Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Daffodils and chicks--but only in my stitching!

And another month has flown by! March certainly has stayed "lion-like" for us Pennsylvanians, though. I can't remember a more "un-springlike" month! Last week we had seven inches of snow on Wednesday and this week has been cold, rainy day after cold, rainy day. I've been enjoying the spring flowers many of you are showing on your blogs--but I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous! I guess the only positive in this dreary weather is that it's enabled me to have a lot of stitching time...

My big finish is Prairie Schooler's "Daffodils" (Book No. 146) which seemed to take forever! There is so much solid stitching in these monthly samplers, isn't there? I used the suggested DMC threads on 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle. BUT--I did make a change in the color of the large daffodil block in the upper left corner. The background of that block was charted to be dark brown and I didn't feel that it looked very springlike. So, I changed it to the lighter green, changed the color of the daffodil from white to yellow, and stitched the leaves in the darker green. 

Prairie Schooler "Daffodils" finished up for March

I had hoped to have some pretty yellow daffodils from my garden to photograph alongside my finish. Ha! Not this year--we'll be lucky to get any by mid-April. Here are a few close-ups for you...

I love the way the alphabet is spelled out in the grass--it reminds me of wildflowers!

I did make a design change to this chart--the two doors weren't the same size and I know that would have driven me crazy. I like symmetry in my life!  The door on the left was one square smaller than the window above. So, I changed it which meant I had to change the design of the gray steps under the door. I also left out the window panes in the tiny window in the peak.

A pretty in pink house!

I changed the background behind the largest daffodil from brown to green

And I made a new little ornament for my Easter collection of smalls. This sweet freebie is from La Comtesse & Le Point De Croix and you can find the chart right here. Actually, I made two of these! One flew to California to live with my oldest son and daughter-in-law and the other is staying right here. The softer colors in the second photo are much more true to life...

New freebie chick from La Comtesse & Le Point De Croix

There is a funny story that goes along with this one... I didn't see that the designer had provided suggested colors, so I went ahead and simply pulled my own colors from my overdyed stash. Then one of my friends on Instagram asked me if I had followed the suggested colors or used my own. I went back to look at the blog, and sure enough--all I would have had to do was scroll down a bit. They were listed after all! Oh well--I think I was so anxious to stitch this one that I simply printed off the chart and didn't look further. Anyway, it turned out very cute, didn't it? I used 40 ct. antique white Newcastle and the following overdyed threads:  WDW Sally's Sunshine, WDW Sweetheart Rose, WDW Ivy, and DMC: 819, 977, 3790.

Yellow gingham ribbon and handmade cording finished this one off

A finish a long time coming!! I really enjoyed reading all of your suggestions for replacing the words "No Vacancy" on my newly found Marjolein Bastin piece. In the end, I chose to go with more nature motifs rather than any words. And this is how it turned out... I added two more leaves and a large egg and I'm very pleased with the final look. The colors in this piece are so soft and soothing.

"No Vacancy" by Marjolein Bastin finally finished after 13 years!!

I have to say, though, that I didn't enjoy stitching over two on the 28 ct. antique white Monaco fabric at all! I am so used to 40 ct. (or over one on 28 ct.) that this just about drove me crazy even though I was stitching only three small motifs. I just hate using two threads anymore--my stitching isn't nearly as neat as when I use one thread...  But, I got it done, ironed it and now just need to find a frame. It really is a darling piece--here are a couple of close-ups for you of the sweet little birds and flowers...

I love the tiny bird perched on the pencil in the foreground!

Lots and lots of brown in those birdhouses!

BLOGGER OF THE WEEK! In other stitching related news, Jo at Serendipitous Stitches, chose my blog as her "Blogger Of the Week" last week. If you'd like to read my interview with her--please check out this post. Thank you again, Jo--that was so sweet of you to include my blog!  

A gift from a friend... For Easter, I received a sweet package of goodies from my friend, Nathalie, in France. It included a cute LK Easter finish, a lovely French Christmas cross stitch magazine, and some very cute bunny tags. Thank you so much, Nathalie--I loved your thoughtful gifts!

Cookies and cake and bread--oh, my!! With my youngest and oldest sons both home two weeks ago, I got more chances to bake--yay!! Cookies, homemade bread, and this Fudge Filled Vanilla Bundt Cake got gobbled down in no time. The cake was so pretty...

And the inside had a decadent surprise... fudgy cream cheese filling! It was "pretty" good, but a bit dry for my taste. Somehow it still disappeared! And a generous portion of my oldest son's favorite ice cream (Turkey Hill "Double Dunker") certainly helped :)

Daily visitors... Our deer have been coming to our yard all winter--they are attracted to the food that spills from the bird feeder hanging outside our kitchen window.  We see these guys (plus one more not in the photo) on a daily basis. And that is why we can't have many pretty flowers in our yard--they devour everything in sight! In the photo below, I simply tapped on the window and they all looked at me with very slight interest--and simply went back to eating our grass! They aren't afraid of us in the least...

If only they would mow the lawn for us!

A few tears were shed... So, my family continues to scatter; my youngest son moved from Washington, DC to Panama City, Panama last week. Sigh... He will be gone six months on an assignment with the U.S. State Department and will live in a hotel! Luckily, it is a beautiful hotel and he has this view from his room--not bad, eh?  Will we go down to visit him? We're not quite sure, but are definitely considering it. Have any of you been there? Surprisingly, it would take us less time to fly to Panama than it would to go to southern California to visit our oldest son (as there is no direct flight to San Diego for us). All I know, is that is is 90° and humid in Panama pretty much year-round.  Hmmm... I'll keep you posted!

My youngest son's daily view in Panama City!

So, what are your plans for Easter? Ours will be quiet--just our middle son and his girlfriend... Thank goodness at least one of our three sons lives nearby--we would be pretty lonely without his almost weekly visits for Sunday dinners. He is our rock in so many ways... So, what are you making for Easter dinner? I think we'll grill a pork tenderloin and, hopefully, I'll get to bake another decadent dessert! Anyway, I hope you each have a lovely Easter weekend...

I truly appreciate each and every comment that you left for me on my last post (so glad you loved seeing my old family barn!).  And, as always, if you have any questions--please, please make sure to include your email address in your comment so I can reply to you... In my renewed interest in Marjolein Bastin art, I came across this darling work--wouldn't that be a wonderful cross-stitched piece?  Bye for now...



marly said...

I think you improved the design by changing that top left corner's colors. Can't imagine the dark brown. I know you're an accomplished stitcher but seeing the closeup, your stitches rocked me! So perfect. No tension, no wonkies, no bumps of thread. Perfectly uniform and straight. The little freebie chick is adorable.

A carb loaded weekend with family is ideal!

Stasi said...

Your stitched pieces are wonderful..and I agree with Marly.... your stitches are perfection!
What a fabulous view for your son to enjoy every day; it would probably be an interesting place to visit but that heat/humidity would deter me.
Hope you have a nice, on the warm side, Easter!

diamondc said...

Carol: Lovely post, I am like you if I do not like a color I change it.
I have done the exact thing you did pulled my own threads for a project not realizing the color chart was on the back of a page.
I love the Marjolien Bastin design it is beautiful.
Yummy looking cake I have to wait till Sunday to eat any bakery goods, I gave them up along with Pepsi, candy and granola bars for Lent.
Natalie sent you a sweet package of goodies.

Happy Easter

Myra said...

Carol, your posts are such a delight! Your PS piece is just awesome and you have even me wanting to stitch that cute little chick. You know I love birds of any sort and that little nest in the MB piece is just so sweet. Happy Easter my friend!

deb said...

Carol, I love the look of you March PS piece – you did just exactly the right thing with that daffodil square (I just can’t seen why it should have a brown background!). Every bit of this sampler is lovely!

No Vacancy is just wonderful! You made an excellent choice to leave out the words, IMO. I’m especially fond of the little sparrow(?) in the upper right, flying in with bits of grass in his beak for building his nest.

Oh, that cake!!!

Arlene Grimm said...

I love the changes you made in the March chart....I love symmetry as well!! And the chick is just adorable. I agree that no words were needed on the No Vacancy chart. I change things all the time now....such freedom to do things as you like them. Hoping that Spring shows up soon in your neck of the woods. Here it has been chilly but in the 70s tomorrow. Hurray. Dogwoods are blooming as well as all the trees putting on leaves. It lifts the spirit for sure.

Shelly said...

Great finishes, Carol! Beautiful as always. Thanks for the link to the ornament freebie, how pretty! I need to stitch something Easter-y. I have Halloween and Christmas going in right now, lol. I like symmetry too. Lots of yummy baked goods too. Funny, I baked some Mexican Wedding Cake cookies today. They also go by Russian Tea Cakes and numerous other names. Easter will be low key around here. Glad a son still lives nearby you and your husband. It's a little bewildering when the chicks fly the coop and then move out of the area. Happy Easter!

Jackie said...

I'm not fond at all of stitching with two threads either! Like you, it takes more time and my stitches don't look as neat as they do with one thread.

It sounds like your youngest son has a job that is going to keep him traveling. It's so hard when they are so far away!

Happy Easter!

Pam in IL said...

Such lovely stitching! I like the changes you made to PS's Daffodils and I have to have symmetry too. The weather here has been more wintery than spring and none of our flowers are blooming. Happy Easter!

Beth said...

Happy Easter Carol. We will go to church and then have a quiet day I expect. Lovely PS stitch and M. Bastin is a favorite of mine - I am glad you were able to finish it so that it fits you 13 years later.

Kate said...

Lovely projects, Carol. Happy Easter!

Lillie said...

Beautiful blog header Carol. Love the PS piece and the green looks good. You made good color choices with the Easter piece and finished it beautifully. Congrats on finishing "No Vacancy". The cake look yummy. Don't worry Carol, the beauty of having kids away from home is that you will get opportunities to visit them where they are. Enjoy the journey with them.

Cindy said...

Great finishes Carol! I love both of them, but especially want to start the PS seasonal series.
I hope you get a chance to visit your son while he is gone. When our son was living in Macedonia for a year we didn't go, but I wish we had.
I wanted to to tell you about my girlfriend who just retired at the end of the year as an attorney. She has already gotten a part time job on the reference desk at our county library. (Same library i worked at, except I was at a branch.)Unlike myself she doesn't like to stay home much! I think she will like it, though they can get some pretty rough customers there - homeless, drug dealers, etc.
Have a wonderful Easter with your family!

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations to you on your finishes, Carol! I love the changes to the PS piece (definitely more spring like) and the change to the Marjolein Bastin piece. The little chick piece is darling and I know your son and daughter in law will enjoy theirs. I am a fan of Marjolein Bastin's artwork, so really like the graphic of hers at the end of your post. Wishing you a blessed Easter!

Mini said...

I like the change you made for the daffodil background. The chick stitch is so cute, you did great using your own colors.
Congrats on finishing a UFO, it looks beautiful.

All your baking makes me hungry and miss my oven.

Nice gifts from your friend.

MartinaM said...

Hi Carol,
A nice new project, and you're right, the colors in the block look so much better. I have saved the little Easter motive, which I will embroider next year. The colors you have chosen great, everything fits together nicely.
I am glad that your sons were there, this is the best time for a mother to indulge her loved ones.
At Easter we will celebrate the 16th birthday of my daughter, but also enjoy a little rest. She wants chocolate cake, let's see what I can conjure her.
I wish you a happy Easter
Big Hugs, Martina

butterfly said...

Lovely post Carol, beautiful Easter stitching , I love everything Easter ,
such beautiful colours .
Love the bird house one I have a few of these big charts and would really love to stitch them one day .
Such yummy cake , no end to your talents.
It is so very hard when family fly the nest .
But you must be happy you have one son near by.
Lovely Easter gift from Nathalie.
Have a wonderful Easter hugs .

Gabi said...

Hello again, wonderful finishes, beautiful as always.
What a view from the window, great, makes one a bit jealous.
Easter will be quiet but I will enjoy, will have time to stitch. Got a lot of new designs.
Have a happy Easter and greetings from Germany

maxi said...

Your TPS sampler is wunderfull, allso the egg!
Happy Eastern for you and your family!
Happy Stitching

Sandra said...

Your cross stitch patterns are beautiful! I used to do so much cross-stitch but now crochet has taken over. I would like to try some cross-stitch again though!

Marilyn said...

Great Spring projects.
We don't have Spring here yet either, but at least we don't have the snow like the East Coast has. Hopeful it will stop soon!
Love what you did with No Vacancy, just perfect.
The cake looks delicious!
Have a great Easter!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Your Spring sounds much like ours here in Scotland - non existent! I love the Vera picture that you finished with. All your stitching is just lovely as always Carol - you choose to work on very appealing projects. Even though I don't stitch these days I still love to see what others are working on.

Preeti said...

Beautiful stitching, Carol! Congrats on finishing the old project, its lovely. However, the cute little chick ornament is my favorite:) Lovely gifts from your friend ! The cakes look yummy:)

Kim Ezman said...

Carol, your post is beautiful. Here in NE PA, Mother Nature has been tough on us for the month of March. Happy Easter!

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
I like your daffodil stitching. Your colour change is wonderful.
The little chicken is very cute.
Your Marjolein Bastin finish looks great.
Happy Easter, Manuela

LaNelle said...

Carol such a lovely blog posting once your color changes on Prairie Schooler such a delightful design! Wow.. many blessings to your son on his new work assignment but what a fabulous opportunity for him and you if your able....enjoy your Easter Sunday and baking🐇🌷Easter Blessings to All....

Sandy said...

Carol, I am not kidding when I say you are one of favorite stitchers. Your 40 count pieces inspire me. They are so neat. The PS March looks wonderful on 40 count and the little chick is adorable. However, I am in love with those birds. Your choice instead of the words is perfect. I think a trip to visit the son in PC would be fun. We are having pork tenderloin as well. I am looking forward to Easter.

Vickie said...

Daffodils is lovely Carol! I plan to stitch that sweet chick freebie also. :D
The Marjolein Bastin piece is just beautiful! Well done. What fantastic gifts given to you by Nathalie. We will celebrate both Easters, one week after the other this year. My mom will have us over this week, my in-laws delayed their meal with us by a week this year. ;)

Vicki said...

All of your finishes are fantastic! "No Vacancy" is absolutely gorgeous. Your son's view is pretty amazing, I hope you get the chance to visit him. I've seen Panama City on House Hunters International, but that's the limit of my knowledge. Oh, and I know a canal runs through that country! haha
Happy Easter!

Lesley said...

The freebie is such a cute desgn Carol,thank you for the link.I love your PS Daffodils and all the changes you made.I saw a picture of the original and I like yours more.
No Vacancy looks perfect with the addition of the egg and leaves,no words needed.
Staying in a hotel for six months is not ideal,but with a view like that ,it is a compensation.
Wishing you and your husband a Happy Easter :)

Cathy H. said...

Such pretty finishes this past month. Daffodils is beautiful; so springy with the pretty house, sheep and flowers! Oh, I love the little spring chick! thank you for the link to the chart, it's on my next year list!! I know it must be very hard to have your son move away for six months. I'm fortunate my son is only 20 min. away and my daughter is 3 hrs. Maybe you will get a chance to visit him. Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!

Janice Boucher said...

Hi Carol! What is there left to say about your stunning stitching! I love the PS...and your creative color changes. I am not brave enough yet to substitute colors for the called for ones. Only when I don't have the called for "fancy flosses" do I substitute DMC equivalents.
But I am learning and will be branching out using my colors.
As for Easter, we are going to our oldest son's home for dinner (we have 3 sons) All 3 live in the area so we will be together.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful day together :)

Darlene in Michigan said...

Hello Carol,
Your pieces are lovely, and like PA, no spring in sight here in Michigan. I love your blog. Have a blessed Easter.

Elizabeth said...

All your finishes are beautiful as usual. What did you decide to do with your blocks from your last post?

Elizabeth B

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Dear Carol, your embroidery is wonderful!
I understand you. Our 4 children are also far away. On Easter I will not come :-(
I wish you beautiful holidays!

Natureluvr57 said...

I love your Marjolein Bastin piece. I love all her artwork. I bought many Hallmark cards and I display them around the house. I don't own any of the cross stitch patterns but would love all of them. That is a wonderful ornament! We are still having bad weather also and I've had the flu since Sunday. Finally time to go to the doctor tomorrow since it's not improving much. I always enjoy your blog postings.

Meg said...

Happy Easter, Carol! I love your most recent finishes. The Prairie Schooler monthly series are wonderful. I've thought about starting those, but my "to-do" list is so, soooo long! (Can you relate?) Thank you for the sweet freebie. I love your color choices.

Marjolein Bastin designs are so much fun to stitch, I think, because the colors are so soothing. I like your choice of the egg and leaves.

That cake! My mouth is watering.

Aren't the deer funny like that? My mom has a small orchard in her side yard, and each year she seems to support a doe and its twins. Twins - every year! We will pull up to the house and park in her carport, about 10-15 feet away from them, and as long as I move slowly, they just look at us and continue munching grass and fallen apples. Other people in her little town who like to grow gardens do NOT like the deer so much, but I think they're sweet. It's a common topic of conversation - the things people try to make them stay away.

The French Christmas cross-stitch magazine looks intriguing! Can't wait to see if you stitch something from it.

Enjoy your Easter weekend!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Love the bird piece. I have several of her patterns to stitch. The colors and motifs remind me of spring. Your son has a nice view from the hotel. You might have to visit him. Easter will be quiet my sister is working and my son was her last weekend.🌻. More stitching time. Have a blessed easter Carol. 🌻🌻🌻

Katie said...

So much wonderful things to talk about. First I have a question. Are you attending the retreat this Sept in Harrisburg? Okay now to your goodies. I love your March finish. It's funny how much stitching hides in those blocks of solid stitching isn't it. I like the changes you made to the daffodil design. Love your Easter cutie. Don't blame for wanting to hurry to stitch it up. The finish is beautiful too of course haha. Oh I love the way you finished up the No Vacancy piece. Looks exactly like it was meant to be that way. Love the close up shots. So many beautiful details. It's funny how stitching on 28ct seems so huge when you are used to smaller counts. Congrats on being blogger of the week. I'm glad Jo has done this fun blog. I really enjoy reading each new post there. Great gift from your friend. Yummy cake. The deer are too cute. We've been having visits from deer as always but lately we have a small skunk that doesn't mind us at all (which I'm glad haha). Your son's view is just beautiful. The temps are not something I would enjoy but the view would be great from inside the AC haha.

Jennifer said...

Three lovely finishes, and I like what you decided to replace the words on For The Birds. Panama would be interesting- I haven’t been there, but do have a few friends who have cruised through the canal and they enjoyed it. Hope you have a lovely Easter with time for cooking and stitching!

Tricia B said...

Oh Carol, your stitching is divine! and your baking looks delicious! I am gearing up for an egg bread and chocolate layer cake on Saturday. No more Easter candy for baskets at our house with all,our daughters out of the house so I thought my husband and I deserved a chocolate cake 🤣 Enjoy the weekend and thanks for sharing! 😘

Susan Lankford said...

Hi Carol...Love the Prairie Schooler March Daffodils....ran right over to 123 Stitch to see what else they have in that line, but had to put on the brakes because of my many charts waiting in the wings! So you stitch over one on 28 count? I'll have to try that...I think I thought I wouldn't get enough coverage. I prefer one thread also, but I've been doing that on 25 count fabric.
And the freebie chick is delicate!
Good for you for finishing your Marjolein Bastin cross stitch....her artwork is amazing.

Have a wonderful Easter...enjoy your remaining son!

Bethan said...

Your yellow daffodil on a green background looks gorgeous - you were totally right to change it. A white daffodil on a brown background would like odd. How funny that you ended up using similar colours to those advised - it's a gorgeous little piece! Your finish is stunning - so detailed!
Have a really happy Easter x

Isabelle said...

Thank you Carol for this posts that is such a delight! Your Prairie schooler piece is really beautiful and what a cute little chick. Happy Easter my dear Carol!

Ele said...

such a lovely post, your stitching is beautiful and the cake looks yummy!!!

Maggee said...

What a fun post Carol! Filled with Spring, to take your mind off of the outdoors that is not right now! I have enjoyed stitching PS pieces lately, and can feel the urge right now to start another! Your 'Daffodils' is really cute! I cannot imagine the little square with daffodils any other colors! Your changes were perfect for it! And the little chick seems to have worked out too! Funny story! The change that you made to the Marjolein Bastin piece was a perfect one, and it turned out so very cute! I am off to look for something sweet for breakfast after seeing that lovely bundt cake! I hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Hugs!

Lili said...

Beautiful projects, Carol! That free design is adorable!

Happy Easter!

Barb said...

Hi Carol - What a wonderful blog post you have shared with us! I’m a little late getting to it but I loved reading it and looking at all the great pictures you have shown to us. Your stitching is always so beautiful and so creative. You always make such inspired, creative stitching decisions when you make color changes and even stitching changes to a designs. Like so many stitchers, I, too, love Prairie Schooler designs but I don’t know if I would have enough guts to change color or the size of some parts of a design - you are truly an inspiration. I could go on and on about all your beautiful stitched pieces - I can easily agree with all the other people that have left Comments about your gorgeous work.

I can only imagine how much you miss your younger son in Panama City (what an amazing view from his room - spectacular!!). It will be so fun to see if you and your husband decide to go visit him there. A great opportunity for all of you but maybe a difficult decision depending on so many things.

All the best to you and your family,
Barb R.

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful long, chatty post, Carol. I do so love to keep up with you and your sons - although I think that I have you beat - DS1 and DIL in Brunei (on the island of Borneo), DD in London (with her new boyfriend currently living in Copenhagen) and DS2 and his girlfriend in Sydney (Australia, at least!). So, we are going up to Ballarat this morning to spend a couple of days with my uncle and aunt. Oh, and I forgot to say, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous stitching and finishing as always - and so many wonderful designs, you have been so very busy and I just love your choices so much. Happy, happy Easter.

valerie said...

Wonderful finishes, Carol! I think you made great changes to the PS piece and that freebie is just darling! I went and printed out the freebie. Thanks for the link!That is so exciting that your youngest is off to Panama for 6 months. Central America does get very hot and those humid 90 degree days are not fun if you're not used to it. I have heard wonderful things about Panama though. I hope it warms up for you soon and that you get some daffodils soon!

Margaret said...

I love your Prairie Schooler finish! And the Marjolein Bastien finish too! Both are lovely! Lovely present from Nathalie too! Your baking always looks delicious -- I'm sure you were happy to have your sons all home for a brief time. Your youngest in a hotel with that view -- oh la la! lol! I do hope his stay in Panama is a good one. Hope you have a happy Easter!

Karen said...

Congratulations on finishing No Vacancy. It's so pretty. The changes you made to the daffodil block are spot on. The brown background would have been too dark.

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely post Carol and pretty stitching, I like how you changed the colours of the daffodil and background on the PS piece, making the pattern `lighter´ and also the size of the doors. The freebie chick is very cute and I like the finishing fabric and bow. Wonderful tempting cooking as always, sure I always gain weight when seeing your baking. Hope you enjoy a lovely Easter.

Sweet Sue said...

your finishes are sure to bring spring🌷. such beautiful work! happy easter 😊

Linda said...

Lovely finishes Carol. The cake looks yummy.


Robin said...

I think you choose the perfect motifs to finish your MB piece. So clever. I can’t ever think out of the box. I like what you did. Me, I would have thought I could only replace “words” with “words”. Happy Easter and enjoy the day with your son.

Julie said...

Such a pretty finish on the little Easter egg design, I be your DIL loved receiving hers.
Yummy goodies you've been baking.
Great changes you made to the PS, don't think I would have liked a brown background to the daffodil, your green looks much softer. I'm with you on the symmetry thing.
Happy Easter xx

Andrea said...

Such wonderful pretty finishes. Love the MB piece, your changes suit it perfectly.
Six months will go by in a flash. Just think we are in to the 4th month of the year now and only yesterday it seemed like it was Christmas. You and DH will have to go and visit him, that view is fantastic.
Have a good week.

Penny said...

It's lovely to enjoy a bit of spring through your beautiful stitching! And that chick is as cute as a button -- WDW Sally's Sunshine has to qualify as one of my most favorite floss names. : ) Love the way you chose to finish the Marjolein Bastin piece! And I very much enjoyed reading your interview on Jo's blog. I know it must be hard to see your son move so far away -- he sure has a gorgeous view -- wow! I think that would be enough to lure me into a visit despite the somewhat warm weather. : )

Daffycat said...

Oh, I love all your finishes! Daffodils turned out sweet! The chick you chose the colors for rocks! No Vacancy is so lovely. I love birds, and daffodils! Wonderful finishes for Spring...if it would ever get here!

Heidi said...

Liebe Carol,
immer wenn ich auf Deinem Blog bin, kann ich nur so staunen!!! Es sind sooooooo wunderschöne Stickarbeiten. Das Haus mit den Schafen und den Osterglocken, das süße Küken im Kranz und dann so herrlich als Ei verziert, die Vogelhäuschen mit allem dem Drumherum u.u.u. Ich liebe auch Marjolein Bastin, ich habe zwei Bücher von ihr, sie sind so wundervoll!
Die Rehe im Winter direkt bei Euch und so zutraulich, dass finde ich umwerfend. Ihr seid liebe Menschen, dass sie sich nicht fürchten!!!
Dass Dein jüngster Sohn jetzt für 6 Monate nach Panama gezogen ist, ist sicherlich nicht einfach...Aber man soll seinen Kindern ja Flügel geben, man soll sie ihren Weg gehen lassen...aber das ist leichter gesagt, als getan...
Aber an Weihnachten wird er wieder bei Euch sein!!! Vielleicht tröstet das ein wenig...?! Und im Sommer, wenn Ihr es könnt, fliegt Ihr zu ihm, dann ist es zu schaffen und die Zeit ist nicht zu lange...Oder?!
Ich drücke Dich jetzt und sage DANKE für Deinen Besuch bei mir und für all die wunderschönen Dinge, die ich immer wieder bei Dir finde!
Damit ich nichts mehr verpasse, trage ich mich als Followerin bei Dir ein!
Alles Liebe

moreofhim said...

Your stitched pieces are just so beautiful! Love the changes you made, too. The deer are just amazing and how wonderful to look out your window to see them. I hope your Easter was wonderful!

Blessings - Julie

Annie said...

Sorry for the late comment. Seems like I mostly look at IG these days.
Lots of pretties as usual. Your special touches always improve the originals.
Love the Marjolien Bastin design.. so different from your usual choices.
Your Easter with family seems like it went well... how could it not with the baked goodies!
Fun stitchy package from Natalie. Enjoy!
That youngest son of yours is quite the adventurer. Bet you decide to make the trip.
Winter just doesn't want to let go it seems. Not really winter like, but hardly what I think of for April.

Leonore Winterer said...

Hi Carol! I couldn't help but add your blog to my ever-growing read list after seeing you on the Blogger of the week. Your stitching is gorgeous, I especially love the daffodils! I do hope you get your spring weather soon. We last had snow on March 22nd and I really hope it stays away for now.

Chrissie B said...

Hi Carol, I SO LOVE all your stitching and finishing!! Do you stitch in hand or do you use a hoop, scroll rods?

Brigitte said...

I hope you had a nice Easter Sunday, Carol, with NO new snow. The remainders are still to be seen on the picture of your yard. Seven inches sounds a lot in March even for me, and I'm used to getting snow in March. Not that I would like it

But you made up for the lack of flowers and spring in your stitching. I do love the monthly series of Prairie Schooler but haven't stitched any of them so far. They all have so many nice details referring to the month. And March certainly is one of the nicest. Aren't the sherries so cute? And the daffodils meaning that spring has sprung? A wonderful stitch, Carol.
And your little freebie is also beautifully stitched and finished.
You found the perfect solution for your Marjolein Bastin piece. You would never get the idea that the leaves and the egg are a replacement.

Your cake looks delicious. I love everything fudge, inside a cake or just quite simply fudge, lol.

Chrissie B said... is my email

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I prefer the yellow of your daffodil. I have that free design from La Comtesse downloaded but I think I will wait on next year to stitch it. Finishing your Marjolein Bastin design with some motifs rather than words is very effective.

priscilla said...

Such beauties Carol! Love that pretty freebie .. and your finish is beautiful!

Karoline said...

Gorgeous finishes, your Easter ornament is very cute.

Your cake looked very yummy :)

Justine said...

I'm a bit late reading this but couldn't pass by...I think your stitching is so neat! When you work on 40 count do you stitch 1 over 2? I've never tried it. At the moment I'm stitching 2 over 1 on 14 count aida and it's a pain, the stitches look huge! Anyway your PS turned out beautifully and I love the greens behind the daffodils.

Lovely stitch from La Comtesse, I can see why you were in a rush to stitch it! Your colours turned out perfectly.

I love the M Bastin piece, what a stunning finish! We have started bird watching in a small way and it brings so much happiness.

Your son's view looks fantastic! I would like to live in a hotel for a few months, how nice to have someone make the bed and tidy up every day after you! You must try to visit, what an opportunity.

Happy Spring!

Jutta said...

Dear Carol,
I love your sticheries so much, but my favourite are your finished birdhouses, soooooo beautiful!!!!!
Hugs, Jutta

Ohio Stitcher said...

The changes you made to the Prairie Schooler piece are perfect! Do you remember what colors you made the daffodil in the large block? I always enjoy your blog and you inspire me to stitch! I have had this Prairie Schooler chart for years but after seeing yours, I've begun stitching it.

Meari said...

Your baby chick ornament is so pretty! Just love it. Congrats on your sampler finishes -- I like the changes you made. Both turned out wonderfully.

I've never been to Panama, but looking forward to seeing if you go and the taking an armchair tour with you. :) Although, I'm not sure I'd like all that humidity.