Friday, August 14, 2020

The highest of highs and the lowest of lows

Hello all... it's been a while, hasn't it? I really don't even know how to write this post as part of my month of July spent in California was so wonderful and the other half was just plain sad...

But, let's start with the happy news, okay? I am a grandma!! Yes, my precious little grandson arrived in this big, crazy world on July 8, 2020 weighing in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. From the time we found out about the pregnancy back in November 2019, my husband and I were bound and determined to, somehow, get out to California to meet this newest family member. With the COVID-19 virus and all the restrictions that accompany it, we discussed many options. Should we drive, should we fly, should we take a train? I mean we live nearly 2500 miles away from my son and daughter-in-law--on the other side of the United States! We finally decided that flying would make the most sense with all the sanitation methods they are now using in airports and on planes. So we flew out in early July with the intent of quarantining in an AirBnb for two weeks and then, when the baby was due in mid-July, we would move in with my son and daughter-in-law for the last two weeks to help out. Well, the baby arrived a bit early so we weren't there for his homecoming, but I think it was nice for the new little family to have some time to themselves. By the time we were able to move in with them on the 16th--they were more than ready for some extra arms to help out!

Oh, I am hopelessly in love with this dark-haired, brown-eyed bundle of baby. I honestly could have held him all day (and pretty much did!). He is so alert and interested in the world already--even at one month old! I now understand what all of you grandmothers out there have been talking about... You have an entirely different perspective as a grandparent than you had as a parent. For one thing, you have more time and patience (not to mention years of experience!) to give to a grandchild. On Instagram, I posted the photo of my darling grandson  surrounded by a collage of some of the lovely La Jolla, California scenery we saw on our walks during our quarantine time. It truly is a beautiful part of the world--and I'm just a bit biased, but I think it got even more lovely since this sweet boy made his appearance!

My first grandson sleeping like an angel

While in quarantine at the AirBnb, I was able to personalize the birth sampler that I shared with you in my last post. My son wants to limit my grandson's online exposure (which I totally understand) so he agreed to one photo which I posted above and on Instagram. (He has since said I could post a couple more which you'll see below). For privacy, I've blackened out the name in the sampler and will simply be calling him "Baby B" for now.  I used a free alphabet font I found online and added the birth date along the giraffe's neck as well as the baby's weight, length, and time of birth underneath the baby's name. Baby B's parents chose a jungle animal / sloth theme for his nursery so I think this sampler fits in perfectly. I just may have to find something with sloths on it to stitch as well!

How cute are all those smiling creatures!

Luckily, I had a thrift store frame in my stash which was the perfect size so I painted it and added the green gingham fabric to a piece of sticky board before we flew to California. Once I had added my grandson's details, I mounted the stitched piece on sticky board that was padded with batting, attached some green ric-rac to the back of the stitching, and glued the entire thing in the center of the green gingham fabric.

Baby B's birth Sampler all finished up: "Zoo Line-Up" by The Trilogy

I'm very pleased with the finish and by the looks of the photo below, three-week old Baby B loves it, too! On the back of the frame, I wrote a personal message to my grandson and part of it mentioned that my hopes for him in life are that he would always be as "Reliable as a Rhino," "Loving as a Lion," "Happy as a Hippo," "Enthusiastic as an Elephant," "Zealous as a Zebra," Sincere as a Swan," "Personable as A Penguin," "Patient as a Panda," "Grateful as a Giraffe," and "Adventuresome as an Alligator." I have no idea if these traits apply to each animal--I just wanted adjectives that started with the same letter as the animal!

I think he likes it!

My grandson received two beautifully hand-knit blankets, one from my blogging friend Barb R. in Michigan and the other from my sister-in-law, Peggy in Ohio. Aren't these gorgeous? I really should teach myself to knit! A handmade baby gift is so special, isn't it? Something the grown "baby" can someday pass on to his or her own child when they become a parent. I still have some of the blankets that were knit for my first son when he was born and plan to use them for my grandson when he comes to visit... Thank you both so very much for the lovely blankets and for the love and thoughtfulness you knit into each one!

Beautiful blue baby blanket from dear blogging friend Barb R.
Another lovely baby blanket in shades of blue, green, yellow, and white from my sweet sister-in-law, Peggy

Who knew that new grandparents receive cards and gifts, as well?! As if that sweet baby wasn't the best gift ever? It touched our hearts to know our friends and family shared our joy. We had waited for a grandchild for so, so long, I'm sure all of my friends and relatives are very relieved that they won't have to hear me whining about not being a grandmother any longer. My husband received a cute coffee mug from my son and daughter-in-law and I received this lovely necklace engraved with a compass. The note from my daughter-in-law said that I was their compass and thanked me for my guidance. So sweet... They also gave us the cute "Welcome To Grandma and Grandpa's" sign. The Willow Tree statue of a grandmother holding up her grandson and the cute picture frame are from local friends.
Who knew Grandma and Grandpa get gifts, too?!

And just look at this darling pillow, my friend in Spain, Edit, made for me! I love it, Edit. That was so sweet of you to stitch this for me! But, watch out--I never run out of things to talk about when it comes to my grandson. This is a Lizzie Kate design that Edit finished into a darling pillow--and her handmade card is lovely, too. Thank you so much, my friend!
Cute Lizzie Kate Pillow from Edit!

Can you tell I'm in love? Such a cutie pie with those dark expressive eyes! And that hair! Oh, my... I honestly could sit and gaze at him all day. Below, is my favorite photo of us taken by my oldest son. The joy on my face says it all!

Pure Joy!

Sadly, our happiness and excitement over the birth was tempered by two events. Yes, the day I had been dreading for so long occurred on July 24, 2020. My dear mother passed away just 16 days after the baby was born. You see, she never fully came back from her near-death experience in early May. My middle sister and I had taken turns nursing her back to health in May and June and she was even released from hospice as she was doing so well. But, I could tell that on June 20, the last day I saw her as I drove away from caring for her in New York, that she wasn't back to her old self and probably wouldn't be. I honestly believe that she held on for so long to be able to see my grandson born. She knew that this sweet baby would help ease the pain of her death for me. And he has--somewhat...

I still miss her desperately, though, especially now that I'm home from California and don't have the baby to distract me. I have so much more to say about my mother's life--and death, that I will be doing a separate tribute post to her. She was my very best friend in the world whom I miss each and every day. I am just too tearful to put everything down into words right now. In the meantime, here is a collage of photos of her very special life--a life that touched so many with that beautiful smile of hers...

Mom's smile lit up the world for 93 years!

Unbelievably, just two days after my mother died, my dear daughter-in-law, the mother of my then 18-day-old baby grandson, lost her own father to Covid-19. How cruel life can be sometimes... This sweet 32-year-old woman lost both parents within 4 months of each other in what should have been one of the happiest periods of her life--the pregnancy and birth of her first child. I just have to shake my head and sigh at the unfairness of life sometimes... Both her father and my mother were able to FaceTime with us and see the baby a couple of times. My mother pronounced him the "most beautiful baby ever" (although, I'm sure she said that about each of her great-grandsons!). And my daughter-in-law's father was all smiles as he greeted his newest grandson on the screen. Just a few days after the final FaceTime session, both were gone...

I don't know... I'm really having trouble processing all of this sadness, but thank goodness dear Baby B is here for us and gives us hope for the future.

Thank you all for visiting me today--I've missed all of my blogging friends and hope to get back to visiting your blogs and commenting very soon. I've done very little stitching--just don't seem to be in the mood, but I know I need to go back to it as it does bring me such peace. I'll be back again before the end of the month--in the mean time, hold your loved ones close, try not to fret over the small things in life, and always remain hopeful. Some days it is harder than others, but there is always hope. Bye for now...


Sandy said...

Carol, being a grandma is just the greatest. I am so happy for you and yes, life can dole out some tough stuff at times. I have a cousin that died a couple of weeks ago and one we are expecting it soon with Covid. Both of those have brought back such tough memories from our childhood. We all lost a lot in the short period of time. It has made it hard to deal with the loss remembering the touch. Anyway, you give yourself time to process it all and thank goodness for FaceTime. I HOPE time will ease some pain and that lots of flights will be in your future.

Georgia said...

Welcome Back Carol! I have really been looking forward to this blog:) I have walked your mile. My father died on Aug 21, 1995, my first grandson was born Aug 31, 1995. 10 days apart. I haven't forgotten. By the way my great-grandson, turns 4 Aug 18, we will celebrate. Keep and treasure the memories and hold them close to your heart. Now before I get too sentimental...Plum Street Samplers has a great sloth pattern, and you might want to check out her Noah's Ark ornaments, they are adorable. You have been so blessed my friend...I look forward to future blogs, to see what you stitch up for that little one.

marly said...

You've been in my thoughts daily, so glad to see a post. So very sorry for your loss Carol and I know how much you will miss her. I was stunned that your DIL also lost her father. To deal with the changes after birth while grieving for both parents! This little guy will bring some smiles and comfort during such a difficult time for you both.

Your finish of Baby B's birth announcement is wonderful.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh Carol, such joy and such sadness. Lifting you and your family up in prayer. Baby B is indeed precious and I know how hard it must have been getting on the plane to go home. So glad we do have FaceTime! Hugs!

Maggie said...

Your grandson is just beautiful Carol> I know how long you have waited to be a grandma and I'm sorry it has been tinged with sadness for you, I'm sure you're right, your dear mum held to see this birth and to lessen the blow of her passing.
I'm sorry your DIL has had to endure double sadness at this time too, what highs and lows you have all had but i'm sure that beautiful baby puts a smile on everyone's face.
Wear you new title with pride and enjoy.
Bless you, take care xx

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, it was lovely to see you this morning. What joy Baby B will bring to you! My heart breaks to hear of your Mom's passing along with the passing of your DIL's father. Treasure the memories and may they bring you comfort. Sending you gentle hugs and prayers.

Rebecca C. said...

Carol, Congratulations on Baby B! He is precious. I am sorry for the losses in your family, but I know your grandchild helps.
Rebecca C.

Vickie said...

Oh Carol. I must say I was all smiles with this post and now I am reduced to tears once again. My heart hurts once again for you all. I am still praying for you and Olivia. Take care my dear friend. God bless you all.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Dear Carol, I am so happy for you that you have a beautiful grandson. He is so adorable. I am sadden to hear about your MOM and your DIL father passing. Life gives us hardships but I know you will be okay. I am sending you big hugs and hope you will be okay. I pray that your family stays well and healthy and you get to see and hold your grandson more in the future. Take care and bless you and your husband. Big hugs and lots of love.

Kigwit said...

My condolences to you, the family and especially your DIL. I'm so sorry all of this came at the same time.

And congratulations on a beautiful grandson and becoming a Grandma!

chitra said...

Hi Carol
Just wanted to congratulate you for becoming a grandma,i am a recent grandma too and the happiness that little bundle brings is immense and cannot be expressed by words .
i am also sorry for your loss losing a parent is not good at any age.May you have all the strength to deal with
all the emotions coming your way.
maybe you will be stitching more and finishing more now because stitching can always heal you.
Looking foward to seeing your always beautiful finishes.
take care.

Stasi said...

Carol, Baby B is so adorable, I'm happy you had so much precious time to spend with him. What challenges life throws at us; I know this has been an exceptionally tough time for you and your family. I hope the fond memories of your Mom and daughter-in-laws father will help carry you through your grief. Sending virtual hugs your way!!!!

Honeybee said...

I'm so sorry for your family's losses, and for your loss of your mom. What a dreadful year it has been. But what a blessing that the little one arrived in time to be in the world with his great grandmother and his grandfather, if only for a short while. They didn't miss each other as they moved through time.

butterfly said...

Good to have you back sweet friend.
Your little one is beautiful , and he loves your stitching looking at the sweet animals .
Oh Carol I can feel your emotions wanting to be happy and also with sadness.

My eyes filled up reading your post.
Time is a healer ,and it will take time .
But you now have this darling little boy to help you .
Lots of hugs and xxx.

Jill said...

Tears of joy and tears of sadness in such a short time span. Happy congrats on the birth of your new grandson. Deepest sympathy on the loss of your mom and to your DIL's father. It's a blessing to all to have super adorable Baby B ease some of the grief. Although it's hard for you, I understand and respect your son's request for privacy. Thank you for sharing how you finished the sampler. It is darling! The baby blanket gifts are exquisitely knitted. I once visited LoJolla - a beautiful town and area. Honestly, I've been anxious for your post and sorry there is sadness. You'll stitch when you are up to it and post about your mother when you are ready also. Take care!

Darlene said...

Your grandson, Baby B is adorable, cute and oh so sweet! Love him and enjoy everything about him. Congratulations!

Gentle hugs and healing hugs as you mourn the loss of your mother. You were both very blessed!

I can't imagine the overwhelming sadness your daughter in law has had to endure. Baby B came along at the most perfect time for her.

As you process all happiness and sadness please remember to practice self care, Carol. I'm a huge advocate of it. Hugs!!!

Katie said...

Oh Carol. What a beautiful and yet devastating post to read. Sending you a lot of virtual hugs with this reply. I sure wish I could come up with words to say to help but I'll send a tight warm hug instead. I sure understand not stitching lately. I hope you find your love for your stitching as soon as you're ready. Sometimes we just need a break from a hobby we love. Take care of yourself. Heal. I'll be thinking of you.

Kate said...

Carol, congratulations on your grandson! He's a beauty and the photo of you and him together is such a good one. My condolences to you on the loss of your mother - perhaps it was simply her time. Hugs.

Terri said...

So sorry for your losses! But, that grandbaby is adorable!! Congrats on his safe arrival!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Congratulations on the birth of Baby B! He is adorable and I know you can't wait to see him again.

I'm so sorry that such a happy event was followed by such sadness. Wishing you all comfort and peace. xo

Barbara said...

Such a touching blog post, dear Carol! I kept you in my prayers, as promised, but surely had no idea of the huge range of emotions taking place while you were in California. I am so sorry for your loss and at the same time so thrilled so see your precious grandson. He is truly a beautiful child.

May the Lord's comfort and peace heal your broken heart and the joy of grand parenting continue to lift you up.

Faith... said...

Oh Carol I am so sorry to hear about your Mom but happy that you got to spend so much time with her near the end. Praise God that she is no longer in any kind of pain and distress.

And then your DIL's father right after that and so soon after her Mom's passing. Your poor DIL and Son have suffered many sad losses this year. I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I was there to give you the biggest hug ever.

Baby B is so cute! I can certainly see why you just want to hold him constantly. He is really studying that birth sampler and I bet he is thinking that 'my grandma is going to make me lots of cool stuff' and I think he is right. Those are beautiful blankets as well.

I don't think I thought of the long distance between you and your son's family. I think you may be getting a lot of frequent flyer miles in the future!

MartinaM said...

Congratulations dear grandma. I am very happy for you and the whole family, nice that the little man has entered your life. The sampler is now perfect - with all the data it will be a nice memento. The picture with you and your grandson is beautiful, you can see the joy and pride in your eyes.
On top of all the beautiful, then so heavy losses, it takes a lot of strength and energy. I've already had such experiences and it takes a long time. Take all the time you need to mourn But you have your fond memories of your mom who support you and you know that she is in a better place now, without fear or pain. And she will surely watch over you and your family and take care of the little man. And as long as you have her in your heart, she will always be by your side.
Big Hugs my friend. Martina

Kay said...

Baby B is just beautiful and such a wonderful blessing to have in your life. I do love what you wrote on the back of the sampler for him, all so special. I am so sorry to hear about your mother passing on. There are no words to make it better but know that I send love. x

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Enkelsohn. Der kleine Junge ist goldig. Das Foto mit dir und ihm ist wunderschön. Eine schöne Erinnerung für dich, wo du jetzt wieder zu Hause bist.
Der Sampler ist sehr schön und die Widmung auf der Rückseite finde ich super. Es ist eine schöne Erinnerung.
Leider liegen Freude und Trauer manchmal sehr dicht beieinander.
Mein aufrichtiges Beileid zum Heimgang deiner lieben Mama. Ich denke auch, sie hat nur gewartet bis dein Enkelsohn geboren ist, um zu wissen dass du ihren Verlust leichter ertragen könntest.
Nimm dir all die Zeit die du zum Trauern benötigst.
Fühl dich umarmt und ganz liebe Grüße, deine Manuela

maxi said...

Hey Carol,
Congratulations on the new family member. it's such a cute baby. Your sampler turned out very nice.
As is so often the case, a new family member comes and another goes. my condolences to the death of your mother.
hugs maxi

Gabi said...

Hello Carol,
congratulations being a grandma. The baby is so cute and the picture with you both is beautiful. The sampler turns out wonderful. It's a nice memento.
Sorry to read about your mom. As it is always the case, one family member goes and another one comes. My condolences to you. Your mom will be in a better place now. Wishing you all comfort and peace.

Marilyn said...

Bay B is beautiful, as is his Birth Sampler.
Plum Street Samplers has a Sloth design called Tired Trio.
Sorry to hear about your Mother's passing & Olivia's parents.
Prayers for all.

Jennifer said...

Sending you love for the joy and sorrow in your life and your daughter-in-law’s - how strange this time is to have such joy and sadness so close together. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. I hope that your stitching and baking will bring you peace as you grieve.

Pat said...

Carol, there is nothing more I can say that everyone else has said so I'll just send you a virtual hug. Congrats and condolences.

Sandra said...

What an adorable little grandson. He's just beautiful and I love the photo of you and him together. Such a gift for you and your husband.
All my warmest thoughts to you on the loss of your much-loved mother. She has had a good life and you have had her for an amazing amount of time and for that you can be so thankful.

laceystitcher said...

Your post made me tear up and feel the unfairness that happens for all of us at some time or other. I pray that you will continue to hold on to your hope and embrace the happy times and push through the sad times. I hope you can get back to stitching to bring you some sense of joy again. Blessings to you all..............

Christel said...

Carol, je vous l'avais bien dit que c'était merveilleux d'être grand-mère. Pendant ces dernières semaines je gardais ma petite-fille Lara 2 jours et 3 nuits par semaine en attendant que ces parents soient en vacances. Nous nous sommes beaucoup amusées toutes les deux. Dans 2 semaines elle reprendra l'école mais sera bien loin de nous, nos enfants ont trouvés à acheter une maison qui n'est qu'à quelques kilomètres de chez nous. Il faudra de temps à autre aller la chercher à l'école, cela me ravit.
Bravo pour cette jolie broderie de naissance. Tous ces animaux c'est très doux, très mignon.
Je vous adresse mes sincères condoléances et de douces pensées amicales pour votre Maman partie rejoindre les étoiles.
Amitiés de France,

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on the new Grandson, he is particularly adorable!
The Birth Sampler is lovely, I am sure he will enjoy learning all the animal names and their noises as he grows up!
Sorry to hear about the passing of your Mum, I am glad that she got to see the baby via the miracle of modern technology.
I know you did your very best to ensure her last months were happy ones.

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

I read the first part of your post with a big smile and the last with a tear in my eye for you and DIL. My condolences to the both of you. Sending a virtual hug to you.

Ele said...

Congratulations on the new Grandson, he is adorable.
I am so sorry for your loss Carol, but I am glad your mom could see the baby and your happiness in being able to welcome him. My condolences to you and your daughter-in-law

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson, Carol and my sincere condolences on the death of your mother.

Gundya_Bhau said...

Carol, congratulations on birth if your grandson. He is precious. The sampler you made for him is beautiful.
I'm so sorry for loss of your mother, I just don't have words to console you.
May her soul rest in peace. She was a lovely woman .
Sorry about loss of your DIL's father, tough times for your family.
Please take time for yourself.
Hugs my friend.

Alhana said...

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson, Carol! He is a little bundle of joy and will brighten up your lives from now on. I am so sad to read about the loss your dear ones though. Thankfully they were able to see the baby. My condelences to you and your daughter-in-law.

Christine said...

Congratulations on the birth of Baby B, he is just gorgeous!
Deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother

KrissKross said...

Dear Carol,
I haven't read any of the previous responses, and this may therefore seem quite repetitive, but I am both thrilled and heart-broken for you. Congratulations on your precious and adorable new grandchild! I can only imagine the joy! I am so happy for you and your whole family that you have this sweet blessing in your lives. I am also so very sorry for the loss of your dear mother. I hope you will find comfort in knowing that you honored, loved, and cared for your mom so devotedly - a great example to me! I remember one of the first of your blog posts I ever read was the tribute to your dad after he passed away. It made me wish I knew him. I know you must have been a source of great joy for both your parents. You shared a life rich with love and filled with memories to cherish. I pray those memories will turn your tears to smiles as time passes. May the Lord draw you close to Him as you walk through this season of change, tempered with both joy and pain. Love to you! Kristina /krisskross_66

April said...

Dear Carol,
I am so sorry to hear of your dear Mom's passing. The time you got to spend nursing her health is so precious. You will treasure those times along with all your other wonderful memories of her. God bless you!
My heart breaks for your dear daughter in law. I will pray for strength and comfort for all of you.

Congratulations on the birth of your Grandson, Baby B! What a handsome little man he is! The picture of you and Baby B is a great one. One can see why you would like to hold him all day :) The birth sampler is adorable, and quite amazing that he is fixated on it--like he knows his Grandma made that just for him! The blankets are beautiful as well.

Take care my friend,


Marsha said...

Dear Carol,

I am so sorry for your family's loss. So doubly sad with the baby's birth. This is sending love to your daughter-in-law. At least you were there to lend support. Marsha

Aussie Carrie said...


Life has a habit of giving us a taste of pure joy and pure sorrow within days of each other. I am so sorry that you have lost your precious Mum but be thankful that she and your DIL's father at least had a few days of 'knowing' the newest member of their families.

Like other readers, I had a similar experience I lost my FIL only days before my second son was due. This beautiful man never knew his gorgeous grandson, who arrive only five days later. Dad always said "as one life is extinguished another comes into being" and how true this has proved to be over the years.

I know time is said to heal but those we truly love remain in our hearts forever and I know this will surely be true for you and your mum.

My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family during this time.

Cathy H. said...

Oh my, your grandson is beautiful! My first thought was "look at all that dar hair!" The picture where he's looking at his birth announcement is so precious. I'm glad for you that we live in an age where we can see and talk to our families who are far away over the internet. That is much better than waiting for letters and pictures coming in the mail! I so sorry to hear about both the losses in your family. I know your emotions have been like a roller coaster, but I also know you have faith and hope. I'll be praying for you and your family and of course, the new little one!

Vicki said...

Isn't it amazing when you become a grandparent?! There's no way to describe it someone else. The thing I was not expecting was the expanded love and pride I have in each one of my kids as they became parents. And of course, the love for the little one is just awesome. Congratulations on your beautiful grandson.
And, my deepest sympathies at the losses your family has endured, Carol. My prayers for you as you go through an emotionally turbulent time.

(As you know, on my blog I use weather terms as stand-ins for the grands' real names. I totally get you using "baby b"... it's cute!)

Sheryl said...

Very moving post Carol. I am so sorry to hear about your mum and the deep sadness you must feel. At least she and your DIL´s father were able to know about the new baby´s birth. Baby B will help with your grief and will keep your hands busy with new projects. Beautiful blankets and lovely birth chart. hugs and prayers.

Sweetland Stitching said...

Congratulations - Baby B is just beautiful! <3 He will bring so much joy and happiness to all his family in these tough times.

Claire said...

Thinking about you each day, Carol, and hoping the time comes quickly when you can see your little fellow again. As much as we love stitching with a passion, sometimes we feel lost and unable to do the things we enjoy. Give yourself time. Joy will return again. Sending love and courage, my friend.

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh Carol, I am so sorry for your (and your DIL's) losses. After losing my grandfather in October, I might be able to understand your pain a little bit - I still miss him every day. There is no way to 'make up' for losing someone so close to you, but I still hope the joy your new grandson is bringing will counteract the grief and hurt a bit. And even though I fully understand your son about limiting the online exposure of little Baby B, I still hope we might get to see him from time to time! So many wonderful gift he got, and you got as well. You are surrounding yourself with truely kind and generous people, it seems! Hope to hear from you again soon, once you've had a little more time to deal with everything.

Mary said...

Carol, I'm so sorry to hear of your dear Mother's passing. You were blessed to have your Mother so many years but that does not ease the pain of the loss. My Mom passed at 86 and I miss her terribly but the pain does lessen over time. Thankfully we have our memories to bring us joy.

I'm so happy to hear that your an over the moon Grandmother, not that I expected any less. I hope this beautiful Grandchild fills your heart and helps ease the loss of your Mom. How sad for your DIL to lose both parents in such a short time. Life can be so unfair at times.

Your birth stitch is so adorable!!! Love all the little critters and you framed it beautifully.

Sending love...Mary

Irene said...

La vita ti ha tolto molto ma ti ha dato la meraviglia di una nuova vita, un nipote bellissimo che già ammira i tuoi ricami! Un abbraccio forte

Meg said...

Carol, I have been thinking about you a lot this past week. I'm so sorry to hear your mom passed away. I felt like I knew her from all you've written. Your new grandson is just beautiful and I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your son and his wife at this time. My heart is broken hearing that she has now lost her dad as well. I just cannot imagine how she is feeling.

Sending lots of love and warm thoughts your way. I hope you are able to find the urge to stitch soon - it can be such a comforting way to get through tough times. BIG BIG hugs....

Pam in IL said...

Oh Carol, this post has me crying happy tears and sad tears. Your grandson is absolutely perfect! I hope you get lots of video calls, text messages and photos with your son and DIL and Baby B. I love the message you wrote for him too. You mentioned sloths and I immediately thought about Plum Street Samplers Tired Trio. I'm sure you could adapt that for Baby B. The "grandparents" gifts you received are sweet. I love handmade baby gifts and I always crochet or knit a blanket for babies. My hope for the blankets I make is that they will be well-loved, used for snuggling with, building blanket forts with, and will be a favorite security blanket. Prayers and hugs to you and your family.

RJ said...

Dear Carol,

I can only imagine how you are feeling right now. My heart is with you. First I saw that adorable photo of your new little grandson and I was filled with joy. He is beyond precious and I can tell by the smile on your face that you think so too. He is going to bring so much joy and love to your wonderful family.

But, then I read about your dear Mom. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how close you two were and I know this is a tremendous heartbreak and it will take lots of time to heal. My Mom passed when I was only 35 and I still miss her everyday. I loved seeing photos of your Mom as her smile lit up the room. I think you have that same smile and warmth and it will hold your family together in a special way.

I've said prayers for your DIL as losing both parents is just not fair. She is such a young lady for such big losses. But, I know you will step in and comfort her as she will need you.

Lots of love and prayers that each day will bring you more peace. And the memories of your Mom will help you get through this rough time. RJ

Robin Wylde said...

Dear Carol,

Your post has brought tears to my eyes. During my time away from blogger I remembered the nice people on here and I often thought of you and your mom, and to hear the sad news is such a blow. I am so very, very sorry and send you the biggest of hugs. Looking at the pictures from your previous post, she looks like such a kind, clever woman, and no doubt she brought you all so much happiness. You cry and have all the conversations you need- I did the same with my grandma and still do sometimes; I think it's a very human thing. I also want to congratulate you on the birth of your grandson, he must bring you so much joy right now. Life can be such a mixed bag like that sometimes. I have no doubt that he'll grow up to love you loads! Sending you a big hug Carol, take good care xx Robin