Friday, August 21, 2015

Late summer finishes

Ten more days left until September... Where did our summer go? I heard the summer of 2015 described as "The Tale of Two Summers" yesterday on a local news program--a perfect description of the season here in western Pennsylvania. Until mid-July, we had nothing but rain, rain, rain--over 10 inches! But since that time we've had nothing but sun and humidity with just a bit over 2 inches of rain. Things are drying out quickly here and it's looking like late fall--the yards are all turning brown as many of the leaves are crinkling up and falling way before their time. The big tulip tree outside of our kitchen window has dropped so many leaves, we actually need to go find our rakes and get busy!

In many ways, I look at this as "our lost summer," due to my husband's broken neck and all the things that we never got to: the paint can that sits, unopened, in a bedroom we intended to renovate, the mulchless garden beds, the many weeds popping up in places I've never seen. But, thankfully, things will return to normal next summer as my husband's neck is healing beautifully. He still has to wear the neck brace when he drives and has the problem with numbness in his fingers, but he can deal with those issues... Thank you, again, for all your prayers and well-wishes--we will feel forever blessed that he had the outcome he did!

With the busyness of our family weddings and all the cookies I made, I have had little time to stitch, but I do have a few late summer finishes to share with you today. Of all the seasons, I have the fewest things stitched for summer, so, in an attempt to help remedy that, I stitched this peaceful harbor scene from Prairie Schooler's "Weather Wise" (Book No. 145). It is stitched on 40 ct. white Newcastle with the suggested DMC threads.

I found a perfect fabric which mimics the flying birds (or, I suppose, the design could be interpreted as waves) in a Moda charm pack that I had purchased called "Lakeside Gatherings." I just love purchasing charm packs to use in my finishing and this gray fabric didn't disappoint. The only bad thing about charm pack cuts is that they usually aren't big enough to cover the back of the pillow or ornament--I use them more for little accent pieces. Luckily, I came across this lighter gray fabric that has what look like bubbles on it and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I was inspired by my sister's wedding invitation, which had a nautical theme, to make a reef knot (commonly known as a square knot) for the front of the pillow and I was really excited to see that it "tied up" this finish quite nicely!

Drawn Thread is another of my favorite cross stitch designers due to, not only her beautiful designs, but also the use of specialty stitches which add so much to a finish. This one is "Free and Brave" and is stitched on 36 ct. summer khaki linen. I used the suggested overdyed threads, but substituted the suggested green with Needle Necessities 142. Isn't it pretty? I truly love everything about this one from the patriotic colors to the sweet birds to the winding vine.

I really struggled with the specialty-stitched red flowers! Yikes--I must have ripped them out three or four times before I got them to look acceptable. But they, along with the Rhodes heart and the satin-stitched leaves help make this design even more special. I plan on framing this one and am thinking a rustic looking black frame would be nice. Here is a closer look of the specialty stitches for you:

The Prairie Schooler Santa Sunday SAL that I had been doing with Melissa in Canada and Hilda in Austria has fallen by the wayside this summer. We just don't seem to have any free time on Sundays to stitch! I did finish up a fourth Santa, though, way back in May which I had forgotten to show you. This one is from Prairie Schooler's "Old World Santas" (Book No. 80) and is stitched on 40 ct. raw natural Newcastle.  

And here is a shot of the four I have stitched this year for February, March, April, and May. Melissa, Hilda, and I hope to get back on track and resume our Sunday Santa SAL this fall. I don't know when I'll have time to finish these guys into ornaments, but I'm determined to have them hanging on my Christmas tree in December! Which is your favorite?

I had admired a beautiful finish on Marie's blog and she kindly offered to send me the chart. I just love all the little motifs and I can't wait to stitch it. Just look at how beautifully Marie's finish turned out! Wow!! Thank you so much, my friend--I will certainly pass along the chart to another stitcher when I am done and keep the kindness going...

And all the way from France came a surprise package from my friend, Nathalie (no blog). She stitched me this darling patriotic ornament and included a lovely French cross stitch magazine along with some sweet treats. You spoiled me, Nathalie! Thank you so much for your beautiful package and your friendship...

I've been busy preparing my dinner for our upcoming trip to the beach in Corolla, NC. Each family takes one night to cook and I always make lasagna ahead of time. This time I made 2 1/2 large pans of it along with 3 dozen meatballs, and an assortment of cookies (yes, more cookies!!) to take down. I freeze everything and then by the time we arrive at the beach it is mostly thawed and ready to heat up for an easy dinner... just have to make a salad, garlic bread, and dessert. Everyone prepares such yummy meals--we eat very well on this trip, let me tell you! The hard part is juggling the timing and serving 24 people when I am only used to our small family. Wish me luck...

Changes... I have been in the same job as a librarian at the same library, for my entire career. I'm coming up on almost 28 years there (having taken 10 years off when my sons were young). But these days, it's rare to find a young person staying in the same job for his or her entire career. My youngest son recently made the decision to leave his job at the Department of Justice to go study abroad in Argentina. He leaves in September and will return to the U.S. in December. It was a hard decision as he truly loved (most parts!) of his job, but he, as part of his studies for his Master's Degree in International Affairs, wanted to better his Spanish speaking ability and decided that to be immersed in a Spanish-speaking culture and take classes at the The Universidad Torcuato Di Tella would be his best bet. I am, as a mother, both nervous and excited for him... Argentina is so, so far away. We are thinking of trying to visit him in late fall. Have any of you ever been there? I hope this new chapter of his life is fulfilling in every way...

Well, that's about it for today... I thank you for your kind comments and lovely emails as always and I hope what remains of the summer is enjoyable in every way! Thanks for visiting. Bye for now...


Vickie said...

Oh Carol! That knot really makes Weather Wise special.
Wow! Free and Brave is a gorgeous piece of work. So very pretty. Well done.
Yes! I saw that sampler Marie did, so adorable! You will love it as well I am sure.
What a treat from Nathalie. French magazines are so wonderful.
That is certainly exciting news for your son. I hope he gains so very much knowledge. What a special time in his life this will be.

priscilla said...

Yippee a Carol post ! Love seeing your stitching ..your two new pieces are fabulous! So glad your husband is healing well ..Hope you have a great trip.. Good luck to your son ..hope you do get to visit him!

Robin said...

Love the PS finish -- the design, the fabrics used for finishing and the reef knot embellishment. Your Drawn Thread finish is lovely as well. Wishing you a safe journey to and from the beach along with an enjoyable stay while you are there. Best wishes to your son as he heads to Argentina. What a very nice package you received from Nathalie.

Robin in Virginia

PS Oops, I forgot! Another adorable PS Santa you have stitched, Carol!

Vicki said...

I'm excited for your son,what a great experience for him! Your finishes are terrific and I really like the nautical knot on the pillow ~ perfect!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What an opportunity for your son! I know it's scary on one hand but it will definitely enrich his life in unimaginable ways. Love all your finishes. I can't pick a favorite. They are all so pretty. I've always admired that spot sampler too. Can't wait to see yours. Have a good time on your trip. Be well and be safe! Hugs!

Lynda Harrison said...

Hello Carol!
So good to read your new post! Been thinking of you all a lot recently, and it's always wonderful to see more of your beautiful stitching! It all is just perfect - what shall we do when Prairie Schooler retire?! Up to my eyes at the moment with eveything - will let you know how it goes!
Have a lovely weekend!
Take care.
With love,

LoriU said...

Oh my gosh I love love love that first finish!! The stitching is just so pretty and the knot and fabric really makes it!!

Good luck to your son...I am sure he will love it and do very well.

Have fun at the beach!

Jenn M said...

Such lovely summer finishes! I almost feel a little guilty about my lack of stitching this summer:) Glad to know your husband is doing so well, and I'm sure your son will excel while he is away. Your little family is so lovely to read about; you can tell that your love for each other infuses everything you all do.
I love the Santa dressed in blue!

Kay said...

I always love seeing your finishes.I especially like the nautical design, and the way the knot on the cushion enhances it all. x

Kate said...

Carol, I love your harbour scene finish - you're so clever! Those Santas will be a charming addition to your Christmas Tree. Your beach vacation sounds wonderful!

Annie said...

I've never seen that PS summer scene. I love it and your cool finish. There are so many of PS beauties out there.

Beautiful job on the "Free and Brave". Your threads are laying very evenly which is not easy on 36 ct.

Love "By the Bay" designs. I've never seen that one either. I don't remember any samplers like that from her. I always think of those seaside landscapes.

Glad to hear your DH is doing well. The house and garden will wait for you. But I know it will be hard for you to have your son so far away. I guess you will think of it as an opportunity to visit! And it will be a good resume-enhancer for your son.

The Queen Bee said...

Love, love, love your Weather Wise finish. I stitched the big pattern but apparently don't have the same eye you do to pull the pattern back out and stitch the smalls.

Sometimes simply turning the calendar gives us hope that life will brighten up. Fall and the coming holidays always gives me a boost of excitement.

You and I will be suffering this fall semester together. Only my baby is still a baby! With only 1 year of college under her belt I will be white knuckling her semester abroad.


Melissa said...

Carol, I love your finished pieces! The knot finish in Weather Wise is perfect. I love the colours and the stitches in the Drawn Thread piece. All so pretty! I am hoping that with Fall I will get back into the PS Santa SAL.

I am also hoping our weather will cool off and get some rain, although the news forecaster keeps saying we will have a very wet Fall/Winter due to El Nino!

I will write more in my email over the weekend!

Manuela said...

A wonderful little finish. All your other works are so beautiful.
Greetings, Manuela

Tracey said...

Beautiful stitching!! What is the design in your header photo? I love it!

Beth said...

Weather Wise calls to me - I am suddenly into lighthouses! At least with your son so far away you will still have Skype and email so can connect regularly. It is an amazing opportunity for him.

Barbara said...

Love all the finishes but I particularly like the water scene. That knot really adds to the finishing....great idea.

-Susan- said...

Carol you are such an inspiration to me. I have 3 unfinished stitching projects in a basket by my living room chair and I should be stitching away while I watch a movie or TV program. I think I will resolve to do just that!! Love what you have to share this month. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Sherri said...

A Carol post! Love seeing all of your finishes. The PS with the square knot is adorable. As far as your PS Santa's, they are all cute. So, I can't pick one over the other. I'm sure you, too, are sad that PS is retiring. They've always been one of my favorites and when I see your finishes, I love them even more. So glad that your husband is healing nicely. It is hard to see our kids move away...really hard, but we plow through it. You get to travel to a new place! Time is a good healer/adjuster. Best wishes to him in his new endeavor. Looking forward to seeing your PS Santa finishes.

Margaret said...

Oh wow! Good for your son! Good luck to him in his new ventures. I don't blame you for being nervous. My daughter has wanted to go spend time in South American forever. She hasn't done it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did do it someday. So I totally understand your trepidation. He'll be fine though, and I bet his Spanish will improve enormously!

Love your finishes as always. I love how you put the reef knot on that pillow -- so perfect! Love all your Santas too! And I'm so so glad to hear your DH is recovering so well from his fall. Thank God! Such good news!

Have fun on your big family get together. I can't imagine cooking for so many people! How do you do it?

Rita said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing. I LOVE your finish of the Weather Wise piece!

Our oldest DS is working on his post doc in Denmark so I "get" what you're feeling about yours going off to Argentina. It IS a long way but we're blessed to have emails, cell phones, FB, and Skype. He's been back for visits a few times. Hopefully we'll get to go visit him before he leaves there.

Barb said...

How many times can I say your finishing is beautiful. It truly inspires me all the time. Just love the Weather Wise design. The fabric is perfect! Best of luck to your son in his new adventure. It is always scary for us moms when they try new adventures. My children are older now and seem to be settled. My son is so busy being a dad and I'm very proud of that.

marly said...

Love the projects and that knot was a brilliant touch. The red flowers are fabulous - love them - makes a great piece even nicer. Glad to hear husband is doing well. As for summer, it's over! I am sitting with a fleece jacket this evening as I have for the last two. I applaud your son for doing what many of us don't have the guts to do.

Myra said...

Such a delightful post Carol! I am so happy to hear your husband is doing well. It was worth the "lost" summer to know he is so much better. I love the finish on Weather wise, just superb. You know which one of the Santa's is my favorite.­čśâAlthough I do love them all. Wow! Congratulations for your son but I think I would be feeling the same as you are. They are still our babies, aren't they?

Shelly said...

Great finishes, Carol! And glad to hear the hubby is getting better. I like the blue Santa since blue is my favorite color. Ooh, lasagna, as I smack my lips! Cooler temps aren't here just yet, the middle part of September though. That's a big step your son is taking, wishing him the best in Argentina!

Linda said...

Another awesome post Carol. Congrats on all of the lovely finishes and gifts. My favorite Santa's are the green ones as that is my favorite color. Good luck to your son. Glad to hear that hubby is doing well.


Melody said...

Carol, what a wonderful post. I love your nautical piece by PS. I have the chart, I will have to remember to stitch it up one of these days! Also, your PS Santas are great. I have stitched several of them, and do not get tired of them at all. Timeless designs. I am so glad to read that your husband is doing well. Also, good luck to your son on his new adventure in life. I will be marking 40 years at the library September 1... Time flies. LOL.

Lisa V said...

Love your Santa collection, PS Santa's look amazing when all stitched up. Glad to hear that your hubby is on the mend.
Take care

Marilyn said...

Glad to hear your husband is doing well.
Great finishes!
I like the blue Santa best. :)
Good luck to your son on his new adventure.

Brigitte said...

Our summer has been just as strange as yours this year. Never before has there been such a long series of such hot days up here in the mountains. We are definiteyl not used to that. And I don't dare to think of the people down in the Rhine Valley who suffered from even higher temperatures than we did. BUt what we could need now is some rain. Let's hope that fall will bring some wet days.

Your stitching is as beautiful as always. The little PS pillow looks fantastic and so do the four Santas. I stitched some of them two years ago, too, and they were so much fun. Drawn Thread is also a great designer and I particularly love her earlier designs. All these specialty stitches make your project really special.

Wow, cooking for 24 persons is a real challenge. I have to keep in mind what you prepare each year for the family reunion. Maybe it will come handy one day when all our children and their families will be here again together.

Yes, the job conditions have changed a lot over the years, here as well. International experience has become so important. But I know how you feel about your son being so far away.

Enjoy your wonderful gifts from your stitching friends.

Nicola said...

Yet another lovely interesting blog post with some beautiful stitching! Can't decided which is my favourite Santa, love them all!

Mary Ann said...

Lovely stitching and finishing, as always!! I really love your Free and Brave finish!

I am happy to hear that your husband is doing well, and what a wonderful opportunity for your son!!

Enjoy your beach trip!!

Justine said...

What beautiful stitching! I love everything but especially those PS Santas and I love love love the Weather Wise finish. The rope and fabric and your finishing are just perfect!

Glad to hear that your husband is on the mend.

Preeti said...

Beautiful stitched pieces and your finish is lovely:) I liked the Santa pieces with birds and ginger bread more. Good luck to your son !!

Friendship Crossing said...

Hi Carol,
Finally found a few moments to visit your lovely blog! Loved the reef knot on your cute little pillow - looks perfect on there! LOVE the Americana Home of Brave one too! Drawn Thread is notorious for specialty stitches, but look so pretty on there!
Wow to your son for achieving his dreams!! and I'm sure I'd be a proud but nervous mama too, but just think, he'll be back in a few mths. That would be so great if you all get to go visit him.
Prayers of thanksgiving for your hubby! (I went back and read what happened to him).

Wonderful visiting you again!

Maggee said...

Your nautical pillow is absolutely perfect! The birds flying fabric for embellishment, and that knot! Your creative juices flowed again! I look forward to seeing your rendition of the piece from Marie--hers was lovely! And I prefer the Santa with the birds, in green! It will be hard to have a son away so far, but... you are already planning a visit... how great! Continued prayers for your hubby, in healing. All those things you mentioned can wait... as long as he gets back to 'normal' soon! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol...your Weather Wise is delightful!!! What a unique and creative finish! Love it. Love the grey, love the birds on the fabric, love the knot. It's perfect! Prairie Schooler has some wonderful charts. I have only a few. You continue to inspire me. Also love Drawn Thread charts. They can be a bit "fussy"...not necessarily for a quick stitch, but I do love the different stitches she uses. It makes our work look wonderful! And fun in the end.
Glad to know life is slowly returning to normal. Happy for your son and his new job and the life experience that will come with it. Will keep him in my prayers.

Jackie said...

Congratulations to your son on his new adventure! Very smart to take the time now before he's settled down with a family. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I've never been to South America but you should definitely visit! Such things as Skye and Facetime are a game changer.

Our summer is just one hot day after another with loads of rain. We started off a little cooler than normal. It's nice to hear that some areas of the country are already seeing those first signs of fall. It makes me feel hopeful! (Let's not even discuss the insane summer electric bills we've had)

Who could pick a favorite Santa? Not me!

I'm so thankful to read that your husband is recovering so well!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

What beautiful finishes, Carol! {Hugs} to you for your son moving so far away! So, so glad to hear the good report on your husband. Mine's doing great as well - even back to work full time! :)

Michelle said...

What an experience for your Son - wishing him all the very best - lovely photos xx

Lumiruusu said...

The maritime inspired PS finish is super stylish and knot makes it extra special..thank you again for visiting my blog :) I prefer the Santa with the bird house :) I always wait yur posts because they are lovely read and thereis so much I can learn from your finishing skills ! :)

Christina said...

Your stitching and finishing are beautiful as always. Love the little knot, the scene looks so tranquil. Glad that you and your DH are doing well. Continued prayers for a complete recovery. I have to say my favorite Santa so far, is the one holding the ginger. Best of luck to your son on the new adventure life is taking him on. It is great that he is continuing his education. Have a wonderful time at the beach. I used to do the same thing on quilt retreats, make lasagna or eggplant parmesan and freeze it. I agree, it works out great.

Chrissie B said...

As always.....Perfection!! I fall in love with every stitching you do. Glad hubby is coming along and wish your son well on his new adventure. Blessings to all of you....Chris

Julie said...

A post full of lovely things Carol
Wishing your son a wonderful time, hope his dreams come true.
I think the Santa with the birdies is my favourite.
The sweet nautical finish is so lovely, the knot finishes it so perfectly.
Have a wonderful time away.
love and blessings xxx

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful, brave decision by your son but I am sure it will be the right move. Gorgeous stitching, I love Free and Brave and your finishing is just right. So glad to hear that your husband is still doing well. hugs, Kaye

Elizabeth Ann said...

I love your red, white and blue piece! The thread colors are perfect. I hope you have a wonderful vacation with your family! Good thing you didn't show any of the food, I am on this diet..... so sad, no cookies for me....

butterfly said...

Oh Carol I just love your first stitch, it looks just great with the knot just perfect .
Your second stitch is so beautiful love the colours .
And your santas are looking wonderful I like the blue one .
Lovely gifts from Nathalie.

Wishing your son all the best , and he will have a wonderful time.

Such allot of life change going on for your family this year , but it makes life interesting and there will always be change in life , sometimes we can't stop it even if we want to.

Have a good time away , and enjoy . sending hugs .

Mavi. said...

Hi Carol, just no time you could embroider beautiful graphics, love the reef knot and embroidery. I hope your son has a lot of luck in your new adventure, Argentina do not know, I can not comment.
Many kisses.

Cathy H. said...

I love your little nautical pillow . . . beautifully stitched and finished! My favorite Santa? I think it would be the one holding the lantern. It was a hard choice! Best wishes for your son as he studies abroad and prayers for you!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

First and foremost, a big congratulations to your son for his upcoming adventure and immersion in the culture of Argentina. I wish him luck and good fortune. As a mother's heart beats in my chest, my prayers are with you. I know that must be a difficult thing to let a child travel to another country. Prayers that all goes smoothly and that he will return in December with lots of good things to share!
Now on to the stitching....Carol, I must say, your Prairie Schooler finish is gorgeous. That is genius, pure and simple, for the square knot embellish. You are a maestro when it comes to finishing! I too buy the modo charm packs, last fall though I bought a pack that has the larger cuts maybe like 8 x 10 inch in size and they are VERY nice for ornament stitching. A little more costly than the charm packs, but you can have front and back coverage for a single ornament :)
Well my dear I hope your upcoming trip is stunningly wonderful! I cannot choose a favorite Santa because they ALL are wonderful! Safe travels!

Hilda said...

"The Tale of Two Summers" - that is the perfect title for this years Summer, indeed!

Carol, I am so happy to read, that Tim's neck is healing that good. That is the most important thing out of all these things around his incident. All the other things you can catch up on later!

I LOVE your TPS stitching. It is so beautiful and fresh and perfect for a Summer finishing. And that knot - oh my - I wish I would have such a wonderful idea for one of my nautic sitchings.
Your TDT-finish is marvellous either. The colors and the special stitches!
Concerning our Santa SAL, I think we all had a long break. But I also intend to resume with my Santas in September.

All the best for your youngest and his adventure. That is quite an exciting step!
And it will surly be an exciting journey for you and Tim to visit him. You really should do so!

Have a wonderful last week of August, my dear friend!


Jennifer said...

Love your summer stitching and that finish with the knots is just awesome! I wish your son well as he heads to Argentina - I haven't been there, but I did travel to Lima, Peru a few years ago and had a wonderful long as you have a guide/companion who speaks Spanish, you should have a wonderful time. Enjoy your time in Corolla - we saw the fireworks there last year while spending the week in a condo in Duck - it is a lovely part of the country!

Lesley said...

What a beautifully finished piece of stitching Carol.I am looking forward to seeing your alphabet stitching,what a pretty design.
I hope your son has a great experience in Argentina and you and your husband a wonderful visit to see him,especially after the difficult few months he and you have had.
It is exciting for our children to have the opportunities to do so many different things such as foreign travel. Us mothers and Dads')are proud of them but pride is tinged with a little aprehension:) once a parent,always a parent.
Hope you have a lovely time at your family gathering.

Pam in IL said...

Great finishes! I love the knot you added to the PS finish and agree the fabric is perfect too. I'm happy to hear that your hubby continues to do well. Enjoy your time at the beach. Wishing your son safe travels.

Elisa said...

Love all your finishes !!!

Sheryl S. said...

Beautiful stitching and finishes as always. Love the santa collection. Great news about health issues and exciting journey for your son.

Lillie said...

Oh WoW! that's a wonderful finish.
I see a wonderful lot of lovely Santa collection soon.
So glad your husband is recovering well.
Wishing your son all the best.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Carol, I can't believe it is almost september myself. Your pieces such nice finishes. Glad about the good new on your son. Argentina will be a great experience for him. As for your long years where you work. That is rare these days. I have been busy walking 5-10 miles a day. Not much stitching going on. I am looking forward to Fall. A new season.

Maria´s Needlework & Samplers said...

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful things you have made :D! I will keep coming here ;D! Best regards from Sweden!

Barb said...

Hi Carol - oh thank you for sharing your beautiful stitched pieces with us. That PS weather Wise finish is just perfect!!! You are truly one clever, creative girl. I love all of your Santa's - it will be fun to see how you finish them, too - I know they will be so special.
As for The Drawn Thread - she is one of my most favorite designers - I have several projects in my stash that I want to stitch (and a lot more not in my stash that I'd like to stitch! LOL,). I think you did a beautiful job and I love the specialty stitches.

I, too, am so happy your husband is doing so well - I think we are still praying for his continued improvement. As for your son, what a great opportunity for him to immerse himself in Spanish language and the culture of Argentina! And a perfect opportunity for you to visit. What a great adventure!!

xoxo - Barb

Jan Doling said...

Hi Carol, hope you don't think I have been ignoring your blog. We have been away for a couple of weeks and life has been a bit mad since we arrived back a week ago so computer time has been very limited. I just love your weather wise design and the way you have finished it is delightful. I am going to try and find a copy of that Prairie Schooler chart. I am glad to hear your husband is going on well and wish your son the very best of luck on his Argentina adventure. xx

diamondc said...

Oh my what a beautiful finish, the colors are perfect for your Prairie Schooler Stitch, I love all your stitching.
I am so glad your Husband is doing so well, I hope he gets back to his own self soon.

Blessings to you both.


Frances N said...

Your stitching is lovely, as always! So pretty!
I'm glad your husband is doing well. And I know your son will love studying in Argentina. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for him! That is exciting!

Sally said...

So glad to read that your husband is healing nicely.

Your finishes, as always, are so beautiful. Loving your PS Santas and I can't choose a favourite!

Good luck to your son in Argentina.

Lois said...

As always, I love when I get the chance to drop by your blog Carol and see what you've been up too! You never disappoint and I love all your finishes (that knot was an inspired decision!) and future stitching plans. Sunday Christmas stitching has fallen by the wayside for me too but I'm hoping to get back on track now that summer is pretty much over here. Enjoy your family trip!

Christine said...

The 'weather wise' finish was so creative and perfect! Love the Santas and after seeing your close up of the Drawn Thread piece, I am adding it to my wishlist. Beautiful work!

Marie said...

First, I am Glad that thing are going well for your DH.

Ahhh, more of your gorgeous stitching and finishing. My favorite Santa? The green one with the birds.

Alright if I "steal" your pillow finish with the rope knot and use it on a future finish for my dear friends in Virginia Beach? Same friend that I gave the By the Bay framed piece to. :-) It would be perfect for her home on the water.

More cookies! Ahhh, I want to be at one of those functions when you arrive with a platter of your cookies!

How exciting for your DS, he's quite ambitious. I wish him well in Argentina. He'll be back before you know it!

Lovely gift from your friend Nathalie.

Wanda said...

Hi Carol!
I am so happy to hear about your husband's continued health - what an incredible journey this has been with such a positive outcome! I just love your harbor scene ornament and your square knot is just the perfect touch.
I was smiling as you were talking about the charm packs and how perfect they are (except for being too small for the backs) for getting just the right fabric for an ornament. I have been quilting lately and just finished a quilt for my best friend's birthday. I had such fun picking out fabrics that represented her.
The Drawn Thread ornament is beautiful and your PS Santa's are fabulous.
I hope you had a wonderful vacation and were able to enjoy it as this has been such a difficult summer. What an incredible experience and opportunity for your son. I know you will worry but I hope you do get to visit.


Nancy M said...

It's been so long since I've popped in. I caught up on all your posts and I'm so glad to hear that your DH is almost healed. I can imagine he is itching to go bike riding though. I remember his trips out west and to Alaska? To ride his bike. Your finishes are awesome. Love the one with the nautical knot. I actually came to your blog to get some ideas for September and that gave me an excuse to catch up. Your son going to Argentina sounds like a perfect excuse to travel there! I am also a long time employee. 33 years with the same Orthodontist! I've been busy this summer. We have our 6 yr old grand daughter living with us, so I haven't had the alone time I'm used to, but it's what is best for her. We are all adjusting , but I have to admit, I'm looking forward to school starting this Tuesday! :-) So glad I caught up with you. Hope you have a wonderful fall season. Now I'm off to go see your September bowl and see if I can get some inspiration!

passionfruitprincess said...

Hello, Carol!
I love your PS finish! The colors are perfect,and the knot is a beautiful finishing touch!
How nice your son going to study in Argentina! Their Spanish sounds beautiful. I also love your patriotic stitch...congrats on the pretty red flowers, they look great! And your French gifts are lovely, French magazines are the best! Have a good week!
Ana Paula.

Weronika said...

Amazing finish! And such a pretty patterns! Great work!

Annette said...

Indeed our weather this year is really strange. I think its all over teh world.. But I haven't seen my garden as greeen as this.. lol.. so much reain has fallen.. lol
You have been stitching so many beautifull pieces!!
Your crafts skills are awesome.. I love the knot of the piece!1
You can keep it up with the Santa's.
With Fall comming, more sitting inside!
I would loved to live in you neighbourhood, So I can join the dinners at you table, They always sounds so great an dyummy!!

What a great choose of your son..!!
I could name made that choose.. to affraid.
I'm working almost 14 years with the same boss, but did change the location..
Now in my home town.. thats the best
Good luck for your son!!! its sounds great

Meari said...

Beautiful finishes! Of all your Santas, I like the one where he's holding the birdhouse.

Summer weather in the Midwest was similar to yours. Rain, rain, rain. Then heat and humidity. Leaves fell earlier, too. Crazy.

How exciting for your son to be able to study abroad. I'm sure he will do well.

valerie said...

OMGosh! How exciting for the youngest to go study abroad in Argentina! That was something I had wanted to do and Argentina is still on my bucket list. I love your new stitching finishes. The knot really makes that scenic piece and I think that the specialty stitches in your DT really makes the piece. So pretty! Hope you're having a good start to September!