Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stitching Snowmen In This Horrid Heat

Hello, hello! I've been away much too long and I've missed all of you! July is one of our two busiest family months (May being the other) and in between traveling to New York to visit my mom and preparing for our annual week at the beach, I've had little stitching time. But, to be honest with you, I think this heat is just zapping any energy that I normally have for stitching. The humidity has been horrid and it seems to take me so much longer to do even the simplest things around the house when it's like this. We do have air-conditioning, thank goodness, but this heat and humidity still just make me want to sit and read rather than stitch. 

I've been keeping up with my monthly snowman challenge and have two cuties to share with you today. My July ornament is from Grandma Kringles and is called "Winter's Frost." I used 40 ct. Country Mocha Newcastle linen for this one along with a mixture of overdyed threads. I think the white shows up quite well on this particular fabric which is one reason I chose it.

"Winter's Frost"

To finish him off, I added a rusty bell on his collar and used some fabric from the Woolies Flannel Charm Pack which I added to my stash a couple months ago. I just love it--reminds me of a cozy man's shirt or cuddly blanket material. The gold cording is made using DMC 420. I didn't have enough of the flannel for the backing, but, luckily, I had a heavy cotton napkin in the perfect shade to use. I stock up on cloth napkins for backing material whenever they are on sale at Kohl's.

July snowman ornament all finished up!

And for my June ornament, I finally finished this quartet of smiling snowmen from Country Cottage Needleworks (the design is called "Snowmen"). This was a large design so to make it ornament sized I had to stitch it over one on a 32 ct. mystery dusty blue evenweave. I also left off the bottom border that was charted (the same pine boughs that are in the top border).  This gave me a tiny 2" x 4" ornament--perfect!

Country Cottage Needleworks "Snowmen"

Now, seriously, who can resist their little grins? Rather than cross stitching the mouths, I just used straight stitches since I was working on such a tiny scale. And here is the finished ornament--a little pillow with ruched ribbon trim, a gauzy hanger, and three miniature jingle bells. What do you think?

June snowman ornament finish

I'm currently working on a gift for a friend so I can't show you that, but I hope to begin a larger piece soon. I just need a nice design with simple DMC threads--no thoughts about converting fibers and such. Time to go stash-diving and see what I come up with!

Sonnenberg Gardens... When my husband and I visited my mom in mid-July, we took advantage of an almost perfect weather day (mid-70s, low humidity) to visit historic Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion in Canandaigua, New York. The home is over 125 years old and sits on 50 acres of land.  This was the summer home (Sonnenberg means "Sunny Hill" in German) for the Thompson family. Frederick Ferris Thompson was the founder of what is now Citibank and Mary, his wife, was from Canandaigua, so they chose that location to escape the city heat each summer. The acreage includes gardens in many different styles including a Japanese garden, rock garden, Italian garden, pansy garden, and moonlight garden. I took a lot of photos that day! Here are some of my favorites...

Sonnenberg Mansion: 40 rooms of Queen Anne style beauty

The library, my favorite room in the mansion (of course!!)

Another view of the library

The sewing room was off a main bedroom

A cozy bedroom featuring a crazy quilt

Close-up of the lovely embroidery on the crazy quilt

Loved the title of this vintage book resting on a nightstand!

I couldn't help but notice how teeny-tiny all of the dresses were! I'm quite petite, but there is no way I could fit into any of the dresses that were on display throughout the house...

A view of the Italian Garden from the second floor porch. Unfortunately, due to lack of rain in the area, all of the grassy areas were very brown and burned out.

The rose garden in July; past its prime, but still lovely!

This Buddha was featured in the Japanese Garden.

Stairs in the rock garden that led up to a rocky perch to relax, enjoy nature, and simply watch the world go by.

Of course, the Blue and White Garden was my favorite!

Lovely statues were scattered throughout the grounds.

Such a wonderful glimpse into a bygone era!

Instagram--Well, I took the plunge and joined Instagram! I honestly did it just to be able to see my son's travel photos from China, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia (where he is now--he'll fly home on Friday). But, once I got there, I discovered so, so many old blogging friends were now using Instagram sharing their beautiful stitching that I couldn't resist following them, too! It was like a reunion--I was so happy to reconnect with them and see what they've been up to... I've even posted a couple of my own photos so if you would like to follow me, my user name is caroling55. And if you are on Instagram--let me know and I'll look for you, too! I can see why folks enjoy it as it is so much easier and quicker than pulling a blog post together. But, I do like the blogging format, too, so I don't plan on giving my blog up any time soon. 

Birthday boys... My husband and youngest son have July birthdays within 5 days of each other so when my son decided to pay us a surprise visit on his birthday, I quickly whipped up this small carrot cake. I made a tiny banner from one I printed off the internet, added a couple of signs denoting their ages, and a few candles. It was so, so tasty!

A birthday cake for two very special guys...

And on the 23rd, my husband and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary! Well, I use the term "celebrated" very loosely because he was on a charity bike ride for multiple sclerosis for the entire weekend. But, he promised me that our 40th anniversary next July will be marked by a special trip... Hmm... where should we go? Where would you go for an anniversary milestone? Our two older sons and their girlfriends gave us this wonderful summery bouquet to commemorate our special day...

Anniversary flowers for 39 years of marriage

So, that about wraps up my busy month--oh, except for the new babies that have arrived at our house! No, not human babies--little bitty robins! If you are long time readers of Stitching Dreams, you may recall that robins built a nest on our front door wreath before (you can read about it in this post). They try each and every year to build there, so we usually bring the wreath inside during the spring and early summer to foil their attempts. Well, this year, they outwitted us and built their nest in the mid-summer July heat! The eggs were already there so we couldn't remove the wreath this time. I'm happy to announce that the birds have all hatched since these photos were taken... To avoid upsetting them, the front door is off limits and we just enter our house through the garage. 

Four new baby robins have arrived!

I am way, way behind on blog reading after this busy month, but plan on catching up today and tomorrow, so if I haven't been around to visit you in a while, I'll be popping in soon! I want to thank you all, as usual, for your very kind comments and your friendships. The stitching community is honestly one of the most supportive groups out there--aren't we the lucky ones?  Bye for now...


Pam in Virginia said...

I've had that Grandma Kringle's snowman chart for some time, and am so impressed with how perfectly you finished it with the red plaid flannel and bell. Thank you for the inspiration, and for the interesting tour of Sonnenberg Gardens.

Mary said...

Your snowmen are adorable Carol, definitely the coolest ones around these past few weeks.
The heat is oppressive here too and makes for too many "lazy days."

The mansion is beautiful and a reminder of the lifestyle and refinement long ago. Could you even imagine wearing those dresses in this weather?
Thanks as always for sharing your pics.

While I'm not on instagram, I probably will be soon since all my kids are and I'm lagging behind.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your boys.
We will be married 30 years this September and the years have flown by much too quickly. We are grateful and blessed for each day.

I hope you have a good week ahead and enjoy your yearly vacation with your family. At least a beach breeze alleviates some of the heat!
My stitching mojo always seems to return w/ the relaxing pace near the water.

My emails are long overdue....you are in my thoughts

HUGS to you my friend,

Meari said...

First off.... Happy Anniversary!! How exciting... a trip. Hmmm. Wonder where??

Beautiful stitching. I love the quadruple snowmen. So cute!!

I would've loved going through the gardens and museum. It looks like it was so interesting.

Irene said...

Adoro i pupazzi di neve! Grazie per le foto, quella trapunta è favolosa!!

Sweet Sue said...

hiya carol ~ my last visit to sonnenberg was yrs ago, many of the gardens were being renovated (looked like war zones), nice to see your sonnenberg pics, ty for sharing. happy anni to you both, and happy summer:)

Annie said...

Maybe not a lot of stitching, but really cute stitching! I'll have to remember cloth napkins as a fabric source!

Lovely photos of your excursion! And best wishes for all those birthdays plus anniversary! Summer is a real celebration time for you guys, heatwave or not!

That bird's nest on the wreath is just too cute.

I suspect you'll be an avid IG poster soon!

Justine said...

Happy Anniversary! We've been married for 10 years in September and we're having a weekend in Copenhagen with our boys to celebrate. Never been there before but it looks interesting! I think 40 years calls for something really special.
Your snowmen are just so cute, as always you have found the perfect way to finish them.
I can't believe those robins nest in your front door wreath. They must get disturbed every time you go out!

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Carol, your snowman ornaments are so adorable. Thank you for the photo field trip to the Sonnenberg Gardens. What a lovely place to visit and I am thankful to be viewing in the comfort of my air conditioned home. Happy belated anniversary wishes to you and your husband!

Karen said...

Those tiny snowmen stitched over one are simply adorable.

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Dear Carol, well cooled, snowmen you :-)
Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo!
Cake is on the spot!

Shelly said...

Happy Anniversary, Carol! That's a great accomplishment in this day and age! Great pictures as always. Nice finishes also. I was just thumbing through all my JCS Christmas ornie magazines but unfortunately my sewing machine has decided it doesn't want to work for me. Sooooo, things will have to wait until I get my machine into a shop to see what it will cost me. I'm on Instagram too but haven't posted any stitchy pictures. I forget what name I'm under on it! I will definitely check yours out. Have a happy day!

Vickie said...

What sweet, little snowmen! Happy Anniversary! Next year we hit 25 years. You have very clever robins. ;) I could really go for some carrot cake like that one Carol! Yummy!

Lynda Harrison said...

Hello Carol!
So good to read your new post - Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, although somewhat belated! Your stitching and finishing is always so perfect - I love the little snowmen - and so tiny! I sympathise with the heat and humidity you have - we only had a few days of it here last week, but it was SO tiring - how you cope with it for longer periods is admirable! I enjoyed your photos of Sonnenberg House - especially the crazy quilt, which is just beautiful. I'd love to make one - maybe someday, eh?!!
I hope you and your family are all ok,
Take care,
Much love,

StitchinByTheLake said...

You haven't been busy - you've been super busy! I love the pictures of the gardens and home, especially that sewing room. Just lovely. And I have to know - where in the world did you find the rusty bell? I've looked and looked and I'm not finding any. blessings, marlene

Von said...

It was lovely to spend a few minutes catching up on all the things that have been keeping you busy! I especially loved the Sonnenberg House and the crazy quilt bed cover. I've done a little bit of crazy quilting and do enjoy it. It's a great way to use up bits of fabric and threads from other projects!
Take care and I hope you're able to get up another post soon. :)

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful post, my dear. I did so enjoy catching up on all your news. Your two finishes are so sweet - gorgeous stitching and you are always so clever with how you finish them - I admire you so much for that. I have the biggest pile of ornies to be made into something pretty! lol! Glad that you have found Instagram, no, it isn' the same as a blog post but it has its place, I think. Yes, we are all so lucky to have each other, I feel - I bless the day that I started blogging and found so many great friends like you. hugs, Kaye

Will a stitch said...

Hi Carol, Such cute snowman ornaments..finished to perfection. Sonnenberg Mansion is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing photos. It is a pleasure to visit places through your eyes! Happy belated anniversary. I am certain you will visit a fabulous place for your 40th. Hope that heat and humidity breaks soon. In 6 months we can complain about the cold..ha..I know I will! Until next time..enjoy!

Judy Heatrland stitcher

tbrannanjr said...

Hi Carol, LOVE your new snowmen ornaments and the way that they were finished! Where can you purchase the Grandma Kringle cross stitch charts? Happy belated anniversary to you and your husband. My husband and I will be celebrating 42 years in August. I will be looking for you on Instagram. Connie

CathieJ said...

Thanks for showing those finishes. You gave me an idea for a recent finish. I love those pictures of Sonnenburg Mansion and Gardens. Oh I have to make it there someday. That is my kind of place.

Wanda said...

Hi Carol,
Happy hot July! Your snowmen are both delightful! I also have both of them and hope to stitch them one day soon. I love the over 1 with the four little snowmen. They are just too cute! Your finishes are just so perfect and fitting.
Happy 39th anniversary! Every year is so precious and special. I can't wait to hear where you go for your 40th.
I will look for you on Instagram. It is fun to browse through there and see all the wonderful things that are posted.
The robin's nest is priceless. I remember your post from a few years ago. They are determined to build a nest on your front door.
I hope you had a great time with your mom and your family get celebrations. I am off to mom's for my weekend with her. I am hoping for some stitching time and a cool breeze.
hugs to you,

Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I'm sure you'll have fun planning that big trip for the 40th!

The rusty bell is a perfect finishing touch. You always know just the right thing to do with finishing your ornaments!

Jennifer said...

I just clicked follow on Instagram while waiting for your blog to load - I am jenquilter. Love your snowmen - especially those adorable guys over 1! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband - what do you think about Australia for your 40th? I spent a month there after college and it was amazing. Germany is wonderful too - there is the cutest town called Rothenburg that is super charming - we celebrated our 10th anniversary there. I've felt the same way as you with this hot and humid weather - no get up and go by the evening when I can stitch...I think it might be time to start something new...and certainly I will do quite a bit during the Olympics, as we watch them every night when they are on! Hope you have a good week and get a little relief from the humidity!

Linda said...

Congrats on the gorgeous finishes Carol. I don't know how you can stitch on such small count fabric. I have a hard time on 14ct aida. lol Happy Anniversary to you and hubby.
I really loved the pictures of Sonnenberg Gardens. I can so see myself living there.


Mini said...

I don't know where to start. Your posts are always amazing. The stitching is lovely ,I'm in awe of your finishing.
Belated happy anniversary to you and your husband and birthday to your son. The cake looks lovely. If you are open to cultures, I would suggest Bali for your 40th wedding anniversary. Its one of the most beautiful places on earth with a laid back lifestyle.
I got an intimation on Instagram when you started following me. The only reason I opened an Instagram account was to get to know about events and activities in Kuwait as it is the only way here . The thing I like about Instagram is we can follow so many crafters across the world without knowing the language they speak or write.
However, blog will always be my first preference to connect with crafters . I feel its more personal and you can write and share your life.
Sonnenberg Gardens looks interesting from a tourist point of view.Great pictures.

butterfly said...

Love your snowmen Carol such a cute finish on both .
It is hard to keep up with everything in the Summer I just plod along and do what I can but like you said it is hard to stitch in the heat.
Love your photos , and the cake you made looks yummy.

We both celebrate next year it is our 5Oth , I think a meal with the family and then a nice holiday later , I don't like party's anymore , just some time together to enjoy. Hugs & xxx.

Lillie said...

What a fabulous post to read Carol. The June snowman is too cute, snowman are simply adorable. A Happy Belated Birthday to both your son and husband, the cake I am very sure is very delicious and a Belated Happy Anniversary to both you and your husband. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Sonnenberg Gardens, amazing gardens and astonishing 40 rooms, wow. I thought of Instagram as spontaneous posting, one that you need not plan and think too much to post, the kind of moment that you want to capture there and then.

Wishing you another great month in August

Gabi said...

Belated happy anniversary to you and congratulations to you all.
Lovely post. Your stitching is adorable. The little snowmen are too cute. Great photos, may be one day I can go there.

Annette-California said...

Congrats on both beautiful finishes Carol! I love all your special touches you add to them especially the darling smiles on the snowmen and bells. Happy Anniversary to you both! I enjoyed your lovely post.
I'm on IG annette__california_stitcher. Happy your on there, I'm already following you:)
love Annette

Marilyn said...

Happy Anniversary!
That carrot B-day cake looks delicious, my favorite cake. :)
Thanks for sharing the pics of Sonnenberg.
As always, your finishes are perfect.
Love Snowmen!
Have a great week.

Manuela said...

What a wonderful post, Carol.
The two snowmen ornaments are very cute.
Happy Anniversary.
Hugs, Manuela

Maggie said...

I love your snowman stitching, so cute!

Lovely photos, the house and gardens look lovely, i love visiting historic places :-)

Happy anniversary :-) We celebrate 30 years in December and we have just booked a 4 day trip to The Rhine Christmas markets in Germany, i'm so looking forward to it :-)

I've tried instagram but still prefer blogging, so glad you are not going to give it up.

Preeti said...

Hi Carol, Happy Anniversary to both of you :) and Birthday wishes to your son and husband!!
Your finishes are so pretty and perfect :) I have an Instagram account but I am not using it. So far I am sticking to blogging only because I feel it is more better way to connect. Instagram is like Facebook where every few minutes you might see updates, the more easier it is to update the more posts you have to keep in touch with. Blog posts come slow and I can keep up with my reading and I like both reading and seeing pics :)

Mii Stitch said...

As always, I am admiring your pretty stitching & finishes :)

Pam said...

Oh. Sonnenberg is lovely. I worked there when I was in public accounting. They put us in an office in the servants wing. We'd wonder the rooms on our lunch breaks. They used to do a big huge light display at Christmas, too. We'd take the kids and ride the horse drawn wagon. So pretty.

Love the snowmen. Your tree will be lovely with all those cute men this year.

Happy Anniversary. I'd highly recommend the trip I took this past year to Germany and Austria to see the European Christmas markets. A bit out of season for a summer anniversary but we loved it.

I'm on Instagram. Look for me under my blog name.... Stitchingbetweenthelines.


Maggee said...

Hello! Great little snowmen finishes... as always! I shall consider napkins now... I even have some around here, languishing! But they are linen, and old...will have to be very selective about their use. I have not done over one stitching in a while... have to be in the mood. I love going to new places! Those gardens look like they would be gorgeous, if the weather cooperated! Congrats on your anniversary! We had our 26th while away on a trip to visit his family... he never even mentioned it! Sigh... We had a robin adventure on our back door this spring. They had a nest on our porch light... Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Cindy said...

I love the snowmen! I especially like the one with the row of snowmen. I'd like to do that one myself. Thanks for sharing the photos of the mansion and gardens. That rock garden structure is awesome!
Happy birthday to your husband and son. And happy anniversary to you guys! (You are 4 years ahead of us:) Wonder where you will go? I am hoping for England for an upcoming anniversary.
I loved the pic of the robin's eggs. They are such a pretty color. We have a sparrow nesting on a window box right outside a door we don't use very often. When I opened the door the mama flew right into my face! Startled us both! have a great day, Carol. PS - I'll follow you on IG. I just started too. I'm prairiesedgefarm12.

Melissa said...

Well, I love both sets of snowmen. So adorable.

Thanks for sharing your photos of the "Sunny Hill" visit. A sewing room off the main bedroom, now I can live with that! In the garden I love the stone staircase. It seems to lead to a lovely hideaway!

Now that July is almost at a close, I hope you will have an easier time in August to enjoy for yourself!

kcenya1950 said...

excited that you have joined Instagram. I went over to follow you immediately. it is so much fun to see what stitchers and, for me, quilters, are doing.

love the little snowmen!

pam (kcenya1950 on instagram)

LoriU said...

Hi Carol! Love your snowmen, although I am partial to them anyway! I am currently stitching the second one you show, with the four little guys. I am doing it full size on 28 ct linen though. I don't know how you do it over one on 32 count! My thread always slides under and hides! LOL Your finishes are super cute though!

Happy Belated birthdays to your husband and son! What a cute cake!

I am on Instagram too! I like being able to quickly see photos. There are lots of cross stitch people on there too. I will look you up. Our name is the_unkies

laceystitcher said...

Love all of your stitching, and I totally enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures from your visit to the mansion; it is gorgeous! What fun. Happy anniversary! Can't wait to see where you go for the 40th!

Mary said...

Your ornaments are very pretty.

Rose Threadandpassion said...

Hi Carol... very nice your Christmas ornaments, even if a little in advance! Let me congratulate for your anniversary... 39 years wow! I just celebrated my 20th anniversary and it seemed to me such a long time but 39 is almost double!!! My best wishes to you and your husband!

Mavi. said...

Hi Carol, both very beautiful embroidery, that just makes them dream of lower temperatures, today being a torrid day.
Precious photos of the mansion, those times.
I hope know that wonderful place will take your husband in celebrating your anniversary.
And in the meantime to enjoy the summer.
A kiss.

phylis said...

It was so nice seeing what you have been up to. I have really missed your posts.I don't know how many times I've looked for a new post ftom you.Take care.

phylis said...
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Christina said...

Happy Anniversary Carol! Wow, 39 years is incredible. And oh my, your husband is so handsome! (Am I allowed to say that?! I am just catching up on a few of your previous posts and saw a photo of him). I hope you choose somewhere amazing for your Ruby Anniversary. I turned 40 in April and my husband surprised us with a trip to Sweden. What a week it was. I have fallen in love with the country and the people. The only downside...it's sooooooo expensive. Tom and I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage on August 6th although we have known each other for 18 years. Where does the time go?
Does being a mother get any easier, Carol? Will I still worry about my children when they are grown up and have fled the nest? Isaac (who is 5) went on a school trip to the seaside a couple of weeks ago. I didn't sleep the night before for worrying. Every horrific scenario went through my mind. Of course, he returned in one piece, wet through, covered in sand, but with a huge smile on his face! They had a great time.
Your snowmen are adorable. I love the bells that you add to your ornaments. They are such a nice finishing touch.
Will you be including Just Nan's 'It's Raining Snowmen' in your snowmen ornaments? I think it's one of my favourite charts at the moment.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

A late happy anniversary and birthday greetings from me.I absolutely love your four little snowmen Carol,both designs are so beautifully finished.
Lovely photos,what an interesting visit.It is wonderful that you all get together each year to catch up.A slice of your cake would go down very nicely while looking at your photos again.
Robin eggs are such a pretty colour,birds build nests in places that are quite unexpected:)
A blackbird once nested in our outside letterbox,the postman knocked on the door each day to hand me our mail so that the bird could sit on her eggs in peace:)

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Your snowman ornaments are so pretty, Carol. The Sonneberg gardens look lovely. I've added them on my travel wishlist :).
A Belated 'Happy Anniversary' to you and your husband.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I just finished Up On the Rooftop by Prairie Schooler. It is fun to stitch Winter in the July heat! Now I am working on Prairie Schooler's The Four Seasons.

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Carol -it was again a joy to read your post-I loved your snowman stitching and how beautifully you again finished it. As well all the historical and park pictures were very interesting.I also liked the crazy-quiulted blanket . Thank You again for visiting my little blog I send yuu all the love and blessings !

Katie said...

Oh I love your snowman finishes. Too perfect! Great pictures of the mansion and gardens. I added you to my Instagram. I'm dragonsluver. I have been so busy I've forgot to post on it lately. Happy Birthday to your boys. The cake looks yummy. Happy Anniversary! Love the robin nest pics.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I am becoming senile- or I follow you somewhere else because I swear I saw the robins..... Love the snowmen. The trip to NY looks like great fun!! Congrats on your 39 years!! Next year - England!!

Unknown said...

Best Congrats on your Anniversary. Job well done. The house is beautfiful, I can't even imagine living in that style - thank you so much for sharing your pictures, the gardens are beautiful.

And who can resist those little snowmen grin - your finish is so perfect

Cindy's Stitching said...

The snowmen are so cute carol. It has been hot. The pictures are so pretty. Happy 39th anniversary. You will have to think about where you want to go next year. August is right around the corner.

Margaret said...

Love your snowmen, Carol! I enjoyed the pics from that lovely mansion/house too! The dresses, especially the one in the library (I think), remind me of those old Paula Vaughn cross stitch pieces. Do you remember those? Happy belated 39th anniversary! Where do you want to go for your 40th? You know where I would go. lol! I agree -- I love instagram, but I can't imagine abandoning my blog!

KimM said...

What a glorious post, Carol! Love your finishes....and the tour of the mansion. How delightful. Wouldn't I love to visit there!

Jackie said...

Oh my dear, dearest Carol. It was so good to read your enjoyable post. I've missed seeing your beautiful finishes and missed seeing what you've been up to. It has been hot and humid in my neck of the desert too. LOL. Your finishes are absolutely gorgeous ( I love seeing them), and the Sonnenberg Mansion is just gorgeous. Something about these styles and settings are just time worn and classic. Thanks for sharing them as I really enjoy seeing them. I am so glad you took the plunge on Instagram and was elated to see you there. I have continued to blog also, and like you, I do like the blogging format. As you may know, it is my quiet space :)). You can just convey so much more there than I can on IG. The cake you made for your DH and son's birthday turned out gorgeous; of which, I am sure they appreciated and enjoyed. My Little Miss will be in celebration next week too; of which I have no energy to make a cake...I had to order one. Oh those booms are absolutely gorgeous and I could not help, but they made me smile too. "CONGRATULATION'S on your 39th year of Marriage and (hugs). What a beauty and a gift you give to those robins. You definitely have the hands of care and compassion...that is why I like you so much :)). I will be sure to pop in when I can dear...Take Care and hugs,
Always, Jackie :))

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Love, Love the snowman finish. Its been along time since I visited Sonnenberg even with it being just at the other end of the lake. When I head in that direction I always get sidetracked by the antique shops.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,
Another lovely post! I agree with you about the heat - it just wears me down too. Your lovely snowmen have me dreaming of winter. I especially love your finishing for the adorable Winter's Frost man. I love little tiny things, and so the four smirking snowmen have captured my heart. Thank you for sharing pictures from the Sonnenberg Gardens - lovely and makes me nostalgic for the glamour of those days. Congratulations on 39 years of marriage - that is NOT a small accomplishment.
Love from NE,

Hilda said...

Hi, my dear friend!
What a wonderful post again. I love your snowmen-finishes, both of them. Snowmen always make me smile - even more, when they have such a pretty smile on their own faces.
And of course I am totally delighted of how you finished them off. Another two pretty pieces for your collection.

Happy aniversary to you and Tim, dear Carol. I am really curious about where you are going to travell next year. And of course: happy belated birthday to your youngest son!

The pictures of the Mansion and garden are awesome. I love visiting other gardens - especially when they are this wonderful.

I hope, August brought some not so hot weather to your place and you enjoy some relaxing days with plenty of stitching time!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Pam in IL said...

Your snowmen ornies are adorable! I always love seeing your stitching and the way you finish the items. The mansion and gardens would be something I'd love to visit too. Happy Anniversary!

Brigitte said...

Definitely a very busy month, Carol, that you are sharing with us here. I'm very pleased to read that you won't give up your blog any time soon. For me it's still the only platform that I'm active on but you are right - more and more stitchers leave and go to other platforms. Maybe one day I'll have to use IG as well if I want to stay in touch with the other stitchers worldwide.

Your summer sounds like the opposite of ours this year. I'm very grateful about our cool and rainy weather. Heat waves are terrible to bear when you don't have air conditioning :(

Stitching snowmen when it's so hot outside seems be a good solution. Maybe when stitching them it cools you down for a while? Lol. Both new ornaments are so darling, Carol, and your finishing is adorable.

Thanks for sharing your pictures from your visit at Sonnenberg Gardens. What a place! I always feel attracted by the library rooms in this kind of mansion and then I imagine how it must have been living there and reading a book in the library after dinner or writing a letter to a good friend. Whenever I watch a period movie of these times I see people doing so.

Two birthdays and your anniversary, that's a lot to celebrate in July. And next year you will have to celebrate a round anniversary. Our 40th was a couple of years ago and we were traveling at that time. So no special celebration but the whole trip was our celebration.

Sheryl said...

Exciting and busy summertime Carol. Just love the snowmen ornament and the lovely ruched ribbon trim. Thank you for sharing your interesting photos.

Syd said...

Such a wonderful newsy post. I am especially intrigued by your photos of Sonnenberg. I had seen something else online about Canandagua, NY related to a stitching shop. Next time I'm up that way I will have to do both things!

passionfruitprincess said...

Your ornaments are darling, Carol! I specially like the four little guys! The pillow ornament is so pretty. I can't stitch that small, good for you! I love the robin eggs, how amazing is that?
Ana Paula.