Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fall finishes and Rocky Mountain highs

Hello, my dear stitching friends! I've had to face the fact that summer is slowly sliding away--with cooler nights and crunchy, falling leaves each day, it's hard to deny. And yet, still, I hate to see it go... Many of you have already put up your fall (and even Halloween!) decorations, but I'm hanging on to sunflowers and bees in my kitchen corner cupboard a while longer. I did feel the itch to allow just a bit of fall into my life through my stitching, though, and I'd love to share it with you today.

A Stitching Dreams reader recently contacted me to ask about the little "Blessed Be" piece shown in my sidebar. It is an older freebie from Plum Pudding Needleart (if you just do a Google images search for Plum Pudding Needleart Blessed Be, you can find it easily) that I've actually stitched five times now! Yes, five times! I gave four of them away and am finally keeping the fifth one for myself.

Numbers four and five of "Blessed Be!"

This is stitched on 40 ct. Vintage Country Mocha Newcastle with the suggested DMC colors except for the pumpkin, the crow, and the border. I used DMC 3371 for the black crow and border and DMC 3826 and 976 for the pumpkin. Can you sharp-eyed stitchers see anything different in the design from the photos above to the finished pieces below? 

Doubly blessed--one for me and one for a friend

Well, I decided to finish off the lower right border even though it's not charted--just three little x's! Here is a close-up so you can see the finish better. I used some gold lace (it is not as yellow as the photo makes it appear), a polka-dot bow, and some of my handmade cording in DMC 3820 for the finish. The tiny pillow below was sent off to a friend as a little surprise. I hope she likes it!

Love the little flower in the crow's mouth!

Now, take a look at the date on the photo below... No, that's not an error! I really did stitch this cutie ten years ago. I stumbled upon this scarecrow recently in my portfolio of finished (but not fully finished) stitching and took pity on him. I mean ten years is a long time for the poor guy to be just hanging around waiting to be displayed. I doubt that any of you remember when I first posted this finish back on September 19, 2009 as most of my original readers from ten years ago have vanished. If you'd like to read about it, please click here. The piece is from an early Just Cross Stitch Magazine dated September/October 1988. The charted color of his jacket was blue, but I thought green fit in better for a fall finish The entire piece is stitched "over one" on 28 ct. Stormy Gray Jobelan. I just love those little birds with pieces of  "straw" hanging from their mouths. And I think you know my soft spot for all-black cats if you've been visiting me here for any length of time!

"Pumpkin Patch" from an older JCS issue

This one was stitched during my very first year of blogging when my goal was to stitch "an ornament a week" and it was my Week 38 finish. If you'd like to see the other smalls and ornaments that I stitched that year, check out this post. I'm happy to say I succeeded in stitching all 52, but sad to say that some of them still remain not "fully finished!" In a way, I'm glad I put off finishing this one because my finishing skills have come a long way since 2009. Since this is such a busy design, I kept the finishing quite simple--just a bit of straw colored cording and a green gingham bow were all that were necessary. It is very small--only 3" X 4" and I love it!

A new fall finish

Giveaway time... With the cooler weather, my thoughts have naturally turned to harvest season and Thanksgiving and I thought this beautiful chart from the July/August 1992 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazine would make a perfect giveaway. I have always meant to stitch this basket of sunflowers myself and have kept another copy for that "some day!" If any of you would like to stitch it, let me know in your comments and I will draw a winner. Please, please make sure to include your email if I don't already have it and to make it more fun--I'd love to hear your favorite fall food. For me, it's  Cranberry Pumpkin Bread (click here for recipe) which I make each Thanksgiving--absolutely love it! I will keep the drawing open until September 25th... Good luck to all!

If you are interested in winning this chart, please let me know in your comments. Make sure to leave your email and share with me your favorite fall food, too! Good luck to all!

I'm working on a fun, larger piece (very appropriate for my profession as a librarian--hint, hint!) that I hope to have finished to share with you  in my next post...

On to some vacation photos, but, surprise! We aren't going on more of the Danube River cruise just yet... We spent the final week of August on holiday in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and I'd love to take you along with me. A family wedding took us there and it was my very first trip to the state. Needless to say, it won't be my last as I simply fell in love with my surroundings. Honestly, this was the very first time--ever--that I didn't want to return home from vacation. I simply loved it that much. My family (husband, three sons, daughter-in-law, and middle son's girlfriend) rented a large home in Estes Park, Colorado which advertised itself as having the "best views in Estes Park." It didn't lie--the view from each and every window was spectacular. 

Sunrises like this one greeted us each morning

The sunrise as seen from our bedroom window

View from our rental home of Lake Estes

The famous Stanley Hotel where the movie "The Shining" was filmed. I never saw it as scary movies and I don't get along! This photo was also taken from our bedroom window.

The first day, in order to adjust to the high altitude, we took a simple hike around Lily Lake.

Even the flowers seemed brighter in Colorado!

The peaceful waters of Lake Estes

Our hike to Emerald Lake was definitely one of the most enjoyable I've ever done

The skies really were the most brilliant shade of blue!

Sadly, other hikers had carved up this beautiful grove of Aspen trees.

Everywhere you looked, it was just one beautiful sight after another. You honestly couldn't take a bad photograph!

Emerald Lake

The water was so clear and clean we could see many fish.

Driving up Trail Ridge Road was spectacular. It is the highest paved road in any of the U.S. National Parks.  As the air thinned, it became harder and harder to breathe easily.

Our ultimate stopping point--12,005 feet above sea level! Walking up to this point left us wheezing and stopping often to catch our breath, but we made it... The land was so different up there above the tree line. This alpine tundra was scattered with rocks and oh-so-windy and cold!

The Lava Cliffs Overlook with its tiny blue glacial lake

Toward the end of the week we hiked to the ruins of an old stone cabin in Estes Park that had burned down over 100 years ago. It was fascinating to look out the "windows" of the structure to those beautiful vistas beyond.

All week we were on the lookout for moose. On the final day, our patience was rewarded as a female moose and her baby ran right across the road in front of our car and scrambled up the rocky embankment.

Pure bliss--stitching in my happy place!

Sunset over the Rocky Mountains

My favorite photo of all--my family at my nephew's "mountain casual" wedding in Estes Park.

And I love this one, too--my siblings and me, left to right are youngest to oldest (yep, I'm the oldest child!)

We returned home ten days ago and I have to admit to being a bit "down" ever since... All of a sudden we were back in our way-too-quiet house and missing our family so very much. But, that wasn't all of it... I truly fell in love with that part of the United States. The sense of peace I get in the mountains can't be matched anywhere else. I've taken to singing "Rocky Mountain High" and daydreaming about moving there. Will it ever happen? Who knows, but I think my husband and I are both ready for a change when he retires. Tell me--is there a place that you would love to move to, a place where you feel so relaxed and worry-free? I'd love to hear about your "happy place!"

I will return to my regular Danube River cruise travelogue in my next post, but I hope you enjoyed my photos of this very special part of our beautiful United States. I think sometimes we forget what a lovely country we have right in our own backyard, don't you? Such varied geography and different scenery in each and every state.  I'd like to welcome my new readers and commenters--so glad to have you here in what seems to be turning out to be a stitching/travel blog! Thank you, as always, for taking the time to leave a comment and say "hi"--I appreciate each and every one of you so very much. Bye for now...


Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, your Blessed Be finishes are precious. I love the scarecrow finish you created as well. Thank you for sharing the pictures from your trip to the mountains! What gorgeous country and views!

I am going to say where we currently are. Beautiful views, 4 seasons, wildlife, and rural laid-back charm, but close (within a couple of hours) to "city" life if you want it.

Sandra said...

Gorgeous seasonal stitching and I love your new header.
Lovely shots from your Rocky Mountain stay. I can imagine you would have liked to have prolonged your stay there. Lovely and happy family shots.
My happy place is in the country, but it is not feasible for me to move there and I would feel very cut off living alone and without a car. So I create my "happy place" within myself, nurture a positive and contented outlook and fill my days with the things I love doing: photography, crochet, reading, walks in the country.

Mary said...

I smiled when I read you have several projects that need to be finally finished. Sometimes I feel guilty knowing there is sewing to do, but I enjoy stitching so much that I want to keep going. Your finishes are always beautiful.

Kate said...

Carol, I love your Pumpkin Patch!

Georgia said...

Hi Carol, I would love to enter the contest for the "Bouquet of Sunshine Pattern." And, I hope you sometime add your Cranberry Banana Bread Recipe to your blog. I plan on trying those Chocolate Cup Cakes again at Halloween. As for my favoite fall foods, they are mostly traditional...Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Oatmeal Raisin/cranterry cookies. Now, I am ready to bake! Thank you so much. My email is gmwireman5@gamil.com

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Colorado has had my heart for years as well. Health challenges now preclude living there however I am grateful for the memories. The big concrete city wears on me for sure. As always love your finishes. Now I need to go check out mine and finish at least one.

Karen Glaser said...


Always a treat when I see a new post from you! All you fall stitching and travel photos you shared are wonderful.

I would love to be entered for Bouquet of Sunshine and add to my Kansas stitching! Right now it is zucchini recipes that I am baking with. Looking forward to soup season staring, but our temps are still in the 80's.


Vickie said...

Your Blessed Be finishes are just darling Carol! I really like the Pumpkin Patch from way back! It is so sweet! Every time I come across that sunflower pattern I think of YOU! It just seems like a "Carol" pattern to me! :) I am just so surprised to hear you say you would like to move. And to Colorado! Wow! I am fine staying put. I want to be by family. And my health restricts me. It has for years now. :(

Tina said...

Cute fall finishes, love pumpkin patch, so cute! Your holiday looks amazing, looking forward to seeing more. My favourite fall food would be soups, butternut squash is my favourite also good old fashioned stews, nice and warming when you get in from work,. Thank you for a chance to win such a gorgeous sampler, sunflowers are my favourite flowers

Terri said...

I LOVE ESTES PARK! I had friends that used to live there. She passed away a couple years ago and her husband may still live there. I traveled out to EP in 04 or 05. I had never been further west than St. Louis. I didn't make it to the top of Trail Ridge Road, I only made it to Rainbow Curve (about 10,500 feet) (Fear of heights) But I want to go back and make it to the very top of TRR. There is not a bad view anywhere in town! Even walking out of the drugstore! I don't know if I could live there or not. Too much snow :-) IF you ever get to go back, go over July 4 - the fireworks there in the mountains are awesome!

As usual, beautiful stitching and finishing!

Jean said...

Having grown up in Colorado, I'd encourage you to find a place! :-) I now live in the Pacific Northwest, but I miss that part of the world a lot. You've captured the landscape beautifully.

Cathy H. said...

Oh my! Your photos of Colorado are breathtaking! If the high altitude didn't make breathing difficult, the views would! Love your stitched pieces. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one with completed or almost completed stitched pieces hidden away in a drawer!

vannerson said...

Hi Carol! I would absolutely love to stitch those big sunflowers! My all time, new, favorite fall recipe is Gruyere, bacon and green onion stuffed pumpkin. I make it as my stuffing for Thanksgiving now and everyone loves it. Its so tasty and gooey with lots of pumpkin when you scrape the sides as you serve it. Happy Fall!

Mel J. said...

Carol: Lovely finishes. Absolutely love the scarecrow entirely for the black cat alone and the straw - so adorable. I am looking forward to seeing the larger piece you've been working on :). I'm currently working on 3 large pieces (normally I'm a 1 piece at a time stitcher so this is a LOT for me). My favorite fall food is pumpkin gnocchi with crispy sage (I'm making a batch this weekend and can't wait). I would love to stitch those beautiful sunflowers, my favorite flower of all time - they are so majestic. Would you be willing to share your cranberry pumpkin bread recipe - it sounds amazing :) Thanks for the lovely post on your travels - you take quite stunning photos. Colorado is so lovely - my brother lived out that way and it was always a pleasure to visit him.

Melanie Bishop said...

My daughter just recently moved to Colorado and we helped her take some of her belongings. I had never been before and I certainly understand your feelings. Unfortunately we couldn't stay and had to turn around and come back to Missouri, but the feeling I had looking at those beautiful mountains was amazing. I thought I was a beach girl because the beach gives me that peaceful feeling, but I was quite surprised that the mountains can do the same.

I'm looking forward to visiting her soon.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creativity.


Katie said...

I love the Blessed Be piece. Well pieces. Adorable. I love the change you added with the finished corner. I think it honestly looks better with your change. Perfect finish for them of course. I just LOVE the pumpkin patch. I agree simple was best. Adorable!! Lovely photos of Colorado. We have drove through Colorado and it's beautiful indeed. I really do hope you get to live there sometime. I just like to visit places. I used to think I could live in OBX but I've grown closer to my dad and would never want to be that far from him. Honestly I want to move closer to our cabin. It's in my small town I was born in a I love the small town feel. I won't miss this big city at all. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos. Enjoy your day!

Diane Gill said...

I would love to win the magazine! I can see why you fell in love with Colorado. The scenery is spectacular. My favorite autumn recipe is Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Pumpkin and chocolate are my favorite.

Linda said...

Congrats on the beautiful finishes Carol. Your vacation pics are awesome. It sure looks like a great place to live. I want to live in Disneyland.


chitra said...

Hi carol
your blog posts are always fun and informative making a interesting read.beautiful stitching.

Olivia said...

Wonderful pics. We’ve been hoping to get back to Colorado. I would enjoy stitching the sweet basket of sunflowers. Thanks for the opportunity.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

What lovely stitches, Carol. Your finishing is just superb. Those pictures from Colorado are beautiful. That is one state I have never visited and it is on my bucket list. We are off to the Beach next week and it is my happy place. There is something about the waves and the breeze that lifts my spirit.

Donna G. said...

My favorite fall food??? Chili. Great photos of Estes Park area. I was out there about 25 years ago. Would love to go back some day. Where is my dream place to live? Maine. I love the Bar Harbor area. We visited the quaint town of Castine three years ago. That was nice too. Cute sunflower pattern but I’ll pass on the giveaway.

April said...

Hi Carol,
I love both of your finishes, but the little scarecrow is my favorite. He is too cute! I can see why you fell in love with Colorado-The scenery is breath taking! The water is our happy place-waterskiing, tubing and fishing (well, I stitch instead of fish;) ) Love the sunflower chart, it's one I've done, and forgot to put out this summer. As always, thank you for sharing your talents! :)

Sandy said...

Oh how I love seeing post pop up in my sidebar. Isn't it funny how three little x's can make such a difference. I think those x's just finished that one. I need to stitch my friends gifts. I love that little scarecrow and black cat too. Practice has made me so much better, but I still have a long way to go. Maybe I should just stitch and wait:)
I also think some of the best patterns were in those late 80's and early 90's magazines. I adore those sunflowers, but I have more to stitch than I can shake a stick at.
Your pictures of Colorado are pretty and so sweet to have all your siblings in one picture. I am sure that isn't always easy these days. I am living in my special place. I am a southern beach girl. I think the key for me not to get outdone is that we are blessed with the Auburn house. It is just far enough away to get a different setting than beach. I love fall there. Retirement will be just around the corner and since your boys are scattered...finding a place somewhere in the middle of all of them with a place they would love to come is key.

MartinaM said...

Blessed Bee is just a pretty subject for such a cute little thing, and it's a perfect finsih again.
How nice that you ended the motive with the scarecrow, it has become beautiful.
I can understand that you want to go there again, it's a beautiful area, great pictures. What a beautiful landscape.
Beautiful pictures also of you and your family.
Oh yes I have such a place - the Lüneburg Heath. We've been there twice to vacation, a beautiful area, and when the heather blooms, you can make wonderful walks.
Have a good time, Martina

Gabi said...

Hi, glad to read from you again. Breathtaking pictures from your trip to CO. May be one day I will go there.
Also beautiful pictures of your family, they all look so hapy.
Stitching is as always great.

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
wunderschön ist die STickerei geworden. Es freut mich, dass du die fünfte für dich behalten hast.
Das Giveaway ist wunderschön. Ich liebe Sonnenblumen. Gern springe ich in den Lostopf. Please count me in.
Die Fotos von eurem Urlaub in den Rocky Mountains sind wundervoll. Es strahlt soviel Ruhe und Geborgenheit aus. Ich kann dich gut verstehen, warum du dort gern leben möchtest.
Hab eine schöne Zeit und bis zum nächsten Mal
Hugs, Manuela

Marilyn said...

Blessed Bee is too cute, as is that Scarecrow.
Love the smile on his face. :)
I too have saved that Sampler from the magazine, it's so beautiful.
Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful pics of Colorado, what a beautiful place.
Thank you for sharing ALL of your trips pictures, it's nice to see different places & how they live.
Thanks also for the recipe link!

butterfly said...

Oh Carol , I so love the family pictures .
You all look so happy .
So happy you had a lovely trip .
Your stitching looks fab love your finish too.

I have finished with moving house , we have moved many times and it's not always that easy I hate moving , we love it where we are now and we can be on the beach in a few minutes we can be in the country in a few minutes, lots of lovely walks around but also we are close to
many friends and best of all my family are not far away.
But we still like to go away , but it's always good to come home.
Enjoy your week .

Georgia said...

Hello, again Carol...I re-read your blog again this morning. I really need to slow down, I saw the cranberry pumpkin bread recipe, it looks wonderful and I think I will give it a try this year. I use Libby's Pumpkin Pie recipe. OK, now to your Colorado pics. They are absolutely beautiful, and I understand exactly about how your feel. My husband attended Colorado State University early in our marriage and we lived in Ft Collins, Colo, for a time (I loved it there). Live changes, and we had to move back to Ohio, sigh. Ohio is beautiful in its own way. But, once you have visited the mountains and the desert it touches a peace of your heart forever. We visit friends and family as often as we can. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely pictures:) Sincerely, Georgia Wireman

Stoff und Nadel ... Jutta’s Blog said...

Dear Carol,
Your little autumn pillow is really beautiful, wow, and 5 times you embroidered and finished it, great!
Pumpkin Patch is magical too, you just embroider over a thread!
Thanks for the holiday and family photos, a great trip and a great family!!!!!!!
I love sunflowers, please, count me in.
Hugs and kisses, Jutta

Anonymous said...

Love the travel pictures. I’m headed to Colorado for a weeks visit and so look forward to it. I would love the sunflower pattern. My favorite fall food is not pumpkin but is the sweet potato. Love it all ways..... pies, bread, baked. My email is dn_kby@yahoo.com. I am going to search for Blessed Be right now. Happy stitching, Diane

Tdsvintagelife said...

My favorite fall treat is a spiced brown sugar shortbread I make every Thanksgiving. I cut them out with small little fall cookie cutters and they are a great addition to my dessert table. I would love to have a chance to stitch the sunflower sampler thank you for the opportunity. Tdmac11@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol . . I just found your sight and I love it. We live in Arvada and agree it is a beautiful place to live.

I love your cross stitch and would cherish the chance Marito win the pattern.

I also looked up the Blessed one, but can't seem to find the pattern.

I love Fall and anything PUMPKIN :)

Joyce said...

Hi Carol love seeing when you have a post up and this one is just wonderful. Your Colorado pictures are outstanding and I can see why you loved it there and want to go back. You are right there is a lot of beautiful places to visit in this country and when you go you take us along with you, thanks for including us on your travels, as I am one who does not get to get away.

Your finish on the pumpkin patch is spot on, and your Blessed Bee finishes fantastic. So funny seeing the Basket of Sunflowers as that is in my Wip pile now, started during Stitch Maynia this year, the colors are beautiful.

Christel said...

Ce joli modèle brodé est parfait pour l'automne. La citrouille colle bien à la saison et le tournesol rappelle que l'été n'est pas loin. Le corbeau est adorable, j'ai toujours aimé ces oiseaux. Le velouté de citrouille est un potage que nous mangeons volontiers en automne. Tout comme les châtaignes grillées.. Merci pour ta générosité, la grille a gagner est superbe.
Ah les montagnes... C'est tellement beau, et ce en toutes saisons. Pas de caribous en France ! C'est très gentil de partager ces photos, cela permet de voyager...
Amitiés de France,

Meari said...

Your scarecrow finish is so cute. I like those little pieces of straw, too!

Coincidentally, a coworker of mine who works in our Omaha office was at Estes Park, CO a few weeks ago. Small world! Love the family photos. You all look great. The scenic photos are beautiful!

My aunt LOVES sunflowers. Your chart would be a good one to stitch up for her as a gift. So, please include me in the draw.

Meari said...

P.S. I've stitched up that Blessed Be freebie several times also. It's a great design!

marly said...

The three stitch addition was a great idea, makes it look complete.

My sister fell in love with Wyoming and Montana, Colorado is beautiful too. If I moved, it would have to be somewhere without SNOW!!!

Lovely family photos and to stay together in that gorgeous home and location, great memories.

Donna said...

I love your stitching! The Blessed Be is so cute and I love the scarecrow: your finishing is beautiful. The Colorado pictures are lovely.

Olivia said...

Oops! I failed to leave my email jolivia867@gmail.com. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love your blog! I am from Canada and would love to stitch the fall chart, it is so pretty. Love all of your stitching. Have a great day!

Sandra Lavier said...

I love your blog! I am from Canada and would love to stitch the fall chart, it is so pretty. Love all of your stitching. Have a great day! Not sure why it came up as unknown I am not unknown LOL slavier@rogers.com

Meg said...

Such sweet finishes, Carol. I had to get that freebie and add it to my notebook. You know, I looked and looked and could not spot the differences between the photos until you pointed it out. I like your modification. Amazing how three little stitches can make such a difference. That is... when you point it out to me! haha...

Your Colorado trip sounds like so much fun. I've been to Estes Park with my brother but it was nearly 20 years ago. He lives outside of Fort Collins way up in the mountains. If you are not used to the elevation, it can be hard to breathe, especially when you are doing a cardio activity. When I ran cross country in high school, the hardest meet we had was in Wood River (near Sun Valley). It was only about 1,000 feet higher in elevation than my town, which is a mile high like Denver, but I could feel my lungs burning more than usual. And if you're not used to high elevation at all.... ehhhhh.... yeah. That can be hard.

My in-laws have a cattle ranch in central Idaho and the midwest buyers LOVE to buy their calves because they were raised at such a high elevation. When they bring them to the lower elevations, they just thrive. So much oxygen!

Look up "Sawtooth Mountains Stanley Idaho" if you want some eye candy and a possible vacation getaway. ;-) Not far from my neck of the woods.

Have a lovely day!

nonnadonna2 said...

Yes, I would LOVE to stitch the Sunflower Bouquet piece. I'm back into cross stitch after many years of doing other things and this time around I'm enjoying it more than ever! Having grown up in Southern California, I have always felt there's something "in the air" out West, that is different from the East coast where I currently reside. I have never been to Colorado but would love to visit - so much natural beauty!!! I enjoy seeing all of your lovely cross stitch pieces, and I'm inspired. nonnadonna2@gmail.com

LoriU said...

Oh boy Carol, I really feel the need to visit Colorado now! Beautiful!

For someone who commented above, here is a link to the freebie:

Olivia said...

And my favorite fall food is carmel apples with nuts. Yum!

Jackie's Stitches said...

My son's girlfriend took him to Colorado as a birthday gift last year. I truly think he will move there one day. He fell in love with it! SO happy you got to see a moose! How thrilling!

Robin Wylde said...

What lovely finishes you have here, Carol! I'm in love with that cute little scarecrow, and there's so much going on with the black kitty, the birds and pumpkins... You can really smell fall in the air. I love how you finish your pieces too, they look so very cozy and neat, truly a very good job.

I loved seeing the pictures from Colorado! How wonderful that you got to spend time with your family in such a beautiful setting :) and you even got to see a moose, and hike those mountains! I can understand why you wouldn't want to come back, and that feeling of wanting to return to a place is definitely bittersweet. Who knows if this will open up a door to new adventures?

To answer your question of what my "happy place" is, where I'd love to move to, I would have to say northern California, because it's just so beautiful and diverse. I have very fond memories of it :) Hope you're having a good week!

Barb said...

Your finishes, as usual, are so very pretty. Colorado was actually one of the places we considered when planning our retirement. The NW won out for 3 main reasons. We love being near the water. That is really our happy place. Second,we wanted a mild climate where we could enjoy being outside all year, and lastly, we had family out here. Jim has two brothers and my DD Laurie is about a half hour away. We have been very happy here and know it was right for us. Even winter gloom does not bother us. For that we are lucky.

Shelly said...

I'm sure it was a good feeling to FFO that oldie but goodie! You made it modern by adding the bow and cording. I am drawn to New Mexico but love the Jackson, Wyoming area. When I was around 21 or 22 I went to work at the Grand Teton NP in Wyoming. Dealing with homesickness (furthest I had ever been from home), I managed to hang on for a month and a half before I gave it up and flew home! It resembles the Estes Park area. Conifers, wildlife and just so peaceful. My walk from the dorm to the employee dining building was about half a mile through quiet and in some ways gave me the heeby jeebies too! Btw, I had no idea there were moose so far south! I thought they were only up in the northern states close to the Canada border! How neat is that?! Always enjoy your blog/travelogue:)

Ele said...

Beautiful photos Carol! Thank you for sharing

Jennifer said...

Hi Carol! As usual, your stitching and finishes are great - neat to see the older piece...I have lots “in waiting” to be finished too, but have started buying some frames, bell pulls, and other items to help with that goal...once I am home for longer than a couple days. Colorado is a happy place for me too- can’t beat the mountains and those blue skies, and I really love to ski there, although it has been over 10 years since I’ve gone west to ski. It is just as amazing in the winter - you should definitely plan a trip back to enjoy the snow there. My dream is to live on water someday - a lake or river would win over a beach for me. We still have a long while to go before we start to think about that, but there is one neighborhood near ours that is around a lake and I do keep my eye out for houses that go up for sale there!

Alhana said...

Hi Carol!
Thank you so much for sharing how to get the Blessed Be pattern, as I was looking for a small autumn pattern like this and I recently purchased linen for first time (no more Aida stitching for me in a while). I will be giving it to a friend as well. :-)
As for my favourite food, pomegranates and dates are my favourite autumn fruits. They are grown in my hometown and we will be harvesting them soon. Roasted pumpkin topped with honey is delicious as well. My mouth is just watering thinking of that! ;-)
The Rocky Mountain tour you gave us was so nice, no wonder you dream of moving soon.
Have a nice week!

Stasi said...

Carol, your finishes are as sweet as ever and your photos of your trip to CO beautiful!!! I've driven through Estes Park and the views are spectacular. Glad you had such a great time! We noticed how bright and plush the flowers are on our recent trip out west and I read it was because the sunlight is so much more intense at the higher elevations.
I am always torn between the beach and the mountains...both bring me peace, so I guess I'm happy where we are..just a couple hours from either!

Faith... said...

Five times is a lot of times to stitch it but what a cute chart to stitch for a gift! Glad you FINALLY kept one for yourself. ;) What a cute Pumpkin Patch and it looks adorable all finished up. Promise not to tell anyone but I also have many many pieces stitched up for at least ten years and not finished off.

You and your one sister look just alike! Colorado looks like a beautiful place and I hope that if you and your DH want to move there you really get your chance. My dream place to move was to AZ so when I had to "retire" due to disabilities she looked for a job here upon her graduation and lucky for us it all worked out. We love the heat and think it is so peaceful being away from Chicago.

Off to look for the freebie piece...

Leonore Winterer said...

Summer is waning here as well, but I don't mind as still as we still get a few sunny days. In fact, I am quite glad to no longer suffer under the heat waves! I don't do a lot of seasonal stitching, but I did start a Halloween design, as I so almost every year.
Your little fall finishes are very cute - wow, ten years already! How nice that you released the little scare crow from UFO-prison.
I'd love to be entered in the give away for those lovely sun flowers! My favourite fall food...probably plum cake? The German kind, with crumbles, not the one with dried fruits. Something like this: https://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/2232101357569788/Zwetschgenkuchen-mit-Streusel.html
Wow, Colorado is beautiful! The Rocky Mountains are on my bucket list as well. Maybe some day...

Jennifer Davis said...

Such beautiful work and such beautiful pictures.. I"m lucky enough to live only 30 minutes from Estes Park. I'd love to win your giveaway! jentwyn@gmail.com. I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit.

Jennifer Davis said...

oh darn..i forgot to leave my favorite fall food..it is Homemade chicken pot pie. I'd love to win the giveaway. jentwyn@gmail.com

Karen said...

Lovely finishes, Carol. Pumpkin Patch is so cute. How great that is is an FFO. I hate to think how old some of the pieces are that are languishing in my finishing pile.

diamondc said...

Carol: I totally love the finish on your pillows, I too would have added a few stitch's, it makes the design looked more finished and together.
Lovely vacation photos, thank-you for sharing with us.


Maggie said...

Oh those ornaments are just lovely Carol, but I especially love the scarecrow :-) Lovely photos, especially the one with your family. My happy place is by the sea, I always said when I retired I wanted to live by the sea. Now we have grandchildren though that won't happen because I could never live very far from them.

Irene said...

Che belli Carol, stai già ricamando l'autunno. Meraviglioso il tuo viaggio e le foto

DebrafromMD said...

My favorite Fall dishes are soups. I love when it is cool enough to bring out the soup pot. I would love to stitch the sunflowers.
dlmcc@ cablespeed.com

Margaret said...

Oh yes, the Colorado Rockies and Estes Park are glorious! I went there a few times through the years. When I was a kid, we went up Pikes Peak -- talk about getting altitude sickness! Yikes! Yes, it's a special place for sure. I still remember the woods around the place we stayed in Estes Park, and seeing my first deer poop (I was pretty young at the time, so it was thrilling. lol!). For me, I think you know where my special place is -- Maine! lol! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Love your finishes too!

Halland House Gifts said...


Your fall finishes are just wonderful. Vonna would be so proud of your corners. I'm thrilled you got some refreshing and quality family time in the beautiful Colorado mountains. My brother and his wife married in Breckenridge, CO. I remember going up to Estes Park on that trip. Wow, not a lot of oxygen, but so beautiful in that area. I too love the mountains and look very forward to an upcoming trip to Sassy Jacks Stitchery just north of Asheville, NC. Judy

Claire said...

Such cute fall finishes, Carol! I did spot those 3 stitches and it really finishes the frame off nicely. Great idea! Time with family is precious and the setting was wonderful! I bet it has fabulous views in the winter, too! Happy Fall to you!

Glenda said...

I, too, would like to enter the contest for the "Bouquet of Sunshine" pattern. Fall is my favorite season and I'm partial to caramel and apples!

Edi said...

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