Monday, June 13, 2011

Blood, sweat, and tears

Good morning everyone! Well, the title of this post isn't exactly what you'd think of when it comes to a blog about cross stitching, is it? I'll get to the meaning behind it after I share a bit of stitching and the photos from the second stop on our European trip with you.

My ornament for the month of June is this cute Prairie Schooler Santa from Book No. 48: "A Christmas Visit." I call this skinny bird-loving guy my "around the world Santa" because he was stitched mainly in airports all over the world from Philadelphia, to Munich, to Barcelona, to Madrid. I stitched a little bit in each airport and then finally finished him up here this week.

If you're familiar with the chart, you'll notice that I left the bottom part of it off that was supposed to have the year stitched in it. I'm not crazy about having dates on my ornaments because, to me, they always look "old" after that particular year has passed. So, I decided he looked just fine as is. He's stitched on 32 ct. sage jobelan with the recommended DMC threads.

When I was putting my June ornament away in my giant under-the-bed ornament box, I spotted the others from 2011 and thought you might like to see a photo of all six of the ornaments together. I love each and every one and can't wait to add them to my Christmas tree in six months. Do you have a favorite? All but two are stitched "over one"--would you say I'm an "over one" addict?

My stitch-along with Nancy (Watermelon Garden by Ewe & Eye & Friends) is progressing, too. There is a lot of solid stitching in this one and I think it may end up taking longer than I had planned. But, I'm truly enjoying stitching it. I changed the color of the house and watermelon from the cherry red that was suggested on the chart to a more berry, "watermelony" color--what do you think?

So, on to the next stop on our trip: Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg was a last minute day-trip that we took from Munich and I'm so glad we ended up adding it on. It was definitely one of my favorite spots--I only wish we had had more time to enjoy there than just one afternoon.
The first glimpse of Salzburg from the window of the bus.

The lovely Salzac River. "Salz" is the German word for salt.

Are you a lover of The Sound of Music like me? If so, this garden
should look very familiar to you. It's where Maria and the children
sang "Do-Re-Mi." This is the stunning Mirabell Palace and Gardens.

And these are the famous steps on which the "Sound of Music" cast
performed the Do-Re-Mi song! I tried to get the guys to do a "Sound of
Music" tour of Salzburg, but had no luck. Guess I'll have to go back
again someday with some girlfriends. Anyone up for it?

The wonderful Pegasus fountain where Maria and the von Trapp
children danced and sang (see the last photo in this link.
(I have a great photo of my whole family standing in front of
this fountain. If you'd like to see it, just let me
know in your comments and I'll email it you.)

One of the charming streets filled with bustling shops in old Salzburg.

Did you know that Mozart was born in Salzburg?
Yep--right in this bright yellow building in 1756.

Another "Sound of Music" sight--the Residenz Fountain where
Julie Andrews sang "I Have Confidence" on her way
to begin working for the von Trapp family:
"I have confidence in sunshine
I have confidence in rain
I have confidence that spring will come again
Besides which you see I have confidence in me

Chess anyone?

This sign indicates that this is the courtyard
where the cows were to be washed!

Construction on the imposing Hohensalzburg Castle,
which sits on top of the Festungsberg Mountain, began in 1077.

A close-up of view of a portion of Hohensalzburg Castle.
Yes, the sky really was that blue!

The incredible view of Salzburg from Hohensalzburg Castle.

Can you imagine living in this beautiful setting
with the Alps in your backyard? Sigh...

A shop selling traditional Austrian clothing: the dirndl and Lederhosen.

Probably the prettiest cemetery I've ever seen! Does anyone know
if all Austrian cemeteries are like this with the raised flower beds
at the foot of each gravestone? I could have wandered around there
all day reading the inscriptions and admiring the lovely blooms.

And that wraps up my Salzburg leg of the trip. On my next post we'll visit a city with a very different feel: Barcelona, Spain...

So, I suppose you're wondering about the "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" that I mentioned earlier? Well, that has pretty much described my life over the past four days. You see, my oldest son had oral surgery on his gums on Thursday and I have been helping care for him while he temporarily moved home during his recovery. I just have one word to describe the experience: "blood." Oh, my, let's just say I could never have had a career in medicine. Even though I come from a long line of doctors (father, grandfather, brother, uncle, and several cousins), I am completely thrown by blood. I get weak-kneed at the mere thought of it. And believe me, "thinking" of it is not all that has been happening. My poor son--I think he and I have seen more blood this week than in our entire lives so far. His mouth is healing, but a lot more slowly and painfully than we ever would have anticipated.

The "sweat" comes from being told by my youngest son on Wednesday afternoon that he was moving to Washington, D.C. on Saturday for a summer internship (paid, thankfully!) which he just found out he had received. Can you say stress? Getting someone ready for a major move in two days sure worked up a sweat--the shopping, the washing, the ironing, the packing. It actually took my middle son, who's an engineer, to figure out how to get all of the youngest son's "stuff" into the allotted two suitcases... (The secret is to roll your clothes, put them in plastic bags, and remove the air from them--amazing!) When we discovered the price of a one-way airline ticket was over $300.00 and he'd have to travel from Pittsburgh to Boston just to get to D.C., we found a great deal ($21.50!!) on Megabus. Has anyone out there used Megabus? Some of their fares are as low as $1.00 between major cities--incredible!

So, by now, I think the "tears" part of my blog post title is obvious. Yes, my youngest is leaving, flying the nest, maybe for good. You see, he hopes to find a permanent job in D.C. and being down there this summer for his internship will certainly enable him to be available for interviews much more easily than if he were here at home. We said our goodbyes privately at home before I took him to the bus stop. "Thanks for everything, mom. I love you," he said as he hugged his weeping mother. Although we are extreme opposites in our habits and I complain about his lack of order, late hours, and that sort of thing, he is such a positive, happy person who brings a lot of laughter into our home. I know I'll miss him dearly. In fact, I already do...

So, that winds up another (too long!) post. I hope you're enjoying my vacation photos and that you feel as if you took that fun trip right along with me. I always like to imagine what a pleasure it would be to take a trip around the world just visiting blogging friends!

Wishing you all a very special week and I truly thank you for your comments and emails. They never fail to bring a smile :) Bye for now...


The Queen Bee said...

Oh, where to begin? Love the stitching and travel photos. My heart goes out to your son and his healing and your baby as he flies the next. The Scholar has used the megabus. Not a bad deal, expect that ours has to cross the border from Canada to get to Buffalo and the schedule can fluctuate by HOURS. Not good when you're sitting in the Buffalo bus station and the parents are at the mall awaiting the bus's arrival.

I'm anxious to see the Spain photos.... since I will have been to some of those places.


Margaret said...

Oh I bet you're feeling all sad with your youngest leaving for DC. Good luck to him in his internship and job search. So sweet what he said as he left! Ouch on your other son's gum work! Ew! Love all your ornaments too. And all the sights of The Sound of Music -- I recognize them for sure! Such fun!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your trip looks just wonderful! I'd love to see the Alps from my window every day.

Funny that I'm the opposite of you with dates on ornaments - I love having the year on them as I think it gives a sense of history. Your ornies are gorgeous!

I'm not made for the medical life either. I cannot even imagine doing something like that every day. Thankfully, there are people who love it and are good at it!

Gabi said...

Oh where to start. Your ornaments are absolute gorgeous. All 6 of them. As you I prefer not to have the year in them. It looks otherwise as if they are only for that
LOVE your pictures from Salzburg. It's such a beautiful town.
Hope your son heals quickly and as painless as possible.
Isn't your youngest aware of the fact that he isn't allowed to move further then one (max two) blocks away from his mum? EVER!! Not that my kids listen either...but still (insert grumble here)
Had to giggle at your middle son's packing style. Sounds a bit like my husband, who is a real good packer. He gets about the double packed at I do...from dishwasher to

Lisa V said...

Lovely ornie to add to your collection this year Carol.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation photos too.

Hazel said...

Oh dear. Big hugs from me. It must be hard letting go and I am not looking forward to when my time comes. Beautiful PS ornie and nice collection you have growing there. x

natalysneedle said...

Lovely stitching! I hope your eldest has a speedy recovery. I think oral surgery is the worst.

Best Wishes to your youngest on his Washington internship. We as parents spend our time trying to teach our children independence and when they do we don't know how to process it. I hope you find peace in your empty nest. My thoughts are with you.

Nancy said...

First, your newest ornament is just beautiful! It's impossible for me to pick a favorite because they are all wonderful! Your Watermelon House is looking so pretty Carol! Your red looks almost exactly like mine from your photo. I hope to post mine soon.

More beautiful photos from your vacation! You visited such wonderful and interesting places. That bright yellow building reminds me of the architecture in Historic Charleston, SC. I, too, wish I could travel the world to meet blogging friends!

I hope your oldest son is feeling better. Being a mom is so bittersweet, isn't it? It's hard to let go, but at the same time it's such a wonderful experience for him to move to DC, and that means he is responsible and ambitious to start a new life. Best wishes to him for his new starts! Hope your middle son is doing well too.

Take care!

Annie said...

Your ornie collection looks great. I like the idea that the Santa has been traveling right along with you.

The watermelon SAL looks like a lot of fun, especially to do in the summer. Love your colors.

Great memories of your vacation. Did you ever put the camera down? ;-)

That surgery does not sound like fun. You are a good Mom to take care of your son through it all while at the same time handling the big move for the other son! Where do you find the time to do it all?

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Love our ornies, as always! Your travel photos are 'reach out and touch' great! Always enjoy your posts, and here's a cyber hug for the empty nest - it does take some time, but it gets better.

Ellen said...

Love all six ornies, they are lovely!
Thank you for sharing your trip photos, I enjoyed Salzburg.

Speedy recovery to your oldest son and all the best to the youngest!


Mouse said...

wow love the photo's.. I will do the von trapp tour I can sing heheheh .. sorry to hear about the surgery hopefully more recovered now :) good luck to the youngest .. may he find his dreams come true :) *passinf lace hankie to help mop tears up ((((HUGS))) love mouse xxxx

Ariane20 said...

Your Christmas ornaments are so pretty. I like it so much!

The Queen Bee said...

Wonder why I keep typing 'next' when I want to type 'nest'. Must be my fingers are confused because yesterday I corrected it twice in one email when writing about the baby birds we have around the yard. Please excuse my error....


BrendaS said...

Carol --
Your ornaments are so nice. You will have a wonderful collection to put on your tree this year:)))

Hope your older son is feeling better soon and good luck to your youngest. I know it's hard but we raise our children to spread their wings and fly on their own (easier said than done, my youngest moved during a very hard time in my life)

I so enjoyed all your vacation photos and feeling like I'm there with you. Would love to see your family picture.

Hope you have a good week.

Mary said...

Your newest ornament is adorable Carol...a great addition to your other 5 treasures for this year. I agree that "over one" is addicting but oh, so pretty!
I so enjoyed your latest pics. Yes, the Sound of Music is a favorite of mine, too.

I hope your son's mouth is feeling better. I had my youngest go through that last's VERY painful.
Congratulations to Steven. I know what you are feeling with him leaving. It's hard seeing them moving away, isn't it? My day will be coming in August and I'm already weepy!

Your SAL with Nancy is looking good. I love the colors.

Hope you have a good week ahead.
I'll have you in my thoughts~


Shelley said...

Your WIP is looking good! Love your 'around the world' santa :)

More amazing pics!! A SOund of Music experience sounds fantastic. I'd have to bring my Aunt as that is her AllTime favorite movie :)

Sorry to here that your son is growing up and moving out. I wish him great success in DC.

Cindy said...

Love your ornaments. I have ridden Mega Bus from Richmond to Charlotte and loved it. Lots of time to stitch and a huge savings over driving to see my parents. I didnt have any issues with schedules either,

Lesleyanne said...

Great photos from your trip. Lovely ornaments. I can sympathise with your son with his teeth and for your youngest son flying the nest I can't imagine how it would feel but sending hugs anyway.

gracie said...

Thanks for sharing the vacation pictures...I feel as though I went along! I know the empty nest feeling and the separation feelings. After many years of living just about 2 miles from my son and his wife....we are now 2,000 miles apart ...
sending you a {{hug}}

Teresa said...

Love all the ornaments, can't pick a favorite. You will have me singing "Sound of Music" songs all day now.
I hate blood too, would rather back while someone else cleans out a cut or wound.
Look at the bright side you may now have a new place to visit.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Nima said...

Beautiful stitching and lovely phots from your trip...

The blood story was painfull... thank you for sharing the idea of rolling up the clothes to make space in the suitcase... can be a happy mom..your son is travelling for good and he is going to make you proud...

Christine said...

Thats a lovely ornament.
Salzburg looks absolutely beautiful. Good luck to your son for his internship

Terri said...

Sound of Music is my favorite!!!! I love the pictures and I do feel like I was with you on your trip. Thanks for sharing, they are lovely!

I have 2 boys who have flown the nest and even though I can see them fairly frequently, I still miss them at home. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I've been to the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont, where the graves of Maria and some of her family are. They are covered in flowers on the Austrian style - it's lovely.

Shari said...

your ornament is adorable, your other stitching great & oh my!~!!!! Your vacation pictures are fabulous.....that looks like a wonderful place to visit....
glad to hear about your youngest getting his internship, but I also know the lost feeling you are feeling...
hugs to you MOM!!!!!!!

Edit said...

Your latest PS ornament is absolutely lovely Carol. I also used to stitch at airports, but I always have problem with the scissor. What kind of scissors you use that they let them pass through security?

Thank you for showing us more photos of your holiday. I have been to Salzburg once with my parents and we loved it a lot. It was winter, so the view was very different from yours. But we have also visited the places from "Sound of Music", my mom's favorite. Have been to the chirch also where the wedding was in the movie, that is in a little village out of town.

I also have difficulties seeing blood :( I hope that your son is all right.

Also hope that your youngest son will find a good job, something that he will like and enjoy working on. That is so important. But it must be an emotional time, that finally he is leaving home.

Well, I wish you a nice week,

Solstitches said...

I love your vacation pictures Carol.
It has been fun taking the tour with you.
The PS Santa is a lovely little keepsake of your trip.
Your 2011 ornament collection is gorgeous each one is so beautifully finished.
Wishing you son all the best for his future!

barbara said...

Wow, Carol, you have certainly been busy! I'm not crazy about blood, but it doesn't cause me to turn green (like it does Niek). Dealing with people's mouths, however, is something I truly cannot handle. Even brushing the kids' teeth is enough to make my stomach churn.

I could never pick a favorite from your ornaments - they are all much too pretty! :D

Best wishes to your son, and congratulations on landing a paid internship in this economy!

Annie Bee said...

Carol it is always hard saying goodbye when your children leave, especially the youngest. Love your ornaments especially the Santa, what wonderful memories you have while stitching him. Love the vacations pics.

Nancy M said...

Loved the vacation photos. Trip of a lifetime! Your 6 ornaments are fantastic. Love the variety of finishing each one! Good luck to the youngest flying the coop!

valerie said...

Great ornie always! I liek the start on your watermelon piece too.

Would I be excused from ornie stitching for now if I still do Christmas stitching? ;-) I might just start Christmas Rules...I pulled out all the supplies last night!

I hope OS is feeling better. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth pulled...I was a sight. And congrats to YS! I know you will miss him but what a fantastic opportunity!

Berit said...

What a wonderful blog--love it all! Especially the Yellow House. There really is just something about them. :D

Ruth said...

Well, despite the blood, sweat, and tears, I hope you take heart in your beautiful stitching and finsihing (congrats) and in your great European adventure (I'm so jealous)!

Mary said...

You're going great guns with your Christmas ornaments Carol. Thanks for sharing your photos of Saltzburg - they were such lovely shots - you certainly saw a lot in one afternoon.

Melissa said...

Awwww! First of all, a big hug to you Carol! I know how it must feel with your boy moving, and so suddenly! You literally did not have much time to prepare! At least he's on the same continent. Nonetheless I know you will worry until you know he's settled down & happy! Hang in there!

The photos of your trip are great. Thanks for sharing. I loved The Sound of Music so I would've loved being there too!

Lovely stitching and so great with the over one's!

Patty C. said...

You certainly are dealing with a lot-
I wish your oldest son a more speedy recovery & best wishes to your youngest in his new home

(Although I realize your home will always be his - There's no place like home - especially when it's your Mothers ;)

Your ornaments look wonderful - Congrats ;)

Rowyn said...

Oh WOW! What an awesome blog post.

I love all of your ornaments. I don't think I could pick a favourite - they're all lovely and beautifully finished.

You seem to have made quite a lot of progress on Watermelon Garden. It's looking great, and I do like the 'watermelony' colour :-)

Your holiday photos are amazing. I love the ones that relate to the Sound of Music. I'm not as big a fan as my younger sister (she LOVES it), but I do enjoy it and saw a stage show of it about two years ago. I would love to see a photo of your family in front of the Pegasus fountain.

That certainly is a pretty cemetery. Flowers growing on graves is a lovely sight. There is a historic cemetery in Wellington city and in the springtime the bulbs bloom. A real contrast between new life and death.

I've always been a cryer when it comes to goodbyes. However, hopefully your son goes out there and achieves his ambitions. Good luck to him.

I hope your other son is on the mend.

Ele said...

Hello Carol,

your new cross-stitch projects look great!
Salzburg is a very beautiful and interesting city, I visited a few times, beacause I am living in Bavara and have only 11/2 hours to drive. I love the little streets there, the shops and the castle.
In Christmas time you can also visit a very charming Christmas market.

Have a nice time

greetings Gabriele

Lynn B said...

Hi Carol,

I love all of your Christmas ornies, they are gorgeous! The photos of the locations in the Sound of Music are wonderful, it is one of my favourtie films.
I know how you feel when your son left, when mine did I got this overwhelming feeling to buy a dog, I have managed to resist so far although I know it will happen one day!lol

Hilda said...

Dear Carol!

I really enjoyed this whole post!
First of all your wonderful ornaments! The look soooo cute and pretty! The story of your june-ornament (around the world-santa) is wonderful! And stitched over one? Respect!!!

And then, to see and read about Salzburg in your blog is soooo funny to me ;-)
I am glad to read, that you enjoyed your short visit to Austria!
And yes: Austrian people do all decorate the graves like that!
Now I am looking forward to your photos of spain ...


Julie said...

Just doing a blog catch up after a busy couple of weeks myself

{{big hug}} it's hard when your children leave home isn't it, i hope he had a very happy life ahead of him.

Fabulous pics of your trip, love your 'round the world skinny santa' that one will hold such memories for you when you put him on the tree each year


Kajsa said...

Love the pictures from the vacation! The ornament finish is great, love that chart.

Congratulations to your sons internship, you must be so proud of him.

KarenV said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip Carol :)

Your ornament for this month is lovely, as are the other five. Your tree is going to look very well dressed this year!

Sorry that your son is moving away, I'm sure that you're going to miss him loads {{{hugs}}}

Lois said...

I have somehow managed to miss commenting on recent posts Carol so I've spent some time now catching up with everything! I so enjoyed seeing the photographs from your trip. What a wonderful time you have had. I love all your Christmas ornaments. You are doing so well! I have yet to even decide what one I want to stitch this month! I wish everything good for your youngest as he starts out on this new journey and I hope your other son is feeling much better. That gum surgery sounds awful!!!!!

Mylene said...

Such amazing pictures of your trip. Thanks for sharing them all.

Another lovely ornament finish.

Can't stand blood either, hope your son feels better soon and goodluck to your other son.

♥ Nia said...

Another beautiful ornie :)
All so pretty together =) My favorites are the two on the top (center and right). I love not only the stitching but also the way you finish both :)

Austria, a beautiful country that I sure hope to visit soon =)
Thank you for sharing so many pictures! :D

Oh my.. that gums surgery sounds awful =/ I hope your son will recover soon!!

I have no idea how it feels to be on that side, watching the children leaving the nest.. I only know how it feels to be the one leaving :p heheh
It's life following its normal course, right? :)

Hugs&smiles to you!!

passionfruitprincess said...

Wow! You have good eyes,Carol!
All the ornaments are lovely, but I think my favorite is the Santa with the twig frame.
Hope your boy get better soon. Not fun. And good luck to the boy going to D.C.
Brenda and I enjoyed very much your Austria pictures. We are big fans of the Sound of Music. Brenda knows most of the songs.
Just yesterday we were watching little Amadeus on PBS and Brenda could see his house on your pictures today. And the castle too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful vacation with us!
Love, Ana Paula

Melanie said...

More fabulous vacation pictures and ornaments. You rock!!!!
I hope your son feels better soon (it sounds DREADFUL) and your younger son find a good job. I just love DC as a tourist spot (bit of a museum wonk). I bet it's a lot of fun living there!

Sally said...

I hope your oldest son recovers quickly.

I can only imagine your pain at saying goodbye to your youngest son. I cried buckets when my eldest went to uni, never mind to work away, and she's only 20 miles away!

Your stitching, as always, is lovely.

Myra said...

Carol - I always love seeing your ornaments. Your stitching and finishing always inspires me. My heart goes out to you with your little bird leaving the nest. I know how hard that must be for you and I will pray that he finds the most fantastic permanent job.

You sound like my husband when it comes to blood. He just can't take it either. I have to be the brave one when blood is involved. :o) I think I became immune to it after a few months in my line of work.

I loved reading more about your vacation and seeing your lovely pictures. What wonderful memories you have.

Michele B. said...

What a wonderful tour you've taken me on - I loved seeing your photos (I'd be interested to see your family pic too). Count me in on the SOM trip. I'll bring something to stitch over one along with you. I need a good example to follow (tried it once - it wasn't pretty).

I hope by now your son is feeling better - he's lucky to have Mom for a nurse. Your feelings about blood reminded me of a great show I've been watching via Netflix's streaming service, Doc Martin, about an arrogant surgeon who develops a fear of blood and has to become a general practitioner in a small village in Cornwall. It's well worth checking out (don't worry, they don't show blood).

Thanks for the tip on how to pack suitcases - it will come in handy this summer. I hope your youngest will enjoy his internship and that it will lead to bigger things. They grow up so fast, don't they?

I love all your ornaments (I'm with you on the date thing) but my favorite is the Santa with the wooden frame. That one is extra special.

Lynn said...

I love your new ornie Carol. He's wonderful as are the rest of the collection.
Your pictures are amazing. I've always wanted to visit the Alps and now the desire is even stronger afte seeing your photos.
It's a beautiful part of the world.

I hope your son's dental woes are healing and you are no longer swooning from all blood. Having worked as a lab tech I've dealt with nothing but blood my whole career. It's another story though when it's seen on one of your own!!

Wow, you sue didn't have much time to prepare for your youngest's move. Sometimes that's best. Then you don't have the time to get worried in advance. I know how much it must tug at your heart though. Now you just have another reason to travel!

Mavi. said...

A very nice ornament, seems to bring a little cool here and very hot, the heat that you like and I miss the cold.
I loved seeing your pictures of Salzburg, I remembered our trip with them, I love that city, chocolates, shops, stationery stores, streets, castle, water mill, the costumes of the locals so beautiful, the kipling store that I like .... ohhhhhh everything, everything ....

Giovanna said...

Your new ornie is so cute, and nice going on the EEF!

Sue said...

Oh, I just love your ornaments!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What stunning pictures you got from your travels! Wow you have had so much going on I think you need to put your feet up and stitch!!!

Siobhán said...

Oh my gosh!!! I've enjoyed your photos so much--what great pictures! It looks like a fantastic trip.

Your stitching is amazing, as always! Love the ornaments.

Best of luck to your son and his move to DC. It's a great area--well, some parts of it! I hope things work out for him. I'll have to remember that about MegaBus! My daughter wanted to go from Philly to Boston last summer but the cost was just waaay too pricey for airfare. Hope your other son heals quickly, too! Yikes!

Bekca said...

Hi Carol! Thank you for sharing all your lovely holiday photos over these past couple of posts - you've made me want to visit these places ASAP! Great progress on the stitching front too and it's always lovely to read the kind things you do, like lending OOP charts to stitching friends and helping your sons in whatever way you can. You truly are a wonderful person.
Happy stitching and best wishes.

Pumpkin said...

Oh Carol! He's adorable :o) Look at all those great ornaments that you'll have on your tree too! I don't think I can pick a favorite...

Your WIP is coming along nicely :o)

OMG! Those pictures are wonderful and how exciting to be there! I would have a field day with my camera!

Oh no :o( I hope your DS is better soon.

One is moving out? You'll be okay Carol ;o) It sounds like you raised some good boys and they'll be back quite often to visit. ((((HUGS))))

Meari said...

Sounds like you've had a whirlwind of emotions going on! I hope your DS does well in DC, even though you'll miss him. Speedy recovery to your other DS. Your ornaments turned out beautifully. And I loved "vacationing" with you. Thanks for sharing!

Isa said...

Hello Carol!
I have really enjoyed seen the photos of your trip. Like you said it, the sky of Salzburg is really impressive, but also the Alps, the cemetery, the castle... all Salzburg is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your trip with us... I can't wait to see the photos of Barcelona;)

Nicky said...

Hi Carol, what a wonderful post! I am so behind on blog reading, but am loving your gorgeous photos and ornaments. All the very best to your boys both for the move and the recovery!
Looking forward to seeing the Spain leg of your trip.

Kay said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your vacation. The ornaments you made this year are so pretty! Beautifully stitched! Sounds like lately you have had your share of emotional moments with your children. Good luck to your son as he begins his journey of starting out on his own.

Brigitte said...

ALL your ornaments are my favourites, lol. I can't choose just one. I have always admired your great finishing skills, every single ornament is so creatively finished. And Watermelon Garden is a great project. I've just seen it on Nancy's blog.

Great pictures of Salzburg. I've beent here a couple of times but that was a long time ago. The surroundings are fantastic, with the Alps nearby. I could easily live there because I have always lived in mountaineous regions, just not as high mountains as the Alps. I even couldn't imagine living in the flat countryside.

I hope your oldest son has recovered from his surgery. And that your youngest son is doing fine during his internship. It's always a sad moment when the youngest child leaves home. But on the other hand you are gaining more and more free time for yourself. That's not bad after all, lol.

Jennifer said...

You do the most beautiful finishing!!

I hope everything's better with your patient! (I feel the same way about blood. My husband cut his finger several years ago and I nearly passed out)

LindaMc said...

Oh, your pictures of Salzburg and Neuschwanstein bring back such wonderful memories of my trip to Austria in 2000. I've wanted to go back ever since. Thanks for the memories.