Friday, April 17, 2020

Bunny stitching as the days slowly pass...

How is everyone doing? Still hanging in there? I sure hope so... I've been keeping busy with my stitching, reading, beginning a new (non-cross stitch)  project (which I'll let you in on some day soon!), trying to limit my news intake, and connecting with family members via Zoom and Board Game Arena . Since this whole strange Covid-19 saga began for us in mid-March, the only person I've talked to face to face is my husband! Such a strange feeling...  My family met up for a virtual game night on Easter Sunday (on Board Game Arena) and it was wonderful to see everyone's smiling faces. My oldest son and daughter-in-law in California, middle son and girlfriend who live 30 minutes away, and my youngest son in the Washington, DC area all connected online for games of Yahtzee and Sushi Go. I basically just watched and coached my husband a bit in Yahtzee as only five players could play at a time.

My stitching has been hit and miss--still having trouble settling, but I do try to sit down each day for a couple hours in the evening. I know you've seen these designs stitched up many times, but I hope you don't mind seeing my versions... First, is the Easter Holiday Hoopla design by With Thy Needle and Thread. I fell in love with this cute bunny the first time I saw him and am so pleased with how he turned out. I loved the colors on the chart and chose some similar overdyed threads from my stash to stitch him. He is stitched "over one" on 28 ct. ice blue Jobelan so the stitched area is a mere 2" X 2". I finished him into a circle (just traced a drinking glass to get the shape on the mounting board), padded the board with batting, and added a silk handmade cording trim. A mini-pompom gave his tail a nice fluffy look. 

Easter Holiday Hoopla finish

The round piece is simply glued onto a fabric-covered piece of sticky board and placed in a rustic looking 3.5 inch square brown frame. I purchased a bunch of these frames from an eBay seller, years ago, who had used them to display his butterfly collection (no, the butterflies were not included--thank goodness!). They sure have come in handy over the years and can easily be painted. Here is another of the frames that I painted and distressed last year for a different Easter finish that resides with my oldest son and daughter-in-law in California.

An Easter finish from 2019--such a cute bunny!

My second finish is so bright and cheery! It is called "Easter Wreath" and is a design from Tiny Modernist. The bunnies also have white mini-pompom tails like I used in the Holiday Hoopla finish above. They, too, are stitched "over one" on 28 ct. white lugana. I used the suggested DMC colors for everything except the carrots. I wanted a darker looking carrot so I used DMC 976. And, because of a slight counting error--my carrots are just a bit longer than those charted. Oops! It doesn't affect the overall look so I just left them larger. Ripping out "over one" stitching is the worst, so I avoid it whenever possible! I kept the finish very simple as the design itself is very "busy." Just a handmade cording in that pretty shade of blue that I love so much!

"Easter Wreath" finish

Here are both of my new Easter finishes together--looks like we had a big party going on on Easter Sunday, doesn't it? Nope--just me and my husband. It was a quiet day, but certainly one we'll always remember due to the circumstances. I didn't even get most of my Easter decorations out this year--it felt like too much of a chore for some reason. I've been gradually learning that now is the time to cut yourself some slack--be kind to others, but also to yourself. These are unnavigated waters and no one really knows what the next day will bring...

I absolutely love the pretty teal blues in these two finishes!

I also got a very sweet Easter card from my friend, Gabi, in Germany. She knows how much I love stitched bunnies (or any bunny, really!) so she made me this lovely card. Thank you so much, Gabi--I always love hearing from you and being the recipient of your pretty stitching!

Easter card stitched by my friend, Gabi, in Germany!

Much of my Easter seemed to be spent on the phone reminiscing with my mom, exchanging old photos via text with my siblings, and looking through old photos. The photos below brought back such wonderful memories of times with my three boys--dyeing eggs, hunting for baskets, and making a bunny cake each year. Oh, I miss those days so much. These were all taken in the late 80s / early 90s as you can probably tell by all the red and blue.  I think, back then, clothing designers only made boys' clothes in combinations of red and blue! It's so nice how things have evolved. And yes--they all have the same haircuts--courtesy of my husband. He sure saved us a ton of money through the years by cutting the boys' hair until they became teens. He even cut my hair when it was longer--not sure if I trust him to cut it at this shorter length, though! What are you doing about your hair? Trying to cut it yourself, getting a loved one to cut it, or just letting it grow? And we won't even talk about the hair coloring issue--yikes! By the time this is over, I'm going to have a very wide "skunk" stripe where my hair is parted, that's for sure! Time to let it go gray?

I also made a couple of masks for myself and my husband. Oh, dear! I am really  not good with a sewing machine... The first one took me two hours to create, and, although the second one was easier--I do struggle!  I used one of my husband's old shirts for the green checked one (mine) and a piece of quilting cotton for my husband's. They are "okay"--mine is a bit too loose around the sides. I found another tutorial that might work better for small heads on YouTube so I might give that one a try this weekend. Wish me luck!

My two masks--pretty good, but I need more practice!

Comfort foods still seem to be appearing on the menu at my house and I found this delicious recipe for apple crisp right here. When I make it again, I'm going to try about 3/4 as much sugar and maybe even take it down to half as much. It was plenty sweet!  We enjoyed this as our Easter dessert (and for the next two nights, too!). Have you been whipping up any tasty comfort foods during this lockdown period?

Do the apples make this a health food--ha ha!!

Watching old television shows seems to be comforting to me right now, too. My husband and I have started watching an episode of Cheers (on Netflix) each night before we go to bed--a light, fun show that doesn't upset us or keep us awake. Honestly, I think we've both been sleeping better lately... And I've begun watching Downton Abbey again from the very beginning. You see, I never watched the final season, so I decided to begin all over again. I absolutely love it-- and I really think I'm picking up on so much more of the dialogue than I did before. The Dowager Countess's (Maggie Smith's) lines are just so delightful, aren't they? "Edith, you are a Lady, not Toad of Toad Hall!" ~ "What is a weekend?" ~ "Every woman goes down the aisle with half the story hidden." I could go on an on! And the scenery, the dresses, the jewels--sigh... All so well done. I still haven't seen the movie, but plan on watching it after I finish the series.  Anyone else have any comfort watching television shows to recommend?

So, how many of you have talked to friends or family using Zoom? I had a Zoom get-together with my three sisters-in-law (on my husband's side) on  Tuesday and, after some initial difficulties connecting on my end, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing their faces and catching up with them. They live in Indiana, Ohio, and Connecticut so we rarely see each other anyway. We already have plans to meet this way every other week. At the end of our session, the following question was posed to us so I've decided to use that as my "Getting To Know You" inquiry this week:  "Have you found a "silver lining" in this period of being confined to your home?" In other words, few love being stuck at home, but is there something nice in it that you've discovered? For me, that answer is easy! Yes! I've discovered that my husband and I can live together happily and quite easily (other than the occasional disagreement) after he retires. I was truly worried about that, as I was so used to being home alone,   but--so far, so good! How about you?

Giveaway Time... I haven't had a giveaway in a while... so how about the chart for this lovely red house sampler? It is simply two pages removed from a magazine (sorry,  I don't know which one) and if more than one person wants it, I will draw a name. All you have to do is: 1) mention in your comment that you specifically want to be entered in the giveaway,  2) answer the "Getting To Know You" question above, and 3) include your email address if I don't already have it. You may enter until April 29th, 2020 and then I'll pick a winner and announce it on my next post. The chart will be folded and mailed in a legal sized envelope to save money on postage. Good luck to all!

If you are interested in winning this pretty red house sampler chart, see above!

I'll leave you with what, to me, has always been a sign of hope and comfort each time it blooms. This orchid was given to me when my father died on October 31, 2014 and it still blooms almost yearly. Each time it blesses me with these beautiful white and fuchsia blossoms, I think of him and feel like he's visiting me. And this year, that feeling is especially needed and meaningful. It's an absolute perfect time for it to be blooming with all the worries and unrest swirling around us these days, isn't it?

This special orchid always brings me comfort...

So, more of the same for a while--at least here in Pennsylvania. We are shut down until at least April 30, probably longer. The hardest part for me in this whole thing is being unable to visit my mom--I miss her so much. It is extremely lonely for her having no family visits to look forward to and eating her meals alone in her room at her senior living residence. I call her daily and we still play "Words With Friends" each night online (and yes, she is almost 93--amazing!). But, it's not the same... Stay well, my friends--keep on hoping and praying and social distancing. Life may be very changed when we emerge from the other side of this, but we will get through it. Bye for now...


Vickie said...

Oh Carol, both of your bunny finishes are SO darling! I just love them! And dear Gabi still sends you cards. That is so wonderful. I love the little rabbit. I would let your husband have a go at cutting your hair. Why not? What have you got to lose? Our Governor has extended our stay at home order until May 26th now. You may find you might embrace the grey Carol. I think it will be so much easier, and safer for your body! I miss my Mom too. I talk to her on the phone. Neither one of us has cell phones. Take care Carol.

Kate said...

Your bunny finishes are quite lovely - the bunny wreath is so cheery and makes one smile. Your orchid is beautiful. Keep on keeping on. ^^

Marilyn said...

Those Bunny finishes are too cute, love the blue colors in them.
And that Bunny on the card! Priceless!
I've been debating going ray also, but bought hair dye just in case.:)
Also, I need to find a new hairdresser, mine called a week ago & told me she is retired now, mostly because of health problems.
I sure will miss her. How do you describe your haircut to a new hairdresser?
Those pics of the kids are priceless.
Mom always made a Lamb cake for Easter, I miss that.
I have been making masks for us & relatives.
I guess my silver lining is that I am finishing more projects that have piled up!
That Orchid! So beautiful.
Take care.

Sandra said...

Beautiful bunny stitching! Your masks look wonderful. Clever you! Apple Crisp (which we call crumble) is just about my favourite dessert!!
As for my hair, I'm washing it a bit more often (I let it go grey naturally years ago!) and then dug out my big curlers that attach themselves to the hair without pins! I rather like my new puffed up, longer look!
Now I feel like making apple crumble but don't think I have any oats! I only put 2tbs brown cane sugar in my mixture and it's perfect!

Stasi said...

We have not tried Zoom yet but I call my parents every day to check in. I've also been calling my siblings more frequently and checking in on friends via phone so I can at least hear their voice.
I started letting my hair go grey over a year ago last October and don't regret it; it looks like my hair is highlighted at this point. The problem now is length..I have short hair and am quickly beginning ton look like shaggy dog. The stylist that cuts my hubby's hair said she'd come to our home to cut our hair, but we haven't taken her up on it....Yet!!!
Stay safe and well, Carol!

Sandy said...

As always your stitching is amazing. I love your over ones.
IF there is one thing I have said over and over is how grateful I am that I can see Mother everyday. I really only see her and Jeff. There are neighbors walking each day but we keep our social distance. I am really hating that word even though I am a true homebody. I miss the kids and hugs and family time. I did go out and see Tucker one evening this week, but I didn't hug him which nearly killed me. IT was busy showing me all his outdoor stuff so I don't think he minded.
I have learned how to use Zoom too. I am going to have to check out the game thing because we were a board game family.
This might be the time to give up the hair color. I actually found it quite liberating, but I realize it isn't for everyone. I am letting my hair grow out at least until September. We will see! I gave my first haircut after a Youtube video to the hubby.
After the fist week of shock to my system and his, I think the hubby and I have found a nice comfortable time together each day. I wish I had some good ideas for TV, but that was a good idea to watch reruns of Cheers. I need something to distract and be lighthearted. I did not watch not bit of news yesterday and I felt so much better.

Barb said...

Your finishes are just so delightful. The teal color just pops. Zoom has been fun, have my first meeting tomorrow. Will look at the game one. Stitching has been nice in all of this, but also the quietness of my mind. After the initial realization of our new norm, my thoughts have been very calm, my mind is usually racing with what is going on and what is coming ahead, and what needs to be done. Sometimes I feel guilty because so many are purging, cleaning, and organizing. And I'm mostly stitching and reading outside of working. Glad you are all well, most difficult is touching and hugging our loved phones. Love that you play WWF with your mom.

Georgia said...

Hi Carol, I just love all of your bunnies! They are adorable, and the blue is perfect. You are so creative, thank you for sharing.
I started letting my hair color grow out just before I retired, I was working nights, so it really didn't matter. My hair is all white (I was prematurely gray). However, I colored my hair for 30 years, and kept it cut short. I started letting it grow out after I retired, but was able to keep it trimmed. Now, I am so glad I don't have to worry about the color, but it could sure use a trim:) I feel sorry for my hairdresser, as her business has had to close, because of the virus. I will be making her a visit as soon as they re-open.
Thank you so much for sharing...Have a blessed, creative day:)

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, both of your bunny finishes are so pretty. I love how you stitched and finished both especially the Hoopla one. Adorable bunny card from Gabi!

We had haircuts before this all started, so I haven't gotten too shaggy yet. I stopped coloring in the late 2000s, so that isn't an issue. It is still a mix of salt and brown!

I have been sending more handwritten notes through USPS (part of the silver lining in all this) and more emails. Haven't used Zoom and not sure if I could on this desktop.

Your orchid is gorgeous! We are in lockdown through June 10th unless the order gets rescinded or amended. I am looking forward to the day when we can actually eat in a restaurant again instead of getting take out.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Carol - beautiful job again - your talent is unbelievable in working with such small scale patterns.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I had my eye on the Tiny Modernist Happy Easter. I may have to do that one for next year. We hope our state will start opening back in May. I think we will all be wearing masks for a while. I am hopeful the hot summer temps will stamp out the virus. I love your orchids. My sis in law belongs to an orchid club and they meet and learn lots about their favorite flower. I know you will go and visit your mom first thing! Fortunately my sisters are near Mother but we are thinking of going to Grimmwood next week as we can at least sit on the porch there. Plus the grass needs mowing again!! We did zoom with our Sunday School class but we are not experts at it by any means.

Katie said...

Lovely finishes! They look perfect in your frames. More fantastic Carol finishes of course. Please don't enter me into your drawing. I can't keep up with what I want to stitch right now. I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Stay healthy!

Marion van de Sande said...

If you love Downton Abbey, you should try The English Game from the same writer, Fellowes. It's also on Netflix, rather simular to Downton Abbey but different and unique. We've watched the shows last week and really enjoyed it!

Hope you will too!

Love from Holland!

Maggie said...

Oh you did make me chuckle Carole :-) One of the things i was dreading was me and Mark being together so much, because he works away during the week i'm used to my own company and my own way of doing things, but do you know it's been one of the positives to come out of this. We are getting along better, if anything. We were only talking about hair yesterday, i too will have the silver skunk look but i'm not going to resort to home dying, i got it wrong in the past lol. I will snip bits off my hair but i'll have to wait until the hairdressers are open again. My hair has a tendency to grow out so i'll be like Kate Bush by the end ;-)
Love your new Easter finishes, but how cute is that little bunny from 2019!

We have just been told that our lockdown is to continue for another 3 weeks at least. These are scary times for sure, take care xx

RoseHeck said...

One of the silver linings in being isolated is, I’ve made masks for my daughter’s vet clinic and other professionals in the vet industry. The masks are fitted and they have a pocket to hold a disposable mask for longevity. It’s got me back to why I love to sew. Please enter my name in your red house chart. My email is As always, your stitching and finishes are top notch!

butterfly said...

Your post has made me feel so good to night Carol .
Gabi is an angel she made me one too bless her .
Love your Easter stitching they are all so cute I just love bunnies .
I only put a few bits out this year it just did not feel the same .
We have a new lock down for another 3 weeks the time goes that fast I
don't mind better to be safe, plus I like having hubby around it's fun.
Thank you for a lovely post enjoy your time in , hugs and xxxs

Barb said...

Hi Carol - Oh how I love your stitched bunnies!! (I love bunnies,,💕). They are just adorable! Your stitching is wonderful and your finishing is just perfect!,
It’s so fun to find a new post from you. They are always so much fun and so interesting to read - thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

It sounds like you are doing pretty well under all these crazy circumstances that we are all having to cope with now. It really does make me wonder what the future holds for the world - kind of mind boggling, isn’t it? I’ve never done Zoom but it seems like it is working well for lots of people which is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. It’s so nice that you can talk to your Mom everyday. I’m sure she really looks forward to it and loves talking to you (and playing Words With a Friends, too). Hopefully, you will be able to go see her soon.

The orchid you showed us is just beautiful! I love how you said it blooms nearly every year - it is truly special!!

Just to show you how crazy things are around here - it has been snowing here all day! It kind of sticks to the ground, them melts away, but still it snows! April 17th and snow??? Well, it is Michigan!🤔

Hope all is well for you and your family! All the best to all of you! 💕

Wisconsin Stitcher said...

Hi Carol, Your finishes are darling as always. I have mostly been busy making masks for friends, neighbors and family. I’ve made over 100. I loved the ones. I made out of my own fabrics. But than I got a lot of donations so have been using them up. I think this will be my last batch. Everyone is making masks. I’ve also read a couple books and the first week I made dinners for the kids and delivered them. I’m rather enjoying the peace and quiet. I think I’m much more of an introvert than I thought I was. My hair needs care and I was mad when I read about the mayor who has his hairdresser come to his house to cut his hair because he has to look good. 😠. What about the rest of us. Wisconsin will soon open its craft and fabric stores. 🙂. The liquor stores have always been open because they are essential. 😤. I think we are past the worst. I hope so anyway.
I wish you sunshine and balmy weather

Joyce said...

Carol as always your stitching and finishing is perfect, I am so happy to see when you have a new post put up, such a bright spot in my day. We are definitely in different times now, but glad to see that your family was still able to connect over the holiday. I worked away from home for 30+ years and my husband was the one who was around the house, then when the grandkids started coming I was the one who came home to start watching them and boy was that an adjustment but we have made it so far, its been 7 years. With the weather getting warmer and we can get out to work in our gardens and yards maybe that will help us feel better.

Debbie White said...

It was so nice to receive your email tiday! I enjoy reading them and seeing your stitching. Your bunny stitching was beautiful and those colors were gorgeous! My silver long to all of this has been the great peace and contentment that octave felt lately. I have led such a hectic life for years and my anxiety was overwhelming at times. Now I don't have all of the pressure like before and I have found that staying home has been a blessing in so many ways. My husband and I are getting along well also. 😂 We have gotten a lot of things done here at home during this time. I would love to enter your giveaway. I really like red houses and that looks like such a cute stitch. Take care and know that your posts and pictures are such a blessing to us. Thank you for sharing them with us. 💖

Leslie O said...

I would like to be entered into the giveaway for the sampler. As far as a silver lining, I’d have to say it’s purging closets and storage areas around my house. I now have a number of boxes of clothing and household items ready to donate. Both of your bunny finishes are adorable. It’s great that you have a supply of frames that can be easily adapted to various finishes.

Jill said...

Such sweet bunnies. Your are doing better than you think during the crisis. Thinking of good times and visiting on the phone and online. I shall look into Board Game Arena. Lovely job on your Easter round ornament. Our Easter service was online. Family came over and stood near the porch for a few minutes. I'm grateful we are well and that we saw them. Back in the day, I made one of those bunny cakes - a final coat of coconut hid all the icing flaws. ;-) Regarding growing hair, I've trimmed bangs once and ponder if I have the nerve to trim a bit more. So far no. Your masks look fine, perhaps not to your standards? They shall improve and will come together quicker. My comfort old TV show is watching The Real McCoys. Your cross stitch giveaway is very nice, but with so many projects in the works, it would be best passed on to another kindred stitcher.

Karen said...

Such lovely finishes on your Easter projects! I could use some tutorials on you have any to recommend? It sounds like we are all having very similar experiences in these times. Luckily, I have never dyed my hair, but I do need a trim! Don't think I want to trust my hubby though. I think my silver lining has been getting some projects done..."if not now, then when?" I have been sorting 60+ years of pictures, something I have been avoiding. I am making albums for the 3 kids, and purging the rest down to what would be meaningful for them once we are gone. With our weather finally starting to warm up, I will be able to get out in the garden and that will feel like some normalcy. Nebraska is not in an official lock down, but we are advised to stay home, and we have. My parents are gone, but I sure miss hugging and keeping my grandkids. That has been the hardest part for us. I am retired from teaching (thank heavens) and my husband makes gourmet vinegar, but luckily our sales have always been mostly online. Our only employee is staying home with full pay. Right now we have only had one confirmed case in our rural county, but testing is not widespread and we are not supposed to peak until the first week of May, so I don't expect things to be too normal for quite awhile. My husband and I enjoyed watching the Anne with An E series, and The Crown. We are watching Fr. Brown now--it is a murder mystery, but somewhat light-hearted. I always enjoy your posts...stay safe and keep stitching.

Donna said...

I loved seeing your bunny finishes. I stitched the Happy Easter by Tiny Modernist last year and it was so much fun! I loved the happy colors. I enjoyed the pictures of your boys when they were young. I find myself looking at pictures of my family when they were growing up and I also miss those days. My daughter is a nurse and we worry about her so much. Especially when they don’t have adequate protection. Easter was strange this year but we just have to remember that things will eventually get better. Take care.

MartinaM said...

Yes, I'm still at home, stay in it, or go to my garden or the terrace. You can't see any of the neighbors either, I'm sure. I only go to work and wherever I have to go I keep a great distance.
I am happy for you that at least it was possible to meet your children online - it will be a great story to tell the grandchildren.
Oh no, I don't get enough of Easter Holliday Oops - on the contrary, I want to buy the pattern and also work. Another great finish - and very cute, the little rabbit tail.
The Easter wreath is also very charming, very cute the three little rabbits.
I think as a woman you don't have that many problems with your hair, nor am I fine and I can do without hair clips or hair ties. And since the hairdressers are allowed to open again with us in 14 days, I can have them cut again soon. Only for my husband and my son is it becoming uncomfortable. But now they have to go through it.
Ohja Downton Abby I also watched all seasons, a great series and I trembled with many, and in the end I was very happy for the good outcome.
Well - I've never been on the road a lot, so staying at home is not that difficult for me. I like to be here in my house, in my garden. Our village is also completely surrounded by forest, where you only meet a few people. Visiting other cities and looking at them just has to wait.
I hope and pray, however, that our summer vacation we wanted to spend in Rome will still work. The travel company hasn't canceled anything yet and I've been going to Rome for many years - so please keep your fingers crossed for me.
I wish you a good time and continue to take good care of you.

Kay said...

The Tiny Modernist piece is delightful and your finishing is so perfect, as always. I recently stitched a piece that had an alphabet in one over one, my first time, and it just about killed me. I remember having to concentrate very hard and still had to do some ripping out which took forever and was so slow. I don't mind staying a home too much as I am an introvert but I really miss a visit to my local book shop. I stocked up on books five weeks ago but they are all read now. I also got my hair cut on the last day my salon was open so am feeling very lucky, my son wasn't so lucky and decided to get my husband to give him a buzz cut the other night. Thank you for continuing to blog, these blogs give me a little cheer each day when I go through my Bloglovin' feed. x

maxi said...

Hey Carol,
I like your new Easter bunnies very much. the gabi easter card is after my freebie, i take the picture with me. yes it was another Easter, but there are other times too. unfortunately my husband passed on his cold to me (no c). Since I could not go shopping, our daughter took care of us. I also have material for a mask. please stay healthy.
happy stitching

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
I love both finishes very much. Your finishes are perfect. Wonderful idea for me, to finish my work like this.
Während ich sticke, nähe oder stricke schaue ich auch sehr gern Serien. Dowton Abby habe ich zu Beginn des Jahres gesehen und konnte mich über die alte Lady (gespielt von Maggie Smith) auch immer amüsieren. Ihre Sprüche sind einfach super.
Ab Montag dürfen in Deutschland kleinere Läden wieder öffnen. Die Schulen und Universitäten sind nach wie vor geschlossen und Home Schooling müssen meine Kinder machen.
Ich bin auch nur draußen, wenn ich zum Einkaufen fahre. Gelegentlich mache ich mal einen Sparziergang und ansonsten habe ich einen Garten.
Take care and stay safe.
Big Hugs, Manuela

Julie said...

So many lovely bunnies, they have made me smile today.
Typically british and cup of tea and cake at 4pm that's become a daily thing for us recently. DH and I get on well so no problem being at home together. I've got 12 weeks they've said, so still a way to go yet.
Take care, stay safe x

Marie said...

hello, nice to read you ! your works are so nice ! i love the circle one !
In france, we have to stay at home until may 11th. It is ok for me, thanks to that i have enough time to stitch and read. But, it is difficult for people not seeing anyone. My father lives far from me, he is 90, luckily one of my sisters is near from him and visits him once in a week (he lives alone).
I hear in the news the situation in your country. It is so terrible ! perhaps that one day we will know the truth. Before all that happened, with my dauther, we planed (and paid !) for a travel in california... but now, i don't know when it will be possible.
I love your giveaway design. But, sending to france will be too expensive...
your orchidee is wonderful ! your father is with you with those flowers.
take car of you,

Connie Bechtold said...

I'm a quiet observer because I love your finishes and try to learn how to finish myself which hasn't been too successful. I haven't really taken to sewing like my sister does but I love to cross stitch! I would like to participate in your giveaway! The silver linings for me is that I read my Bible more, I get cross stitch finishes, and I am so thankful that we have internet for communication! I will certainly be so happy to see my family in person! I haven't really missed the shopping but I do like to browse at times and miss those trips. It has taught me that I don't need that "stuff". Thank you so much for your giveaway!

marly said...

I would love to let my gray out, husband not so much! Because of losing so much I can't cut it short and it would really look bad and take forever Considering a multi colored "frost".

I haven't used the virtual platforms and wouldn't even know where to start. How nice to play games and family connect that way. Are you allowed to send your mom little packages? I know the higher care facilities here don't accept. So sad.

The snow is melting and sun is out. I may try your apple dish. I made the granola twice but did something wrong, it's like breadcrumbs. Best I stick with more dessert style treats!

Stay well!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Such sweet finishes Carol! You've done such a great job with the framing. You are an expert finisher!

I think there are a lot of solving linings - we are getting a lot done at home that we simply have not had time for in the past few years. My husband is also open to be helping out too since he has plenty of downtime. I've stayed connected with friends via Zoom. I'm so thankful that our incomes have not been interrupted. There are definite down sides, the primary one being not be able to see my parents. I'm a home body at heart who doesn't get a lot of time at home so maybe it's been easier for me because of that. If this had happened 30 years ago I'd probably be losing my mind - technology was so different and I had not developed a love for any hobby besides reading.

I'd love a chance at the red house - it's so cute!

Christel said...

Comme tous ces lapins sont poétiques. Les finitions sont superbes. Ca fait beaucoup de bien de voir des choses si douces en ces moments difficiles.
En France nous sommes confinés jusqu'au 11 mai peut-être plus. Mon mari est en télétravail à la maison pour le moment. Mais il n'y aura pas forcément assez de travail à faire ainsi durant tout le confinement, le chômage partiel pointe son nez.. Nous verrons bien.
Je ne connais pas Zoom mais nous communiquons via Snapchat avec nos enfants. Je téléphone à mes parents tous les 2 jours afin de m'assurer que tout va bien.
En attendant que ce mauvais moment passe, je brode, je lis, je joue de la musique. Cela ne me change pas beaucoup de d'habitude. Il fait beau, alors le jardin est le bienvenu. Un peu de plantations de fleurs, le potager pour mon mari, la tonte de la pelouse etc..
Je ne suis pas la série Downton Abbey, c'est passé en France mais je n'ai jamais regardé. Je pense malgré tout que cela devrait me plaire, j'attendrai la rediffusion.
La maison rouge est splendide, merci de votre générosité.
Amitiés de France,

NevadaStitcher said...

I love your finishes! Both my husband and I retired a couple of years ago. Nothing is really different for me. I am a homebody out of necessity. My husband is chomping at the bit to get let loose. He doesn’t have a home hobby unfortunately. He still goes hiking at least once a week but he and his hiking buddy drive separately now. I have an orchid too! It was given to me when I retired. I got it to bloom for the first time! It had been dyed a deep purple which I read would bloom white naturally. It us very similar to yours but is all white with a touch of yellow in the middle. We have canceled our trip to Europe in December. I suspect the whole group will have to reschedule for a couple of years out but for now they are trying to press ahead. Ny dr told me not to leave the country until a vaccine comes out.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the teal blues too. They make a nice change for Spring. The pom-pom tails are adorable too.
I like the photos of your sons. Children's clothes were so much better then, now it's a sea of sludge for boys and pink for girls. I saw a washing line last week and every item was bilious pink. Did you see my blogaversary post where I am wearing red and black, while my sister wears a lovely bright blue?
My husband works from home so we know how to co-exist in the same space LOL. I have my stitching and he is keeping busy somehow.
I am glad that you are able to keep in touch with your family and the games nights sound great fun.

Jennifer said...

Those bunnies are just spectacular- that blue is the best! Also love seeing the old family photos, your boys are so cute! I have been keeping busy here with long work hours, and some stitching and tv at night. I’ve finished a few series and need something new - I never watched Downton, maybe I should pick that up! There’s no shortage of shows to choose from between Netflix and Amazon. My hair is growing out - I got color the last week before the salon was closed, so I will be good for a little while - may have to color it at home if we go into May though. My silver lining is time with the kids and lots of walks. And also the Zoom calls with people I don’t normally connect with - don’t know why we didn’t do this before! Take care Carol and hope your mom is doing ok. I think of her every time I see the stories on the news.

Karen Motsinger said...

Such sweet bunny finishes, Carol. The pom pom tails are a great touch.

Barb said...

First, all the Easter stitching is adorable and so cheerful looking. I love the way you finished them. I am very lucky . We get to see our daughter once a week to go shopping. She is working from home and sees no one so the three of us feel safe with each other. My DH and I do just fine but as we have been retired a long time we are used to it. The thing I feel I have learned from all this is how much I appreciate freedom. I mean the kind of freedom that allows you to meet a friend for coffee or go to the bookstore to pick up a magazine you have been waiting for. Just tons of little things we do each day and I have taken for granted the freedom to do them. We see our grandchildren by Facetime but again for us that is normal.

Amanda said...

I guess it's been 2 years now I got to go to an exhibit in St Augustine of the costumes from Downton Abbey. It was at the Flagler Museum, which had been a Grand Hotel at the same time as the show was set, so the dummies with the costumes were set up in mock-ups of rooms the people would have worn the garments in. To this day I can't tell you which was more amazing, the period furniture or the costumes. It was so hard for a stitcher like me not pick up hems and sleeves to look at the underside and see just how the embroidery and beadwork were done. I about had to keep my hands in my pockets. The minute attention to detail the costume-makers were awe-inspiring. I'd gotten to see a dress made by one of the Paris fashion houses the costumers were trying to copy was on display at one of the historic houses in the city earlier in the day; the BBC people did themselves proud.

moosecraft said...

No giveaway for me, thank you.
My hubby and I did the same thing with the pictures! And yes, it was full of happy memories! I do like being home...and yes, hubby and I are "able" to be home! I guess my biggest dilemma is my hair! While I do have some greys, I never started coloring...but, my hair does need a good cut. I've been trimming the front as needed....but, trying not to develop the mullet!
Love your stitches! Happy themes and happy colors! Thank you for the idea for finishing the hooplas without a hoop!
Be safe and stay well!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Your projects are beautiful. My silver lining in all this (Pennsylvania-style) quarantine is that my faith is stronger. My sister is an RN, and i pray for her safety as every other week she works the ‘Covid’ floor at a hospital in Erie. I am considered an ‘essential’ employee as i work in the office at our church and also distribute food from our food pantry. I guess ‘essential’ is a kinder word than ‘sacrificial.’ I am thankful that I can help people at this time. My husband and adult children all continue to work although from their homes. We are blessed for sure. Stay healthy friend.

Meg said...

Carol, your bunnies are adorable. Love the tails! I especially like the finish mounted in the frame.

Was lucky to get a haircut and color right before the stay-home order took effect here. The boys' hair is getting shaggy, though. It doesn't bother my son but my husband likes his really short so he's anxious to get it cut. If I knew what I was doing I would try to cut it myself, but I think he'd be more miserable if I messed it up.

Your masks look great! The first one I made was too big, but I folded the elastic over on itself and stitched it in place and that made it fit better. The second mask I made was just right for me but too tight for my husband! Haha.... I will get it right someday, maybe.

I've been binge-watching the old TV series "The Good Wife" while Shawn is at work, and when he is home we watch the news and occasionally escape into a good superhero movie. We have been rewatching the Marvel movies like Iron Man and Thor.

Cathy H. said...

What sweet bunnies! I love the circular one in the square frame. You are so creative with your finishing, but you're also wonderful at creating pretty displays for photographing them. Sweet picture of past Easters. I made several coconut Easter bunny cakes for my family when my children were younger; brings back lots of fun memories. My hearts breaks for you not being able to spend time with your mother. My dad died in January and I'm so grateful he didn't have to endure this time. He had Alzheimer's and would not have understood what was happening. Working jigsaw puzzles is the one thing that brings me distraction right now. I'm not enjoying reading, can't seem to concentrate, but I can get lost in looking for the right piece of the puzzle. I have trouble passing them by when I see them in the stores, so I have a good stash to keep me buy. Wishing you the best! Stay safe!

Vicki said...

Enjoyed your post, Carol. Not too much cabin fever here... the weather is gorgeous and we go for walks daily and during the week I take the grandkids to the greenbelt that runs through our neighborhood for "PE" class. The hardest thing to get used to has been their online schooling. The only person in my family who is not still going to work everyday is my teacher daughter. Everyone else in the family has essential jobs that cannot be done from home. Continue to take care!

Faith... said...

I love all the bunnies; they are adorable! Your masks look good. My daughter made us a bunch. I have never seen Downton Abbey but I do love Cheers and used to watch it all the time. Another show I love is Seinfeld!

Have a great week and stay safe.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I love your bunny finishes, Carol. Is your over 1 stitching, 1 over 1? I've tried some 1 over 1 stitching recently and the colours looked too washed out so I put the projects away for another day. We are in 'lockdown' until 11 May. What I have found in recent weeks is that people have more time to 'talk' to each other through social media or texting. Continue to stay safe.

Mary said...

Carol, How neat that you could all play a game together. I have to find a site to play chess, my one brother is willing to play with me. I just can't play in real time though as I take forever to make a move!
I love both of your finishes, especially the Easter Hoopla!! It's just darling. Great buy on the butterfly frames!! I have a box of frames that I picked up for cheap at yard sales, they are larger frames, I need to pick up some small ones for finishes.
The bunny sitting surrounded by the green fabric is so sweet. Love your Happy Easter and the carrots look perfect!!! Your cording comes out so perfect!! I spent 2 nights on projects that were put aside because it entailed ripping out over one on 40 ct!! A nightmare for sure!!
I have been baking up a storm too...yesterday it was the banana/bran bread that's on the back of the All Bran cereal box. They were delicious!! I used whole pecans instead of walnuts, my husband loved it. I have lots of apples on hand so I'm going to try your crisp recipe today. I find baking is one of the few things I can concentrate completely on. I still flit from this to that!!
I can't wait to hear what your new non-stitching project is. I am doing some furniture painting as my non-stitch project. I should be tackling my craft room but it's overwhelming!! Glad to hear you will enjoy your husbands retirement, will that be happening soon?

Stay well!!! Always enjoy your posts!

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous bunny finishes, Carol - I am always blown away by your stitching and finishing. And how wonderful all the staying in touch that you have been doing via Zoom and Board Game Arena (I must check that one out). You must be worried about your mum but I am sure that she is being very well looked after. We have restrictions here in Melbourne until at least May 11 but we have been lucky here in Australia as we have flattened the curve very quickly. I would love to be entered in your giveaway and to answer your question. I, too, have been worried about being home with a retired husband and unlike you I think it is going to be hard - my husband is really struggling with the whole situation and hates being told what to do by the government, etc and it doesn't help that there is no golf to play or footy to watch, which makes him grumpy. So, here I am, stuck in the house with a grumpy, frustrated and paranoid (he thinks it is all a Chinese Communist conspiracy to take over the world without starting WWIII) man - so full retirement is not looking good - lol! But to finally get to the silver lining - I am amazed and proud of my own strength and resilience in these extraordinary times - I can deal with anything - even world-changing pandemics and crazy husbands! (He is not really that bad, but I have been surprised at his lack of resilience - I suppose he is more of an oak, which a storm can uproot, whilst I am a willow who bends with the wind). Wow! Didn't really mean to say all that but now it is said and I feel better for chatting with you, Carol. I think that you have my email address. Stay safe and well, my dear friend. hugs, Kaye

An Arizona Stitcher I said...

Beautiful bunny finishes! My hair, well, my whites are out growing a temporary root cover spray I use and I would love a haircut! So as soon as coronavirus is outta here, I'm off to a salon for a cut and color. I've put off the color because I didn't want to be the kind of woman to panic when white roots show up! Well....yup, I'm doing it. I'm still working so I'm lucky that way. I would go crazy if we had to lockdown! Take care Carol (and hubby) and stay safe.

Robin Wylde said...

Your finishes are as lovely as always, Carol! All those little touches always make them so special. As for the carrots, don't worry about them: they look gorgeous! And for the masks, I'm impressed: I'm terrible with the sewing machine so these look incredible to me (and adorable!).

I love, love, love Downton Abbey and half the reason is Maggie Smith! Her line delivery is flawless. I think my favorite ones are "Why must every day involve a fight with an American?" and "I'm a woman, Mary. I can bee as contrary as I choose."

My silver lining to this quarantine is all the chance to rest it has given me. I think my body needed it even if I hadn't realized! I'm glad you're talking to friends and family over Zoom, we've discovered it recently and love using it too... And I hope you get to see your mom very, very soon! Hang in there and stay safe Carol xx

Margaret said...

I love all your finishes -- you always seem to stitch things that appeal to me! I'm not sure what my silver lining is, except the same thing as you -- it's nice to know that my husband and I can get along alone in the house together with no problems! It's great that you and your kids did a gaming night online together like that. My kids keep threatening to video chat family style with us, but my daughter has been so busy that it hasn't happened yet. Maybe sometime soon, we hope. Take care, stay safe!

Leonore Winterer said...

Hi Carol - so many fun (and some not-so-fun) things to talk about. What a nice distraction these days!
Things are going well around here. Germany is, so far, managing the crisis quite well, and has already been lifting some of the stricter restrictions. I wonder if it's too early, though...fingers crossed we won't have to go into even deeper lockdown later in the year.

Thanks for sharing the link to that Board Game Arena! We'll have to check it out but it sounds like fun. We do try to spend some time with friends and family online, although we don't use Zoom - my husband is a privacy nerd and Zoom is just aweful in that aspect! There are so many great tools out there to use, though, so it's easy to find alternatives. I also still care for my grandma (and do the shopping for her and her BIL) so I'm not totally stuck at home.

Your stitching is lovely - such cute little pompom tails on the bunnies! I also love these double-mounted finished in the 'butterfly frames', that's very clever.

My hair is really starting to annoy me...I was already thinking about going to my hairdresser before this whole mess started, and by now it's seriously getting too long for comfort! I am tempted to just chop of a couple inches myself, and not bother with how it looks...but I decided to hold of some longer. Hairdressers are allowed to resume work on May 4th in Germany, and mine is officially retired, so doesn't see a lot of customers anymore, so maybe I'll be able to sneak in a visit sometime next month.

I'm still eating a lot of comfort food, but also I think more healthy than usual as I love using fresh vegetables when cooking myself (rather than eating at the cafeteria every day), so that's a plus! I think there are several 'silver linings' to this situation for me. My husband and I also get along really well being together all day, but that's no surprise as we went to college and work together, so we've more-or-less spent all our time together for ten years now! But appart from that, I managed to get into a bit of a self-care routine of doing some exercise and educational reading each day, and also get a little de-cluttering done all the time. We've also (re)discovered how nice it is to sit outside on our balcony and read! Lots of good things happening around us. Now if only this nagging feeling of permanent worry would go away, I could really enjoy the time.

I loved Downton Abbey! I got the complete box set for my birthday, so we're in for a rewatch soon as well. I've never seen some of the Christmas specials, and thankfully they're all included with the set. Currently we're watching Once Upon a Time - I feel like fairytales are always a great way to escape a gray reality.

April said...

Hello Carol,
I love both of your finishes. Darling little bunny and the Easter one too. I love the teal blues-they are a nice change from the normal spring colors.
I would love to be entered into your drawing-I couldn't resist the little red house.

These are definitely strange times for sure. We are designated an essential business, so we are still working. It is certainly much slower, but grateful we have a little to do. It is so sad to go by the other businesses and see them closed, wondering if they will be able to climb back out of this. My heart breaks for them. I guess the silver lining would be how our family and friends who have businesses have each other's back during these difficult times. We always did before this, but we have all been reaching out more lately just to be that comfort to one another. I am thankful that technology has enabled us all to stay connected to family and friends. We "attend" our church service via FB or YouTube on Sunday mornings as so many are doing now, which I am grateful for. A light to shine during these dark times.

We have been watching a lot more movies lately rather than watching news all of the time. Oh, and going on adventures with Rick Steves-my parents got me to watching that, and I really enjoy it.

Blessings to you and your family--stay safe and well my friend,


diamondc said...

Carol: What a wonderful post so full of lovely stitching and finishing.
It was hard not being with family on Easter Sunday and missing Mass.
Hopefully this fiasco will be over soon.
Please do not enter me in your drawing I have way to much already that needs my attention.
Stay Healthy


Karoline said...

Hi Carol

One upside of the lockdown is that I have been able to catch up with my blog reading! I have tended to be about a month behind normally so I am now caught up enough to think about commenting again.

My DH and I are both working from home and trying to motivate the kids to do their school work, some days are better than others LOL. But otherwise I just trying to focus on all the things we can do rather than what we can't and enjoying pottering round the house. I'm especially enjoying not having to ferry my kids to all their after school activities.

I love all your bunnies, they are so cute.

Take Care

Stoff und Nadel ... Jutta’s Blog said...

Dear Carol,
Yes, it's a very difficult time, we talk a lot on the phone with family and friends, but we haven't had a virtual meeting yet, I'll suggest that.
I like all your enchanting embroideries very much, you really have a knack for presenting your little treasures, wonderfully beautiful!!!!!
Thank you very much for this great posting, nice to hear, you are well!
Thank you also for your last comment, I'm always happy if you stop by me.
All the best for you and your family, please, stay safe,

Luiz Gomes said...

Good morning, how are you? I am Brazilian and I am looking for new followers for my blog. I can follow you too.

If you follow me you can send the link to my blog and I will follow you back.

Barb said...

Hi Carol -

just thought I would stop in to say “ Hello” to you and check in on you and your family and ask how everyone is doing? Hopefully, all is going well for all of you.

Life is pretty much the same for us day to day - not much of any interest at all. My “big excitements” are the occasional visit to the grocery store. That’s pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Just to make grocery shopping even more “fun”, they limit the number of people in the store at any one time, so we get to wait in line (six feet apart) outside and as one or two customer leave, they let in a couple more - all wearing masks, too. This is truly something none of us have ever experienced, isn’t it? I completely understand the reasons for all of this, but I am really hoping this changes eventually (and hopefully, fairly soon but who knows?)

I do take my doggie out everyday for walks, usually a hour in the morning and again in the evening so that is good. I like to walk, too. Otherwise, pretty much the same stuff everyday.

Best wishes to you and all of your family. 💕


Lee said...

I adore your bunny finishes... you have motivated me to start some bunny stitching I have friends who adore rabbits and I have five visiting my yard as of late. My family is in different states so we are having zoom gatherings also! Thank you for the motivation and I love your blog!