Sunday, February 28, 2021

Farewell to February!

Good morning, good morning! How is everyone doing on this final day of February? I always feel like we're turning a corner when February is over and it certainly seems like it with our weather this weekend. With temperatures reaching the 50's here in western Pennsylvania, our snow is finally melting and I've even seen a few green shoots appearing here and there. It will be another month or two until we begin to see flowers, but just knowing that they're on their way brings so much hope, doesn't it? 

My stitching has taken a back seat this month as I seem to be spending more time doing some serious spring cleaning and refreshing things around my house--puttering is one of my favorite activities in the world! I just put on some music and begin rearranging shelves, displays, plants, etc. for fun. Nothing big like rearranging the furniture, though... Oh, my mom was a great one for that--I swear us kids would come home from school to a newly rearranged living room at least every other month! I remember exclaiming, "Mom, can't you just leave things the same way for once?!" I think that's why the furniture arrangement in my rooms stays the same--how about you? 

Well, enough of my rambling... You're here to see what little stitching I've done, right? I stitched my second Christmas ornament for 2021 and I love it! I mean, who can resist a miniature snowman being lifted up by a skating Santa to place his shiny, gold star at the top of the Christmas tree? Too cute! This is "Merry Friends" by Plum Street Samplers stitched "over one" on 28 ct. black Monaco. I changed virtually every color except for the red in Santa's robe and hat. The biggest change was using an icy blue for the snowflake centers and the tiny snowman's hat instead of the suggested gold color.

"Merry Friends" by Plum Street Samplers

For my finish, I attached the tiniest star and a mini pom-pom (using glue on both--just a little bit of Aleene's Tacky Glue applied with the tip of a toothpick does the trick). I also changed the location of a couple of the trees to create a more rounded look at the top of the design. Finally, I finished it as a circular ornament with green cording and a green gingham bow. I really love how stitching charts "over one" can make them small enough for ornaments for your tree!

My February 2021 Ornament Finish

This next piece is one I began stitching for Valentine's Day, but it ended up taking much longer than I thought it would! Those solid blocks of stitching will surprise you every time, won't they? This is from an old Leisure Arts magazine (sorry, I had ripped it out of the magazine years ago and I don't have the issue information). I'm not even sure of the designer, although it certainly resembles Lizzie Kate's style. It is stitched on 40 ct. white Newcastle linen with a mixture of the suggested colors and some of my own selections. What drew me to this piece was the mixture of soft colors--I just love them!

"Love Grows" from an old Leisure Arts

The biggest change that I made was changing the words from "Love grows from the heart" to "Love grows here." (I admit, part of that was sheer laziness as I just couldn't stitch another section of yellow!). Anyway, below is what it originally looked like next to my changed version. I'm not sure how I'll finish this one, but it will probably hang out in my box of unfinished finishes until next February. 

I'm having a giveaway for this chart (my stitching isn't included)

GIVEAWAY... So, now that I'm done with the 'Love Grows" chart pictured above, is there anyone who would like to stitch it?   If you would like to enter the giveaway: 1) Please specifically mention in your comment that you want to enter; 2) Make sure to include your name and last initial along with your email address if I don't already have it and; 3) Answer the question in my "Getting To Know You" section below. I will draw a name and announce the winner on my next blog post in March. Good luck to all!

GETTING TO KNOW YOU... For those of you who  are new visitors, my "Getting To Know You" section is simply a way for me to learn more about you. As I've mentioned many times, blogging often feels like a one-street: you know a lot about me, but I know very little about most of you. So, I like to pose questions from time to time to help remedy that... My question today is: "Where do you fit in your family: oldest child, middle, youngest, only?" I am betting that a lot of cross stitchers are, like me, oldest children. I do have many of the traits of the oldest (to read an article that lists the various traits, just click here)...  I'm definitely cautious, reliable, conscientious, and somewhat of a perfectionist. I don't fit the "leader" label as I've always hated being the center of attention, though. And controlling? Well, that would depend on who you ask on any given day--ha ha! Now, it's your turn--where do you fall in your family? I'd love to get to know you better!

Baking corner... Now that my husband is permitted to visit his parents (from a distance) in their nursing home in Ohio, I am getting more chances to bake so that he can take them some homemade goodies. I saw a photo of peanut butter brownies topped with peanut butter icing on Pinterest and knew I had to make them. They brought back so many memories of Friday lunches in the school cafeteria... Now, I was not one to buy my lunch--except on days that these special brownies were offered! 

The recipe I used can be found on an older blog called "Relished" in this post. Now, I did use a different recipe for the icing as it also contained butter in addition to melted peanut butter and confectioner's sugar. I mean can you ever have too much butter? The icing recipe can be found right here and you pour it on the slightly cooled brownies while the frosting is till a bit warm.  They were very tasty (although, next time, I won't bake them as long as the recipe says--my edges were a bit crispy). I cut them fairly small as, oh my, they are very rich--almost like fudge! Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Frosted Peanut Butter Bars

That about does it for my final February 2021 post... I'll leave you with two photos of our backyard visitors during this snowy month. The deer have been so hungry this winter (due to all of the snow that covers their normal foodsource), that they started devouring the birdseed in the two smaller bird feeders! My husband decided to outwit them and devised a system to bring the feeders inside each night. Since both of the small feeders are right outside our kitchen, he simply attached a hook onto an old broom handle so he can extend it out the window and then lift the bird feeders right off the hooks and into our kitchen where they sit until the next morning when they're placed outside again. This has cut way down on our bird seed costs! And now that grass is reappearing the deer won't be raiding the feeders any longer (hopefully!). 

The deer have been coming closer and closer to the house to get to the food in our bird feeders. They're so pretty, but so hungry!

Mr. Cardinal enjoying a sunny, snowy day!

I'm so glad you stopped in today! I hope you're all staying safe and making progress in getting your vaccines... We got our second shots of the Moderna vaccine last week with no side effects (other than a bit of tiredness and sore arms). I feel very blessed to have received both doses of the vaccine so quickly--I truly do. It's almost as if the dark veil that has covered the entire world for the past year is slowly lifting. It will take time, but we're getting there... Take extra good care now and I'll be back in March with some St. Patrick's Day stitching to share. Bye for now...


moosecraft said...

Lovely finish on your ornament! All of the "just right" finishing touches really make it dance! :-) And no, a person can never have too much peanut butter! ;-) In fact, our favorite ice cream is Green's Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl! And yes, we drive from NJ to PA every once in awhile to buy some! lol!

Vickie said...

This is the first time I have seen that pattern. It is so sweet! I love your perfect ornament finish Carol!
I definitely want to enter your giveaway! I want to finish it just like you! ;) So clever. And it is so adorable. Like you, I am the oldest. I have three brothers. They still look to me for advice. And Brian. That makes me feel loved and honored actually. As much as they drove me nuts growing up, I love my brothers very much.
I look forward to the time I am able to get my vaccine Carol. I just wish they would open it up to under 65 year olds.

Sandra said...

Two beautiful patterns and done with yourr usual precision and care, though I don't think that I could crochet Christmas items now that spring is here. Even the colours I'm choosing now are very springlike.
I'm guessing that your next cross stitch subjects will be with Easter in mind. My favourite time of the year.

So lovely to bake for your parents-in-law, they must greatly appreciate your gesture. I did not grow up with peanut butter in England, so never actually developed a taste for it, but I know that it is very much loved in America.

I am an oldest child too and am organized and also a perfectionist! I must go and read the link you gave somewhere in your text.

Wishing you a wonderful and sunny month of Match!

Gail said...

I’d love to win the chart. It’s a different one than I had seen before snd I’ll look forward to your finish. I’m an only child. Some advantages snd some disadvantages for sure. Gwoz2014@gmail .com I got my first shot snd second one coming in mid March.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Christmas ornament for February is darling, Carol. You are the queen of over one stitching on black. Your Valentine finish is adorable. It looks like a Trail Creek (I think she was/is related to Linda of Lizzie Kate). I like your change. The peanut butter brownies look so good.

I am the oldest of the three of us. What awesome photos of the deer and Mr. Cardinal!

Stasi said...

I love the Santa ornament and how you finished it. The black, as usual, really makes the colors POP! So, so cute!!!
I, too, am the oldest in my family and relate to all the qualities you listed...especially the being the center of attention one. I always say I am an Indian...not a chief!
I for one am sad winter is was in the 60's this week...and that means summer won't be far behind.....sigh!

RoseHeck said...

I would love to enter for the Love Grows chart! I love your finish! I’m amazed at your stitching over one on black! That takes courage. Always love your finishes! I’m the baby of the family of four in the family, and my siblings try to control me. Fortunately, we’re all older adults, and we get along well. Rose H.

Lauriejo said...

Your ornament finish is wonderful, and I am looking forward to trying those peanut butter bars. I would love to enter the giveaway although I am not sure if I would stitch the long or short version. I am a middle child in a family of five. One older sister was a little wild, so I was punished for her misdeeds to make sure I didn't follow her steps. The other older sister was quiet and got straights A's, guess how that went.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh that Christmas ornament is perfection, Carol. I love it. So glad your husband can see his parents. We just got our second vaccine and we are so happy to have done that. We did have sore arms and a bit of achy muscles but no biggie. I am the oldest and like you I share a lot of the traits...not perfectionism or leadership however. I do have the curse of the competent as Garrison Keillor used to say!! If I tell you I will do something I give it my all. Loved seeing the cardinal in the snow. The deer not so much. I am always worried about deer running out in the road and hitting my car this time of the year. The last time I was at Grimmwood I saw six on the side of the road. You can be sure I crawled by!!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Love seeing the deer, I miss them I had a home in northern PA; why did I move - work. I am the youngest child, my sister is 8 years older the me. She hated to have to babysit for me; she was interested in boys.

diamondc said...

Hi Carol: I have been a follower of yours for many years.
Your Santa and Snowman are so sweet, I like the fabric color and the bow is perfect, it brings out the colors of the trees perfectly.
Love Grows Here is a beautiful design, the pillow is a sweet finish.
I am a first child, only girls of four, I am very cautious, very reliable and a over achiever, I am not really a controller, I like when all control can be shared (that way if something goes wrong everyone gets the blame).
I have been a crafter since 6 years of age, I started sewing then made my first coffee table for my mother at the age of ten, I do satin glass make leather and beaded jewelry, a Faithful follower of our Lord.
I truly enjoy reading blogs and commenting.
Your brownies look yummy, I am so happy to hear your able to go out and see people who have been in lockdown.
Please do not include me in the givaway I have way too much to stitch already.
Have a beautiful week


Darlene said...

Always so much for visit with you! Love your new ornament!

I'd love to enter your giveaway, please and thank you. I am the oldest child but I was an only child until my half sister came along when I was 16.

Again, thank you
Darlene J

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the way you adapted the Ornament, it's perfect like that.
I am sure that is a Lizzie*Kate too, she is so distinctive in her style.
It looks like Oldest Children are winning the competition, I'm one too. Definitely in charge of my siblings. My parents always treated me as more grown-up too which was nice, one of my treats if I couldn't sleep was to be allowed to come back downstairs, have a milky coffee and watch TV with my Mum and Dad! I felt so grown-up.
We have deer in our garden too, little muntjacs. One winter we left food out for a wounded one who made a miraculous recovery thanks to not having to roam to forage. They love carrots, apples, potatoes and any other root vegetables as well as tulips! I do not grow tulips now.

-Susan- said...

Oh how sweet your ornament is for February! That little Santa is striking on the black back ground. What fun it will be to hang him on your tree next December ◡̈. I would love the chance to win your Love Grows Here chart! It’s a cutie to be sure! Thanks for having the give away!!! I’m an only child. I always wanted siblings but had to wait till I married my husband to get my 3 wonderful sister in laws. I feel blessed to have them.

Maggie said...

I had to chuckle at your mum rearranging the furniture, my mum used to do exactly the same. I don't move furniture around a lot, but like you I like puttering :-) I always put music on when I'm cleaning or doing anything around the house, it seems to make the time go quicker and lifts your spirits.
Your stitching as always is perfect, as is your finishing. I will have to try stitching over one soon, while I can still see the holes!

Interesting read about birth order traits. I'm one of 4, the third child in the family so not sure where that leaves me, lol. I definitely have more traits from a first born though, perhaps one from the second and none from the third :-)
Have a good week x

Carol in Texas said...

Carol, I am a Carol only child. Both my parents came from large families. Mother was one of 9 and Daddy was one of 10 living children. I may be a reaction! But I had a wonderful childhood with lots of cousins and wonderful parents. I grew up in Houston in the 40s, as did my husband Peter. It was a growing city but nothing, nothin like today! We now live outside a small central Texas town.....we have cows and cats!

I want to tell you how charming your February picture at the top of your blog is. Would you tell me what pattern the central one is.....the one showing an envelope and the larger pink heart? I would love to stitch it.

I do enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your talents. .

Deb Mac said...

Adorable finish on the Christmas ornament. I remember the give away chart being in the magazine as I liked the finish.Still have the magazine somewhere for inspiration. I am the second oldest but oldest daughter; brothers on either side and our 2 sisters are much younger. Our snow is slowly melting here in NW Illinois. We've had 40s for daytime highs for a week now but today is the first day you can really start to see grass. I like snow but I could have done without our 2 ice storms and the bitter cold for weeks. I went and wondered around the garden center at Lowe's last week. Just dreaming...

Barbara said...

The photos of the deer and cardinal remind me of the years I lived in Northern Virginia, so beautiful. You live in a lovely place.

Speaking of lovely, your stitching is the kind of eye candy I love.

Your in-laws are so blessed to have you in the family with that kind of baking you share with them!!

Shelly Nichols said...

Those peanut butter treats look yummy! My husband is a huge PB eater. Your stitching and finishes are always so lovely, appreciate you taking the time to share. I am the youngest of 3 girls, all two years apart. I have been living in FL for the past 17 yrs but grew up in Maine so seeing the pix of snow was a delight. The only "dusting" we are getting in FL these days is of pollen!

Barb said...

Oh no, those peanut butter bars look way too tempting. After wearing sweats for a year now, I have a covid 15 to lose! I got my second shot on Thursday. Like you , I am so thankful. My DD and DH both get theirs by mid March. I will so enjoy being able to give Laurie a big hug. We have seen her at a distance but no hugs at all. As usual, your ornament is so pretty. Yes, I know what you mean about full coverage. Even a small bit takes quite a bit of time.

tll6601 said...

Hello Carol,
I really enjoy your blog! Your photos are charming; I especially loved seeing the deer and red cardinal in the snow. The yummy-looking recipe was a nice bonus, and I'm glad to hear that you were able to get your vaccines. We're supposed to get ours by the end of March. I'd also like to be entered into the drawing for the "Love Grows" chart.

I'm an only child, born to an only child, but it's a long story. I'm an Atlanta native, born to an Atlanta native (a rare breed indeed). Mom & Dad married when she was 18 & he was 24. He was in the U.S. Army, getting ready to ship out for WWII. Dad was born in Wyoming, but the Army sent him to Atlanta. He met Mom at an Atlanta USO show where she was a volunteer and entertainer. They got married on June 5, expecting babies to soon follow. But Mom suffered a miscarriage when she was 19 and couldn't get pregnant after that. They were looking into adoption when, lo and behold, I decided to make myself known when Mom was 34 and Dad was 40, ancient for parents in 1958. I arrived three months early and weighed in at just 3 pounds. I was also hideously ugly, born with a full head of red hair, a wrinkly red scrunched-up face, and was seemingly all arms and legs. My poor Nana actually cried when she first saw me and said, "She's not very...pretty, is she?" Dad wrote on the hospital maternity chalkboard, "Can I trade this one in for another one?" But Mom's doctor laughed and predicted I'd eventually grow into my looks, and sure enough, I eventually followed Mom into modeling as a side line of work. It took me forever to get up to the hospital's 5-pound limit so my parents could finally bring me home. Once home, I turned out to be a colicky, fussy baby, which probably explains WHY I remained an only child!

Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway. Stay safe and warm!
Teresa L.

celkalee said...

Just returning to cross-stitch after a 10 year hiatus and discovered your blog only recently. I am also a Western Pa girl. I had to smile to myself when you related your husband's solution to the bird feeder problem. I live in the woods, at last count we had three well established herds with three younger males now on the move as well. Yes, they can eat. We stopped feeding the birds because the deer were increasingly destructive and when they are on my patio looking in the windows, that's about enough. Beautiful creatures but every year I have to have major lawn repair. Done with that. I was an avid stitcher for years then caught the quilting bug. Oh my, talk about an obsession. I still am. I am hoping that more hand stitching will loosen my arthritic fingers a bit!

I am the first born of two females, I am independent, strong willed, something of an introvert despite being in leadership positions through most of my professional career. In retirement I am in my glory.

Your Santa ornament is so precious, on black it is stunning and your finish is just right for it. Rounding out the design certainly did make it more balanced within the ornament.

Soon we will see sunshine in WPa. Well, that's the rumor anyway.

Gabi said...

Hi Carol, your Santa ornie is precious and I admire that you stitch over one on black. I tried this last summer, but I gave up.
I was the youngest in the family and pampered by everyone (my brothers' words, lol).
It is so lovely of you to bake for your parents in law and the peanut butter bars look so yummy.
Weather was very nice last week, warm and sunny.
Have a great week and stay safe.

butterfly said...

Another beautiful post , love the Christmas stitching on black looks great.
Love your header and the new stitch to be added next year.

I am an only child and wished I had Sisters and brothers , but I do have a big family now with all my GC and GGC .

Love the beautiful photos .

Would you believe we have been sitting out in the sunshine all weekend , just like summer here in February ! this is a first .
Have a wonderful week , hugs.

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
I like your new christmas finish very much. The ice skating Santa is so cute.
I think you will find a perfect finish.
I'm a middle child. My brohter is older and my sister is younger.
Have a nice new week. Manuela

Winnie said...

Good morning Carol

You assumed right in thinking some of your subscribers are the eldest, at least that’s true for me. I have a younger brother and sister. I love your latest stitches and your finishing on the Santa ornie is beautiful, as always. Like you I have a box full of ‘must finish’ projects. I enjoy starting a new project and that’s the problem for me .... I soon get bored especially with blocks of colour! I digress ...

You have so much snow! The deer are beautiful aren’t they? We are lucky to live in the country and get the deer too who eat the roses but we don’t mind it’s a joy to see them especially after the hunting season .. such a relief. The cardinal bird is exquisite isn’t he? I’ve never seen the cardinals other than in photos and cross stitch patterns. We had plans to do some gardening this morning but it’s freezing, hence a cup of tea and reading your blog!

I’m happy to hear you’re both up to date on the covid vaccine. Here in France it’s a very different story.

Have a lovely day.

Carol in Brittany

Louise said...

Hello Carol, I have followed and loved reading your blogs for years,you are such a giving soul,so generous with your beautiful posts and warm writing.
Not to mention the wonderful stitching and inspiration for me and so many.
I am the middle child with two brothers so I was a cherished only daughter.
I would love to enter your giveaway.
Louisewise1957@gmail. com.
Summer is officially over in Australia today,and we are eagerly awaiting our vaccines here.
Take care dear Carol

Christine said...

Your Santa ornament is simply gorgeous!
Spring is definitely starting to show around here, with early daffodils and crocus in full bloom.
I am also an elder child, as was my mother. who was also a keen needlewoman. M

Marilyn said...

Merry Friends is so pretty on black fabric, very nice finish.
Love Grows is pretty.
I am the baby of the family, having 3 older brothers.
Those bars look mouth-watering, & a beautiful Cardinal pic, my Mom's favorite bird.
We are in the higher age group for the shot, but they are not taking appts here yet.
Have a great week!

Mary said...

Carol, My mother never moved furniture around but we moved a few times and within a month she had sewed up new curtains for every window! I remember coming home from school and looking to see which room had the new curtains. She was a wiz with a sewing machine.
I love your new stitches and I really like your Love Grows here much better than the original!! I will pass on the pattern. I'm trying to be realistic with adding new patterns when I have binders full.
I was the oldest of 5, I have always been responsible and punctual. Most definelty cautious and I do NOT like being the center of attention!! My husband says I'm controlling but I disagree!! Interesting how the oldest in families have so much in common.
I wouldn't eat peanut butter as a kid, Mom had to give me cream cheese and jelly to take to school, I think because I wouldn't drink milk and the PB was too dry but I sure love it now and those brownies look soooo good!!
I had my 2nd Pfizer vaccine this weekend and a sore arm and some tiredness. So glad that I got my "Get out of jail" shot!! I love Spring but not crazy about the heat of Summer, hoping we have one long Spring!! I feed the deer apples, we buy critter apples cheap at a local orchard. I feel for the poor things.

Terri said...

I love your stitching and finishing! Great pictures of the "critters" too!

I am the oldest and only child, now. My dad and sister both passed away about 2 weeks apart almost 10 years ago. My mom just passed away in December, so I am the last of the family. We had a lot of loss in 2020 with my uncle and an ex-BIL passing in January and my aunt and mom passing in December. 2021 has to be better!

Vicki said...

Very cute finishes. And those peanut butter brownies look delicious. Enjoy the warmth of approaching Spring!

Sheryl said...

I like the pretty finishes you give to all your ornaments, the Santa and Snowman is a lovely design and perfect with the gingham ribbon, and I also prefer the way you have changed the wording on the unknown sampler, it doesn´t look so crowded now. How hungry must the deer be if they have to devour the birdseed - poor things. Gorgeous Cardinal.

Christel said...

Hello Carol,
Ce nouvel ornement pour Noël est superbe. C'est très mignon ce père Noël portant le bonhomme de neige. Les couleurs choisies sont parfaites.
J'aime beaucoup la grille pour la Saint Valentin. Cela ressemble beaucoup en effet au style de Lizzie Kate.
Le beurre de cacahuètes n'est pas répandu en France. J'en ai goûté une fois, Valentin en avait rapporté un pot suite à son séjour dans votre pays. J'avoue que je n'ai pas aimé, beaucoup trop sucré pour moi..
Comme vous Carol, je suis l'aînée.. J'ai une sœur Stéphanie, qui a 7 ans 1/2 de moins que moi. Je ne suis pas non plus une leader, pas de projecteur braqué sur moi, surtout pas.. Je suis discrète, j'ai besoin de moments de solitude et de calme. Le point de croix, les travaux manuels, la lecture, jouer de la musique sont donc des activités qui me conviennent parfaitement.
Pas encore de vaccination pour moi. On verra bien quand mon tour viendra.
Amitiés de France,

April said...

Hi Carol,
Your Plum Street ornament is so cute! Thanks to you I am doing more and more stitching over one. It's nice to make them as ornaments or just put into little frames found at thrift stores. I also like how you changed up the February piece. Your peanut butter brownies look scrumptious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
I am the youngest of three in my family. I taught my sister to stitch, who is the oldest, but she gave it up years ago.
Lovely photos of the wildlife at your home in the snow. I'm glad this year we finally got quite a few snowfalls. If it has to be winter and cold, it is nice to see it-especially since the roads were mostly good. I am looking forward to the longer/warmer days though.
Hope you have a great rest of your week!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm the oldest too! I think the qualities you mention as been attributed to the oldest child seem to be at odds with creativity. Though I am a stitcher, I do not think of myself as creative though. I consider myself a pattern follower!

I always love the modifications you make to your projects! You are SO good at it!

Kgirl said...

Beautiful stitching! I've added the skating Santa to my wish list. I would love to enter your giveaway for the Love is here chart. I am the oldest child.....perfectionist, rule follower, very responsible. I don't like to be the center of attention either. Some of these things (spotless house) have relaxed as I've gotten older. I love your photos from the windows. Our snow has melted, but we did have 10+ inches. We've actually had a lot of sunny days in the last week which brightens my mood. Thank you for sharing!


Mary's Thread said...

Hi Carol,
Your story of your mom rearranging furniture is funny. My mom did that frequently too. We moved quite a bit and she was always trying to figure out how to put the same furniture in a new house. I move things around once in a while, but always marvel at my mom doing so much moving of furniture with not furniture sliders! Your deer and cardinal pictures are so pretty! My those peanut butter bars look delicious! As for your question...yes I too am the oldest, of 4. Me, then 2 brothers, and a sister. I feel like I meet most of the "oldest child" qualities, though not so much a perfectionist or organized, and I don't think of myself as controlling. I married an oldest child and both my parents and both my husband's parents are oldest children so something has to give! We can't all be the boss!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Merry Friends is a beautiful finish. I tried a round ornament finish at the weekend but it wasn't very successful. I will need to have another try.

Christine de Tire l'Aiguille said...

J'adore ce petit jeu comme tout ce que vous faites et dites sur ce joli blog, alors je participe très volontiers !
Comme vous je suis l'aînée et je n'ai qu'un frère plus jeune de 3 ans, j'ai toujours aimé bricolé avec les aiguilles (tricot, crochet, broderie...) et mon frère aussi est doué pour le bricolage..."sans les aiguilles".

Jennie in GA said...

Adorable ornament, and what a great idea to add the tiny star and ball for Santa’s cap. The brownies sound good. DH loves peanut butter, so just might have to try them out.

Sandy said...

Well Carol, I did comment on this post Sunday morning before going to church and my day turning out really bad. I got an error message and it didn't go through, so I thought I would come back to it, but ---well you know why.
If I could learn to stitch one over one like you I could find many things to stitch into ornaments as you said. I will have to settle for 40 count.
I chuckled at your mom moving furniture. I WAS the queen of that. At our previous house, I could never get the family room quite right and was constantly moving thins around. Oh, and I got castors as a gag gift at school one year because I moved my classroom around so much. The students never knew what they were to come back to on a Monday. I think my kids are with moving things.

Irene said...

anche a me piace fare le pulizie e spostare le cose, sembra di avere una casa nuova :) Bellissimi i ricami, sulla tela nera sono stupendi

Glenda said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and I love all of your finishes! I am a twin and have 2 sisters who are also twins. We were born 16 months apart! And a brother followed 15 months later! We were blessed with wonderful parents who are now deceased. I would like a chance to win the pattern. My e-mail is I don't have a blog, but so enjoy reading them. Love your Christmas ornament too! Glenda

Faith... said...

My daughter us the furniture re-arranger! I used to come home from work and everything would be somewhere else! She said she was bored on non-school days so she would move everything around in the living room and her room. I LOVE how the ornament turned out and that star looks perfect in his hand. The one from the magazine is very very cute! It does look like a LK chart. I would be interested in stitching it up! You have my info already except for knowing my birth order. I am the oldest (just like you) of four and I do have those traits. I think we are so reliable because we are often put in charge of our siblings. Have a wonderful week Carol!

Faith... said...

Forgot to say have a safe trip!!

Cathy H. said...

Enjoyable post! Beautiful new Santa ornament! I do love the little snowman! It's unbelievable that the deer come right up to your door! They are beautiful creatures! I was able to get my first vaccine last week which was much sooner than I expected. I also feel a sense of relief and a hope that things are finally looking up.

Tricia B said...

Hi Carol! You do seem like an oldest 😉 I am the middle of three girls. (and so was my mother, and I have three girls, it just goes on and on). Love your deer photos. Your yard seems magical in photos. I am glad your husband is able to visit his parents. I am dying to go visit mine but until I am vaccinated, no can do. But, I am so glad you will be seeing your little darling! Enjoy and soak him in. 💚 Xo, Tricia

Andrea said...

Love your ornament, especially on the black. I have yet to finish mine that I stitched, was it last year or the year before. Oops!
I used to re-arrange my bedroom furniture when I was younger, now I just can't be bothered!
I am the youngest, middle and oldest child all rolled in to one as I am an only child! Of course I had/have friends but I am happy to do things on my own, it doesn't bother me.
Great news on your 2nd vaccine, I'm glad you only had mild symptoms again.
Take care. x

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,
I don't know if you'll remember me or not, but I used to have a blog called 'Friendship Crossing' several yrs ago. I don't blog anymore, but still get on there every now & then to 'check out the other blogs', lol. You and I used to 'converse' yrs ago. I'm from Eastern Ky. I started a full-time job several yrs. ago/Etsy shop and had no time to blog anymore. I have been laid-off for almost a yr. now, so now have time to sneak on here every so often. I still love to stitch. I 'see' you on Instagram too.

Anyway, always love to see all your goodies, love the Santa on black. Where do you find your black Monaco, if you don't mind my asking? Also, not sure if anyone else told you, but I'm pretty sure that your 'Love Grows Here' is from Trail Creek Farm, think her name is Susan Ebright, sister-in-law to Linda Ebright, from Lizzie Kate. Met her at market yrs. ago in Charlotte when I had my shop. That looks just like her style of pillows she used to do. Would love a chance to win the chart.

Anything peanut butter looks/sounds great to me, ha.

We had an ice storm a couple of wks ago that was a doozy, so many were w/out electric for a wk or more. Ours was off not quite a wk, crazy!!

I was the youngest of 3 children, so was often 'babied' when I was little. I married an oldest, so he takes charge and usually I don't mind a bit! LOL

Well, it was great 'catching up' w/you Carol. I do miss blogging, but am really too busy to get back into it, altho' it is tempting!!


Stoff und Nadel ... Jutta’s Blog said...

My dear Carol,
a wonderful post, above all I’m glad that you have already received your second vaccination, I’m looking forward to it too, but it’s not my turn yet. Your embroideries are both very pretty, you have a knack for making ornaments.
Mmmhh, cake . . . . and hungry deer, the photo of the red cardinal is the very well done. Thank you for visiting me, I wish you a very nice weekend already today, many dear greetings, Jutta

Jennifer said...

I know I said it on Instagram, but I just love that green gingham ribbon on your ornament - it’s just perfect with the trees. I really like your valentines piece, and also have been hoodwinked by a solid block of stitching before - they take so long, but look really great - and I really like the change you made to the wording. Those PB bars look amazing! My daughter has been doing some baking here, so I will have to share the recipe with her to see if she decides to make it! To answer your question, I am the younger of two kids. My brother is just over 2 years older than me, I think I have some of the younger sibling traits, but also some of the older sibling traits - I will chalk that up to being raised by two older siblings! Hope you have a nice weekend Carol!

Mary said...

Carol, your February Santa is just adorable! I love stitching 1 over 1...but not so much on black!! I need to get a piece of black out and give it a go again, but maybe out on the patio! The colors just pop!

And I love Hello Spring in your header. Those charts are on my wish list. Have always wanted to stitch them, but never acquired them!

Glad you did well with second vaccine. Hopefully it will be back to almost normal very soon.

Leonore Winterer said...

Hope your spring cleaning is going well!
My mum was the same as yours in that regard, she loved changing the furniture around when I was younger. Only I think her husband didn't like her doing it, so every six month or so she'd burst into my room and declare that we were going to rearrange MY furniture!
Your stitching is lovely as usual :) I think I'd like to enter for the chart this time around if you don't mind sending internationally. I'm an only child...not sure I totally fit the bill, though. Some things match, some don't, as is to expected I guess :)
Gosh, those peanut butter bars look lush...if only I could find the energy to do more baking these days!

Barb R. said...

Hi Carol - oh, how pretty is your “Hello Spring” header on your blog! (and the beautiful blue robin eggs). Perfect!! I really do love your Santa stitching, too. Well, all of your stitched pieces are so beautiful! And then there is the adorable “Love grows here” - so pretty! I can’t get over that you stitch over one on 40-count. Your work is just amazing and inspiring to all of us. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pieces with us to drool over.
Speaking of drooling - those peanut butter bars look so delicious! I’m pretty sure I’ve been drooling since I looked at the pictures and read about them. I’m pretty sure that’s YUM on a plate! Did your husband take some to his Mom & Dad? It’s great that he can get a chance to see them and visit wiith them for a little while.
Thanks, too, for sharing the great photos of the deer in your yard and so close to your house! Your husband was very clever to figure out a way to bring the feeders inside - maybe the deer were knocking at your door so you would put the food back outside! Ha!Ha! The photo of the cardinal is really pretty, too. Cardinals are such a beautiful color.
I hope all is going well for you. Spring is on its way! 💝

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

Love your stitching as always, Carol, and the finishes. I am the older sibling to my two brothers. I am a great wallflower, don't like a lot of attention, reliable, and for the most part responsible! I saw on your last post you were leaving for California soon. I'll wave as you pass over! Have fun and stay safe.

Robin said...

I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you are up to. Oh how I love to rearrange furniture and knick-knacks. Not so much furniture anymore. You knew you always did a good cleaning when you moved things and it was like getting something new seeing it in a different spot. Your ornament and finish are adorable. I like the change to Love Grows Here. I'm interested in the pattern. I fall in as the middle child and using your link I have those traits. Especially the people pleaser! Your peanut butter brownies look delicious but the scale has not been my friend lately so I will have to pass on those. Glad you got your vaccine; I'm scheduled for the end of this week and looking forward to it.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Carol, wonderful post, as always. Your photos are always so crisp and clear and oh my goodness, deer in your backyard and the red cardinal! So gorgeous! Lovely stitching on both your pieces and please count me in for the giveaway - Kaye D,, blog: Kitten Stitching and I am the middle daughter of three girls.And yes, I do evince some of the traits listed in the article: People-pleasers, Thrives on friendships, Has large social circle, Peacemaker. etc.

agapanto_67 said...

Hi Carol, my name is Franca and I write from northern Italy, Turin, I read with pleasure that your medical exams went well and I understand you as I also have some health problems, maybe we are also the same age.
the deer so neighbors to the houses are delightful.
I admired your Irish basket, I really like it. I would have ventured a brighter green. I love bright and sunny colors ... I am waiting for you on my blog to say hello and to show you my hobbies, I have many and I would like a 48 hour day to do everything.