Thursday, May 5, 2022

Blue, blue, my heart loves blue!

Surprise! I'm back again after just one week... I am here today with a very special post--all about my favorite color and a truly lovely collection of threads. Those of you who are long-time readers know I love blue of any shade: aquamarine, turquoise, royal, navy, cornflower, robin's egg, periwinkle. You name a blue hue and the mere thought of it brings a smile. So when my Instagram friend (and quilt designer extraordinaire!), Wendy Sheppard, asked me if I would like to stitch a project with her wonderful Aurifil Indigo Collection, I couldn't stop with just one project--I made three! And guess what?! You have your chance to win your very own Indigo collection on the Aurifil blog. Simply click on this link and go to to read my interview and enter this special giveaway. To read my interview, just scroll down until you come to the giant (yikes!!) photo of my Christmas tree and me :)

A trio of winter-themed finishes using Aurifil's "Indigo by Wendy Sheppard" collection

Oh, how I loved this floss from Aurifil! This was the first time I had used it and I truly adored everything about it--the wonderful coverage, the way it smoothly glides through the linen, the large amount you get on each of those long, wooden spools. Not to mention the luscious colors! Wendy's Indigo collection is truly stunning. 

Isn't the outside of the box gorgeous?

Inside, you'll find these colors included:
50wt: 4140, 2815, 5008, 2805, 2310
Aurifloss: 4644, 4140, 2815, 5008, 2805

So, what did I choose to stitch with this glorious blue Aurifloss? Well, first up is the "January Quaker" design by "From the Heart Needleart." This incorporates three colors from the Indigo Collection: 4644 for the darker blue, 5008 for the medium, and 2805 for the light blue. I love how it turned out on the 40 ct. white Newcastle linen that I chose. It just looks like a cold, frosty January morning, doesn't it? The simple 5" X 7" chippy, blue frame was one I had purchased at Marshall's last year and it was a perfect fit.

"January Quaker"


Of course I just had to stitch an ornament (or two!) with those pretty blues so I chose a design by Renato Parolin (a free chart on the Ric-amiamo Facebook page in the files section). This lovely design called "Inverno" is one I had stitched before for a gift for a stitching friend. This one will be just for me, though, and I'll count it as my June ornament. Once again, I used 40 ct. white Newcastle linen and chose Aurifloss in 5008. I also added a few Swarovski crystals to the snowflakes and tree top to add to the frosty look. The cording is made of the same thread and I finished it off with a gauzy double blue/gray bow and a silver snowflake charm.

"Inverno" by Renato Parolin

My third finish is a sweet  snowflake design from the book "A Rainbow of Stitches" by Agnès Delage-Calvet. Aurifloss 4140 was used on 40 ct. white Newcastle. Once again, I used the same thread to make the cording leaving a long tail at the bottom. The printed snowflake ribbon was a perfect match for the thread so I made a little bow of it and hung a snowflake charm underneath. This will, most likely, be a gift for a stitching friend at Christmas time.

A simple snowflake design by Agnès Delage-Calvet

I first bonded with Wendy when I found out she had a passion for blue and white like I do. I made a comment on one of her Instagram photos when I saw she had a couple of Dedham bunnies like those I collect. She doesn't actually collect the bunnies like I do, but she does have a wonderful collection of blue and white English Transferware. I thought you might like to see my Pottery Barn cubby this month--filled with my sweet blue and white Dedham bunny collection.


As I mentioned in the article on the Auribuzz blog, I also have a small collection of Delft pottery from The Netherlands passed on to me by my dear mother. She and my dad brought these home from a European holiday in the late 1960s.

Three treasures from my mom--she loved blue and white as much as I did!

This Delft candlestick was a gift from my mother-in-law. The pineapple was my mom's, and the cross-stitch piece is an older one by Marjolein Bastin that I stitched back in 2004. This little vignette sits on a round table in my living room (which, of course, has blue painted walls!).

My kitchen is mostly white with lots of blue accents including this old quilt found in my mother-in-law's linen closet. I don't know the history of it, but it is tattered and well-loved and made a perfect table covering in my kitchen this winter. 

Love the cozy feeling this blue and white quilt added to my kitchen table this past winter!


So, who is with me? I know there are other blue and white lovers out there and I hope you enjoyed my post today! I also hope you'll visit the Aurifil blog to read my interview and see a few more photos. You can do so by clicking right here. And while you're there, don't forget to enter to win the beautiful 10 spool Indigo collection by Wendy. I know you'll love Aurifloss as much as I do--why not give it a try? Thank you so much, Wendy, for asking me to join the very talented group of quilters and stitchers for your "Shades of Blue" thread hop--it was an honor. Bye for now...


Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

What beautiful embroidery Carol!
That range of colors is really ideal.
Greetings from Spain

Maggie said...

Love Love Love all your blue stitching! If you had asked me a few years ago I would have said I'm not a massive fan of blue, although now I do like it but not too dark, more on the grey side of blue is probably my favourite shade.
I've never tried Aurifloss but I have heard good things from podcasters.

Vicki said...

All three finishes are lovely! Your bunny collection is nicely displayed on your cubby shelf. And I appreciate your use of the quilt as a table topper. I use quilts in a variety of ways in my home and always enjoy seeing how other people display them. All in all a very pretty post today!

Sandy said...

The stitches are beautiful and being a lover of blue and white I am enamored with every picture in this post. I mean really. That little scene of your kitchen table is right down my alley!!!

Stasi said...

What a fabulous interview, Carol! Your three pieces are wonderfully stitched and finished! I am curious about this fiber, having never used it. It appears one is heavier than the other. Did you stitch mainly with the floss and use the 50wt for cording and such? I am not usually a blue person, but you are winning me over with these lovely shades. Well done!!!

Vickie said...

Very beautiful post, even though I am not a blue person. Good for you keeping up with the ornaments! I love the quilt for the table cloth Carol. It looks SO GOOD!

Eva said...

Dear Carol,
I've been loved blue colour for years.My kitchen and my own room are blue.But now I'm in love with the color yellow.I know gardeners don't like dandelions,but when I see a yellow meadow now-it's beautiful.
Have wonderfull spring days Eva

Susan from Canada said...

I too am a blue and white china collector. I have been collecting Flow Blue china since the 80s (paid much more for it back then!). I have stitched a larger cross stitch piece that looks like a coffee/tea service in a pattern similar to the Blue Willow pattern. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Beauteous!! Love blue and white!

butterfly said...

Beautiful Blue and White Post today Carol .
I know you love blue and you do have some lovely blue items .
Great stitching , have a beautiful weekend. Hugs June .

Evelyne said...

What a cozy place Carol! I love the blue and white quilt too It looks so nice and frais!
Have a nice day,Evelyne

Marilyn said...

Ooooo, those blues are yummy!
What a great picture & interview of you.
My favorite color is blue also. :)
Your finishes are all so very pretty.
Love that Delft ware from your Mom, so beautiful.
I have a few small pieces from a friend in the Netherlands.
Love all of your blue displays.

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
a great post. You know I love blue and white too.
Your three finishes are so beautiful. My favourite is the little snowflake ornament.
Have a nice weekend.
Hugs, Manuela

Robin in Virginia said...

Love your blue and white stitches, Carol! Like you, I love blue and yes, to the blue/white or blue/cream (like DMC 3865). Your cubby is delightful to my eye. Super interview!

Ann C said...

Lovely colors and beautiful stitching! I have also used the book A Rainbow of Stitches. There is a second book by the same group of French cross stitch designers called Sweet Stitches from the Heart. My library has both titles.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a wonderful posting you’ve shared with us today, Carol! I could ask a million questions about all of this but mostly I just want to tell you that I truly loved reading all you showed us. The Aurifill thread looks wonderful and your stitched pieces are so beautiful!! I loved your interview and the picture of you next to your Christmas tree is so special! (You do need a very large Christmas tree to showcase all of your amazing and gorgeous stitched ornaments. It truly is so amazing!).
Thank you, too, for sharing your Pottery Barn cubby with all of your Prairie Schooler Santas (which we all love). That cubby filled with all of your Dedham Bunnies is amazing! They are so special and your display is so great to enjoy them all!
Thank you so much for sharing this happy event with all of us - loved it!

Barb R. ������

Christel said...

Ah le bleu, quelle merveilleuse couleur... Elle est ma préférée depuis que je suis née. Maman rêvait de me voir choisir quelques vêtements de couleur rose mais rien à faire c'était toujours le bleu... !
Vos broderies sont très belles et comme toujours vos finitions les mettent en valeur.
Votre casier me fait envie. Conservez le précieusement car il apporte une touche décorative magnifique. Je n'en ai jamais trouvé en France, un jour peut-être..
La courtepointe sur votre table est charmante. On trouve parfois des trésors au fond des armoires.
Je vais aller voir votre interview.
Amitiés de France,

Brittany said...

I just tried Sulky threads recently and really liked the convenience of not needing to separate strands. I didn't know other spooled flosses were out there so this is going on my wishlist!

Cathy H. said...

I love blues and do have a few blue and white items. Your stitched pieces are all beautiful! I haven't seen January Quaker. I may need to check that out! There's so much I want to stitch!! I thoroughly enjoyed your interview!

MartinaM said...

What a great interview, I really enjoyed it. Beautiful ornaments with the blue yarn, glad to hear you enjoyed it. And your wall shelf looks gorgeous in the white and blue colors.
Have a nice May, Hugs Martina

Faith... said...

Wonderful interview Carol! I love =the three pieces that you stitched for Auriful and the blues look really nice together. Of course I love how the cubby looks filled with your blue and white pieces!

Happy Mother's Day!

Kay said...

I particularly like the Quaker design, it’s so pretty and the colours are just right. Another design to add to my list. X

Leonore Winterer said...

What a wonderful opportunity to take these beautiful threads on a 'test drive'! Your three designs are stunning, I think I like the quaker best. Well done!

Shelly said...

Beautiful colors! Blue is my favorite color but in clothing! I don't have a lot of blue only stitching though. Your finishes for the blue stitching are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carol,
My two favorite stitching/quilting people in one post!! I love blue and white, especially Spode, Delft, and other transferware patterns as my plate rack that wraps mostly around my kitchen can attest to.
All of your blue and white is gorgeous. I really like how you have it all displayed.
I’m so interested in the threads that you used in all of the beautiful pieces you stitched. I’m definitely going to check them out.
I love Wendy Sheppard’s quilt patterns. I’m getting ready to start on her new quilt called Norfolk, which is in blues and off white.
Your interview was terrific and such a nice picture with your gorgeous tree!!
Congratulations to a very deserving lady!

Mary said...

Wonderful interview Carol!! Love the photo of you ifo your beautiful tree. All three designs are so pretty with the shades of blue. I never tried that floss but will make a point to do so, great for stitching with just a few shades. You display all your work so beautifully, you have such a great eye for decorating!! How nice you have the treasures from your Mom, I'm sure you got your love of blue from her.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I do like blue and those shades look lovely for your chosen projects.
I've heard of the thread brand before because they have a wonderful 12 Days of Christmas freebie on their website!
Giving away thread sets is a great way to promote their products too.

diamondc said...

Carol: What an honor to be able to stitch for her.
Your interview was lovely, I love seeing all your Christmas ornaments.
Your tree is amazing.
Your blue collection and blue ornaments are beautiful.
The table quilt is also beautiful you are so lucky to have found the quilt and use it.
I shall enter thank-you for the links.


Stoff und Nadel ... Jutta’s Blog said...

Hello Carol,
here in Germany "being blue" means that you have drunk too much alcohol.
But your post makes you "drunk" without alcohol, you show us such beautiful things, your heirlooms and the embroidery in shades of blue, wonderful!!!! Thank you for this great post, hugs Jutta

Kgirl said...

I love all of your blue, and those Aurifloss colors are gorgeous! When we were first married, our bedroom was Laura Ashley blues. Currently our living/dining room, kitchen, and family room are in blues. And our bedroom is a light blue/green color depending on the lighting. I love it! Beautiful stitching!