Thursday, March 14, 2019

Finishes, Florida, and Flu

Hello, hello! How is March treating you so far? Well, it's been an up and down month for me, but I think I'm finally on the upswing so all is good... As you can tell from the title of this post, March has been a month filled with stitching, traveling, and illness (something I'm not used to!).

Let's start with the fun stuff first! How sweet is this little Plum Street Samplers design called "Hello Spring?" I bought all four seasons of this series when they first came out a couple years ago, but am just beginning to stitch them. I wish my photo was better as the fabric is a lovely pure white evenweave. I changed all of the colors using overdyed cottons and Dinky Dyes silks. The big blue flower is done in Dinky Dyes "Ghost Gum"--a really  lovely color. I also used it for the cording. Many people have stitched this without the words, but, to me--the words really make this piece! I love the beautiful font and the wide spacing of the letters. And, of course, who can resist a skinny leaping brown bunny?

"Hello Spring!"

I finished this as a small pillow since the design ended up being only a bit over 3 X 5 inches on the 46 ct. evenweave... Wait--46 count?!?! Yes, you read that right! An Instagram friend, Jucus who lives in Hungary and creates lovely hand-dyed fabrics and trims, offered a free piece of 46 ct. evenweave to "brave stitchers" who would like to try it. Of course, I took the challenge... I mean as an avid 40 ct. stitcher, how much harder could 46 ct. be? Simply put:  much harder! I don't know if it was because it was evenweave and I had to use a hoop to hold it (I usually stitch in hand on linen) or what, but I really struggled to see the holes. The fabric itself was beautiful, but I'm not sure I would try such a high count again.  Here is the link to Jucus' Etsy shop--she offers beautiful fabrics in many counts and  free shipping on $50.00+ orders: xJudedesign

Stitching on 46 ct. makes for a small pillow!

The yo-yo was made with a Clover "Quick" Yo-Yo Maker  which I tried for the first time. They come in various sizes ranging from Extra Small to Jumbo and I thought it worked very well. I used the "small" size for this yo-yo, but plan on buying the medium and large sizes now that I know they are easy to use.  Clover even make yo-yo makers in heart and flower shapes!

Don't you love yo-yos?!

My other finish was my February (yes, I'm behind already for 2019!) Christmas ornament and I love it! This is a  Prairie Schooler design from Book No. 47 called "Santa Rides."  I used a scrap of 40 ct. mystery linen in a soft sage green color (wish I had more of it!) and most of the suggested colors. The main change I made was to the snowflakes which were charted to be DMC 3046 which I found very strange... 3046 is quite yellow in tone! So I changed the snow to a much more believable ecru. I also changed the color of the third tree to make it stand out from the two bordering it.

Prairie Schooler's "Santa Rides" finish

I knew I wanted to build a frame of twigs for my final finish as soon as I began stitching  this funny Santa driving his Christmas tree-filled truck. This design just demanded a rustic finish, in my opinion, so I channeled my decades old summer camp "arts and crafts" sessions! I made a twig frame, braided some simple twine for the hanger, and added some dried berries and rusty jingle bells on top. I also had the idea to use a very thick cream colored trim to represent the snow under the truck. It came on a spool and I just glued down two strips of it, side by side, to get the look I wanted. What do you think? I have to say, I think this was my most "liked" ornament ever on Instagram when I posted it on Tuesday. By the way, if you'd like to follow me on Instagram just click here! I'd love to see you there, too...

A rustic finish complete with "snow" made from trim!

I made a twig frame once before for a Christmas ornament way back in 2011. This one was done a bit differently as I stacked the twigs rather than cutting and piecing them as I did in my latest finish. I love the look of it except for one thing--there is a gap between the stitching and the twigs on the top and bottom because those twigs lie on top of the two side twigs. It is not visible in this photo, but it is there if you look down at the ornament. I do love this one, though, and it is on my top ten favorite Christmas ornaments--I just adore his little bundle of logs. If you'd like to read more details about this finish, click here. And if you have extra time, you may want to read the whole post as it contains the story of one of the most emotionally rewarding experiences I had in my career as a librarian!

My first twig frame back in 2011

A delightful random act of kindness arrived from one of my readers (and new stitching friend!), Nicole, who lives on the other side of Pennsylvania. She read of my sudden fascination with French designer, Perrette Samouiloff's designs (in this post) and wanted to send me a little book of them. Well, imagine my surprise when not only the book, but  five French magazines, five skeins of DMC floss, mini blue ric-rak, and a sweet silver charm arrived in my mailbox! Oh, my, Nicole--you truly spoiled me! I am so looking forward to stitching these charming designs and I'm even happier to have "met" such a generous and thoughtful new stitching friend! Thank you so very much ♥

Delightful surprise goodies from Nicole!

So, on to more of the "fun" stuff: Florida! Yes, I got very brave and flew by myself to sunny Florida for 5 days to visit my middle sister and her husband.  I had  only flown alone once before when I was much younger so I was quite worried. As luck would have it, I got stopped in the security line for a "random electronics screening" where they had to take each of my electronic devices: (my iPad, my cell phone, and my Kindle), swab them with something, and then test them for explosive residue. I have both TSA pre-check and Global Entry, but I guess this is completely random and happening more often to travelers no matter their security risk. Of course, my devices were fine, but it started my journey off on a bit of a nerve-wracking note! I am an anxious flyer to begin with (are any of you, too?) so that wasn't the best way to start my trip, but, thankfully, everything went smoothly from there on.

Walking into my sister's condo in Daytona Beach Shores was a bit like stepping back into time . You see, my parents had owned that same condo for many, many years and the last time I visited was in 2011 (you can read about that visit right here) when both mom and dad were still living there--the visit where I got the big speeding ticket!  My sister has changed very little and it made me a bit sad picturing  my dad relaxing in his recliner by the sunny window staring at the waves in the ocean, eating lunch at the bar counter,  and sitting on his bed as he tied his shoes. 2011 was the last time I saw him there as my parents soon moved back north to get some much needed help in dealing with his troubling dementia. But, it also brought me a feeling of home and  comforted me as well. I love remembering how happy mom and dad were there all those years during as they escaped our long, cold winter months. My sister and I simply relaxed, took long walks on the beach, and reminisced about days gone by. We had a great time!

Daytona Beach Shores is a very wide beach where you are even allowed to drive a car! My sister's condo is in the first building on the right--way up near the top.
Because the condo is on a barrier island between the Florida coast and the Atlantic Ocean, there are beautiful views of the Halifax river...

... and of the Atlantic Ocean. These photos were both taken from the condo.

I so enjoyed those warm sunny days by the water!

We also went to visit nearby Dunlawton Plantation and Sugar Mills Gardens which contains a few artifacts of a former 19th century sugar plantation along with gardens and hiking trails.

Artifacts of the sugar making process included these giant kettles used to boil the cane juice

At the center of the garden was this huge old oak tree.

The Spanish moss was draped over the boughs of the trees and swung lazily in the Florida breeze.

I love the way the American flag seems to have taken on the shape and color of the Spanish moss!

Some of the pretty flowers and ferns we saw at Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens

I can see why my sister is so happy living in Florida in the winter months! You totally forget that it is winter--no icy roads or shoveling mounds of heavy snow to deal with. It is a very easy, carefree life for her in her retirement years! I actually hated to go back north and face winter again, but it was time to go home...

This was what greeted me as I flew into Pennsylvania! Yes, it had snowed the night before. Can you see the shadow of the airplane on the ground? At least the sun was shining even if it was a frigid 10° when I landed!

And the bad -- the FLU! Unfortunately, the germs of the plane got to me and I came down with some sort of cold/flu bug on the way home. I think it was the flu (although I did have a flu shot this winter, as I always do!) because my whole body ached--even the tops of my hands were hurting. My cold wasn't horrible, but the cough was and it took a good 10 days to finally begin to feel better. I just felt so wiped out and listless... I honestly hadn't been that sick in years! 

So, if I haven't visited your blogs, responded to your comments or emails, or left comments recently, please forgive me. I will catch up--I promise!  I think I've babbled on long enough for now... I'll be back in a couple weeks (hopefully!) with a darling Easter piece that I'm stitching and my March ornament. Until then, thank you all for your sweet comments and emails--I treasure each one! Hope the rest of the month is good to each of you! Bye for now...


marly said...

You've done it again! The Plum Street piece on white is stunning with the blue cord and gingham yo-yo. I don't use white but the colors are so clear and defined. I love it. The design is perfect for it too.

Sorry you were ill. It was so nice to be on a warm beach and spend some time with your sister. Hope your mom is doing well.

Meg said...

Hi, Carol!

Oh, your Hello Spring stitch is wonderful. I don't think 46 count would be in my wheelhouse. I had enough trouble with 40 count! I'm currently working on a project on 36 count (taking a mini vacation from HRH), and some of it is stitched over one (ON 36 COUNT!) so I am not enjoying that part of it at all.

The yoyo is so cute. I should look into the yoyo maker.

Love the frame for the Santa finish, too. Glad you changed the color of the snowflakes to ecru. You know what they say about yellow snow!

Love your photos from Florida. Glad you had a good time. I would love to walk those beaches - I love looking down and discovering things - little shells, marine life in need of rescue! I once found bits and pieces of a shipwreck on the Oregon coast. When we went back the next year, it was all gone. Not sure if it was gathered and taken away or if it was buried in the sand or washed back out to sea.

Ugh - sorry you got sick. I'm glad you're feeling better, though! Adventurous flying on your own. The last time I flew by myself, I was 7 months pregnant with my son (who is now 16).


Glenna said...

It's always a treat to see your posts. I envy your trip but not your flu and hope you're back to full health.

MartinaM said...

Hi Carol,
My march was so-so, a little cold, but not right, a lot of rain and cloudy weather. On 40ct I like very much, but on 46ct - that's hard. I have never tried Jo-Jos before, but it is very exciting.
Your finish from Traveling Santa is just awesome. A great idea to work with natural materials. I love it.
Your sister lives fantastically and such a beautiful view, I think I would sit there all my stitching time at the window.
Ohja flu is bad. Fortunately, she only gets me every few years, but a simple cold can be quite annoying
Have a nice weekend, Hugs, Martina

butterfly said...

Hope you are feeling much better Carol .
Wow again your stitching is so beautiful and the finish is always amazing.
You were brave to stitch on 46ct but so beautiful your stitch looks .
Lovely Santa stitching too.
It must have been a lovely break and a time of peace for you and your sister to think of your father and times past.
Looks a beautiful place to be.
Keep treating us to your stitching treats , always love to see what you are stitching and your finishing .
Enjoy a lovely week.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

I love your stitched Santas and especially the twig frames - great idea!

Gabi said...

Hello, hope you are fine again. My March stitching is something for Xmas. Hahaha.
Your Santas inspire me to start stitching them at last.
The twig frames are great as well your stitching. You always have such good ideas.
Wonderful pic from the plain!!
Have a nice weekend without snow and rain.

Kay said...

The hello spring design is just lovely and your finishing is always perfect and inspired. I really need to branch outmode in my finishing. x

Marilyn said...

What a cute Spring finish.
Love your twig frame for Santa, just perfect.
Great goodies you've received!
Now that's Condo living!
It looks beautiful there.
Hope you are feeling better.

maxi said...

Hello Carol,
my march was wett, very windiy and gray (the daylight), so i had time for stitching ;-)!
Thank you for the fotos from Florida, amny years ago my husband and I were there too. I hope you feel better again.
Hugs and happy stitching

Vickie said...

Good Morning Carol! A wonderful way to wake up, with you! Hello Spring is fantastic! I stitched a little poodle over one on 45 count once. The 45 count fabric has sat unused for anything else ever since!! I don't think I would want to fly alone. I have not flown for years now. So much has changed since Brian worked for Midwest Express. :( With all the security. Florida does look so wonderful!

Kate said...

These are both beautiful pieces, Carol.

Sandra said...

Beautiful spring cushion stitching and a lovely trip to Florida too, except for catching the flu. You show a mixture here of wonderful spring flowers and also snow!

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, both of your finishes are fabulous. I love how you finished the Hello Spring piece. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your sister. I hope you are feeling much better from the cold/flu thing. Enjoy your weekend!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Lovely stitching...I love the Christmas ornament with the twig frame! It is perfect for that ornament. I have some finishing to do but still mulling over it in my brain.:) And that gift package was great!! So nice that you had time with your sis in Florida. I have never flown alone so I would be a nervous nellie for sure. And the FLU...many people here have had it as well in spite of having a flu shot. One of the churches in my hometown had a real epidemic of it...swept through their church. Fortunately it was type A, so the milder version. I do think that recycled air in planes is just a habitat for germs. Spring is here in Alabama and it is so nice to have some warm weather.

Sandy said...

I am so glad you got to some warmer weather. I think it reminds that even when I am complaining about the cold I should be ashamed. It is nothing compared to yours. I follow a girl who live in northern Missouri and she was down last week at Seaside. I thought it was rather cloudy and not the best beach weather, but when you have had snow for weeks I guess even a foggy cloudy day here is better.
I am pretty sure airplanes are a sickness vessel these days. Glad you are on the mend.
I love all of your pretty stitches. I have had the hello summer one in my stash for quite a while. The French magazines will surely have something in them that you will drum up a masterpiece with.
Beautiful finishes as always.

Jutta said...

Dear Carol,
both embroideries have become quite wonderful, and I like the rustic frame very much as well, maybe I will take over this idea.
Your trip to Florida was certainly very, very beautiful, and only you're back home it's cold, it's snow and you have the flu, oh dear - get well soon!
Thanks for your comment on my blog, a nice weekend for you, dear greetings, Jutta

Jacquie said...

I love the sampler and the colours you have used
, but from the long ears and legs and general all over skinny shape, it's the Mad March Hare, not a bunny. The essence of Spring.

Katie said...

How funny you posted. I was just thinking of you this morning and wondering what you had been up to. Thanks for reading my mind. Love your Spring finish. The 46 count made it perfect the smallest I've tried so far is 40 count. Love the yo-yo. My Grandma loved making them. She made them in hand. I have several of them and hope to find the perfect pattern to include one on. I just LOVE the finish for Santa Rides. Perfect!! Your other rustic finish is fantastic too. I love this one even more. The twine is perfect at the bottom to represent the snow. What a haul from your friend. I just posted today about your giveaway that I received. I hate flying. I've done it before but I know if I did it now I would have to be medicated. You are a lot more brave than me. We are taking Amtrak for our upcoming vacation. But I will be worried sick till everyone I know arrives safe and sound. The condo has a gorgeous view. Love the seagull photo. We miss the ocean. It's been awhile since we've been near the ocean. I just LOVE that old oak tree. They are just gorgeous. So much history they have seen. Definitely a coming home picture to see the snow on the ground. I couldn't live without snow though. It's beautiful. We will be complaining about the heat too soon. Ick sorry you came down with the flu. Sure a lot of people have something icky. Hope you stay healthy now for a long long time. Have a great weekend!

Barb said...

Hi Carol - what a wonderful, fun post you’ve shared with us today (except for the part where you have been sick with a cold & flu - yuck!). Your stitching is wonderful and the finishes with the twigs is so clever & so imaginative!! Love them all!! It’s really hard for me to imagine stitching on 46 count fabric - I don’t think I really even knew there was fabric with such a high thread count! I’m assuming you stitched that one thread over one thread?! That truly has to be very challenging, but your work looks so beautiful. Truly, I think you inspire all of us to try new challenges. I love the Prairie Schooler pattern and the yo-yo’s, too. Okay, I could really write one line in these Comments and just say “I love everything!!” and it would be the honest truth.

I’m so happy for you that you got to go to Florida and visit with your sister. The condo looks like it is in a beautiful location - the pictures you shared are wonderful. It so nice to have such a great view of the ocean. I’m sure it was a nice change from winter weather in Pittsburgh - even for a little bit. I’m really sorry you got the cold/flu bug on the way home. There are so many people in airports and on planes, it’s kind of hard not to be exposed to something. I’m so happy you are on the mend.

Carol, thanks again for sharing your beautiful stitched projects with us - you know how much we love seeing your beautiful work and creativity. I think we all think it’s an especially happy day when we see a new posting from you - of course, then we want to stitch everything you’ve stitched.

Have a wonderful, happy weekend - enjoy!

All the best to you and your family -
Barb R.

Stasi said...

Carol, the little Spring piece is precious and the yo-yo complements it so nicely. Glad you had a nice visit with your sister but sorry that "airplane germs" got you on the return.... I guess that was better than on the way there! I too am nervous about flying by myself but am trying to talk myself out of it..there are places I'd like to go that I'd have to fly!!! Hope you're well on the mend now...have a great weekend!

Claire said...

Such pretty finishes this month, Carol. You have accomplished a lot in spite of your flu. Too bad they couldn't somehow filter out those germs on the plane! I admire your work on the 46 count. Amazing! That is the sweetest blue silk and what an interesting name...Ghost Gum. I think I might have to try some. How lovely to visit the sunny beach and have some sister time. Hope the rest of March brings good health and maybe some daffodils. xoClaire

Christel said...

Le Hello Spring est de toute beauté. J'aime beaucoup Plum Street Sampler.
Le Père Noël et cette finition avec des morceaux de bois c'est tout simplement divin. Je retiens l'idée d'ailleurs. Je trouverai sans aucun doute des petits morceaux de bois lors d'une prochaine balade en forêt.
Nicole t'as superbement gâtée. C'est toujours très sympathique de recevoir des colis comme celui-ci.
L'hiver, la neige, la glace, le froid, le gris... Je déteste cette saison... Lorsque nous serons en retraite j'aimerais beaucoup que nous déménagions vers une région plus chaude que la nôtre... Nous verrons si nous pouvons le faire.
La grippe a fait beaucoup de malades en France. Les personnes qui l'ont attrapée ont eu bien du mal à se rétablir. Elle laisse sans force. Dans notre famille nous avons eu des rhumes mais elle nous a épargnée.
Amitiés de France,

Jackie's Stitches said...

I regularly stitch on 40 count and have thought about stitching on 46 count for a project or 2! I actually have some 52/60 kitted up with 1 project but haven't gotten to it. It's very tiny!

I had no idea there was a plantation near Daytona Beach. It must bee because all of my years going there was as a teenager/young adult and all I cared about was the beach! I hate flying. I get motion sickness very easily on top of it so it's always better for me to fly with Greg. It helps keep me calmer.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Natureluvr57 said...

I love so many Plum Street charts. I have never got the flu until last year. Like you, I get a shot every fall since I developed asthma when I was 28. It was horrible and I couldn't even drive myself to the doctor's office. When I finally could, it was 5 days later and I had lost 15 pounds and was dehydrated. I tried drinking lots of water but I stayed in bed 3 days straight and just wanted to sleep. The next day my stomach felt like an alien was inside clawing to get out. That feeling lasted for weeks. They reported a high school closed because of the flu so I started wearing my mask everywhere, especially the pharmacy. I cringe thinking of all the sick people trumping through the drug store to the back where they put the pharmacy, spreading germs all throughout the store. Why do they put all the pharmacies way in the back? What a nice package of goodies you received. Take care

Faith... said...

I love the pillow but 46, let alone 40 count is WAYYYY to small for me! The twig frame finishes are the cutest; now if I can just find something in my box of things waiting to be fully finished to do that with! As always your stitching is beautiful.

Glad you were able to get away for a bit to visit your sister. Lucky got to be picked randomly! If only we could have that kind of luck for something fun like the lottery!

Hope you feel better soon Carol!

Wendy Howard said...

Love your finishes. Hope you are feeling much better soon. We didn’t have hardly any snow in Tennessee, but we have been inundated with rain. FEMA came to Knoxville the other day to assess damage. We live about 35 miles west of Knoxville. Can’t wait to see your new finishes.

Donna said...

I so enjoy reading your blog posets. Sorry to hear that you were sick. An escape to Florida sounds wonderful right now after this long Minnesota winter. Love your stitch and your finishes. Beautiful!

Barb said...

It seems like every time I fly in the winter, I end up with a very nasty bug!! I am so glad you had such a nice visit with your sister. I hope to go see mine the end of May. Love the finish, 46 count never for my "good old "eyes. I have just switched to 36 count and that is small enough for me. I love your twig frames. I never would have thought of that what a good idea! Stay well! I hope we all see Spring very soon!

Manuela said...

Hallo Carol,
ein schöner Blogpost.
Ich mag die Fertigstellungen deiner beiden Stickereien. Die Stickerei mit einem Jo-Jo zu verzieren gefällt mir sehr gut. Auch dein selbstgbastelter Holzrahmen für den reisenden Santa ist Klasse. Tolle Idee und super umgesetzt.
Deine Bilder vom Florida BEsuch bei deine Schwester haben mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich fliege auch nicht sehr gern. Vor einigen Jahren, als wir in die USA geflogen sind, ist mein Handgepäck auch gründlich durchsucht worden.
Wünsche dir Gute Besserung und bis bald,
Hugs, Manuela

Susan Lankford said...

Hi sorry you were sick...glad you are better now. I share your dislike of flying...I'm always relieved to land...on the other hand it is hard to imagine having to make a "road trip" to other parts of the U.S. Your sister's home is relaxing! I lived in Cocoa Beach when I was in Junior father worked at Cape Canaveral at that time.

Love your Welcome Spring finish...lovely soft colors. No wonder you are so productive! You stitch in hand! And I must have that Yo-Yo maker! I did buy the Kreinik cord maker on your advice, but I opted for chenille with my last piece. I will be using it, tho and thanks for the recommendation.

Your twig frame Santas are so darling! I looked back at the first one carrying twigs....Sooo cute...great idea: to carry a bundle of twigs. Wow, you've been stitching monthly ornaments for a long time!

Hugs, Susan

Ele said...

Your finishes are so beautiful Carol, really pretty.
Thank you for sharing the photos from your trip to Florida :) I am claustrophobic so flying always makes me anxious, I totally understand how you felt on your way there!
Glad the flu is gone, take it easy for a while

Leonore Winterer said...

Those are two lovely new finishes! You always give me a ton of inspiration to finish off things - twig frames and yoyos, that's lovely ideas.
I don't have any problems with flying itself, I'm fine once I'm in the plane...but all the security stuff before and after makes me nervous, so that random check would be a bit of a nightmare for me as well!
I hope you're feeling better by now. I've read that flu shots aren't always effective, especially when you get it several years in a row (though noone seems to know why).

Julie said...

What a shame your wonderful relaxing solo trip left you with the nasty flu that's been hindering lots of other stitchers.
Looks like you had a great trip, what a stunning view from your sisters window.... perfect!
Sweet finishes, but stitching on 46ct - WOW that's some doing
love and {hugs} x

Shelly said...

So glad you are feeling better, Carol! We can't have you not stitching all the beautiful things when your hands are sore! Your FFOs are beautiful and you are right about the PSS piece, it needs the words. Your color changes are beautiful but on 46ct? Yikes, 36 is definitely my limit. I am an anxious flier too. The flight to New Orleans 3 years ago went well but coming back, the turbulence was bad for the first hour of the flight. I couldn't pull out a book or my little stitching I packed because I so nervous! Wonderful gifts from your new friend. As a landlocked Arizonan, I love the beach. The sea does certainly put things in perspective. I love those old oaks draped in Spanish moss, just reminds me of the deep South and NOLA. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Oh, thanks for the heads up about the yo yo maker! I will be looking into getting one for myself!

Linda said...

Congrats on the lovely finishes Carol. I really like the Santa driving the truck.


Sweet Sue said...

Really cute finishes, that white cording for snow is brilliant Carol, good eye! Glad you got some warm Florida weather, the beach looks heavenly. Hope you feel better soon...

diamondc said...

Carol: So sorry to hear you have the flu, get better fast.
This is a fun post, your pillow is lovely and the finish is perfect.
The frames for the Santa's are perfect, what a great idea to use twigs.


Jennifer said...

Lovely stitching and finishing, and I just adore the twig frames. Glad you had a nice visit with your sister and got away from the cold for a few days. Hopefully you are getting a few promises of spring now - we’ve had a few warmer days and seems like more sunshine, so I hope they are making their way to you too! Glad you’re feeling better, it sounds like a lot of people who got the flu shot also got the flu this year, sorry you were one of them!

Janet said...

Your pieces are beautiful. I am sorry to hear you came down sick. Take care.

Karen said...

Hope you have recovered from the flu, Carol. Great stitching and finishing. The twig frame is a cute way of finishing a rustic piece. Kudos to you for taking on 46 count evenweave. That's not something I would try.

Mini said...

Hi Carol,
You are super talented..look at those finishes..using a twig for framing..who would have thought of that?
I cant believe you have flown alone only once before this trip.
I can imagine how nostalgic you may have felt stepping in your parents house.
Pictures from Florida are beautiful.
Sorry about the flu.

Lili said...

How pretty your Spring hare finish! Love the colours! The linen is probably bergen by Zweigart.
The Santa is also so cute!!
Hope you are feeling much better now!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm sorry you got sick and hope you are better now. We love living in Florida too and live near the central part of the state. It's been such nice weather this winter. Love your stitching...and the twig frames are adorable! Hugs!

Margaret said...

I swear planes are the worst for getting you sick. Same thing happened to me, and sadly, I was on my way to our vacation in London. Was sick for most of the time there, plus for at least a week after at home. So my sympathies -- I know what that's like! And like you, I don't often get sick, so it was not fun! But the trip looks like it was nice at least! That's interesting on the electronics random check thing. I'm a pretty nervous flyer too -- a nervous traveler in general, really. Love seeing your travel pics, and I love your finishes too! The twig frame is perfect for the Santa! And 46 count fabric! Yikes! I don't even know if I could see 40ct anymore. I hope I can! Anyway, hopefully you are all back to normal now!

Irene said...

46 count?? Carol, è difficile! Guarderò il sito perchè mi piace provare nuove stoffe. Le stagioni di Plum Street Sampler vorrei farle anch'io, sono bellissime

Cathy H. said...

Your month was certainly full of fun with your visit to your sister! Wintertime is a great time to visit Florida! So sorry about the flu! Three of my grandsons had the flu this year and they all had their flu shots! Now, to the stitching . . . excellent once again! I can't believe you stithed over 46 threads! My eyesight is not that good even with my Dazor lamp! Love your rustic finish; perfect for the piece! Hope your getting your strength back!

Andrea said...

Carol .... 46ct ... are you mad?! Your stitched pillow looks wonderful with though. Love that blue colour. As you know I love the PS Santa and his truck finishing idea. So ingenious.
Glad to hear you had a good time visiting your sister in Florida. Sorry you came back with the flu. Flu can certainly wipe you out foe a few weeks.
Hopefully you are back in good health. Have a lovely weekend.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Your post made me smile. Your stitches always a delight. I hate flying these days. I always get the worst of it, as if we fit the profile. I won't fly without a mask anymore, to many germs in the circulated air. Your sisters condo is near where my dad lives, he is in Ormond beach. The tree pictures so pretty and the ocean, I can almost smell the salt air. I am glad you are feeling better. Happy spring🌻.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the Hello Spring, I am wondering if it was an unevenweave fabric? Maybe that's why it was trickier?
The twig frames are fantastic, what a clever idea.
Glad you enjoyed your Florida break too.

rosey175 said...

Hmm, 46 count! I haven't braved anything over 28 count yet; somehow I think that might be a bit too big of a jump hah! It looks totally wonderful though! If you had a dark object in your lap, would it make it easier to see the holes when you hold the stitching over it? It's usually suggested a light object when stitching on black fabric, but I'm not sure if the reverse it true! I really like the twig frames. I have a piece I stitched years ago that I've wanted a rustic frame for... perhaps I should follow your lead and just make one for it! "Ghost Gum" is an interesting color name for such a pretty blue! Your surprise gifts are fascinating. I think she might know your color preference! :D

I surpass anxious flying and have panic attacks. It's a nightmare to fly but through therapy and awesome family members, I've developed a few coping mechanisms to get me through them. I used to fly all the time, alone, foreign countries, wherever! Funny how things change. The Plane Diseases are always a threat though, yuck. I hope you're fully recovered by now. The places you visited in FL look amazing. And long walks on the beach! Sounds like a wonderful time with your sister.

Pam in IL said...

Beautiful stitching! I love the twig frame. How did you connect the twigs to make the frame? Glad your trip to Florida and solo flying experience turned out good. Hope you're feeling better now and no lingering cough. I've heard so many people say they've had the cough for weeks after being sick.

Tricia B said...

I am so sorry you got the flu, Carol! ugh But I am happy you had such a nice visit with your sister. Sounds like a dream week, relaxing at the beach with warm weather. I hope you have returned to feeling normal. I am delayed in commenting on your blog because as I returned home from NZ I first had a sinus infection and now am being overrun with tree pollen allergy hell. Sounds backwards, huh? Not to bore you but it is very weird. Ive always had allergies but these last 3-4 years, during menopause, my allergies are much worse. Enough of me. I love your stitching and finishes, especially the Santa framed in twigs! and 46 ct linen! you never cease to amaze me! Thanks for sharing!

ricketyjo said...

Hi Carol! What absolutely lovely stitching. Those twig frames are such a super idea! I really love your photos of your break to Florida, it looks really super with all that sunshine. I hope that you are all recovered from your cold/flu now. And I've just followed you on Instagram, so you'll see me popping up there. Have a lovely weekend :)

Sam I Am...... said...

46 count??? I can't even imagine it! I am working on my first 40 ct and never again. I takes all the fun out of xs for me. Your work is beautiful and I did just start back gross stitching after lo many years! LOL! I am truly enjoying cross stitching and actually much more than I did years ago. All your bunnies are as sweet as can be.
thank you for sharing your trip as I don't travel. So sorry you got the flu though. I'm like you, I haven't been sick for years so I can't imagine how awful it would be when you're so used to being heathy all the time. Your finishes are beautiful.

Barb said...

Hi Carol - Happy last day of March to you and Happy April Fool’s Day to you tomorrow. I just looked at your blog header this morning and love those bunnies! You always have the best headers and I love to see them and hope you tell us all about them.

I hope you are fully recovered from your flu and that you had a safe, fun and enjoyable trip to see your Mom.

It’s pretty chilly here this morning - Early Spring is always pretty tricky weather-wize around here. I’m looking forward to a little warmer weather pretty soon - better walking weather!

Happy Spring to you!

RJ said...

So happy you had a good time in our state of Florida. You came the best time of the year. Right now it is already getting way too hot.

I love your "Hello Spring" stitch and the way you finished it. Yo yo's are one of my favorite things to make and it looks so pretty on that stitch. It really brings the colors out so nicely. We are using this series and the basketful series for two of our blog projects and they have been alot of fun to stitch.

Your Santa stitch looks adorable in the twig frame. It is so cute!

Do you use a magnifier light for the 46 count. I bought one but haven't used it yet.

Wonderful post with lots of pretties. Hope you are feeling better. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever