Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finishes and Florida

Hello everyone! Gosh, it is already January 9th and this is only my first post of the new year... I am just in awe watching many of you work on your 15-day challenge projects--you're not making it any easier to achieve my goal of "stitching from stash" this year, that's for sure. I wanted to share with you some of my final Christmas ornaments from 2010 that I sent to friends across the country...

This Prairie Schooler from the "Santas & Snowmen" chart made it's way to Myra in North Carolina. Myra liked it so much she decided to purchase the chart and stitch the other designs for herself:

This quartet of snowmen found a new home with Cindy in New York. This is a freebie which you can find right here. I'm sorry, but I don't know the designer--if anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it (Edited on 1/10/11: thanks to Gabi from Germany who shared the designer's name with me! This design can be found on Les Chroniques de Frimousse.)

My sister in New York is now the proud owner of this little Brittercup kitty ornament. I stitched it in memory of her dear black cat, Cinders. She has always been very appreciative of my hand-stitched ornaments and I love making them for her:

I actually stitched two of these Prairie Schooler snowflakes (from PS Book No. 23: "A Prairie Year II.") One traveled across the state of Pennsylvania to my dear friend Mary and the other made its way all the way to California to a new blogging friend Julianne. I like this one so much, I'm planning on stitching it a third time just for myself:

And Shari in Indiana was such a good girl this Christmas, that she received this Told In A Garden angel ornament. With her son serving in the military, I thought it would hold special meaning for her. This is a free design which I've added to my "Favorite Freebies" list in my sidebar along with the snowmen design pictured above:
I really loved stitching and surprising a few of my friends with these and hope to send out even more surprise ornaments next Christmas for additional blogging buddies...I think I'm going to secretly stitch ornaments all year and hide them away until December rolls around!

Are any of you familiar with this book? Well, last Tuesday, when I flew down to Florida to visit my parents, my day could easily have rivaled Alexander's "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day." I am not a great flyer--flying only once a year doesn't make it any more comfortable for me. But to calm my nerves, I took along a small project to stitch while waiting for the plane. I pulled out the fabric and the threads and the scissors (airplane approved) and my needle and--oh no, my pattern was not there! Ugh--I had left it at home beside my stitching chair. The stitching withdrawal symptoms began immediately...

Once on the plane I was delighted to find myself seated across the aisle from a girl who sneezed non-stop for the 2½ hour plane ride. I kid you not--the entire trip. I've never seen anything like it! Her mother, seated next to me, filled up an entire large white plastic bag with her used tissues. Can you say "ewww?!!"

After we landed, my son and I immediately went to the car rental counter to pay for our reserved car. I gave them my license and credit card, signed the paperwork, and away we walked to pick up the car. Well, when we got to the car pickup location, they had no record of me ever having rented the car! What? I just signed the papers five minutes earlier! For 30 minutes, we stood waiting and waiting while several employees walked back and forth trying to solve the problem. "Are you sure it wasn't rented under a different name?" "Are you positive it was this car rental company you used?" Sigh...finally, they figured out the problem and offered to upgrade the car. We told them it wasn't necessary, but they insisted. Now, an upgrade to some people would have been exciting; to the two of us who know nothing about cars...well, it was meaningless. They told us to pick a car and my son simply pointed to the first car he saw.

Well, let's just say this car, classified as a "sports" sedan had a lot more power than this middle-aged mini-van driver is used to! You know what's coming, right? Flashing lights appeared in my rear-view mirror--the Florida State Police had decided to set up a speed trap for all of us unsuspecting tourists. $134 later I pulled back onto the highway and continued my drive to my parents' condo with tear-streaked cheeks. It wasn't just the ticket, I was just so tired, and the entire day had been less than ideal. (Well, to be honest, I also thought about how much stash I could have bought with that ticket money!).

After we arrived in Daytona Beach, unpacked the car, and rode the elevator to the 14th floor, I spied my parents waiting outside their front door. Mom immediately sensed that it had been a long, hard day and when she wrapped her loving arms around me suddenly everything was right with the world. There is nothing like a hug from mom to erase all your worries is there?

The weather wasn't sunny and warm like I had hoped for, but we did get one nice day. Oh, and I brought home a "lovely" souvenir from my trip; Saturday morning I woke up with a cold--yes, I had caught Miss Sneezy's cold from the plane trip down--my first cold in three years. Sigh...

Thank you all for visiting me today--I really loved reading your comments about my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow finish last time. Isn't it wonderful how we all support each other in this little stitching world? I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know... And remember to stop by next week for my annual birthday / blogoverary giveaway post! Bye now...


Margaret said...

Oh my! Your trip down to Florida definitely sounds like the worst day ever! And to catch that cold too from Miss Sneezy! Ugh! You poor thing! I'm so glad your mom could give you a hug and make you feel better. All the ornaments you sent to friends are beautiful. I admire your finishing work very much!

Jackie said...

Your finishes are beautiful!

I'm so sorry your trip to Florida was problematic. I should have warned you that the FHP gets federal funds to work overtime (very rare for FHP so all the troopers jump on it) to write speeding tickets during the holidays.

Tricia said...

Oh, bless your heart! I'm so sorry that you're sick and that you had such a hard trip. :-( I hope you'll be better soon!!

Your ornaments are beautiful! I especially like the Prairie Schooler one!

Robin (Samplerbird) said...

Your ornaments are beautiful and the finishing is perfect! Sorry to hear that you had such a rough start to your Florida trip and that you picked up the cold. Hope you are feeling much better now. Belated congrats on your CaHRH finish...what an accomplishment. It is gorgeous!!!

KarenV said...

Oh Carol, what a difficult journey you had! I'm so sorry for all the hassle and hope your cold is better soon.

All the ornaments you sent are gorgeous, they are always so perfectly stitched and finished :)

Faye said...

Carol, First I would like to compliment you on your wonderful finishes. They are truly works of art and you have an impeccable finishing technique. Very crisp...I like them all!!

The "souvenier" from your trip is something I can relate to...Being in 2 classrooms of first graders, I am constantly being given "gifts"... I really do appreciate the hugs and love, but know there are "goodies" that come with it....So, I know what you are saying~~

Have a great day...I just wanted you to know how very inspiring your blog is to me...Keep up the great work!

Faye carolinastitcher

Annette said...

You made very beautifull ornaments... And you finished them up so lovely!!
Wow what a trip did you made, and your sweet son driving!!!hihi
I hope you had a wonderfull time with our parents, and get better soon!!
Lovely pictures on the beach!

Yvon (jioya) said...

that's not the way a trip should go, i hope your cold will be over soon.
I love all your ornaments and the Januari crossstitch on your sidebar.

Hugs Yvon.

Kathy A. said...

Oh dear - some trips are just a real trial aren't they. Our trip home for Christmas took 2 days and my baggage 3. That cold - caught one too! Didn't we have a fun time you and I LOL.
Your Christmas ornaments are beautiful. You can tell that you put lots of thought and effort into each one. I especially love the diamond shape one.

Cheryl said...

You poor thing! Sounds horrendous. All your ornaments are wonderful and I know the recipients loved them! Take care of that cold.

Lee said...

Carol! Your trip was simply star-crossed. There is no other explanation. But your beach pictures look peaceful and serene. I hope you had a little time to enjoy it while you were there. And I hope your parents are well.

Such pretty, pretty ornaments! You are one talented stitcher, Miss Carol.

Mary said...

Carol, the ornaments are just lovely and such a fabulous finishing on each one!

Sorry your travel to FL was not the best. Hope you are feeling better.

Barbi said...

So many things to say! First...I'm sorry you got sick :( I get grossed out by sitting next to or even close to sick people on a plane, because I KNOW that I am going to catch whatever they are spreading! EEK!!! your ornaments are marvelous! Thank you for posting the freebie, I don't know who the designer is, but I do know that I will be stitching it. I AM NOT buying stash this year either. But there is a caveat! I will be getting the monthly ornies from LHN this year as well, and hopefully I will stitch more of them up than I had last year. I still have to do those as well.
Sorry that your trip to your destination was so long and trying, but you ended up in your mom's arms and that makes it all worth it :)

Cole said...

Beautiful ornaments Carol! They will be treasured by each of the ladies for many Christmases to come!

Wow, your trip to your parents was an adventure! It's amazing how soothing mom's arms are, no matter your age.

The Queen Bee said...

Carol, I am so sorry your trip to Florida was less then favorable.. and those darn speed traps. Not nice, not nice at all.

I hope spending time with your son and parents helped make up for the rough delivery.

Beautiful ornament finishes, though.


Hazel said...

Oh dear where to start?? Love all your ornie finishes. They are absolutley stunning and beautiful. So sorry to hear about your trip. Everything happens at once doesn't it? Hope you can settle into the year now and have better times. xx

Lesleyanne said...

Sorry to hear about your trip. LOVE the ornaments especially the Britty Kitty one.

Shari said...

you are such a generous person, the ornaments are all gorgeous!! And I know first hand, how much they are appreciated!!! Thank you once again!!
I am so sad to read about your trip to Florida. What an all around disappointing day......
And to catch that awful cold....yuck!!Why do people NOT THINK?????
Hope you are starting to feel better!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the ornaments. Well done.
Sorry to hear you caught a cold from Miss Sneezy. Hope you feel better soon.

Catherine said...

Your beautiful stitches surely brought smiles to those you sent them too! You were a busy elf!

I am so sorry to hear that your trip down to FL ws so rough. I have been thinking of you and your visit to your mom and dad. I hope the time spent with your parents was better than the trip down!

Yucky souvenir! I do hope you are feeling better soon!

Joy said...

The ornaments are very nice. I love snowmen so thanks for providing the link to the pattern

Sorry to hear your trip was so bad... I've had a couple trips from hell. I'm never going to the west coast ever again. The first time, it was cold and rainy in southern CA for 2 weeks (my whole trip). The second time my father died while I was on choir tour up in WA state. The third time I almost died of food poisoning and ended up in the ER. I'm afraid what will happen if I go back.

Wendy said...

I absolutely love your ornaments !!
since I am now in the ornament-making-buisiness myself ( ahum ) , I have to ask you ; how do you attach the cord around your ornaments ?
do you sew them or glue them ?
to be precise, I mean the filled, pillow-like ornaments.

so sorry to hear about your terrible-trip !
here´s an idea, write a book about it, it might become a best-seller lol !
I often take a small stitch project with me when I have to sit through my sons swimming lesson.
and o so often I manniged to forget my needle, of a colour that I needed to continue.........
stop laughing, it´s not funny !

sounds like you had a wonderfull time with your parents, makes me even more happy that both my parents and my in-laws live in the same town as we do.

I´m having a busy week ahead, so if I miss your next post - Happy early Birthday !

Anonymous said...

Your ornaments are fabulous!!! Love that snowmen quartet!

gracie said...

First, your ornaments are lovely
Next, somedays just start out bad and only get, take a deep breath and's over...right???
sending {{{hugs}}}to you

Lizzy said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad trip down to Florida, Carol... when it rains it truly pours! I'm glad you enjoyed the time with your parents... lovely photos! Sorry to read you caught Miss Sneezy's cold... I've had a terrible one since the New Year as well... I couldn't talk for three days and still not over it... I am bound and determined it is not some sort of ill omen for the new year! :) I hope you feel better soon, Hun!

I love your last ornaments... the PS snowman is way too adorable and I love the snowman quartet as well...

Heartfelt blessings always in stitches...

Myra said...

Oh my Carol, what a horrible trip down you had. I hope some "mommy" time made up for it.

All of your ornaments are just outstanding and I know the recipients are as thrilled with theirs as I am with mine. I can hardly wait to start stitching the other ornaments.

Take care of that cold. ((Hugs))

Chris said...

Hi Carol,
I am sorry that your trip down to Florida was so hard. It is such a hassel to travel. I know that the time with your family made up for it even though you came home with the cold.
Your ornaments are so lovely. The snowflake one I think is my favorite. I can see why you stitched it twice.
Feel better soon!

Bonnie said...

All your ornaments are beautiful and your finishing is superb.
Sorry you had so many problems on your trip to Florida. Get well soon.

Giovanna said...

What beautiful ornaments - the receivers must have been thrilled!

Dani - tkdchick said...

So are you sick yet after that girl sneezing all flight long?

What a wonderful mosaic of pictures from FLA I heard it was pretty cold this year (like last).

Those ornaments are wonderful and fantastically finished!

Melissa said...

Oh Carol, first, a big Hug for you! What a horrible series of unfortunate events! Glad a hug from your mom helped though!

Love the ornaments. They are beautiful!

I hope you feel better soon!

Nancy said...

Hi Carol,
It sounds like you had a rough trip to Florida, but I'm so glad you got a loving hug when you arrived. Take care of yourself, and I hope your cold leaves you soon.

Your ornaments are just beautiful, and I'm sure everyone considers them a treasure!

Septiembre said...

Hi Carol:I hope you feel better in the cold.
All your travel adventure, pity the speeding ticket.
Your ornaments wonderful, thanks for the links.

Mary said...

Oh boy, what a day! but thankfully you had Mum there with a hug at the end of it. How did you manage without any stitching though - that must have been dreadful for you.
Loved all of the gifts you sent to friends - all so beautifully finished. The cat and the snowlflake were my favourites.

Meadows08 said...

I hope your cold goes away quickly Carol.

As usual, I can't gush enough over your finishes! Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!!

P.S. Thanks for all the links to such great freebies! I printed off a few :)

Beth said...

I loved all your ornaments, especially the Snowflake one - your finish on that was fantastic!!

So sorry you had such a bad experience traveling..I would have really hated the sneezer!

Kttycat said...

You poor poor thing. I do hope you feel better real soon. For future flights pick up some airborn ( I swear the stuff works! Happy early birthday and blogoversary!!

Barb said...

I just want to say "oh honey, you've had a really bad day haven't you?" I'm so glad your Mom was able to greet you and give you a big hug. Sounds like an awful start to the trip! Your ornaments are lovely Carol, and it was so nice of you to share them with your friends.

I hope your cold will be a distant memory soon!

valerie said...

Oh noes Carol! I am so sorry to hear you caught Ms. Sneezy's cold and got a ticket! I am still trying to deal with my ticket and what a pain. If you can believe it, my ticket was 4x yours. I shouldn't buy stash all year now. Get lots of rest when you can.

On a happy note, your ornie finishes are all so beautiful! You did such a wonderful job and I'm sure all the recipients were so happy with their surprise!

Julianne said...


I am glad you had a safe trip but I am sorry to hear about the bumps along the way.

All your ornaments are lovey. I just treasure mine.

Melissa said...

Definitely sounds like a rough trip down to Florida. I hope you're feeling better after your cold. Your ornament finishes are gorgeous. I love the PS snowflake one. I've never seen that one before. I'll have to try to track down the book.

Bine said...

Your ornaments are gorgeous!!! My favourites are the Prairie Schooler ones...of course :)

Rebecca said...

Hope the time spent with your parents and son, made up for the terrible trip down to Florida. Your ornament finishes are beautiful!

Feel better soon!!

Lisa V said...

WOW, I love all of your christmas ornies, what lovely finishes.
I'm sorry your trip wasnt the best, having that cold at the end would definately have topped it for me too, I hate colds!

Cindy's Stitching said...

So glad you are home Carol.Hugs to you for your troubles on the way to see your parents. The car rental story, we can all relate to that. You really had a bad trip on the way down. Someday you will laugh about it. It's almost comical how some things happen. I am fighting a cold now myself. It doesn't want to go away. You did so many ornies for people, I am so blessed one of them was for me. I truly treasure it. I can't wait to see what you are working on next.

Lisa Russell said...

I am just an hour south in FL, and it has been unseasonably cold here. I hope you were able to pick up something to do on the flight back. Glad to know they have airline approved scissors! Your finishes are beautiful!

Tanya~Friendship Crossing said...

Your ornaments turned out absolutely beautiful!! The colors really 'pop' off the fabric!

Sorry to hear about your 'sneezy' trip and hope you'll feel better real soon!


Karen said...

I just love your ornaments! YOur finishing is always impeccable... just love the cording details.

Sorry you had a bad beginning to your trip but hope all turned out well in the end.

Happy stitching...

mainely stitching said...

Too bad that your year started out with a cold, a speeding ticket, and a lot of hassle ... but I'm glad you got that magical hug from your Mom! :D

Your ornament finishes are nothing short of amazing. :D You made a lot of people happy!

Lynn said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the start of your trip south was less than ideal. Travelling can be exhausting under the best of circumstances. And to pick up that cold too!! I only hope that you managed to enjoy the rest of your trip.
Your ornament stitches are gorgeous!! I LOVE that PS snowflake! Your finishes are so lovely. I look forward to seeing more of them in the coming year!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Sorry about your trip but those ornaments are just stunning. Some day I'm going to learn how to finish them.

Theresa said...

So sorry to hear that your trip was not so ideal.... I hope all the bad luck had ran out after that and everything will run smoothly from now on!!!

I love all your finishes!!! They are awesome!!!!!

Rowyn said...

Oh Carol, what a trip! You poor thing.

My worst ever flight was from Dublin to Cyprus in 2006. The flight was full of rowdy Irish holiday makers. They drank, some yelled obscenities, they wandered around the cabin - even the flight crew could not contain them. It was a little scarey and I could not wait to get off that flight.

Anyway, you got some geat photos on your trips. I really like the photo of the litle birdie facing out to the pretty blue sea.

I love all of your ornaments - the Britty Kitty one is definitely my favourite!

Edit said...

Happy New Year Carol! Your trip to your parents does not sound the best travel, but I guess the most important is that you could be with them.

I also had a terrible flight once: I had to change, but my first flight was late, so it was impossible to catch the second. But it did not stop the lady at the check in desk to check me in to the second one. When I realized I had to wait in the queue again to clarify this. Then on the first flight I started to have terrible pain in my ears, I could not hear anything at all, which made it extremely hard when I had to change and try to get a second flight. Finally I managed, but on the second flight my ears were in even more pain and I felt we would never arrive.

When we did finally my parents were waiting for me at the airport and suddenly everything was all right.

On the happier side, I also used to stitch on the airport, sometimes even on the plane :) but until now I could not get a pair of scissors that I could get through security. How does yours look like? What is it made of?

Your ornaments you sent out as presents look all beautiful. I am sure your friends were super happy when the received them.

Have a nice week,

Sharon said...

Those Florida State Troopers have no mercy. I know as I had a ticket from them not too long ago that was 131 dollars and I felt the same way. Your ornaments are beautiful and just finished perfectly! Hope you feel better soon.

Lois said...

Oh Carol, what a time you had getting to Florida and, in fact, getting to your parents front door! I am sorry that your trip started out with so many mishaps and that you ended up catching that cold. Ugh!

What lovely ornaments you gave. I know they will be treasured by everyone who received one.

Happy New Year, may 2011 be a good one for you.

Jennifer said...

Hi Carol, I love your finishes. Do sew them together with a sewing machine or put them together by hand? Either way they are all so beautiful and you are so inspiring . I love your story of how your Mom was there to hug you at the end of your complicated journey. Sorry to hear about your cold though . Thank you so much for the kind comments on my blog. I love your Christmas at HRH too . The Happy New Year block is just gorgeous!

BrendaS said...

Carol --
Your finishes are so beautiful. I'm sure everyone will treasure their little gift from you.

I'm sorry your trip to Florida was so awful and I hope your cold goes away fast.

Thanks for sharing.

Vinniey said...

First of all, I'm glad you had a safe trip to Florida and loving time with your parents. I love the holiday pictures you've took, very good photography technique, Carol. :)

I would like to congratulations on your stunning HRH finish. I love the way you personalize the HRH. It looks so fabulousl. Admiring all your beautiful ornaments finishes; all of them are so so gorgeous; you have great eye on choosing the ribbons for each of the designs. Making each of them so special.

I'm sorry that you got a ticket and you got sick. Sorry for my slow comment on your post. I think you have recovered from cold? {{{Hugs}}} Take care, Carol.

passionfruitprincess said...

Hello Carol! Your ornaments are darling! The little angel is on my to do list for this year.
I am sorry for all your troubles going to Florida. But,staying with Mom is wonderful. Wish you a better trip next time.
I have a long list of projects of all kinds planned for this year. Plenty of ornaments. Very cool!
Have a great day and may all your stitching dreams come true!
Love, Ana Paula

Elaine said...

Oh Carol I;m so sorry that your trip to Florida was so stressful.
The Ornaments you stitched for your friends are just beautiful, especially the snowmen ones.
Hope your cold clears up soon and I look forward to all your new stitches in 2011. Hugs!

Martine said...

Oh ! my poor Carol !!
I am very sory to learn that your trip to Florida was not the best !!
and I wish you a better trip a next time !!!
I hope you feel better soon...

I love very very much all your ornaments you send to your friends and I love your Prairie Schooler snowflakes ! It is very beautiful !

I am so glad that you are at home, Carol ! In fact, I was very surprised when I arrived on your blog because I thought that you come back the next week !!!

Well, I hope you will be better soon ! Take care of your, my dear friend !

Hugs !

Bekca said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible trip. I've just been struck down with a cold myself and know just how run down you must be feeling. I hope you can now have a lovely time visiting your family and I look forward to your giveaway. Best wishes.

Mary H said...

Wonderful, wonderful finishes! I love how you included links for your favorite freebies. I found a few that I hope to stitch. I hope that you enjoy your coming days in Florida. You deserve a splendid trip home too!

Michele B. said...

I know that book! Even Alexander had a better day than you did. I'm so sorry for what you had to endure (leaving the chart home was more than enough woe for one day, and that was only for starters). I'm so glad your mom could enfold you with a big hug at the end of all of it. Take care of yourself - have lots of tea and cuddle up with a warm blanket. Feel better soon!

Julie said...

Those are really great ornaments! You did a great job with the finishing on them all too.

I'm sorry you caught a cold from your trip. I hope you feel better soon!

Roberta said...

Hi Carol, I am trying desperately to get caught up with my blog reading.

I am so sorry that your trip to Florida was the trip from H#$^ and that Florida's weather was not warm. Love all the ornaments that you stitched for friends. Great finishing and stitching. Thanks for the little freebie.

Happy New Year.

Ariane said...

Toutes ces réalisations sont magnifiques. Bravo et très bonne année.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Thanks for sharing your ornies - they are perfectly, beautifully finished! Sorry your trip wasn't more pleasant, but the visit was worth it all...especially that Mother's Love - can't be beat!! Yesterday was snow - today is ice! It's a Winter Wonderland for sure...

Meari said...

Your ornaments look beautiful, Carol.

So sorry to hear that you picked up Miss Sneezy's cold. :(

And yes, I know that book! Residuals of working in the children's dept at the library. :)

Had to LOL @ the speeding ticket. I know it wasn't funny, but I could see it coming after stating what your son picked out for a car.

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh, your trip sounds like it was eventful from the get-go!! I hope the rest of it was better than the beginning.

Your ornaments are GORGEOUS! I think you are the ornament queen. ;)

Sally said...

I hope you are feeling much better now.

Love all your ornaments. The snowmen ones are so cute!

♥ Nia said...

Wow! What a trip!! =/
I hope now that it's over you can look back and laugh about it.
That bad day is gone ;)

I love your ornaments :D You stitched so many last year!!
All beautiful but I specially love the cat, perfect colors, perfect ribbon, I love it :)

I hope your week is going better!
Sweet hug =)

Anonymous said...

Oh my...what an experience for your trip! Better luck next time. Yes...Mom's seem to fix EVERYTHING. Absolutely LOVE your ornaments...great finishing as well.

Carolyn said...

Oh my! Your trip to get to Florida sounds like a total nightmare. I'm so glad your mom was there to make things better. Mom hugs are the best, for sure.

I have had so much fun reading your blog today. Thank you for commenting on mine, which in turn led me to yours! I LOVE all of your ornaments, and I, too, have made a promise this year to stitch from my stash and also stitch an ornament a month. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas ornaments, and didn't have the time to stitch but ONE....ONE last year. That's a sin in itself! So this year I'm making up for it. I might even try to stitch TWO a month to make up for it. Anyway, sorry to ramble. Thank you for a wonderful blog! I'm now a follower and will be back often! :)

Julie said...

Super ornament finishes, lucky folks who received these.

A hug makes everything seem much better doesn't it.

I hope you are soon feeling much better and you cold is gone

Kellie said...

Oh Carol, what a day! I would have wanted to bathe in hand sanitizer (or lysol!) after getting off that plane. Ewww.... And now you have the cold... Isn't that how it always happens. But you are right... a hug from mom makes everything better.

Your finishes are beautiful!!! So are the beach pictures. Makes me long for sunshine as I sit here in the snow. :)

I hope you are feeling better.

Patty C. said...

Thank you for the freebie link
You ornaments looks awesome :)

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about your nightmare, errr, trip, to Florida. And worse your cold. I hope your are now feeling better. Or at least taking it easy and stitching up more of your gorgeous ornaments. Oh my but they are all fabulous. I can't begin to say which one I like best. They are all gorgeous!

Michele said...

I just love all your finished ornaments. I'm sure all your friends loved them too! Do you have a trick to getting your cording to look so great??

I am sorry about your trip to Florida .. but mom hugs are the best aren't they!

Shirley said...

Your stitched ornaments are beautiful - I would be happy to receive any one of them. Sorry to hear your probelms getting to Florida. Like you, I am not a good traveller and the last time we went away we had problems at the airport coming home. It does put you off, doesn't it?
kind regards,

Melanie said...

Yikes! That's a bit of..............'adventure'. So sorry you had such a bad trip. :( And don't feel too bad: when I went to DC last year I got tagged for a speeding ticket too. Didn't even know it until it came in the mail a couple weeks later. *sigh*

The ornaments are just amazing!!! :)

Lynn B said...

Wow, I have just seen these gorgeous ornies on the Worlds Largest Collection of Smalls, they are all really beautiful.
Your tree looks amazing!

Kind regards

Lynn B

Pumpkin said...

Look at all of those GORGEOUS ornies!!!! You were holding out on us but I guess I can see why ;o)

Oh dear :o( I'm sorry to hear that your trip wasn't as good as you had hoped. I would have felt the same way. I hope you're over your cold now and back into your stitchy mode ;o)