Saturday, July 2, 2022

The patriotic Pottery Barn cubby

Happy July! It's the beginning of the July 4th weekend here in the United States. Do you have any special plans? It will be a quiet one here as my husband is still testing positive for Covid. The red line is much, much lighter and he is feeling just fine now, but I guess the virus is still there to some extent. And believe it or not--I didn't get it! That still amazes me, but I just read an interesting article online yesterday that said blood type may possibly play a part in whether or not you end up with Covid. Apparently, folks with Type O blood seem to have slightly more protection from it. Oh, they can still get it, but not as easily. And I have Type O, so who knows? If you'd like to read the article from Men's Health you can find it right here

In my past two posts, I've shown you several little patriotic pillows that I stitched and finished to fill some of the vacant spaces in my Pottery Barn cubby. I've since filled it up and just love how they all look displayed together. Would you like to see?

Lots of red, white, and blue fills my July cubby

Of course I'll share some close-ups with you, too...


As you can see, I have some of my larger patriotic pieces displayed on top since they won't fit into the smaller holes. I chose to fill one of the openings (below on the right) with a sewing theme: vintage red, white, and blue spools of thread and an old tomato pincushion (complete with tiny strawberry) as well as my maternal grandmother's gold thimble.



Do you wonder how I make the pillows stand up? Well, I steal my grandson's wooden blocks (shhh... don't tell him!) and place them behind the little pillows for support.


I've really enjoyed this display and plan on keeping it up for most of the summer.

As always, my mom's silhouette occupies the center position because she was forever the center of our home. I decorated her space with two vintagey looking pinwheels and some baby's breath inserted into the pair of white ceramic shoes that were part of her childhood shoe collection. I'm sure she would be delighted with my seasonal decorations of "her" cubby space!

The center space honoring my dear mother

Which one do you like the best?

Above is one final look at the patriotic cubby. Do you have a favorite? I think I am torn between the Liberty pillow in #11 and the Chessie & Me pillow (with the trio of houses and the ship) in #7. But, honestly? I love them all!

I also had a chance to finish one of the patriotic charts that my Instagram friend, Trinka, so generously gave me. I love stitching words so I really enjoyed this one! The design is called "All American" by Primrose Cottage Stitches. Love the way the colors pop on the 40 ct. vintage country mocha Newcastle linen! The red I used was Classic Colorworks "Ribbon Red" because I didn't own the called for overdyed thread, but I think it made a great substitute.

"All American" finish


If you have stitched this one already, you'll notice that I made a few changes (of course!).  As you can see, I added white polka dots (in the form of Smyrna stitches) to the word "Blue." I also added white stripes to the word "Stripes!" It just made sense to me and I love how it turned out. (The color of the fabric is much more accurate in the photo above).

Love those colors!

So, in the spirit of keeping the kindness going... who would like to win this patriotic chart? I'll pick a winner and announce the name when I post again (hopefully in a couple weeks). 

If you would like to win this chart, please follow the guidelines below...

To be included in the drawing for the chart, please...

1) Specifically mention that you would like to win the chart in your comment 

2) Be a follower in my blog's sidebar (to the right)

3) Make sure to leave your email address in your comment if I don't already have it--(this is very important as I have no way of getting in touch with the winner if you don't)

4) Answer the "Getting to Know You" question below.


In today's "Getting To Know You" question, I'm wondering if you are an early riser or a night-owl? Are you one of those people who loves jumping out of bed and getting right down to the business of the day? Or are you more like me--a "lounge in bed for an hour or so reading emails, browsing blogs and Instagram, and catching up on the news type of person?" I so wish I was an early riser--I always feel much more accomplished when I do get up early. But, more and more, I've been staying up until almost midnight stitching the evening away... How about you?

And that's about it for today! Happy second half of  2022 everyone... I hope you have a relaxing weekend doing whatever makes you happiest. With my husband being quarantined with Covid, I've gotten in a lot of stitching and reading time, believe me! I'm sure by the next time I post, he'll be fully Covid free and our normal life can resume. It really feels odd living in separate halves of the house...

Take care now--thank you for your visit today and your sweet comments! If you do want to enter the giveaway for the Primrose Cottage Stitchers chart shown above, please read the guidelines very carefully. So many of you don't include your email address (just a gentle reminder). I hope everyone who is celebrating the 4th of July in the U.S, has a fun, but safe holiday. Bye for now...


Stasi said...

You know I love this cubby, can tell it is put together with so much love!
My best sleep time frame has always been 11-7, but lately I have been staying up later and sleeping in a bit later. I've always been a morning person, but in retirement, do I really need to be???

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, I love your cubby filled with all things patriotic. What beautiful pieces you have stitched and included! Hard to pick a favorite because anything patriotic scores high in my book! Thank you for the tip using the blocks to stand things up. Love the word sampler from Primrose Cottage, but will pass because it is already in my possession. In my younger days, I was a night owl. Now, I prefer to get up in the morning as I find myself more productive then. Wishing you and your husband a relaxing Fourth of July weekend!

Eva said...

Carol,I very liked read your news.
I'm a lark.I'm used to getting up very early.For years I got up for work at 4.15 A.M.My daughter and grandchildren love to sleep late,but both my sons are like me-larks.I once heard on the radio that larks are supposed to be considerate of owls:-)
Have a nice days.Have wonderfull 4th July :-)
Eva from Czech Republic

Tina F. said...

Carol...I think the Chessie piece is my favorite. Please include me in the that Chart! Now that I am retired,I am enjoying a morning of reading the paper and a cup of coffee even though the Post Gazette keeps shrinking..28 pages total today.

Nancy calero said...

I read your posts all the time. I love the patriotic chart and would like to enter the giveaway. I am definitely a night 🦉 my email is

Anonymous said...

Carol I always enjoy your posts so much and look forward to them. I have quite a few of the same ones stitched but would love to win the one you are so generous to offer. I am an early riser and enjoy that time to stitch even a few threads before I start my day .Gail.

Vicki said...

I love your cubby. I search every 4 weeks or so trying to find one. It looks particularly festive in Patriotic decor. When I wake up, I get up. I used to lounge in bed when I was younger, but now I'd rather get going on my day. I would like to be included in the giveaway. My email is
Thanks Carol, and Happy Independence Day!

Diana said...

Love your cubby. So many cute finishes. I like to sleep in in the mornings. Please include me in your giveaway.

Georgia said...

Oh Carol, I love everything about your cubby! So many great ideas and so much inspiration. As for a favorite, I can't choose...I am just amazed at how well they all fit in the little squares...a tribute to your tiny stitches. I would love to put my name in the hat for the patriotic pattern. I worked nights for years, that being said I am still a night owl. Since retirement, I hate getting up to an alarm clock! But, I embrace the long days of summer. You and yours have a blessed Fourth of July. My email: gmwireman Thank you so much.

Heritage Hall said...

Your Cubby shelf today really sets the mood for the holiday,
them all, but agree on No. 11. The red,white and blue really lights up
and fills out the whole. Your Mom's spot continues to be so special.
Love your adorable flag girl at the end.... Hoping Hubby is out of quarantine
so he can belatedly get you a Fourth ice cream cone to celebrate.

Sandra said...

I love the centre space of your cubby shelves honouring you mother.
So glad that your husband is on the mend and great that you didn't catch it!
As you know from my blog, I'm very much an early morning person - anytime from 5 am up until 6!
Happy 4th of July to you tomorrow, Carol!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Your cubby is adorable!! I would love to stitch the patriotic sampler too~ the dots you added are so fun! I am a night owl. My DH goes to bed early for work and I stay up and read until all hours~ sometimes I am still reading when he gets up if it is a good book. LOL My email address is in my profile. ;-)

Michele Inman said...

Your cubby is wonderful. I have 2 similar ones from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop years ago that I keep my Breyer Stablemates collection in. I would love to stitch the patriotic sampler if I was lucky enough to be the winner and would pass it on when finished. I am definitely a night owl, can be quite tired but when bedtime comes around I'm bebopping around and quite often can't get to sleep. Luckily I'm now retired so don't *have* to get up early and be civilized. My husband is definitely a morning person which can be a bit difficult to live with but we manage - LOL. My email address is

Patti said...

Love, love, love your cubby filled with patriotic stitching! I’m on day 11 of having Covid and I still tested positive yesterday :( I’m feeling much better than I did a week ago, but not 100% yet. Shocking to me because I’m fully vaccinated with 2 boosters and I’ve been exposed a few times in the past 2 years, but I guess it was just my time. I’m so glad you didn’t get sick and I’m happy that your hubby is feeling better. Happy 4th of July!

Vickie said...

What a fantastic cubby this is Carol! So beautiful. My plans are.... sleep and get through this. :( Ugh. I would like a chance at winning your pretty chart please. I am an early riser. I usually always get up in the 5 o'clock hour. Now since getting COVID, it is the 6 o'clock hour. HA! I did sleep for 18 hours the other day!!

Dorothy Matheson said...

Yes I would like to win the chart. Lovely one that is patriotic and I think I would change the items like the stripes on the word stripe like you did. I think you have my e-mail already.
I was always a night owl and so much not a morning person. I am now taking care of my Mom who is 96 so I have to be up so I can care for her.
I do OK at the morning stuff.

Gail L. said...

I really enjoyed seeing your cubby with the Americana display. I have just recently been starting my own collection of patriotic pillows. I absolutely love displaying the few that I have and I would appreciate winning this pattern. My email is:

Right now I am an early riser as my husband is recovering from his 2nd knee replacement surgery this year and I need to be there to make sure he takes all of his pain meds, eats some breakfast and have his 1 allowed cup of coffee. Otherwise, I am a night owl and proud of it! Have a wonderful 4th, and thank you for sharing your posts. I really look forward to seeing what you create!

Most sincerely, Gail

Sharon Vance said...

I always love seeing what you do with your cubbies. I have my great grandmother’s buffet that I ‘dress up’ each month and I love it. No. 7 is my favorite of all…anything with a sailboat! My husband thinks I sleep in very late, as he is up by six at the latest. I find it hard to go to bed, so I sleep my full eight hours, and wake slowly, usually by eight, and then putter around upstairs for another 45 minutes. 😊 for your patriotic wordplay. Although I live in Canada, my brother and his family live in Maine and would enjoy this little pillow. Have a lovely month.

Linda Rapp said...

I love the Patriotic cubby! I grew up in the military so patriotism is so important to me. The military always had so much for the kids to do on the 4th of July. When my dad was at Ft. Benning, GA., I got to off the 250 foot jump tower! What an exciting time. Oh, in case there are those that don’t know, a jump tower is where the paratroopers train to jump. I’ve been buying charts to do a patriotic display- - you inspired me. Just need to find a cubby!! Thanks for sharing your creations with everyone. Love the finishes! Would love to be included in the drawing for the chart. Thanks

Linda Rapp said...

I love the Patriotic cubby! I grew up in the military so patriotism is so important to me. The military always had so much for the kids to do on the 4th of July. When my dad was at Ft. Benning, GA., I got to off the 250 foot jump tower! What an exciting time. Oh, in case there are those that don’t know, a jump tower is where the paratroopers train to jump. I’ve been buying charts to do a patriotic display- - you inspired me. Just need to find a cubby!! Thanks for sharing your creations with everyone. Love the finishes! Would love to be included in the drawing for the chart. Thanks (early riser)

Anne said...

I love everything about your cubby!! And I'm an early riser...I like to have a little coffee with some morning stitching when the natural light is shining in my window. I would love to win the chart you are giving very sweet of you! My email is Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations! - Anne

Anonymous said...

Carol, thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL needlework ! I am so excited I found out about your blog! I would love to be entered into the All American pattern giveaway. My name is Shelley .
I am SO sorry about your husband’s covid. My son, his pregnant wife and their 3 year old just over it! It seems to be spreading like wild fire again!
That was interesting what you wrote about blood type and covid. I have ALWAYS been a night owl, but I am trying to be an early riser (and struggling). Thank you again for sharing your AMAZING work,

Anonymous said...

Yes, I’d like to win the patriotic words sampler. I am a night owl which seemed to be ok when I was younger but now it interferes with my ability to get enough sleep to have the energy to do the things I want to do. I read an interesting book about night owls, etc. and according to the author there are four types. One of the types liked to go to bed later and then liked to delay eating breakfast which is me. I found the blood type article very interesting. Thank you! My address is Howland space quilt at gmail dot com. Hope this makes sense.

MartinaM said...

a beautiful display and the idea of the wooden blocks is perfect for placing the small cushions. And I love your new finish, it all fits together perfectly and your changes are awesome.
Regarding your question - I'm more of an early riser, regardless of whether it was the holidays or school, I always got up at the same time because I realized that it makes me feel better. However, I still listen to music and have a coffee in peace before I start work. I'm not a night person, and it's hard for me to stay up late.
I wish your husband all the best and a speedy recovery.
Happy 4th of July

Marilyn said...

Oh, I love your cubby!
It's too hard to pick a favorite, they are all so very pretty.
Glad your hubby is feeling somewhat better, hope he gets over that nasty bug soon.
That's an awesome new Patriotic finish, so cheerful.
I am an early riser.
I think because when I worked, I always had to get up so early.
I do sleep a little later now, but still up early.
I wish you a happy 4th weekend!

Unknown said...

Love all of your patriotic stitching and would love to win and stitch that chart. I try to keep a regular schedule...sleep at 11 and up at 7 or 7:30. Enjoy the nice weather for the holiday!

Grace from MN said...

Love ALL your amazing stitching. Glad your hubby is recovering. Would love the patriotic chart. I am also a night owl but always go to bed by 11pm. I also stitch at night and LOVE to read!

Anonymous said...

This cubby is sooo adorable!! I am absolutely In love with all of your stitches. I would like to be entered into the drawing for the 4th of July chart. My email is: Now for the question: I was always an early riser…until I retired!! Now it’s so much fun staying up late and reading…or stitching!!! But agreed. I feel much more accomplished when I get up early!!! Theresa G.

Anonymous said...

Love your patriotic display and they are all so cute! I have a small writing desk with cubbies and drawers that I like to display my seasonal stitches. Would love to add the All American to my collection. My email is :

I am a morning person and love to wake up and walk early morning in the summer. During the school year I need to be at work at 7 am and that really gets me up and going.

Glad your husband is recovering - I too am 0 positive but had not heard that info - always learning from you!

Happy 4th - mine will be quiet as well, except the Fire Chief lives across the street from me and set off many fireworks for his little girls and I enjoyed the show as well, Karen

Jill said...

July has arrived quickly and maybe it'll slow down this year. Interesting regarding the blood types. I've heard similar about Type O's and have wondered how true. The cubby is charming as ever, and of course, it should stay up this summer. It's hard to pick a fav - but since your asked - I like No. 18. It says it all without any words. Mornings are my best time of day, and I'm most productive. Continue to stay well!

Leonore Winterer said...

Happy (almost - it's 7 pm on the 3rd for me now) 4th of July! I'm so glad to hear you managed to stay healthy. Interesting about the blood types - both my husband and I are type 0, yet we both easily caught the virus in March. Wonder if there are other factors too!
Although I don't really "get" patriotic stitching, I do appreciate how pretty it all is. Blue, white and red is a very pretty combination! As for your question, I am much like you - I rise earlier than my husband, but I like to start my day off slow, and with something fun, until I am fully awake! Sometimes I wish I could just jump out of bed and be productive right away.

cheerwine4me said...

Hi Carol. I would absolutely love to win the "All American" by Primrose Cottage Stitches. As far as early riser, I prefer to sleep until about 9am, but I end up rising when the light pops through the window. I am slow to get completely awake, but once I'm up, I'm up. I do enjoy staying up at night though and find my energy level is better about mid-day :-)

Thanks a bunch and hope you have a safe and happy 4th!!

JustPam said...

I would love to win the All American chart. I am newly back into cross stitching and am currently working on one of your little ones with the truck and the eagles. I don't have the name with me now. I love your patriotic cubby and the trio of houses was one of my favorites. I really like houses and samplers.
I would be a night owl if I could, but I feel so much of my day is wasted if I don't get up early and start doing things. I just retired a few weeks ago, so my work schedule is still there. I am hoping I will be able to maintain it.
My husband had covid in December and surprisingly I didn't get it either. I am happy to hear your husband is about over his bout with it.

Maureen said...

Hello Carol!
I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time. I do enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing all your finishes. Some of my favorites are your LHN Hometown Holiday finishes. You have inspired me to do mine on black with a wool finish, although not one over one! I would love to be entered in for the patriotic chart. I am early to bed, early to rise! I love my early morning and feel much more productive at that time. I hope you have a lovely 4th. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi….Your patriotic cubby is beautiful, especially the one honoring your mom. Your cubby inspires me not only stitch but it’s filled with ideas. I am an early riser, meeting a group of ladies to workout in the morning is not only fun but energizing.
I would love to be included in your giveaway.
Happy 4th🇺🇸 Val

pamspretties57 said...

Hi, Carol, and Happy 4th of July!!! I would love to be in the giveaway and thank you for being so generous. Your cubby is wonderful, so much beauty and creativity. I'm definitely a night owl, always have been, but have to live in an early riser world, lol. Thanks again for the giveaway. Have a great week!!!
pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

Jill said...

July has come quickly. May it not go by as quickly. Interesting about Blood Type O’s. I’ve heard about it and have wondered. Good to hear you’ve stayed well. Love the PB cubby which is perfect for your lovelies. Hard to choose a favorite, but since your asked, I’m going with No. 18. It says a lot without any wording. Mornings are my favorite time of day and are the most productive personally.

Deb Mac said...

Hi Carol, I would love to win your chart. This is one I have had my eye on-just haven't done that yet. You patriotic cubby is so cute. Lots of favorites in it; I haven't stitched them yet but one day. I have always been a night owl. Bedtime is midnight (or later) most of the time. It seems that 9 to midnight is when I get the chance to stitch so I take it.
Thanks for sharing the chart.
Email is

diamondc said...

Greetings Carol: Happy Independence Day to you and Family.
All American is a beautiful design, I have so many designs I need to stitch please do not include me in the giveaway.
Your Patriotic displays are positively beautiful, you are very talented at displaying your stitching and the finishing is perfect on each design.
I am an early riser, 04:00 I walk one dog for a half hour then the other dog.
It is quiet and so peaceful to hear the birds awaking and the sun start to come up un the summer days.
It's amazing how fast this year is melting away.


Shelly said...

My favorite is the pillow with the dotty cat on it, below your tomatoes. Sorry to hear hubby is still testing positive. Covid is a very strange virus. My doctor says that most pandemics run out after the third year so maybe there's some hope going into 2023. I'm glad you've been able to avoid being infected. Your cubby is gorgeous! Take care!

Pam in IL said...

Carol, I love your cubby and all your beautiful stitching! "All American" by Primrose Cottage Stitches is beautiful. Please include me in your drawing.

Sorry to hear your hubby is still testing positive. Praying you don't get it. We think my grandson got covid from daycare. After a wonderful camping weekend with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson, we all ended up with covid. My grandson and daughter were pretty sick for about 3 days and then got better. Hubby and my son-in-law were mildly sick for 4 days. I'm the lucky one that is still sick on day 10. Interesting info on the blood type. Apparently, my Type O body did get the memo, lol.

I love reading your "Getting to Know You" questions. I have always been a morning person, but can be a night owl too. It is funny that my oldest daughter had the nickname of "Rooster" because she was always up with the sunrise and now my grandson is "Rooster 2" because he is up with the sunrise too.

Take care & have a wonderful holiday!

Irene said...

Sai, anch'io ho il gruppo sanguigno 0 e anche la mia mamma lo aveva, nessuno di noi due ha preso il covid, non so se sia un caso. Adoro i tuoi ricami!
Io sono mattiniera, mi alzo alle 5 per andare al lavoro, ma vado a letto prestissimo e dormo come una marmotta :)

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
I love your patriotic shelf very much. Every pillow is so beautiful.My favourite is the number 7.
A lovely chart and I would like to win it.
I'm a late riser, because I go late to bed.
Hope you can enjoy the day.
Happy 4th of July my friend.
Hugs, Manuela

Susan L said...

Hi Carol and Happy 4th of July!
I ALWAYS love to see what you do with your cubby. I still have not hung mine, (still scared! LOL) But YOU give me inspiration! I love that you added the Stars and Stripes to your stitched piece. I will keep this change in mind :). Morning or evening,,,hard question! On weekend, I tend to stay up late, but as I am still working (just for a few more years) I get up early (thankfully working from home) and am most productive with work in the AM! But I loves to stay up late and stitch!
Thank you for your wonderful blogs! You spark creativity and they are just wonderful eye candy!!! :)

Carlie said...

I would love to win this chart. I love patriotic stitching and I really love yours in their displays. I always wake up early but I don't always get up. Sometimes I lay in bed and read because I fall asleep at night when I try to read then! Happy 4th of July!!

Maggie said...

I love ALL your patriotic pieces Carol, it would be hard to choose a favourite!
Glad your husband is feeling much better, hopefully it's passed you by now. I did hear something about certain blood types being less likely to catch covid but I thought that had been disproved now, I guess they are learning all the time about this virus so who knows.
I've never been a morning person, although once i'm up i start whatever i need to do right away, I don't sit down to drink a cuppa until lunchtime. I seem to get a second wind around 10pm and would quite happily stay up, I often read till gone 12am. So I suppose you could say I'm a night owl.
Hope you have a fantastic July. x

Sandy said...

Those cubby shelves were just made for our little stitches. I have loved every season of it. I could not possibly choose a favorite of these...The whole display is just wonderful.
OOh I wish I were a morning person. Alas, I am not and never have been. I am still getting up early to babysit for the kiddos so I have to make myself get up. My husband on the other hand arises with ease and time changes do not affect his getting up time at all. I would love to languish in bed, but since he is just itching for me to wake up I doubt that will ever happen:)

Melissa said...

Hi Carol! Where did you get the red frame with stars that you used for the quilt star in cubby "24"? I'm so inspired by all of the creative finishes you have. My email is if you happen to have a link! Thank you! Melissa

jhm said...


I really enjoy patriotic stitching and don't have enough to stitch. SO, yes, would love to have this chart. I descend from Rev. soldiers, of 11 generations back, 9 have served (the other 2 were ministers), which includes both of my parents, myself and my son.
I am a follower, also my blog has your blog listed on it. Needleworker's Samplings.
Contact me at
I am a night owl but can answer the call to duty in the early am when necessary.
Thanks for the chance. Jackie

tll6601 said...

Hello Carole!
I love your patriotic cubby filled with all the wonderful red, white, & blue designs. I'd love to win the patriotic pattern chart. I'm a night owl & have been for many years, which makes life interesting, as Mike is an early bird! The only time I willingly spring out of bed at the crack of dawn is when we're on vacation, either at Mexico Beach, Florida (to view the sunrise & go shelling), or when we're in Colorado snow-skiing. Tucking into an early breakfast, getting first in line on the ski lift, & being the first two people to ski down a run in the morning is exhilarating!
Happy Independence Day, sweet friend!
Teresa Lass

Faith... said...

I love your Independence Day cubby! It looks spectacular and I love how you are honoring your Mother with the center space. I am sure she is smiling at it. Great finish on All American. The changes you made are perfect for this piece.

I am a night owl. It is not uncommon for me to still be laying there awake at 2 or 3 in the morning. It seems the older I get the less sleep I need as I still get up around 8 in the morning. I do sneak in a nap every once in a while though!

Good luck with being a covid free house once again!

Anonymous said...

Oh that Pottery Barn cubby is just so much fun, Carol! As always, you outdid yourself for celebrating the 4th of July and celebrating the summer. Your stitched pieces are so beautiful and so special - and your Mom gets to celebrate, too, as the perfect enter of Attention! It’s much too hard to pick a favorite - unless I can choose all of them!!
Thank, too, for the link to the article about Covid and blood types - quite interesting. Hope you husband is doing well, too.
Any special plans for the coming weekend for your family and a very special little boy? 🎂

Barb R.🌸💐🌺

Christine Rice said...

Hi Carol!

I just love the cubby filled with patriotic cuties!
I would love to win the patriotic pattern you have for one lucky winner.
I am a late riser because I go to bed so late! LOL

Christine Rice

marie said...

I love stitching letter, would love to have this chart. I think that I'm a night owl, I go to sleep around 10:30 but wake during the night and stay up for awhile til I can go back to sleep, so I tend to sleep until 8:30 am. I love the added stitches you did to the letters. It really adds to the design.


ljones said...

I so enjoy your blog! It is one of my favorites and I am sorry I haven't commented before. Your blog is one of the most inspirational of all of the ones I follow. It is always a treat to see what ornament you are working on and your patriotic stitches are amazing, well all of your stitching is beautiful. Lorea

Mylene said...

Hello Carol, I love your cubby and cannot pick any favorites. All stitched pieces are lovely and beautifully finished.
Hope your hubby is Covid free by now. Nearly a week ago i was positive so had to stay in for 5 i was glad the test came out negative. I wasn't really sick, only a slight headache the first two days and lost my smell and taste until now, unfortunately. Back to work though coming days as it's too busy here on the island.
Have a good week.

Lydia said...

Your stitching and finishing are impeccable (as always) ! I always look forward to your blog posts.

Jennifer said...

We spent our 4th like you, with one member of the house testing positive. That’s so interesting about the blood type…I am also an O and haven’t gotten it (yet!). Your cubby is just fantastic, I really want you to come decorate at my house ;) I really don’t think I could pick one favorite as I see a new favorite with each picture! I am by nature a night owl, but because of kids and work, I have to be an early bird these days. Whenever we have time off, I swing back to late night stitching or sewing and sleeping in later in the morning. It has been really nice to work from home because I can sleep a little later on those days!

Stoff und Nadel ... Jutta’s Blog said...

Dear Carol,
I love your patriotic shelf very much, too. Every pillow is so beautiful, my favourite is number 8.
I was very happy about the beautiful patriotic photos,
have a nice Sunday, Jutta