Thursday, September 15, 2022

A late summer finish

Brrr... it's another cold, September morning here in western Pennsylvania--proof that fall is slowly creeping in! Luckily, we'll be having some nice warm weather here again over the next week and I can't wait. It's been a busy two weeks since I last posted and the world has seen some major changes. I'm thinking, especially, of all my friends in Great Britain who have had such changes in leadership and I hope things go smoothly during the transition. I think the whole world was a bit shocked when on September 6th at Balmoral Castle, Queen Elizabeth II welcomed the new Prime Minister and less than 48 hours later... she was gone. I think that whenever an older person lives well into his or her 90s, we are all pulling for them to reach age 100. But, that just wasn't meant to be...

But, on to stitching... I've been teasing you over the past couple of months with a big summer piece that I've been working on since early July. And guess what?! It's finished! Welcome to Riley Harbor where horses roam the streets, birds are as big as doorways, and a large, friendly whale resides in the bay. 

"Riley Harbor"


I have very few summer-themed pieces in my collection so when I spotted this charming design by Kathy Barrick, I ordered it on the spot and began stitching it as soon as it arrived. (Well, right after I changed almost all of the colors, that is)! I've never changed as many colors as I did in this piece, but I'm so pleased with the final result. The original darker  houses were charted to be black, but that just didn't feel right to me, so I chose a lovely navy blue Kreinik Silk Mori.

It was such fun picking the colors for the houses!

Each house took a surprising amount of time to stitch! I honestly felt like a little girl with a coloring book and crayons as I selected the colors and filled in each one. The houses that are stitched in shades of golden brown are the only ones that I used the suggested colors for.

Which house would you live in? I'd pick that little blue one on the far right. I just noticed the houses in the back row have no doors... Perhaps they are on the other side?

There was such a wonderful variety of motifs in this one: the houses, waves, birds, horses, sea creatures (I'd never stitched a lobster, crab, or seahorse before)... And don't you love that trio of ships with their billowy sails?

Sailing, sailing!


Last, but not least, just look at that humongous whale stitched in Weeks Dye Works Confederate Grey (which I just noticed has been re-named simply "Grey" on many websites). He seemed to take forever, but he is most certainly the star of the show. For the waves, I used a Belle Soie Silk: Chester's Blue (stitching with only the lighter blue portions).

All I can think of when I look at the whale is the Raffi song "Baby Beluga"--one of my grandson's favorites!

I plan on having this piece framed next year--really looking forward to seeing it hanging in my family room year round!

"Riley Harbor" stitched on 40 ct. Stormy Night Newcastle linen

So, what do I stitch next? I seriously need to buckle down and begin my Christmas stitching--I have several gifts to make, a few cards and ornaments to stitch, and I'd love to at least start one of the larger Christmas charts that I purchased earlier this year. And then there are a couple of Thanksgiving charts that I've put off for way too long. Oh, if there were only more hours in my day! How about you? Are you moving on to Christmas or still doing autumn or Halloween stitching? 

We had a wonderful four days with my grandson! I was a bit disappointed as they were supposed to arrive on a Wednesday night, but work got in the way so they wouldn't be able to get here until late Thursday night. Imagine my surprise when I heard a noise at my kitchen door early Thursday afternoon and turned around to find Mister B and his mom and dad standing there smiling at me. Oh, the joy! They had rearranged their schedules to surprise us! We played and played with all of the old toys my husband and I had recently brought down from the attic and cleaned up. Oh, how my grandson loved them--he didn't even want to take a break from play-time to eat. It really made me smile as I recalled my sons happily playing with those very same toys over 30 years ago...

Fisher Price toys from the 1980s were a big hit with my grandson--I'm so glad I saved them all these years! Do any of you remember these?

Mister B named this quintet: Nonna, Pompaw, Dada, Mama, and baby

A new experience... We also did something my husband and I had never done in spite of living in western Pennsylvania for over 45 years--we took a little river cruise on the Gateway Clipper. Now keeping a two-year-old entertained for more than ten minutes on an hour-long riverboat ride was not the easiest thing, but we managed. It was a fun way to see the city and enjoy some lovely fall weather at the same time.

The sights of Pittsburgh and its three rivers as seen from The Gateway Clipper cruise.

The fountain at Point State Park with the Pittsburgh skyline behind

PNC Park, the home of Pittsburgh Pirates baseball

Looking up to Mt. Washington from the riverboat. Can you spot the two red and yellow cars on the Duquesne Incline? (I'd sure love to get rid of that beer sign, though; I think it really detracts from the beauty of the hillside!).

I took this photo from the top of Mt. Washington in July when my youngest son and his girlfriend were visiting. Honestly, what a beautiful view of the city from up there. If you ever visit Pittsburgh, taking the Duquesne Incline to the top of Mt. Washington and photographing the city is a must!

If you love peaches... I wanted to share a recipe that I've made a few times this summer--it's one of our favorites and I think you'll love it, too (assuming you like peaches!). Iva's Peach Cobbler from the Taste of Home website is quick and easy (the hardest part is peeling all those peaches!)--you can find the recipe right here. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Peach Cobbler--and don't forget the ice cream!


The end of an inspiring chapter in history... I mentioned the passing of Queen Elizabeth II earlier and I'm honestly surprised at how many times I've shed a tear or two since word came of her death on September 8th. I'm not British (although my mother's paternal ancestry goes way, way back in England), but I feel that her death truly leaves a large void in the world. Just think of all the wondrous sights and changes she witnessed in her 70 years on the throne! All the famous people, world leaders, and just plain common folk that she greeted. All the inventions that have  appeared and changed lives. All the countries she visited and unique experiences she had... Her witty humor, her sense of steadfastness, and that famous twinkle in her eye will surely be missed by many. May she rest in peace...

There were so many beautiful remembrances of the Queen online--these were some of my favorites.

And meaning no disrespect, but my family thought my mother looked more and more like Queen Elizabeth as she got older. Born just a year after the Queen, my mom witnessed many of the same world events--although certainly not in the same way. One day a few years ago, my youngest sister was visiting mom and found her sleeping on the couch with this issue of Vanity Fair laying across her stomach. When my sister saw that mom was dressed nearly identically to the Queen she knew she had to take a photo of her. She ran to get the photo that had been taken at my niece's wedding of mom sitting in a fancy chair in the church pretending to be royalty. After placing it in mom's hand, she then snapped this sweet photo. All mom needed were a few corgis and it would have been a perfect match! (And no--my mom hadn't dressed like this on purpose. It was pure coincidence)!

My family's own "Queen"--my dear mother with her beautiful smile


Giveaway... I have a very cute Lizzie Kate chart to give away today! Would any of you like to stitch it? This was given to me by a very sweet reader named Linda (in North Carolina) who sent a couple charts to me to use as giveaways. Thank you, Linda--I so appreciate your kindness! This chart, called "Autumn Alphabet" also includes the squirrel and moon charms and the tiny button that are needed to embellish the finish. I'll pick the winner at random and announce the name the next time I post.

If you would like to win this Lizzie Kate chart, please follow the guidelines below.

To be included in the drawing for the chart, please...

1) Specifically mention that you would like to win the chart in your comment 

2) Be a follower in my blog's sidebar (to the right)

3) Make sure to leave your email address in your comment if I don't already have it.

4) Answer the "Getting to Know You" question below.

Getting to Know You... Today's question is: "Do you have any artistic talent--specifically, can you paint or draw?" Ha! For me, that is simple--no, I have absolutely no talent in those areas. When I was growing up, I so longed to be good at art. I would try my best in art class in elementary school, but always come away with a mediocre grade. I just have no talent in the drawing or painting arena. When my family plays board games that involve drawing--no one wants me on their team! I am in awe of people who can sit down and paint a landscape or draw a cartoon or funny face. There is some signal just plain missing between my brain and my hands. Thankfully, I feel like cross stitching is "kind of" like painting with threads and, at long last, I do feel at least a bit artistic. How about you?  I'd love to know your thoughts...

I want to thank each of you for taking the time to visit "Stitching Dreams" today! I know blogging is fading, but I truly appreciate each of you who still visits and takes the time to say "hello!" Thank you so much for your comments on my previous post--I'm touched that so many of you enjoyed my recollections of visiting my mother's university. Many of you mentioned you've had similar experiences of a loved one guiding them so I guess I'm not crazy. I hope you each enjoy the rest of September! Bye for now...

Mister B is back in California this week for a visit. I wonder if he remembers the first 15 months of his life spent in San Diego? It was just a year ago this month that he and his parents moved to Maryland and we are so happy they did!


Stasi said...

Oh Carol, I love Riley Harbor...all those cute houses! I think I'd pick the little gold one on the left with the tree next to it so I could have some shade. Hopefully the big black bird doesn't have a nest in the chimney!!!
I too equate stitching as a "grown up" form of coloring.
I saved a number of the FP toys for my grands too...I have the school bus, doctor kit, xylophone, cash register and my favorite...the stack of rainbow rings!
I rode the Incline when I visited Pittsburgh years ago and yes...that beer sign has to go!!!
No, I can not paint or draw but I do have a good eye for color which helps with my needlework.
Thanks for another great post!

Robin in Virginia said...

Riley Harbor is gorgeous, Carol. Can't wait to see what frame molding you pick! Glad you had a wonderful visit with Mr. B and his parents. The river cruise looked like great fun. Count me in the corner of not being able to draw or paint. One of the reasons I love my stitching as it gives me a creative/artistic outlet.

Vickie said...

Riley Harbor is wonderful! I would not have left the houses black either. Baby Beluga! Oh still know all the words! ;)
Love your Fisher Price toys!! I sure do remember them. :)
You know as a young girl I had some talent to draw. I think I may have lost it? I do not know, I never even try with our resident artist, Madeleine in house. If I need something drawn I ask her! She is excellent!

Sandra said...

Beautiful and detailed stitching, as always! What fun to have your grandson visit. I certainly do remember Fisher Price toys. My first son was born in the USA and we had quite a few of them: the bus, the telephone (my daughter's favourite) and many others!

We have all been struck with deep sadness at the death of lovely Queen Elizabeth and I have been watching all the amazing events on television. Being British, I love the traditions, the costumes and pageantry. I have felt the great love and respect the British people, and indeed throughout the world, for the Queen. I love your little collage to honour her.

I am so enjoying the cooler weather (after our repeated heatwaves) and love the month of September!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece, Care! I just love the sea creatures! Lots of memories of those toys w/the kids. So great that Mr. B loves them so much! More memory making! Lovely piece to QEII and to our Queen Elnie! She might have liked those little corgis snuggling up to her. ❤️

ljones said...

Your stitching is beautiful as always. Glad you had such a lovely visit with you family. The toys you saved are so special and I bet he had the best time. Like you I have shed a few tears over the Queen! You picture of you sweet mom and the Queen are so special. Hears to a pretty fall and much more stitching!

Kyle said...

Your summer stitch of Riley Harbor is fabulous. Love the detail of the design and Baby Beluga is great name for the whale. My kids loved that song too. Unfortunately, toy manufacturers are not thinking about creating calm and creative play for children. I was able to keep a few that my girls loved to play with and funny, the grands gravitate right to them whenever they are at my house.

Heritage Hall said...

Oh Carol... How I enjoy the enthusiasm and goodwill of your blog... Your
choice of blue for houses in Riley Harbor almost stole the show from
Baby Beluga.... I had an Aunt who so resembled Beloved Queen Elizabeth in later years, that it was uncanny..What treasured memories the fair of heart can accumulate through the years.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Riley Harbor is such a big and beautiful finish! Love your color changes. Congratulations!

I think the Queens passing was the end of an era! I think things will be even more different when William is King. Things are evolving...

I am not creative at all! I'm a pattern follower. I think the other side of my brain is more developed. But the creative side, as undeveloped as it is, is what keeps me sane and for that I am grateful! If I could have one artistic talent wish, it would be to be a fantastic rock singer. How about you? Would it be drawing/painting?

Barbara Y. said...

Carol, please, please do not stop writing your blog! I enjoy what you write and show us so much even though I don't often comment. I love seeing your stitching and learning what you and your family are doing. Your grandson is just so cute and I'm sure, for you, the time is passing too quickly as he grows. My older daughter was an art teacher before they started their family and now does longarm quilting for her business. She thinks design and color all the time and can draw anything. I've always said I don't know where she came from because I have absolutely no fiber of creativity (except in writing) in my brain. I believe we all have our strengths and we can rejoice in those. We can also admire the talents of others without feeling sad we weren't blessed with the same.

Jill said...

It’s always fun to get a new project that has you wanting to start straight away. Your sentiments regarding the Queen’s passing mirror mine and most certainly many others. My mother was from the same generation. My long-ago ancestors were from England as well. It’s my hope to visit one day. How wonderful Baby B enjoys playing with his father’s and uncles toys that you wisely saved. I have the FP circus train from the early 1970s. The people were made of wood. Peaches are not my favorite, yet now I have a good recipe website. A talent for drawing and/or painting has passed me by. Thank you for keeping your blog updated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and look forward to each post. Riley Harbor is so pretty and your color choices are perfect! Your little grandson is adorable and must of had so much fun with all the toys. Lucky you for saving them. I’m regretting that I didn’t and we had many of the same toys. I have 2 grandsons, 15 and 19 months old and they would of loved playing with them!
Thank you for sharing your stitching and your trips. I truly enjoy seeing it. Cherie in WI

Kay said...

Hello Carol, I just want to say that I am so glad you still blog as so many blogs are no longer around but it cheers me up to read your blog. Your cross stitch design is wonderful, I especially like the whale. X

Gabi said...

Hello Carol, wonderful stitching. Riley Harbor is great.
Yes, I remember FP and I still have it on the attic. My son loved the hospital and my daughter the garage. Funny, isn't it?
Your little grandson is adorable and the picture of your mom..... amazing! She really looks a bit like the Queen.
Hav a wonderful week and greetings from far away.

MartinaM said...

A beautiful and very comprehensive pattern. Such lovely little details. I especially like the seahorse. I have made two small patterns for fall which are yet to be finished and I am currently doing a Christmas theme.
Oh yes, my children also had a few things from fisher price, we mostly had Lego Duplo and Lego. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your city.
Yes, the Queen was a remarkable woman, I admired and respected her very much for her kind. What good and bad experiences this woman had and carried everything with dignity.
No, I can't draw really well, I don't have the talent for that. What I can do is enough for my work, but real pictures - no, I can't do that.
Enjoy the rest of September, Martina

Marilyn said...

Riley Harbor is awesome!
I would live in that big 'ol blue house in the upper left corner, as blue is my favorite color.
All of those toys are so nice to have for Mr. B.
Beautiful pictures, no, I couldn't ride the Incline. LOL
Cute pic of your Mom.
I have absolutely no artistic talents, I'm amazed at people who do.
Cute pic of Mr. B.
May the Queen RIP, very sad news.

Anonymous said...

Great post as always Carol! Riley Harbor looks beautiful. But I would have been singing Raffi's Down by the Bay song. Remember that one? ūüėČ

Cathy H. said...

I don't know what it is about houses that I love. Maybe it's the warm thoughts of families inside. I do love all the houses in Riley Harbour. Your choice of colors is wonderful! I also love those ships.
I, too, kept our children's Fisher Price toys. Sadly to say my grandchildren have grown and no longer play with them. I guess it's time to put them up for the great-grandchildren!
Mr. B is just the most adorable little guy! He certainly is growing. I'm so glad he's closer to you!
Artistic ability? Not really! I choose cross stitch as my art. I somehow got in an art class in high school by mistake. The teacher told me I certainly didn't belong in her class and I was quickly transferred to choir!
Cold has not reached down south. In fact, we're having above average temperatures next week!
Have a great rest of September!

Carlie said...

I am envious of you and your grandson as I only have 6 granddaughters! But they are great too! I too love peach cobbler, it is my favorite. I would love to win the Lizzie Kate Chart! I wish I could draw or paint but I wasn't blessed with that talent. But I was blessed with a lot of other things! Enjoy your fall and keep on with your inspiring blog.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I love your Riley Harbour. How do you plan to finish it. Your grandson is adorable. I can do a little drawing, painting and stitching. Right now I am making Tilda doll. love to enter your giveaway.
I got chills down my back when my honey told me the Queen died. I am English and my grand parnets where born in England and I have been to see Buckingham Palace. It was so fantastic. I did not see the Queen but did mean that years famous rugby team. Oh, some handsome guys. They where so nice to talk to.

Yes, your mom looks like the Queen.
Hope you have a great day. Big hugs Lynda Ruth

Robin C said...

I love the finished cross stitch. Your color choices are great. I love PA and never did get to Pittsburg. It looks like a beautiful place. The peach cobbler recipe looks really good. Wonder if it would work with canned peaches? I love the Lizzie Kate cross stitch and would love it if you picked me. My email is and yes I can draw some. My talent is more like a primitive style. My Father was an artist and could paint and draw anything.
Hope you have a great weekend

Christel said...

En France aussi dans notre département le froid se fait sentir le matin... J'ai d'ailleurs remis un tee-shirt à manches longues et j'opte pour celui à manches courtes pour l'après-midi.
Riley Harbour est magnifique ! J'aime beaucoup toutes les maisons, les voiliers également. C'est un bien beau modèle et vos choix de couleurs sont parfaits. La grande maison bleue me conviendrait, à gauche..
Pas de broderie d'Halloween ou d'automne, je continue ma série des oiseaux (j'ai commencé le 9ème tableau Simplicity) de Cottage Garden Sampling's.
Une belle surprise que vous ont fait Mr B et ses parents. Mes enfants ont joué avec ces fisher price, ensuite je les ai donné. Nous n'avions pas suffisamment de place pour les garder. Je pense que de toute façon ils n'auraient pas intéressés mes petites-filles.
Jolie croisière, c'est vrai qu'il n'est pas évident d'occuper un petit enfant plus de 10 mn...
Il faudrait en effet ce panneau de bière, ça dénature complètement le site !
Il restera de beaux souvenirs de la reine Elizabeth II. Il y a un petit air de ressemblance en effet entre votre mère et la reine.. !
Un talent artitisque.. Je n'en ai pas.. J'aurais aimé savoir dessiner et peindre mais c'est une catastrophe ! Hormis peut-être si je me lance dans l'art plus qu'abstrait !!! Comme vous le point de croix me fait sentir que j'ai un tout petit peu "artiste", ou quand je joue de la musique...
Amitiés de France,

marie said...

First, I enjoy your blog, your stitching is beautiful. As a newbie I'm always in awe of what you do. I'd love to win the chart as stitching letters is my favorite thing. An artist, no I'm not, but simple objects I can draw if I have a photo in front of me. It has come in handy when doing wool applique blocks.
It was starting to feel fall in the air last week, but mother nature says no as this week we will have temps in 90's in north Alabama. Now that Christmas is getting close I'm waiting for you to post photos of your breath taking
Christmas tree with all your stitched ornaments.

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

My dear Carol, what a complete post you bring today!
I have loved the embroidery of the fishing village with so many adoeable details.
the photos of the boat ride and the city are very beautiful.
My daughters and nieces have also played with my and my sister's toys that my parents have lovingly kept for years, just like you!
But above all I liked your beautiful mother... that smile is contagious!!
I would love to win the's so special!
And you know, answering the question, that my artistic ability is in painting: watercolors, oil, acrylics and on any surface.
Lots of kisses from Seville

Manuela said...

Hi Carol,
eine wundersch√∂ne Stickerei und Gl√ľckwunsch zur Fertigstellung. In einem Rahmen wird es sehr sch√∂n aussehen. Viele kleine Details kann man betrachten. Der Wal sieht grandios aus.
Vielen Dank f√ľr die sch√∂nen Bilder von euerem Ausflug.
Oh ja, an das Spielzeug von Fisher Price kann ich mich auch noch gut erinnern, meine Schwester hatte davon etwas. Wobei meine Kinder lieber mit Lego und Playmobil gespielt haben.
Ich kann ebenfalls nicht gut zeichnen. Wie du sticke ich viel lieber und siehe darin meine Bestimmung.
Ein sch√∂nes Wochenende und ganz liebe Gr√ľ√üe.
Hugs, Manuela

Naomi Avendano said...

I look forward to reading your posts and I often go back to reread. Keep on blogging and sharing your beautiful cross stitching and life with us!

Sandy said...

I am so late posting. I was able to read it the first day you posted but had zero time to comment. I have always loved Riley's Harbor and love the blues you put in it. It is going to look perfect in your family room. Those sweet toys you kept from your boys. Those were seriously the best toys. Mother had an older set she had purchased at a yard sale at her house when my kids were coming up. They loved them so much. I think I am in the hunt for an old Thomas the Train set for my house. I should have kept ours!
I know you enjoyed that family time and vacationing at home is always a good idea to me. Pretty bowl that pie is in:)
I don't even know where to begin at how precious that picture of your mom is in that blue outfit looking like Queen Elizabeth. That is truly a special picture.
Your talent is definitely cross stitch and putting those little pillows together. I have always described myself as jack of all trades and master of none. I have no real talent ---just dabbling in many.

Katie said...

I played with those toys too. How fun to have new memories with them now. Lovely boat trip. Thanks for sharing your views. My hubby would like the beer sign haha. I love your big piece. Beautiful indeed. The color changes you made are perfect as well. Your mom looks adorable. Please don't enter me in the drawing for the chart. I have no talent at all at drawing or painting. I will just stick to cross stitching.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Good morning, Carol.Mr. B. is growing like a weed and is as cute as a button. I had to laugh when I saw the Fisher Price toys. We have lined up for the grandbabies playing pleasure which is a weekly thing and yes we have our own characters too. Lol. Your Riley Harbor looks amazing. Have a wonderful week. Happy stitching.

Mary said...

Your grandson is so cute. What a gold mine to have all the Fisher Price gang to play with! So great to have them waiting for him.

I'm looking up Gateway Clipper cruises today; this sounds like something we will end up doing. I appreciate when you mention the fun things you retirees do.

Happy stitching, friend.

Eva H. said...

Carol,I very like to read your wonderfull sites. Your grandson is so sweet.
Have a nice Autumn.Here is very cold.Today morning was 1°C.As in the Winter. I don´t like it.It was from Summer dresses to Winter...Where stay Autumn?
Have nice days Love Eva

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a fabulous village of toys you have for your grandson. We had some Fisher Price too. The modern equivalent here is called Happyland, they are so popular with my toddler group and very well made too.
Lovely views from tapir river cruise, a very different way to see the city!
I am quite artistic, I love to draw but in the same way I cross stitch. I like to copy other people’s artwork rather than draw from my imagination. Rock painting was very popular here a few years back and I did many with book illustrations which I then hid in our shop for children to find.

Faith... said...

That is a very cute chart that you stitched up! It looks great with your color selections but that is a pretty bog whale! I think he could swallow the whole town without much effort. I vote for starting your Christmas stitching! After all you do want to make sure you get your cards and ornaments out on time. Once you get that finished you can come back to Thanksgiving. :)

What a nice surprise for them to pop up early! Did Mr. B like the river cruise or just want to get back to his toys? If I was him I would have picked the toys since there are so many he won't be bored with them for a long time! What a good Nonna you are!

I would love to be entered in the raffle for the LK chart! As for the questions 'Do you have any artistic talent--specifically, can you paint or draw?' the answer is absolutely NOT! It is all I can do to change colors on an XS chart and then I wonder if the colors I picked are ok or should I change them back! LOL

Time to start stitching for the night! Have a good evening Carol.

Rebecca C. said...

How wonderful to see your grandson, and what a wonderful surprise! I remember playing with all of those toys in the 70s/80s and bought them all for my kids. I now have them saved for our (hopefully) future grandchildren. Riley Harbor turned out so pretty, I just love your color changes. I really enjoyed the pictures of your river cruise. We’ve driven through Pittsburgh many times on the turnpike, but haven’t ever explored.
I am currently working on Christmas stitching as I have no Christmas cross stitch to display, besides ornaments.
As always your blog continues to be an inspiration.
Happy Stitching!
Rebecca C.

diamondc said...

Hello Carol: Sweet post, how lovely to have them surprise you by arriving a little early on Thursday.
That is a boat load of toys, I love Weeble People, they are so cute.
I would love to do a day excursion on the Mississippi river someday.
I like baking chicken breast with peaches', I parboil for a minute that helps to remove the skin on the peaches.
Thank-you for the recipe.
I like the changes you made to Riley Harbor, it is a beautiful design, I love the whale and octopus.
Have a great day


diamondc said...

I had to comment separately about your Mother, she is adorable and does have a look of a queen.
So adorable.
I love your Mothers smile.


Leonore Winterer said...

Aw, your summer finish is really cute, and would actually look good year long I think! Love what you did to the colours. Personally, I haven't even started on autumn stitching, yet alone Christmas...not sure I'll manage anything seasonal this year!
I'm glad you got to spend some fun days with your grandson. He's growing so quickly!
Queen Elizabeth's death was a great shock to people all around the world, including me. Did you see the pictures of her dogs and horse at her funeral? It was heartbreaking, even though the pets probably didn't understand much of what was going on. She and her mum made a pretty pair, though!
I'd like to be in for your giveaway this time, such a fun chart. Sadly, I don't have any artistic talent to speak of either, although I was quite good at free-handedly copying pokémon when I was younger! But other than drawing, I love everything crafty and am not too bad at it, so that's fine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol - what a great posting you have shared with all of us! And thank you, too, for sharing that wonderful picture of Mister B - he is just too adorable! And . . . That photo of your mom is incredible — it must be one of many family treasures of your mom for your family!
Your stitching of Riley Harbor is so amazing! (Love the whale!) and I think your real artistic talent is very evident in your beautiful stitching and your very creative ability to change thread colors and all the amazing work you put in to finish all of your very special pieces. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us.
Hope all is going well for you and your family and that you are getting lots of visits with Mister B!

ūüĆłBarb R.

marina said...

Hi Carol.have you seen my comment to your Riley Harbor? So difficult to get in touch with you!

Robin said...

I just love Riley Harbor and all the little motifs. You color changes look perfect. So nice to have a visit from your grandson. I too pulled 35 year old toys out of the attic for my grands. All I can say it is was money well spent way back when! And yes, so many of us feel the way you do about the Queen and her passing. I think you found the right word for her, steadfast. Can’t wait to see what your next project will be.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching Carol.
Beautiful post.
So sad about the Queen.
She was a wonderful lady, and we are going to miss her.
Just got back, so much to do.
Hugs June.

Marge said...

I think your blog is my favorite one of all. I love stitching and quilting so lots to read on your blog. Don't quit doing it.

Jennifer said...

What a lovely finish Carol - it reminds me of a New England town with the old houses and the harbor - so quaint and pretty. All those toys look like quite the fun for B - my mom saved ours too (from the 70s) and many kids have loved playing with them, including my own. That LK chart is cute, but I am sure I am too late for the giveaway. I will share that I, like you, have very little artistic talent for drawing or painting - I even dread painting a wall or a room! Put me with needle and thread any day!