Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh, the wonders I've seen!

I'm back!! I sure missed all of you and your stitching and stories. I'm so happy to be home and promise to get caught up on all of your blogs very soon... So where have I been? Well, my husband and I took our three sons to Europe to celebrate the fact that they are all now college graduates, the thrill of having no more tuition payments, and our pride in their accomplishments. This was my first-ever trip abroad and oh, the places we visited and the sites we've seen. We visited Munich, Bavaria, Salzburg, Barcelona, Granada (ooh--that Alhambra!!), Ronda (Spain), and ended our trip in Seville. I can't tell you how many times my mouth just gaped open with awe or the word "Wow!" was whispered by one of us. I'll fill you in on some of my trip after my stitching update.

I finally caught up on my "ornament a month" quest with these two finishes. April's ornament is from Prairie Schooler's Holiday Homestead chart. I stitched it "over one" on 28 ct. black Monaco. I just love doing "over one" stitching on Monaco cloth--it looks so even and the thread rarely slips behind the fabric's threads like it often will using other fabrics. If you've been frustrated by "over one" stitching before--give Monaco evenweave a try. As you can see I finished it into a hanging pillow with a red flannel fabric, black ric-rac and red buttons. I think it's quite a cheery little finish with that tiny chickadee!

My May ornament finish is "Chalet" which is just a portion of the "Walking in a Winter Snapperland" series by Bent Creek. I am so glad I stitched this after seeing similar little houses on our trip through Bavaria. The buttons I used are a bit large, but I couldn't find any tinier buttons so I just went ahead with these. The fabric backing is the same blue plaid that I've tied around the wire hanger (just a spring that I stretched out). The blue tie reminds me of the scarf wrapped around the tiny snowman. I used 32 ct. Dirty Belfast linen and a combination of DMC, WDW, and Sampler Threads...

It's June, the month that my blogging friend Nancy at Lovely in Chocolate (that has to be my very favorite blog name!) are starting our long-distance stitch-along. In honor of summer and all it's bounty, we're stitching "Watermelon Garden" by Ewe & Eye & Friends. We've already noticed some discrepancies between the chart and the photo so we'll see how each one ends up. I've chosen 40ct. Vintage Light Examplar by Lakeside Linens--my first time stitching on 40ct. I figure if I can stitch over one on 28, I can handle 40 ct., right? So far I have only stitched some of the border, but I'm loving stitching this with you, Nancy. Just wish we were sitting together and chatting away while we stitched rather than separated by the miles between Pennsylvania and South Carolina!

So, back to our trip! Our first stop was Munich and the Bavarian countryside. Why did we choose this part of Germany? Because the guys wanted to visit castles and did we ever see some beauties. All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them and I've included links for more information on many of them, too, with some wonderful interior photos. So, sit back and enjoy:
Disney World? No, this is the castle on which Disney modeled
his famous castle: Neuschwanstein Castle

The fairy tale view from inside Neuschwanstein Castle.

The stunning Linderhof Palace. What a breathtaking setting!

Nymphenburg Palace : The birthplace of Mad King Ludwig
who owned both Neuschwanstein and Linderhof.

We also enjoyed some of Munich's most famous buildings during a bus tour of Munich (well, that is in between nodding off due to the extreme jet leg we were all feeling on the first day!):
Theatinerkirche built from 1663 to 1690.

Bayerische Staatsoper (Bavarian State Opera) built in 1811

The Siegestor (Victory Gate).
The inscription "Dem Bayerischen Heere” means "For the Bavarian Army."

New Town Hall in Marienplatz ~ built between 1867 and 1908
and home of the famous Rathaus-Glockenspiel.
The Rathaus-Glockenspiel which has 32 life-size
figures which re-enact stories from the 16th century.

The raucous Hofbrauhaus founded in 1589.

The interior of Hofbrauhaus. What an amazing ceiling.
If those walls could talk, I'm sure there would be some wild stories!

Yep ~ those are my four guys (on the right) taking in the
sights of Munich. (Not sure who the two ladies are,
but I sure hope they don't mind appearing on my blog!)

Every street was lined with lovely sidewalk cafes and tons of bikes.
Munich has a wonderful biking community.

And here's the famous Michael Jackson memorial.
What??? Yep, rabid MJ fans have taken over the statue of
the poor Orlando di Lasso (aka Roland Delattre) in a park
across the street from a hotel in which Michael once stayed.
What a bizarre sight!

Well, I think that's enough of my trip photos for today... Next time, I'll treat you to my Salzburg pictures. It was definitely one of my favorite stops on our European adventure!

Now back to stitching-related news. I was so excited to find three wonderful gifts waiting for me when I returned from Europe. First up, is this darling rabbit sachet stitched with love by sweet Nia and sent all the way from Portugal. Notice how she created him in my favorite color: blue? She also included a cute bunny card and a lovely Portugal themed postcard. Hmmm...I think she's trying to tempt me to put Portugal on my next vacation stop! It just might happen now that I've been bitten by the travel bug. Thank you so very much, Nia--I'm keeping him right next to my bed so I can drift off to sleep smelling his lovely lavender scent.

And from one of my very first blogging friends, Cindy, I received this luscious array of fabrics and a cute fairy Prairie Schooler chart. Cindy, you certainly spoiled me with these--I love each and every one and you can count on seeing them in some future projects. Thank you for your very special gift and for being such a wonderful blogging friend!

A while back, Barbara of Mainely Stitching fame, asked me if I would participate in her daughter, Rowen's, Flat Stanley (or in this case "Flat Rowen") project. Little Rowen sent me her flat creation and I took it around the city of Pittsburgh (and all the way to Florida!) and photographed it with all the sights. After I was done, I made a little book of Flat Rowen's adventures, popped in some souvenirs of her visit, and shipped her back to Rowen for her school's fair. As a thank you, the generous Barbara sent me this dear pin pillow filled with dried Maine wildflowers. And little Rowen included the cutest thank you note. Don't you love them? I was honored that you asked me to participate in Rowen's project, Barbara, and I'm so glad Rowen enjoyed her book and box of souvenirs!

I also want to share with you this lovely bird plate which arrived from my special friend, Mary at Sweet Sentiments and Stitches before we left for Europe. I had lent her an out-of-print Prairie Schooler chart and she wanted to thank me with this gift. I wish you could see it in person because it is just so pretty. Mary, you know me well--birds and blue, two of my favorite things. Thank you so very much--it has a place of honor in my family room.

Finally, the winner of my drawing for Drawn Thread's Sunflower Bellpull chart is Kathy Ellen at A Stitcher's Heirlooms. Congratulations Kathy Ellen! Please send me your mailing address and I'll get the chart right off to you. Kathy Ellen has promised to pass it along to another stitcher when she has stitched it, so keep an eye on her blog :)

OK, if anyone out there is still with me at the end of this monstrously long post, I so appreciate it! With our trip and me being sick since my return on Sunday (I had a cold and the flights home really did a number on my ears--ugh!), I am way behind on my gardening, so I think that is going to occupy much of my weekend. How about you? Any special plans? I hope you know how much I value your friendship, comments, and inspiration--you sure are a special group. Bye for now...


Sally said...

Lovely photos from your trip! Everywhere looks so pretty.

Lovely stitching and some lovly gifts too.

Congratulation to Kathy Ellen!

Vicki said...

Welcome home! The photos from your trip are beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Hazel said...

Beautiful ornies and great pics of your trip! x

Septiembre said...

Hi Carol, I expect better from your cold and your ears to stop making noise. A great trip, visiting many cities, some beautiful, no wonder you enjoy watching beautiful things. Very nice phone útlimo Bordadita cushions.
My quiet weekend, next we will visit Olite (Navarra) if time allows, which is a bit dodgy, with showers, air ... crazy spring.

Jane said...

Great post Carol, brought back many happy memories for me as DH and I honeymooned in Austria nearly 25 years ago and visited Bavaria whilst we were there, Salzburg was very pretty too so look forward to your next batch of piccies.
Lovely ornaments but for me stitching 1 over 1 was a nightmare and I nearly went crazy so good luck with the 40~count, I'll have a drink this end to help you through it!!!
Great gifts to come home too.
Hope you're feeling better now - travelling and seeing the world = bliss but jetlag = YUK!

Natasha said...

Carol, Wow!! Amazing photos. What a wonderful way to celebrate the great accomplishment by your boys.

I love your PS ornament finish. Very cute. I will have to give Monaco fabric a try. I love stitching over one but sometimes it just does not look right.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

gracie said...

Wonderful post...thanks for sharing the photos and your mail!

Paula said...

Your pictures made me homesick for Munich. No, I wasn't born their or even lived there. It was the 1st stop on our trip to Germany. op. We ended our stay there stopping at the Marketplace, buying sausage, cheese and bread to eat on the train to our next stop, via train. Loved the food, the city, the train rides . . . would love to go back again

Karen said...

Oh my goodness Carol....looks like you have lived about 3 months in a couple of weeks! Love your pics and all of the goodies you have gotten. Hope you feel better soon... happy gardening this weekend!

Shari said...

very lovely post Carol..
wow, your trip had to be wonderful.....I have always wanted to go to Germany.....I don't know why for sure, but have..
thanks for sharing your adventures with us

Christine said...

Your pictures from Germany are fabulous!
Great ornament finishes, I love the look of the PS one over 1

Melissa said...

Oh my, I don't know what to comment on first! Glad you had a great vacation, Carol! The photos of Germany look wonderful - I would love seeing castles too!

Your stitching is wonderful and isn't it great you had nice gifties waiting for you on your return.

I hope you feel better soon. Travelling can add to the fatigue AFTER you get home!

I will think of you when I'm out in the garden this weekend too. We've had a lot of rain but they are promising a sunny weekend! Take care!

passionfruitprincess said...

Wow Carol! What beautiful pictures!
You are lucky!
Hope you feel better soon. I also have some gardening to do.
Love your finishes and your gifts.
Take care!
Ana Paula.

Theresa said...

Your ornament finishes are totally adorable!!!!

Love your photos from your trip!!! It looked like a very nice vacation~~~~ Hope you will get all "rest up" from the trip~~

BrendaS said...

Carol --
So good to see a post from you:)) What a trip of a lifetime you all went on! Your pictures are breathtaking and it certainly sounds like you had a good time!

Your ornaments are gorgeous as always. I'm so glad you are trying your hand at stitching on 40ct. I know you will enjoy it and if you can stitch over 1 on 28 ct black then I know you can do 40ct.

Great gifts from all your friends.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you are feeling better soon:)))

C in DC said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. They've brought back wonderful memories of Germany for me. And, yes, go to Portugal. It's a lovely place.

Deb said...

Beautiful pictures of your trip. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love your ornaments too. And I love your project that you've be stitching with your blogging friend. EEF pieces always look great!!!

Berit said...

This is an amazing blog, as usual! :o

I hope you're feeling better soon, and that you get a lot of gardening accomplished. :D

Thanks for the tip on the monaco!

Margaret said...

Oh wow! What a fun post! I love your stitching, and the mail treated you well too! But the pics of your trip -- wow! I can see why you kept saying that. lol! Beautiful! It must have been so much fun! And getting to have the whole family together too. Wonderful stuff! Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a great time!

mainely stitching said...

WOW, Carol, that's quite the post! How long did it take to write and add pics? ;)

LOVE the sights that you saw in Europe. While it doesn't make me want to hop on a plane, it does remind me very happily of the beauties to be seen and enjoyed there. I'm so glad you and your family had such a wonderful time. :D

Your returning gifts are all so pretty, and so you! :D

And I love the Ewe & I design you're doing with Michelle!

valerie said...

:::picks jaw up off the floor:::

Wow! Where to start? Can I come with you next time?! Your trip sounds amazing and the photos! I think I need to spend an hour playing with all the links just to grasp everything you saw. It sounds like you had so much fun and it was a well-deserved trip! Sorry that you came home feeling under the weather though. *hugs*

Your ornies look usual. I feel quite guilty now. I need to squeeze some ornie stitching into the mix!

And what fun to come home to lots of stitching related gifties. Stitchers are the bestest!

You will do fine on 40 count! Trust me. That's all I've been stitching on lately and I'm blind as a bat and don't use a magnifier. If I can do it, so can you! :)

Happy weekend! Dinner in the city tonight, stitching buddy tomorrow and parental visit and chores Sunday (ugh!).

Ellen said...

Great vacation photos, thank you for sharing! Love your ornies, they are so adorable!


Nancy said...

Hi Carol! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your latest blog post! I can see why you gasped - the architecture is amazing, isn't it? And, that ceiling! I can only imagine how beautiful it is in person.

I love both of your ornaments and how you finished them. They are lovely, and your stitching is beautiful! Wonderful gifts you received too.

I am so happy to be doing a SAL with you, but like you, I wish we were sitting together stitching rather than being miles apart. This is such a fun sampler, and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

Have a fantastic weekend! I'll be stitching.

Maggee said...

Oh my!! I was sad to reach the end of this post--the pictures were so beautiful! I love all those castles and the architectural detailing--magnificent! I definitely look forward to Salzburg--one of my 'nanny families' was from there. Will be fun to see what they see every summer they go there! Then to come home to stitchy present! Wow! Who could ask for anything more!! Hugs!

Myra said...

Welcome home Carol! Oh those pictues of the castles are wonderful. I love your finishes - that little chickadee is so cute. How nice for you to have gifts from wonderful friends to greet you on your return. I can't wait to read more about your trip. :o) Have a wonderful (restful) weekend!

Lisa V said...

WOW Carol, I loved reading about your adventures. What beautiful pictures you took on your trip.
Your stitching finishes are lovely, love the wire hanger feature! And such wonderful gifts to come home to. Happy Stitching.

Chris said...

Hi Carol!
What an amazing trip you guys had. Your photographs are so beautiful.
The ornament finishes look great. The buttons on chalet are perfect! You have gotten so much done.
All you treats from your stitching friends are wonderful. Is ther anything better than a surpriaecoming in the mail?

Have a good weekend!

Gabi said...

Welcome back home. Time flies when you're on vacation isn't it? I really enjoyed all your Germany pictures. They show the beauty of this part of Germany just so well.
Love also your ornament, that bird is SO cute and perfect finishing too. Your May ornament is great too. The buttons seem ok to me.
Great stitch a long too.
How is Betsy doing? I didn't start on your chart yet, because I ordered the recommended fabric and waiting for that.
Glad you're back home :)

Lee said...

Evey thing I planned to say has already been posted!
Wow! loved your trip photos will certainly revisit to look at them again.
Loved your one over one mine never looks so good think I need to change the fabric to get your lovely result.
Thanks for a great posting.

Mary said...

Welcome home and thanks so much for your "newsy" post. It was lovely to share in your photos and I am so pleasd you had such a good time.

Annette said...

Welcome home.. you have seen a lot from Europe.

Love your hang pillow... stitchover one... not for me.. lol
Love the buttond on your May finish, there are not to big!!
What great to do a long distance SAL.

I love the palace's what you have visited... need to go there one day
What all beautifull pics you made!!
Can't wait to see the next pics..

You also got such a sweet gift from Nia
And ou got so many more lovely gifts!! So sweet of Rowen!!

Have a great Weekend, and happy Stitching!!

Rowyn said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your amazing trip, Carol. Wow, looks like you truly have seen some wonders!

Your stitchy finishes, gifts and your new start all look wonderful. Can't wait to see progress on Watermelon Garden.

This weekend is a long weekend here in NZ (Queen's Birthday). Today was unseasonally warm, so we got out and cleaned up our garden. Even Tiggy my bunny got a complete overhaul of her house. We don't have any plans for the rest of the weekend, although I do hope to get some stitching in.

Being stuck on a long flight and feeling unwell is always a rotten experience. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Cindy's Stitching said...

The castles are amazing. The sky was so blue. I am glad you enjoyed your trip. Memories to last a lifetime. Your stitched ornies are so cute. Glad you like the fabrics. you received some wonderful gifts in the mail. I can't wait to see the other picutres. Enjoy your weekend.

♥marylin♥ said...

Oh very beautiful pictures !
I love the bird ....

have a good day

amitiés de FRANCE

Gabriele said...

You were in my country, this I should have known. We could have had a nice come together.
Hope you enjoyed.
Greetings from overseas, Gabi

Anne said...

I love the chickadee! When I saw it I fell in love with it immediately! The finish is darling! All of your stitching is beautiful and the pictures from your trip too!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Your trip sounds awesome, and the pictures are beautiful! I love your stitch finishes, too.

Can't wait to see more pictures. :)

Blessings always

Annie said...

Beautiful stitching, beautiful trip photos, and beautiful gifts from your good stitching friends. A very heartwarming post!

Ariane20 said...

Welcome home Carol and your stitching is wonderful. Bravo!! Lovely photos.

Ele said...

Hello Carol,

welcome back home. On your pictures I saw, that it was a lovely trip throught my beautiful Bavaria where I am living in Augsburg about 70 km from Munich.
In my childhood I was for a few times in Neuschwanstein or in Linderhof, sometimes we are going there for a walk in the fortests or to climb the montains, because we have only 1 hour to drive.

I hope you enjoye your journey and you will come back again.


staci said...

Congrats to your sons! What a fabulous way to celebrate!!!

Your ornaments turned out gorgeous as always too!

Daffycat said...

Whoa, Carol! You really did/saw some amazing things! Congratulations!

Kay said...

Your finishes are beautiful! As well as what you got. I am envious of the vacation you took. I always wanted to go to Europe and travel around many different places in that area. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your vacation.

nima said...

So nice to se al the lovely pictures from your trip. and the ornamen loks gogeous too

Jackie said...

Hello Carol. Welcome back from your first trip abroad and I know you had a wonderful time with your family. The pictures of your trip are beautiful. They broguht back nice memories of my stay in Germany and my first trip to the Octoberfest in Munich. I didn't have any beer, but I had my soda, elbow to elbow with the locals, singing and speaking in my broken German, enjoying it all. What fun. LOL.

Your ornaments of the month are lovely. Love the wire hangar. All the gifts you received are awesome and what a special little card too. I love it. It reminds me of the days of pen pals. So speical.
TFS your photos and I hope you feel better from your cold.
Hugs to you Carol.

Wendy said...

now Carol, I think I have to be cross with you !
you were over to Europe, and you didn´t stop by for a visit ?

just joking !
I´m glad you had such a wondefull trip, and seen such lovely sights.
the photo´s from Bayern remind me so much of the Sisi movies with Romy Schneider.

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I would wish I had done all that stitching in jsu one afternoon, it was more like a half afternoon, and 3 somewhat half eavenings.....
if we only had more time....

Barbi said...

Oh Carol! What a wonderful bunch of photos of your trip! I just love going to Europe...You have been to places that I have never seen, so it is wonderful to see!
And your finishes. LOVELY! I love how you finish your ornies..they are alway perfect :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Welcome back! Your monthly ornaments are adorable, as always! How wonderful to get to spend that special time with your guys. The pictures are great! Take care of you now, rest, and feel better soon!

Mary said...

Welcome home, Carol!

Such a lovely post. Your pics are gorgeous. I can see how you had a fantastic time....the trip of a lifetime for sure!

I love your latest stitching and finishing. I agree Monaco does lend itself to a neat, clean finish.

Your SAL sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy it!

Great treats in the mail for you, too. I'm so glad that you like your plate.

I treasure our stitching friendship!


Catherine said...

Wonderful pictures of your trip! My middle guy sat here and looked at them with me - he loved the castles!!

Great stithing goodies both made and received. Your finishes always look so cute!

Hope you found time for your gardens this weekend! I managed some time in between baseball and family time.

Giovanna said...

Glad you had such a good trip - thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

Andrea said...

What a wonderful blog post. Beautiful ornament/pillow stitching. Loved looking through your holiday snaps! Amazing! So glad you had a good time. Looking forward to seeing more.

♥ Nia said...

I missed admiring your finishes, always so pretty :) Welcome back!

Oh I hope you're feeling better now sweetie =/ I loved your huge post, awesome photos! Thank you for sharing :)
You've seen so much! :D I'm glad you enjoy your trip so well!!

I'm waiting for you in Portugal ;) Hugs&Smiles, Nia

Pumpkin said...

Glad to see you back in action Carol ;o) I'm DMC 3364 with envy. LOL! What a fantastic trip and the photos just come alive! My family comes from Germany and I've always wanted to visit there. That area looks very appealing :o) What? A MJ memorial on someone else's statue? Very bizarre and somehow not right.

Your ornaments are darling, as always :o) When did you have time to fit those in? LOL!

It's fun doing a SAL with someone else isn't it? I can't wait to see pictures.

Aha! You were another victim of Nia's bunnies ;o) Aren't they adorable? And boy do they smell nice. What a sweet gift from Barbara! I did the Flat Stanley thing one time and it was a hoot! The bird plate is gorgeous. You had one happy mail box :o)

Please rest up and take care of yourself. Traveling like that takes a lot out of a person. ((((HUGS))))

Edit said...

Welcoma back Carol, I am very happy you had a great time for your travel. The photos are wonderful, I haven't been to most of these places but they look absolutely wonderful. I hope you had a nice time in the rest of the trip as well :)

I love your ornament finishes, the PS is so darling as always! I haven't been stitching for a long time and I miss it so so much.

Lynn said...

I very much enjoyed the lovely photos from your trip and look forward to more! What a wonderful way to celebrate with your sons.

I love, love, love that PS pin pillow! It's adorable and your finishing is just awesome. The BC ornament is cute too. So many wonderful gifts you've received as well. Wow!

Your SAL looks interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
Welcome back. I hope you're feeling a little better now.

Melanie said...

Did somebody say TINY BUTTONS? lol
Got my attention with that one, you did. (I really need a 12-step for my button addiction.)

Oooo, good luck with the 40ct. I just started a piece with 40 ct. and I'm already thinking to myself......what in god's name possessed me to buy 40ct?? But it *LOOKS* fabulous. :)

Lovely, fantabulous stitching, as always. You rock!

Just amazing vacation pictures. Whta fun and eye candy! I'd love to do the same thing one day. *fingers crossed*

Mylene said...

Amazing views of your trip with the whole family. Sounds like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful monthly ornaments!!

Meari said...

Wow, so much to comment on!

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I love-love-loved seeing the photographs!! What a fun time.

Congrats on your ornament finishes. Adorable, as usual. I've made the wire hangers by wrapping wire around a pencil. Easy-peasy! What kind of spring did you use?

And look at all those gifties you received. Lucky girl. No flat Rowan pics to share with us? What a fun project. My coworker did that for her grandkids one year.

Vinniey said...

Aww.. What an amazing trip you and your family had. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of my dream place to go! I wish I could be there. My cousin are there for his holiday now, received so many beautiful scenery shots from him. For me, this place is like a heaven. :)

Love all those beautiful pictures of Munich and I just can't wait to see your Salzburg pictures.

Beautiful finishes on PS Holiday Homestead and Chalet. I love them both. Watermelon Garden is a great design, will watching your stitching progress on this lovely pattern. I had tried to stitch on 40ct but it's a little bit hard for me because I always stitch at night. Maybe I should try again to stitch during daytime. Thanks for the over one stitching tips on Monaco cloth, I will try in the future. :)

Lovely gifts from your friends. Hope you're feeling better from cold. Take care, Carol. Have a wonderful week.

Michele B. said...

How wonderful to take such a trip with your whole family! The photos are great - I'm looking forward to seeing the Salzburg pictures. Did you do anything Sound of Music related? I love your ornaments - that little Bavarian house is a perfect memento of your trip.

Hilda said...

Dear Carol!
Welcome Back (sounds funny from my place here in Europe, hihihihi)!
It ist nice to read, that you enjoyed your trip through Europe.
Did you even stitch during your journey? However: Your ornies are soooo cute! A gread idea finishing a part of the winterwalk as an ornament - I think I should copy this idea ;-)!

I am so much looking forward to your stories and pics of salzburg. You will know it better now, then I do!


Claudine brodeuse de perles said...

Bonjour, Carol. Je vous découvre et j'en suis très contente. Qul beau voyage et que de beaux ouvrages. Je reviendrais. Bisous

Melody said...

Carol, Your trip looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos with us.

Your ornaments are so pretty. Great finishes!

Shelley said...

What an amazing experience, to be able to visit all of these awesome places! Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful pics.

Your stitching looks fabulous too :)

Martine said...

Hi Carol !

Welcome home my dear friend !!! I thought of you but I had some troubles with my computer...
Thank you for your photos of your trip !!! They are beautiful and I am so happy that you have had a wonderful travel in Europe !!!
Congrats for your ornaments !

SilverCuteDwarf said...

I like your small ornaments! They are so sweet! And thank you for wonderful picture, very interesting.