sampler" finish

I stitched this piece on 40 ct. flax Newcastle with most of the suggested threads. The main change I made was to add a bit of the brown zig-zag border pattern in the lower left corner. It was bare and I just thought that corner needed a little something.

I added a bit of additional border to the lower left corner.

Aren't the motifs sweet? I especially love the basket of beautiful, blue  berries! And, of course, the little birds.

Such soft shades of blue--love them all!

And that cabin! Can't you just picture little Laura Ingalls and her sisters running down the hill through the wheat fields in the opening scenes of "Little House on the Prairie?" That theme song played over and over in my head as I stitched this!

I added my initials and the date in the softest blue/gray color.

I'll be framing this one to hang in my mostly blue and beige family room. I do hope to stitch more blue and brown toned samplers in the future. How about you--do you have a favorite color(s) to stitch with?

I spent some time this weekend putting out a few pieces of my patriotic stitching to display for the next couple of months. I like to have it out from Memorial Day through the end of July when the bees and sunflowers are pulled out. I discovered that my Pottery Barn cubby needed a few more smalls to fill the spaces, so that's what I'm currently working on and will share with you next time. For now, though, I thought you might enjoy the red, white and blue displays in the corner cupboard in my kitchen. 

My patriotic corner cupboard


These stitched pieces are too large to fit in my Pottery Barn cubby so they'll live here for a couple months! Would you like a closer look at each shelf? I've linked each cross stitch finish for you so you can read about the materials I used and see more information on the finish itself in my older blog posts. Just click on the name of the patriotic piece for more information.

On the top shelf is Lizzie Kate's "Pop!" The middle shelf has "Americana" by Dames of the Needle finished as a round box and "Let Freedom Ring" by From the Heart Needleart in the white frame.

On the bottom left is "Olde Glory" by Heart in Hand, "Penny America" by Tree of Life Samplings, and Lizzie Kate's "July Flip-It Stamp"


Our May was filled with rainy, gray days, but the rain made for the lushest green plants and lawn I've ever seen!

So far, the deer have left the hosta alone--I've never seen it this thick and healthy!

Now that the sun has finally appeared, spots of vibrant color are appearing in our gardens as well!

The rhododendron, columbine, coral bells, salvia, and white mandevilla (which was a Mother's Day gift from my middle son) are all blooming right now.


Our feathered friends have been visiting, too...

A trio of cardinal eggs were carefully tended by mama cardinal. Sadly, a raccoon (or a larger bird) got to the nest and destroyed the eggs right before they were due to hatch. I was so sad for the cardinal parents.

A rare sight! A Giant Pileated Woodpecker dwarfs the suet feeder. He was probably at least 16 inches long--just look at those huge talons of his!

Some unwanted visitors! Although pretty, these Canada Geese leave the yard so messy you can hardly walk on the grass without stepping on their little "gifts!" My husband has to chase them off each year (madly waving his hockey stick in the air) until they fly off for a more remote location! The last thing we want is them nesting in our yard.

We also had some May celebrations...

Mother's Day was very special for me this year as all three of my sons were there with me at my oldest son's home in Maryland! The guys made a beautiful brunch for us and my grandson entertained us with his antics. Can you believe he'll be two years old in just five weeks?!

We celebrated my Mother-in-law's birthday in mid-May--she turned 94!! Amazing! I honestly think she's doing better this year than she was at her birthday in 2021. Fifteen of us gathered for lunch in her nursing home and she really enjoyed her special day!

Memorial Day weekend was very quiet here--my middle son and his girlfriend came over for a simple cookout. I did make a tasty new dessert called Mixed Berry Mini Trifles. You can find the recipe on Hello Little Home right here. The recipe called for a purchased pound cake, but since my middle son has a soy allergy, I have to bake almost all cakes, breads, etc. from scratch as most store-bought ones contain soy lecithin. So, I turned to a recipe (to replace the poundcake) that I'd made before and just halved it: David's Yellow Cake. We all agreed it was really yummy--and even a bit healthy with the berries!

Mixed Berry Mini Trifles


Giveaway... So, that wraps up my month of May! How was your month? Any exciting events or happenings in your world? I do have a new giveaway for you today given to me by Janet in Texas (thank you again, Janet!). Would anyone be interested in winning this sweet chart from New York Dreamer called "Spring Time?"  If you would like to be included in the drawing for the chart, please...

1) Specifically mention that you would like to win the chart in your comment 

2) Be a follower in my blog's sidebar (to the right)

3) Make sure to leave your email address in your comment if I don't already have it--(this is very important as I have no way of getting in touch with the winner if you don't)

4) Answer the "Getting to Know You" question below.

If you'd like to win this chart, please follow the four guidelines above.

Getting to Know You... For my new readers, I like to include this little section to help me get to know you and to help other stitchers get to know you, as well.  Since I mentioned my son's soy allergy above, today's question is: "Do you have any allergies?" My answer: I am very allergic to wool--can't have it anywhere near me or I break out in a rash. As for food allergies,  although I've never been diagnosed with a shellfish allergy, I'm quite sure I have one. I've always avoided shellfish just because I'm a fussy eater, but I think it is more than that. I unknowingly had shrimp in an appetizer at a restaurant (it was ordered before I arrived so I had no idea it contained shrimp). Within a short time I was so sick I ended up spending a long, long time in the bathroom. And then, the same thing happened with a crabmeat appetizer at a family get-together. I knew it had crabmeat, but thought it wouldn't affect me. Boy, was I wrong! Other than that, I seem to be fine with just about anything (but, I still won't eat my green vegetables :). But, as far as seasonal allergies go--I am one of the lucky ones! No hay fever, pollen problems, etc. I know many of you suffer from those. So now, it's your turn--do you have any allergies?

So, June begins in less than an hour here on the east coast of the U.S! How can that be? It is finally warming up here and I'm loving it... just wish the humidity would stay away. I hope each of you has a wonderful month ahead with all the fun, time with friends and family, and fabulous foods that summer has to offer. Thank you so very much for visiting me today--and a special thank you to those of you who take the time to leave a comment. I so appreciate each and every one! Take care now, my friends. Bye for now...


Sandra said...

What a full and lovely month you've had during this month of May. Precious time with your family and young grandson, celebrating a 94th birthday with your mother-in-law. I like the look of your berry trifle too.

So sad about the Cardinal's eggs being destroyed - I wonder if the birds will try again this year?

Lots of stitching to admire too!

I just managed to sneak in a second May blog entry too on the last day of the month. Now here we are in June already!

MartinaM said...

Your pattern from Prairie House Sampler looks great again, the colors brown and blue go well together here.
Your corner shelf looks amazing, beautifully decorated as always.
How nice that you were able to celebrate two great family events. Those are the most precious moments.
No, I really don't have any allergies, but when I visited, I reacted to coconut with tingling in my hands, but I don't know whether it was allergic, I don't actually eat it to test it.
I wish you a nice June, Martina

Irene said...

Il tempo più bello è quello passato con la famiglia e la tua è davvero splendida, hai dei figli molto belli. Non ho allergie per fortuna :)

butterfly said...

Love your new stitch Carol, you could even stitch some nice smalls from the same chart.
Looks like you have had some family fun too.
Your garden is just beautiful.
Love your displays of stitching.

Oh I have Hay Fever bad some days I wonder why.
I can not eat greens apart from peas .
Enjoy your week and above all lots of fun.
Hugs June.

Manuela said...

OH Carol I love your new finish. I love the series Little House on the Prairie. It is one of my favourit series.
Wonderful decoration for the next week.
My favourit colours are blues and mauve.
Have a nice week. Manuela

Leslie O said...

Cute picture of you and your grandson! You’re lucky the deer have left your hostas alone. Mine are already being “snacked” on, even with deer repellent on and around them. I’d like to win the spring time stitch. I’m off for some early morning plant maintenance now. And I have no allergies, thank goodness. Have a good couple of weeks.

Marilyn said...

You are right....where would we be without our stitching!
Oooo, I love your finish, love the colors.
Might have to get this one!
My favorite is also blue.
Love your Patriotic corner shelf.
We had a late Spring here too, things are blooming now.
Wow, that Pileated is gorgeous! And big!
Glad you ha d a great Mother's Day, Mr B is getting so big.
The only thing I'm allergic to is cats.

Shelly Nichols said...

I love your WTNT sampler and those blues and browns! I've got a needle in Owlsmoor Cottage by Rosewood Manor. I was like a magnet to those blues and greens! I wouldn't say its just one color that reels me in but probably a beautiful combination of colors that does it.

I'm allergic to decongestants of all things. If I accidentally take them I break out in hives so the sniffles have to run their natural course.

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

Exceptional work as always, Carol.
I love those blue tones.
I see that May has been a month of celebration and joy and that is always a good reason to smile.
I love the graphic and I would like to participate in the draw. My email is alromasar@gmail.com.
I am allergic to olive tree pollen...in another place it wouldn't matter but living in Andalusia surrounded by them there are times when I have a hard time.
A big hug from Spain

Stasi said...

Carol, I love your Prairie House sampler..the colors do work so well together. Glad you've had some quality family time...and little B is so darn cute!!!
I have an issue with carrageenan, which is a stabilzer added to certain foods, mainly dairy. I first discovered it about 10 years ago when I starting having "side effects" when eating ice cream and rotisserie chicken. Couldn't figure out the correlation, but my SIL, who is a chef, said it could be the carrageenan. Lo and behold..that ingredient was in both as well as other items that have dairy as an ingredient. So, I always try to check labels, but still get caught off guard sometimes.
Have a lovely summer...and let's hope for low humidity!!

Sandy said...

Such beautiful stitches. I have noticed that many of the samplers I have chosen have pink in them. I love blues and greens. I think there are just many cute choices in the pink. How can that boy be 2 already?
It has been so rainy here as well. Last week a tropical low just sat on us. Everything is green though as you noted.I have a good many food allergies. Gluten being one. I have to watch the additives as they will swell up my joints quickly.
May has been a month of ups and downs for sure. I am ready for June.

marie said...

Would love to win the chart. I take two allergy pills a day, pollens of all types. I didn't develope allergies untill we moved to Oregon, now that we are in Alabama spring and fall is bad. I count my blessings as things could be worse. I've only started to stitch this year and love it. I still am a quilter but thought I needed a sit down hobby for my older years. Why I didn't do this earlier is a mystery. Love your blog, like a visit from a far away friend.

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, your blue/brown sampler is a beauty. I enjoyed seeing your corner hutch decorated in red, white, and blue. You have stitched are wonderful assortment of patriotic pieces. I can't get over that Mr. B will be turning 2. Your Hosta and yard looks fabulous. I have seasonal allergies and some years are worse than others. I do have a quirky food allergy -- mayo. Have a wonderful month of June!

Theresa Grdina said...

Your pattern from Prairie House Sampler is beautifully stitched. Those colors are amazing!!! I would like to be entered into the drawing for the spring chart, please. I do not have any known allergies - I am one of the lucky ones!! My email is: tjgrdina3@aol.com. Thank you!!

Vickie said...

Hello Carol! I love Brenda's patterns so very much also. Your patriotic display is great! So sad about the cardinal eggs. That is a super cardinal! I am glad your MIL is doing better. :) I am allergic to shorthaired dogs and cats. Weird I know, but they give me hives.

Heritage Hall said...

Just finished off the afternoon deep in your blog...what a feast! Your garden is so lush
and green and are those columbine in the bottom left of the picture quartet? They are exquisite.
All your family photos are heartwarming. I agree that stitchery is the path to peace and sanity
when the rest of the world is whirling. Just love your seasonally furnished shelves. Reminds
me of a similar practice of playing dollhouse... Thank you for May, Carol....looking forward to
June ...may it be a blessing for your and yours.

Maggie said...

Sounds like you've had a very busy month, your gorgeous grandson is growing up so quickly, I can hardly believe he will soon be 2!
Your stitching is beautiful, I love the blue and brown combination, and that cabin! I love it!
I don't have any food allergies that I know too, but I'm a fussy eater and I wouldn't eat shell fish just because I simply don't like the look of it, lol.
Your garden looks very colourful, glad the deer have left your hostas alone, they look great. You have some very colourful birds visit your feeders, we have a woodpecker occasionally, although I haven't seen him for a while, our nuthatches have come back again, which I'm pleased about, I do love to watch the birds flitting back and forth.
Have a lovey month of June, take care x

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

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Το μέιλ μου είναι : okosmostisranias@gmail.com.
Περάσατε πολύ όμορφο μήνα Μάιο και η φωτογραφία με τον εγγονό, υπέροχη !!!
Δεν έχω καμία αλλεργία.
Να περάσετε έναν υπέροχο Ιούνιο και πολλά χαιρετίσματα από Αθήνα (Ελλάδα)!!!

Kyle said...

I always ♥️ seeing all of your beautiful stitching. Blue and brown is one of my favorite combos too. The sampler is so sweet. May has been a full one for you. Blessing in many different ways. The good news is I don't have allergies!

Nancy Seaton said...

Hello! So fun! Love your blog! I would love to win the pattern "Spring Time?" from New York Dreamer. I have seasonal allergies. Thank You! Have a lovely day!:)

Cathy H. said...

I can't believe it's June already! It's hot and humid here which means I stay inside more. I'm hoping to get a lot of stitching done this summer!
Your Prairie House Sampler is lovely! Blues and browns, my favorite colors together. In fact, my living room has lots of blues and browns.
Love your patriotic corner cabinet! You have a wonderful knack for finding perfect items to compliment your stitching. I'm looking forward to seeing your cubby!
Your garden is so beautiful filled with all that green and rich colors! We've had a pretty lush spring here, also. It seems to have rained more this spring than in years past.
I laughed when I saw your geese picture. I had two in my yard that then brought two of their friends. You should have seen me out there banging on tin buckets running them off!
Your family celebrations looked wonderful! Your MIL looks beautiful and well! Happy 94th to her!
And lastly, I would like to enter the chart give-a-way! hubcap@prodigy.net I'm only allergic to a couple of antibiotics which I can easily avoid!
Wonderful post! Enjoyed reading it this rainy morning!

Stoff und Nadel ... Jutta’s Blog said...

Dear Carol, your new embroidery looks fantastic, beautifully embroidered, a feast for my eyes. Your shelves are also lovely to look at.
It has rained very very little here, everything is plentiful with you, rather sparsely here.
Can you believe your grandson is already 2 years old?
Many greetings, Jutta

noriem said...

I love that chart and would to win it. I have no allergies but 2 granddaughters suffer from seasonal allergies.

Barbara said...

Your home decorating style is so lovely. Your cross stitch enhances it perfectly. I especially enjoyed the photo of you with your sons and your husband. You have a fine-looking family. That dessert looks wonderful!

Christel said...

Le mois de mai est passé bien vite pour moi aussi. Nous avons eu la joie d’accueillir notre deuxième petite-fille Ella née le 13 mai, c'est une petite brune comme sa grande sœur Lara.
Ce sampler est magnifique. C'est vrai que la cabane fait penser à la petite maison dans la prairie. Je regarde encore cette série, c'est beau, c'est attendrissant. Ça permet de voir et entendre autre chose que les malheurs dans le monde.
J'aime brodé le bleu, cette couleur est apaisante, elle reste ma préférée depuis l'enfance... Mais je pense que c'est surtout broder qui m'apaise, comme vous..
Votre étagère à la décoration patriotique est très jolie.
Pas de pluie ou très peu en mai en France. La sécheresse est là. Ils annoncent de la pluie pour les prochains jours, cela fera du bien aux pauvres plantes qui peinent beaucoup.
Pauvre cardinaux.. Ils doivent être tristes en effet.
Je n'ai jamais vu de pic aussi grand ! C'est très impressionnant...
Nos poules tout comme les oies laissent des petits cadeaux... Mais ce n'est pas grave. Si vous n'en voulez pas de ces bernaches glissez leur dans l'oreille que nous les accueillerons avec plaisir ! Pas sûre qu'elle fasse le voyage jusqu'en France !
La fête des mères était le 29 mai chez nous. Nous faisons un repas avec les enfants et petites-filles dimanche pour cette occasion mais également pour fêter l'anniversaire de mon mari Hervé qui a pris 59 ans hier.
Votre belle-mère est bien alerte. Souhaitons lui de nombreux autres anniversaires.
Le Spring time est magnifique ! Je participe pour le plaisir, ne me mettez pas dans le tirage au sort, les frais d'envoi sont trop onéreux.
Les allergies je ne veux plus les compter... La laine, différents pollens, le rhume des foins... Concernant l'alimentaire, le kiwi, épluché ou pas j'ai les lèvres qui triplent de volume. Allergie cutané avec le sparadrap, tous les pansements en général, sitôt collés des cloques apparaissent. Pas facile en cas d'opération ! Mais on trouve autre chose à mettre..
Amitiés de France,

Claire said...

It's amazing that the deer don't eat your hostas! What a beautiful garden you have, Carol! I'm so sorry about the cardinal eggs...they're so beautiful. Wow that's hard to believe that your dear grandson is almost 2. Seems like yesterday that you were making him a quilt for his birth. Your stitching on your last post is wonderful and I'm going to look for those indigo threads. So beautiful. I love two colour things and my favourites are blue and white and red and white. So far I don't think I'm allergic to anything. Happy June to you and your family.

Leonore Winterer said...

Dear Carol,
happy June! Your stitching, as usual, is wonderful. Another blogger friend of mine has been stitching on a blue/brown sampler, and I keep thinking that I must try out that colour scheme myself; it's a little unusual but very pretty.
Love seeing all your patriotic stitching too. I think many of these pieces are so pretty, but it would feel weird for me to stitch them.
Glad you got to spend some time with your family! We are starting to visit ours again as well, which is nice, but also re-awakens some drama that had been dormant for some time *sighs*
As for your question, I don't have any food allergies (that I am aware of), but I suffer from 'un-seasonal' allergies - I'm sneezing and sniffling all year, and noone can really tell why! Also, it's not really an allergy, but I got a skin condition that makes me very sensitive to chlorinated water, so swimming in most pools is a no-no for me.

Shelly said...

Your sons are a trio of good looking fellas, Carol! Mr B is getting big! Your sampler finish is to die for. In a sampler, I like light reds and greens. My allergies? All melons, ugh. I love cantaloupe too. My daughter and I have found that we can eat them as long as we wash them down with water. We both get an itchy mouth after eating melons. I like Crenshaw also. Your hostas are so pretty; they don't do well here in Arizona, unfortunately. Take care!

Faith... said...

Prairie House Sampler is gorgeous Carol! The blue and brown in this sampler really do seem to go together very well. Your patriotic corner looks great! I love your stitching and Uncle Sam is cute. Oh no, I feel sorry for the Mom and Dad cardinal too, poor babies. What an awesome looking woodpecker!! Hard to believe that Mr. B will be two already! Of all the things in the world I am weirdly allergic to acetaminophen. Enjoy your evening.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Another lovely blog post Carol and so many happy photos.How quickly time goes,Mister B nearly two!
That is a gorgeous sampler,lovely blending of colours.
What a joyous photo of you with your sons'. How proud of them you both must be.
We are having some summer weather this week :) I hope you have a great month and lots of stitching.

Lesley x

Eva said...

Dear Carol,
your handwork is very nice.I like it very much.
My mom had allergy to just about everything. I have a very strong allergy to strawberries and penicillin.After three strawberries I had such a strong anophylactic shock that I stood at the gates of the grove(the doctor told me that).Since then I only look at strawberries.I have a lot of allergies to various chemicals.I have worked in chemical laboratories all my working life. My daughter is allergic to cold! And my grandson to spring grasses,flowers etc.He must takes lentils every day.
Have fantastic days Eva

diamondc said...

Hello Carol: Beautiful design, I am not a follower of instagram, I do look forward to seeing what you are working on in Blogland.
Your Patriotic Corner is lovely.
Lovely garden photos.
You have a handsome family.
Happy Birthday to your Mother in law.
Your desserts look yummy, i can almost taste the berries.
Please do not include me in the givaway I have way to many designs to stitch.
I have a digestive problem with hard cheese and I love hard cheese just cannot eat it, so sad.

Have a great day

Jennifer said...

Hi Carol! I am still way behind on blog reading, but always love a chance to catch up with you. Lovely finish and lots of other lovely pictures too, what fun celebrations you had in May! You patriotic cabinet is so fun - I just have a few smalls out for this season. I seem to do a lot more fall and winter than spring and summer stitching. I don’t have any major allergies - have had a few bad reactions to medicine and have some seasonal allergies but none too bad. It does sound like you have a shellfish allergy. I have similar bad reactions to bell peppers - I don’t know if it is an allergy, but I always say we just don’t get along! Hope your June has been nice!