Monday, December 30, 2013

A time to be thankful

Good morning, my stitching friends! It's so hard to believe that 2013 is winding down, isn't it? I hope you all had a joyful Christmas with your families. Ours was just the five of us--very peaceful and relaxing. But, oh, I'd forgotten how much four grown men eat!! It seems like I spent a lot of time in the kitchen... I thought I had more than enough cookies and snacks for the five days everyone was here, but they wiped them out in no time. But, that's good--there's nothing left for me to snack on. I don't know about you, but I'll be doing double treadmill workouts this week (and beyond) to work off the pounds that crept on between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

As always at the end of the year, I'm prone to reflection about the past twelve months--the good, the bad, and the really bad. I can't say I'm sorry to see this year end. There have been some very big bumps in the road, but, in the end, I have the love of my family and the friendship of so many of you fellow stitchers--and that matters more than anything.  I want to say "thank you" to each of you who read my blog this year, especially those of you who took the time to leave a kind comment or send an encouraging email. You just never know what a difference one kind word will make in a person's day, do you? And a special thank you to the following stitching friends from around the world who brightened my holidays with their wonderful, creative gifts:

From Lois in Northern Ireland, came this bunch of goodies... She stitched me this cute snowman ornament and finished it so beautifully. Love the fabric Lois sent, too, along with a pretty chart, some snowflake charms and a tin of tiny chocolates. I've tucked them away for a special treat to enjoy in the New Year. Thank you so much, Lois--I love everything!

From June in England, came another lovely package with a cheery red theme! Just look at this cute Prairie Schooler angel tree mounted on an antique spool. I love the folded ribbon edging--need to try that myself very soon. She also included a chocolate bar, some pretty red, white, and gray buttons, and a skein of red and white cording. In addition to being a skilled stitcher, June also makes the prettiest cards. I fell in love with this cheery robin and plan on setting it out on my kitchen counter every Christmas. Thank you so much, my friend--you certainly made me smile!

From Robin in Virginia (no blog), came this sweet ABC Prairie Schooler ornament--one I've never stitched! So cute and beautifully stitched and finished. And look how Robin spoiled me with all these luscious skeins of thread in just about every shade of blue you can imagine. I told her I don't think I'll ever have to purchase blue thread again! The pretty white snowflake ornament was also included in her package. Thank you so much, Robin--everything is just so special!

From Myra in North Carolina, came not one, not two, but three handmade gifts! Myra, cardinal lover extraordinaire, gifted me with one of her beautifully handmade cardinal pincushions--don't you love the red and white snowflake wings? She included a thread catcher in the same cheery fabric and a tiny Merry Christmas ornament to add to my collection. It is mounted in a simple frame and hung with some gauzy ribbon--such a great idea for a quick ornament finish.  Myra also included a tube of Gingerbread Kiss chapstick which will come in handy this winter. Thank you so much, Myra--I feel honored to have your beautiful creations in my home!

From Shirlee in Kentucky, came this truly lovely Prairie Schooler finish. Isn't it gorgeous? Shirlee's stitching and Myra's finishing make this one special ornament. I told them both I'd be copying this idea in some of my own finishing next year. I just love the perfectly stitched bag filled with cinnamon sticks and pine boughs! Thanks so very much, Shirlee--I will treasure your gift and proudly hang it on my tree each year.

From Cindy in Tennessee, came another wonderful package of treats! Cindy stitched this lovely bluebird ornament from the latest ornament issue of Just Cross Stitching Magazine. Don't you love the color of the fabric she used to finish it... a perfect match! She also included some DMC threads, a cute little wind-up jumping bunny, and a wooden bunny thread keeper. (Cindy obviously knows I have a soft spot for bunnies!). I've never used a thread keeper before and I look forward to trying it. I love each and every gift, Cindy--thank you so very much!

From Edit in Spain, came a beautifully stitched and finished Lizzie Kate ornament. I was touched to see that Edit had finished it with some of the fabric that I sent her last Christmas. She also spoiled me with the cutest fabric--it is printed with vintage Christmas advertising pictures and logos--so much fun! Two lovely skeins of Nina's Hand Dyed threads and some pretty poinsettia buttons rounded out the package. Your gifts are delightful, Edit--thank you again, my friend!

My final gift was a very special RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from Jackie (Scattered Threads II blog) in Texas. I wish she could have seen my face when I opened Jackie's surprise box of goodies. Oh my!! Knowing my love of blue and white, she created an adorable primitive snowman (whose tag says "Waiting On Santa")--just look at his sweet, sleepy-eyed face. He even has his very own blue fleece "blankie."  In addition to that cuddly little guy, Jackie made me a very special doorhanger "HOPE" pillow and a darling quilted mug mat. Even the candy package was blue and white--yum. Jackie--your RAK touched my heart and spoke volumes about your generous nature. Thank you so much, my friend--I'll think of you every winter when I set out your beautifully crafted gifts.

This lovely chart recently arrived at my home courtesy of Heather in Delaware. I entered a giveaway on Heather's blog last month and was so pleased to see that my name was drawn as one of the winners. I truly love this chart, Heather--thank you so very much! And when I'm finished stitching it, I will be passing it along in a giveaway of my own, so watch for it...

On Christmas Eve, my oldest son asked each of us what our favorite moment was from the past year. I hesitated as I searched back through the past 12 months for that special time. And then it came to me--and it had to do with stitching! Yes, my favorite moment was my stitching retreat at a Bed & Breakfast with Lee, Linda, Pam, and Barb back in October. It was just such a carefree few days that made me temporarily forget any troubles or worries that I'd been concerned about. There was so much laughing that my sides hurt and so much delectable food, beautiful, uninterrupted stitching time, and the camaraderie of true friends that those three days really stood out in my mind as the highlight of my year. How about you? What was the one moment of 2013 that stands out in your mind?

Well, that's it for 2013! I managed only 25 posts this year and certainly stitched less than I did in 2012, but I'm pleased to have kept up with my blogging at all. There was a time, back in August when I was hospitalized for those five days, that I seriously thought about ending my blog. But, I'm so glad I didn't--just think of all I would have missed! New friends met, new blogs read, new memories made... Thank you all for being such wonderful friends. I so look forward to the peacefulness of January--no holidays, no outdoor work, just lots of cocooning and stitching time and my birthday coming up in mid-month. Here's to a happy and healthy New Year for one and all! Bye for now...



Chris said...

Good Morning Carol!
I am so glad that you didn't end your blog.I hope that we both get to stitch more in 2014.
What wonderful gifts from your friends around the world. So beautiful.
It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.
Happy New Year!

Lisa T said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of the gifts you received. It so nice to see everyone's work. Such talented folks.
I started my blog this past year and my favorite moment(s) was when I actually started to gain followers! It was amazing to me that people actually cared what I had to say and liked to look at my projects.
So happy you are continuing your blog as I have enjoyed it & will continue to in 2014.
Happy New Year!

Ineke said...

Lovely gift you got from your friends. Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy 2014.

Pamela said...

It sounds like you had a very blessed Christmas with your family. I can see you have a great group of stitching friends who made beautiful pieces for you! Thank you for not ending your blog, I look forward to your inspiring posts.
Happy New Year!

Pamela said...

It sounds like you had a very blessed Christmas with your family. I can see you have a great group of stitching friends who made beautiful pieces for you! Thank you for not ending your blog, I look forward to your inspiring posts.
Happy New Year!

Marilyn said...

What great treasures you received!
Everything is so unique.
I'm glad you haven't closed your blog, it's one of my favorites. :)
I especially wait for the pic of your Ornament bannister and also your beautiful Christmas tree every year.
I wish you health and happiness in the New Year.

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Hi Carol! Happy New Year to you! So many wonderful gifts! I'm a little bit envious! ^=^

Mary Ann said...

Such wonderful gifts!! Happy New Year, Carol!!

Nicola said...

Carol, your gifts are lovely! I'm so glad you didn't stop blogging as I love reading your blog, even though I don't always comment. I'm hoping to revive my own blog in 2014, it was sadly neglected this year.

I do hope that 2014 will be a great year for you and your family, and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely stitching.

Shirlee said...

Please don't ever end your blog my friend ... it is a real treat for me & I know it is for many others as well! You received so many beautiful gifts & you deserve them all : ) My favorite moment of 2013? That's a toughie! I'll have to think on that for a while : ) I wish you much love, much laughter, & good health in 2014. May you have more blessings than you can count!

LaNelle said...

Dear Carol, I've just recently joined the world of Blogs that is in reading and I so enjoy them as I love to stitch and live in a remote city in northern MN far from big cities. So this is a wonderful way to have friends with your same interests, a Big Thank you for continuing to blog even during the difficult times. Awesome gifts you received thanks for sharing! Wishing you the best of everything in 2014!

Kate said...

Delightful, Carol. Thanks for sharing all those lovely gifts that you received ... they are inspiring.
Happy New Year!

Lesleyanne said...

So pleased you decided to carry on blogging. Look forward to seeing your stitching in 2014. So many gorgeous gifts. Happy New Year.

Cathy B said...

Wonderful gifts from your stitching friends. Looking forward to seeing more of your stitching in 2014!

Happy New Year!

Margaret said...

Such wonderful gifts from your friends! I'm so glad you didn't end your blog. I've loved reading every post you made this year and every year. I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you, full of health, happiness, love and peace.

Gabi said...

Wonderful gifts you received and happy to read you had a blessed Christmas with your family. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog, so please, don't give up.
Wish you a
Happy New Year!

Barb said...

Carol - your 'blogging' friends have gifted you with some wonderful treasures! which I think speaks volumes about how much your readers love you and your blog. I know your site is truly one of my very most favorites. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful stitching and a bit of your life with us - you are truly a talented, generous, beautiful woman.

Some years just aren't quite as "good" as others so, thankfully, we have a new one just ahead full of promise!

I'm so happy to read that you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and may I wish you and your family and friends many blessings in the coming year!!

priscilla said...

Such beautiful ornaments , Carol ! I know that feeling of being in the kitchen 24-7 .. I am kind of tired :) Hope you have a wonderful New Year and show us lots more of your fabulous stitching !

Parsley said...

What lovely gifts! I know you will treasure them because they came from special people here in blogland.

Laura said...

Hi Carol! What a wonderful blog posting! Such beautiful gifts from friends near and far! Wishing you a very happy new year and wanted to tell you that reading your blog is always a highlight for me!!! Your posts are always inspiring, gorgeous and enchanting!!!

Bekca said...

I'm so pleased you decided to continue blogging Carol, your stitching inspires me every time you post :) You truly deserve all of your lovely gifts and I'm sure you'll enjoy them for years to come. Looking forward to seeing what you'll be stitching in the New Year. Best wishes.

LoriU said...

Oh my gosh I am sooo glad you didn't end your blog! I look forward to your updates more than you can imagine! You are a huge inspiration to me too. Thank you for sharing your stitching and your life! Happy New Year!

LoriU said...

Oh my gosh I am sooo glad you didn't end your blog! I look forward to your updates more than you can imagine! You are a huge inspiration to me too. Thank you for sharing your stitching and your life! Happy New Year!

Shelly said...

What great gifts you've received! I believe you're going to need another tree for all the ornaments you've received and are going to receive in '14! I'm glad you decided to keep the blog going.

A moment in 2013 that stands out in the wasteland of my mind?! It just might be my trip to Las Vegas the first part of December. I left the problems and whatever else was going on, at home. Also, the blogging buddies that I've made on my blog of which you, Carol, are considered to be one. Thank You and a wonderful 2014 to you!

Melissa said...

Carol, isn't it a great feeling to see those grown boys eat? I had to laugh, it's so true! I only have one big boy to feed and he eats enough for the two of us (dh and me).

What lovely gifts from your stitching friends! You are blessed!

I am ready to say goodbye to 2013 as well and hope for better things in 2014 for everyone! Happy New Year wishes to you and your family!

Christina said...

Oh wow, such lovely gifts you received.

Glad you had a wonderful time with your "boys".

Same thing here, hello extra workouts to get rid of this excess from all of the goodies consumed.

I want to thank you for enabling me lol. I loved your July ornament so much that I just had to get a copy of that magazine. I was lucky enough to win one on ebay yesterday.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

butterfly said...

Well there you go Carol you can't stop blogging , I just read your comments and everyone wants you to stay forever as do l .
All your gifts are wonderful , such kindness from your friends .
My best part of the year was the birth of two new GGC and that I made yet another year to do my stitching and made many more new friends.
Your year will get better , we all have bad one's just hold on and have faith, many hugs. and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Annie said...

Lots of good and bad in 2013, but all that family and friend love make it a great year on balance. Wonderful gifts from your stitching buds around the world. You can't stop blogging...I think it's part of your life blood now!

BrendaS said...

Carol -- So many beautiful gifts for a very generous person! They are all just wonderful.

I hope that 2014 will be a better year for you and your family.

Happy New Year my friend!

HUGS to you.

Lesley said...

Another lovely post Carol and gorgeous gifts from stitching friends.
Wishing you a healthy and peaceful New Year.
P.S My 2013 hi light was the marriage of our elder son in July.A lovely,lovely day for our family.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Wishing you a very happy new year, Carol. Looking forward to reading your wonderful blog and getting inspired!!!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Beautiful gifts Carol - it's good to look back, even at the bumpy bits and be proud to be the other side of them.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Robin said...

What a wonderful assortment of goodies you received from around the globe, Carol! I, for one, am very glad you didn't stop writing.

Wishing you a wonderful 2014 filled with peace, joy, hope, lots of stitching, and the love of family and friends.

Robin in Virginia

Palkó said...

Beautiful things!
Happy New Year! :)

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Carol, look at all the love, admiration and people that you have touched through your blog just by the sheer amount of comments, gifts, friendships you have made through your humble words and works. To even begin to think about ending your blog would have been a catastrophe on many levels, not to mention my own personal level because I adore reading your words and seeing your works. There are people that cross your path in life and you continue along that path a better person. You are one of those for me. I'll never meet you, I'll never speak to you, but you are that type of person to me. God bless you and God bless yours this 2014, and may His blessings be abundant! Health and happiness to you, dear lady!

Vickie said...

I am glad you are sticking with blogging Carol. You were the first cross stitch blog I found! ;) So very glad I did. God bless you in this new year.

Cath said...

Such beautiful gifts . Happy New Year to you and yours x

Cole said...

Ha! My boy is just 10 and I'm starting to learn how much they can eat, holy!! It's a never-ending tune of "mom, is there anything to eat" and "when are we eating"! LOL!

Lovely gifts Carol, enjoy them!!

Cole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AnaCristina said...

Happy New Year, Carol!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oma said...

Your blog is just awesome, and I am so glad you didn't stop. I actually stopped one blog, and started a new one. Start fresh with the new year, and we will all be waiting to see how "things" go with you.

Pam in IL said...

Happy, Healthy New Year to you! Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely gifts. I'm so glad that you kept your blog too.

Rowyn said...

I am glad you had a lovely Christmas with your family.

Wow, so many beautiful gifts (and so many talented/generous people who made them).

There are no guesses as to what my favourite moment of 2013 was, and I am sure Annabelle will continue giving me lots more favourite moments into the future. :-)

I hope you have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2014!

Ellen said...

Wonderful gifts!

Looking forward to more of your gorgeous works in 2014!

Happy New Year!


passionfruitprincess said...

Beautiful gifts, Carol! Just wonderful treats!
I saw the tree with the vintage spool finish at Juno's blog and I just love it! I told her I will copy.
I feel like you, had some bumps this year, still counting my blessings, but I will be happy to welcome 2014!
Have a wonderful holiday!
Ana Paula

Krista said...

Wow, what beautiful gifts you have received this holiday! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Barbi said...

Oh Carol!!! What would I do without your blog posts?? I am so glad that you decided to keep posting :)
Such lovely gifts you have received!
Happy New Year my friend!!!

Myra said...

Oh Carol, I would be so sad if you stopped blogging. I am so glad you decided to continue. I know it has been a tough year for you, I am hoping and praying 2014 will be kinder to you and your family.

You really got some lovely gifts from some lovely friends. Isn't it wonderful to be spoiled? :o)

Wishing you all the best in 2014!

Kathy L. said...

Such a lovely post. Beautiful gifts received!

Happy new year to you.


Cindy's Stitching said...

What beautiful gifts from around the world. So Glad I am part of it. I can't imagine you not having a blog, you are a great story teller. I treasure your kind words. Like you, this is a year i will be happy to see end and have a new beginning. My happiest moment of the year, someone said to me the best thing in my house was me. Just a kind word, but that person will never know how that touched me. Happy New Year my friend.

marly said...

Wishing you and your family a healthy and joy filled new year. Thank YOU for continuing to inspire and delight us with your stitches.

Barb said...

What a great post! I am so glad you did not end your blog. They do take time and effort, but I feel that many of you are my real friends! I think my best moment of this year was when we were told that little Hannah had arrived safely . I agree, this was a year of some troubles. I hope 2014 will be a great year for you and all of us stitchers!!

Angela P said...

Lovely gifts, Happy New Year!

Lynda Harrison said...

What wonderful gifts you have received! I am so glad that you didn't give up your delightful blog - it is so good to read about all you have been doing!
My best moment of this year must be having the final eye surgery which has helped me see to stitch again!
May I wish you and all your family and friends. Very, very healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
With love and best wishes from Lynda, in a cold and wet UK!!

Mii Stitch said...

So many lovely handmade gifts! You have been spoilt :) Take care of yourself & wishing you a very Happy New Year!!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Wishing you a most wonderful Happy New Year filled with much joy and lots of stitching, too. :)

Such lovely gifts...stitchers really are awesome people!

Happy New Year!

The Queen Bee said...

Happy New Year. I am certainly glad to have been apart of your happier memories for 2013.

We should plan 2014.


Andrea said...

Beautiful gifts you have received. May 2014 bring many more stitching hours. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Sally said...

I am so glad that you didn't end your blog Carol. I love coming here and visiting you.

You received some beautiful gifts!

Happy New Year!

Lanie said...

Ahhhh Carol! ... what lovely gifts you received!
Happy New Year ... wishing you and your family many blessings in 2014!

Mouse said...

ooooo so glad you didn't finish with your blog where else am I going to get finishing ideas from
gorgeous goodies you have got (would love to have your snail mail sometime soon :)
wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxxx

Catherine said...

Oh, Carol....I am so happy that you didn't end your blog ~ you would be greatly missed! You certainly were blessed with a lot of special treasures and I know that each and every one will hold a special place in your heart. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Years that is filled with all the things and all those you love.....

Penny said...

I think my heart skipped a beat when I read that you considered ending your blog. I'm very glad you didn't! :) I really enjoyed seeing all of the lovely gifts you received! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

♥ Nia said...

hahahaha so many men in the house! Yeah.. they eat a lot :p LOL!!!
So many lovely gifts =)))
I think I don't need to answer your question.. you can pretty much guess what was the perfect moment 2013 had for me ;) heheheh Some test result :p Finding out I was pregnant and all the experience since then, it has been awesome!! :D

WHAT?! Oh no!! Please, don't tell me that really crossed your mind!! I'm very happy to continue reading your blog :) One of my favorites to follow :D

Happy New Year my friend!!! Start 2014 with the right foot for good luck :D

Małgorzata Zoltek said...

Beautiful gifts! I wish you all the best for the New Year!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wishing you blessings and joy throughout 2014!

Marsha said...

I love your blog. I would have been very sad. Your stitching is an inspiration. I loved seeing your gifts. Hope you have a better 2014.

Meari said...

Happy New Year, Carol! It's been a pleasure reading your blog throughout the year... I'm glad you didn't end it.

Lovely gifts you've received, too.

Julie said...

Such a lovely post Carol. What beautiful gifts you received.
Happy new year wishes to you, I hope it's full of wonderful times.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful post, Carol - thank you for sharing. And such lovely gifts from friends. :) Best wishes in 2014!!

Giovanna said...

What lovely gifts - good for you! Have a wonderful stitchy 2014.

Michelle said...

Such wonderful gifts received! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Karen2683 said...


I love your blog! It's so fun to see all the ornaments you stitch and I especially love the way they are finished! Happy 2014!


Kay said...

Such amazing and wonderful gifts you got from your friends!! Happy New Year! I hope this year ahead is a blessed one for you and yours

Angel Blue said...

Those are wonderful gifts and Happy New Years to you as well.

Mary said...

Dear Carol
Happy new year to you too - may it be filled with many memorable stitching moments.
I love all of your gifts - it is so special when someone spends hours making a gift especially for you, and I know you will treasure all of them.

Nancy M said...

What great gifts from around the world. You can tell you really have touched the hearts of many people. I think it's a general consensus that no one wants to see you quit blogging. We all have our ups and down and it helps to have crainf friends to get you through them. My highlight of the year was to vacation with my husbands childhood friend that he hadn't seen since the 8th grade. It was so wonderful to see them reconnect and act like they had never missed any years together. Friendships are so special. Happy New Year to you and your family.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I'm so glad you continued to blog too! The one moment that stuck out for me was getting to ride in the vintage British motorcycle's side car. The other was getting to see the ocean again. Happy New Year dear friend.

Karoline said...

Happy new year Carol, I hope 2014 is everything you want it to be

Scattered Threads said...

Dear Carol,
So glad to learn you had a joyful time with your family. Christmas is truly a time for family, friends, sharing, giving, and being Thankful too, as your title so stated.
I too will be on a treadmill diet:) along with you..wish I could figure how to hold my frame steady enough to stitch on it. LOL.
You received some wonderful gifts,... all of them so very beautiful and so glad you liked them all:)
I don't know if I have a stand out moment of 2013. I am just always grateful for good health for me and my family and whenever we get a chance to spend time together on summer vacation(s) and during the holidays. Those are really special times for me.
Although I have gone into a clam shell, I am glad you decided against closing your blog as I look forward to seeing your post. I will come to visit as my time permit ,
I hope 2014 will bring more good health to you and your family along with plenty stitching time.
Take Care darling and "Thank you for your friendship."
Hugs, Jackie:)

BTW…I have PS, Sleigh Ride kitted up for my stitching:)

Brigitte said...

Carol, I loved to see all the gift packages from your friends from all over the world. How lovingly and thoughtfully everything was chosen and stitched and packed up.
And I loved reading about your year's end ponderings - and I must add how glad I am that you didn't shut down your blog and didn't make it private like some of the stitchers I used to follow with great pleasure. Your blog is always an inspiration for me and whenever I need some motivation for finishing my projects I come here.

With this said I want to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year. And a lot of stitching time and joy in blogging.

Lumiruusu said...

Hello caro and Thank You for visting my blog! Ireally loved all the gifts you had received -so much time time, and friendly thoughts in every åiece.
My favourite moments of last year are The stitching Retreat at The mansion and the day when we getour new familymember The Chow Chow Puppy-Girls Misty.

Maggee said...

Hello there... catching up on blogs today! I have heard about and also experienced that same lack of finishes and postings on my own blog. I guess 2013 was that kind of a year. Once I finish doing blogs, I am hoping to go back and see what my stats are also! You received many lovely gifts! Glad that Christmas was good for you and yours. Hugs!

Cathie J said...

I love the cross-stitch in your header.

Cari-in-VA said...

I've been out of the loop far too long! It was so good to take some time and catch up on what you have been doing. I just love seeing all your ornaments and gorgeous tree! You are such an a talented stitcher. I also loved seeing all the precious gifts you received - a testament to what a amazing woman you are! Happy new year, Carol!

Annette said...

Dear carol.

First off all I wanne wish you awesome Happy New Year.
That 2014 may bring a wonderfull year with hopefully only beautifull moment, we leave the bad moments for 2013.
let it be the year a son will tell you that you will become a grandma.. whaha sorry need to say it..
Boys hurry up.. being a father is so awesome!! and grandma and pa even more..
Sooooooo find that lucky girl and get pregnant... :)))))

never think about stopping your blog.. it's so awesome.. your awesome.. So sweet makes the most awesome things, tells the most awesome things, and shows the most awesome things.
Your blog always gives me such a mommy feeling from you.. your really such awesome mom for your boys!!!!

So you deserve those awesome gifts!!
All very beautifull!!!

My best things last year.. mmmmm .
I really have now idea.
Having so much joy with my family/crafts ( read blogs/blogfriends)
At this time can't think off a special moment..
Drinking gluhwein that must be it.. hihi

have a great year Carol..

Lillie said...

Thank you for sharing all the lovely gifts you received and a beautiful post.

Wishing you another great year filled with lots of stitches.

Lois said...

Well, I for one, am very glad you didn't decide to finish blogging. 2013 has definitely not been my year for keeping up and commenting on blogs but I'm going to try harder in 2014! I'm so glad you enjoyed my little gift! Love what others have sent you too. There are such talented stitchers out there!! I think for me the one moment that stood out in 2013 doesn't really have anything to do with stitching but was the wedding day of Heather and Chris. It was everything we hoped it would be, a time for family and friends to gather and two very happy young people making a commitment to each other. Stitching wise? Well, keeping on track and finishing A Sampler Story is probably my stitching highlight!!!!!

Happy New Year my friend and here is to many more years of friendship!

Mavi. said...

Carol que bonitos regalos has recibido. Me preocupa la ola de frio tan intenso que estais sufriendo, como os encontrais? Espero que todo vaya bien.
Te deseo un muy feliz año nuevo lleno de Salud y puntadas de cariño.
Carol nice gifts that you have received. I worry about as intense cold wave that illegal? Suffering, as you find yourself? I hope everything goes well.
I wish you a very happy new year full of health and stitches of love.

Heather said...

Carol, what lovely gifts you received! I hope that this year is the best one yet! :-)

Anne said...

Your boys sound like my brother, they can eat and eat and eat!! It's good to hear your holidays were peaceful! So many times the holidays are usually hectic and you need a rest from them. Beautiful gifts from around the world Carol. Everyone is so talented! It's good to reflect on the past year. My favourite moment would have to be when my hubby and I went to Smuggler's Cove. It was like a sunny paradise. I wish for it now with all this rain! Hugs to you dear Carol!

Valma said...

wonderful goodies received =)
they are all well deserved
everything is so different !
very great
one of the best moments last year...when we went to the reconstitution of the Waterloo battle and that I met the emperor =D
But we had many good moments all year through
I sincerely hope 2014 will be full of good (better) moments !
and please...if you stop blogging...I cross the ocean and I pull your ears =)
I can't imagine updating my blog without spending a good moment here!!!

Love Crochet said...

Yep, I remember all of those old time items in your photos - thanks for sharing them they bring back a lot of warm memories as a kid.
Tons of Great Free Animal Cross Stitch Patterns