Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Dizzying Month

Only three more days and 2021 will be half over--can you believe it? June has been an "interesting" month for me--filled with some nice times, but also some troubling health issues. Things have evened out for now so let's hope I stay on track. More about that later on, though--let's start with what I've been stitching, okay? 

Stitching update... I managed to stay on track and completely stitch and finish my ornament for June and I love it! I'd been wanting to stitch this whimsical Birds Of a Feather design ever since I saw it in the 1998 Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine. I'm not sure why I put it off so long, but I'm so glad I finally sat down and stitched it. Just look at those big-eyed tots wide awake in their beds on Christmas Eve. Do you think they heard the giant reindeer on the roof or, perhaps, that rosy-cheeked Santa is making too much noise as he lays a pink present under the Christmas tree? The colors in this one are such fun, aren't they?

Birds Of a Feather "Night Before Christmas"


I stitched "Night Before Christmas" on 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle with most of the suggested colors. (I did change the eyes from the suggested bright blue to a dark brown because all of them looked slightly possessed when I used the blue thread)! At first, I planned to use white cording to surround the little pillow, but I held up some minty green DMC 369 and knew that  that would be a better choice. I had just enough ribbon in my stash to make a hanger and bow in the same color, too, and I'm so pleased with the final result. It is a small ornament, but is almost solid stitching so it took quite a while! Anyway, I'm happy to say that the stitch along that I started on Instagram (#12in21ornamentstitchalong) has really been keeping me on track this year as far as getting my ornaments done each month. It's so nice to have company and see others' ornament finishes each month, too. Thanks to all who have joined in! If you'd like to start following me on Instagram, too, just click right here.

Such fun retro colors!


My only other stitching related news is that I finally managed to sit down and frame this sweet piece from Tralala called "Carré ABC Bouquet." If you've been following my blog for a while, you may recall that I stitched this more than five years ago--yes, in 2016! You can read about my finish right here in my post from April 21, 2016. It was stitched on 40 ct. burch Newcastle using a variety of overdyed threads. The blue thread is Gentle Arts "Crystal Lake"--such a soft pretty color, don't you think?

"Carré ABC Bouquet" stitched in 2016


The very detailed, carved frame came from my box (well, boxes, plural!!) of thrifted frames that I've purchased for $1-$5 through the years. Doesn't it look pretty? It is a silvery gold color and I think it accents this sweet piece so nicely.

There is a bit more margin on the top and bottom than the sides, but overall, the fit of this thrift store frame is quite good!

The flowers that lie beside it are from my garden... The blue hydrangea was from the plant that my middle son gave me for Mother's Day this year that we planted outside. The pink coral bells were transplanted from my parents' garden at my childhood home so they are very special to me. And the white astilbe, although only in bloom for a short while, is so soft and delicate, isn't it? Our neighborhood deer have been leaving things alone lately, but we just spied a pair of baby fawns frolicking in the yard yesterday so I fear the plants will be gobbled up in no time...

Such pretty blooms this year!


Giveaway winner... I had quite a few entries for this pretty Americana quilt chart! Thank you to all who entered and who told me about your thrift store/yard sale/side-of-the-road finds. It was such fun reading about them and it makes me feel better about picking up things I happen upon that someone has thrown out! The winner's name drawn from the hat this time is...

Faith from Faithfully Stitching

Congratulations, Faith! Please send me your mailing address and I'll get this out to you this week. I'll be having another giveaway next month so watch this space...


So, what was I doing the rest of the month? Well... traveling, gardening, baking, and stumbling around like a drunken sailor. Yes, after a wonderful break of 19 years (yes, years!) my vertigo came back with a vengeance this month. Oh, I'd forgotten how bad it feels. The first  time I had it in 2002, I ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). The doctor told me then that it would return... thankfully, it decided to give me a long break. But, boy, was I sick with it--violent vomiting and complete dizziness that lasted all day. I really couldn't move at all without getting sick or feeling like the room was spinning. It was so bad that we had to postpone our flight to Florida the following day. We were able to reschedule the flight for two days later and I felt well enough to fly, but the night we arrived in Florida my vertigo returned... I simply sat and felt miserable the entire next day. I tried doing the various maneuvers to ease the dizziness that were suggested online and one of them must have kicked in because I've been okay now for over a week. I'm still not feeling quite myself, but at least I can function! So, who else deals with vertigo--do you have any tips for me? 

Our Florida visit was yet another trip to prepare my in-laws' house for the rental market. We're almost there, I'd say... My husband did the majority of the work because of my vertigo, but I did a few things and we even managed one walk on the beach. It rained (heavily!) every day except for two--I really don't remember such horrid weather down there. Combine that with 90°+ temperatures and it was pretty miserable. I'm not sure if we have to go down again before we put it on the rental market, but, hopefully, things can be handled with phone calls from now on...

One of two non-rainy days in Naples, Florida. The Naples pier is in the distance.

Playing hide and seek--can you spy the little crab peeking out?


Our garden has been doing so well this year! It must have something to do with the cooler temperatures and all the rain we had in May, but everything is blooming and extremely lush and green... My husband deserves full credit for the gardening. All I do is pick out plants and seeds and tell him where to plant them. He is really enjoying the extra time in the garden now that he's retired. Here are a few photos for you...

The raised beds in our fenced in vegetable and flower garden

Lots of tomatoes are ripening on the vine

And lots of snap peas, too!

We also grow some flowers within the fenced vegetable garden to keep them safe from deer. That way we can cut them and enjoy them in our home.

Sunflowers, strawflowers and zinnias

Love the various shades of purple in the alyssum!

The calla lilies are very special to me. They came from a plant that my oldest son gave my mother on her birthday two years ago. So glad they've kept blooming--I feel like mom is smiling at me!

A view from the end of our driveway to our back patio--green as far as you can see!


June means blueberry season--my favorite fruit! I stumbled upon this extremely quick and easy recipe for "Ridiculously Easy Blueberry Crumble" and went right into the kitchen to whip it up. Oh, my--delicious and super simple... what more could you ask for? You can find the recipe by clicking right here at Inspired Taste. I halved the recipe which was a mistake--my husband and I could easily have eaten twice the amount!

A very tasty Blueberry Crumble

So, what does July hold? Well, believe it or not, my grandson turns one next week! Yes, it makes me want to cry when I think how quickly his first year has gone. He took his first steps earlier this month and we just happened to be on FaceTime with him when that happened so we got to witness that milestone. His dad says he's now walking more than crawling and oh-so-proud of himself! There are six teeth sprouting in his little mouth so he no longer looks like such a baby... more like a sweet little boy. We'll be heading to California for his first birthday and I'm counting the days, as you can imagine. "Baby B" helped us through so much sadness over the past year with the loss of my mom and my daughter-in-law's parents.  He has no idea how very much he is treasured...

This photo warms this former librarian's heart--Baby B loves books! Hooray!

Thank you, as always for visiting me today... I always enjoy reading your comments after each post--thank you so much for taking the time to say "hi!" I'm happy to try to answer your questions, but please make sure to include your email address so I can get back to you...  Wishing you each a wonderful July with lots of stitching time. Bye for now...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitches as always. I too have random bouts of vertigo. Through my reading I found that dehydration can also be part of the cause. I have really upped my intake of my daily water especially during this hot time in Texas. Not sure it will cure your more serious vertigo but it might help. Thanks for another enjoyable post. Miriam in hot West Texas.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your BOAF ornament is darling, Carol. Almost reminds me of some of the Prairie Schooler designs we both love! Your framed piece looks fabulous. I am glad that you were able to get to Florida and work on the house plus enjoy a walk on the beach. I can't believe Baby B will be a year. Love the picture of him with the books.

marly said...

I have a lot of catching up to do. But just like reading a magazine, I start at the end! About the vertigo. A physical therapist can do the maneuver and we know of several people that call as soon as it starts. The key is knowing which way you are leaning. I always go to the right, spin to the right, and hit into the right side of door frames. Once they know the spin direction, it doesn't take very long to correct. I take Dramamine Less Drowsy and start with a half pill but when as severe as your episode, a whole pill. Before that an RX for Antivert (meclizine) which is taken several times a day helps too along with Zofran to stop the nausea. It is horrible isn't it?

Yes it's mind boggling that your sweetie is ONE! The older we get, the faster time seems to pass.

Perfect frame. I found a few antique shops less than a hour from here and when all settles (I doubt that will ever happen) Mark will drive me to them and the first items to find will be frames.

Our garden is terribly skimpy, more stems than leaves, not a pod or fruit in sight! I envy yours.

Enjoy the summer and let's hope things slow down a little!!

Stasi said...

Carol, your finishes are wonderful, as really have a knack for creating the perfect finish....without overdoing it.
I know Baby B has been a huge blessing for your happy you will with him to celebrate turning one.
I have heard from quite a few friends that they've been dealing with vertigo lately...some have never experienced it before. I've had slight problem with it a couple times when I have sinus issues and a Claritin seems to help. Luckily, it doesn't hang around long. I hope yours subsides for at least another 19 years!!!
Safe travels!

Kate said...

Grandbaby is one next month - how quickly time has flown - it's wonderful that you can be there to celebrate his first birthday. Your gardens are beautiful. I was diagnosed with BPPV in October 2010 and had a hiatus from it until this past winter. I was taking a half gravol each morning but since that was making me dopey I'm now wearing 'sea bands' (for motion sickness whilst cruising) which are doing a fine job. I try to be very careful with my movements but sometimes forget. ^^

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

Beautiful stitchery projects and what a lovely frame you found at a thrift shop. Lucky you, it is perfect. Sorry to hear about the return of your Vertigo. I hope the tricks you found on the internet will help to keep it locked up.

Sandra said...

Beautiful stitching, as always and I love those frames you found.
Your garden is looking wonderful and lots of good things to eat and pretty flowers too. So sorry to hear about your vertigo. A friend has this condition and finds it really difficult. I do hope that you find some sort of treatment to alleviate the condition.

You will be so thrilled to be with your lovely little grandson for his first birthday! Such precious time to share with him and his parents!

Sandy said...

That garden looks amazing. I wish I had a place like that to tend.
The ornament is the cutest. The older patterns had some great things in them. I actually wish I had held on to more of them. The colors are just perfect.
You enjoy that sweet little boy and his birthday. I am with you on the time is flying. IT seems like just a couple of months ago he arrived on the scene.

Cheryl said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your sweet blog and look forward to seeing it each month. I feel like I know your family and enjoy watching your little grandson grow. So sorry to hear about your vertigo. I wish I had some suggestions but I do not. Hoping it stays away now. Continued best wishes to you and your family.

sandi s said...

I have had vertigo off and on all my life. I thought everyone got it a lot too. 😂 about 3 years ago my doctor sent me to a physical therapist and they lay you on a table. Then the therapist moves you head to one side and then to the other side and that settles the crystals in your ears. It’s not pleasant but it doesn’t hurt. I haven’t had vertigo since. It will come back at some point but then I’ll have it done again. Hugs,

Kay said...

Lovely stitching, as always. I am always so impressed when people can frame their own stitching, I know that I would struggle to get it just right so have to leave it to the professionals but you must save a fortune. x

Mary said...

Carol, The ornament and finish is just darling..reminds me of a scene from the 40's, must be the pretty green. Your garden is doing so well, lots of delicious tomatoes will be coming your way. I see a feast of Hostas for the deer! I can't believe Baby B will be a year already!! That time flew by! So glad his parents are encouraging a love of books.
I sure hope your vertigo disappears forever...I have never had it and hope never too so no tips from me. I just printed the recipe. My husband just came back from the supermarket with 4 pints of blueberries and I'll swipe 2 of them. We enjoy them on our granola.
Too bad about the terrible weather in Florida, June is certainly the rainy season there. I was there for the last 2 weeks in May and didn't have rain once. I hope you don't have to go back.
Enjoy your trip for the birthday celebration! Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, you write such a readable blog I really enjoy it and it encourages me to get stitching. Thank you! Robyn Sydney Australia.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

You are one of the stellar stitchers in my opinion, Carol. Love all the finishes you showed. And that baby B....oh you just want to pick him up and squeeze him. I am a sucker for little boys. Bless your an old nurse I have no hints to offer. I have occasional vertigo, mainly when I have a sinus issue. That is not fun and I cannot imagine this feeling constantly. Hope it goes away for another 19 years.

Kyle said...

I always enjoy reading your updates. Your stitching is so lovely and your garden is beautiful, the perfect blend ofrestful and colorful. Sorry about the vertigo. I'm glad you were able to get to Florida and now onward to California
to celebrate a special birthday.

Rowyn said...

Happy birthday to your grandson. Wow, I can't believe he is going to be one year old, and is walking already! Time surely does fly. That's so sweet that he loves books already.

Beautiful stitching and garden photos, as always.

I have had BPPV this year too. Have you tried some anti-nausea tablets? My Doctor gave me the head movements to do which were horrible at first but really seemed to help in a short space of time, but she also gave me anti-nausea tablets to take before doing the head movements. I hope it stays away for you.

Sandra said...

I love your finish of the Tralala piece so much that I decided to go and see if I have it in my stash, so pleased that I have, and that will be a new start very soon. I had vertigo a few years ago, caused by an inner ear infection and it's the most horrible feeling. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor waiting to be sick. I did actually make myself sick a couple of times and it did help, that and sitting dead still for an hour or more. Hope you and I never get it again.

Irene said...

Già un anno? Come passa il tempo! La cornice per il Tralala è bellissima e perfett per il ricamo, e bellissimo anche l'ornamento

Manuela said...

Hallo Carol,
dein neuestes Finish ist ganz bezaubernd. Das Motiv ist so goldig, wie die kleinen Kindern im Bett liegen/sitzen und auf jedes Geräusch horchen.
Auch dein gerahmtes Finish ist wunderschön. Sehr schön arrangiert mit den Hortensien aus deinem Garten.
Ich hoffe dass dein Schwindel besser wird und du den Flug nach Kalifornien und die Zeit mit deinem Enkel genießen kannst.
Genieße die Zeit und bis zum nächsten Mal, deine Manuela

Marilyn said...

Congrats to Faith!
Love that ornament & Tra La La piece, it's so very perfect in that frame. Those colors are breathtaking along with your beautiful flowers.
Baby B is too cute, & growing fast!
Thanks for the recipe link.
Hope your vertigo subsides soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carol
I can sympathize with your vertigo problems. It's a nightmare. People think you're a little dizzy & lie down & then you should be fine. It's beyond description almost like a migraine; you are down for the count. Mine hit me once when i was standing in the pool by the edge. It took me 30 minutes to inch 10 feet to the steps & I just fall onto the cement. I'm very glad you're seem to get relief for a week. But the feeling does linger & you feel drained! I love you're site & will say a little prayer for you to feel better. Keep on Keeping on! Best

Vickie said...

I love Night Before Christmas! It is darling. And the Tralala piece is so very pretty. I am so very glad the vertigo is behind you again. Oh I do so hope it does not plague you EVER again! I love seeing your garden! It is fabulous! I remember our children reading JUST like that! :) :) :)

Jennie in GA said...

Adorable finish for this month and the mint color is perfect with it. Also love the framing finish. So sorry you had a bout with vertigo. It must really be miserable. See some nice hostas waiting for your deer friends. They’ve already consumed ours….which were gorgeous this year. Hope your July will be a better month.

Angelia Lanouette said...

I love your ornament and Tralala piece. The frame is perfect! I have also had vertigo several times and it is not fun. My doctor told me to take Dramamine when it happens. The Original formula works better and faster for me but it does make me very sleepy. I would much rather be sleepy then have the vomiting and dizziness. I keep a bottle next to my bed in case I get up too fast or move my head the wrong way. I also keep a bottle in my purse in case it happens when I am out and about. I like to use the Less Drowsy formula when I'm traveling on an airplane or boat because I tend to get motion sick. Your garden is so beautiful!

diamondc said...

Carol: Fun post, I love the ornament finish it is perfect with the green trim and bow.
Beautiful design and the perfect frame, I love thrift store frames.
Cute little library photo, I am a big reader, of a book in my hand, I am not a fan of Kindle.
Beautiful garden photos.
I am so sorry you are having a bout with vertigo, I hope it goes away soon.


butterfly said...

Wow look at your garden just wonderful.
Always love your stitching you are the queen of the needle.
So sorry that you are getting vertigo it is really the last thing you want .
Hope you have a much better week with out
being dizzy . Hugs June.

Sheryl said...

Lovely to photos of your garden Carol with so many flowers and different vegetables growing. I used to collect frames from thrift stores too and your pretty frame is just perfect for the ABC Bouquet. Lovely finish on the Night Before Christmas ornament.
Sorry to hear about the Vertigo, sounds frightening and I hope it is now under control.

Vicki said...

Oh Carol, I hope your vertigo is gone completely as you travel across the country for Baby B's birthday. I can't believe he's going to be one, already! Your garden is lovely. Take care and have a great trip. Give me a wave as you pass over Arizona...

Jeannine520 said...

Love that BOAF ornament! I started mine in 2007 and still not finished. I got sidetracked when I didn't love the green of the Christmas tree. Seeing yours is good motivation for pulling mine out and finishing it! Your garden looks lovely!!

Christel said...

Hello Carol,
Bravo pour votre broderie de Noël ! Défi réussi encore ce mois-ci.
Le modèle de Tralala est dans mon tiroir à fiches depuis de nombreuses années. Je n'aime pas tout de cette créatrice mais ses abc et ses fleurs j'adore. Les tons passés sont du plus bel ainsi que le cadre que vous avez choisi.
Pour les vertiges je ne saurais pas vous aider. J'en ai eu qui étaient dû à un médicament, à l'arrêt de celui-ci les vertiges sont partis. Peut-être que ceux dont vous souffrez viennent d'une défaillance de l'oreille interne ?
J'espère que cela va cesser afin que vous puissiez très vite allez mieux.
Merci pour les clichés de la plage, ça fait du bien.. En France, le temps n'est pas formidable non plus. Beaucoup d'orages, de pluie, et les températures ne sont pas très hautes. Sur le mois de juin nous n'avons eu qu'une semaine de vrai beau temps, ce qui nous a permis de profiter de la piscine.. J'ai hâte que la chaleur revienne afin de pouvoir nager de nouveau, à l'heure actuelle l'eau est trop froide.
Bravo à votre mari pour ce magnifique jardin potager et fleuri. Il fait tellement frais chez nous que les pieds de tomates n'ont même pas encore de fleurs, les fraises sont toutes petites, les cerises et les pêches inexistantes tout a gelé au mois d'avril... Avec la pluie et la fraîcheur ce n'est pas certain du tout que les 4 pieds de tomates résistent à la maladie.. C'est arrivé à notre voisin qui a tout arraché et hésite maintenant à en replanter...
J'aime énormément les myrtilles, et le crumble est un des rares gâteaux que j'apprécie avec les tartes et les charlottes.
Baby B est beau petit garçon maintenant. Les années passent vite, trop vite, c'est vrai. Ma petite-fille Lara a eu 9 ans le 18 juin.. Il faut profiter au maximum de nos petits-enfants, c'est un tel plaisir d'être grand-mère..
J'ai lu sur les infos blogspot, que l'envoi des newsletters concernant les articles de nos blogs ne se ferait plus. C'est bien dommage, et je n'ai pas encore trouvé de solution pour pallier à ce problème... Ils n'envisagent pas de rétablir ce service pour le moment.. :-(
Amitiés de France,

Pam in IL said...

Carol, your stitching and finishing are beautiful! Your garden is looking great and your flowers are gorgeous! We had very hot and humid weather in late May and most of June. We hadn't had any rain since the middle of May until last week. We were 9 inches short on rainfall in May and June and since last Thursday, June 24, we've had almost 5 inches in our area. Other nearby areas have had even more.

My daughter and I took Baby L to pick blueberries this morning. It was our first time picking blueberries. We had such fun and Baby L ate every blueberry he picked, lol. Blueberries are Baby L's most favorite fruit!

Happy Birthday to your sweet grandson. Enjoy your time visiting them!

moosecraft said...

That is one beautiful garden! And, Carre looks perfect in that frame! So glad you are feeling better....vertigo is so scary!

Barb R. said...

How amazing that Baby B will be celebrating his very first birthday 🎂 very soon! It is so great that you will be able to celebrate this special event with him and his mom and dad! Have a wonderful time loving on that wonderful, adorable child!! It will be great fun to hear all about your trip and all about this very special birthday celebration.
I am so sorry to read about your problem with vertigo and I do hope that you are doing much better and not having any more episodes. Health issues can be so puzzling and crazy, can’t they?
I so loved the Christmas ornament “Night Before Christmas” that you shared with us and the TraLaLa ABC Bouquet that you stitched and framed. Even if you think it’s taken you a long time to get them stitched and/or finished, they both are terrific. I think all stitchers have so many projects that we want to stitch, or are stitched but need to be finished in some way or . . . well, you know, there’s just something else that we want to stitch. Your finishes are always so beautiful - you’re truly an inspiration to all!
Thanks, too, for shattering the picture of your beautiful garden and flowers, and the delicious blueberry recipe! It really looks yummy!!!
Have a wonderful visit with your precious grandson and his mom & dad - such a happy time for all of you! All the best to all!

Anonymous said...

That should read “sharing” - not “shattering” - duh! (must be bad keyboarding or bad proof reading!).

Stoff und Nadel ... Jutta’s Blog said...

My dear Carol,
The ornament and finish is just darling ... you are so diligent with your ornaments, admirable!!!
Oh, I can't believe Baby B will be one year already, enjoy your trip to him!!!!
Your garden photos are so beautiful again, you have an "evergreen thumb"!
I hope your vertigo disappears forever, I have no experience with it and I don’t know anyone who suffers from it. Maybe you’ll get lucky and be free again for 19 years.
Hugs and kisses, Jutta

Maggie said...

Your ABC Bouquet is just stunning, the frame is just so perfect too!
So sorry you've not been well, I hope you haven't had another attack since. I have only had mild vertigo once, it was the week after I had that first Covid jab and the doctor said it was a symptom of the vaccination, it wasn't a very nice experience but it was no where near as bad as yours was.
Everything in your garden looks wonderful. I do the garden here, if it were left to my hubby we would be overgrown, lol.
I'm sure you'll have a great time celebrating your grandson's 1st birthday with him, they do grow up so very quickly!

MartinaM said...

Your new ornament looks pretty and the bright green ribbon fits perfectly. And I love your Carre ABC - fantastically beautiful. And you've found the perfect frame for the picture.
Oh dear, that sounds bad, I have no experience with dizziness, but I hope that someone can help you.
Oh how delicious, I also love blueberries more than anything.
Already a year, you can tell how time flies. Yes, my children loved books very much, look at them when I read them to them, we then also looked very closely at pictures. Just lovely.
take good care of yourself, Hugs Martina

Embroidery Digitizing said...

Birds Of a Feather "Night Before Christmas" i love your stitch work and how you manage to work even in this pandemic. Much appreciate your work and hope to see more wish you have a wonderful day :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely work on the Night Before Christmas, this is why we have to keep all our magazines! The frame is perfect for the sampler too, another reason to save frames!
How lovely that you can spend time with your grandson for his first Birthday too. I'm so glad that he loves books, that makes a Bookseller happy too!
Sorry to hear about the vertigo, it sounds very distressing. My exhusband had Mernieres Disease which is similar. He found cutting down on salt helped as it affects the fluid in your ears!

Faith... said...

Those kids are adorable Carol! Looks like they are surprised that Santa showed up while they are still awake! And that frame on the Carré ABC Bouquet looks perfect! I need to come shop in your boxes for some frames or maybe I should just get my behind up to the Goodwill.Your backyard is so pretty!! All we have in ours is rocks, no grass. Oh my, vertigo! That sounds very scary! Is there anything that they can give you to control the dizziness or must you simply suffer through it? I hope it goes back into hiding for you soon. I can not believe that B will be one already! Have a safe trip traveling to CA for the birthday party! He is going to be so excited!

Thank you so much for picking my name out of the hat! That is a super cute chart. Maybe I can even get it stitched up before next July?!

Leonore Winterer said...

You stitching is very sweet, and so is the framed design - I think I remember when you stitched that one in the first place! Has it really been so long already?
Sorry to hear about your health issues. A former coworker of mine suffers from vertigo regularly, but I think the only thing he does (or can do) is lay down and wait for it to pass.
One year already?! Time sure flies! Hope you'll have loads of fun at that birthday!

Mary said...

The ornament for June is adorable! Great finishing, as usual! So sorry about your vertigo. Miserable feeling, but hopefully it was just a temporary thing. Baby B looks so cute looking at his books! Reminds me of my granddaughters...they adore their books!

Shelly said...

Vertigo comes and goes with me. I'm trying to pinpoint something I'm doing that brings back vertigo! Just can't. If you hadn't mentioned the borders on the framed piece, I wouldn't have noticed. It all ties in and it's beautiful! Precious grandson! Hope you begin feeling better soon. Vertigo is no fun.

Jennifer said...

Wow, Carol, what a month? Your stitching and finishing is lovely as always - I’d love to dig through your frame boxes 😉
Sorry to hear about the vertigo and hope that it stays away for another 19 years now! Congrats on your grandson’s first birthday, how fun for you to spend it with him. Hope your July is joyful and a little less eventful!

Heather said...

Carol, your garden looks so lovely! I am so sorry that you have been struggling with vertigo! I hope it goes away for another long spell! I can't believe your grandson is a year already! Mine is 5 months! Mine loves books too! It makes me so happy! I have bought his first Christmas gift and it's a box of Richard Scarry board books. My son loved his books when he was little. 😁 Your blueberry crumble looks amazing!
Heather (sweetpickle02)

Claire said...

Oh Carol I'm so sorry to read of your vertigo. I can only imagine how awful that can be. I hope you get a long period of relief like last time! Your garden and yard is absolutely stunning. I bet you enjoy lots of time out there. I absolutely adore your sweet ornament. It's so beautifully stitched and finished. I am amazed at the thrifted frames you have collected. They are just so perfect. So nice to visit with you again!

Mary's Thread said...

Your Night Before Christmas came out just darling. What a cute design. I have that issue and will have to mark it "to stitch." The Caree ABC is beautiful too, what a perfect frame. I love your yard. I miss yards that look like that after all our years in Arizona where our dominant color is tan! Finally I wanted to tell you, I printed that Blueberry Crumble recipe and my daughter made it for us. It is indeed delicious. Thank you for sharing!