Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February finishes

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friends!  Do you have any special plans for today? I have to work until 9 PM tonight so not much is happening here, but we tend to keep things simple on February 14th anyway--usually just a nice dinner at home and a sweet chocolatey dessert of some sort.

Can you believe February is already half over? I did manage to get a new little pillow stitched up for my Valentine's Day bowl of smalls and I think it's one of my favorite finishes ever. I forgot to take a "before" photo for you so here it is in its finished state. I recently began subscribing to the online version of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine and was delighted to discover that I have access to all of the charts from previous issues as well as this coming year! That's where I found this little beauty by Nikyscreations called "Be Mine."

Nikyscreations "Be Mine" finish

"Be Mine" is stitched on 32 ct. Putty Belfast linen with the suggested DMC colors. I did change the color of the lower right heart to match the upper one on the opposite side and used a satin stitch to fill in both.  I found a charm square of a marbled-looking fabric that perfectly complemented the thread colors so that was used as the little accent strip at the bottom as well as the backing of the pillow. The little heart charm was one I had in my stash and I thought it looked so sweet tied on with a wee bow in a bit of thread to match the cording. I think this color palette is a nice change from all the typical reds and pinks you usually associate with Valentine's Day, don't you?

Another gift sent... This green-robed Prairie Schooler Santa from Book No. 62 "Kris Kringle" is  now making his home with my sweet friend, Valerie, all the way out in California. I finished several of these Santas in this oval shape last year and have to admit, they are among my favorites! This bird-loving guy is stitched on 40 ct. natural Newcastle with the suggested DMC threads. I'm so pleased with this finish that I know I'll be stitching and finishing him exactly like this for myself in the future.

Kris Kringle Santa (from Book No. 62)

A near disaster... Well, that brings me to my ornament finish for January and a lesson I thought I had learned, but apparently hadn't! I loved this crow sporting his jaunty Santa hat the minute I saw him in the 2015 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue so I finally decided to stitch him as my first ornament of 2017. Using 40 ct. Sand Newcastle (a first for me--I loved it! The fabric's true sandy color is more accurate in the second photo below) and a variety of overdyed threads, he stitched up fairly easily (although I did make a few changes to the lettering--just a personal preference). I also added the two smaller snowflakes...

"Merry Christmas" by Samplers Not Forgotten

Anyway, it all began so well and I decided to use a black and white checked flannel (an old shirt from my husband--believe me, having had four guys in the house at one time, left me with a lot of flannel to add to my stash!). To this, I decided to add a thin burgundy colored strip of fabric and tuck a barely visible row of green ric rak in between the two fabrics. All went well and the little pillow was sewn and stuffed and ready to be pressed down to give it a nice compact look. I typically only use the iron on the backing fabric, but I stupidly tried to press the flannel portion on the front. Disaster struck! The iron accidentally touched the green ric rack, melted it and it somehow made it's way on to the linen just under the wording. AAAGGGGHHHH!!!

I flew into action and immediately tried to sponge off the sticky green remnants of the synthetic ric rak. Then I began picking it off with tweezers, which actually worked quite well. At this point, the ric rak that was peaking out from under the black and white checked fabric was half melted so my only choice was to cut it all off as best as I could. I then covered the entire area where the red and checked fabric met with a new line of ric rak which now meets in the back of the ornament. Not a bad save, eh? If you look closely, you'll notice flecks of barely visible green here and there, but I was not about to take apart the entire ornament and start over. If you recall, this wasn't the first time that my iron and ric rak have done battle... In this post from four years ago, you can see the results of a previous catastrophe. I hope I've learned my lesson, but I know I've learned that it almost always possible to rescue a piece from being thrown into the trashcan by using ribbons, trims, or buttons to cover your mistakes!

Saving a finish from near-disaster!

Another birthday gift... I want to thank my friend, Nathalie, all the way over in France for sending me a lovely package of goodies on my birthday. What a treat to receive this pretty French stitching magazine and  pretty embroidery kit with threads. Thank you, Nathalie--that was so thoughtful of you!

Birthday gifts from Nathalie

A little giveaway... I've been doing a lot of cleaning out as we are turning our sons' old bedrooms into proper guest rooms. After 25 years, all traces of the old green plaid wallpaper with its border of mallard ducks have been erased from my middle son's old bedroom. Oh, what a job! We had neglected to apply sizing underneath the wallpaper and it was a bear to remove, often coming off in only thin little strips. But, it is off and the room now has a fresh coat of a lovely pale gray/blue shade of paint thanks to my husband. Now to find a new bed (the bunk beds are out!!), dresser, chair and rug and we'll be all set for future visitors. Anyway, I had been storing my old cross stitch magazines in this room and so began weeding them out for duplicates and unwanted items. In the process, I came across several pretty charts that I thought one of you might like to stitch so I'll be offering one per post.

I thought this pretty chart would be perfect for a Valentine's Day giveaway and, as you can see, you can stitch just portions or the entire sampler... Just let me know in your comments if you'd like to give this a new home. This is just two pages torn from a magazine--not the whole magazine. If more than one person wants it, I will do a drawing.  PLEASE, PLEASE make sure to include your email in with your comment--I won't be trying to track anyone down if they haven't included their email address... Also, just so you know, I will be folding this up and mailing it in a legal sized envelope to save on postage.

I'm giving away this chart from an old magazine

On kindness... I had a really, really bad day at work last Tuesday. Problems with poor communication from another department that led me and other librarians to have to do many, many more hours of unnecessary  work on a project, a mean and condescending male patron doing his best to make me feel like an idiot, and way too many tax questions all rolled up into a gray and rainy day  left me feeling empty and defeated. But, at the end of that long day--a little ray of kindness offered itself up and saved the day from being totally bleak. A co-worker, one whom I work with every Tuesday, came up to me as we were getting ready to close for the night, and said she just wanted to thank me for always having her back, for always being there to help if problems arise. I wonder if she had any idea how much I needed her kind words at that time? 

It doesn't take much to make someone's day a little brighter... A simple compliment about a pretty outfit or a new haircut or a kind offer of help can go a long way and it makes such a difference. Even a simple smile given to a passing stranger... A dear, dear great-aunt of my husband's told me she always did her best to spread kind things she had heard about others and she was one of the most positive-minded individuals I've ever met. I strive to be more like her...

Thank you all for visiting! Thank you for all of your kind comments! Thank you for being such caring stitching friends! I hope your Valentine's Day is filled with at least one piece of chocolate... Spread kindness whenever possible--it does come back to you!  Bye for now...

Wishing you a day filled with love!


Arlene @Nanaland said...

I am glad you were able to rescue your stitching. All of your finishes are beautiful. I do not know how you work full time and produce all that loveliness. Thanks for the reminder to BE KIND ONE TO ANOTHER!! I think a little more kindness in this world would ease so many tensions and make us all better people. Happy Valentines Day!!

Mii Stitch said...

Love your pretty Valentine finish! You're right, it makes a nice change from the usual red & pink.
Sorry to read about the ric rac misshape but you have saved your ornament!! It is beautiful and we'd never know about the hard time you had with it :)
Happy Valentine!!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby. I do like the chart. I love your ornament. hugs Lynda Ruth Jasmine_Ms.Button@hotmail.com

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy Valentine's Day wishes to you, Carol! I love the ornament you created; nice save. Your addition to the bowl of hearts is adorable. And I love the oval finished Santa. I know Valerie loves it.

Cinka26 said...

Nice stitching! My plans for Valentine's Day - ZUMBA classes :o) <3

Vickie said...

Be Mine is beautiful. Great work saving your lovely ornament. Happy Valentine's Day dear friend!🐩

Cindy said...

I love the Christmas bird and it looks wonderful! Great save! Isn't it wonderful how someone can really make your day with simple kindness? I try to smile and offer compliments as I go about the day. It makes me feel good too! Have a happy Valentine's Day even though you have to work:)

Kate said...

Three beautiful finishes and a brilliant rescue - well done, you. Your posts are always enjoyable, Carol.

sunny said...

Your ornament turned out great! I never would have thought about melting the ric rac. And I hadn't thought of using flannel. What a great idea!! It's the perfect touch. So glad your coworker waved your day with a little kindness.

Vicki said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Carol! Your save is awesome. What a gorgeous ornament. I love that you use flannel from shirts. My husband loves to wear flannel shirts and it honestly never occurred to me to save the flannel for other projects when he "outgrows" them. Have a great day!

Manuela said...

Wonderful little finishes.
Happy Valentine, Carol.

Lili said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Carol!
Your "Be Mine" pincushion is really lovely, I love the charm! The Christmas ornament is beautiful, glad that you saved it!
How pretty gifts!

butterfly said...

Happy Valentines sweet friend .
Beautiful stitching again love everyone of them , well done I can't see any green .
Sorry you had a bad day last week.
I love to make people happy , and always say nice things to people I meet , I have done this for many years
and love to see a smile .
Some people are just grumpy but if I can get a smile , it makes my day .
Lovely gifts from Nathalie.

twinpeakprimitives said...

Happy Valentine Day Carol ♥♥

Each finish is just adorable! Everything looks just great!

Greetings from far far away

Hilda said...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Carol!
I love your Valentines finish - it looks so cute.
You did a great job on your first Christmas ornament 2017. Can't see anything from this disaster. And it is such a sweet design.

I am afraid I am one of that persons who should take your advice to heart and say kind words to others more often.

Have a wonderful rest of the day and enjoy your dinner and the sweet chocolatey dessert ;-)


Daniela Bencúrová said...

Carol and I wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I so love all your projects! I used to love stitching on linen - until the eyes decided it was time for bifocals! Just got a new pair - so I hope I can return to "over2"!
I love the pattern! and that it can be divided - I have a few more ideas of how to make smaller projects from that one pattern.

Hope the rest of your Valentine's day is sweet! :-)



Jacqueline said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Katie said...

I just love your finishes. I got out my sewing machine last week and got into a fight with it. I ended up having to walk away and I sure hope that next time we can work together haha. I'm so glad you were able to save that beautiful piece!! Please don't enter me into your drawing. But I wish everyone who is interested Good luck! I try so hard to always smile and talk to strangers. I really believe in the quote you posted. Hope you have a great week and upcoming weekend.

zachssister said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for keeping up your blog! I always like to read your posts and see your great photos. Small finishes have really worked for me too over the last couple of years... and it's so nice to get some inspiration with your messages. Will you please write a post about making cord? I have seen some demos online, but I'm sure your instructions and photos would be very clear and helpful. Thanks for considering it.


Unknown said...

Your rescued finishes look better than my original finished!! Love the pattern for the giveaway. Lrapp8020@aol.com

Julie said...

So pleased you could rescue your little mishap, it does look super and no one would have known if you had not told.
Pretty santa, I love love the PS santas.
I like the different colour palette for the Valentine finish, its delightful.
Have a lovely week xxx

Unknown said...

Hello Carol Your work is beautiful. I love the chart for the giveaway. caroljean3@hotmail.com xx

Marsha said...

Yes, I would love to be part of the drawing for the giveaway prize. I love cross stitched houses, so this is right down my alley. Thanks so much

CalamityJr said...

What a beautiful post. So glad your kindness was returned to you when you most needed it. Thanks for the reminder to share whenever possible.

Kaisievic said...

What a wonderful post, Carol, but then, I must say that I always enjoy your posts. Now, where to start? Firstly, wonderful stitching and a very clever save on your sweet bird. You are so very clever. Next, I must say your words about spreading the love so to speak are so very true. Unfortunately, we tend to remember the negative things that are said to us rather than the positives, which is such a shame (they have actually done studies on this and people can be given ten compliments and only one negative comment in a day but the only thing they will focus on will be the one negative comment!) I, too, had an unfortunate experience with a frenemy last week who was so very unkind to me (for no good reason) that it has coloured my whole week in shades of black and grey. Luckily for me, I do have lots of other wonderful friends (both off and online) who are so supportive and do give me lots of loving words. As do you, my dear, so lucky to have that lovely lady at work who praised you. Remember those words, not the negative ones (if you can).
Lovely gifts from Nathalie and so well-deserved and lastly, please, please, please count me in for the giveaway - this is pattern is so gorgeous, I would love a chance to win it. My email address is kayedep@gmail.com
Look after yourself, my dear. All my love, Kaye xxx

valerie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Carol! I hope you and the boys have a day filled with lovely things. Chocolate, kindness, flowers and smiles! I just love your Be Mine finish! And my Santa ornament, of course! :) I'm so glad that you were able to salvage your crow finish...how upsetting that moment must have been but you managed to work it all out. Great job!

Wisconsin Stitcher said...

Hi Carol,
I rarely leave a comment as I get your blog through email. I started stitching ornaments in Ernest about a year ago. You and Vonna Pheifer were my big inspiration. I started out blatantly copying but than the more I did the more ideas of my own I got and I must say I'm pretty happy with them. If I can find an email address somewhere I'll send you some of them.

I'd love to start a blog as I love t show off and share what I've done but have never done so. My daughter wants me to do instagram but I'll see about that. I made 45 ornaments last year and already made 18 this year. Only have 16 finished completely. They are stitched but not dressed yet.

I stitched this same bird with a Santa hat and I just love it. But I like the way you have finished it too. I'll save that idea for another time.

Trying to stitch on black like you do. I've managed 16 Aida so far but that's all. Will try again on Linen. Maybe a light underneath. You have a much better eye than I have.

Happy Valentines day and thank you for sharing your talent.
Pat Schwartz

Barb said...

Well Carol, that ornament looks wonderful so you did an awesome job of rescuing!! Valentine's Day is the perfect day to think about being a bit kinder and the difference a small comment at just the right time can make. I hope you did have a very nice Valentine's Day even with working so late. I baked cookies with 9 and 10 year olds so I'm ready for a very quiet evening at home.

Lillie said...

Such a sweet Valentine finish. The little charm is simply perfect. I haven't been stitching since the festivity. Can you believed that's its a taboo to stitch during that period ? LOL! It may sounds silly yet no harm in refraining myself for a bit of good fortune throughout the year as it is said to hold.

You finished both PS Santa and the Merry Christmas Ornament beautifully, great work in saving the near disaster. Sorry about your bad day at work. Sending you big hugs and Happy Valentine's !

Shelly said...

Happy Valentines Day! Wow, Be Mine is so pretty, and you're right about pink and reds. You have a nice balance with muted reds and pinks. Nice save! Trims are nice to cover up small mishaps. It looks great. The PS Santa looks wonderful. Sometimes, people don't think to say something nice. Thanks for the reminder that we don't always know if someone is having a bad day, but just say something nice regardless.

Preeti said...

Your finishes are lovely, Carol!! :) I always try to find a workaround when some mistakes happen.
Sorry that you had a bad day at your workplace. I try everyday to keep patience and be kind.

Marilyn said...

be Mine turned out lovely, I DO like the color-way, it's different.
Your ornament is too cute, glad you saved it from the trash after all of that work.
You are very right, a kind word DOES go a long way.

Anonymous said...

Of course I adore ALL of your ornaments. I like the welcome box Valentine Ornie and the banner ornie, as well as your new one! And the green Santa is delightful. I wouldn't have thought to make one green. So sorry about the bad day at work. (I do love being retired.) And you are so right about kind words. May I say that you are one of the most creative stitchers I know and your finishing is exquisite. You are truly an inspiration to me. I do not wish to enter you giveaway, but thank you anyway!

Mini said...

Two lovely finishes Carol. Very inspiring and clever how you saved the ornament.
I can't tell you how bad this week is going ..I'm sitting grabbing my hair ...
Can't wait it to be over soon.

I love cleaning the house and the treasures we find.

I won't participate in this giveaway ,however will keep an eye on next one.

P.S. who is the designer of the blog cover pic?

Cathy H. said...

Oh, I love your new Valentine's pillow and you photographed it so beautifully! The finishing is gorgeous! You are so great at covering you disasters. I can't see any little green specks!

Irmeli said...

How beautiful they all are, and so perfectly finished, as always.
Your Valentine stitching is so nice with soft colours, I like it.
You also received wonderful gifts.

Will a stitch said...

Good morning Carol. Such beautiful stitching and finishing!! As always, I envy that cording..I think you could sell it! Having worked with the public for 45 years, I know exactly what you mean. Luckily there are far more nice things said. I have never had ric rak melt. But what a great save, the ornament is beautiful. Enjoy.

Judy heartland stitcher

WOODY said...

Lovely stitchimg!! Happy Valentines Day🤗💕

Melissa said...

What a lovely post, Carol! The stitching is wonderful and I'm glad you managed to save the disaster from happening to your lovely stitching!

I'm glad your terrible workday ended soothed by the kind words of your colleague. Happy Stitching to you!

Susan Lankford said...

Carol, what a beautiful post...from your lovely finish...exquisite! ....to the near disaster...good save! ...to the employee who encouraged you at the end of a bad day. You can throw my name into the pot for the chart, if you will. Thanks, Susan...stampnscrap@cox.net

Andrea said...

Wonderful smalls and ornaments again from you. The little pillow is so lovely, the colours look very vintage. The ornament turned out to be a success. Love the fabric you chose to compliment the piece. I have some 40ct sand that I bought a couple of years ago as it was different to what I already had .. but I've never used it. I look at it and think it looks too orange, but now I've seen yours it looks good. Maybe I'll have to have another look. :)
It doesn't take much for a smile and a kind word does it. Some people are so grumpy.
Hope your week is going well.

Christina said...

Wow, a great rescue, Carol! You can't tell at all that it was a near disaster! I love your Kris Kringle. Especially the gingham ribbon and the fact theat he's a fabulous green rather than a traditional red.
Tom and I don't really 'do' Valentine's day. We look out for a special card and perhaps a few chocolates. This year I left a little note beside Iris, Isaac and Ivy's cereal bowls with a tiny chocolate heart. That seemed to go down well. Isaac had made me a card at school with a lovely message inside. I will treasure it forever! ❤️

LoriU said...

Oohh what a scary situation! Those darn irons! LOL
It looks super cute no matter what!

So sorry you were having some rough times at work. I know too well what you mean by just one person's comment making your day better!!

Advice please...I am going to stitch on 35 count Weeks linen in cappucino for the first time! I'm thinking one strand of floss over two (no way I can do over one). Does that sound right...one strand? Thanks!

Annie said...

What a sweet valentine! I've taken quite a liking to prim stitching and the more neutral colors these days. Tastes change, don't they?

No one will ever know the back story on your PS piece. It's adorable as usual with your finishes. I sometimes think the recovery is often more fun than when things to perfectly.

It is always nice when a co-worker gives you an unexpected thank you. Usually everyone is too busy to bother with it. Glad it made your day a bit better!

Von said...

What a sweet post for Valentine's Day!
You really saved the ornament with your quick thinking and action, Carol! So glad as it's just too adorable. :)

Karen said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Great tips on saving a piece from disaster. I have to admit, if that happened to me I'd probably would have cursed my carelessness and thrown it out.

Elizabeth said...

Belated Happy Valentine's Day - love reading your post. What adorable ornaments you made this month. I agree better to spread happiness than anger, Enjoy the rest of the month and look forward to your next post.

Beth said...

The green PS santa with the birds is calling to me! Why is it so hard to practice kindness and so easy to be cruel? I've decided in an effort to clear my mind, I need to limit the time I spend of Facebook. Thank goodness for the kindergartner and 1st grader I read to each week, they renew my spirits with their boundless optimism.

Linda said...

Lovely stitching and finishing as always Carol.


Penny said...

Your Valentine's finish is so pretty, Carol! And you would never know there had been a problem with your ornament finish - beautiful! I probably would have panicked. : ) You are so right about kindness. There just doesn't seem to be enough of it. And for me, it can be as simple as someone smiling at me - that can change my whole mood. I'm glad your co-worker could brighten your day!

diamondc said...

Hi Carol: Sometimes just one word can make or break a day, he is maybe someone who lacks attention and that is the only way to get it, I am so happy your co-worker was there for some kind words, it does lift the spirit.
Love the Valentine finish, so sweet, your Christmas Ornaments are so pretty, I have made so many mistakes and sometimes the only helper is my tweezers.


priscilla said...

Love your finishes Carol! So glad you were able to rescue that pretty ornament from the iron and ric rac! I used that bird from your Santa ornament to make a cardinal for the bottom of my February PS! It was the right size just wrong kind of bird! Happy stitching ... can't wait to see what you are stitching next!

Margaret said...

First off, so sorry about the nastiness at work! But thank goodness for kind words too. I agree -- it's wonderful to say a kind word to someone. Love all your finishes -- but yikes on the disaster! You are so clever to fix it so well. it looks perfect!

Jennifer said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day Carol - mine wasn't much more exciting than yours - worked a full day, helped with homework, watched a little tv, and off to bed early for an early meeting the next day! My husband spent the night working on prep for the pinewood derby this weekend - not quite the romantic times I once longed for when I was young and single! Ha! Very pretty pillows that you made - glad you were able to salvage the crow - I too have touched rick-rack with my iron, not fun! Hope things at work are better - it is always hard to have a bad day, but nice when you have good coworkers to commiserate with! Hope you enjoy the weekend - it is slated to be late spring weather here!

Louise said...

Hi Carol,
Thank you for your beautiful post,you always inspire me to keep stitching.
I love looking at all your finishes and my needle and thread shall be out this evening completing a Praire Schooler design,4 seasons which i saw on your blog some time ago.
I would love to request to receive your Valentines Day chart giveaway.
My 30 year old son and his beautiful bride were married last Saturday in Melbourne and I would love to complete it espescially for them.
My email is Louisewise1957@gmail.com
It would be perfect and I thank you for the opportunity to apply for same.
kind regards from Tasmania,

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

You stitched a beautiful Valentine piece Carol and I love Kris Kringle Santa.
From the description of your near disaster you did a perfect rescue,your ornament turned out wonderfully well.
We redecorated younger son's bedroom last year,it was a lot of work,but definitely worth it.He has stayed in it since and likes the new fresh neutral look.
I hope your bad day at work is well behind you and you are enjoying happier days.
You are so right in your observation that a kind word or smile can lift someones day.I hope your weekend is going well.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Such a pretty Valentine finish. I prefer this to the magazine finish. Thank goodness you were able to rescue your other ornament. You received a lovely birthday present from Nathalie.

Meari said...

Love that little charm on your finish.... disaster averted! Good for you. Sorry to hear you had a rough day at work.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Sorry you experienced a bad day in work. Some are just miserable and have to make others feel the same. Glad your friend had some kind words for you that day. Your finishes are just adorable. Glad everything worked out wit the ric rak

Justine said...

Sorry to hear about your work troubles. We have had a rough year at work and there is a lot of resentment and gossip about, which does not make for a happy workplace! Your post is a reminder of the good a kind word can do.

I love all your ornaments as always, the Valentine stitch is absolutely perfect and I'm so glad you were able to save the crow!

Brigitte said...

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, my husband and I, but every now and then I stitch a little Valentine's freebie. I love your little pillow very much and the colour of the hearts - as I see them on my screen - reminds me of one of my favorite DMC colours which 356. It's more of a terra-cotta than a real red. I love how you fully finished it with the lovely fabric and the heart. Perfect.

Perfect are also the next two finishes. The PS ornament looks so good and I have to remember to use the oval shape a bit more often for my finishings.

Such disasters like the one with Merry Christmas happen from time to time but you are right when you say that we can nearly always mend them in some way when doing the fully finishing. I have never had something happen when ironing my cross stitch. But years ago I had a fully finished ornament sitting on my desk and waiting for being sent out for an exchange. Unfortunately I knocked over a cup of tea and of course the ornament got stained with tea. And unfortunately that happened when tea or coffee stained fabric was not fashionable as it is today. So I threw the finished ornament into the waste bin and restitched it in record time, lol. Today I would at least keep it for myself.

Please, don't include me in the giveaway, I already have the pattern.

kcenya1950 said...

Hi, Carol

Just wanted to thank you for the tip on the Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher magazine. I subscribed online and have found several things in their back issues I would like to make. While I don't do punch needle, even some of those designs might be nice to do in wool applique

thanks, again


Melinda Forbes said...

This is a wonderful blog post. Thank you so much. I love your iron/ric rac story. I don't think anyone would be able to tell. I did have several pieces of chocolate on Valentine's Day. Hope you did too!

Irene said...

Meravigliosi ricami! Non preoccuparti per il lavoro, Carol, vedrai che andrà meglio. La gentilezza migliora il mondo :)

Giovi's Creations said...

Great finish as always, dear Carol :) Sometimes fabrics and ribbons give us nightmares, but make us smarter too ;)
About bad days, I agree with you, a smile and a kind word could fix a mad journey!
Thanks for share your nice posts :) Giovi

Sheryl said...

Lovely work Carol, I like the finish on the Be Mine piece with the little charm and the Merry Christmas pattern, How awful about the work issue and what difference a kind word can make.

RJ said...

Love your Valentine stitch Carol...the colors are so pretty. Great save with the rick rack finish...you would never know. I enjoy seeing all the pretty stitches and finishes that you do. Thank you for sharing them with us. RJ

♥ Nia said...

Hello my sweet friend :) so nice to read your blog again, one of my favorite places all over the blog world :D
I looove your Kris Kringle Santa!! I could see this picture anywhere, I would say 'this one was made by Carol!!' :D beautiful, as always =)
ohhhh I can't see any fail there! Looks perfect as well!! :D You are amazing making and saving! hahaahha ;)
Well done my friend =)