Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week Forty-Four: Halloween Spots

Does everyone have their candy ready for tonight? I've been pretty good this year--so far I've only eaten about half of the giant bag of goodies that I bought two weeks ago! Hopefully the rest is safe until after the trick-or-treaters have come and gone... My ornament for this week is a Trilogy design: "Halloween Spots" stitched over one on 28 ct. Summer Khaki Cashel linen with DMC and Gentle Arts threads. Don't you love the skinny, striped legs on the tiny ghost? I changed a couple of things on the chart--added the words "boo" and "eek" in place of the little colored boxes that were on the original design.

I never experience the Halloween season without recalling this old tune that my mother used to play and sing with her tiny grandsons (my sons who are now in their twenties) seated beside her on the piano bench. Have any of you ever heard this? Wish I could provide the music, too, but the lyrics are as follows:
"Hallowee-ee-een, the witch is riding high.
Have you see-ee-een her shadow in the sky?
So beware don't you dare to even boast or a ghost
To your dismay will hear you say
That you don't care, say a prayer
Or it may come and pull your hair

There's a big, black cat a crossing in our way.
Now you've heard of that, bad luck they always say.
Weren't you scared when it stared with eyes aglow
Hear that crow?
There's a thump near the pump
Let's hurry home or a gnome
Will thump a lump upon your dome."

Mom only sang the first verse--in fact I never knew there was a second one until I was double checking the lyrics on the internet and I discovered one! Just the thought of her singing this silly song and making my boys giggle brings me a smile...

We didn't buy a pumpkin to carve this year, but I hope you enjoy our one-inch high, grinning, green and gold gourd!


Myra said...

What a cute little piece. Don't you just love those little memories that sneak in unexpectedly. Sweet! Your little gourd gave me a chuckle - I think he's cute. Happy Halloween!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Real cute story Carol. I have never heard of the song. I didn't buy a Pumpking this year either. Two of my kids are in college and my youngest is 15. I remember when the kids were young, we used to go to the big pumpkin farm and buy a whole cart of pumpkins. The stoop used to be filled with pumpkins. My daughter and I have to work today, I won't even get to see the Trick or Treaters today. Love the design. Cindy

riona said...

Great ornament ... while not as dedicated as you, I have been trying to stitch one Christmas or Halloween ornament a month ... most months I have managed to stitch one of each. In 2010, I am going to switch gears and stitch Thanksgiving and Easter ornaments.
Your gourd is adorable and such a good idea.

Shari said...

great job on your stitching!! You amaze me, finishing something every week!
Never heard that song, but love how it brought back happy memories for you!!!
Your little gourd is TOO CUTE!!!
Enjoy those little trick or treaters tonight!

Daffycat said...

Lovely Halloween finish!

Your spooky little gourd gave me the giggles ~ fun!

Happy Halloween!

Mylene said...

Cute halloween finish!

Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

YES, I know this song, sang it myself when I was a child in the late 50's. I know the melody, but had forgotten many of the words; would sing it to you over the phone with my sister, who also knows it! Thank you for the lyrics, I stumbled upon this site trying to find the words to the song. S. Haynes

Michelle said...

What a cute Halloween finish - Happy Halloween!

Siobhán said...

Adorable finish! I love your little gourd--too cute. ;) Happy Halloween!

Viooltje (Violet) said...

your stitching and your tiny gourd are both SO delicate and cute, I l♥ve them!
Happy Halloween!

Laural said...

Super cute finish!! I caught the little twiggy legs first, LOL.

Tracey said...

Love the finish, and your gourd is too cute! What a great idea!

Pumpkin said...

What an adorable finish! And your gourd is just TOO cute :)

Annie said...

How did I miss this post on Halloween? That is just the cutest design ever. And what a great idea for the gourd!

That song should be great inspiration for x-stitch designers. Some of the phrases could be incorporated in a Halloween design.

Ranae said...

Spooktacular finish, love it.
Cute little gourd too.

Brigitte said...

I love all the Trilogy spots. This one is so pretty, too.

Edit said...

It is really nice, your Halloween stitching :)

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Nancy k McDonald said...

Yes! Just like you my mother sang this tune and taught me, but only the first verse! It was a tad bit different, but basically the same tune. Wonder where it came from? No one as I was growing up at school or my neighbors never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

My mother always sang this to us at Halloween, and I in turn sang it to my children. I never knew of a second verse and the melody I know doesn't work with it. Makes me wonder.