Monday, March 12, 2018

One bunny, two sheep, and something new

Good morning all! Hard to believe March is nearly half over... It's been a good month for me so far and it's about to get better as I'll have my oldest and youngest sons home for a few days this weekend. That is so very rare these days now that one lives in San Diego and the other in Washington,DC... I can't wait! 

My stitching, as usual, involves seasonal pieces and, just in time for Easter, I have this sweet Blackbird Designs finish called "Easter Parade" to share with you. I honestly can't remember when I enjoyed stitching a piece so much--the overdyed colors, the eyelet stitches on the bunny and one of the stars, the purple checkerboard border. The whole piece just came together so well... (I want to thank a very special blogging friend for lending me her chart--it will be flying home to you very soon!).

"Easter Parade"

I stitched the bunny holding his egg-filled Easter basket on 40 ct. antique white Newcastle with the suggested overdyed threads except I substituted Gentle Arts "Sweet Pea" for the border. He would have been a bit large for one of my little pillows so I mounted him on some purple and white polka dot fabric, surrounded him with ecru pompom trim and glued some felt on the back.

Loved everything about this one!

To attach him to the chicken wire frame, I glued two d-ring picture hangers on the back and then simply wired those to the chicken wire with regular old twist-ties. So easy! In the corner, I added a polka-dot yo-yo topped with a couple of buttons and glued it onto some berries and vine trim that I found at a local craft store. A gauzy pink ribbon was then intertwined with the vines.

"Easter Parade" all finished up

Here is a close-up of the yo-yo embellishment... I was so pleased with how the berries complemented the pompom trim and resembled the stitched berries in the rabbit's pack! What do you think? It was nice to have a "bigger finish" for a change although my first love will always be making ornaments and small pillows.

I am on a yo-yo kick this year!

My Christmas ornament for March is the exceedingly popular "Little Red Barn" by Little House Needleworks. It seems that virtually everyone is stitching this on Instagram! I won't be stitching the entire series, but will pick and choose throughout the year.  I forgot to take a "before" photo, but this is how I finished it up--black gingham, red twisted cording, another yo-yo and some black felt glued to the back. The fabric was 35 ct. natural Northern Cross from my stash and, unfortunately, I used two strands of floss and it about drove me crazy--it was just too tight! But, I love the final look and I'm pleased to be doing a better job at keeping up with my monthly ornament stitching this year.

"Little Red Barn" finish

This design called to me because I grew up with a barn right behind my house. No, I didn't live in the country or on a farm. I grew up in a very small town in western New York, but in a house built in the early 1900s before cars were common. So, this pretty white barn once held horses and buggies! By the time my family moved in, in the early 1960s, the horses were long-gone and the lower floor of the barn held our cars, dad's tools, the lawnmower, etc.

But, it was the upper floor where all the magic happened... long afternoons spent playing the "Wizard of Oz" with the neighborhood kids (I always insisted on being the witch!), shooting hoops with my brother and his friends, and when we were older, building floats for the Homecoming parades each fall. So many wonderful memories... I took this photo from my upstairs bedroom on the last day of the estate sale we had after my parents sold our home in 2012. I can't help but look at it with tears in my eyes--that was the last time I slept in my childhood home.

If those walls could talk--wonderful memories were made in our old barn!

Here is a close-up of the wonderful cupola and the tilted weather vane that had turned in the wind for so many years. My mother always said it was that beautiful barn that sold her and dad on purchasing the fixer-upper of a house in 1960. I can see why...

Loved this old cupola and galloping horse!

In December, when my middle son and I drove home from visiting my mom, we took a detour and drove down through my old hometown. The new owners had painted the barn doors black and were obviously taking very good care of my old home. It warmed my heart to see the old homestead was being loved and cared for so well... And that same tilted horse was still galloping away in the wind on the tip-top of our old white barn. 

The new owners are maintaining our old barn so nicely!

Okay--enough of my walk down memory lane! Do you remember my last post about the extensive cleaning that has been taking place around my house--the "Swedish Death Cleaning?" Well, I've been finding more goodies! Look what I found all rolled up in the back of a drawer... this beauty called "No Vacancy" by Marjolein Bastin that I stitched way back in 2005... I'd forgotten all about the poor thing! I'm sure I used the suggested DMC colors because I was too afraid to change colors back then--I've come a long way! I also used evenweave which I rarely use any more except for "over one" stitching or smaller pillows/ornaments. Pardon the wrinkles--I just unrolled it to photograph it for this post. I really would like to get this framed, but I am not sure about the "No Vacancy" words and am trying to think of something different, or perhaps just stitching one or two of the motifs in place of the words. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any suggestions for replacing the words "No Vacancy?"

Baking has been taking up more of my free hours and I've been experimenting with the new bread machine we got for Christmas. So far I've made a Seven Grain Bread, homemade hamburger buns, Buttermilk-Oatmeal Bread, and this very tasty Sunflower and Grains Bread. Yum!! I am being really good and limiting myself to one piece a day--my husband, on the other hand, is having a hard time stopping at one piece (or two or even three or four!).

A freshly baked loaf of sunflower and grains bread

And for my son's girlfriend's birthday, I made the cutest little carrot cakes in a baby Bundt pan. My mother-in-law gave me this six-cake pan probably 30 years ago and I had never used it! So happy that it didn't become a victim of my purging rampage as it made the sweetest cakes.

Baby bundt cakes!
A pink-tinted cream cheese and maple syrup glaze topped them off quite nicely. (The two with toothpicks had no nuts in them since my son's girlfriend doesn't eat them). Next time, I will make the glaze a bit thinner.

Happy Birthday carrot cakes with pink tinted frosting

I've also been moving out the snowmen and moving in the spring decorations (even though it is still snowing off and on here in western Pennsylvania!). My pink bunnies have really cozied up the bottom shelf of my corner cupboard. I have to admit the color pink is starting to grow on me :)

Pretty in pink bunnies

And the five St. Patrick's Day smalls that I made back in 2012 are back for March. I feel bad that I haven't added to my green collection, but there's always next year! I don't have an ounce of Irish blood, but I do enjoy the little leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and luck-themed pillow on display to break up this long, often unpredictable, month of March.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Now for my "something new" that I mentioned in my last post! I've begun dabbling in English paper piecing--I'm making hexies... What will I do with them? Well, I'm not sure. I don't think a quilt is in my future (but never say never!), however I can see myself using them for a smaller wall hanging, pincushion, project pouch, mug rug, or table runner. I've made them in three different sizes and, you know me--I'm extremely drawn to the smallest ones. Below you can see the 1 1/2 inch hexies, the 3/4 inch hexies, and my favorites, the teeny pink 1/2 inch hexies. I haven't gotten brave enough to stitch each piece of the flower together, but I hope that I'll have that done by my next post! I love making them and am using the glue-basting method which seems quick and easy. We'll see if I have trouble getting the papers out when the time comes! If any of you experts in hexie making have any suggestions, I welcome them!

Hexie happiness!
Oh, my--that was a long post! I hope some of you are still with me... Thank you, as always, for the wonderful comments and emails! I truly appreciate each and every one. And if you have any questions for me, please make sure to include your email address so I can respond to you. Enjoy your week, my stitching friends! Bye for now...


Vickie said...

Good Morning Carol! Easter Parade is just darling! I love the way your Little Red Barn finish is completed. Yes, your big, white barn is wonderful. I would be very fond of it too. :) No Vacancy is quite the find! Oh, I love bread!! You are GOOD at limiting yourself to one piece! Welcome to the world of pink my friend! ;)

Sandy said...

I so enjoyed reading your post. That bunny is wonderful. I think that may be one of new favorites from you. I loved hearing about your barn. I recently went by one of my older homes and took a bike trail around the river that my dad and I fished. It was so special to see it. All of your smalls are so cute. They have already inspired me to do more of them as I have no wall space.
I love the birds, but I am not good at coming up with wording either. Can't wait to see what you do.
I purchased a bread maker about a year ago. I need to eat gluten free. I was able to finally eat some good bread again. It is so good hot.

Cindy's Stitching said...

What a treat to wake up and see your post. The bunny is cute. I love seeing how you finished your barnyard christmas. Your old barn from your childhood is
Pretty. It is good to see someone taking care if it. The English paper
Piecing, addicting and so easy to make. The paper is easy to get out. Love the marjolein piece you can put welcome spring. I just recently got 4 patterns of hers at a bargain price. I love her patterns and designs. Spring is on its way carol.

Arlene Grimm said...

I am still here...I love a newsy blog. I stitched the Barn as well but like you, I may not stitch the whole series. I bought Horsin Around but it just does not appeal to me. I will wait for the next release. I would like to stitch six of them for Grimmwood's mantle. I am going to wait to finish mine all in the same design so I am going to have to get on the ball in November. I love your bunny...he is adorable. That is one pattern I keep looking for! As for the birds...they are lovely and I am glad you found them. I am doing the purging as well. I have way too much stuff. But those mini bundt cakes are precious. Glad you did not get rid of that pan.

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, your posts are always such fun to read. Your newsy posts make me feel like we are visiting over coffee/tea in person. I love your BBD Easter rabbit. Where did you find your chicken wire frame? Your Red Barn piece is darling. Always enjoy seeing your displays! Your hexies look great as does the bread and mini cakes. I enjoyed reading your memories of your family home and barn. Enjoy your week!

Robin in Virginia said...

Me again!

What about Family and Friends Welcome in place of the No Vacancy?

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I love the way you finished Easter Parade and the LHN piece! I really loved reading about your barn and the memories made there. Reminded me of the March sisters in Little Women working n their plays in the attic! For the birds piece you found, I think I'd stitch three of those robin blue eggs in between the two leaves, but I've no doubt, whatever you decide to do will be wonderful! Your Easter and St. Patrick's day pieces, and displays, are wonderful! Have a great week!

Stasi said...

Carol, I so enjoy reading your posts, lots of interesting tidbits. I agree with Robin, I feel like we are sitting down and chatting over a cup of tea and scones.
I love the barn behind the house you grew up in...what a wonderful place for childhood memories to take shape. I can understand why your parents were so drawn to it.
Your stitched pieces are all wonderful, as usual, and so creative.
I have a Betsy Morgan class piece that utilizes English paper piecing languishing in my to do pile. You just reminded me that I need to get on it!!!
Have a great week!

marly said...

I agree. Welcome would be nice in place of No Vacancy. Feathered Friends may be too long. The bunny is adorable and even though larger than your usual, the finish is again superb.

Your childhood home must have been a lovely farmhouse, the barn is wonderful.

I have that same pan and have never used it! I will experiment with the next cake. My bread machine was working overtime when Mom was here and the Honey Oatmeal and Seeded Dark would be gone in a day. Oh the sweet breads, cinnamon, raisin, and panettone, I hope the machine stays put but now I am craving!!

Barb said...

Hi Carol - it’s always a happy way to start the day when I see a new posting on your blog. (I think it’s evident that everyone loves to read your blog and see what’s new with you, what wonderful pieces you’ve been stitching and all the other fun things going on in your life.).

I love the bunny stitching and your finish is so creative. All of the St. Patrick’s pieces are so perfect - very festive and fun to have to celebrate this time of year. I’m going to be stitching all of the LHN Christmas designs but I think I’m going to stitch them altogether on one piece and then get it framed. Of course, I haven’t started it yet so it may be next year before it ever gets completed.

My favorite thing to read on your blog today was about the barn at your old house in New York. Thank you for sharing the pictures of this barn - it is really beautiful! I love old homes and I think this barn is just beautiful. I can only imagine how nice the house must be too -what a greats place to live in while growing up. Very special and wonderful memories.

Hope all is well with you and your family and enjoy your visit with your son while he is visiting you this coming weekend.

All the best to you and many hugs, too!
Barb R.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

How about - for rent cheap? I saw that once somewhere with a birdhouse tole painted years ago. It was so cute. Good to read your post. Always love what you write.

Mary said...

How about. " There's no place like Home" or "Feels like Home" sweet piece.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Another beautiful selection of stitching finishes, Carol. As you've suggested, there are a lot of options on what to make with your hexagons.

butterfly said...

Love your pink and green display.
The rabbit with the basket looks wonderful I loved stitching this one the other year.
Love the Marjolein Bastin one just beautiful .
How lovely to have time with your son .
Bread looks yummy .
Looks like you are enjoying life my friend hugs.

Justine said...

What a lovely post Carol. Your childhood barn looks amazing! Good to see that it's still obviously loved and cared for.

I love Little Red Barn and you finished it beautifully. The Easter bunny is so different from the usual cross stitch designs and another lovely finish.

I agree with Terri's suggestion to stitch bird eggs instead of No Vacancy. It's such a beautiful piece, I'm glad you found it.

Kay said...

You have been busy. I love Easter Parade, I have the pattern for this waiting in my pile for me to do one year. I love making hexies and have made several things with them including over 10 bags. I always stitch baste mine because I find it quicker and a lot easier to remove the papers that way. There are many that only glue baste but when I tried it I found that the fabric was pulled too much removing them. x

Shelly said...

Love how you finished your two finishes! I have a recent finish that I plan to adhere to an old muffin pan and decorate wth flowers and ribbon. Wish me luck! I like the LHN Farmhouse Christmas and want to stitch them all on a big piece sometime in the future. Wonderful memories of your former home and yes, the owners are taking great care of it. For your found Bastin piece, how about a vine like the one at the left with a few purple flowers 1 over? It's pretty though. Very pretty 'pink' display. I always think I'm going to stitch St. Patrick's day items but it comes too fast and I never do! I will always like your long posts so I hope you continue to blog. Happy week to you, Carol!

Linda said...

Congrats on the stunning finishes as always Carol. Pretty hexies. I so enjoyed your walk down memory lane.


Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
your Easter finish looks great. I like it.
I really like your completion of the new series Farm House by CCN. You share beautiful memories with us.
Sewing hexagons is a lot of fun. I also love the 1/2 inch hexies. A small mug rug, a pillow or table runner is a nice piece for a beginner.
Happy Stitching and Sewing, Manuela

Barb said...

I've not taken any hexis off of the paper, but a friend suggested The Purple Thang to help get the glued papers out. They look great

Meg said...

Hi, Carol! I love how you finished the Easter Parade with the yo-yo and berries. You're right - the berries do pick up those in the design. So sweet!

I stitched the Little Red Barn ornament as well but have not yet finished it. I had to chart the design for myself from a photograph, because I ordered it from a new shop I had never ordered from before, but it didn't ever arrive in the mail and they wouldn't give me my money back. Grr. So much for trying new shops! I have not finished the ornament yet, though. I'm trying to rust some silver bells so I can finish it the way Vonna finished it for LHN. I love your gingham and yo-yo.

The barn! Oh, you should chart that for a cross-stitch piece. It's just lovely. The cupola (minus the weathervane) looks exactly like the one on the 100+-year-old church where my husband and I were married. I grew up on a little acreage with a garden, a cow, goats, rabbits, chickens... and oh, the memories. If you haven't already, you should write them down for your sons. My dad wrote a book (fiction) and he based the main character on himself as a child growing up in rural eastern Washington - I learned so much about him I didn't know.

The Marjolein Bastin is lovely! How about "Home Tweet Home"? haha

Your spring and March displays are wonderful! You inspire me. My husband bought me a new cabinet to put in our foyer, and I'm looking forward to stitching some smalls to decorate it.

The paper piecing is great! I've never tried this before. I'll have to Google how it's done.

Have a wonderful week!

Hugs - Meg

diamondc said...

Carol: The goodies you baked look so yummy.
I totally love Blackbird designs, you did a beautiful job of finishing this piece, I am in love with the button and the framing.
That barn finish is amazing, so sweet.
I have done paper piecing but not for a quilt.
Thank-you for sharing your piece of history, they are beautiful buildings.


RJ said...

Carol, I love the first Blackbird designs bunny and your finish is darling.
How about Home is where the Heart is for the birdhouse stitch. I also love the idea of the eggs instead of words. Love the story of the barn and the great memories it brings. I'm a huge fan of cupolas too. When we had our house built we had a cupola put on top of the garage with a rooster weather vane (I'm told rooster means good luck in France and our house is French country). What a great feeling it must have been to drive by your home now and see it so well taken care of.

Your little cakes look so good and I'm sure were much enjoyed by everyone. So glad you son will be coming home for a visit. I know you are so excited. And lastly your new craft looks so pretty and you are doing a great job with the piecing. Have a wonderful Spring (it's getting near) RJ

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Wow, Carol, beautiful embroidery!
Your white barn and your memories of childhood like me!

Barb said...

It always feels so good to go back and see your old home being taken care of. My DH and I went by our first home when we went to NY last Fall. The house looked great. However, my dad had made raised panel shutters for the inside of my living room. They were painted blue and on the outside. They looked good but dad had done such a beautiful job finishing them. Love all your stitching. The Easter bunny looks just great on the small count. I'm impressed Carol, with all the delicious baking. WW does not allow me to do that, I have too little will power!

Lillie said...

Fabulous post Carol. The barn is a beautiful building.
Gorgeous stitching and the Easter deco look charming. Love the blackbird design and the framing is simply perfect. Always little treasures are found during spring cleaning, Marjolein Bastin look fantastic, how about "Home Sweet Home" ?

I can smell the aroma of the bake bread and cakes just by looking, LOL. And I love your Hexie project which reminds me of mine.
Wishing you a wonderful time and great bonding with your son's visit.
Have fun !

MartinaM said...

Hi Carol
Your Easterparade is great work, nice finsish. I like these colors.
And then hang it in a frame with wire - perfect.
I also like the series by LHN very much and soon I would like to start embroidering the first motif.
I also really like these old houses and shades, and I always enjoy seeing them in reports and hearing the stories.
I also love bread baking, you can vary so nicely and always have something delicious on the table.
Oh how nice, the hexagon fever caught you too. I love these little parts, you can make so much out of it.
Big Hugs to you, Martina

Christine said...

Lovely finishes Carol, I really like the effect of the black gingham on the barn ornament.
Your pink bunny Easter display looks gorgeous

maxi said...

Hey Carol,
your easter bunny is WOW! And all the another ornaments so great!
Thank you for sharing us!
Happy stitching

Mini said...

What a lovely post Carol! I love your easter bunny finish but the ffoing is out of the world. I have been thinking to make some yo-yo's myself, they remind me of my childhood.
Thanks for sharing the story about your barn house. I'm so glad the new owners treasure it.
Your pink and Irish display is just lovely.

Preeti said...

Hi Carol, Nice to read about your childhood barn memories, it looks a lovely place! Your Easter bunny finish is pretty and interesting :) Lovely March ornament and your shelf decor is cute! So nice that you have been trying new recipes and they are in high demand from your husband. I am used to cooking and baking sounds challenging to me.

Marilyn said...

As always, great finishes.
How about Bird Haven for the MJ piece?
It's so pretty, love the colors in that one.
Your little Bunny display is too cute, as are your St. Pat's smalls.
Have fun with your new endeavor, the hexies!
Love the little smiling Pansy faces on your header, they are my favorite, so dainty and cute.
Have a good week!

Jennifer Davis said...

Your finish on Easter Parade is cute! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Davis said...

I almost forgot to comment about how adorable the Yo-Yo's are. Do you have a link to a tutorial you use. I've never made one but you've inspired me to maybe try it.

Cathy H. said...

Oh, I love your Easter Bunny! I thinks it's the cutest Easter pattern I've seen and, of course, your finishing is perfect!! Yo-yo flowers are fun to make, but I would have never thought to add one to a framed piece!! My mother made a bed covering using all yo-yos. She loved to make them. Thanks for sharing you wonderful memories of the barn you played in as a child. It's such a lovely place to grow up! There's a barn in my memories, too, only it was my Uncles! We had such fun even when all my cousins and I got in big trouble jumping out of the hay loft!! Speaking of barns, I love "little red barn" and your finishing! You have such an extraordinary talent for finding the perfect fabrics for finishing! Happy Spring to you!

Susan Lankford said...

Hi Carol...another wonderful post! First of all, I love the way you coordinated colors from the stitched Easter Parade to the background fabric....and the wire frame with decor is perfect! I have that pattern it as a freebie...maybe next year. Your trip down memory lane was so sweet and very nostalgic. You are fortunate to have such lovely memories. And all your smalls are so adorable...I'm going to have to try some yoyo's! You are such an inspiration.

Karen said...

Easter Parade is darling, Carol. No wonder you enjoyed stitching it. Love your red barn finish. Congratulations on finding No Vacancy. I had a number of Marjolein Bastin charts years ago, but never stitched any of them.

Lili said...

How pretty bunny, Carol! The colours are so lovely! Love the finished piece, too!
Did you made that frame with the chicken wire? Last year I requested to my husband if he set up one for me...

Wonderful story about why you pick up Little Red Barn. Lovely finish!

Beautiful fabrics for your hexies! How cute that mini bunny hexie!

Sweet Sue said...

hi there ~ wow, you've been busy carol! such sweet finishes, congrats on the chicken wire frame, love it! sorry, have to declare i'm not a fan of the black barn doors, in my opinion they're not of the period, but i could be wrong, i do love that barn. glad you are finding time to bake to your heart's content:) as for your birdies, perhaps "no place like home" or something similar. wishing you a wonderful visit w/your son! question ~ did your old house have a stepping stone at the roadside for the buggy passengers? love those old stepping stones. xo

valerie said...

Your Easter Parade finish is stunning and just perfect for Easter and Spring. I just love your yoyo embellishments!

And the barn on your parents' property is beautiful. I can just imagine how many adventures and stories were dreamed up in there.

And super cute hexies...and mini bundts. Makes me want to taste one. They look delicious!

Hope you're staying warm on your side of the country. It's wet and rainy here.

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness, Carol, what a beautiful barn and house you grew up in! Wow! Your description of your childhood sounds so idyllic. Just lovely! So glad you'll have your eldest home for a few days! Love seeing all your stitching -- beautiful work as always! The hexies! So much fun! I love English paper piecing so much! Some suggest with the glue basting to punch a hole in the middle of the paper piece. Then when you remove the paper, you can use the punched hole to help you get the piece out. I admit it -- I've only ever basted before. My last EPP project I used the glue, but I haven't removed the pieces yet, so I can't tell you how well it works. lol! Rather pitiful, really. Anyway, enjoy your son's visit!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

You're certainly keeping very busy Carol. Lots of lovely things to see in your post - I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. I stitched Easter Parade many years ago and had it framed. I've long since passed it on though. Patchwork and all the bits that go with it can be very addictive - I went down that road when our son was very small and I was at home more.

Julie said...

Easter Parade is adorable, what a great way to display it too, well done Carol.
A lovely trip down memory lane, I enjoyed reading about it.
Nice cakes you've been baking, they look delicious.
I've never tried patchwork, maybe that's a new thing for me this year?

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely post Carol, The Easter Parade design is very pretty and I like how you have displayed it and fancy finding No Vacancy hidden away. Maybe you could put something like `Full house´ if you don´t like the words or not put anything at all. I envy your baking skills, wonderful cooking and all the sweet naughty things one loves to eat. Beautiful ornament displays, makes me wonder if I should start making some ornaments as they look so great on display.

Penny said...

Whether you stitch something big or small, your stitching and finishing are always perfectly inspiring, Carol! I loved the first installment in the new series by LHN, but not so crazy about the second -- I have seen some of the changes people have made and think if I ever do stitch it I will make some changes, too. Your childhood sounds lovely as is the barn you spent so many fun hours in! No suggestions for replacing "No Vacancy," but what a pretty piece! And such a sweet stitching displays! I'm looking forward to following your hexie making -- they look like they could be addicting. : ) I can only imagine how hard it is for your son to be so far away, so I know you will enjoy every minute with him on his visit home. : )

Lesley said...

There is so much to read about Carol,I enjoyed every bit of your post.How lovely to hear you are seeing your eldest son and news of your visit to your mom with your middle son with a trip to see your old home..lovely photos and memories.
How about Full House instead of No Vacancy,or could you fit in Home Sweet Home.
Easter Parade is just lovely,a breath of Spring and your Red Barn is pretty.
As for your baking it all looks delicious.
Love your pretty hexies too :)

Beth said...

I love M. Bastin's designs - I hope you can update your stitch so that it resonates with you. I like your bowl of St Pat designs.

Elfie said...

I've come to visit via Jo's Blogger of the Week feature. I had a lovely time, and I'll be back! I'm forever stitching Christmas ornaments (around 50 each year), but most of them are given to visiting children as Christmas gifts.

Brigitte said...

Your new finished project looks gorgeous, Carol. I have always loved Easter Parade a lot but have never managed to stitch it. Your finishing idea is fantastic, with the wire in the frame and the yoyo and the other embellishments. So creative.
I also love your new ornament and yes, your are on track this year. But of course this easier than the years before as you don't work anymore now - although people say that you have less time once you are retired, lol.

It must have been great to make the detour after visiting your mom to go and have a look at the old family home. It's sometimes a bit bittersweet to walk down memory lane but seeing that the new owner takes good care of your parents' home is certainly very reassuring.

Oh my, this Marjolein Bastin piece looks wonderful. I also have this kit in my stash and it's ages ago that I bought it. I should really stitch it as it just is beautiful. I sometimes take out my big "roll" where I roll up all my finished projects that are too big for being stored in a box. And when I look at them again I'M so surprised to see pieces that I had totally forgotten about. My stitching of the last twenty years.
If you don't like the words you could just repeat the leaves or stitch two or three eggs.

So lovely, your new pink-ish spring decoration. And also the green St. Patrick's Day decoration.

Ms. Wright said...

Hey, Care. I love the variety of all the pieces that you've created! The bunny themed pieces are adorable. They remind me of the bunnies that used to gather on the side lawn at 32 Maple! The memories of playing in the barn and putting on "productions" (Miss Frankenstein) with my friends are very powerful as well. Ah, yes...this post made me a bit misty eyed.
Much love,

Jennifer said...

Wow Carol, what a great post! Looks like you are starting to settle into retirement and finding some good ways to use your time. Love all the stitching (as always) and the finishing. I continue to remain so impressed with how you finish so many projects right after you stitch them! For the birdhouse piece, what about the corny phrase Home Tweet Home? Love your story about the barn - I’d have cried leaving that house too! No wonder your parents lived there over 50 years. Love your hexies - especially the teeny tiny ones - and can’t wait to see what you make with them! Hope you have a nice weekend 😊

Faith... said...

I just love your stitching! It is beautiful and that bunny is to cute!! I love your holiday designs also. I have a thing for bunnies so I really love the Easter display. And your baking looks delicious. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am very happy to add yours to my list of must reads!!

Andrea said...

Love the Easter Parade piece. The finishing is wonderful. The St Patrick's Day and bunny décor are so pretty.

I loved the story of your childhood home. It was so good to hear the current owners are still looking after it well. Looks a beautiful property.

Hope you had a fun time with your sons.

Have a good week.

Rachel S-H said...

You are such a lovely finisher.

The barn story is lovely. I would have loved that barn. I would still love a barn on our property!

Maybe stitch a feather?

Irene said...

Oh Carol quanti bei lavori e che casa meravigliosa avevi!

Katie said...

Your Easter Parade finish is just too perfect. Love it. The yo-yo and vine make it just that much more fantastic. The barn is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the memory. Nice to know the new owners are honoring the memory you have. You could always put the date you think you finished it in the spot where the No Vacancy is. Love your Spring and March decorations. We are going to work on putting our snowmen away this week too. Your hexies are sure cute. Good luck with them.

Jutta said...

Hi Carol,
this is my first visit here on your great blog, wow, your photos are really wonderful!!!!!
But my favourites are your easter works, I love your "Easter Parade" and your "Pretty in Pink Bunnies".
Thank you for visiting my blog, Carol,
happy stitchting, Jutta

Rhona said...

I love how you finished the Easter's so unusual and absolutely perfect!
What a great blog the barn!

Maggee said...

I love Easter Parade--it looks wonderful! I have never made a 'yo-yo' but I should really try! Great finishing job with ALL of your stitches! You always do a stupendous job with the finishing! I have NOT been seeing chicken wired frames around here... sad face! But I shall keep looking! Love the Birds piece! 'Welcome' might work in that space... Thanks for sharing again! Hugs!

Meari said...

Maybe you could add a couple of feathers in place of "No Vacancy"?

Your finish turned out beautiful! And those baby bundt cakes look so yummy and cute. Did they taste as good as they look?

I can see why you have fond memories of the barn. It's quite nice!

Heidi said...

Liebe Carol,
ich bin das erste mal hier auf Deinem wunderschönen Blog und ich kann nur sagen, ich bin begeistert. Ich finde es so großartig, wenn man solche herrlichen Dinge selbst nähen und sticken kann. Das muss ein sehr erhebendes Gefühl sein!
Alles Liebe

Mary said...

I'm so late posting on this!! I'm sure you visit with your sons is over by now, I hope you had a lovely visit with both of them. Your family barn is gorgeous!! I'm sure it does your heart well to see it so lovingly cared for. Easter Parade is such a sweet stitch, it's one on my to find list. Your finishing is so cheerful, dots and Easter stitches are made for each other. I love how you placed it on the wire frame with the yo yo embellishment. Little REd barn is finished perfectly too!!! I love checks and they go so well with a barn theme.
You know I love all your St.Patrick's Day stitches!! I have to add to my one that RJ made me. Such a great post!!!!

Robin said...

Wow, so much to comment on. First and foremost I hope you enjoyed the visit with your sons. Love love love the Blackbird Designs bunny and your finish. The Barn! OMGosh what a beautiful barn that is. And your Hexies.....I have started and stopped a hexie quilt so many times. I have moved it to a 'when I retire' project. Your baking looks awesome and I feel like I am gaining weight just looking at how scrumptious they love.

Oh, and for your "No Vacancy" Marjolien Bastin piece I suggest, "Welcome Home"