Sunday, January 16, 2011

Come Celebrate With Me!

Good morning, everyone! Yes, it's my birthday and I'm celebrating with two giveaways for my friends and followers. Don't I look positively delighted in this mid-1950s photo which was taken sometime around my first birthday? Even then I loved a great birthday party--especially the cake. I was a pudgy little thing, wasn't I? And thank goodness my hair grew in... This was taken at my parents' first apartment in Buffalo, NY. I was the only child back then; little did I know that my younger brother would be making an appearance later that year. Spoiled? Oh, yes-- especially by my dear father who, my mother says, was so delighted with me that he would wake me up to play when he came home in the middle of the night after completing his shift at the hospital where he was an intern. (Much to my poor mother's dismay who had spent the entire evening trying to get me settled down and asleep!).

Anyway, to celebrate my 56th birthday and my 2nd blogoversary, I have a pair of giveaways to offer my blogging friends.

First up, and I think most of you guessed it from my "hint" a few posts ago) is Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow and all 59 skeins of DMC that you will need to stitch it. (Please note: 1 or 2 skeins (depending on what count fabric you choose) of Needle Necessities Mint Frost are also needed but are not included in my giveaway.) My only stipulation is that you must really want to stitch this. Please don't enter this giveaway just to win the chart or just to win the threads. I want this to go to someone who will actually stitch it and then pass it along in a giveaway of her / his own when you are finished. I was lucky enough to win this from the generous Jolene and I would love to keep the kindness going. You don't have to pass along the DMC, just the chart... So please consider this when entering.

My other giveaway, shown above, is one I'm calling my "Winter into Spring" giveaway since it has items dealing with January, February, and March. For January, I'm including the Waxing Moon "January Sampler" chart which I stitched last year. You can see my finish right here and in my sidebar. It really is one of my very favorite finishes ever. The month of February is represented by a pretty pair of red scissors for Valentine's Day, and March is symbolized by Prairie Schooler's "Daffodils" chart along with all 18 skeins of DMC needed to stitch it. I'm also including five ornament sized (6 inches square) cuts of some of my favorite fabrics including: 28 ct. black Monaco, 32 ct. barnwood linen, 32 ct. sage Jobelan, 28 ct. wood violet Jobelan, and 32 ct. putty Belfast linen.

So, how do you enter? It's very simple. I want these giveaways to be for my followers--the people who visit my blog and take the time to read my posts, look at my photos, and sometimes even comment. Please do not post it on your blog--I would like the giveaways to go to someone who normally visits me here, not someone who just stops in to win a prize. To make it a bit more interesting for all of us, I'd love to hear the story behind your avatar or little icon. If you use a photo of yourself, tell me about it--was it taken at a favorite spot, does it bring back a wonderful memory; why did you choose it? If you use a flower or animal or piece of stitchery or some other representation--how did you happen to pick that? And if you don't have an icon, well, I'd love to hear what you would pick to "represent you" if you had to...Incidentally, Sharon (aka Daffycat) had a very interesting post about why you should have a photo or icon attached to your account. You might want to read about it here.

Here's the story behind mine--the little girl holding the mistletoe over the black cat hoping for a Christmas kiss. I picked this in early 2009 when I first began blogging mainly because of the black cat. Most of you know I adore black cats, having owned and loved my own dear Shadow for over 14 years. Although I am no longer a girl like the one pictured here, I am quite petite--only a little over 5' 1" tall--so I suppose in my mind that girl on my icon is me when I was much, much younger (however, having grown up in the '60s, and '70s my hair was never curly, but always long and straight and parted in the middle--wasn't everybody's?)! I also chose this because it was originally a portion of a vintage postcard which is another of my interests.

So, tell me your story...that's all it takes to be entered into my giveaway. Please make sure to tell me which giveaway you are entering and make sure you include your email address if it isn't connected with your profile. You may enter both giveaways, but can only win one... I'll close the contest on Friday, January 28th at midnight and will announce the winners sometime that weekend. Good luck to all!

I want to thank two special friends for their birthday gifts. First of all, sweet Myra made this darling little covered box for me. It looks like she hand-dyed her own fabric, covered the top of the box with a crocheted doily and topped it with her perfectly stitched "springy" design (she thought we could both use a touch of spring and, oh, is she right!). She also include a piece of the wonderful alphabet /lettering fabric that she had made my pouch out of for my Christmas gift and a little notebook to use as a stitching journal. Thank you, my friend; your gifts made me feel very special!

And special thanks to dear Cindy who sent me a much-appreciated gift certificate to 123 Stitch --can't wait to pick out something new. My oldest son also gave me a gift certificate for the same site for Christmas so I'll really enjoy my spending spree. Thank you so much, Cindy--your thoughtful gift certainly made my day! I'll be sure to let you know what I select...

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my last post--I try to answer each of you who have questions, but sometimes your account isn't attached to an email. Please feel free to email me personally with any questions and I'll be glad to answer... And thanks for the "get well" wishes--I ended up getting the flu and having to call in sick at work for the first time in 15 years! Yes, I was that sick, but I'm almost back to normal now so my new year is off to a good start after all. I hope you all have a wonderful week with lots of time for whatever makes you happiest. Bye now...


KarenV said...

Glad you're feeling better Carol! I'm not going to enter the giveaways, but I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! :)

BrendaS said...

Happy Birthday to you! Today is my birthday too:))) I'm in great company.

Your giveaways are wonderful but since I already have them I will let someone else win that would really like to stitch it.

Beautiful gifts that you received.

My little icon is a picture of my stitched "Home of a Needleworker". This is truly me because my home is filled with all my stitching and from the moment you walk in the door everyone knows how much stitching means to me.

Have a wonderful day today and a very Happy Birthday!

Margaret said...

Glad you're feeling better -- that flu sounds so nasty! I also already have the charts you're giving away so I won't enter. But I'll tell you about my icon anyway. It's from one of my favorite samplers, Charlotte Clayton. I picked it for my icon before I realized that that was going to represent me and I would probably never change it. But it's a good choice since I love it! I loved hearing about your icon. I'm "petite" as well. I think about 5'2". I may be shrinking though. lol!

Scully said...

I don't want in on your very generous giveaways, either, but wanted to say Happy Birthday as well. I don't have an avatar, maybe I should do something about that...I've been enjoying your blog.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Carol, I am glad you are feeling better.
These are fantastic giveaways.
I would like to enter Winter into Spring. I like the Christmas At Hawk Run, but methinks I will be real busy this year with my 15 Challenges.
I chose my avatar because I like mermaids and at one time wanted to stitch every mermaid design I could find. lol.
I am a follower of your blog.

Cath said...

Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a lovely time.
I'd love to enter your Winter into Spring giveaway please . I like CaHRH , but not sure I would stitch it as I really prefer Autumn.
Anyway , my pic is a photo of me taken at a friends wedding . I don't like having my photo taken , so my hubby was a bit sneaky with this . I used it as I thought I really should have a pic after a year of blogging without one . If I can find a nice crazy chicken one , I may just swap it , lol .

Cheryl said...

Just wanting to wish you a Happy Birthday. I know I would not finish the beautiful stitcheries, so I hope someone who will love them wins. Glad you are feeling better.

Michele B. said...

Good morning, and happy happy birthday! That picture of you gave me a big smile as I drank my coffee. I can see why your father wanted to wake you up!

I would love to stitch CAHRH but at my rate of speed it would take me about five years, so I better leave that giveaway for others. But I'd like to enter the other one. My icon is a stitched X, for my blog name, X Marks My Spot. I made it when I was still a total novice, and I kept turning it as I stitched, so the X's don't all face in the same direction. But hopefully no one will look too close!

I look forward to reading other people's reasons, so I'll be back checking your comments a lot. Have fun spending your GC. Hope you are all better now!

Myra said...

Happy birthday to you! Could you have been a cuter baby? Those are such generous giveaways, while I love CaHRH the only block I really want to stitch is the cardinal one so please don't put my name in. I will tell you about my avatar although I am thinking of changing it. Mine is a Christmas picture of myself and Lola I had made at a fundraiser for a local dog rescue. They had a photographer come in to the local dog school and a large portion of the profits from the picture packages went to the rescue. You know I love my furbabies so how could I not participate in such a worthy cause. If you look closely, you can see Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky out the window. :o)

Nima said...

Happy Birthday Carol...Wishing you a lovely day and beautiful year ahead.

Awesome way to celeberate your birthday with such a lovely giveaway. Please don't add me for the draw..i'm here just to wish you a beautiful birthday.

The Queen Bee said...

Hope you have a fabulous birthday. What a nice post to honor the day.

I don't want to enter the drawing because I don't think I'd stitch HRH in this life time and already have the other charts.

My icon of a lily was chosen, simply, because I love lilies.

Happy Birthday, Pam

Chris said...

Dear Carol,
First I want to say Happy Birthday, I love your picture. I also love your avatar. It is so sweet and I love vintage postcards too.
My picture is of me and my husband Rich. It was taken last summer at Montpelier in VA. He's my Best friend. This year will be our 20th anniversary.
I would like to enter the giveaway for CHRH.
Happy Sunday :)

riona said...

Carol, while not a "follower", I am a frequent visitor and commenter ... I do enjoy a well-written blog!

As to the photo I use, it was taken last October at one of my very favorite rest and relaxation spots: the veranda of the Sagamore Hotel in Bolton's Landing on the Lake George shore. I am sitting in one of their comfy wicker armchairs stitching away and enjoying a fantastic view of mountains, lake and fall foliage in dramatic golds, oranges and reds. My husband took the photo.

Odd that you should use a photo from your early childhood ... just yesterday I found two photos of myself at age 3 and 5 and thought about using them in the blog. We children of the 50's must be on the same wavelength or something.

As to your giveaways: I admit that I am probably one of the few stitchers who has no interest in Hawk Run Hollow ... I admire other people's work but I am not in the least tempted to stitch my own version.

But I am very much interested in the Winter into Spring giveaway ... I do so love Prairie Schooler charts and that's a lovely one. In fact I was just thinking of digging out a chart of daffodils yesterday as I was fondling some stash and came across a beautiful Valdani overdyed cotton in the perfect shades for daffodils. I guess I am longing for all the snow to melt above the retaining wall in my backyard and for my little hillside to blossom with all the daffodils I have planted there.

Anonymous said...

Not entering, just wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!

Faye said...

What a wonderful giveaway and thank you for being so very very generous!! I am so interested in the Winter to Spring giveaway as teh PS Daffodils chart has been on my wish list for a good while...Also, I love to do ornaments and those fabric cuts are just perfect!!

My icon is my picture and this big grin I am sporting is because the picture was taken at the beach...It was in June 2009 about a month after I started blogging....I thought the smile might put a smile on the faces of those visiting!!

This world of blogging has truly opened my eyes to ideas, friendships and total inspiration for my creative side....Like you, I appreciate the comments and feedback!

Again, thanks for the chance to win..I promise I would put the goodies to very good use~~

Takce care, Faye

Lee said...

Happy Birthday, you cute little birthday girl! Don't enter me - although I admire your tenacity with CaHRH and I love the results!

My photo is nothing meaningful. Just a picture that my son took one day.

I hope you get to spend today doing exactly what you love!

Annette said...

Dear Carol,
Happy Birthday!!!
I wanna wish you a wonderfull day with a lot of love and family and friend!!!
I don't going to enter both your give-away's. I love the cards but they are not my style.
But I'm going to tell a about my photo, it's of my darling little son on his second birthday, he just finished some hot choco, an dit looks so darn cute. I have also a followers photo is of my darling son when he was about 7 months and lying on the belly of this grandfather thumb sucking.
He is the most precious gift I got so far, and I totally adore him!!
Good luck with your give-away's

gracie said...

Happy Birthday Carol!
I chose my icon beacuse I loved the girl sewing. It says, She spends hours in the sewing room. And that is how I have always been. My very first love was hand sewing...then into other needlwork. She looks as relaxed as I am when I "sew" with any of the many needles in my hand. I would love to stitch and pass on your pattern. Have a wonderful celebration. Wish I knew sooner....I would have baked a cake! lol

Sweet Sue said...

Happiest of Birthdays Dear Friend, hope your day is very special! Not entering your fun giveaway, but to share my avatar story~I finished 12 wee Vautier heart hangers for our wedding favors for the ladies, small ceremony in our home back in 2008. Gentlemen favors were fine chocolates, cause sometimes they deserve a sweet reward for putting up with us girls:)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Carol!! Your giveaways are very generous, but they are too advanced for me, so please do not enter me in the drawing.

I am really happy to share my avatar because it depicts such a happy time. It is a picture of me, my daughter, and my granddaughter preparing to bake Christmas cookies. I have titled it Three Generations of Bakers. It was really a fun time.

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday, and that you are feeling much better.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Mavi. said...

Congratulations Carol I hope it's a happy day.
Sign me up for the second draw, "Winter Into Spring. "
My picture was taken in Prague in September 2010. I really liked the city and enjoyed with my husband and some friends.
You make a very generous gift.
It is a pleasure going through your blog and enjoy your work.
I'm glad you're recovered from the flu.

Devon said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and what awesome giveaways..I would like to be entered into the winter into spring one,,and as for my avatar,,it is me at the beach when we first moved to florida,,I am in heaven on the beach..and dont plan on moving anywhere for the picture on my blog header I am half british and love anything british and just loved this picture..hope you are having a great weekend..
hanna_563 at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

First of all I would like to wish you a wonderful Birthday, Carol. I love the picture of your first birthday. I have a similar picture of me back in the 60's setting in a hilds rocking chair that I just love. Thanks for making me think of that picture when I saw yours. Were did the good'ole days go?
Well to your giveaway, I would like to be entered in the Christmas a Hawk Run. I have been wanting to stitch this for some time. When I saw this chart originally I thought I would love to make it as a set of ornaments instead of one big piece.
I don't use an icon simply because when I set my blog up (thestitchedsampler@blogspot)I was to new at the blog thing and not real computer savy. I have never given it much thought until now. So, I think that I would use a pic of me as a little girl with my first cat(Rachel) standing in the front yard of my first house. I love that picture and hate taking pictures of me as an adult. I have always had a cat until lately due to current life situations. I really enjoy seeing pictures of everyone elses cats on the blogs. I will work on getting that up on my blog before I start back to nursing school in Feb.
Again, Happy Birthday and thanks for the birthday opportunity at the Hawks run chart. What a wonderful gift.!

Robin (Samplerbird) said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you are feeling better, too!

What a generous giveway you are having! I have the charts so I'll pass but I will tell you about my icon.

My icon is a robin from a vintage postcard and I chose it simply because my name is Robin. Growing up I hated my name because of other kid's comments. Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard, "Hey Robin, where's Batman" or "When are you going to fly south?" And every time "Robin Red Breast" was referenced, my face would get as red as a robin's breast. By the time the Jackson 5 recorded "Rockin' Robin" though, I had begun to like my name. Now it suits me and I can't think of any other name I would rather have. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

imnverted said...

Happy Birthday Carol!

My icon stories as I have two different ones that popup and Im never really sure which one will until after I post.

One is of a black cat and most you see is the green eyes. The full picture is with a saying "Its 2am and you forgot to feed me John". While I have no John in the house I do have two cats and one will pester for attention at 2am.

The other is of a kitten trying to get a toy on a string. Just too cute.

I would love to be entered in the drawing for CHS Christmas.

Hope your day is fantastic :o)

Lilian Pilar said...

A great and happy day for you.
some time ago I visit your virtual house, I look completely fine work you do and that is why I choose to participate in your celebration.
The story in my avatar is a picture of me that I was taken with my family when we went to a family reunion in Torreciudad, here in Spain, which is the country cobiga us, because we Chileans, for me this picture is important since we were five (my husband, our three daughters and I) to this wonderful place, after having been separated for 4 years we meet as a family.
A big hug and congratulations again!
I invite you pass by my house ...

PD. I use a translator

Meadows08 said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I'm happy you're finely feeling better! What sweet birthday gifts you received :)

I would like to enter for both giveaways, they're both awesome and generous! I have to say I've been contemplating buying Chistmas at HRH. I think I even asked you a while ago if you were interested in selling the chart! ;)

My avatar is my first tiny (and only) biscornu I stitched and finished. I love how it turned out very much and have it on display in my craftroom. It's the Holly and Berries Mini Biscornu by Cherished Stitches. My picture is terrible but it is my first finish to be posted on my blog :) And it identifies me!

Joy said...

Happy Birthday Carol!

My avatar is a picture of me and my husband taken on our wedding day at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I originally flew down to Texas to see him for his birthday and we ended up eloping. Oh, how skinny I was back then but the back to back pregnancies have put a lot of weight on me for me to take off this year.

It'll be our 2 year anniversary on Feb 20 which could also very well be the day that baby number 2 is born.

I'm going for your Winter into Spring giveaway


Ranae said...

Happy Birthday! my friend!
You don't need to enter me in your draws
they are by the way far generous though. I just have so much in my basket.
My avatar is a tombstone angel, I guess it's to let peeople know I like primitive things.y
Have a super duper daY

Cole said...

Happy Birthday Carol, and Happy Blogoversary too!!! Please don't enter me in your drawings, I've been lucky enough to win one of your giveaways already :)

My avatar is a picture of a needlebook I made for one of my first exchanges. I keep it there as a reminder to slow down and remember that it's always important to "count your blessings".

Have a fantastic day!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

I would love the chance to win the Winter into Spring giveaway. (I'm not sure I would do the other one justice, as much as I love the pattern, so that one would be better served by someone else.)

My avatar is a little Mad Men icon. Everyone was making them a couple years ago and I just really glommed on to mine because it really does look like me. Lil chubby, auburn hair in a bob, glasses (though I wear contacts out of the house), etc. I'm not too keen on sharing real pictures of myself all over the internets so this one works for me. It really is kind of 'true' to what I look like. lol

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! I love your picture and I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Your gift from Myra is so sweet! I know you'll have fun picking things with your gift from Cindy - you'll have to show us what you pick!

I chose a sketch of a blackberry bramble to use, it represents my blog name - Bramblewood Stitches.

Both of your giveaways are fantastic. I would love to eventually stitch the HRH piece, but am not sure how fast I would get to it! And I love sheep, so the Winter into Spring would be perfect! Thanks for the chance!

Martine said...

My dear Carol !

I wish you a Happy Birthday and I am so glad that you are feeling better !!!
I have no blog and no icon but I think that I would choose a pic with a snowy landscape because I like very much stitching on the theme of the winter !So, I would like to be entered for the Waxing Moon "January Sampler" ! I fall in love for this design !!!! It is beautiful and I loved it as soon as I saw it on your blog !!!!!!
Again, I hope you a wonderful Birthday (you are very adorable on your photo for your first birthday with your princess's small dress !!!!) and thank you for these generous giveaways !
Hugs !

Friendship Crossing said...

First of all I want to say 'Happy B'day' to a very special lady!
I have always admired your stitching since finding your blog and want you to know you are an inspiration to me and lots of other stithers!
I would rather be entered in the second giveaway ~ 'winter into spring'. I don't have a pic by my name because I'm not all that computer saavy, altho' my pic shows up when I click on to follow someone. It is a snowman sitting outside on a black table that I had on my craft barn porch, w/a star hanging in the background, mainly cuz it was winter when I first startd blogging and I love snowmen and stars! LOL

Thanks so much Carol!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Carol!! Yes we definitely are from the same vintage! I think I even had a dress like that.
I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better now. Calling in sick at work only once in 15 yrs...that's a pretty good track record!

Your giveaways are always so generous. I love following your blog. Your stitching is lovely and I aways draw inspiration from you finishes. I would love to be entered into the Winter into Spring giveaway. Although I love CaHRR, I'm not sure when I would get around to stitching it. Definitely not in the near future and it's not fair to hang on to it when someone else could be enjoying it.

As for my picture, it was taken at an employee service awards dinner of the hospital I work at. I received a ring for 30 yrs service that night and was having a great time getting to know some of my new coworkers. You see, another hospital had just merged with ours and we had only been working together for a short time. The camaraderie felt within our group is very much like that which I've felt within the blogging community.
It has truly been a joy getting to know each and every one of you!

Kim Reid said...

Happy Birthday and Blogoversary!!
I'd love a chance to enter both of your wonderful giveaways - all of the lovely patterns are on my wish list :)
My icon represents my love of dogs especially basset hounds of which my family has had several over the last 40 years.
kimberlybreid @

barbara said...

Hi Carol! I'm just popping in to say Happy Birthday! I already have the CHS and PS charts, but I think it's a fabulous giveaway.

I have two avatars at the moment - one is a primitive stitched female figure from Early Maine Pincushion by CHS because it is so delightfully prim; the other is the Angel of Tulips from The Goode Huswife that I stitched for a friend and that I just absolutely love. Must stitch it again for myself one of these days.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! I have been reading and following your blog for just a little while now. I fell in love with your Christmas tree and it inspired me to get busy this year for my tree next year! I use to design counted cross stitch and after stitching for so many years on so many designs I got tired but seeing all the wonderful patterns now I have been stitching up a storm! I have a little quilt design business and my picture is of one of the little dollies I designed for a quilt pattern.
I would love to have Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, it would be a wonderful treasure! Thank you for your generous giveaway!

Darlene said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Carol. It's only been a few weeks that I discovered & started following your blog as I was seeking inspiration to start x-stitching again. You have provided that - thank you so much!

My picture icon shows my Wabbit Daze Gang - I love bunnies. These guys even appear on my blog and do posts. :-)

I'd love to win either of your giveaways and I would definitely stitch Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow. Thank you for the opportunity.

Theresa said...

Happy happy birthday Carol~~~ I love your baby photo!! You looked very happy~~

I choose my icon simply because I love giraffe~~ I found this one from a poster and there's a funkiness and innocence to it that just drew me in, so that's how i ended up choosing this one as my icon~~

Thank you sooo much for such generous giveaways~~ I would love to enter both, they are all so awesome~~

Thanks again!!!!!

Shari said...

Happy birthday dear friend.......
I am not entering either give away, as I have the 3 patterns in my stash......I hope someone can win that really NEEDS them!!!
Have a super day!!!

Hilda said...

Dear Carol,
happy birthday to you - and also to your wonderful blog!
Although I am following and reading your blog regularly since a short time only, I allow me to enter your give-away. I would love to get your Winter into Spring (and you know how much I admired your "january" on top of your blog.

I also love your idea to tell the story behind the blog-avatars.
Here is mine:
The photo shows me on top of the highest dune in Europe: The Pilar-Dune in France. I was very impressed of this big "hill of sand" that is moving into the countryside and more and more covering the pines-forest on its east side. I loved to sit on it and looking arround. A little story beside this story: On top of the dune I found a little ladybird - and I think this little bug was as much impressed as I was. It was one of my most beautiful vacancies.

Thank you for this wonderful give-aways, the wonderful stories I read and yor wonderful blog!


Teresa S. said...

Happy Birthday, Carol! Your 1st birthday photo looks so similar to mine :)Even to the rug on the floor! Your giveaways are very generous and thoughtful. Please enter me in the Winter into Spring drawing. I love your idea to pass these along when finished and want to incorporate that into my next giveaway. Glad you are feeling better!

Teresa S. said...

I forgot to tell you about my icon. I am the most unphotogenic person. Invariably I have my eyes closed or squinting or my mouth is open. It is an ongoing joke in my family. So, my icon is a photo of my grandson (who always takes a good photo) with one of my first pillow finishes when I started stitching again in 2008.

Natasha said...

Carol, I read your blog regulary though I have not become a follwer you are on my blog list so I revieve updates anytime you post, I do hope that still counts. Because truth be told I have had the Christmas at Hawk Run Hallow on my to but "someday" wish list since the day I first saw it.

Now on to my photo icon. As you can see they are of two small pups looking out the window. These are my very spoiled fur babies Samson the White westie and Licorice a dashaund/Scnauzer mix. I snapped this photo one day and it is one of my favorites, I think they were looking at the neighbor cat who was meowing outsidde :)

I love your baby picture, what a cutie :) Thank you for a chance at a lovely drawing and I hope your birthday is wrapped in miles of smiles!!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Hi, Carol:

Happy birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day!

My avatar (for my blog) is a pretty blue & white scene – it’s a desk top, and although it’s not mine, I just love blue & white decorating, and Ithought it was representative of who I am.

My facebook avatar (which you can also see in the sidebar of my blog) is a picture of me taken when I was about 5 years old. I included that picture because I don’t like having my picture taken these days, and I thought it was a good picture of me that didn’t necessarily given too much information out about me – I tend to be a little cautious when it comes to using FB.

I would love to be included in your blog giveaway – I’m a big fan of Prairie Schooler, and love the daffodil charts. I already have Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow in my stash, and will definitely be stitching it (I finished Shores last year, and want the Christmas one as a companion piece); the DMC for this would definitely come in handy, and I would give away the chart, but if you are only including people who need both the chart & the DMC, then I will bow out of that drawing.

Shannon Thomas said...

Awesome giveaways Carol. I am glad you are feeling better. We are headed to Florida next month and I cannot wait! (it better be warm!!)

My blog avatar is a snowman ornament that I finished stitching. It is adorable and the day I was trying to figure out to use for my avatar it was snowing and I thought it was just perfect.

Lisa V said...

Happy Birthday Carol, hope you have a lovely day!
I would love to be entered in your Winter to Spring giveaway please.
The story behind my avatar is my love of the book Watership Down. I did a search on primitive rabbit pictures and hand drawn rabbits (as I didn't want a cartoon one) and I found this lovely one which represents the book.
Many thanks

Tricia T said...

Happy, happy birthday and blogaversary!!! You received lovely presents and you're giving lovely ones, too! I'd *love* to be entered for the Winter to Spring drawing!! How fun it would be to win it!!!

My avatar is a picture of me that has no particular "meaning"... although, I'll always remember when it was taken. I needed a new picture for a stamping design team that I was on, but I had trouble getting a nice one, because I have trouble with my jaw popping out and it causes one side of my face to droop as though I had a stroke. I'd taken picture after picture and I looked SCARY, but then, during supper, my jaw relocated itself (extremely painful. Wow.) and I could smile again. This picture was taken the next day. Sorry so long, but you asked!! LOL!

Thanks so much for all your inspiration!!

Tricia tjtrax at yahoo dot com

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I need to update my birthday calendar because I know I have yours but forgot it! I am very bad with birthdays.

No need to enter me in your giveaways! Doubt I will ever stitch CaHRH and I have some other PS seasonal charts to stitch.

My icon thingy is one of 2 little kitties watching me on TV. I thought it was whimsical and appropriate at the same time. One of my kitties likes to watch a video we have that was made for cats...lots of birds and squirrels. It's quite funny to watch her watch TV!

Glad you are on the mend. Be well my friend and I hope you have had a good day.

CalamityJr said...

I don't have a blog so can't tell you about my picture, but can say that I have wanted to stitch CaHRH since the very first time I saw it on a blog, and would be thrilled beyond words to win it! I'd enjoy the other project, too, of course, lol. Thanks for having such a generous giveaway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

CalamityJr said...

Oops - I missed to say what my icon would be IF I had a blog. I'm not totally sure, but I think it would be a picture of my golden doodle, because next to my husband he's my very best friend. Thanks!

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday Carol. I won't enter your giveaway either as I have so much stash already, but just wanted to wish you a happy day. Cute pic!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Happy Birthday Carol. My icon used to be a picture of myself but I changed it a little while ago. I wanted something to represent me. This is snoopy my all time favorite character. I only have one tattoo and it is the same exact tattoo I have on my left ankle. I got my tattoo when I was 33, many moons ago. The snoopy picture you see on my icon is the one on my ankle. You can enter me into both giveaways. I would love to stitch the Hawk Hollow run - I enjoyed seeing your progress all last year. I can't wait to see it framed. You know I so enjoy your stitching and stories. I am sure you had a great birthday.

Karen said...

Happy birthday!! Good luck to some lucky stitchers for your giveaways...very generous. I will always admire the Hawks from a distance...but know I would never stitch it.

Hope you had a great day....

Melissa said...

Hi Carol,

I don't need to be entered in the giveaway. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Mary said...

Please don't enter me into you very generous giveaway Carol, I really just had to pop in and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
You sure were the cutest baby!

My icon is taken from my DT Real Roses sampler - I liked that it had a lady with a boy and a girl.
I have noticed that it doesn't always show up - but I am not clever enough to know why.

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I just love that photo of you on your 1st birthday. Cute dress!

Please don't enter me in your giveaway. But I'll tell you the story of my avatar. A while back, a friend and I vacationed in Puerto Vallarta and met a fun gay couple. We spent the remainder of the trip touring PV with them. After the trip, one half of the couple came across this painting and sent me the file because he said it reminded him so much of me. It seemed a good substitute over a real photo since I like anonymity.

Hope you feel better and that you celebrated your special day in a special way! *hugs*

Kathy said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. I too had the dreaded flu/cold/crud whatever it was. :)

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you. May all your Birthday wishes come true!

I would love to be part of your giveaway. Please only enter me in the second one since I already ahve the HRH pattern. :)

As for my profile pic, well, it had to be my pup Rory. I do change it and update it but, yup, it will be him. My pride and joy. :)

Veronica said...

Wow, Carol, such generous giveaways! I'd love to have a chance to win the Winter into Spring one.

My icon is a picture of me, taken with my webcam, back when I just had my hair cut really short after years of having it long. I wanted to show it to my then bf who was overseas and figured it would be great as my icon to show off my new look. (My hair's grown back now, way past my shoulders... I guess I should have it changed soon).

Lisa Russell said...

Happy birthday! I'm a follower and love your blog! My icon picture is of me at one of my best friend's daughter's wedding. It reminds me of old friendships that have endured the years.

Lee said...

Happy Birthday Carol and all good wishes for a happy year ahead and I wish you full health to enjoy it.
I have just loved following your
stitching of CHRH and think it a wonderful idea to9 share the chart and even more generous to include the threads but I fear I would never finish it.
However please enter me in the draw for winter into spring...I so love the arrival of spring each year.
My avatar is the result of a challenge, I wanted a photo of my eldest grand daughter ( a teenager)
and she said she would only agree if in return she could take one of me.... so thrilled with her result its the best picture taken of me in a long time and I wont be changing it as I age (more!!!!) as it represnets a very special moment between the two of us.
will visit again soon.

Blu said...

First off: Happy birthday! You sure were an adorable kid!

Talk about a really generous giveaway. Please put my name down for Winter into Spring. I'll leave CaHRH for a more deserving stitcher.

My icon is my acknowledgment of my secret love for some things nauseatingly cute. (A fact that would shock a lot of people who know me as the bookish, boyish one)

Rowyn said...

Happy birthday Carol. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You sure were a cute baby. It is such a super photo too.

My avatar is of my cat Giggsy. I love the photo (the sun behind him and the pink carpet roses), but it is terrible quality at normal size. But it looks alright at avatar size :-) I really like your avatar, it is very sweet (anything with a cat usually tickles my fancy!).

They are two very generous giveaways. I do love CAHRH, but it would probably take me decades to stitch it. So I would love to be in the drawing for the PS Daffodils please - a gorgeous design and far more in my league size wise.

Bianca's Cross Stitch Oasis said...

Happy Birthday! I hoppe you are having a fabulous time and got loads of stitching goodies.

I would like to enter your second give away please. I haven't been following you for long though :-)

My avatar is just me. My eldest daughter took this picture while I was sitting on my rocking chair in my favourite stitching spot. I don't really like my picture to be taken but she did persude me :-)

Unknown said...

Carol, Happy belated birthday. When I popped in to read your blog late yesterday I did a double take. The picture could have been of me at the same age. On my mother's dresser is of photo of me on my first birthday in the same dress with the same haircut. (My hair grew in also.) My birthday was Jan. 15th, 56 years ago. How time flies. My folks are also from New York (Rochester and Brooklyn) but settled in Oak Ridge, TN in 1950. I am also petite, 5 feet tall and had the long straight hair in the 70's. As we always say, what a small world. I don't have an avatar but it would be some kind of TN ladybug. Perhaps a big orange one for the UT Vols! I would like to have the opportunity to stitch Christmas at HRH but will be having hand surgery in a few weeks so my stitching may be limited this year. Thanks for the great opportunity though. And again, happy birthday. Janet

Poppypatchwork said...

Happy birthday, you were a cute one year old.
Please entre me into your giveaway, if I could I would choose Christmas at Hawk Run Hallow. I love thes charts, but it's hard to buy them here in UK.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love to enter your giveaway. i love Christmas one..
I used a picture from my trip to San Franciso. I have a disease that makes one of my eye lids to shut down so this is a picture that doesn't show this

Gabriele said...

Happy birthday to you and your blog. It's always a pleasure to visit! No Picture - no story!
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs from germany, Gabi

Vinniey said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now, Carol. Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. And happy 2nd blogoversary. :) I love your baby picture, you're so cute and adorable (LOL).. no wonder your dad would wake you up to play after his shift in midnight. So sweet!

Beautiful birthday gifts from Myra. I love the finishing of that covered box.

I do love your icon picture. Thanks for the story behind this icon picture. That little girl is as sweet as you, Carol. My icon shown a cupcake, not because I love to eat cupcake (LOL).. it's part of my favorite original design.

I'd love a chance to enter both of your wonderful giveaways. There are all so gorgeous. I admired your beautiful finished on CaHRH; You have done a great job on it.

Have a good day, Carol.

the striped rose said...

Happy Birthday! I would love to enter the Christmas giveaway - I have had my eye on it for sometime! When I started blogging in 2007, I chose the name The Striped Rose and an icon of a picture I had taken. A year or so after that I had a designer design my blog. Sometimes I think about "freshening up" the look of my blog, but I don't because I think it is a very comfortable place. I love gardening as much as I love stitching. I have a passion for unique looking flowers. I especially love striped roses - once called Mad Gallicas! I love them because their patterns are always different and you never know what lovely surprise will unfold.

Bekca said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely time celebrating your birthday, cake is always good!

These are two very generous giveaways and I would love to be entered into both. I would really like to win the CaHRH giveaway though as I cannot purchase HRH charts in the UK, but I am so envious of them on other people's blogs. This would be a terrific prize to win for me :) As you know, I am an avid follower, I wouldn't miss a post from you Carol as you so kindly comment on my own. The other giveaway is gorgeous too, with all that lovely fabric. I hope my name's one of the lucky ones!

My picture is of one of my favourite cross stitched pieces. It is "Dream" by Joan Elliott and I got the book for Christmas one year and loved all the designs. I wanted to do this piece first though as I'm always being described as a dreamer, by teachers amd my dad :)

I'm so sorry to hear you had the flu, but I hope you're much better now. Can't wait to see the stash you choose with your gift certificates and Happy Blogaversary too!
Best wishes.

Michele said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You know I just found your blog last week and have really enjoyed it. I can't seem to get Followers to work, but I'll try it again from hom tonight.

I would love to be entered into your drawing ... and as much as I adore Christmas at Hawk Run Hallow, I don't this I would really stitch it ... but I know I would stitch from your Winter into Spril giveaway.

The icon on my profile is a picture of our Beau, who passed away last summer. He was such a funny cat. I took this picture just a few months before he passed away .. he really wanted attention and wanted me to stop stitching and give it to him :)

Mary H said...

Hi Carol and a happy birthday to you! You certainly are celebrating your blogoversary and birthday in high style. I love your ideas for commenting for giveaways—the favorite children’s book the last time and the avatar this time. It’s a great way to learn a little bit about your followers. I bet you are amazed at this foray into blogging and the connections you’ve made over the last two years!

I created my avatar a few years ago. I was teaching about internet safety to a group of fourth graders and the risks of posting pictures online. It was then that I designed this avatar and have used it ever since.

If you saw me in person you would certainly notice the resemblance to my avatar. Like the avatar I have a bob style hair cut, wear glasses and am thin with long legs. I like to dress up a bit and strive for that “lady like” style. Why am I sitting at that desk with nary a thing but a vase of flowers? When it’s time for a big work project I like to clear my desk completely. With all the clutter out of the way I can focus better on what needs to be done. In addition, I love fresh flowers and they always bring a smile to my face.

I would be honored to be included in one of your giveways. The “winter into spring” giveway suits me to a tee.

Let me say that I truly love reading your blog—it is always so well written and your stitched pieces and finishes are lovely!

Mary H

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday! And Happy Blogoversary too! Love your giveaways and would love to enter the "winter into spring" one.

I love flowers so naturally the icon of my profile is represented by a bouquet of flowers.I had stitched many bouquets of different flowers, you can see them in my album on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! I would love to enter the giveaway "winter into Spring". I don't presently have an icon attached (computer issue) but in the past I had one of my granddaughter who is so very precious to all in the family. Thank you for the chance and again Happy Birthday!!!
Pam A

Annie Bee said...

Happy Birthday Carol you share the same birthday as my future SIL. I used to have as my icon my little beloved dog who went to the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago so I decided it is now time to move on to a new one. I made a collage out of my big finish this year. The cross stitch was five years in the making.
I love Christmas at Hawk run and have always wanted to stitch one but the price of them has always been out of my reach.
The draw is being held on my birthday so it would be a lovely present if I win.


Carolyn NC said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a wonderful day! Love the gifts and the story behind your blog pic. My pic was actually taken two years ago (and I'm too lazy to change it yet!) at a shower for my oldest daughter's wedding that year.
Pls. don't add me to the giveaway list - I have the chart already. :)

Julie said...

Belated birthday wishes to you Carol, i hope you had a lovely birthday. A truly lovely gift from your friend, stitched so beautifully, i do love the crochet on it.

My avatar is the childrens TV character bagpuss from my childhood, he is my all time favourite and DH bought me this little stuffed one some years ago to add to my collection of them.

I'd love to be entered into your giveaway for the spring one please, thanks

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Hi Carol,

Happy belated birthday from one Capricorn girl to another!

I read your blog every post but I'm not an "official follower" mainly because I don't know how to do it. ;o}

Please enter me in both drawings. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I get lucky.

Hope your special day was good!

Meari said...

First: Happy Birthday!!

Second: Love, love the photo of you in that dress. You were so adorable! :)

Lastly, please include me in your giveaways. About my Geisha avatar... I am half Japanese so I chose the avatar to represent my asian heritage. My mom still has the only kimono she brought to the U.S. over 40 years ago.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday! And, glad that you are feeling better.

Lovely gifts received!

My icon was chosen during the spring/summer time when just starting up my blog. I wanted something that was colorful, bright and cheery. It is a mini quilt (about 6" x 8" hand appliqued and quilted). I had done some seasonal ones and special occasion ones many years ago to hang and rotate in my kitchen. Most of them were stitched as I waited for my daughter at her after school activities-scouts, dance, music, etc. She is 26 years old now! I originally intended to change the icon with the seasons, but it is so cheery and bright, I've left it as is.

Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous charts and threads. I would love any of them!

Lois said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I loved the picture you shared, you look so cute!!!! I would love to be entered into the giveaway for winter into spring. I will pass on CaHRH. It is such a beautiful piece but my hands are definitely full stitching on Autumn at the moment. As for my avatar. It is a Sheepish Design chart, one that I stitched as a gift several years ago and one that I intend to stitch for myself one day. I love the colours and, of course, the alphabet!

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Happy Happy Birthday wonderful Carol. I do enjoy reading your blog and you are so inspiring with your beautiful stitching. I don't have a special icon , just a pic of me at the Grand Canyon a few yrs back. I love the story of your icon. I would love to be entered into the draw as CaHRH is one I would love to do sometime after seeing your beautiful finish. I look forward to hearing more about your Birthday and what you did and seeing more of your beautiful stitching. It is a pleasure to have you as a blogging friend. xoxo

Edit said...

Happy birthday Carol! And I am glad that you are feeling better.

Your giveaway prizes are absolutely wonderful, I am sure that the person who will win Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow will be super happy and we will be able to enjoy how she progress with it. I like the design very much, but certainly it is not the moment for such a big work, so I do not enter the giveaway now.

Still, I can tell you the story behind my avatar. The photo was taken in Rome, and the Trevi fountain. I have been there twice, and throw a coin each occasion. The first one worked, I returned. I hope the second won't fail either :)

Best wishes,

Barbi said...

Happy Birthday my friend!! What a wonderful story about your dad!!! Mine used to do the same thing. LOL
I would love to be entered into the Winter into Spring giveaway if you would :) As you know you have already enabled me into the Christmas Run, going to gather the threads on the weekend. EEKKK
My pic is of my Lulu! I just love her...and that's the reason. LOVE :)

Heidi said...

Happy, happy birthday to you Carol! I loved reading about your choice for the icon photo. I always loved your using the vintage postcard. Now being a cat lover, I will always think of you and Shadow (what a cute name!) when I see it.

Hugs from Holland ~

Siobhán said...

Happy birthday, Carol!! I hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed year. I won't enter the giveaway because (ahem) I already have them, but thanks for the opportunity!

I enjoyed reading about everybody's choices for their avatars. I chose the A&E motif from the middle of my stitched Scarlet Letter's And All Was For An Appil. I chose that because I love A&E as a sampler motif.

Beautiful gifts from Myra!

Pumpkin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL! I feel like such a bad friend! When was your birthday???? I don't see it on my calendar :o(

Myra's gift is just lovely but then again, that does not surprise me since she does such beautiful work ;o)

Oh boy, I would love to enter both giveaways but I'm not sure how soon I could have CHRH done :oS

I think my little icon is self explanatory ;o) We used to have a black and tan mini Doxie that was the center of our world. Those wagging tails just remind me of her.

♥ Nia said...

Happy birthday sweetie!!! :D
I wish you a happy and long life, full of joys and surronded by the ones that you love! May all your wishes come true =)

I would love to enter your second giveaway!! Please, count me in :D

My avatar is my caricature made by Rui =) She's dressed with my favorite color (blue), big eyes, she even has my haircut and curls :D
It was designed specially for my blog and Rui is also on my blog's banner! lol!

Sally said...

Happy Belated Birthday Carol! I hope you had the most fantastic day!

I would love to enter your Winter into Spring giveaway please. Thank you so much for such generous giveaways.

My icon is off the PS freebie Friends are a Gift which I stitched for a very dear stitching friend. To me it sums up friendships as they truly are a gift.

Jeanne said...

Happy belated birthday Carol - it's so hard keeping up with over 200 blogs to read. I would love to be in your giveaways but just as happy to keep on visiting. I loved the picture of you on your first bday - being 55 I'm not far behind you and I love our family's black and white childhood photos from the 50's. My mother saved a little chair I had as a child and it is refinished and sits in my sewing room with a bear in it. Those were the good ol' days. :) Thanks for inspiring us with all you do.

Frances said...

I am a new follower of your blog although I have enjoyed reading it for a while now. I don't have a blog yet, but I would like to start one some time this year! If I had an icon, it would probably be a piano because I am a musician and that is what I do all the time. *when not cross-stitching!
I would love to enter both drawings. I am a Prairie Schooler fan and love any and all of those designs. I have had my eye on Christmas at Hawk Run and would love to stitch it because it's music-themed!
Thank you for such generous giveaways and I will look forward to seeing who the lucky winners are! Frances

Maggee said...

Hello! I came across your blog via the Pumpkin Patch & Co Breast Fund blog, and after reading for about an hour decided I had better follow you! I would like to enter your second giveaway with the 3 charts for winter. As for my icon, it is a picture of my first BAP, Rosemarkie by Long Dog Samplers. It is done on specially overdyed 16-count Elegant Hydrangea aida by R&R, and I used Medium Pansy silk threads by Northern Lights. In case you couldn't tell, I love the color purple! I fell in love with the pattern after seeing it done by Marc Davis of Needlemania (God rest his soul). I had great intentions of doing several other BAPS, but after finally finishing this one (in between cancer treatments) changed my mind about doing BAPs. I am enjoying your blog! Hugs, Maggee

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

Anne S. said...

Hi - Happy Belated B-day!
I have been a lurker of your blog for quite a while and am now an official follower. I am new to blogging world - took me a while to figure it out, lol!
My icon is Tinkerbell becuase I love Disney almost as much as I love cross stitching and I do beleive in the magic of dreams! Corny huh?

I love your blog and look forward to reading posts. You do beautiful work. I would love the opportunity to win one of your giveaways. I have wanted to stitch Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow for quite some time.
Thank you

Lainey said...

Belated Birthday wishes dear Carol. I hope you had a wonderful day.
I would love to enter both of your give-aways. Christmas is my favourite theme to stitch and Christmas at Hawk Run would make the most wonderful family heirloom piece. If lucky enough I also promise to pass the chart on to someone who is only prepared to stitch it too.The winter into spring is also a wonderful package of goodies I would dearly love.
My icon is a kids tv character called "Timmy". Not sure if you will have heard of it but the programme is made by the same people who did "Wallace & Gromit"
It;s all about Timmys day in Nursery school, it is very funny. You might be able to see some clips here..
I love my Sheep after my Snowmen off I also hate having my own photograph taken so there is no way my icon would be a picture of me.
Thanks again for such a generous give-away. Hugs!

Berit said...

Happy Birthday! :D

My avatar is just a photo I took of myself recently. I felt happy about it, though it is a bit dark.

Lisa B said...

Well, if not too late I would love to enter your drawing. If it is too late I would still love to wish you a happy birthday and blessed year! I am just back into cross stitch after taking a few years off. Have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful work! I have done many PS (don't have the one pictured) and would be willing to tackle the CHS. Thank you for gifting on your special day! Whoops almost forgot no picture to tell you about yet - bit of a rookie at that but if I had one it would have my two boys holding our dog and my parents dog - makes me smile and feel so blessed everytime I look at that picture :D

Thank you,
Lisa B

Tama said...

Oh, wow, I just made it!
Usually I am a lurker on your blog, not a poster, but I wanted to enter for the Hawk Run Hollow pattern - I didn't discover them until after they were discontinued and I'm trying desperately to get them all. I have two so far, and will be starting one this summer. I don't know which one yet!
My pic comes from a yet-to-be-completed lighthouse kit I've got; I love this little whale and I really couldn't say why. Whales have always fascinated me even though I live nowhere near the ocean and I have only seen the ocean twice. I've never seen a real live whale. Guess my brain is just strange that way!
I love your blog and your stitching - I'll try to stop being such a lurker in the future!