Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week Thirty-Three: Season of Growth

I am so, so excited! I just read on the Little House Needleworks: Behind the Scenes blog that a new design will be released next month called: "The Library." Most of you know that I am a librarian so I can hardly wait to see it--and I'm sure that it will be making its way into my next shopping cart at my favorite online needlework shop. I love the verse designer Diane Williams chose for it: "An open book is a window into the world"... how true. Anyway, back to this blog posting... LHN's "Season of Growth" was a joy to stitch as all of her creations are. 32-ct. Flax Belfast Linen and DMC threads were used in this little piece and I changed the border color from green to blue (just because blue is my favorite color). I also stitched the window panes and outlined the doors in the same brown color used in the roof.

It certainly has been a season of growth around our house. Pictured to the right is our vegetable garden (well, really my husband's garden because he does 99% of the work)...Everything was a bit slow coming in this year with our cooler than normal temperatures, but it is shaping up to be a lovely year for the tomatoes, beans, peas, and zucchini. The peppers and broccoli are also making appearances along with some brilliant yellow sunflowers.

I finally framed another LHN piece called Nature's Beauty (which I stitched last year) so I wanted to share that with you, too. Thank you all for visiting--I love reading your comments each week and truly appreciate the time you take to say hi (and, of course, I love visiting and being inspired by all of your blogs, too!).


Myra said...

Wow! They just keep getting better Carol. I have never stitched a LHN piece but I do love how they look. Always so soft and feminine.

We are getting a bounty of cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden now. I don't think those cukes are ever going to stop - we still have blooms!

Have a great weekend!

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Carol, finishes looking great as always! Thx for link to Behind The Scenes blog, will be watching for new library design:)

Sweet Stitchin...

Ranae said...

The finish looks great and I love the frame for that piece, it works perfect with it.
Your DH's garden sure looks good.
One of favorite place is the library, so I can't wait to see it.

Barb said...

Wow! Raised garden beds? That looks like it was a lot of work. Did you guys put in the bricks also?

We have been patiently waiting for tomatoes and they are finally coming. The cool temps really have made a difference.

I hope to get back into the veggie gardening next year when we'll have a bigger garden. DH does all of it right now. What do you do with all your produce?

Lee said...

Beautiful! Nature's Bounty is especially spectacular - that design is new to me!

Ms. Wright said...

Very nice, Care. I love the pic of the garden as well--makes me feel as though I am there with you in Pittsburgh!

Viooltje (Violet) said...

Lovely x 3!
I'm in awe... aka (almost) speechless, all beautyful work, your stitches are always SO even and your DH does great work in the garden.

btw did you see the snippet(s) Diana shows?
I can't wait how the library will look.

Is the threadpack of the girl who loves reading a book in your stash? (or stitched?)

Siobhán said...

Your LHNs are beautiful! I'm anxious for the new library design. I am more of a collector of LHN designs rather than a stitcher of them, but I can't WAIT to see anything celebrating books.

Your garden is amazing!

Valentina said...

Hi Carol!
Your season of growth looks great!
You rememered me that I've got it all kitted up, just waiting for the first cross!

Pam said...

Carol, I am new to your blog. I read your post about the zucchini muffins and I had to laugh. My neighbor just brought over some zucchini because she has so many from her garden and I made zucchinie bread, too, but I never thought to add chocolate chips. I may have to try that!

Kim said...

Great blog- I enjoyed looking at it.
Kim in Qatar

my gloriana said...

What a beautiful frame for such a beautiful piece!

blueladie said...

Beautiful LHN finishes.

Shari said...

hi Carol,
thanks for visiting my blog! I love the piece you just stitched. I have them but just haven't done those yet. I need more stitching time!
The garden looks wonderful! I need your husband to help weed mine. It is over run right now. We just came in from harvesting the goods & pulling more weeds. They are taking over my strawberry patch.
the framed piece is GORGEOUS as well!!!! Great job!