Monday, September 30, 2019

I love libraries and cruising down the Danube (Part 3)

As I sit down to write this post on the very last day of September 2019, I have a headache. But, that's okay, because I rarely get headaches except when one thing happens--rain! And yes, it's raining in western Pennsylvania this morning--hooray! We have had next to no rain all month. How do I know that? Well, we had some major landscaping done right after Labor Day and since then, the ground hasn't been touched by more than a sprinkle of rain here and there. Which means, my poor husband has been out watering the newly planted trees, shrubs, and grasses almost every day simply to keep them alive. So--hooray for rain! My headache will be gone as soon as the Excedrin kicks in--I'll be back to normal and so will our new plants...

In my previous post, I told you I was working on a larger piece. Well, after putting in I don't know how many brown and white stitches on a giant house, I am finally done. May I present, "Miss Bingley's Library" by Plum Street Samplers! Isn't it adorable--I mean how could a retired librarian not stitch this one?

"Miss Bingley's Library" is stitched on 40 ct. pearl gray Newcastle linen with the suggested overdyed threads. Aren't those colors wonderful together?

I loved (almost) everything about this one...

... that cheery red bird perched on a stack of books on the library roof as smoke drifts from the chimney

... the prim librarian with her steaming beverage carefully balancing on a pile of giant books

... the big white library with its pretty shutters in Classic Colorworks "Dublin Bay"

What I did not love, though, was the way the word "excellent" was separated into two lines on the original chart as shown below. I know it would have always bothered me if I left it as charted...

The original chart with the word "excellent" separated into two lines

So, that meant a few changes were in order! I centered the wording and omitted the date which left two bare spots on either side of the words. So, I simply duplicated the pretty rose colored flowers from the top of the design and placed them on each side--much happier with the final look! What do you think? 

My rendition of Miss Bingley's Library

I was lucky to grow up right around the corner from this beautiful small town New York library pictured below. Do  you notice just a bit of a resemblance between my childhood library and the one I just stitched? The white paint, the shutter color, the two chimneys? Oh, I spent many wonderful hours there browsing for books, studying, or gathering to gossip with my school friends (and, yes, getting "shushed" by the librarian on more than a few occasions!). Those countless hours spent in this white building inspired me to choose to become a librarian--a decision I never regretted in a career I truly enjoyed.  Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to look back on their career decision and say that! How about you--were you happy with the career path you chose in life?

My small-town library circa 2014

GIVEAWAY WINNER... I really enjoyed reading all of your responses last time for the giveaway question about your favorite fall food--you made me hungry! There were so many entries for the sunflower chart and the winner chosen out of the hat is... 

CHRISTEL  (from France)

Christel, congratulations! Please send me your mailing address and I will get this chart to you as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy stitching it!

The winner of the sunflower chart is... Christel!

I will definitely be offering more charts in future giveaways, so please come back often!

Special gifts... I received two special gifts from family members recently that I wanted to share with you. First of all, just look at the beautiful Delft pieces that my mom gave me... She and my dad brought these back from The Netherlands in the late 1960s and she recently made the decision to break up her collection and let her children select one larger piece and one tile. I happened to be visiting when she decided this so I got first pick. Don't you love the large (9" tall!), blue and white mug (pitcher) that I chose?  The tile was loose and I had the idea to put it in a white frame--luckily, I had one in my stash of frames that worked perfectly. I will treasure these as my dad's paternal heritage is Dutch--they look simply lovely in my blue and white kitchen! Thank you so very much, mom!

The beauty of blue and white--special gifts from mom

And, just yesterday, my middle son surprised me with some stitching finds he spotted at Goodwill. This is the same son who has often purchased small frames for me there, too. He (amazingly!) remembered that Prairie Schooler was one of my favorite cross stitch designers and so he picked up this little bundle of charts (and two pieces of fabric) for the low, low price of 99 cents! He did good, didn't he? And I have none of the charts! In the upper right is a greeting card with a quilt pattern on it that was also included in the bundle with the four Prairie Schooler charts. Thank you so much to my middle son--you made my day!

Prairie Schooler goodies from my middle son!

My next post must include Christmas ornament finishing for August and September--I'm writing this down with the hope that by doing so, I'll be forced to do some ornament finishing! I've been the worst procrastinator this year when it comes to finishing my monthly Christmas ornaments...

The Danube River Cruise resumes... After a short intermission to share photos of our Rocky Mountain Colorado vacation in my last post (which I'm still dreaming about by the way!), I'm resuming my travelogue on the river cruise. If you are interested in reading the first two chapters, check out this post (Part One) and this post (Part Two). I hope you'll join me as we visit four new destinations in the countries of Austria and The Czech Republic...

After leaving the beautiful pastel town of Passau, Germany, we set sail for the next destination and a new country. Just look at what we passed as we sailed down the (not blue at all!) Danube...

This is one of my favorite photos of the entire trip. I just love the castle on the banks of the Danube sharing space with the very modern home in the front right. I mean doesn't every house have a castle in its back yard?!

We made excellent time and arrived at our next port a bit early so we got to walk around a bit after having dinner on the ship. Where were we? Well, we had arrived in...

Linz, Austria

Linz, home of the famous Linzer Torte, is the third largest city in Austria and lies right in the center of Europe. We saw very little of the city as we chose to go on a different excursion (rather than tour Linz itself) the following day. But, we did get to walk around a bit near our docked riverboat that evening and I took these nighttime shots.

Everything had a blue cast to it that night--you can see a couple of riverboats docked in Linz.

A look back down the Danube

This is the Ars Electronica Center which houses a museum for all things science and technology related. The building changes color and the night we saw it, it constantly changed back and forth from blue to green.

The next morning, we awoke early and prepared for a bus ride across the beautiful Austrian countryside and headed back into The Czech Republic. On riverboat tours, you are given options of what activities to do... In Linz, the free option was to tour the city and the two paid options were to travel by bus to Salzburg (which we had seen already) or travel by bus to The Czech Republic to a very special town. We chose the latter and I'm so glad we did!

On our way to our final destination, we stopped in the charming town of...

Rožmberk, Czech Republic

Rožmberk is a tiny town of only 300 occupants, but what is lacks in numbers, it makes up for in old-world charm. Situated by the Vltava River, it is best known as the home of one of the oldest castles in Bohemia, Rožmberk Castle.

Doesn't this look like a photograph on an old calendar? I love the way the buildings are reflected in the Vltava River.

Rožmberk Castle sits high above the river and town and was built in the 13th century.

Rožmberk was just a quick stop enroute to our final destination--the picturesque medieval town of

About two weeks before we left for our river cruise, I happened to see a Rick Steve's travel segment on  Český Krumlov on television. Oh, my--I had to see it for myself! So, we quickly added this side trip on to our itinerary and we're so glad we did. It was like stepping back into a fairy tale land...

Our first view of Český Krumlov

Now walk a bit closer and peer through the arch--what do you see?

A fairytale town come to life!

The Český Krumlov Castle dates back to 1240 AD!
As we were sitting eating lunch in a quaint outdoor cafe, I happened to notice the spire of the castle reflected in the window of an adjacent restaurant. I took mutliple photos and the waiter leaned down to see what I was doing. When I told him and showed him the photo on my phone, he smiled and said, "Very nice! And you will have the only photo like that in the whole world!" What a special thought...

My husband and me with Český Krumlov in the background. We wore little black earpieces to hear the tour guides on the trip--much easier than trying to hear in a crowded tourist spot!

The river in Český Krumlov was a hive of activity! There were many, many paddleboarders, rafters, and kayakers trying to cool off on that hot summer day.

A view from the hill--what did I tell you? It was like a storybook!

We climbed up a steep hill to see the palace gardens (on a 90° day!), but this beautiful sight was well worth our efforts!

Another of my favorite photos from our entire trip!

Me looking quite rested as I had finally overcome the jetlag and was feeling more like myself in this charming town.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Český Krumlov, although it was extremely crowded--probably the busiest of all the towns we visited. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 making it a "must see" for many. But, even through the throngs of people, the charm of this 13th century town worked its magic! I highly recommend a visit if you ever get the chance. And do try to spend more than a few hours there--there is so much to take in!

Our final stop today on the Danube River cruise today is the town of...

Melk, Austria

Melk is all about the Melk Abbey--a Benedictine abbey founded in 1089. After a short tour of the abbey, which was, frankly, a bit disappointing, we spent some time exploring the town of Melk before heading back to the riverboat for departure.

The imposing Melk Abbey dominates the town

The courtyard of the abbey.

A closeup of some of the statues in the courtyard

Sadly, we were not allowed to take any photos beyond the entryway. To be honest, I found the gold and riches displayed on the remainder of the tour to be excessive and ostentatious. I always pictured abbeys as simple places for thought, prayer, and reflection. This was ornate and overdone, in my opinion. I couldn't help but think of the cost and how this money could have been better spent to improve countless lives.

The view from the top of the abbey of the town of Melk.

This simple wooden cart of flowers was far more beautiful to me than the excessive display of gold and grandeur in the abbey.

I hope you've enjoyed this latest leg of my journey! Two more installments and we'll have reached our final destination. I'm so glad I'm writing this down as I'm already forgetting details from the cruise just 2 1/2 months ago.

So we come to the end of September--thankfully. We all have periods in our lives that are made up of one trying time, disappointment, and worry after another. And for me, September was that kind of month. From deaths of several special friends, to dog bites, to kidney stones, to collapsed vertebra, to dealing with cancer, to heart failure... it really has been just one sad thing after another. My husband and I are fine, but our friends and family members have all had more than their share of heartache and pain. 

I was binge-watching "Call the Midwife" (one of my very favorite series) last week and just happened to catch these words of wisdom at the very end of one of the shows that really struck a chord. I hope they bring some peace and hope to those of you who may be going through trying times, too...

Thank you all for visiting me today--I truly enjoyed reading your comments from my last post--thank you so very much! I'll be back in October with some Christmas stitching and one last summer piece (which is still appropriate since it's going to be near 90 tomorrow on October 1st!). Bye for now...


Ann at Beadlework. said...

The split word would have annoyed me too Carol, you did a good job of charting it to suit. The two Delft pieces are lovely, blue and white never goes out of fashion and always looks good. We visited Delft many, many years ago and really enjoyed it.

Robin in Virginia said...

What gorgeous pictures from your trip, Carol! The Delft pieces you picked are stunning and what treasures they are. Your son scores of the PS charts. I really like your library stitch. Glad you redid the wording! Well done!

Gabi said...

You did right to with the splitted word. The stitching looks great now.
Very nice pictures from your trip.
TPS charts, well done from your son. 100 points!!!

Tricia B said...

The travel photos are beautiful, Carol! looks like everyday was gorgeous weather and picturesque sites! (which sums up Europe to me!) I LOVE your Miss Bingley! I started this design in January and am almost half done but havent stitched the words because excellent’s break bothers me too. I may use your solution but give you full credit 😊 The delftware is so lovely. We have a framed tile in our dining room. Love the blue and white. I usually get a headache when it rains, too. I feel you. I hope the coming months are less stressful for you and yours. Your son is very thoughtful. Must have inherited that from you! xo, Tricia

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I did not purchase that chart for the very reason you shared Carol. That would drive me I love your conversion. Hope that headache is better! We need rain here too but the farmers are getting in their cotton and their soy beans so they want it to stay dry for a bit. Loved traveling with you. That building that changed colors is amazing. I am always a sucker for any decoration that changes color so I would have been standing there with my mouth wide open watching with delight. Like you, I need to work on Christmas ornaments for a while. Call the Midwife is one of my favorite reminds me of nursing school. I love the friendships of the nurses at Nonoatus House. I love that quote. I told another friend, we are in the hard stage of life where we will be dealing with endings. Hugs dear stitching friend.

Christel said...

Merci Carol pour ces photos de la croisière que vous partagez qui nous permet de voyager à travers votre blog.
La pluie s'est invitée aussi en France dans notre département du Loiret. La nature en avait besoin... J'avoue que moi je préfèrerais que ce soit le printemps et l'été toute l'année.
Bravo pour la bibliothèque, votre finition est plus adéquate que le mot scindé. Vous avez bien fait de modifier, c'est beaucoup plus harmonieux.
Votre fils a pensé à vous en voyant les modèles de broderies, c'est très gentil de sa part. Valentin mon fils cadet m'en avait rapporté de son séjour dans votre pays à La Porte à côté de Chicago, il y a 6 ans. J'avais été ravie.
Je vous remercie pour le cadeau, vous nous gâter chaque mois, grâce à votre générosité. Cela me gêne beaucoup car les frais d'envoi pour l'Europe sont onéreux.... Je n'ai pas trouvé sur votre blog le gadget contact pour vous envoyer mes coordonnées alors je vous les laisse dans ce commentaire.
Christel Harrault Blanchard
13 hameau de Villemars
45130 Epieds en Beauce

Amitiés de France,

Vickie said...

Oh Carol! I instantly noticed how you fixed the word in the chart!! Good for you! That always drove me nuts about that chart! And it is so darling!! I can see why you love it so, after viewing your library. :) YOUR SON IS AWESOME!!! I need to train my kids!!!! Such beauty once again on your trip!

KrissKross said...

I just adore your Plum Street Sampler piece! It looks so much better with the words rearranged as you have done! Carrying a word between lines really bugs me too and has kept me from purchasing this chart. My grandmother was a librarian. I have a great fondness for libraries and good memories of reading great childrens' books with her. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your trip, too! I love reading your blog.


Stasi said...

Carol, your Miss Bingley is fabulous...and I love the changes. I too would have been bothered by the "split" word. I loved going to the library when I was young..still do...and still have the original case for my very first library card. I walked about a mile to and from the library carrying piles of books..lots of good memories there.
Your trip looks fabulous and is causing me to ponder a river boat to work on the hubby!
I love Call the Midwife and was so excited over the weekend when I saw Netflix had new episodes! Sadly, they were ones I had already seen on PBS...I miss those characters!!!
We're having high temps here too...calling for 95 on Wednesday..I am sooooo longing for fall temps!!! Have a good week!

Kate said...

I'm glad you got the rain you needed!

Sandy said...

I absolute love to see the travel pictures and read your words about the trip. I enjoyed every single bit of it. The blue pitcher and tile are beautiful and I would treasure that as well. I am so sentimental about stuff like that.
The library is just perfect and matches your profession and childhood library just perfect. I remember moving to "town" from a rural area in 6th grade and had my first experience with a real live library. I would go weekly and have Mother just drop me off to stay and wander around in there. To this day it is one of my favorite memories. Prior to that it was all about the bookmobile which was exciting. Oh and ordering books at school was a bit hit. I would have changed the wording too to make excellent fit on one line. Your addition of the flowers looks better than the original idea.

Meg said...

Carol, I’m sorry September has been such a trying month for you and yours. When things go south, I remember the advice my mom gave me at the beginning of my cancer “journey”: When you have a good day, ENJOY it. When you have a bad day, hunker down and wait for a good one.” It’s simple advice, but it has gotten me through a lot of bad days.

Your stitching is impeccable! I love how you changed the layout of the wording. As is, it would have bugged me, too! I agree, those colors are just yummy.

What a spectacular find at Goodwill!

diamondc said...

Carol: I love the Plum Street Sampler, I too would have changed the word to be one full not split, adding the flowers was a perfect fix.
I love the smell of a library, feeling the books in my hand, so many of my friends have kindles, I prefer a book.
You are lucky to have a son that looks out for great buys for you, great price also.
Beautiful vacation photos.


Kelly K. said...

Carol, You did a wonderful job in your changes to Miss Bingley's Library! Bringing those additional red flowers down really brightened up the bottom of the pattern and gave it a nice color balance. You always do such a great job in your change implementations! Also, since I'm taking part in the stitchingbookclub's Pride & Prejudice SAL, I can't help but wonder if the next releases might have this line in it! The first installment had "Netherfield Park is let at last" :-)

I also loved seeing your Danube trip photos and hearing your opinions on places and things. Keep the stories coming! I look forward to the next installment.

Barb said...

I absolutely love that quote from Call the Midwife. That show is also a favorite of mine! Thank you so much for sharing all those wonderful photos of your trip. I enjoyed seeing each and every one! Some shots brought back memories of the trip we took to Germany several years ago. What a perfect stitch for a Librarian. Yes, I have wonderful memories of my 30 years of teaching elementary school. It was the best job in the world for me.

MartinaM said...

A wonderful, fitting motive for you. And your change completes the whole thing perfectly. I've never worried about my career path, but from today's point of view, I have to say - you should be braver and really make your hobby a job, every hobby certainly offers many opportunities. But I've never been unhappy, so everything is fine.
Yes the Delft pieces are just great, should I come to the Netherlands, I would like to have some.
Great gifts from your son.
Oh yes, I really enjoyed this part of the trip too, thank you very much for the great pictures. I'm glad for you, that you had this beautiful opportunity. I love your way of telling about your travels, they are very informative.
I wish you a nice time and a golden October.
Hugs Martina

butterfly said...

Great post Carol.
Really love your stitching so you ,my friend you must have loved stitching this one.
Two of my best jobs were working at Cadburys , and a wool and sewing shop .
I was in heaven with both ha.
How sweet of your son to find you things you love also your Mother's gift to you.
I also loved call the Midwife , my fathers mother lived in that very same place years ago , so it was good to see the way they lived , and how lucky we are today .

Kay said...

There is no way I could have coped with excellent being on different lines, it is so wrong! I really like how you made changes which really improved the design. Your holiday pictures look lovely, Austria looks like a place I would like to visit one day. x

Marilyn said...

Great Library stitch, & the change is nice.
Your son is well trained!
How nice of him to remember what you like & he found some great patterns.
All of your trip pics are beautiful, thank for sharing them.

Rebecca said...

Hi Carol,
I have Miss Bingleys Library in my stash also. Love that chart. I also love how yo7 modified it, I may have to use your solution...😉 We lived in Germany for four years but never made it to Czech Republic. It looks beautiful. I love to see your travel photos. My husband and I are planning to take a river cruise one day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Here in central PA we haven’t had any rain worthy to speak of in over a month. I am glad you got some.
Rebecca C.

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
ein wunderschöner Post.
Deine Bibliothek ist wunderschön geworden und ich mag deine Änderungen.
Schön dass du deine Erinnerungen mit uns teilst.
Sehr schöne Geschenke hast du bekommen.
Vielen Dank fürs mitnehmen auf eurer Donau-Kreuzfahrt. Viele schöne Städte habt ihr wieder besucht.
Genieße den Oktober und bis bald.
Hugs, Manuela

marly said...

Wow. A simple word can't begin to describe the beauty of the old world. But wow is all that comes to mind!

I'm sorry for all the issues and sadness September brought.

Your changes in the library design are so much better than the original. Not only for the word placement, but that pop of color to balance it all.

Katie said...

Beautiful library piece and yes I definitely see how it resembles the place you visited so often. We had a very small library in my home town and I loved going there. I helped out all 4 years of high school with the school library. I enjoyed it very much. My career path led me to be a caretaker. First of my son and now of my son and mother. I appreciate it very much. Yes sometimes it's hard work and sometimes I want a break but I love paying back to my mother for everything she has done for me. Congrats Christel on the win! Fantastic gifts you received from your Mother and Father also from your son. How wonderful. Lovely photos from your trip. I agree I blog about our trips too so I can look back and remember them. The photos you shared are gorgeous. Sorry your September has so many negative things. Your quote is very true though. I hope you have a wonderful October to make up for it.

Linda said...

Congrats on the beautiful finish Carol. Lovely gifts from your family. It looks like you had an amazing vacation. Great pictures.


Pat said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I never would have thought that such beautiful and quaint villages existed.

Love your library stitch. Yes, I agree you made the right choice in re-charting the split word.

Monique said...

Hello !

Ce petit tableau est tout simplement ravissant, bravo ! j'adore !

Vicki said...

Love your library piece - I would have redesigned the word "Excellent" also.
What an awesome find your son made at Goodwill!
The photos from your trip are so interesting, thank you for taking us along with you.

Halland House Gifts said...

Split words are common in old samplers, so I probably wouldn't have batted an eye, but truly love what you've done with it. It's such a great solution. Wonderful pictures of your trip. I loved living it vicariously. When my family lived in Beekman, NY (Dutchess County) I remember going to the local branch library. It was an old clapboard white building. I never remember more than five people being in that small building--Mom, my two siblings, the librarian and me. The Nancy Drew books were 1930s editions with fabulous illustrations, writing of the era and beautiful illustrations. That was the section I always returned to and loved. have a great week. Judy

Donna said...

Love your stitching and the change you made to the chart. I’ve really enjoyed your photos of your trip. It’s been very interesting and informative. I’m sorry that your September has been a difficult one. Hopefully October will be better for you.

The Primitive Moon said...

Twoje prace sa zachwycające i bardzo mnie inspirują :)

Harriet said...

Carol, so sorry to hear about the sadness September brought to you and yours. It’s hard to see people we care about suffer, and to say goodbye to others. Your travel pictures are wonderful! Great memories for you and your husband. And what a nice gift from your mom and from your son too! And Call the Midwife is one of our favorites too. Great show.

Love the cross stitch piece! I have always loved libraries. My career as an RN was very rewarding and then my time as a stay at home mom was great too, combined with some volunteer work. Good luck with your ornaments. I got behind this year and seemed to be losing my stitching mojo but recently got going again on ornaments and other projects. Have a nice October, Carol!

Halland House Gifts said...

I enjoyed your trip as I lived it vicariously, Carol. My best library memories come from our local branch in Dutchess County, NY. It was a small, white clapboard building with Nancy Drew books from the 1930s. The writing, illustrations and feel of the books was just divine. I never remember more than 5 people in that building. It was never more than my Mom, two siblings, librarian and me. Such great memories with all those old books. Have a great week. Judy

Wanda McColl said...

Hi Carol!
Happy October! It's hard to believe how quickly the summer passed. I am enjoying your cruise on the Danube very much!
Your cross stitch piece is beautiful and I love the changes you made. Everything about this is delightful as is everything from Plum Street Samplers.
Your pitcher and tile are gorgeous and so special. I am so glad your mom continues to do well.
Wishing you happy stitching and fun finishing!

April said...

Hi Carol,
I love your stitched library piece, and your changes are perfect! I have fond memories of my hometown library. It was an old civil war house with quaint rooms and squeaky floors. One room in particular was mine and my sisters favorite. It was very small with books lined on the walls and a round red leather chair, which looked like it belonged at Monticello.
I love seeing and hearing about all of your travel adventures. Thanks for letting us "tag" along.
Pretty Delft pieces from your parents that I know you will always treasure.
Praying for you and your loved ones who have gone through so much!

Robin Wylde said...

Carol, I love that "Miss Bingley's Library" piece!! Is it from Jane Austen? You did an amazing job with changing the text around and adding those flowers, it looks so much better that way! Very ingenious and creative.

I also loved seeing your pictures from Europe, and that gift from your mom is so lovely- it reminds me of my time in Belgium, because we used to cross over to the Netherlands on the weekends sometimes, so it brought many happy memories. Certainly a gift to cherish!

I'm very sorry to hear about the series of sad events that you've been dealing with, and I hope you and your family and friends find the strength you need. The quote from Call the Midwife (also one of my favorite shows) is beautiful and hopeful, thank you for sharing.

Sending you a big hug and hoping you feel better soon!

Wendy Howard said...

I love your tour photos. Speaking of libraries, we have 3in the small area where we live. The one in the town where we live is a Carnegie Library. Of course I have cards at all 3.

Faith... said...

Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us! The pictures look great. I really love your Miss Bingley's Library! The library for me has always been a great place for escape with all those stories just waiting at your fingertips.

Sandra said...

"Miss Bingley's Library" is just lovely now it's finished. How clever to have adapted the wording on the pattern! I used to love visiting the library every week when I was growing up in England.
Lovely memories for you from your trip down the Danube! Such beautiful old architecture!

LaNelle said...

Your stitching is beautiful love how you changed the word looks so much better! How wonderful your gifts are so lovely...what a special son! Many blessings to you & family and will look forward to next blog for more travel adventures....

Christine said...

What a gorgeous finish. I like your text layout much more than the original.
I loved seeing the pictures from your trip

Jutta said...

Hello, Carol,
your embroidered library has become beautiful, the small details are really pretty and your changes have worked out very well. Your little "real" library looks like a picture book.
All your new gifts are great!
Thanks for your holiday photos again, we can see, that you enjoyed Europe.
Have a nice weekend, Jutta.

Shelly said...

A wonderful post Carol! Memories made cruising the Danube. I love the view of the rooftops from the hill to see the palace gardens, it really does look very fairytale-ish. Thanks for those last words on trying times, I'm going through some right now.

Alhana said...

Sorry to hear your September was such a sad month, Carol. Hopefully things will turn for the better in October. Your "library" is really beautiful, I think the changes you made centering the word and adding some carnations on the empty spaces were spot on —I would have done the same!
You got some great gifts! Can't wait to see some of these new samplers stitched and the next installment of your Danube cruise. I loved visiting Melk outside the books. :-)
Have a nice weekend!

Barbara said...

(smile) You are drawn to books and libraries the way I'm drawn to Sweet Tea and Sandals. Your library stitching is charming, and so well done!

What a great son to find such treasures at the Good Will store!!!!

The blue Delft pieces are surely a wonderful addition to your white kitchen.

Thanks for taking us along the Blue Danube.I don't have to plans to travel there myself, so your photo journal is perfect. It is a lovely part of the world.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Library design is wonderful and perfect for you. I really like the way you changed the words too.
The holiday photos look lovely too, great memories of the special trip.

Margaret said...

I'm behind on blog reading since we were on vacation last week. But yes, I love what you did with the lettering on your Plum Street piece. Perfect! Love following your adventure on the cruise. What a dream that must have been! Your pictures are amazing! Sorry to hear about your friends and family. I think we are all reaching our older years, when health crises are more common. Not fun at all. I love the quote from Call the Midwife though. So appropriate. Lots of hugs, and positive thoughts for your loved ones.

Leonore Winterer said...

Hooray for rain! It has been way too dry here all summer, but lately t doesn't seem to stop coming down.
Your library stitch is lovely - I absolutely agree with the changes you've made, it looks much more balanced and prettier too with the new flowers!
I'd say I'm semi-happy with the career I've chosen. I'm a computer scientist and work at university until I get my PhD, and there are parts of my work that I absolutely enjoy - working with students, or having discussions with my coworkers to solve problems, and even trying out new ideas, but at times it can be frustrating when things just don't work out or if I have to work alone on a projects for weeks without hearing back from anyone! I have no idea where I'll end up after getting my PhD, though, so things might change in the future.
I have never heard of Český Krumlov before, but it does look like an absolutely lovely town! I haven't been to any of the other places you visited either, but I do enjoy Linzer Torte!

I'm sad to hear you've had such a trying time. Hopefully, things'll look up again soon. For us, October has started in much the same way your September has been going, with my grandpa's health taking a turn for the worse, but we're doing our best to keep him comfortable for now and stay optimistic that he might be better again soon.

Irene said...

Oh Carol, spero che le cosa ora vadano meglio. Mi piace molto di più la tua versione del ricamo

Cindy's Stitching said...

I finally had a chance to sit down and read some blogs. You always post such wonderful pictures. The library piece is so you. Its hard to believe it is October. Soon it will be November.