Wednesday, March 27, 2024

It's an Easter parade!

Can you believe Easter is almost upon us? Another year is flying by way too quickly! Our March started off warm and spring-like, but sure fooled us into thinking it was spring. Last week, the temperature got down into the 20s and all the new green growth on our hydrangea bushes died off. Do any of you gardeners know if the hydrangea will grow back this year? Or is it done for? I'm so sad because we didn't even think to cover up the hydrangea bushes like we did the tulips and daffodils. 

In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on stitching and finishing six new Easter themed pieces. Well, I'm happy to say that they're done and they're ever-so-cute (if I do say so myself!). Many of you have already stitched these adorable designs from With Thy Needle and Thread's "Jelly Bean Jubilee" booklet so they'll probably look familiar. I did make a few changes, though, so I'll run through them for you and then share my final display.

More bunnies and chicks have descended upon my house--I'm running out of room to display them!

Let's get this parade started, shall we? First up is "Penelope and Peeps" featuring Miss Penelope Rabbit and three tiny chicks (can you spot them nestled among the letters?). Isn't she adorable with her little carrot balloon? I stitched this one (as I did all six) on 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle. The only changes I made to this pillow were to use Anchor 0001 for the white and DMC 725 for the yellow. The yellow that was suggested was just not showing up on this fabric so I opted for DMC 725. To finish this piece, I sewed on a pretty blue and white gingham, glued on some white miniature rick-rack,  surrounded the pillow with handmade white cording, and attached a small polka-dot yo-yo. What do you think?

"Penelope & Peeps" all finished up

Next up is a trio of waddling yellow chicks. Even though two of the chicks are trying to pretend they're rabbits by donning white bunny ears, they aren't fooling any of us, are they? On the left (below) is "Jelly Bean Delivery" and on the right is "Easter Parade." Some of the changes I made to these include changing the yellow to DMC 725, changing the colors of some of the jelly beans (I am not a fan of purple so I changed those to shades of blue). The biggest change is that I reversed the "Jelly Bean Delivery" design so the single chick was facing toward the pair of chicks rather than facing in the same direction. I just thought they would look cuter that way when displayed in the bowl. It kind of looks like they are saying "hello" to each other. Yellow gingham fabric, rick-rack, and handmade cording made for an easy finish.

"Jelly Bean Delivery" and "Easter Parade"


Then we have a pair of white rabbits. Were both rabbits supposed to be white? No, the girl bunny was charted to be brown, but I changed her coloring. I wanted to make both into oval finishes so I added a few "doo-dads" to the outer borders of  "Let's Paint Eggs" on the right. I also changed the main portion of the egg color to white rather than the suggested yellow and changed the purple stripes on the eggs to  blue. For the "Jelly Bean Garden" finish on the left, I also added a couple of white flowers to shape it into an oval, changed the colors and rearranged some of the jelly beans, and changed her dress color to DMC 598 to match the boy bunny's shirt. Aren't they the cutest couple?

"Jelly Bean Garden" and "Let's Paint Eggs" made into oval finishes

Finally, we have a sweet yellow chick, complete with Easter bonnet, in "Tip-toeing Through the Tulips." The chick is, once again, stitched in DMC 725 and I used Classic Colorworks "Ripe Melon" for the pink tulips (as well as for all of the pinks in each design). The original chart only had three bees, but I added four more  (don't ask me why :). The little bow around Miss Chick's neck is made with two strands of DMC 598.

"Tip-toeing Through the Tulips" (with a few extra bees!)

Here are a couple more close-ups...



And here are all six nestled into my dough bowl all set to shine on Easter weekend. Do you have a favorite? I'm sure my grandson will adore each of them!

My six finishes from With Thy Needle and Thread's "Jelly Bean Jubilee" booklet

I so enjoyed stitching each of these and they stitched up fairly quickly (as you can tell since I managed to do all six in less than a month)! Who else has stitched these cuties? I just adore With Thy Needle and Thread designs, don't you? Especially the holiday designs--each one is so whimsical and sweet.

I received a couple of adorable stitched Easter cards from two friends "across the pond". How sweet of June (in England) and Gabi (in Germany) to think of me at Easter time! I have them sitting on the shelf right above my kitchen sink where I can enjoy them all week. Thank you both so very much!

A lovely card and other goodies from June!

Such a cute Easter card from Gabi!

So, are you ready for Easter? I still have a ton of stuff to do before everyone arrives--beds to make up, soup and dessert to prepare, cleaning, a bit of shopping, etc. I know that my family will pitch in when they arrive, but I do like to have as much done ahead of time as possible (and that way, I get to have more time to spend playing with Mister B!). I really enjoyed reading about your planned Easter menus--they all sound delicious! I'm making a roast chicken (with vegetables) and some baked ziti (for the two vegetarians). My grandson will be helping me make the bunny cake and some bunny biscuits. That should be fun and I'll try to remember to take a photo of them to share with you next time.

I'll leave you with this photo of five-year-old Carol on Easter Sunday in 1960 (which, based on a quick Google search, was on April 17th that year). My mother said I was talking to my grandparents before I left for church. I'm sure I'm filling them in on the contents of my Easter basket! Look at my tiny white gloves, the shiny black patent leather Mary Jane shoes, and my sweet Easter bonnet. Best of all is the smocked dress which I know for sure that my maternal grandmother made for me. I wish I knew what color it was; but whether it was pink or blue or yellow or green, I know she made it with lots of love. She was such a special woman in my life and I'm sure my love of needle and thread came from her. And now I'm crying... Holidays always make me miss my parents and grandparents so very much now that they're gone. I know those of you who have lost special relatives understand...

Me at age five! Easter morning in April 1960 (Buffalo, New York)

So, that's it for March--on to a (hopefully!) warmer and sunnier April. Thank you, one and all, for your wonderful comments and emails--I always appreciate hearing from you! I wish each of you who celebrates, a blessed Easter Sunday. I hope your time spent with family and friends is filled with happy times, delicious food, and new memories made. Take care now, everyone! Bye for now...


Gabi said...

Hello, what a cute picture! Oh I remember the easter time when I was a child.
As always very nice stitching and the finishing is perfect!
Have a happy time and enjoy every minute with Mr. B and family.
Hugs from over the pond, Gabi

Irene said...

Look how cute you are! ♥ Your ornaments are beautiful, happy Easter to you!

butterfly said...

Oh Carol you were so cute .
I always cry when I get out the photos .
Oh your stitching is so cute too , I love everyone of them .
Your bush should be ok , it should form new shoots , so just leave it ,and don't dig it up yet.
If it does not shoot this year then just clip it back a little
in the Autumn .
Have a lovely time with your family this Easter , hugs June.

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
all the finishes are so cute. I love the Jelly Bean series too and I have stitched them last year.
Your changes are wonderful. I like the oval one very much.
Enjoy the time with Mr. B and a Happy Easter to you and your family.
Hugs, Manuela

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What a darling picture and great memory! I have the little straw basket purse I carried one Easter, and I know it was around the same year as you and I are the same age. I will never give up the little purse. Have a great time with your family celebrating.

As usual your stitching and finishing is perfection.

Marilyn said...

All of your finishes are so very cute.
It's too hard to pick a favorite!
Very cute cards too.
Your picture is so adorable.
Yes, I remember dressing up, the dress, hat, gloves & patent leather shoes so well.
I am ready for Easter.
We are minus 1 husband due to eye surgery, but will send a plate home for him.
Have a wonderful Easter with your family Carol.

Stasi said...

What a sweet photo Carol...and so special to know the story behind it. Your Easter finishes are them all. That was a lot of stitching for one month...and to get them all finished...bravo!
Have a wonderful Easter...enjoy your time with Mr. B!

Anonymous said...

Omg that picture of you is so adorable!!! I can’t believe you had not stitched from that booklet already Well you made up for it all are just so sweet! Have fun with Mr B

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Easter set looks fabulous, Carol. You could always send it home with Mr. B and his family. The picture you shared of 5-year-old Carol is darling. What memories! Wishing you a blessed Easter and a wonderful time spent with your family.

Anonymous said...

I love that photo—yep I remember those smocked dresses, easter bonnet, lacy socks & patent leather shoes.

Kathy H. said...

Hi there Carol,
Such an adorable post of all your sweet Easter bunnies and chicks. I love all With Thy Needle and Thread patterns, (how could we not?) but have never stitched from this collection. How cute that you turned the chicks to face each other, perfect. It's a great addition to your collection for Easter.

I had to smile seeing you in your Easter outfit standing on the chair talking to your cute and such special memories. I have a feeling I could share pictures that look very similar...the Easter bonnet, white gloves and shiny pat and leathers. I am the third girl and always had a sweet hand-me-down dress to wear for every holiday. :)

Have a very Happy Easter and enjoy your time with your family.


SueH said...

Aww Carol, that photo of you age 5 is just precious. It was 'a thing' over here too, to have a new dress, shoes, hat and gloves for Easter but alas (or lucky for me) there are no photos of me all dressed in my finest, Lol!

I love all your stitching and especially Jelly Bean Jubilee. You display in the bowl is beautiful.

Happy Stitching and I wish you a very happy Easter weekend.
Sue x

Donna said...

Carol, how sweet you look! How nice to have a photo to remember. I loved getting a new Easter outfit every year just as much as I loved finding my Easter basket. Please share the Easter bread recipe.


Sandy said...

I was all set to type that those are the cutest Easter stitches I have ever seen until I saw your picture. Oh my, how cute you were! The dress is adorable and yes, seeing those old pictures brings back lots of memories.
The stitches are cute too. I love WTNT and should have ordered them to add to my mounting stack of patterns I want to stitch. I love all the changes you made and they look wonderful in the bowl. Enjoy your family.

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

These decorations for Easter are great!
The photo is very tender and adorable.
I hope you enjoy these days with your family.

zachssister said...

Carol, I love the photo of you, standing on the chair, talking into the receiver of the wall phone! This image reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting. Your finishes are so sweet and kudos to you for making changes and adding elements in the spirit of the designer, but your own preferences.

Pam in IL said...

Your Easter stitches are so sweet, Carol. I love seeing the picture of five-year-old Carol. My mom always made our Easter and Christmas dresses. We had white shiny shoes for Easter and black shiny shoes for Christmas. I don't know if they were patent leather, only that they were very glossy and shiny.

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, thank you for the wonderful post. I loved seeing how you finished the Jelly Bean series. I stitched them last year and have them displayed in my childhood Easter basket. You and I are the same age and your photo is so cute. The old photos are priceless and I feel that all will be lost in this digital age! I have plenty to do, too, but somehow we get it done. Enjoy the weekend with your family. I was just informed last night that my son and family are spending the night. Hence, plenty to do! But, it means extra time with our 3 yr. old grandson. Happy Easter to you and yours. Cherie in WI

MartinaM said...

It's a shame about the green on the hydrangeas, but they are actually very robust, we never cover ours, but the temperatures aren't that cold either, just let it do its thing, maybe it will recover and bring new greenery.
Your new Easter motifs are really sweet, I really like them, I got a small motif from Manuela as an Easter card last year.
And I love the changes to your pair of bunnies. And they are my favorites.
5 year old Carol looks so pretty and elegant. A beautiful memory.
I wish you and your family A wonderful Easter

Christel said...

Tous vos modèles pour Pâques sont adorable, pleins de douceur et de gourmandises. Impossible de dire celui que je préfère, j'adore les lapins, les poussins et bien sûr le chocolat.
Nous nous réunissons tous pour un déjeuner et bien sûr la récolte des gourmandises laissées par le lapin farceur dans le jardin. Nos petites filles ne repartiront pas les mains vides, tout comme les grands. En même temps nous fêterons les 82 ans de Maman (27 mars) et les 87 ans (02 avril) de Papa. Le neau temps ne sera pas de la partie mais qu'importe.
Quel bonheur de voir cette photo de vous à 5 ans ! C'est un souvenir magnifique.
Nous espérons également que le mois d'avril sera plus chaud, le cerisier commence à fleurir et le pêcher également.
Je vous souhaite de belles fêtes de Pâques, profitez de votre famille.
Amitiés de France.

Julie T said...

What a sweet picture of you! I love hearing your memories. I got excited when I saw your Easter parade in my email this morning. I always enjoy seeing what you stitch and how you display them. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed Easter with your family.

Carol in Texas said...

Carol, your stitching and finishing are just excellent! What a cute collection of little pillows you have made. I so enjoyed your description of each one. You take such care with everything you stitch. It is a joy to read about them and see the final result.

That Easter photo of your is just too precious. Look at that beautiful smocked dress! I never learned to smock. For years I was a member of a Stitchery Guild, and so many of the members did beautiful handwork, smocking included. I had little boys so I was not moved to make smocked clothing for them. But I do love to see little smocked dresses. Mother always made a special Easter dress for me and it was a special day to get to wear it. Lovely memories!!!!!

I do so enjoy your blog. I know it is a lot of work, but it is so appreciated! Happy Easter!!!! We are getting ready to go to the Good Friday service. Easter is almost here!

marly said...

Happy Easter to you and all your family Carol. Adorable stitches and perfect finishes, but the question of favorite is always a stinker!!

The gloves, patent shoes, special dress (or new coat), we're so far removed decades later! Dad and uncles (factory blue collar) would have a suit on for church every Sunday and it was worn all day. The cuffs were rolled back and tie was removed before dinner. Mom and aunts had a nice dress, usually with pearls, and good hoisery which was not the norm.

Enjoy the little man and your company this weekend!

Vickie said...

Jelly Bean Jubilee is darling, isn't it? Just love them. I am getting ready to bring mine out. Our Easter is much later this year.
I look forward to seeing your bunny cake and biscuits pictures. :)
Your five-year-old picture is precious. So glad you have it.
Have a Blessed Easter Carol. I know you will have a wonderful time with your family!

Barbara said...

Loved your Easter Parade of stitching!!!

As for the photo from Easter 1960 in Buffalo, New York.You were very cute!

I lived in Lockport, NY in 1956-1958. My father was a pilot with American Airlines at the time, flying out of Buffalo. My family was from Tulsa, Oklahoma, so coping with the snow and cold of upstate NY was too much to bear. Daddy took a transfer to Southern California. Just some interesting history.

Shelly said...

Checking in late as usual! Now I know the day went great with you and Mr B spending it together. All the food you planned to make was yummy I'm sure! I loved a pair of Buster Brown-like shoes but also had white go go boots, haha. We were hard scrabble kids so we never dressed up when we lived in Arizona. Back in California, my mother had us in dresses every single day. Dippity-Do for our curlers. Lol. Take care Carol!

sewsherry said...

Carol, I have had this booklet since it came out and your finishes are so inspiring. I liked the designs before but now I love them. I sure hope to have a display similar to yours by next Easter. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

Heritage Hall said...

Carol - Your displays are always so "happy" and uplifting...just a joy. What a darling child
you were and I can relate to a tear or two when remembering those we love and who made such a
meaningful difference in our lives.

Bluebird said...

Another beautiful post, they are always a pleasure to read. All your Easter stitching is just lovely. I don't think I can choose a favorite, though- each one is adorable. I'm sure your grandson loved them. I love the photo of you as a young girl, that's great that you have that. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!

diamondc said...

Hi Carol: I would check on the net, you should cut back the bad parts after you are sure the cold weather will not come back, you may get little blooms here and there. Next year the bush should be back to normal.
Congratulations on the finishes so adorable, you have a gift for choosing the perfect fabric and trims.
I like your color changes, Tip Toeing Through the Tulips remind me of Tiny Tim and his goofy song Tip Toe Through the Tulips, giggles.
I love Brendas designs, they are so sweet.
What a lovely Easter Parade thank-you.
Your photo is so sweet, I miss the days seeing little girls dressed up for Easter Services, some just come like they got out of bed just before coming, so sad, we dress up and love doing so.
I too cry a few tears on Holidays, I miss my Grandparents and Parents so much Holidays were a big deal in our family when they were alive.

Have an amazing week.


Leonore Winterer said...

Oh those Easter decorations you stitched are just two cute! Way too hard to pick a favourite, but I think it would have to be the two little chicks with the bunny ears. How adorable!
I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family. Ours was pretty good - my sister in law and her boyfriend got engaged, so we had extra reasons to celebrate!

Sandra said...

Such beautiful Easter stitching with adorable bunnies and chicks!
What a cute photo of you on the phone standing on a chair, How wonderful to be wearing a smocked dress that your maternal grandmother made for you!