Thursday, May 12, 2016

Snowmen, Sheep, and Something Slightly Strange!

Hello there, my stitching friends! How is the merry, merry month of May going for you? Our lovely April morphed into a dreary, rainy, cool May and this weekend is looking particularly gloomy. Oh well, not much I can do outside in this kind of weather (even though the weeds are taking over!) so why not spend my time stitching away inside? Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post... Although  a few of you liked my bright blue "Cookie Monster" loaner car, most of you were in agreement that you would rather be driving something else. Unfortunately, after six weeks, I'm still driving it and have already put over 1200 miles on it! Looks like it will be a while before the airbag on my Honda CRV will be replaced...

So, what have I been stitching this month? Well, snowmen and sheep! As you know, my monthly Christmas ornament theme for 2016 is snowmen and I've just finished Mr. April and Mr. May. April's design is from The Drawn Thread's "The Joys of Christmas" chart. 

"Joy" snowman by The Drawn Thread

I used some sort of dark 32 ct. mystery linen that I had in my stash (love how the white shows up on it) and an assortment of Dinky Dyes and DMC. I had to substitute some of the Dinky Dyes because the suggested colors looked nothing like those on the front of the chart... Isn't he a cutie? This one stitched up very quickly and there are five more "Joy" themed designs in this wonderful chart that I know I'll be stitching, too. Here is my final finish, all ready for my Christmas tree in December.

The Drawn Thread: "Joy" snowman finish

For May, I returned to my favorite comfort stitching designer--Prairie Schooler. This snowman  is part of the "Evergreen" (Book No. 202) chart which has eight additional designs. Don't you love his little grin? I did change a few of the colors on the broom, his nose, and the red color. I also stitched the cardinal holding the berry branch rather than as part of the border.

Prairie Schooler "Evergreen" snowman

My May snowman is stitched on 40 ct. Country Mocha Newcastle--a great mottled fabric as you can see in the photo above. This is another good fabric to use when stitching with white. For the finish, I combined three fabrics, a wooden button, and some mini black ric rak. Really love how this one turned out!

"Evergreen" snowman finish (Prairie Schooler)

So, I'm caught up with my monthly snowman challenge--only seven more to go. Still can't believe how quickly this year is flying by!

My friend, Robin in Virginia, celebrates her birthday on May 14th so I sent her a little stitched pillow. This sweet Little House Needleworks chart was free with the purchase of three Classic Colorworks threads: Prairie Grass, Shabby Sheep, and Sugar Plum. I wish my photo was better (a gray day is not conducive to good photography!)--the floss colors are so beautiful in real life. I stitched the sheep with the Shabby Sheep thread in a sort of swirly pattern rather than straight across--really like the final look...

Little House Needleworks "Welcome Spring"

This one is stitched on 40 ct. antique white Newcastle  with the suggested Classic Colorworks threads. I wanted the sheep's head and legs darker so I chose DMC 3371 and I substituted DMC 729 for the gold in the flower centers. I also omitted the five charted stitched bees and added a single bee charm. Robin loved her gift and I want to wish her a wonderful year ahead!

"Welcome Spring" pillow finish

More Birthday greetings! Robin's May 14th birthday is very special to me because it is also my mom's birthday! Happy 89th, Mom--I love you so much!! My siblings and I pooled our money and bought her a lift chair to help her stand up easier, but I still wanted to send her some money so she could purchase some pretty flowers for her balcony. Rather than just stick a $50.00 bill in an envelope, I found this easy video tutorial for an origami dollar bill in a fancy heart shape.  Isn't it cute? The hard part will be unfolding it to actually use it! Anyway, I hope your birthday is special for you mom--you always made my birthdays so great by letting me choose my favorite meal (spaghetti and meatballs and Tunnel of Fudge cake!). The older I get, the more I appreciate all my mom did for me--thanks, mom!! I treasure you so very much...

Happy, Happy Birthday dear Mom!! XXXOOO

My sons thoroughly spoiled me for Mother's Day. The youngest couldn't be here as he was busy writing his final paper to complete his Master's program at George Washington Univeristy.  Luckily, we were able to visit him the previous weekend (more about that further down). He knows I love my sweets and sent this tasty sampler of goodies from Georgetown Cupcakes. Which would you choose? I had to eat that fluffy coconut creation first, followed by the chocolate peanut butter. My husband chose the lime and the carrot cake and the rest were taken to my older sons' apartment for Mother's Day dessert after dinner on Sunday.

Bet you can't eat just one!

My two older sons (with help from their girlfriends!) prepared a tasty eggplant parmesan dinner for me followed by some lovely gifts. From the oldest and his girlfriend came this beautiful bouquet (along with a gift certificate to 123 Stitch--yay!!!).

Such a beautiful color combination

And my middle son presented me with some chocolates and this lovely pink hibiscus plant for my patio. I really enjoy getting potted flowers and plants as gifts--they have such a long life (well, depending on how well I care for them!). 

Pretty in pink hibiscus from my middle son

And I spoiled myself a bit on Mother's Day, too! I "needed" a few more snowman charts for my monthly ornament challenge and while shopping online for them, these other goodies mysteriously hopped into my shopping cart! I just love buying the Moda charm packs with their tiny prints to use for my ornament finishing. I also found these wonderful little wool squares to use on some winter designs. 

Washington, DC trip... As I mentioned earlier, my husband I took a road trip (just a 4 hour drive) to Washington, DC in early May to visit our youngest son. The weather was quite chilly, but that didn't stop us from making the rounds and seeing some of the monuments...  I am always so impressed with how clean that city is--honestly, with all of the tourists and traffic, you would expect lots of litter, but, no, it is amazingly litter-free. Although we've seen the monuments many, many times (we lived down in the DC area for a year in the late '80s), I never tire of them.

The Lincoln Memorial

View from the Lincoln Memorial of The Washington Monument

The White House on a gray day

The U.S. Treasury Building

We also spent time at the Renwick Gallery and marveled at their awe-inspiring "Wonder" installations. There were nine rooms filled with jaw-droppingly beautiful works. This rainbow colored work by Gabriel Dawe was one of our favorites... It should have special appeal to all of my stitching friends, too, as it is made up of 60 miles of embroidery thread! Yes, can you believe it? If you want to read more about this beauty, click here

In an exhibit that reminded me of the hoodoos  we saw on a visit to Bryce Canyon national park back in the year 2000, Tara Donovan used approximately one million index cards to create 10 towering spirals that filled an entire room. Can you imagine the hours it must have taken to build each little "mountain?"

Here is a close-up for you:

I'm not going to show you each exhibit, but I couldn't leave without sharing my photos from the most unusual art installation I have ever seen in my life: Jennifer Angus's "In the Midnight Garden." At first glance, you think you are entering a pretty pink room with unusual wallpaper, right? 

But, take a closer look--each motif is made up of insects. At first I assumed they were fake, but no--these are real giant insects from Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua, New Guinea. The artist uses farmed insects whenever possible and re-uses them in different displays. This exhibit is bound to bring up debates on the ethics of using once-living things as art; you can read the artist's take on the ethics of her insect art here.

None are endangered--they are actually quite abundant. For those of you who are brave enough to take a peek--here are some close-ups...

I found these guys especially creepy!!

I don't think I'll be traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, or Papua, New Guinea any time soon!

Even under the wainscoting, a pattern of giant locusts adorned the pink wall...

Just look at the long legs on these fellows--yikes!!

In the center of the room was a hive and an old wooden chest with drawers filled with dried insects. The whole whole exhibit was fascinating (but, just a bit creepy, truth be told!).

I am continually amazed at the imaginations of artists.Those who can fill our minds with that feeling of wonder like the exhibitions I saw at the Renwick Gallery are truly inspirational...

I hope you enjoyed my post today--another long one, that's for sure!  I do hope to be back with my Patagonia trip photos in a couple of weeks. I keep procrastinating in editing them for some reason!

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment--I know what a busy time of year this is for all of you...  And for those of you who have asked me questions on previous posts,  please, please include your email address. I have so many of you who comment and ask questions, but I have no way to get back to you without your email address. I'm not being rude--I just can't reply unless you include your contact information. Bye for now...


kcenya1950 said...

Love your new snowmen, Carol. Thanks for sharing the insect art -- wow


Carin said...

Your ornaments are beautiful as ever.

Vickie said...

I especially like your little Joy ornament. Ack! What a way to wreck a pink room! Yes, I thought it would be pretty, but yucko man. I think I would have nightmares. CREEPY!!!!

Michèle said...

I love your ornements Carol !! Thanks for the photos from Washington DC.
But indeed, the insect-art might have me have nightmares also I think.... though I think it is an interesting way of making art. Artists have no limit in their imagination...

Pam in Virginia said...

Once again, Carol, you've made two darling Christmas ornaments. Thank you for sharing your finishing ideas with us. Your museum pictures were fascinating! As long as the bugs were dead, I wouldn't mind getting up just as close as you did with your camera.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What a wonderful post! As always your stitching and finishings are right out of my dreams. LOL...what lovely, appropriate gifts you got for Mother's Day. I got stitching stuff too. And I loved both of those special exhibits. I am in awe of insects but those are just a little too insecty but so amazing.

LoriU said...

Oh my gosh I love that JOY snowman!! Of course snowmen are my favorite anyway! The museums look SO interesting. It has been many years since I have been in Washington DC. Might be time to go back!

Justine said...

What an interesting post! Your ornament finishes are so inspiring. I've bookmarked them for when I get round to finishing some of mine! They're just beautiful. Lovely gifts you had for Mother's Day. The cupcakes look delicious, and the plants were good choices for you.
I love the Rainbow artwork, not so sure about some of those insects! What a fascinating trip.

Kaisievic said...

Carol, I love, love, love a long post and this one was so fascinating. Your finishes are gorgeous - I am so impressed that you Finish Finish your pieces straightaway and such gorgeous stitching. Thanks for sharing all of your Mother's Day goodies - I think that I would have gone for the coconut one first, too. I have very fond memories of our three days in Washington DC a few years back, the Lincoln memorial is awe-inspiring. The art exhibits are fascinating, especially the insect one! Thank you for such a lovely, interesting post (p.s. love your new stash, too). xxx

Cathy said...

I love the snowman finishes and the gift for your friend. You are so talented. I also enjoyed the pictures of your trip to DC. I've been there a couple of times so it brought back memories.

Von said...

Love your little Christmas ornaments, Carol! So, so sweet!
But that pink bug art exhibit is a little over the top for me, lol!
Hope you're having a great day!

Annie said...

Very cute ornaments for your snowy collection.

Cute gift for Robin and I bet your Mom will be trying to figure out how to take that money apart for quite a while! I know I would be puzzled. But it is very clever.

So you really had nice trip to DC! Saw all kinds of fun things. Your boys are the best!

Melissa said...

Another wonderful newsy post, Carol! Belated Happy 89th to your Mom! How wonderful that you guys got her a lift chair.

I love that little snowman too though I've never noticed that in the PS chart series before. I like the grin on this snowman.

Sounds like you had a great trip to DC. That exhibit was something. The one with the insects is a bit creepy but beautiful at the same time!

PS I should send your boys to give my boy in How to treat your Mom on Mother's Day! ;-)

marly said...

Wonder what method they used to preserve those little bugs exposed to air. Your finishes are always a treat, never routine. The floral bouquet is gorgeous! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. My lack of patience would probably tear the $50 while unfolding but it is so cool! Happy Birthday to your mom.

Robin in Virginia said...

Carol, what a fun post to read. I enjoyed your DC trip photos even the ones with the bugs. :) Both your snowman ornaments are adorable and totally made me grin. Lovely flowers you received from your sons! Hmmm, I think I would have 'fought' you for the coconut cupcake. Happy birthday greetings to your Mom!

Thank you again for my precious Welcome Spring sheep!

Cathy H. said...

Love the idea of a snowman each month this year. I have a small tree that has all snowmen on it. A few are stitched, but not all of them. Those art exhibits are amazing. I'm not sure about those insects, that's a little creepy, but the rainbow of thread is fantastic!

Barb said...

That insect art is just amazing, beautiful in an odd sort of way. I do love the snowman ornaments!! They are so cute and the finish is beautiful. Sounds like you had a really great Mother's Day! You do have 3 thoughtful sons!(Plus the nice girlfriends!) Great seeing the classic Washington DC sights. I have been there but my DH has never been to the Capitol.

Shelly said...

Don't you just hate that when stuff hops into your cart?! Gorgeous finishes there, as usual. Those cupcakes? I would just have to buy 3 because I could easily scarf 4 or more in one sitting! I'm not good with insects, ugh. Love your long posts Carol, keep them coming!

Cindy said...

Wow, that insect art is really something! I think I would have the creepy-crawlies after seeing that:) Your snowmen are very cute and as usual, I love your finishes. Let's hope we get some sunny days soon. I need to do some weeding too! Have a great weekend!

Mini said...

Carol, beautiful stitching and finishing as always. You were spoiled on Mother's day,you deserve that.Love the little origami heart.
Thanks for showing the pics of your trip. Some intriguing pictures.Creativity sure doesn't have any limits

Manuela said...

Hello Carol,
what a wonderful post.
Your two new little snowmen pillows are very cute. I like them.
The cakes looks very yummy.
Wonderful photos from your trip to Washington D.C.

Have a nice weekend, Manuela

Irmeli said...

How lovely stitching and finishing Carol. All your finishing materials fits so perfectly with stitched pieces and I like how you combine them.
Thank you for the exhibition tour, it was interesting to look at and read about them, really amazing arts.

Marilyn said...

As always, your finishes are great, such cute Snowmen.
And the Swirlys on the sheep are cute too.
What great sons and girlfriends you have, beautiful flowers.
What a cute idea with the origami, happy B-Day to your Mom.
Great stash and pics from your travels.
The art is amazing, even though the bugs ARE kind of creepy! :)
The index card art amazes me.

The Queen Bee said...

Yikes. Look at those bugs!! I'd much prefer looking at the snowmen.

Nice collection of new patterns. Just what I need...more ideas for patterns I don't have time to stitch!


Sherri said...

Love your ornaments. Your staircase railing will look amazing this year. I hope the next time I buy new patterns, some of those will just hop in my bag as well!

Barb said...

Hi Carol -

As always, you never disappoint us - - a very interesting and wonderful post. First of all, Happy Birthday to your Mom! Happy 89th! XOXO! ( Love the origami $50 bill very clever .)

Your stitched pieces are just beautiful and those finishes are wonderful - I'm always so impressed with your work and love that you finish them pretty much as you go along. I have a pile of stuff that needs to be finished *sigh*.

Looks like your sons definitely know how to spoil their Mom, too, and I love your stash you treated yourself with - where did you purchase the Moda squares?

As for the art exhibit at the Renwick - amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that with us. I would love to see that exhibit. Although the insect one is pretty creepy, it is fascinating. I have a niece who loves insects (the bigger and creepier the better). She would love to see that. Too bad she lives in Oregon – not likely she'll get to see it in the Renwick. Isn't it amazing what people 's imagination dream up? I don't think I would think of any of those amazing ideas ever. So much creativity out there !

All the best to you.

xo - Barb R.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Your snowmen are lovely Carol. I love the long arms on your The Drawn Thread snowman.
The gift you stitched for your friend is gorgeous,so beautifully finished and the swirly stitching is really efective.
Those cup cakes look delicious.I would have had to have tried more than one or two:)
You received such thoughful gifts from your sons' and I love the charts you chose.
Your photos of the monuments are great,I love the one of The Lincoln Memorial.
Younger son's nickname at school was Lincoln, we had a 1988 Lincoln Town car at the time! His friends loved it.
I do like the colour explosion of the first exhibit in your photos. The insect exhibit is fascinating if a little creepy,particularly interesting are the insects that are camoflauged as leaves ..amazing. Great post as always.
Hope you have a good weekend.

Amy said...

Augh, I had to scroll really fast past the bugs! I would have run out of that room so fast if I'd been there. :D

Your snowmen are adorable, as is the little sheep! I just love how you finish your projects. I hope I can manage both the technical skill as well as the creativity to be able to do that someday.

R.e. your new stash, I have the snowman in the teacup pattern in my 123stitch wishlist! So cute.

Mavi. said...

Carol tus bordados como siempre son tan bonitos y tan bien coordinados en los cojines que es un placer disfrutar de ellos. Gracias por las fotos el obelisco es inmensamente grande... la exposición de los insectos abrumadora, original, llamativa, es totalmente inusual. Arte en una
Bonitos regalos por el día de la madre, el hibiscus me gusta mucho, el mio murió, tendré que comprar otro.
Un gran beso.

Lynda Harrison said...

Hello Carol - well, what can I say? Each post you do just gets better and better! It really makes my day a happy one, when I read your latest news. Of course, your stitching and finishing is just so wonderful, and I love it all - especially all the snowmen you are doing at the moment. I'm glad you had a lovely Mothers Day - ours is in March here in the UK. I love your photos of Washington DC - I have always wanted to visit, and it looks incredible! What a marvellous post!
Hoping you are all ok, and the weather with you is as warm and sunny as with us!
Take care - lots of love,

Gabi said...

What to say.... as ever,great post and I always love to read your post.
Your ornaments are adorable, your finishing is really perfect. Your creativity is amazing!
Your photos of Washington D.C. are great and remind me of my stay there long ago.
A very happy birthday to your Mom and all the best for her.
Big hugs

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Dear Carol, beautiful snowmen and sheep!
Thank you for sharing photos from your trip to Washington! Everything is amazing! Art insect amazing!
Sending a nice greeting!

Mouse said...

cooooo love the wee pillows .. you do such adorable finishes :) and love the exhibits even the wee beasties .... as they have been put together really cleverly ...
had to laugh at your basketitis when you went shopping ... its a strange disease that seems to affect us stitchers isn't it love mouse xxxxx

Karen said...

Your snowman ornaments are so cute. The finishing that you do is always compliments the stitching perfectly.

butterfly said...

What a treat to read your post early on a Saturday morning .
Love both of your snowmen so cute and love the way you put them together so wonderfully .
Love the sheep stitch too, for your lucky friend.

You are so blessed with having such caring and kind sons.
Wish your Mom a Happy Birthday .
The cakes look yummy , I would want to tast everyone of them how greedy is that ha.
Loved the exhibits amazing .

Jenn M said...

Such sweet little snowmen and you finished them off beautifully. You will have such fun hanging them up in December.
Those art exhibits are truly amazing. I don't know how some people come up with their ideas. The bug one is fascinating, but...eww!
Oh and I love the sheep!
Happy Days,

Andrea said...

Carol, another wonderful post. Your ornaments are just lovely. You choose fabrics so well. Moda prints are beautiful, I had looked at the 'Trinkets' fabric but decided on a 'Primitive Gatherings' collection. I'm looking forward to seeing your stash come to life.

Beautiful Mothers Day gifts. I bet there are no cakes left for me! They do look delicious.

Now insects don't really appeal to me but ... looking closely at those species the wings are especially beautiful. Nature is a beautiful thing.

Have a great weekend.

KimM said...

Like be your stitching.....not so sure about the bugs and bats....?

Angela said...

Love, love, love the Snowman ornaments and your gift for Robin too. I've always wanted to visit Washington D.C. your pics make me want to go even more :)

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Hi Carol, I love your snowman and sheep finishes, and the finishing on them is perfect, as usual. There are so many museums, monuments, government buildings and just a ton of stuff to see and do in DC, you'd have to spend a LOT of time there to see it all. The art at the Renwick Gallery was just amazing!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I enjoyed this post so much....well, except for the bugs. :) I love your snowmen. I may have to copy this idea and have a snowman project next year too. blessings, marlene

Unknown said...

Your latest batch of ornaments are as beautiful as always. I just adore anything with snowmen so they will always be winners for me. Your Springtime design is so pretty too and you are so talented at finishing them off so perfectly. xx

Julie said...

Beautiful snowman ornaments, I do love to see your creations, they always look so delightful.
A fabulous trip you had, loved the thread display but the insects I found a little too creepy, so glad I was the other side of the screen when looking at your pictures, I think I would have been itching all day!
Fabulous gifts from your family for Mothers Day, the cakes do look tasty.
A super idea with the folded heart for your mom's birthday, that's very clever
Have a lovely week xx

Lumiruusu said...

I like always everything you stitch and this time my special favorite was the sheep and flowers piece so soft colours and lovely simple finishing.The artis tic pictures were very intresting to see there seems to be no limit in humans creativity.

Melody said...

Hi Carol
Once again, an interesting post! I found the bugs fascinating that an artist would think to use them to create the display. And, I agree with you, I don't want to meet any of the insects alive. Too creepy. Your stitching is lovely as always. You are an inspiration to me with your finishing skills. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day, and received such thoughtful gifts. The cupcakes sure looked yummy.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Carol the snowmen are adorable. Such nice e gifts you received for mother's day. The cup cakes look delicious. Your pictures of DC are so nice. I hope you weather gets nice soon.

Mii Stitch said...

Beautifully stitched & finished trio.
My favourites are the snowmen ones but I do recall having stitched that little sheep too... mine had a touch of France to him, he was wearing a stripy woolly jumper ;)

Hilda said...

Hi Carol,
I am - as always - impressed about your finishing skills. How can someone who finished so many of these little treasures, have still new darling ideas for details.
Your snowman ornaments are gorgeous!

Nice to see that you have been gifted so well by your sons. Good boys ;-)!

The pictures of Washington DC remind me so much of our trip to the US in 2012. We enjoyed our stay in Washington so much. All these monuments ....
Thanks for sharing these pictures and evoking my memories!


Brenda said...

Oh I love all your snowman finishes!!! That is a great idea for a yearly ornament theme. I might have to try that next year!!!

What beautiful Mother's Day presents!!! Those cupcakes look soooo delicious and I just had to click the link to see the shop and sign up for their email!!! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I just tried to comment on your last post to say how cute the bunnies were and what lovely photos of Uruguay, but my reader didn't let me send the comment, so I am glad to see another post from you here! It has been a dreary May here too - I am looking forward to some sun and warmth soon! Love all your ornament finishes and what thoughtful gifts from your sons for Mother's Day - how nice that the girlfriends played a part in the celebration too!

Solstitches said...

Hi Carol,
Your posts are always packed full of beautiful stitching, finishing and other things of interest.
I am always so impressed by the beautiful cording you apply to your ornament finishes.
I see something and know just what I'm going to say but by the time I get to the end I've forgotten LOL.
Just know that I absolutely love everything you show us and yes, comfort stitching - I would definitely say that Prairie Schooler designs are just that. Nothing complicated and using good old DMC but with such beautiful results.
Happy weekend,

Giovi's Creations said...

Hi Carol!
I always enjoy your trips! So interesting the art exhibition! What amazing the insects one!
Your snowmen are adorable! I'm in love of the blue one!
May is rainy here, too, and I'm glad to hear that your mom is another Taurus, like me...haha
Your mother's day presents are very nice, enjoy them!! XOXO Giovi

Christina said...

Love your Joy ornament! All of your finishes look wonderful! Such pretty and yummy gifts you received for Mother's Day. Great pics of your trip. Hope your mom had a wonderful birthday. Nice stash haul.

Margaret said...

I always end up saving your blogs for a time when I know I have the time to enjoy reading them. :D Lovely post again! How nice that you got to go to DC to visit your youngest! That insect art installation -- yikes! fascinating, but those insects. lol! Love seeing all the pics from your trip. And those cupcakes -- yum! Love all your stitching as well. Love your new stash too! I'm ready for the damp, cool weather to move on, aren't you? But I'm not ready for the heat. Ah well.

Maggee said...

Another great post! Love the two snowmen, but the second one just a little more! And---first thing I noticed was that there was only ONE snowman pattern in that gorgeous pile of stash! uh-huh!?! But it all looked great! Thanks for sharing your DC trip with us. Love the Gabriel Dawe one, not just because it was created with DMC thread, but because of the range of colors we all love so much! The index card art was interesting... Not so crazy about the bugs. Hugs!

Brigitte said...

Your new snowman ornaments are such nice choices again. And both from designers that I dearly love, too. As usual your finishing ideas are such a pleasure to look at. You always seem to find the perfect way for each of the ornaments. And the same for the little pillow you stitched for your friend.

I'm sure your Mom was highly pleased with your card and little heart shaped dollar bill she received from you for Mother's Day. And your sons spoiled you just the same. I always do the same on my birthday - I place a little order for some stitching stuff at my favourite LNS, lol. And isn't it strange that we always "need" something although our stash is not really small? Lol. But I love that and it makes me happy.

What impressed me most when looking at your pictures from the museum were the mountains built with a million index cards. What a job building them up.

Michele B. said...

What lovely stitching, and what wonderful sons you have! Hope when mine grows up he's like your boys. I saw a similar bug exhibit years ago at the Newark Museum in NJ - I'll bet it was by the same artist. Creepy but fascinating!

Preeti said...

Hi Carol, Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Lovely finishes and a great gift you stitched for your friend!!:)
Beautiful flowers and sweet gifts from your sons, they love you like daughters do, you have been a great Mom to them:)
I enjoyed watching your trip photos. Looking forward to see what you make with your new stash.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Beautiful finishes. The insect art piece is interesting but it wouldn't be top of my shopping list.

Sheryl said...

Another wonderful post Carol, pretty stitching and finishes on your snowmen and just love that origami dollar bill idea, taking `note´ of that. Loved seeing your Washington trip photos and monuments. Although cleverly done, I dislike the insect art.

Natasha said...

What a great post! I am just now catching up on all my blog reading, took a few months off and WOW do I have a few to read LOL.

Your finishes as always are so adorable. I am a sucker for those charm packs as well they make the perfect fabric for finishing smalls.

Those exhibits... WOW truly amazing, even the Bug one creepy but visulay stunning . It has been years since I was in D.C let alone at an art museum, Columbia,Sc has a pretty nice one actually and I have yet to go.... Maybe this summer finally LOL

Wishing you a wonderful day and a happy joyful filled weekend.
Take Care Friend

priscilla said...

Love your ornaments Carol! The PS is my favorite sweet and finished prefectly! Happy Birthday to your Mom..Hope she had a great day! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day and love all the Washington DC photos!

Penny said...

Your posts are always full of such wonderful things! Snowmen are my favorite so of course I'm in love with your ornament finishes. : ) What a clever idea for the money. Hope your mother's birthday was a happy one. As for the cupcakes I think I would have chosen them all. : ) I'm afraid I'm not very good about sharing when it comes to sweet things. It sounds like your Mother's Day was lovely. Love the additions to your stash. : ) You saw some spectacular exhibits on your trip to Washington - I'm amazed by all of those perfectly preserved insects - wow!

Meari said...

More beautiful finishes. I absolutely love how you finish your ornaments.

The armchair trip to DC was so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Glad you had a good Mother's Day. :)

Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom. Speaking of origami -- One Christmas, we bought a tiny pink Christmas tree for my Mom (She LOVED pink!) and my sister folded all sorts of origami money to put on the tree as ornaments. Mom was so excited over it. She had the biggest smile as she unfolded each bill, not knowing what denomination it would be.

Unknown said...

hello my name is lisa. i wanted to ask if you give the patterns out for your cross stitch.