Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Parade of Ornaments

Only 8 days 'til Christmas? Who else is nowhere near ready? With my recent trip to New York, I am farther behind than ever...  My husband, thankfully, went with me this time and I was so relieved. Let's just say the driving conditions around Buffalo, NY were less than desirable! My old hometown certainly lives up to its reputation as one of the snowiest cities in the U.S. And then while visiting my mom, it snowed almost the entire three days we were there! Our return trip home on Sunday was slow, but not nearly as bad as the one up. Not the best time of year to visit, but I'm so glad we went when we did. My father, who many of you know suffers from Lewy Body Dementia, had to suddenly be moved from his dementia facility into the hospital. Today, he is scheduled to be moved into a more medically based nursing home. I know my presence helped my dear mother get through this unexpected turn of events. We'll see what happens next... With this disease, you just never know.

But, on to happier things... It seems like just yesterday that I was posting my 2012 ornament review and here we are at the end of 2013!  For those of you who are new readers of Stitching Dreams, I have posted my monthly ornament finishes on my stair garland for the past few years. If you would like to see previous years, you can see 2010 here, 2011 here, and 2012 here.  The following pictures aren't the best as it was overcast when I took them yesterday, but I think they'll give you a good idea of my 2013 collection:

2013 Monthly Ornament Finishes

January ~ March 2013 ornament finishes

April ~ June 2013 ornament finishes

July ~ September 2013 ornament finishes

October ~ December 2013 ornament finishes

So, which one is your favorite? I'd love to hear which one you like the best... Would you like a closer look still?

A Stitcher's Hands: "Let It Snow" 

LHN: "Bringing Home the Tree"

Midnight Stitching: "Heartstruck Friends" 

Madame La Fee: "Candy Cane"

LHN: "Baked Goods"

Homespun Elegance "Santa Arrives Tonight"

Stoney Creek Magazine: "Birds & Berries"

Prairie Schooler: 1994 Annual Santa

The Victoria Sampler: "Baby Cardinal"

Plum Pudding NeedleArt: "Let It Snow"

Needleprint: "Estonian Snowflake freebie"

Prairie Schooler St. Nicholas II Santa

It's really a tough decision for me to narrow down a favorite; it's kind of like being asked to choose a favorite child! I spend so much time on each one--not just in the stitching, but in the finishing, too, trying to make each one special. But, I think, this year, my favorite finish has to be my October snowman. I really love the combination of fabrics and trims on that one, along with the black fabric. My oldest son asked me a while ago, "Mom, just how many of these things are you going to make?!" I think he thinks "enough is enough!!" Obviously, he doesn't know I'm secretly addicted to making Christmas ornaments, does he? I get such pleasure out of creating these little cuties and I hope, that, someday--just maybe--my sons and their families will, too. 

I've received some lovely Christmas gifts from around the world, but will wait to show you them in another post. I haven't even had time to photograph them properly and everything I've received is just so very special, I want to do a post just for my gifts...

I hope to get one more post in before Christmas. I actually have a larger piece that I've been working on "behind the scenes" which I hope to finish and, of course, I need to get my Christmas tree photo up with all of the ornaments adorning it from top to bottom. Until then... stay warm, enjoy this last week before the big day, and please know how much I appreciate all of your wonderful comments and emails! Bye for now...


Shirlee said...

Hello my wonderful friend! I am sitting here at my computer & John is in the next room sitting at his, & I yelled in that my friend in Pittsburgh had been to Buffalo, it snowed all 3 days she was there, & we really need to move there! He just laughed : ) Your ornament garland is so pretty, & each ornament is lovely. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think I'd go with the simple November snowflake ornament. There's just something about it that calls to me. Probably because it's a snowflake : )

Vickie said...

Just beautiful Carol! My favorite is the Baby Cardinal. =) It is snowing here right now.

Lisa V said...

They are all soo lovely Carol. To pick my faves I would have to agree with you on the October one, it just jumps out at me and I love how different it is, and I also love the June finish and February.
Merry Christmas dear friend.

Nicola said...

Your ornaments are, as usual, wonderful Carol. I just wish I could "finish" mine as well as you do yours. I have a few stitched but not finished due to my lack of confidence. Really must try harder next year!

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

Ele said...

My dear friend Carol,

what another lovely post with such amazing pictures! It's like to be in an American movie, all is so wonderful decorated, inside and outside!
Your Christmas ornaments are all beautiful, it is always a great pleasure to come on your blog an see, what you have stitched and how did you finished the pattern.

For myself I decoreted this year onley a few, some silver Christmas balls and bells from my mother and mother in law, all more than 50 years old and our old nativity, which is made long time ago in the Alps. Some years ago we buyed a wooden Jesus boy, it is lying on straw and old linen under a very little tree.

So, I whish you and your family a Merry Christmas, wonderful warming days and for "2014" all the best from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks so lot for your heartwarming comments through the year


Mii Stitch said...

Oooh what a treat to see all these beautiful finishes! You're so talented :) My favourite one the January snowman. He's so cute! Have a wonderful Christmas & wishing you all the best for the New Year xxx

Kate said...

Carol, they are all so beautiful!

Margaret said...

I always love your post of your Christmas ornies!!!! They're all wonderful this year! My favorite has to be your December ornie -- I just love that Santa on the black background. Buffalo in winter is never fun. We had to drive through a snowstorm to get home after a state orchestra concert one year -- this was in Rochester, I think. Up in the snow area. Ugh. Sorry to hear about your father. It's good you were there to support your mom during the move. Hope there is good news and not bad to come. It's so hard to watch our parents grow old. :(

Joy said...

I saw that baby cardinal ornament in JCS. It says that it was stitched on antique white fabric but the sample in the magazine totally does not look like that fabric. I am thinking about stitching it but I have a few things ahead of it on my list and I'm waiting on some stitchy supplies before I can start those.

AnaCristina said...

one favorite??? LOL... all, off course!!

Nancy said...

Your ornaments look beautiful!

Pam in Virginia said...

I always love and admire all your stitching and finishes, but today I'm voting for the Estonian Snowflake and the beauty and simplicity of its two colors. Sometime in 2014 would you kindly give us some hints and how-to's on your ruching? When I try it, it ends up looking lumpy and uneven. Thank you for another year of sharing your creativity on my favorite blog!

priscilla said...

Just gorgeous Carol ! I love the ornaments hanging from your stair railing ! They are all so pretty and finished just perfectly ! So sorry about your Dad, Hope your Mom is doing ok !

Robin in Virginia said...

Wow, Carol! I love your garland of 2013! What a fabulous assortment you have created this year! Hard to pick a favorite, but I really like the March one and the December one! Hmmm...stitching ornaments is like eating potato chips; you can't just stop at one!

Robin in Virginia

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad! Such a difficult time to deal with uncertainty that that kind of illness bring. Many thoughts and love to you and your family.

I truly love the idea of putting all your orni finishes for this year on your banister garland. Beautiful AND you get to show your talent off all at the same time :)


Shari said...

oh my goodness Carol........I love them all!!!! Like you, I find it hard to pick one, BUT...like you, I think Oct. is my favorite one!! January is a very close second!!! And you have inspired me to get back on track. I did not have any new ornaments to add to my tree this year. the tree looks beautiful but there is just something about adding new ornaments each year!

Angela said...

I think they are all wonderful but if I have to pick one then I have to choose January. I just think this Snowman is so cute :)

Take care :)

Teresa said...

they are gorgeous

Anna van Schurman said...

I love the coordination of the fabric and design on both January and October.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Carol, your stitching and finishes are just stunning, as usual! They are all so eye-catching, but I think that June is my favorite of all. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Unknown said...

Mis respetos para ti. Cuanta disciplina muestras en estas labores. Todo un año bordando con un solo objetivo: la Navidad. Definitivamente eres ejemplo de disciplina, perseverancia y tenacidad.

k studio handmade said...


Stitchinowl said...

Thanks for sharing your year of ornaments! My favorites are October and January. I like how the little changes you made to the Plum Pudding Needleart design just by changing the fabric...very vibrant. The January snowman is also a standout, both with the stitching and finishing fabrics.

Mary said...

They ALL look wonderful, Carol. I'm partial to the ones stitched on black and February with the ruched ribbon and soft colors.
You are going to have a full tree!

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I'm sure you being there was a huge comfort to your Mom.

Ugh, the snow....we have had more here in a week than we had all last year!

I hope you get caught up for Christmas, but you aren't alone. I'm behind, too.
You can be assured that what you did at home for your parents is what Christmas is really all about :)

Sending HUGS to you!

Vicki said...

They are all beautiful, Carol! Of course, I can't just chose one favorite. My two favorites are March and April (October came in #3!). I really enjoy seeing your display each December.

Gabi said...

Hi, sorr< to hear about your DAD.I know what you going thru.
Your ornaments are as beautiful as usual. I like the little snowman from January and the TPS Santa.
Hope you will have a quiet and peaceful Christmas.
Happy Holidays

Laurie in Iowa said...

I love your parade of ornaments posts. You are such a talented stitcher and finisher. Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful ornaments with us.
Merry Christmas!

Julianne said...


Your work is just a treasure to behold. Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos.

I wish you and you beloved family and parents a Very Merry Chriistmas.

BrendaS said...

Carol -- Thank you so much for sharing your ornaments with us. It's always great to see them all finished and on your stairway! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite but I really like the PS Santa with the sunflowers.

So glad you were able to be with your Mom and helping her with your Dad. It's so very hard and my heart goes out to you.

HUGS to you my friend!

LoriU said...

I love the June Santa Arrives Tonight, and the little cardinal!

CATHI said...

What a wonderful Parade of ornaments! :o)


Mini Addictions said...

They are all so beautiful...it's hard to pick a favorite :) But, arm twisted I love snowmen so January, March & October. Beautiful work, Carol.
Merry Christmas,

Melody said...

All of your ornaments are so beautiful, as always! I agree, it is hard to pick a favorite. I agree with you, October is a leader but then I love the Santa on black for December as well. Something about the black fabric makes the design really stand out.

I've had a similar comment from our son as well, Mom, just how many things are you going to stitch? Little does he know I can't seem to quit stitching...

Merry Christmas!

butterfly said...

Talk about a beautiful winter wonderland !
It's all your wonderful ornaments .
It's much better than going to santa's grotto.
Just Beautiful Carol, I fell in love with them all but really like January so cute .
Blessings to your parents .
Thank you for sharing Carol. I get more of the stitching bug evey time I come over, hugs.

Melissa said...

Oh such lovely Christmas ornaments! You not only stitch beautifully but the finishing too is wonderful!

You can ignore my email from this morning as you've answered my questions!

It's tough to be ready for Christmas when you are involved with parental care, and the snow doesn't help I'm sure! Take care!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I'm so glad you made it home safe and sound. I hate to hear your dad's taken a turn. I'll send positive thoughts. Love February's ornament! {{hugs}}

Lynda Harrison said...

Hello! I was so concerned to read about your dear father - I hope that all is as well with him now as can be, and your mother is well.
Your ornaments are all so lovely, that it is impossible to choose a favourite! I love all of them, and the LHN ones are beautiful - I especially like the little gingerbread button you have put on Baked Goods!
I hope you and all your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!
Love and best wishes,

Lynda Harrison said...

Hello! I was so concerned to read about your dear father - I hope that all is as well with him now as can be, and your mother is well.
Your ornaments are all so lovely, that it is impossible to choose a favourite! I love all of them, and the LHN ones are beautiful - I especially like the little gingerbread button you have put on Baked Goods!
I hope you and all your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!
Love and best wishes,

Emma/Itzy said...

This is beautiful and such a great idea! I have to say I think March is my favourite, but they are all so wonderful! :)

marly said...

Whew! Very hard to choose a favorite. Of course I lean towards the PS Santas, but your finishing on all of them can stand out more than the designs. Can't wait to see your tree. I hope they get your dad settled soon.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

It would be hard for me to choose, too, Carol. They are all so beautiful. And, you garland down the staircase is spectacular!!! I know that would bring a smile to my face each time I saw it.

Lanie said...

Beautiful, Carol ... each and every one of them!
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year!

Barb said...

Your ornaments are amazing! I don't think I could choose a favorite - they are all too special in their own way.. I'm going to go back and look at your precious year's ornaments too. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your tree. I remember from last year that it is spectacular.

Blessing to your mom and dad and your family. Our thought and prayers are with you.

Sweet Sue said...

Congrats on yet another excellent ornie year(ha ha ~ Carol's Excellent Ornie Adventure lol), each and every one a treasure. Glad your travels got you to and fro despite the nasty weather, and that you were able to be with family again during your dad's delicate condition. Enjoy the holidays, relax those stitchy fingers a bit... if you can:) xo

Lumiruusu said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and promise to pray for him and Your Mother..

The tiny Cardinal Bird is my favourite because I sent today this same ornamet stitched to my friend. I was fifihed as a red and ecru coloured decoration haert..
sorry for my funny english again :)

Thank for visiting my little blog !

Annie said...

Such a gorgeous array! Of course, you'll soon need a larger house to display this ever-growing collection.

Sorry about your Dad. Hopefully he'll get the care he needs at the new facility. Hope your Mom is dealing with it ok.

Have some cocoa and try to stay warm.

msmartello said...

Hi Carol,
It is hard to pick a favorite because I am also an ornament addict. If I have to choose I probably would pick January because I am partial to snowmen and he is adoreable. Your finishing is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your 2013 collection. Prayers for your dad!
Take Care


Carolyn said...

Oh Carol, this is always my favorite post of the year - the famous ornie parade! I love them all and can't pick a favorite. Each one is so perfectly stitched and finished. Thank you for constantly inspiring me/us with your posts and lovely finishes. I look forward to them!

Merry Christmas!

Giovi's Creations said...

Dear Carol, love all of your little and cute xmas ornaments!! Great job! :) Merry Xmas!!! Giovi

Jackie's Stitches said...

I always enjoy this post! My favs are December and February though I love them all.

So sorry about your fathers progression. I hope your mom is hanging in as I know it must be difficult for her. I'm glad you were there with her. I'll continue to think of you all and am sending you a hug.

Mavi. said...

January, March y May.That looks pretty your staircase with all your embroidered pillows. The tree also will look at its best.
Glad your trip to see your mother was right, I hope your father is well kept.
Very few days left to Christmas.
Many kisses Carol.

Tricia B said...

I love your ornaments! Thank you for sharing! My favorite is the beautiful July bird. Which Stoney Creek Magazine is it from? You've inspired me to stitch it.

Wanda said...

Hi Carol, It's a thrill to see your lovely ornaments for the year. I think it might even be safe to say that viewing your yearly ornaments is a wonderful little tradition! I am so happy for your 'addiction' to making ornaments :) I enjoy not only your beautiful stitching and finishing but the stories that go with the creation of each ornament.It is really difficult to choose a favourite as they are each spectacular but I am so amused by Heartstruck Friends and fascinated by your creations on black fabric.

I am happy that you and your husband made it safe and sound to see your parents. This is such a difficult time for you and your family.
Sending warm hugs and thoughts and prayers to you, Wanda

Barb said...

Carol, I have been waiting to see this and you did not disappoint! I think my favorite is the PS Santa with the sunflowers but it was a very difficult choice!They are all truly amazing!

Tricia T said...

It's a tie between January (I *love* the colors and the adorable snowman!) and June. So glad you had safe travels and were able to be there for your mom. I know she appreciated it!!

Merry Christmas!!


Nancy M said...

Another year of awesome stitching and finishing. I like Jan and Feb best. I love the finishing on Jan, so creative. I really need a road trip to see you in action! So sorry to hear about your Dad, I'm sure it's hard on everyone, but especially your Dad. We moved my Mom on Wed, Thurs, and we got the snow first. I'm sure it wasn't a nice drive for you! We've got 12" already and this time last year we didn't have ANY! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Judy said...

The beautiful ornaments are beautifully displayed! It is so hard to pick a favorite..each is so perfectly stitched and finished. When the day arrives..your sons(and families) with treasure these ornaments. Sorry to hear about your Dad needing to be moved to another facility for care. The circle of life becomes very difficult.

Wishes for a blessed holiday season.

Judy Heartland stitcher

Myra said...

I am so glad you made it home safely. I continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers Carol.

This post is a delight to the eyes. All of your ornaments are beautiful but I think my favorite has to be December. That PS with the cardinal is just wonderful and I love mine!

Meari said...

There can never be enough ornaments!! :) I love them all. I do have to ask... How do you keep them hanging on the garland?

Glad you made it home safely. Is there any chance your Dad will go back to the other facility?

Elizabeth Ann said...

I want to come live next door so I can sit and stitch with you, and maybe get more done! They are remarkable! But I do love that Santa on the right in your header - I need him now.....
Merry Christmas!!

Simply Victoria said...

The garland is absolutely lovely. My favorite is Baby Cardinal. Glad you had a safe trip to give your mom a visit and the support she needed. Hope your dad is being well cared for.

Catherine said...

I always look forward to this post! First let me say that I am glad you were able to be with your mom during this transition and so glad your husband was with you for the travel. Sending prayers to you all.
As for your ornaments ~ I could look at them all for hours!! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite ~ the blues of the March ornament caught my eye, and of course both the snowman and PS stitched on black are stunning!!

Lesleyanne said...

I always look forward to this post. Your ornaments are all gorgeous I couldn't possibly pick a favourite.

Ellen said...

Your ornament garland is so beautiful! I love all the ornaments, my favorite is August ornament Santa with sunflowers!

Looking forward to more of your ornaments in 2014!

Happy Holidays!


Michelle said...

Oh Carol they are all beautiful. My favorite has to be the Baby Cardinal. Thank you for your lovely inspiring blog posts xx

Malgorzata Zoltek said...

Great Christmas decorations!

denise said...

I think Baked Goods. I love the way you finished it.

The Queen Bee said...

For sure, October is my favorite.

Snow. We like our snow here in Western NY. And wouldn't you know it, they're saying we'll have more this coming weekend.


Kay said...

The ornaments look great all together. My favourite is the January one, I love the design and how it is finished.

Manka said...

Wow! So many wonderful ornaments! They look fantastic!!

Eva (exManka :) )

Elia said...

Uauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ^^
cada día me gusta más ver tus adornos para esta guirnalda de navidad !!
me gusta tanto esta última,
un abrazo muy especial en estas Fiestas !!!

___________★Disfrutar mucho._Pureza★
______★Fé-Bondad-Paciencia-Ternura -Fuerza★
__★Son mis deseos Felíz Navidad y Año Nuevo 2014★
___________________ (¨`●.●´¨)

besitos navideños ^^

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Carol I would be hard pressed to be able to choose a favorite myself. I will say I am very drawn to the Homespun Elegance "Santa Arrives" and I sure do love "Bringing Home the Tree" and the Madame's "Candy Cane" is gorgeous too...well heck who am I kidding? I love all of them and the time you take in the stitching is telltale, however I know how much work goes into finishing something and the time and care you put in to each creation is obvious, as they are all masterpieces! I have followed you from the very beginning, I'm pretty sure, and your reveal each year is one that look forward to. It just isn't Christmas unless I can slobber all over my keyboard looking at your creations :)
I have a book that I write names of people who are sick and suffering. I have written your father in my book and I shall devoutly pray for him and his family each day.
Merry Christmas Carol! Thank you for sharing your words, your creations and life with us all year long! May God bless you and yours!

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Wow, Carol, I'm impressed with your ornaments collection! Well done! BTW, I've also stitches some of these designs!

Pam in IL said...

Carol, I love how you display your ornie finishes on the railing! All of your ornaments are great and I just can't choose a favorite.

Glad you were able to be with your mom while your dad was in the hospital.

PS--Love Shirlee's comment about moving to Buffalo, lol!

passionfruitprincess said...

Oh Dear, what a pretty garland!
That's hard to pick one, I think the Bringing home the tree. Adorable pattern and you finish is perfect!
No snow here:) So busy these days with lots of things to do and school concerts, bake sales, and so on.
Stay warm and have a great week!

Ana Paula.

Andrea said...

Ahhh, one of the posts I've been waiting for. I love your garland full of a year of Christmas ornaments. I couldn't possibly choose, there is something on each one that just sets it apart. On to 2014!
Sorry about your dad, it's a terrible, terrible thing and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Sharon said...

Prayers for your Dad and mom! It's so hard to see parents go through these things. Your ornaments and how you display them are just simply magnificent! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Maggie said...

They are all wonderful, but if i had to choose I would pick January's ornament :-)

Lillie said...

All the ornaments looking fantastic, my fav has to be December.

Glad you are home safe and so sorry about your father, hope he gets the appropriate care from the new home and that your mom stays strong. You too. Take care!
Merry Christmas!

Chris said...

I am so glad that you made the trip up north ok and that you were there to help with your Mom and your Dad's transition. It is not any easy thing.
I look forward to this post every year. How can you pick a favorite? They are all so wonderful.
Merry Christmas!!

Brigitte said...

Yes, Carol, I was waiting for a picture of this year's stair garland with your latest ornaments. Always so lovely to look at. And your ornaments are all so beautiful so that it'd difficult to choose a favourite. But those who know me know that I have a weak spot for teh Prairie Schooler, so it would be the PS Santas, yes, both of them, lol.

Driving in these weather conditions is so bad. But I'm sure you are glad that you could make it and visit your parents.

I wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas holiday.

Bekca said...

My vote goes for January's ornament, the cheerful snowman! He's so darling :)
I'm sorry to hear about your father Carol, but I'm sure he's in the best place to receive the care and attention he needs :)
I'm looking forward to seeing your tree in all its glory.
Best wishes.

Cindy's Stitching said...

The smile it brings to my face just looking at the display. So nice you have a special place for them. Each piece is adorable. Glad you made it home safely. I know the snow was pretty bad. Sorry to hear about your dad. You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend.

Cande - Anillos y Botones said...

Hi Carol!! my name is Cande and I am very happy to meet you. Your cross stitch work is wonderful, I love all your creations. I invite you to visit my blog and discover the work of cross stitch I do.

Warm regards from Canary Island!!


Kathy said...

Hello Carol- I got such a kick out of your son's comment. Someday he will happily take ownership of them. Then he will be comforted by the items so many I is make just to keep ourselves happy. Maybe that is pollyanna? I like to think that anyway. The Santa arriving tonight is my fav, but I also like the Santa with the sunflower. I will look for that pattern to make for each of my sons in Kansas! Joyeux Noel to you!

♥ Nia said...

I'm can imagine it was hard on you too but for sure your Mom has better just for having you close =)

You always make it very hard to pick a favorite.. you make the most gorgeous ornaments! From stitching to finish =)
huumm... difficult... the little baby cardinal =) hehehe or the blue snowman from March! Oh my, can't look more, I will pick all! :p

Jenn M said...

I just love you you have displayed your ornaments - I think I might borrow your idea!
Do you finish your ornaments off in the same month you finish the stitching? I could feasibly stitch twelve in a year, but I agonize so much over the finishing that I don't know if I could ever end up with twelve to display!

Merry Christmas!!

Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

Unknown said...

It is so difficult to choose a favourite as I loved all of them. I will have to say that I liked the August one best- the Santa holding the sunflower! Well done for all your lovely creations :)

Alissa said...

This is always my favorite post of the year from you. I love seeing all of your ornament on display. So gorgeous!

Heather said...

Oh Carol! !! They are all so lovely! ! I can't decide which ones are my favorite! I love them all! !! You always inspire me to stitch ornaments! I am really going to try to stitch and finish one a month! :-)
I am so sorry to hear about your dad. :-( I am praying for your family.

laceystitcher said...

Love all of your ornaments, but my favorite is also the October snowman - great colors and finish! Thanks for sharing.

Pam Lacey

Valma said...

it's now a kind of tradition for me, each year I impatiently wait for the pictures of your stairs and your Christmas tree =D
it's always so beautiful
you delighted us again with wonderful ornaments
my heart definitely goes to November =D
I have the chart of February ! surely will stitch it next week =D
Have a wonderful Christmas my sweet friend
big big hugs

Julie said...

Couldn't possibly choose one, they are all fabulous.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmastime Carol.
Love and (hugs) xxx

Maggee said...

This year, October has been my favorite! Remember--it has inspired me to try stitching on black? Haven't gotten to that yet, but I will! Of course, I have enjoyed reading about each one, as always, and seeing the year-end display is always a wonderful thing! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tradition with us! Merry Christmas!
(P.S. I am sorry to hear about your Dad, and will pray that he is more comfortable and safe in his new environs)

Melanie said...

Parade of Ornaments....

You had me from the very first words. *swooooon*

I'm so sorry to hear about your father though. That's got to make a difficult situation even more difficult, especially for someone your mother's age. Hopefully he does very well in his new home.

These parades are like seeing old friends again. Ha! I had totally forgotten about some of the ones from earlier this year, which just won't do. They all deserve recognition of their awesomeness. :)

If FORCED to pick one (because you are such a meanie! *wink*)...there is something about the January one that speaks to me. The plaid. The colors, etc. But I do like the one you picked, too. It has WONDERFUL contrast. The white is just so crisp on the black.

Jackie said...

Dearest Carol…Warm greetings to you my friend.
A treat of your parade of ornaments for us to see, lovingly finished and adorned:) I would have to say my favorite is February, Bringing Home the Tree.. I think I am partial to little girls:)
Hope all is well with you, your Mom, and Dad.
Hugs, and be well.

I will have to come back and read your older post I've missed.

Karoline said...

Your ornaments are all gorgeous, I found it impossible to chose a favorite

Solstitches said...

Your stair garland is fabulous Carol.
How to pick a favourite from such a beautiful array of ornaments.
I have to agree that October is very special as the fabrics you used to mirror the design could not be more perfect.
I also love the ornament for February.
Your blog header is so festive too.
So sorry to hear that your dad's condition has worsened. It must be very hard on all of you especially your mom.
Best wishes for Christmas and happy stitching in 2014.

Faye said...

First off, best wishes to dad.... And mom... And you. I'm on the path you're on... Just a little further down the path.... And, as so many will agree, your display of annual ornaments is awe inspiring.... I could never pick an absolute favorite... But after taking 3visits to your blogpost, I'll have to go with Dec.... They are all perfect!!
Take care my friend, Faye

Our photos said...

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

Annette said...

I'm happy you DH went with your, that's always more fun.
I thought your father was in a good nursing home??
What was wrong with the old one?

Your Garland looks so awesome!!
Really pretty!!
After years of seeing this, I finally decided, that nect year, I'm going to but a garland for my stairs too..
I love March the most.. many white, and a heart.. also love th ecolors you use..
Also totally are in love with your snowflake buttons.. I love buttons!!
But as I mentioned in your last post.. October is also perrty aweosme..
indeed, how you combinated it all.. awesome

Have fun these day's!!
This year I unfortanlly can not send any thing.. but maybe net year!!

Sherri said...

What a beautiful garland and I've been looking forward to this posting! It is hard to pick a favorite and I have looked many times, but LNN Bringing Home The Tree is the one. I like your finishing on that one. However, I love them all, so tough choice.

Sally said...

Wow what amazing eye candy Carol! I love each and every one of them but my favourite has to be the October one same as you. I just love snowmen!

Thinking of you and your family. It must be be so tough seeing your Dad go through that.

Merry Christmas!

Shirley said...

I think the January snowman is my favourite although I love the way you have finished the June one.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Shirley and the gang

Natasha said...

Oh Carol, every year I look forward to your parade of ornaments. They are all so lovely and how can you just narrow it down to one??

And since I am the worlds worst decision maker I would have to go with August and March :D

Best of luck with your Father I will keep your Mom and Dad in my prayers.

You have yourself a Merry Christmas and maybe 2014 will be the year I fully tackle an ornament a month finally LOL

Barbi said...

Another beautiful year of stitching Carol! I couldn't pick a favorite as they are all amazing! So sad about your father...my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Christina said...

They are all great. I have to say my favorite is Bird and Berries. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Glad you had a nice trip in spite of everything.

Lynn B said...

Hi Carol,
Oh how wonderful your tree looks, it simply took my breath away! I love all of your ornaments, if I had to choose it would be the Prairie Schooler ornaments.

Sorry to hear about your Father, I will keep him in my prayers.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!

Vinniey said...

It's time of the year again; to see all your Christmas ornament finishes in one post! :) I really admiring all your beautiful finished. It's hard to choose each one is the winner because each of them are so unique. You're so creative my dear friend! :)

Anne said...

I so enjoy the ornament parade Carol!! Each one is unique and special in it's own way. I would have to say I enjoy the Estonian snowflake and the baby cardinal. As for your dear father, I pray for him and your mother during this hard time. I know how hard it is and I think of you often. Many hugs to you!

Kay said...

They are all so beautiful! Love them all. Your house looks so pretty with all those wonderful ornaments that were made!

Рыкова Ирина said...

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