Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Summer Surprises!

And here we are nearing the end of June--almost half of the year is over! Can you believe it? Summer has arrived very tentatively as we've had more than our share of rainy, cool days here in western Pennsylvania. This past weekend was perfect, though--sunshine and blue skies with no rain or high humidity! A real treat--in fact, the local weatherman reported that we had not had a precipitation-free weekend like that since February! I can believe it... I do hope the warmer weather is here to stay because it feels just a bit strange to still be wearing my winter bathrobe on the chilly June mornings that we've had this year, that's for sure!

So--here's some good news! My wrist and thumb pain that I mentioned in my last post is 95% better. I so appreciate all of your well-wishes--they helped! Since I had some of you emailing and asking about the exercises I did to help overcome the pain, I thought I'd give you a link to them for any others who may be suffering. I did not go to a doctor, but am quite sure I had developed a condition called De Quervain's tenosynovitis which is common in people (especially women) who do repetitive activities such as playing the piano, typing, and, of course, our beloved stitching! Mine got so bad that I could barely grip a plate or pick up a jar. But, between wearing a brace like this one every night and doing the 12 exercises that are outlined in this article, I seem to have bounced back nicely. I am only putting this out there to offer an idea of what helped me... Always consult your doctor for anything serious!

A summer finish... My stitching time was limited in June due to my wrist issues, but I did manage to finish an older (2012) Chessie & Me design called "Scarlet's Summer Sampler." I am making a concerted effort to go through my older charts and stitch them instead of being lured by the exciting new designs out there. I'm so pleased with this one--I mean who doesn't love a sweet red house, a beehive, and four gentle sheep grazing in a flower-strewn meadow on a lazy, summer day?

Scarlet's Summer Sampler finish

Here are a couple of close-ups for you. I had to convert every single color as it was charted for silks...  I simply chose some similar overdyed colors--much less expensive and I think it turned out great!

Just look at those tiny buzzing bees!

Unfortunately, I have no idea what fabric was used for this--it is a piece of 40 ct. "mystery" linen that I've had in my stash for a long time. It was a great color to use because the sheep show up so well. The date in the upper left was charted for 1822, but that date meant nothing to me so I changed it to 1895--the birth year of both of my grandmothers. If you've ever stitched a Chessie & Me design, you know to expect specialty stitches. The roof is done in satin stitch as is the bee hive. The sheep are all smyrna stitches and the four-sided stitch in black borders the entire sampler.  

Lots of specialty stitches in this one!

Two new Christmas ornaments... What's a stitcher to do when she is blessed with not one, but two new great-nephews in the past six months? Why, stitch them each a Christmas ornament, of course! This is the fourth time I've stitched this sweet gingerbread boy ornament and I'm pleased to say that the parents were so excited. The design can be found in the JBW Designs "Baby's First Christmas" chart and is stitched on 32 ct. black Belfast linen with DMC threads. Rather than stitching the words "Baby's First Christmas" as were charted, I stitched each baby boy's name.

Two new Christmas ornaments for two new great-nephews

I included a tiny white pompom and red beads on his hat

I'm so happy to have met both of my great-nephews while they are still young. They both live far away so who knows how often I'll get to see them. Here is a photo of my dear 92-year-old mom cradling her 2 month old great-grandson... so sweet! It's amazing how much time we all spent simply gazing at this little cutie when we all got together in New York earlier this month... No television, computers, or phones are required for entertainment when a new baby is around!

The oldest and the youngest in my family

I was so touched to receive a gift from dear Mary at Stitching Friends Forever last week. She wanted to let me know she was thinking of me and hoping my wrist would start feeling better very soon. In her note, she explained that she had come across this cut of linen printed with a rabbit and thought of me so she sent it my way along with a beautifully handmade card. Mary, that was so kind of you--you know how much I love rabbits and I'll have to find the perfect way to use your pretty fabric. She thought he would make a nice project bag and she's right (if I can get up my nerve to try making one!). Thank you again, my friend...

A thoughtful get-well gift from Mary at Stitching Friends Forever

And over on Instagram, I won an amazing getaway from Tracy (handstowork). Tracy was having a birthday and offered these beautiful skeins of Weeks Dye Works to the first person in the U.S. who guessed how old she was going to be. I mean--just look--66 gorgeous shades of stitchy goodness! Thank you so much, Tracy, for your very generous gift--you know these will be put to good use! If you aren't on Instagram, please consider checking it out--such wonderful inspiration and so many supportive, kind stitchers are there. You can follow me on Instagram right here

My fabulous rainbow of threads giveaway win from Tracy on Instagram!

Chart Giveaway... Recently, I was leafing through old cross stitch magazines when I spotted this charming patriotic chart called "A Pride of Patriots." Isn't it cute with the colonial-garbed citizens celebrating freedom in a 4th of July parade?  Would any of you like it? If more than one person wants this, I will have a random drawing. This is just a few pages removed from the (Cross Stitch & Country Crafts July / August 1990) magazine--not the whole magazine. I will be folding them and mailing in a legal sized envelope to save on mailing costs. I'll keep the drawing open until the 7th of July and announce the winner the following week. Important: PLEASE make sure to include your email address if you are entering (and I don't already have it) and make sure to specifically leave a comment that you want to be entered. Good luck to all!

If you would like to win this patriotic chart, just leave a comment stating so along with your email address!

A great movie... My husband was on a bike ride for much of last weekend, so I took that time to watch a romantic comedy on Netflix (something he is not into!) and was very pleasantly surprised by it. "About Time" is an older film from 2013 starring Rachel McAdams (whom I love) as the wife of a man who can travel back in time. I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it, but it is one I am going to persuade my husband to watch with me as I actually think he'll like it, too. 

It really makes you think about how you live each day... Are you a glass half-full or half-empty person? If you had the chance to re-live a day, would you? Are there things you would have done differently over the course of any given day? I am a bit of a "glass half-empty" person, I'm afraid, as I am a terrible worrier. My husband always says that if I didn't have anything to worry about, I would invent something!  And he's right... But, something my youngest son said to me way back when he was about 15 really made me think. He said, "Mom, you're so negative!" I was shocked as I had never thought of myself that way, but from that point on, I've really made an effort to be more positive-minded and hope for the best. It definitely helps to "think positively"--I've seen it in action. So, if you have a spare couple of hours, sit down with a friend or loved one and watch "About Time." I think you'll be glad you did! 

We're going to be doing a bit of landscaping this fall as everything is now over 20 years and is looking rather wild and overgrown. Outside our kitchen window are three hydrangea bushes which have barely bloomed except for the first year or two... Lots of beautiful foliage like the one below, but few (if any!) flowers. 

Lots of healthy, green foliage, but no flowers on this hydrangea bush

So, our landscaper suggested digging them up and trying something new. We were all ready to sign off on the final plans (that included digging up the hydrangeas) when I said to my husband, "I just can't do it--I keep  hoping they'll bloom again." Well, just look at this--two of the bushes are still almost barren of buds, but the third one (the one that was the worst performing of the three all these years!) is just loaded with flowers! I'm in heaven as hydrangeas are probably my very favorites!

But, just look at this blooming beauty not even six feet away!

Big, beautiful flowers... I might add. What do you think? Did the positive thinking on my part help in any way? I like to think so!

This is one giant single flower!

It always delights me to see two totally different colored flowers on the same hydrangea bush!

With so much rain, all of my flowers are looking wonderful this year! How is your garden doing?

I'm sure all the rain and the diligent use of deer-away spray have helped our garden this year. Clockwise from the top are pink mandevilla, white astilbe, yellow tuberous begonias, and purple and white alyssum.

So, that's about it for June! I really hope to be back with some finished ornaments in July now that my wrist is better. I hope your summer is off to a great start and will be filled with lots of relaxation, reading, and stitching time. We have some big travel plans coming up which I'm excited about (a bit nervous, too!) and I hope you'll get to take some trips of your own this summer--even if it's just a day trip here and there. It's always nice to explore beyond your own backyard, isn't it?  Thank you, as always for visiting me today and for taking the time to say "hello" and leave a comment. Please make sure to include your email if you're entering the drawing for the patriotic chart, too! Bye for now...


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Your 'Scarlet' sampler is just beautiful. I hear so many stitchers praise silks, but I don't spend money on them. I think finished pieces are beautiful regardless of what type of floss is used, and your Summer Sampler is just one example of that. I think about who will want my quilts and stitched pieces when my daughters have to get rid of my stuff after I pass away. They wouldn't understand the use of an overdyed floss and would wonder why Mom used a floss that didn't have a consistent color! Glad your wrist is doing much better. Again, thank you for the inspiration I find on your blog and Instagram.

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
I'm so glad your wrist is better.
Your Sampler finish is wonderful. I like it very much
The little Christmas ornaments for your new great-nephews are very cute and a wonderful photo from your mother with her great-grandchild.
A wonderful price you have won and a nice gift from Mary.

Enjoy the Summer and a big Hugs, Manuela

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Love all your pretty stitches and wow, what a great giveaway win on the Flosses. Mary is always so thoughtful. I love to read Stitching Friends Forever and we correspond via email as well. I love Hydrangeas, They are my favorite summer flower. So glad yours decided to bloom...maybe the threat to move them got them going.lol Like you, I want to be more positive as I lean to the gloomy Scotch side of my genes. It is something I have to work on for sure. I am going to go and look at those exercises Carol. Since I broke my wrist I sometimes suffer with pain. Those might help me out. Can you believe Christmas is six months from today?

Sam I Am...... said...

I'm so sorry you have had wrist problems....I can't imagine as we all use our hands in everything we do. I'm so glad it is on the mend for you. It has rained here quite a bit also and yes the plants are loving it.
Thank you for the movie recommendation as I am always looking for a good movie. I would certainly love that chart. My email is slicher@centurytel.net Congrats to you on winning all that beautiful floss. I love bunnies too as they hold special meaning for me. That is a beautiful panel of one.
What a precious picture of your oldest and youngest family members. The gingerbread 'people' are so cute for a first Christmas ornament with their names on them. Scarlet's Summer Sampler is so pretty and you do such beautiful stitching! Always inspiring to see your work. You inspired me months ago to get back into cross stitching after years and years. I have been going to town! I find myself enjoying it more than ever. Thank you again!

Katie said...

So glad to hear your wrist is doing so much better. Beautiful new finish. Love the specialty stitches throughout the piece. Lovely new ornaments. They turned out adorable. The photo with your mo and great grandson is precious indeed. Fantastic gift I'm sure you'll find the perfect use for the cute rabbit fabric. I agree with you about Instagram it's fun and a fantastic place to meet a lot of new people. I still love blogging the most though. What a beautiful spread of threads. Gorgeous colors! I'm overly positive. I think it even annoys people haha. I always say the world is such a sad place I'm going to do everything I can to make my little corner brighter. When I walk through the stores I just smile at people and say Hi. You never know who might need it. Our weather guy said we've had measurable rain 15 weekends in a row. Luckily I don't mind a rainy day though. So we didn't get to plant our garden like normal. We just planted 5 tomato plants in pots on our patio. They are doing fantastic though so that's a good thing. Your flowers look fantastic.

Vickie said...

I am so glad to hear that your wrist and thumb are better Carol. Let us hope you have no relapse. Scarlet's Summer Sampler is adorable. I am very inspired by your Christmas ornaments Carol. I just might be copying your finish! I have my own gingerbreadman pattern that is slightly different that I just might use in the same way, if you don't mind when the time comes to make an ornament for a friend who is expecting in November. Hooray for the hydrangeas!

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, I am thrilled to hear that your wrist is doing much better. Your summer sampler finish is beautiful. The gingerbread ornaments you made for your great-nephews are adorable. What a fabulous picture of your Mom and the new little one. Your flowers are reaping rewards for all the rain. Congratulations on winning Tracy's giveaway! Enjoy your week!

Carm said...

I am waiting on my hydrangeas to bloom We just planted them last year. Going to check out your exercises,too I have worn splints/braces for so many years at night that i am on my third pair! 54 years of doing hair and nails plus all my crafts have taken a toll on my wrists and hands. My birthday is July 7th so I would like to be considered for the chart Thanks. haircarm@live.com

Sandy said...

I am glad your wrist is much better. I would be very unhappy if I couldn't stitch!!!as I am sure you have been.
Every stitch is lovely. The sampler is gorgeous and I need to do some baby ornaments too. Your mother is just gorgeous. That Tucker has been so good for my mom. He lights up and just smiles when she comes in. I think it she acts really goofy for him and it is almost like he knows he is supposed to giggle for her.
That bunny would be so good for a project bag. They ended up being a ton easier to do than I thought. I looked at so many tutorials and they were so hard to follow so between one written one and one Youtube I finally figured it out. I actually have enjoyed them too. Helps corral the stuff at my chair in the family room.
You have so many things I needed to comment on. My hydrangea bloomed this year after a two year hiatus, but only has two small ones and they are purple instead of the once blue blooms. I am glad to see it blooming though. They heard you talk about digging them up and said we better get busy. Thanks for the movie reccomendation for when Jeff is gone.

LoriU said...

Glad your wrist is better - that stitched piece is just beautiful!
Awww your mom and her great-grandson are precious! Love pics like that!
Congrats on winning the threads - what a great variety!!
Have fun on your travels (I do hope you are not going to the Dominican Republic though - the stories in the news of all the deaths is downright scary!). Are you going to any stitching retreats this year?

diamondc said...

Carol: Very good news about your hand and wrist, we have to be our own health advocates, I am like you if I do not need to go to the doctor I will try my own way first if I can.
Beautiful Chessie Print, I think the threads you chose look just as lovely as the specialty threads.
Totally beautiful picture of Great Grandmom and baby.
Oh my gosh the threads are worth a fortune you are so lucky.
Beautiful garden photos, thank-you for sharing.
RJ and Mary are such generous Ladies, the Bunny is so sweet.


Cathy H. said...

So glad your wrist is feeling better. I love the pretty sampler from Chessie and Me! The specialty stitches set it off! Oh, the baby, how sweet to be held by Great-Grandmother! She looks like she can't keep her eyes off him!! The Christmas ornaments will be such treasures for the new ones in your family. Enjoy your travels. I'll look forward to hearing about them!

Laura said...

I love your little bee and sheep sampler. Thanks for pointing out all those specialty stitches so I could gaze over it a bit closer. So pretty!
I also love the idea of stitching ornaments with the babies names on them. I have several new babies in friends families and if I get a wiggle on I could do some as Christmas gifts...
I am currently working on A Saviours Praise by Shakespeares Peddler (kitten stitcher). It is so much fun to stitch!! I look forward to it every day.
Stay well and enjoy your summer!
ps I just recently found your blog and find it very enjoyable : )

Barb said...

Hi Carol - oh what a great post you shared with all of us today! It is so good to read that your wrist is improving. As much as we have to use our hands, it is truly difficult and makes everything so much harder when there is pain involved. I’m so happy for you that it’s feeling better - keep up the exercises and whatever helps to make it better.

I just loved the picture of your Mom and the baby - so precious. Your Mom really does look great and very happy. (Oh, and the babies are adorable! How lucky for you that you got to meet them.)

Your hydrangea are gorgeous! They are one of my most favorite flowers! We have them growing in the front of our house and I can see lots of buds (?) but they haven’t bloomed quite yet. Ours are all white and I do love them so definitely something to look forward to soon. We have had a lot of rain this season too, but we finally have had about 4 days in a row with no rain! At least I haven’t really had to turn the sprinkler on yet, but I think that is coming to an end.

I love your stitched piece “Scarlet’s Summer Sampler”. It is beautiful! Are you going to frame it or what do you have planned for “finishing”? The babies ornaments are adorable. What a perfect 1st Christmas ornament!! And I love the “A Pride of Patriots” that you are giving to some lucky person. I’d love it if I could enter my name as one of those who would love to win it. (I think you have my email address.)

Well, I better get going - I’ve got to get to physical therapy in about 1/2 an hour. Gotta get ready. Hope all is going well for you and your family. Oh, and how was your husband’s bike trip?
All the best to you.

Heritage Hall said...

Good news that your wrist is on the mend...I can just imagine what
a hindrance that can be to live with... Think half full! … Never give
up on the glorious hydrangea.. ours are bursting out all over this year and last year nary a bud...Thank you for the heads up about the romantic movie... we can use such uplifting fare these days... Love
the picture of your Mom and Great-grand ...it is so charming. Please
include my name for the patriotic chart... it looks like a winner...
Many thanks for the generous offer.

jhm said...

I love your Hydrangeas. Mine are doing better than ever. With all the extra rain we have had this spring, both the Hydrangeas and my Irises are doing better than normal.
PLease enter me in the drawing. Patriotic seems to be my middle name. I am a veteran and belong to a few patriotic groups.


Anonymous said...

Your patriotic chart is just so unique. One that I have not seen before but would love to stitch!
Hope you are doing better and wishes for a fast recovery so you can get back to doing your beautiful stitching!


butterfly said...

Love your new stitch it's so cute with the sheep.
Love your little families Christmas ornaments too so sweet .
Your garden flowers look so pretty , enjoy them my friend .
I am like you Carol I do worry about things hubby always what can you do about it .
And do read positive attitude books .
I have allot of these we find them so helpful in life .
Enjoy your summer hugs.

butterfly said...

Forgot to say , how sweet is Mary , sending you a card and gift.
So happy your hand pain is better too, more hugs.

Jacqueline said...

Your stitcheries are as beautiful as your flowers. And yes, please I do want to be included in your drawing. Patriotism is my favorite form of stitching and hooking.

Glad to read that you are back in true form.

Susan Lankford said...

Hi Carol....so glad your pain has diminished and sounds like it is almost gone!

Love your Summer Sampler...are you stitching 1 over 2 on 40 count? What about 32 count?

And Gingerbread men are one of my fav Christmas decorations...yours are adorable...love them on black!

Hugs, Susan

Gabi said...

Hi. Glad to hear that your hand pain is much better.
What a lovely picture of your Mom with the little baby. Simply wonderful.
Your stitching is as always beautiful. Love the little ornaments.
Congrats to the winning. Lady Fortune are on your side.
Big hugs

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I'd love to have some in the backyard but I have a brown thumb and they're not good for dogs. We could do them in the front yard if I didn't think I'd kill them! :)

Glad your wrist pain has been remediated! Something we take for granted but can really derail us!

Sweet finishes! I love Chessie and Me charts and while she does have some speciality stitches, it's never overwhelming!

Melody said...

I am so happy to know that your hand is doing better....ugh, I had a hand injury once and it was worse than when I had achilles tendon surgery. Absolutely think your hydrangeas look wonderful. It has been so hot here in southeastern NC and my hydrangeas are not going well this year thus far...hopefully next year will be better. I would like to get the chart for the 4th of July...either win or buy,,,,love it! Stay well and keep stitching!
I wish you well,

Marilyn said...

Love, love, love that Chessie & Me!
One of my favorite designers, I think I like ALL of her designs. lol
It looks great with the colors you've chosen, and those Sheep!
Those Gingerbreads are too cute.
Your Mom looks fabulous for 92!
What a pretty cut of linen, with the Bunny.
Congrats on your big win! The flosses look so pretty!
I think maybe your Hydrangeas heard you talking about pulling them out!
Glad your hand is much better.

Wisconsin Stitcher said...

Hi Carol. I would love that pattern. It’s adorable.

Are your hydra gas getting enough sun. I know they are part shade but need Bout a half day of sun to bloom well. The one that bloomed are gorgeous. I wouldn’t cut them down. Email is psmiddl@ chorus.net
Pat Schwartz

I was so excited when I read you had some good news. I was sure a baby was on its way. Soon I hope

Kim said...

Carol, so happy to hear you are feeling better. Our weather has been crappy, way to much rain and cold. My plants especially hydrangea aren't doing very well. The weeds however are thriving. Did you give your hydrangea any plant food and if so, what kind.

I would love to stitch the Patriotic pieces. Thanks for considering me.

AnaCristina said...

I love your blog!

Stasi said...

Great news that your wrist is almost 100%...just be careful not to aggravate it again. Your Chessie N Me is wonderful and I'm so happy you held out for your hydrangeas..definitely worth it!!!

Barb said...

So glad to hear your hand is doing better! The ornaments for the new little guys are so cute. That is a wonderful photo of your Mom with the baby!

Shelly said...

Your Chessie and Me finish is gorgeous. There's nothing like a red house on a dark green lawn, stitched! That is why I dont have any Chessie and Me designs, the specialty stitches! Lol. Actually, I've stitched a few Praiseworthy Stitches and they are known for specialty stitches too. Such a precious pic of your mother and great grandson! Unfortunately, I am capable of being glass half empty. It just depends on what's going on at the moment. Regardless, I just get up and do what I have to do. I think your mystery linen could be Summer Khaki but I'm not sure of the 40ct. It's been awhile since I've stitched on Summer Khaki linen. Hope your week is going well, Carol:)

MartinaM said...

This summer sampler is just great, so nice colors in the whole pattern. Very suitable also the different stitches.
With the two little gingerbread men, you're sure to make your grandnephew happy.
The picture of your mother is something very special, also I have one of my husband's grandmother with her first great-grandchild, old and young together.
Congratulations on this great win. Since you have a lot of plans.
I love your hydrangeas - even though it is like that - a bush that has taken many blossoms last year has almost none this year, but the other shrub all the more. But he does not bloom yet.
Bis Hugs from the hot Germany, Martina

Kay said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better. You still managed to get more stitching done than I did! I am sure that your family are delighted with the special ornaments, I would have loved something like this when my children were small. You have been certainly blessed with all of those threads as a prize, lots of stitching goodness, people can be so kind. x

Robin Wylde said...

I really enjoyed your post, Carol! I'm so, so glad that your wrist is better, you did well with those exercises :) your finish this month is adorable, I love anything with sheep or beehives in it, as I find it gives a very peaceful look. And very interesting to learn about those specialty stitches, so thank you for pointing them out! And also, congrats on your hydrangeas, they are looking gorgeous! :D

Diane Gill said...

I am also very happy that your wrist is better. It is so discouraging when you can't stitch, much less pick up anything.

I would love to receive the patriotic chart. It is wonderful and very meaningful.

Thank you,

Barb said...

Hi (again!) Carol - just had to tell you that I love your “Summer” house header and love the “Stars and Stripes” truck - both are so great! Thank you so much for sharing all of your truly beautiful & wonderful work with us. I think you really are an inspiration to all of us.

Happy Wednesday &all the rest of the week & month & on.

Hugs to you, Barb

marly said...

I love Scarlet!! LOVE!! And your rabbit cloth gift will make a fabulous project of any kind. Gorgeous. I kind of like him as is!

Lovely flowers and beautiful color on the hydrangea!

The photo of your mom is such a treasure.

Glad you've conquered the pain! Thank you but please don't include me in your offer.

Wendy Howard said...

Your finishes are beautiful. So glad your wrist is almost well. I would love the patriotic char. My husband was in the Navy during Vietnam.

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Dear Carol, as always - perfect embroidery!
I like the youngest and oldest photo, probably your mom and grandson.
Hydrangeas are wonderful!

Faith... said...

So glad your wrist is almost healed! What a beautiful family photo. It must be a blessing to have them together. You will have to have that printed and gift it to his Mom.

Scarlet's Summer Sampler is very pretty. I love the little sheep on the piece and the ornaments are adorable and will be a wonderful keepsake for the boys.

Your flowers bloomed! Yay, I guess they weren't ready to go either!

Donna said...

I always look forward to your monthly posts. Love your stitched pieces. Such a cute picture of your mom and her great grandson. I also enjoyed the pictures from your garden. Glad to hear your wrist is better.

Jutta said...

Dear Carol,
all the best for your wrist and thumb, I hope very muc that you can do everything again soon without pain!
Again such a beautiful post, the great Summer finish, the new Christmas ornaments, the sweet family photo and also the beautiful plants in your garden, wonderful!
Yes, the older we get, the faster time races, I wish you a nice day and greet you warmly,

Lili said...

The sampler is so lovely! It is a lovely design!
Your ornaments are adorable!

Be careful with your wrist!

Hugs x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am glad that your hand is feeling better now. The sampler is lovely, the speciality stitches make for nice texture and effects.
The new baby ornies are delightful, as are the new babies themselves! What a treat to have a Great Grandma too.

Jenn M said...

The Scarlet Sampler is so pretty: if you had not said anything I would have been sure it was a new release from somebody. It is so easy to be lured by the new and pretty, but there is so much old and pretty too!
Am glad your wrist is better. Life is a bit paler for us makers when we can't create.
It sounds like you have a fun summer ahead; I hope it's bloomin' bountiful like your gorgeous hydrangeas!
Happy days,

Mary said...

Carol, So happy to hear that your close to being 100% recovered.
Your Summer Sampler is beautiful. I love the little sheep in the field of green. I'm always amazed at how many patterns I have missed by being a fairly new stitcher. I surely wish I discovered this hobby years ago! Your gingerbread ornaments are darling and will become treasured family heirlooms.
Such a lovely photo of your Mom with her great grandchild. You certainly won a generous giveaway of all those Weeks threads!! So glad you were happy to receive my 2 rabbits!!:) I put your movie recommendation on my list to take to the library. My husband would say it's a "Mary movie." I love anything with time travel too! Have you seen Outlander?

I have never seen my Hydrangea's bloom as the deer get to them everyyear. I have given up on gardening. Yours are lovely and be sure you dry some of those gorgeous blooms to enjoy the rest of the year.

Halland House Gifts said...

Carol, I’m so glad you’re feeling better and your garden is blooming. I love hydrangea also. Your flowers are just stunning. So many sweet stitches, but I really love the Christmas ornaments. Who knew a design on black fabric could be so happy? Happy stitching, Judy

Patti G. said...

I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your posts on IG. So I'm glad you're feeling better - and this month's entry didn't disappoint despite your difficulties! I've heard a lot of people speaking about their flowers - and I think mostly Hydrangeas - as having a banner year, but who would believe your bonanza? They're beautiful! I'd love the chart; my email address is fofourg@yahoo.com. Have a great 4th of July holiday! Hopefully our recently arrived summer will continue :)

Andrea said...

Your Scarlet's Summer Sampler is a delight. It's everything you want in a sampler especially the red house. I never get tired of seeing your gingerbread men, they're so jolly and I love the pom-pom on their hats.
So glad you are nearly back to full fitness. Just blame it on old age … I always blame my aches and pains on old age!
Have a super weekend. Sunshine and high temperatures here … just for one day!

RJ said...

Hi Carol! Just got back home from a nice week at the beach and was so happy to see a new post from you. I always enjoy what you have stitched. Where to start...there was so much good stuff in this post. First of all, I truly love your new Chessie stitch. I'm going to put that chart on my list to get. The specialty stitches add so much.

What a lovely gift you received from my good bud Mary. She is always kind and generous and I look forward to seeing a project bag made from it. Wow what a wonderful win with all of those super Weeks flosses. I always enjoy Weeks. I know you will make good use of them.

I'm a big worrier but also a glass full person. I've had to be the past four years and it really helps to think the best.

Will put that movie on my list of movies to see. I like that actress alot and I'm sure I would enjoy the movie.

And, lastly that photo of your darling Mom and her newest great grandchild is so precious. She is such a loving lady and you are so blessed to have her in your life. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

RJ said...

I forgot to add how happy I am that your hand is doing so much better...lots more stitching for you right? RJ

Margaret said...

I'm like you -- a real worrier. I always say I'm a bit like Eeyeore, and also like Piglet. lol! I'll have to put that movie on my watch list. Love your finishes. Especially the Scarlett House piece -- so pretty! So glad your wrist and thumb are better. It's always the worst when we can't do our craft cause of pain. Lovely to see your new great nephew with your mom -- so sweet! Hope your summer is going well!

Meg said...

Glad to hear your wrist pain is almost gone! Woohoo!

My husband is a worrier. His philosophy is that if he always expects the worst, he will never be disappointed. But me? No. I have always had a sense that things will work out. The downside is that when things go really wrong, I am a mess and he is the one who is prepared. (But I would still rather expect the best than worry!)

Your stitching is fabulous. Love your header, by the way. That is an incredible blue. On the Chessie &Me, your color swaps are spot on. I have some charts that are all in silks and plan to convert them to overdyed cotton as well. It’s an intimidating process (for me) and I often start out with a plan and change my mind mid-way. Am currently working on a Chessie & Me ornament that came as a kit. I think I told you about it. I royally messed it up and have started over with my own fabric and flosses. I like mine better!

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! Did you know that the color of the flowers is determined by the acidity of the soil? Very unusual to have two colors on the same bush, I think. They are one of my favorites. My all-time faves are purple irises because we had them at our log home when I was very young. And poppies.... they are happy flowers.

rosey175 said...

It's always a bad sign when your weathermen start reporting the "last time of [X event]" haha. We were April, so not as bad as y'all, but still highly unusual for around here. The temperatures went from cool and wet to hot and wet which makes things just plain ol' miserable. I think I can finally put away my hoodie that was left out to replace the winter bathrobe haha. Hooray for healing your wrist! I have some sort of strange arthritis that appears in mine occasionally (I sure know when a strong front is moving through) and use wrist braces too.

Your summer finish is lovely, those colors all go together so beautifully. I'm not sure I could bring myself to use silks even if I could find them cheaply (stranger things have happened in a thrift store!). The little gingerbread ornaments are super sweet too. Your WDW win is amazing! I just love when flosses are displayed like that, all rainbowed up. Amazingly, I have that exact magazine so I will be skipping this giveaway.

Half-empty just means you need topped off hah! I can worry to death about trivial things. Your hydrangea is stunning! I am currently watching for a very particular type -- Annabelle variety. They are supposedly native to the area and can survive in part shade which is the entire front of our house (so obviously the previous owners planted full sun loving lilies). I think they'll look amazing against the brick! Your begonias also look stunning; they're such cheery little plants.

Barbara said...

O Happy Day! I'm glad your wrist injury is recovering so well. Your experience has been a good reminder to all of us to pace ourselves, no matter what our [repetitive] physical activities are.

The Christmas ornaments for Oliver and Isaac are really cute.

I especially like the Stars and Stripes stitching at the top of the right column on your blog. I’ve done at least one vintage pick-up truck piece and hope to do more throughout the year. They are so cute, and pretty quick to stitch.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm so glad to hear your hand is is doing better! Love your new finish, these sheep are so adorable. And your garden surely is pretty. We planted some vegetables on our balcony this year, and with lots of warmth and rain they've seen some amazing growth so far.

Claire said...

I'm so glad your hand is better, Carol. That's such great news! What a precious picture of your mom and the baby. How lucky you are to have them both in your life and they to have you. Your stitching is wonderful and I am in love with the Chessie and Me design. I have a couple of her designs at the top of my stitching list and at least one has sheep on it, too. Love your hydrangeas. Ours are suffering deer damage with unwanted pruning this year. That probably means no buds for next year as well. I hope you have a wonderful July and lots of good weather to enjoy that beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

Irene said...

sono contenta che tu stia meglio! Adoro i tuoi ricami!

Jennifer said...

Hi Carol! I love the Chessie and Me project - at first, I thought the sheep were llamas! I didn’t realize she does specialty stitches and I always enjoy projects with some of them, so I will have to keep an eye out for some of her charts. Love to see your mom with the baby, such a precious picture and so neat to have oldest and youngest captured on film. Your flowers are lovely! With all the rain, my garden is a mass of green, and I am not sure the flowers will be able to poke through...time to teach the kids how to do some weeding! Hope you have a great 4th and look forward to seeing what you stitch next!

Wanda McColl said...

Hi Carol!
Happy Summer! Congratulations on your two new great nephews! I love the picture of your mom holding the baby - such a precious sight. The ornaments are beautiful and I am sure will be treasured for years to come.
Your Chessie and Me piece is just beautiful! It's nice to get some of our older patterns stitched up. I have been in a sheep-stitching mood as well and have been working on one by Jardin Prive.
It is great news that you are well on the mend with your wrist and thumb. Pain is terrible at any time but when it messes with our stitching, it seems even worse.
Congratulations on your floss win - you will have lots of fun with these! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. They really are such a beautiful flower.
Wishing you a wonderful July with lots of stitching!

Julie said...

Good news to read your wrist is so much better.
Hydrangeas do love water so maybe your wetter weather has helped with the lovely blooms.
Wonderful finish and two lovely keepsake ornaments for your little additions to the family. I agree... baby watching is much better than TV!
Travel plans ... i'll be sure to watch out for news of your adventures.
love and {hugs} x

Sheryl said...

Hello Carol, so pleased to hear that your wrist is much better. Love your pretty Summer sampler, how well it has turned out and such neat stitching. Great win of fabulous threads which no doubt will be put to good use. Very generous of Tracy. Precious photo to be treasured of your mum with her great-grandson and very pleased to hear that the Hydrangeas are still around, such a lovely plant.

Anderson said...

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Meari said...

Glad to hear your thumb is better, Carol.

Congrats on having two new members in your family. Babies are so much fun, aren't they? The ornaments you did for them are so cute. I like how you put your own spin on stitching designs.

Scarlet's Summer Sampler is very pretty. Congrats on your floss win. How exciting! Kudos on your ornament finishes. I really like the cardinal one.

I'm going to check out that movie. I've seen it at Redbox and wondered if it was good.

Your flowers.... are SO pretty. :)

Washington DC at night... Wow. I wish I'd seen it at night when I was there a few months back.