Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Heart Full Of Gratitude

Well, it's been a long time again, hasn't it? I feel very out of touch with you all after spending most of the past three weeks caring for my mom and helping her get stronger. But, today, I have one word for my life and that is grateful--I am truly filled with gratitude. Just two short months ago, mom was on the very edge of leaving this world. And, last Friday, guess what??? She was released / kicked out / graduated (whatever you want to call it) from hospice! Yes, she no longer was deemed ill enough to be under hospice care so they could no longer provide their services. The hospice nurse was so happy as she said that is not something she sees in her profession very often. She credited the tender loving care and support that mom received from her family with her truly miraculous recovery. I am so filled with gratitude that I get to spend more time with her and very hopeful that she'll live to see a few more family milestones--even at the ripe old age of 93!

Therefore, my latest finish (which I began way before mom got so ill), is especially meaningful to me. I put the last stitches in it while sitting with her on her couch as we chatted away... This is "Heart Full Of Gratitude" by Cottage Garden Samplings. Stitched on 40 ct. pearl gray Newcastle with the suggested overdyed threads, this has to be my favorite one of the Songbird's Garden Series so far... The colors are just luscious, aren't they?

"Heart Full of Gratitude" finish

And the details... all so beautifully designed and thought out by Vinniey, the designer at Cottage Garden Samplings.

Little pink houses (for you and me!)

The handsome Dark-Eyed Junco

The stunning shades of pink, mauve, and crimson in the roses

One word: GRATITUDE!

Can't wait to get this framed and hanging on my wall!

Here are all three that I've stitched so far. I plan on stitching at least three more, framing each one with matching frames, and hanging them together.

Wisdom, Love, and Gratitude--three traits we should all strive for in our lives.

I've stitched my ornaments for May and June, too, but they're not finished yet so I'll wait to share them with you. I did finish a little gift for a friend on Instagram which I'm hoping she'll like. She likes red and samplers so I thought this little pillow fit the bill perfectly! This is from the book "Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers" by Jane Greenoff and was stitched on 40 ct. Woodland Newcastle using DMC 221. I omitted the border and made it into a tiny pillow. After I added the cording, I wound two miniature spools with the same red thread and added them to the bottom of the cord. Hope my friend likes it!

A little red sampler gift for a friend

The only other needle and thread related thing I've done is make two more masks--one for my husband and one for me. I used one of his dress-shirts--a no-wrinkle one that he'd barely worn as it was always too large. The pattern I used fits so much better than the pleated kind I made previously and there is a pocket for a filter as well as a casing for a nosewire. If anyone is interested in the tutorial, check this site and the video that goes along with it can be found here. I think more are in my future as I fear we'll be wearing masks for quite a while.

Our new, better-fitting masks

And speaking of masks--I saw this on Instagram and loved it. I am in the mask-wearing camp--really would hate to pass on any germs to anyone if I can help it! You don't wear a mask to protect yourself--you wear it to protect others so please be considerate...

Please wear your masks when around others!

Father's Day was Sunday here in the United States and I wanted to make my husband a special dessert. I'd bought an entire bag of lemons last month with the intent of making a lemon meringue pie, but after the drive home from my mom's on Saturday, I found myself just too tired to whip one up. So, I found this quick and easy (and very tasty!) recipe for "Best Creamy Lemon Bars" online. They taste almost like a lemon cheesecake--very tangy and sweet at the same time with a delicious homemade graham cracker crust at the bottom. I copied the photo on the blog and accented the bars with a bit of whipped cream, slices of lemon, and sprigs of mint from our yard. For the recipe, just click here. I sure wish I could learn to photograph food the way the professionals do! My colors are always a bit "off" for some reason. But, they probably have fancy cameras and lighting equipment, whereas I simply take photos with my phone.

Creamy (and tasty!) Lemon Bars

So, it's time for Getting To Know You! Thank you to all who participated last time--it's nice to know that a lot of you consider yourselves shy and would like to change that. At least I'm not the only one out there! My guess is that a lot of stitchers are on the quiet side and enjoy solitary activities like stitching, reading, etc. For today's question, I'd love to know...

1) What type of area did you grow up in? Was it a large city, a suburb, a farm, small town, house in the country, or did you move around to a lot of different environments? Although I was born in a large city, my parents left there when I was just five and moved back to my dad's home town--just a tiny village with (back then) only one traffic light! It was a wonderful place to grow up in--the kind of place where you really knew your neighbors and everyone looked out for each other's kids. It was the kind of place where kids would stay out until dark playing games like "Kick the Can" and "Spud." You could walk to the local candy store, school, library, post office--anywhere! I loved it, although I probably couldn't move back to such a small town now after living near a big city for the past 43 years. But, I lived there from the time I was five until leaving for college at age 18 so it will always be a very special place to me...  Now, it's your turn... I'd love to get to know you better by hearing about where you grew up! 

So, with mom on the mend, I'm feeling like I can breath again! Thank you, one and all, for your well-wishes and prayers for her. She (and I!) appreciate each and every one. I'll be around to visit your blogs after a very long time away. Although I read a few when I was staying with my mother, I can't comment on them easily on my phone so I may have visited you, but not left a comment. Will try my best to get around to visit all of you soon...

♥♥♥ I just want to leave you with a thought that I think is so timely with everything going on around us these days... Please think before you speak--you may say something that hurts deeply and can never be forgotten or repaired. Take good care my friends! Bye for now... ♥♥♥

Pause before you speak...


Stasi said...

Glad you're home Carol and your Mom is doing so well....shows what caring hearts can do. Your "Gratitude" piece is so lovely and will now hold a special place in your heart.
It sounds like I had a very similar childhood to you...but in the city. We lived in a neighborhood with large families and lots of kids playing in the alley in the evenings. But, we also lived across the street from a large park that had one of the best sledding hills around. People came from all over to enjoy it, and all we had to do was pull our sled across the street. We too could walk to the deli, candy store, sno ball stand, small gift shop, (where I got all my coloring books and paper dolls)and library. We also lived on a major bus line to downtown Baltimore so cold avail ourselves to things in the city too. I feel I grew up in the best place ever with the best of both worlds.
Thank you for your reminder about "pausing". Hurtful things are too easily said and spread like wild fire on the internet, where you are not face to face with an actual person. We need to be kind and think before we react...and respect others opinions when different from our own. Thank you for your kind heart!

marly said...

Such great news Carole. And how meaningful this particular stitchery will always be. And it is gorgeous, so much so, that I actually looked it up to purchase and it's not a sampler or a santa! Your linen color change made a huge difference in how those colors stand out. Spectacular!

Susan Lankford said...

Carol....your story about and devotion to your mom is heartwarming...thank you for sharing...I know you've heard this many times, but she certainly does not look her age (whatever that looks like!). and I agree with you about the masks...the style you made is much more comfortable!

Take care ...always enjoy your blog and your stitching...

Hugs, Susan

Carol in Texas said...

I grew up in Houston, Texas. As I look back, it was a small city in 1938 when I was born. We lived in an apartment house about three blocks from my dad's place of business....he walked both ways, as we did not have a car till I was about eight. In fifth grade we had to move, as the apartment house was being torn down. We moved to a neighborhood street two blocks from my school. There were lots of kids of all ages on that block, and we played freely in the street, our yards and the big vacant lot behind our houses. We skated, rode bikes, played baseball. It was a great childhood. When I was a teen, my best friend and I would ride the bus downtown and shop in the stores on Main Street and eat hot dogs at James Coney Island. I went to college in Houston and moved after graduation and marriage to Austin, at that time a small, friendly city. That is where we worked and raised our sons for 44 years. By then Austin had become a busy city. We moved to a small town 70 miles to the north and we now live in the country, with cows and cats and deer. We both love it. Thanks to the internet, I keep up with quilters and stitches all over the world.

BrendaS said...

Oh what wonderful news about your mother! I am so happy for you. I always love everything you do and you are absolutely the reason I got back into cross stitching after a very long dry spell. I have to say the gratitude peace is one of my all-time favorites and I love the little pillow to I hope to be able to stitch them one day. I spent my younger years in a medium-sized town in Arkansas and then when I was 14 we moved to Southern California. Had my second chemo treatment today and your blog was a bright spot in my day. Keep em coming😍 Brenda Habersetzer

Sandy said...

It was good to see a post from you. The stitches are so pretty... the birds and the red sampler are perfect.
I am wearing masks most everywhere. I am still limiting my outings, but realize I can't live under a shell either. I order lots and have deliveries made. I can't even imagine what the fall will bring again. Crazy times.
Now, for the question. I spent my first 5 years on Army bases, then we moved home to the country and I do mean country. I was there through 5th grade. Rural area and book mobiles coming to my school kind of place. My friends were my cousins. I am grateful for those years but also grateful that we moved to a very small town. More opportunities awaited. I remember one of which was the public library. I would have Mother drop me off weekly to just roam around before I made my selections. I lived there until college, but always knew I wanted to live at the beach. My small town was just above the Alabama line, but 45 minutes from the Gulf as we call it. While it is hot hot hot in the summer, I am indeed a beach girl and love my little town, but I do like Pensacola too. That is my city for more shopping opportunities.

Robin in Virginia said...

Awesome news about your Mother and her being booted from hospice services. Your Gratitude piece is so beautiful. The little red sampler is precious. The lemon bars you made looks mighty delicious.

I lived in a suburb in Northern VA from age 9 to college and then briefly after college. We ride our bikes in the neighborhood and/or played in the court just down from the house. Where I went to college sounded like the town you grew up in, Carol. Not having a car, we walked to town (shop, bank, drug store, pizza, park).

April said...

Hi Carol,
I'm so glad your Mom is out of hospice! That is great news. I pray she will continue to get stronger.
Your Gratitude finish is stunning! How special it will be to see it on your wall, remembering those special times with your dear Mom.
Your sampler finish is so cute. The lemon bars look delicious, and I'm sure your husband enjoyed them. I hope he had a great Father's Day!
We lived outside of a small town in the country on 48 acres. I remember my mom had to call and call for myself and my siblings to come in at night. We were always outside playing,riding bikes. In the winter my dad would make a big bonfire so we could sled and keep warm. (I don't know I did it back then because now I dislike the cold) Of course with living in the country comes a garden. So there was plenty of pulling weeds, picking veggies, and prepping for canning. Being a kid I didn't appreciate all the work that went into it as my mom canned everything, made jams etc not to mention everything else she did. It didn't take long after I was married to see and appreciate all of that.
I agree with the reminder on pausing...I wish more people would.

Stay safe and take care,


Karen said...

How wonderful to hear that your mother is doing so much better! And I'm sure it's wonderful to be home! Your stitching on Gratitude is beautiful. The basket stitching at the bottom looks 3-D. It really is a lovely piece. I also agree with you about wearing masks. I feel it's kind of disrespectful not to.

I grew up on a ranch on the border of NE/SD. My son now owns and operates it, he is the 4th generation. So I grew up taking care of and dressing chickens, working in the hayfield, and helping with a big garden. My mom taught me to sew, can, and bake...we had to be pretty self-sufficient. I went away to college, lived in a city and a large town, but my husband and I moved back to the small town near the ranch, population 150, to raise our family. It was the best decision we ever made. Not for everyone, I know, but we love it.

I always look forward to your posts...I don't get much stitching done during the summer as I am an avid gardener and spend most of my time doing that, but I sure enjoy seeing what others are stitching! Enjoy being home!

Sandra said...

That's fantastic news that your mum was released from hospice care! Well done to you and your family for taking such good care of her!
Your Gratitude piece is beautiful and I really enjoy seeing the details of it when you photograph the different areas close up.
I agree with you about still being careful and wearing masks when around other people. I also do it on public transport here (no car) and when I go shopping, of course. The virus is springing up again in many countries and although most of Europe has been doing so well, there are new apparitions of the Covid-19 and I can see that people are not being careful enough.
Keep safe.

MartinaM said...

I am happy to hear that your mother is feeling better again and that she was allowed to leave the hospice. Your new embroidery fits perfectly. And I love her, the roses, the bird, everything fits perfectly.
I also grew up in a small village near a small town, we had two butchers and a baker who baked in an old stone oven. On Saturday my mom sent me out with a shopping list to shop there. We also had two little Aunt Emmal shops. Elementary school was only a few meters away from us. Today our village is quite big and the city is incorporated. So we are now a district, but I still live here. We built in the garden of my parents' house 18 years ago. The only disadvantage - the parents' house is located directly on the main street and it is often annoying to sit on the terrace and hear the cars driving all the time.
I wish you and your mum all the best,

Irene said...

Come sono felice per la tua mamma!!
Io sono nata in un piccolo paese del nord Italia vicino a Venezia. Ho vissuto anche con la nonna paterna nelle montagne del Trentino Alto Adige. Ora vivo a Treviso, in Veneto :)

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
I'm so glad to hear that your mother feeling better and can leave the hospice.
Your new stitching finish is so beautiful. Can't wait to stitch it too.
I grow up in a little town.
Have a nice time, Manuela

Kay said...

Such wonderful news about your mother, you must all be so happy. I do love your new Gratitude piece, I think it is my favourite out of the three done so far. I also need to add those to my 'must stitch one day' list. I grew up on the edge of a big city, it wasn't my favourite place to live at all. It was quite a rough area in a rough city and I always felt a bit anxious and never let like I fitted in very well. I moved from there to London which is huge but felt much safer there and loved living there. I am now in a village just outside of a small city. x

Mary said...

Always lovely seeing a new post from you. Thankful for prayers answered for your Mom's health and that she is no longer under hospice care; God is faithful.

I grew up in Northwestern PA, Erie County. My husband and I will be retiring in the near future and are looking for a new home there. There are wonderful memories where we are in Venango County but we are excited to go back to where our lives began!

Marilyn said...

So happy for you & your Mom that she is out of Hospice.
Gratitude is beautiful as are all of your Cottage pieces.
I especially love that colorful bird!
We have little Juncos here in he Winter, I love them, they are so darn cute!
I made some masks with Velcro, but like this style better, need to make some, thanks for the link.
Those Lemon Bars look delicious, thanks again for the link.
I grew up in the Village of Butler, a small town under 1000 people, a suburb of Milwaukee.
We only has 1 stop sign!
My favorite thing was when Mom turned on the sprinkler for us, or when there was a big rain, we played in the street puddles, so fun.
We rode our bikes to the park down the street & stayed out until supper time.
We also had a small candy store, we would go there Popsicles in the Summer, and a variety store.
I also lived there until I left at the age of 18 & moved out on my own.
Continued prayers that your Mom continues with good health.

Amara said...

Dear Carol,
thank you for letting us know this wonderful News about your Mom. This is so good to read and i'm happy for your Family.
Is just discovered your Blog a few weeks ago about Instagram and i read it all :D. It took a bit time, but i was so interested in your beautiful stitched pieces and i totally love your writing and your beautiful vacation stories. I'm so thankful, that i found your blog, because i started stitching maybe a year ago to wind down and didn't know that much designers and patterns. I learned a lot here on your blog. It's great for me, but not for my bank Account :D!
I grew up in a bigger City in Germany. As i was in school and in my early twenties i liked it. All the shops, the bars, the Malls. But now that i'm in my mid thirties, i'm planning to move to the more countrier side, as i'm loving the nature and quiet time more and more. I really dream of a garden, a dog, a little house and a cozy room to stitch and read :).
The Pattern for Gratitude is on my Wishlist and i found it in a wonderful onlineshop here in Germany. Sometimes it's quite hard to find some of the wonderful patterns from US Designers, so i'm always happy when i do find them.
Have a beautiful Day :)

Mary said...

Carol, I am so happy to hear your Mom was released from Hospice! I'm sure a large part was due to your loving attentions to her. You must be rejoicing!!
Love, love, love all 3 bird stitches and such wonderful sentiments. Gratitude is surely a stunner!!
I grew up on Long Island and in the 60's it was not as built up as today. I could walk to both my grandparents homes and saw them often. The homes were on postage size plots so we had tons of friends on our block. We could not wait to get home from school to go out and play. They froze the tennis courts over in winter and we would iceskate all winter and roller skate in the summer. Summer was for going to the ocean or the Long Island Sound on weekends. During the week Mom would pile all 5 siblings in the car with a neighbor and their kids, sitting on each others laps! Unheard of today!! I consider myself blessed as I truly had an idyllic childhood.

Cathy H. said...

So glad to hear that your mother is doing better! I will continue to pray for her. Your Cottage pieces are beautiful. I agree, so much thought and care has gone into the details and colors.

As a young child my family moved a lot; usually twice a year, following work. I think that was the beginning of my introvert life. It was hard starting two new school a year! As a preteen we did settle near a big city. I was so glad to settle and enjoyed the rural area we lived in. I had neighbor the same age as me and we had plenty of space to play in. I liked the area so much that when my husband and I had been married about four years we bought a home that is two houses away from my parents home. My parents are both gone now and I'm grateful that I lived close enought to them to help them as they aged.

Thank you for the reminder to pause and be kind.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carol, for sharing the good news about your mom, and especially the image of the sign... I shared that with work colleagues as we are planning to reopen our museum sites to the public and have been talking a lot about signage. As always, the arrival of a new blog post from you is an inspiration... you make me want to hurry back to my own stitching!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Lovely stitching as usual Carol. The GRATITUDE piece is a good reminder for all of us. I did pick up some new masks the other day as I think they will be required again. I found a cute pink camo one that I love. I dont love wearing it but it is cute. So glad your mom is doing well.

Joanie said...

So glad to hear about your Mom, prayers were answered! I love your Gratitude stitching, it is beautiful!

I grew up in a small town in Beaver County PA...3800 residents. It was like Mayberry. Neighbors knew each other, my relatives were close. My Dad was a steelworker. I rode my bike EVERYWHERE! We lived on the Ohio River, I spent many a summer in that river, oh my, if my Mom knew what we did, swinging from the train bridge. It was dangerous cause of the sinkholes and barges. We had a blast though.

Vicki said...

Wonderful news about your mom!
I grew up in Overland Park, KS - a suburb of Kansas City. It was a great place to grow up with lots of kids, parks, beautiful green grass (which I really appreciate now that I've lived in the desert for 41 years). I'm definitely a city girl!

Sweet Sue said...

Yay for Mom, a great triumph for all! So happy for you and family:)

Christel said...

Je suis heureuse de lire que votre Maman va mieux et que vous êtes rentrée chez vous.
La fête des pères était aussi dimanche dernier en France, les enfants et notre petite-fille sont venus déjeuner. Cela nous a fait du bien à tous car nous nous n'étions pas vu depuis le confinement.
Quelle est belle cette broderie gratitude.. Des tons surannés, c'est beau, plein de poésie. J'aimerais beaucoup brodé toute cette série mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé en France.
J'ai grandi dans un ville moyenne, les commodités étaient très proches, d'abord en appartement puis dans une maison ou j'ai eu une chambre pour moi toute seule pour la première fois. Maintenant j'ai fuis la ville, je suis à la campagne à l'écart d'un petit village. En France nous appelons ça un hameau. Je me plais beaucoup ici, car c'est très calme et j'ai besoin de ce silence de cette paix, du chant des oiseaux. J'aime la nature et les animaux choses que je n'avais pas en ville. Comme je dis souvent je suis un rat des champs pas des villes. J'avoue que si je pouvais être encore plus isolée j'apprécierais vraiment. Une maison entourée d'un très grand jardin sans voisins trop proches.
Amitiés de France,

Vickie said...

Hello Carol my friend! I continue to pray for your dear Mom. I am so glad she is doing much better. Your Gratitude piece is so very gorgeous! I showed Brian and Madeleine all three of your pieces and they also love them! :) I grew up in a suburb of a city. All the kids in our neighborhood knew each other, and we played outside everyday until the streetlights came on. I too walked to my beloved library.
Stay well my friend. Take good care of yourself now too, not just your Mom! This COVID is far from over. :(

butterfly said...

Love your header stitch just beautiful .
So happy your mother is doing well .
Yes you are right your bird stitch with rose looks just like my new rose .
Gosh Carol I have lived in loads of houses
I lived outside of Birmingham and not far from a farm which was at the back of our garden we all lived in my Gamp's house until mom and dad brought our own house .
So I had fields and bluebell woods to run in , we had the freedom in those days .
We would make dens in the woods it was great fun .
Then we moved another few times until I married then after a few more moves we
made a very big move down to Devon we brought a hotel then then build our own house and after a few years we moved again to our town not far from the coast
I really don't want to move again to old now , we almost did every thing on our bucket list ha.
Have a great week hugs.

ndavis said...

I was so happy to hear of your Mother's recovery and thrilled that you were such a large part of that recovery. These will always be precious memories for you.
As always, love your stitching. I have never tried 40 count anything but your stitching make we want to take the plunge.
I grew up in the suburbs of a small city in South Central PA conveniently located a short distance from Harrisburg, Lancaster and Baltimore, MD. In my neighborhood there was a farm and all the kids worked the farm in the summer - both boys, who did the hard work, and girls who did things like pea and lima bean shucking. We lived on a corner lot and had hills on both sides of the house, great for biking and sledding.
I now live in the same house. I bought it from the estate when my parents died. Loved living here as a kid and still love it as a senior.

Claire said...

Oh Carol that is just the best news about your mom! Just goes to show that anything is possible with loving care and kindness. I love your Gratitude piece and the stitching is incredible, as always. We have the Juncos here all year round. It's fun to watch them bring their babies around, too. They love to play in the birdbath. I grew up in a very small town where everyone had an orchard. We all knew each other and it seemed no one ever moved. It was a very big deal if there ever was a new girl or boy in class and everyone wanted to be their friend. We played kick the can, too, it was so much fun in the dark. All the phones were party lines and the post office was in my friend's house. Different times. Thanks for the reminder to pause. Stay safe, my friend.

Stoff und Nadel ... Jutta’s Blog said...

Dear Carol,
what a heartbreaking post, I am so happy that your mother is allowed to leave the hospice . . . . surely she will also be happy to come home again. And your wonderful embroidery fits sooooooo perfectly with both of you, I have shed a tear while reading! Thank you very much for these wonderfully encouraging words, be warmly greeted and embraced,

Barb said...

Hi Carol - how wonderful that your Mom is so much better! I am so happy for her and for you and your family! Truly a blessing! I really hope she continues to get stronger and does really well.
Your Gratitude stitching is just beautiful and I would think particularly special for all the struggles and emotions you and your family have had to cope with during this particularly difficult time. All of those bird stitching designs are so special - they will be a gorgeous grouping.
Thanks, too, for sharing the Lemon bar recipe - they look so delicious and I love lemon. I’m going to have to make them, too!
I so hope all continues to go really well for you and for your family and for your mom. You are in my thoughts and prayers - always!

Barb 💕

Barb said...

Wonderful news that your Mom is doing so well. Those three designs are truly beautiful. I grew up in a average sized city in the mid west, Joliet Illinois. My two cousins lived upstairs and we had quite a gang of friends. I have many happy memories!

Jill said...

Hi Carol, Such very good news on your mom's recovery! A blessing that you and family members were able to help with the healing process. I do believe I heard your sigh of relief. How appropriate is the timing of Gratitude completion. Very nice plaid masks. I've made a similar style and need to make a few extra as you mentioned masks will be around awhile. I love lemon and hope to make the recipe. I grow mint also. My family comes from a small town such as you described. However, when I was two my parents moved to a suburban community in search of better employment and my mom lived in that house for 60 years. Thanks for the update!

Ele said...

So good about your mom! Wonderful news really.
Your stitching is so beautiful.
I grew up in the North of Italy but moved quite a lot around Europe afterwards. Especially loved my time in France, still love when I can go back there for a while.

Donna G. said...

Gratitude is just beautiful. I have Wisdom kitted up.....just need to finish a few WIPs before I start a new one. 😊

Alhana said...

Such wonderful news deserve this pretty stitching. All designs will look great together on the wall when they're framed.

I have always lived in the same place, a big city, although we moved houses when I was a child. The hectic city life isn't for me though, I dream of living in a quiet small town someday.

Stay safe, Carol! Happy Summer.

Quiltingwiththefarmerswife said...

So glad your mom is doing so well. I took care of my dad the last 8 years of his life and when he felt ill I felt his pain too. He lived to be 93 and it didn't seem long enough to me.
I grew up in a small town in Southern the 50's it was a small town. Our house backed up to a dairy and there was lots of open space. Rode our bikes for miles and never worried about being kid napped, traffic, helmets or anything. It was a very innocent time in comparison to today.
With everything happening today, I know God is in control so I try not to worry and laugh as much as I can. As far as statues and monuments being torn down, people are not perfect but they can still be commemorated for the good they did do. Biblical people were far from perfect but still used by God. We are all growing and learning each day (well, some of us) and changing our views. I don't feel tearing down history accomplishes anything. Patty McDonald

Faith... said...

I am so thankful to hear that your Mom is better and no longer considered qualified for hospice. That must have been the best feeling for your entire family.

I absolutely love the Gratitude piece you stitched and how appropriate was the timing for that finish.

I pray that your Mom continues to improve and stay well.

Christine said...

I love the Cottage Garden Samplings series and the 'Gratitude' you stitched is beautiful! I'm so happy for your that mom improved so much. And those lemon bars truly look tasty!

Christine said...

PS - Love that idea of PAUSE - thank you for sharing it!

Meg said...

Carol, here I am, late to the party as usual. ;-)

So so so glad your mom "graduated" from hospice. What a relief! I have been thinking of you both a lot.

The Gratitude stitch is so beautiful, as are the others you've stitched. Looking forward to seeing future finishes.

Adding the two spools to your little pillow trim is genius! What a cool idea.

Your masks are great. I'm with you on the mask-wearing. Where we're at, people for the most part are NOT wearing them, and our Covid case numbers are rising. I don't feel safe going out.

The town I grew up in is a boom-and-bust mining town, and the population varied from 700 to more than 1,200 when I went to school there. The county is larger than the state of Vermont, yet there is NOT ONE stoplight in the county, even today.

Love the "practice the pause" statement. Such needed advice right now.

Meg said...

Whoops, I made an error in my comment.... lol. My hometown county (4,937 square miles) is NOT larger than Vermont, but it is nearly as big as Connecticut (5,543 square miles)!

Andrea said...

Here's hoping y0ur Mum continues to improve now she has come out of the hospice.

The Gratitude piece is gorgeous, all of the colours just 'pop'.

I have always lived in the same village, although now it is so much more a built up area. My house is on the outskirts of the village and backs on to fields so it has a sense of being in the countryside. Years ago there were more fields and not so much traffic. I used to ride my pony over the fields to visit my Grandmas house and riding a bike on the roads was quite safe.

Stay safe.

Sheryl said...

So very pleased to hear that your mum is doing so well and is able to leave the hospite, what an awful worrying time for all the family. Love your beautiful gratitude stitcheries, the colours are perfect.

Katie said...

Oh Carol I'm so happy to hear your mom bounced back and is ready to fight a little longer. I know you are so thankful for that. Love your Gratitude piece. Just beautiful.

I grew up in a small town. We still have a Walmart and restaurants but a lot of people know each other. Then when I was 14 we moved to the 2nd largest city in Indiana. I hate living there other than the convenience of all the shopping and food available. Our cabin is located back in the town I came from. I honestly would love to live back down here sometime in my life. We have talked about another smaller town which is between the big city and my home town. We'll see. Thank you for the reminder. I try hard not to spread anger but lately I've been in a disagreement with someone. I think out of fear and loneliness more than anything else. I need to try to be more kind.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wonderful news about your Mum! The Gratitude piece is the perfect finish to match your happiness too.
I grew up in the small coastal town where I still live. We were poor, but everyone was poor so it didn't matter! We played out on the disused railway line and wasteland building dens, playing hide and seek and local variations. The factories and the shipyards employed most of our parents until the Thatcher days when there was mass unemployment. The town hasn't really recovered and I had to commute to the nearest city to find work. Which was a really good idea, I loved city life! Plus I discovered my LNS and cross stitching on my commute.

Jennifer said...

When I saw your finished Gratitude piece on Instagram, I was busy with my mom and missed reading the full text to see that your mom is doing better! I am so glad for her and you! What a wonderful way to end this spring. I agree with you - I think Gratitude is the best of the three so far, can’t wait to see which one is next! I am off to make a few more masks this weekend. I have worn mine each time I go out (which isn’t much), but am getting tired of the same one. I will also be donating some fabric for people to make masks for schools - they shared this week that the plan is for kids to return, and all in middle and high school will wear masks. On to your question...I grew up in a big city - Houston, TX! We had a great neighborhood growing up and lots of kids around to play with, a pool right down the street, and I could walk to school. I didn’t mind the heat or the traffic as a kid, but there’s no way I’d return to that now! I went the opposite way for college and landed in a town of 10,000 and school of 1,200! It was a huge contrast, but I loved it. I’ve decided now that I like being in a mid-sized city and Indy fits the bill perfectly! Hope you have a good weekend and happy 4th!

Leonore Winterer said...

Carol! I am soooo happy to hear your mum is doing better. 'Graduationg' from hospice care surely isn't something a lot of people manage to do, so I hope she'll keep that fighting spirit up and stay with you for a long time yet :)
Your Gratitude stitch is lovely and fits in so well with the set. And it's certainly something we should remember tor practice, especially if we have the privilege to be relatively well of in uncertain times like these.
Your masks are great too! We recently bought some of the same style and I think they fit incredibly well. Between Felix and I we own close to twenty masks now but we really do need them if we don't want to be washing everyday!
Your lemon bars look delicious. My dad is in town to visit, and we'll be having coffee at my grandma's this afternoon (outside to minimize risk) and I made a carrot cake, one of my favourites. I didn't have room in the fridge so I will be applying the frosting last-minute today!
Now for your question: I've lived my whole life so far in Freiburg, which is technically a city (200k+ population) but feels very much like a small town. I've always lifed on the outskirts, where you could walk to everything important: shopping, school, library, and so on. If I can have my way, I wouldn't mind staying here for the rest of my life, either, but we'll have to see where life (and out careers) take us eventually.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

It's terrific news that your mum has been 'released' from hospice care.