Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Finds and a finish

Whoa! What's going on here? Two posts from me in only 9 days?! Well, I just had to share my newest finish with you right away because I truly love how it turned out... This design is from my friends at Twin Peak Primitives and is a limited edition kit called "Stitcher's Soul Journey." (The kit is currently sold out, but they hope to release it in chart form sometime in the future). I shared the photo of the entire kit  and of my start on it (using 40 ct. Woodland Newcastle linen) in this post from April 14th. 

"Stitcher's Soul Journey" finish


Isn't it sweet? And you know me, I just had to change it up a bit and add my personal touches to the design. As you can see, the main change I made was to omit the verse ("Mend thy soul with needle and threads") because, although I love the verse, I saw this as more of a patriotic or summer piece so I simply left it off. I also converted the DMC threads to similar overdyeds from my stash, added some specialty stitches (satin stitched the grass and the thread on the spools), and sprinkled a few smyrna and eyelet stitches in the centers of the flowers. 

I changed the colors to overdyed threads and added some specialty stitches


I think the border is especially pretty in this charming piece--and I do love those patriotic colors! I found a thrifted frame in my stash that I chalk-painted (Waverly Inspirations "Plaster" color) and distressed, added a backing of royal blue gingham cut from a thrifted man's shirt (washed, of course!), and glued some white ric-rak around the edges. Simple, but oh-so-pretty! This will decorate my home all summer. Thank you again to my dear friends at Twin Peak Primitives for the wonderful kit--I so enjoyed every stitch! Please check out their Etsy shop right here for many, many more beautiful designs! 

A pretty summer addition to my patriotic decorating!

So, how many of you love finding bargains in thrift stores? As I mentioned, both the frame shown above and the blue gingham backing fabric came from my local Goodwill. I hadn't been in a thrift store since March of 2020 when Covid began spreading so quickly. But, being fully vaccinated, I recently paid my Goodwill a visit in early May and, boy, did I find some gems! A beautiful blue and white piece of Polish Pottery, two pretty beaded frames in a pale yellow, and a very fun child's play car all hopped into my shopping cart. Would you like to see my finds? 

A woman at the Goodwill store actually stopped me and asked if this $3.98 tray was Polish Pottery. I told her I didn't know--that I just loved it 'cause it was blue and white. She picked it up out of my cart, checked the bottom, and said, "Yup! You got a great bargain!"

These pretty beaded, pale yellow framed flower prints were only $2.98 each. They look perfect in my bathroom!

My favorite find that day was this Fisher Price "Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car" that cost $5.99. When I got home I was shocked to learn that it sells for $60! I can't tell you how much fun my little grandson (who turns 11 months old today!) had with it during his visit--the sounds, the songs, the little activities... it kept him entertained for hours and he loved simply crawling in and out (and over!) it!

I don't always find something when I go to thrift stores, but that visit was special. I also bought a lot of children's books for 79¢ each (as if I hadn't saved enough from my own kids through the years!) and a couple of little ghost votive candle holders. But, thrift stores aren't the only way I find bargains... Over the years, I've been known to pick up little "treasures" (my husband doesn't quite agree with that description!) that my neighbors have put out on the street for garbage pickup.  This little rolltop desk was my favorite find from something a neighbor had left by the side of the road and my youngest son used it in his bedroom for years.

Yes, I found this sweet children's rolltop desk sitting out for trash pickup years ago. Why, oh, why wouldn't they donate it to a charity rather than throw it out. It is my favorite "rescue!"

So, that brings me to this week's "Getting To Know You" section: Do you enjoy going to thrift stores, yard sales, and such? And what are some of your favorite finds? My answer:  I grew up with a mom who loved a bargain so I think that is where my love of thrifting came from. When my kids were little, I would haunt yard sales every Saturday morning picking up books, clothing, and toys--many of which were cleaned up and given to my sons for Christmas and birthday gifts. They never knew the difference as I always bought things which looked brand new. It was never a matter of not having the money for new things--just the thrill of a bargain!  So, how about you? Have you found anything really special at yard sales or thrift stores?

Thank you so much for your answers to my last "Getting To Know You" question in my previous post... I really enjoyed hearing about all the career aspirations you had as children. No one seemed terribly unhappy with what they ended up doing in life which was nice to read, too. 

Giveaway... With summer upon us, that means the 4th of July and lots of red, white, and blue stitching. Would any of you like to stitch this pretty design called "Patriotic Quilts" from the August 2007 issue of  "The Cross Stitcher" magazine? If so, here are the guidelines: 1) Specifically mention that you want to enter to win this chart, 2) Include your email address, if I don't already have it, and 3) Answer the above "Getting To Know You" question in your comment on this post. I'll draw a name at random and let you know the winner in my next post at the end of June, okay? Good luck to all!

If you would like a chance to win this quilt chart, please follow the directions above! Make sure to leave your email address.


Giveaway winner from my previous post... I had quite a few people entering to win the Cricket Collection "Wooly Mittens" chart that I offered in my last post. The winning name pulled from the hat is...


Ndavis--you are the winner!

I'm not sure of your exact name or where you live, but congratulations Ndavis! Please contact me via email (my email is in my profile in the sidebar) with your mailing address and I will get this chart off to you as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy stitching these cute mittens--I may have to stitch that Santa moon one soon, myself!

A small public service announcement... UGH!!! We are having an epidemic of deer ticks which cause Lyme Disease here in Pennsylvania. Our state is one of 12 states which make up 94% of the Lyme Disease cases in the entire United States. Well, just last month when all three of my sons were home, they decided to play a few rounds of "disc golf" (they throw frisbees and try to hit targets in our yard like the pole of the tall bird house, the oak tree in the side yard, etc. and whoever finishes the course with the least number of throws is the winner). Unbeknownst to them, a couple of creepy insects decided to hitchhike on their legs and two of the three ended up with deer ticks burrowing into their flesh. Thankfully, both were spotted later that day and removed, but they had already burrowed, head first, into my sons' belly areas, and were becoming engorged with blood. Disgusting, right? So, my advice is... always, always check yourselves, your loved ones, and your pets each and every time after being outside in grassy areas or on hikes. You just never know! Lyme Disease can be a very long-term debilitating illness if not caught early. Beware and be aware!

I'll leave you with a much prettier vision--these lovely purple flowers are now blooming in our yard. I sure wish the blooms lasted longer, but what a welcome sight they've been this spring!

Chives, clematis, and salvia in my garden

I hope your June is off to a great start, my friends! Only 12 days until the official start of summer--I can't wait... I want to wish a warm welcome to my new followers--so glad to have you here! Thank you, as always for your visit today, your sweet comments, and emails, and your friendship. I truly appreciate each and every one of you! Bye for now...


Marilyn said...

What a beautiful piece for Summer, love your changes.
You found some great treasures at the thrift store.
I like going to thrift stores also.
I've found some nice frames in the past, I remove the pictures, but some I keep, they are so pretty.
Last time a found a huge picture for my kitchen, it looks great!
I think I kept those quilt designs, there were several in magazines.
Beautiful flowers.
Have a great week!

Sandy said...

What an adorable stitch finished in time for patriotic stitching displays! I have to say that I recognize all other seasonal markers except summer. The summer one is like a blip o the on the radar. I tend to think of Memorial Day weekend my summer marker. Although this year we have some really pleasant temps far later than the norm. That car was a score. I know he had fun and for less than $10. I love finding a bargain and love to browse through Goodwill and the "antique" stores. I have found many bargains over the years. I could list lots but one time I found some amazing wooden plant stands at an estate sale. I knew they were a score. You just never know what you will find.

SusieK said...

I generally don't go to a lot of thrift stores but my Granddaughter finds some pretty amazing vintage outfits there. My Mom went to a garage sale once and bought me a Singer Featherweight sewing machine for $25.00! I'm still sewing on it 40 years later. You have found some really nice items so maybe it's time I start checking these places out.

Vickie said...

I love the way you made Stitcher's Soul Journey your own Carol! It is very pretty. We grew up without much money at all, so my Mom was ALWAYS looking for bargains to clothe us and to feed us. I have inherited that trait from her. I always shop the sales racks first. And I love our Goodwill and miss our Salvation Army sorely. I have never found such curbside treasures! I envy people like you! :)

Stasi said...

Carol, your summer piece is wonderful and I love how you upcycle men's shirts. I too love the thrill of the hunt and enjoy yard sales, thrift stores etc. It is sad that there don't see, to be many yard sales anymore. My granddaughter and I just went Saturday to a neighborhood yard sale and were disappointed. It's a HUGE neighborhood and only about 20 homes were participating...many with just a single table of stuff to sell. I guess FB Marketplace, Craig's list etc. have become the norm. I do have a funny story about my best stitchy related find....I was at a local charity book sale and stumbled across the first 12 issues of Sampler and Needlework Quarterly magazine. Now I had been searching for these for about 15 years, refusing to pay the astronomical prices they went for at the time. I got them for 50 cents a piece and was happy dancing all over the place!!! When I got home I shared this with one of my stitchy friends only to be told she had gone to a book sale, in another state, that same day and found some, not all, of the same issues for 10 cents a copy!!!! We couldn't believe the coincidence and were both ecstatic! I guess good things come to he who waits.... :)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

What a lovely finish Carol. I enjoy consignment stores. We have two good ones here in our area. One for clothing and one for furniture. I go to the thrift shops every now and then, mainly to look for frames for finishing. Like you, I have not been in one since the onset of covid while I have shopped the consignment stores. I love a great buy and you got some good ones. I spotted that dish as polish pottery too. It costs a pretty penny even at TJ Maxx.

Sandra said...

So much to see and read in this blog entry - I don't quite know where to start!I love the flowers at the end, especially the gorgeous Clematis.

I do love all your thrift buys, the lovely blue and white tray which is truly attractive. The desk was a marvellous find too.

Adorable grandson in his wonderful car full of things to touch and play with to his heart's content!

Last but definitely not least, your beautiful stitching and I do like the gingham finishing touches!

Irene said...

Bellissimo il tuo kit!! Non vado spesso ai mercati dell'usato, ma una volta ho trovato un telaio da ricamo, semplice, in legno, ma aveva il bordo ricoperto di nastro per non rovinare la stoffa, si vedeva che era di una ricamatrice, magari di qualche nonna che non c'è più e mi sono commossa :(

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Stitcher's Journey piece is fabulous, Carol. I love how you stitched it and finished it. What a beautiful rolltop desk you found years ago! You definitely scored with the Fisher Price car for your precious grandbaby. Your purple flowers are gorgeous. I think tick season is going to be bad this year; I have found 2 already on me (yes, you read that right). UGH!

Margo said...

Oh, I love that chart and would be interested in winning! I do love visiting thrift stores. I just went to Value Village this weekend and was happy to find a couple of books for my son as well as some clothes for him as well. I always check out the craft season, and was happy to find some yarn and a knitting book I wanted as well! It was a pretty good haul that day.

butterfly said...

Wow Carol , love you new stitch and a beautiful finish.
My friend and I would go to the thrift store every two weeks I have picked up some beautiful china and I am always looking for things I can place my needle work on.
Love your flowers .Have a fun week hugs .

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Carol, your Twin Peaks Primitive stitch is beautiful and I love the patriotic look to it and love the changes that you made. I know you are thrilled to have it on display. It would be hard for me to put it up after summer time. Lol. What great finds at the Goodwill for yourself and little man. I bet he was super excited over his new car. I would love to enter your giveaway for the patriotic chart. I enjoy going to yard sales , Goodwills, and estate sales. The greatest finds I have found were a treadle sewing machine for $10 at the Goodwill and all of the numerous handquilted quilts that I have purchased. It is like a treasure hunt for me. Have a very blessed week and happy stitching.

Shelly Nichols said...

Wow! you found some great treasures thrifting! My husband and I pulled a ratty looking paint peeling chair off of someone's trash pile and after sitting in our garage and moving 2k miles with it, we took it to a refinisher and discovered a gorgeous maple chair. I think I need to hit a few of my places this weekend to see what treasures I can find! Lovely stitching of the Twin's pattern and nothing more beautiful then purple flowers. Enjoy your summer!

44katydid@gmail.com said...

I love your flowers! Thanks for sharing. Please enter me in your drawing for the crossroads quilts. Thanks Kay

Barb R. said...

Oh, how I am so sorry I didn’t comment on your last posting, Carol. I fully intended to do just that but I think I was just so busy working in our yard and on our house during the past week and then so worn out I hardly looked at anything online. As crazy as all of that has been, now it’s pouring rain and hailing in 84 degree weather! This weather is truly very strange, The best part is that’s it’s watering a new little tree we planted, some bushes and some sedum. We really needed this rain but the hail was quire the surprise! Your flowers in your yard are beautiful - thanks for sharing them with all of us.

Thanks for sharing that completely wonderful picture of Baby B in his car! He is entirely too adorable and obviously having the best time! I was especially happy to learn in your last posting that you will be going to California to celebrate his 1st birthday next month! That is so exciting (and hard to believe that a whole year has nearly passed!). I bet you are so excited to get to see that sweet boy and his mom & dad again.

The Twin Peaks design you stitched and finished is so pretty. I really loved the changes you stitched and your finishing is wonderful. You really are very creative! I think you are truly an inspiration to many stitchers!!

And what a great find you have in that child’s roll top desk - I think that was really a treasure. I have donated things to Goodwill and Salvation Army but I’ve hardly ever been inside to look around. That may have to change one of these days. I did donate quite a few things to both of those places when my mother passed away. She was quite the “collector” of “stuff”. My brother and his wife took a lot of her things and I kept a few things that were quite special to me, but I couldn’t keep everything.

Happy stitching to you and have a great week ahead! All the best to you!

diamondc said...

Hi Carol: I love and mean it love the design and your changes, I too would have left off the verse, it is a beautiful design for sure.
I think you and I are sisters from other Mothers, we received gifts on birthdays and Christmas from thrift stores, mom was great at making them look and feel new.
I love thrifting, I find so many lovely and useful items to take home.
I am not a hoarder but like beautiful things.
That desk is an amazing find, I bet a little research would tell you it is worth a fortune.
How cute is that grandson of yours, what an amazing find for 5.99.
Congratulations to NDAVIS for her winning the pattern.
It has been in the upper 90s and 100s here in Minnesota, I like the heat.


Carlie said...

I love your Stitcher's soul finish, I love the colors, motifs and especially the name. Please add me in for the chance to win the patriotic chart. I just love stitching red, white and blue. I also love to thrift shop and got a great red, white and blue log cabin quilt recently at a thrift shop, I'm still excited when I think about it. It is hard to believe someone gave up such a great treasure. I like finding items I can upcycle into sewing accessories. You got an awesome find in the child's desk!

Anonymous said...

I volunteer in a Charity Shop (as we call them in Australia) and it is sooo hard to leave at the end of the day with out something tucked in my bag. The prices just make them too good to pass up. I have taken home cut out quilts that just need sewing up, cross stitches, knitting wool never opened or used as well as tapestries. It is a highlight of the week and the friendships with fellow volunteers and customers enriches my heart Robyn Sydney Australia

TBF said...

Would love to be entered in your giveaway....
I enjoy visiting different thrift shops here in Pittsburgh and have also done some "picking" in our neighborhood on garbage day. My luckiest find was an Amish bentwood rocker that was perfect for my son's basement rec room.
Enjoy seeing all your projects...thanks for posting.

MartinaM said...

Wow, your new finsih has turned out great again, I understand why you love it.
The motif is magical and the finsih fits perfectly.
Getting to know: I have to honestly admit that I have only been to a flea market before and I didn't like that. But it was probably on the market itself. I've never been to a second-hand shop before, but if I read your story, I absolutely have to go to one.
Oh dear, yes you have to be careful with ticks, my son already had one when he was little, but we found it in time, it had just bitten itself. Everything was good.
I hope you will be spared these bad animals. So small and can cause great damage.
Enjoy your June, Martina

Kay said...

I always enjoy your posts and seeing what you have stitched. I do love what you call thrift stores, in England they are known as charity shops. I buy most of my books form them and occasionally am lucky enough to get other things too. x

Jill said...

It tickles me to learn that you are a thrifter. One with a good eye, I may add. 😊 Good finds such as your recent ones, makes it hard to not to thrift. Estate sales are my favorite places to find treasures. Love the blue & white tray. Grandson is a cutie pie! Purple is a striking color in the garden. This year my President Clematis and Siberian Iris did very well. Ticks are to be taken seriously. Due to having too many UFO stitching projects, I will have to pass on your wonderful giveaway. I hope to do better in the future commenting on your enjoyable and inspiring blog.

Jennie in GA said...

Your flowers are beautiful and I love your cross stitch adaptation. I like to thrift occasionally, but I must admit, some of my favorite finds have been on the side of the road. My favorite was a wooden children’s toy chest which I repainted and used for a coffee table in my sunroom for several years.

jhm said...

Here we go:
(1) Yes, I would like to stittch the Patriotic Quilts. I love most things patriotic.
(2) jhm0823@gmail.com
(3) I came to enjoy garage sales and thift stores when my children were young. I could often find toys in good shape and reasonable prices. Really good when balancing a family on one salary. NO one item really stands out. Everything arund here has bascially been shut down for the past year plus. So it will be interesting to see how garage sales do later this month. I have to admit that I have rarely seen needlrworks at garage sales (other than my EGA chapter's annual sale). Yet others manage to find great deals. YOu just never know!

Sorry to hear about the ticks. No one hears spends much time outside at the moment - cicadas! THeir noise is deafening. I will be so happy when they are gone.

Sheryl said...

Pretty stitching and finishing on the Twin Peaks design and the patriotic piece. You certainly found some bargains at the charity store, just look at that wonderful car which is going to be popular with each visit from your grandson. I pop into charity shops when I pass them but there are very few here in Spain. Gorgeous Clematis in flower.

Christel said...

Il est très joli ce Stitcher's Soul Journey, encore plus avec ton encadrement qui le met si bien en valeur. L'ensemble est très doux, et fera en effet une belle décoration estivale. L'été approche, quel bonheur !
Les tiques je me méfie énormément, elles m'adorent ! J'ai déjà eu des cordons d'infection m'obligeant a consulter un médecin à cause d'elles. Alors je vérifie ma petite Lara lorsqu'elle est à la maison et à joué dans le jardin, mon mari, mes chats, les poules et moi. J'ai eu plusieurs prises de sang pour savoir si je n'avais pas attraper la maladie de Lyme, vu le nombre de fois ou j'ai été mordu la chance est avec moi, c'est toujours négatif.
Je fréquente beaucoup les vide-greniers, brocantes et friperie. La semaine dernière j'ai pu ainsi trouver un beau présentoir à livre tournant en bois, il est dans mon atelier et m'est bien utile pour y ranger les boîtes de bouton, pots à crayon etc... Il était présenté sur un site de don, pour donner une seconde vie aux objets, il n'a donc rien coûté. J'utilise aussi ce site pour donner des vêtements que l'on ne met plus, les personnes sont ravies de pouvoir changer de garde-robe sans débourser un cent... Sur le dernier vide-grenier j'ai trouvé une soupière Digoin, collection rose bleue. Cette vaisselle est assez recherchée en France et cela faisait longtemps que j'en voulais une. Je suis donc ravie. J'aime chercher, regarder... Et puis cela me satisfait pleinement de permettre à un objet de continuer à vivre.
Elles sont superbes vos fleurs. En ce moment dans notre jardin nous avons des pivoines rouge et rose, des géraniums vivaces, et dans la pelouse des orchidées sauvages qui sont magnifiques.
Amitiés de France,

April said...

Hello Carol,
Your new finish is gorgeous! I love everything about it! I need to remember your technique in framing with fabric behind. I have many frames I've picked up at thrift stores, and very rarely one fits perfectly. Plus the fabric adds that extra something to the piece.
What great finds you found. Baby B sure had fun with the car :) Like you, I like the hunt. I have found many things over the years, but two favorites are a hand stitched Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt at a yard crawl for $40 and a P Buckley Moss professionally framed picture that was in perfect condition for $4.75.
Beautiful flowers from your garden.
Ticks scare me-I got one this year after mulching. Ugh! Disgusting little creatures!
Congratulations to NDavis for winning the chart.
Enjoy the warm weather.

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
what a wonderful and great finish. I love it.
Can't wait to buy the pdf chart.
Ich gehe ganz selten auf Flohnärkte oder Second Hand Shops. Als ich vor vielen Jahren in den USA war, haben wir einen Antiquitäten Buchladen besucht und ich habe dort ein richtig tolles Patchworkbuch gefunden, welches es wohl so im Handel nicht mehr gab.
Have a nice month of June.
Hugs, Manuela

Mary said...

Carol, I just love your twin peaks design and finish!! You know I love a great thrift find and you made good use of your stash. It's adorable!! Well, you did really well at the thrift store!!! Of course the little car was the best find as your grandson had hours of pleasure with it. The polish pottery is very popular here and you got a bargain!! I would have bought that too and love the framed artwork. Now, your not going to believe this but my brother picked up a desk very similar to the one you found too!! I'm always amazed at the treasures people dispose of. My town has a "too good to toss" day that is coming up, I can't wait to see what I find this year! My favorite find is the antique bedroom set I found on the side of the road for my sister, it was spray painted a silver and when she started to strip it she could not believe how many gorgeous woods were in it. That was over 10 years ago, recently I was passing by the house where I found it with my friend and she told me one of the Gabor Sisters lived in the house, actually, it was more like a mansion. The two sisters had homes across the street from each other and I found the set at one of them. She wasn't sure which sister had which home.
I took a short walk in the woods with my husband and came home with 6 ticks crawling on my legs...I HATE them!! Your flowers are gorgeous!!!

Debbyduck said...

Thrift stores are my favorite and over the years have discovered such great items from furniture to clothing or nick knacks. Starting shopping thrift stores years ago when my daughter needed new clothes for school and my husband was out of work ... this started my passion in thrift shops.

The Land That We Love patriotic quilt pattern by Ursula Michaels is beautiful. The thread colors and pattern design draws you right in. Would love to be the winner of this cross stitch pattern. debbyduck@hotmail.com = hope I'm the winner.

Thank you for showing different eye catching mediums to display our cross stitch. Just putting our finish product in a picture frame is so boring.

Debby Lang
Cross Stitcher for over 20 years

Alhana said...

What a beautiful add for your patriotic collection! You created a new piece with just a couple of changes and the framing with the blue gingham fabric is perfect for it.

The roll desk is such a dream! So glad you were able to rescue it and give it the love it deserves. We don't have thrift stores in my town and I have way too much stuff at home (a tiny European flat) to buy more, but I would love to go window shopping and see all the lovely antiques.

Enjoy the summer and keep those nasty bugs away!

Carol in Texas said...

Oh that precious desk! No wonder you snatched it up…..it is an heirloom! For years when we lived in Austin I worked at our church’s thrift store. I worked on Mondays, and we would have donations from the whole weekend to go through. Much of it was garbage…why do people donate torn, dirty clothes to a church?…..but over the years I found pieces to my everyday china and pieces of clothing that I wore for years and a few I still have. As a quilter I would go through all the fabric scraps donated. Even today I love to shop at Goodwill and have found some very nice shirts and tees there. It is the thrill of the hunt!

Faith... said...

I just love the way finished the "Stitcher's Soul Journey" with the fabric and ric-rak! It is very creative! Congrats on that!

I too love going to the thrift store but haven't been there since the days of COVID. My grandson received his last shot earlier this week so when his two weeks are up I am sure we will be headed to Goodwill! What a good deal you got on the car for Mr. B! I am sure he will play with it for years to come since it will be special and only at Grandma and Grandpa's house. i have found many things over the years but can't think of the one special thing. I use to get clothes, books, toys and games or my kids when they were little. Now they are smart shoppers, checking the thrift first for many things! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I would love to be included in your giveaway. Thanks!

I don't know if we have ticks here or not. People have been seeing bobcats and things like that though and we are under a heat advisory for about a week while we have temps well over a 100 for the next ten days.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on the Happy Dance for your latest finish! I love those scissor aprons.
We don't really have yard sales in England, maybe the weather isn't reliable enough? We do have charity shops but they are very poor quality in the town where I live, everyone uses everything until it wears out! I do pick up some frames regularly but they are usually cheap ones in the first place. My sister has better luck in Cardiff, she got a gorgeous Butler's Sink someone had left out for free!

Cathy H. said...

Love your new stitched piece and it's finishing! You amaze me with how much you accomplish! It's June so I've begun stitching Christmas ornaments for my five grandsons. I haven't stitched in a few months and it's been so relaxing to stitch a few simple ornaments. I do love to wander through flea markets and antique stores. In fact, I was in one today. I only picked up a children's book for $1 and a little handmade wrist purse for $5. I don't buy a lot, just love to wander around. Your looking forward to summer, but I'm not so sure I'm ready for it. Today our heat index was 109! So very hot and humid here! Guess it would be a great time to stay inside and stitch.

moosecraft said...

Stitcher's Soul finished up beautifully! It's a great year round piece... but especially nice now for the red, white & blue! I wasn't always a person that enjoyed thrifting.... I think it just kind of "happened" when we stopped at a barn sale while vacationing out in PA. First thing I noticed was that all of the antique and vintage items were made so much better than what is made today. So much personality in the old glass, wood and pottery! And attention to details... love it all! My most favorite pieces (furniture or decorative) are older than I am! lol! Since I'm a quilter and a stitcher... I'd love a chance to be chosen to receive that lovely Patriotic Quilts chart! :-)

Leonore Winterer said...

That really was quick for you, but I can totally understand why you had to share this finish right away! It's so pretty. Not too 'in your face' US-patriotic with the more muted colours, too. Well done!
And great thrift store finds, too! Thrift stores and yard sales aren't as common where I live as they are in the US. What we do have (or, what we do have if there's not a pandemic going on) is lots of flea markets, and I went to those a lot with my mum when I was younger! I got a TON of tapes from there that I loved as a kid. I still like going, but Felix doesn't, and as I don't want to go alone, it's a rare pleasure these days.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Our local Goodwill is less than a mile from our home, and I am addicted! I pick up several really nice puzzles, a lot of like-new condition books, and countless other great junk. I have a couple boxes of picture frames waiting for projects. I could go on and on! Love your inspiration of the fabric and frame.

Mylene said...

Your recent stitched piece is beautifully finished! I Love the colours you have chosen for it and the satin stitches,.
Such great finds at the thrift store. Living on a small island we don't really have a thrift store, more on the mainland but not enough time to go for a visit.
Lovely colour purple's on your garden. Love it.

Maggie said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing Carol, and wow, you have had some lovely pre-loved finds! The desk is beautiful, can't believe someone would throw that out! My husband would say the same as yours though, (good job we take no notice eh? lol)
I always think that people in the US find better pre-loved things than you would find here in the UK, there is a lot of tat in our charity shops, lol.

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

What great finds you scored! I've seen a few Twin Peaks Primitives stitched models and I'm intrigued! Love what you've done to your finish! Wow, that desk! I would've drug that home too. I don't go to second hand shops as much as I used to. When I do I'm looking for something specific. It should be a law that stitchers stitch satin stitches whenever there's a spool! How's that for a tongue twister! Haha. Happy early Independence Day to you!