Friday, January 9, 2015

Gifts and a Giveaway

Good morning, my stitching friends! And how is everyone doing in this brand new year? 2015... doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we were celebrating the year 2000 and ringing in a new century?  I'll have to admit, January is not my favorite month... I always feel a bit of a letdown after the busy holiday season and this cold, bitter month seems to stretch on forever. Does anyone else feel like that? I think this year it hit me harder than normal because I was going non-stop from the day Dad died on October 31st until the Christmas decorations were finally tucked back into the attic on January 3rd. And all of a sudden everything is quiet again--which is both good and bad. Good because I have more time to read and stitch and putter around the house (I love puttering!). Bad because I have more time to think about and miss my father and worry about certain other friends and family members. I know that once short February rolls around I'll be relieved--after all, by then, the winter's end is in sight!

But, enough of that--I know you're here to see what stitching I have to share with you today. I was so impressed with the goals so many of you made for your stitching year... I'm just not that organized and I'm the type of stitcher who likes to stitch whatever calls to me at the time. My only goal for 2015 is to, once again, create a dozen new ornaments for my poor, overloaded Christmas tree. I try to do one a month and January's is stitched, but not finished, so I'll wait and show you that next time. Today, the only things I can show you are the ornaments I've given away as gifts at Christmas time and for a friend's special birthday. 

I stitched and sent 11 ornaments as gifts this year and today I'd like to share those I created for my international friends. Next time, I'll show you the ones that went to friends right here in the United States.

To my friend June, in England, went this piece stitched on 32 ct. black Belfast linen. If you think it looks familiar, you're right! I stitched another for my own tree back in 2012. I don't mind stitching the same design twice if there are a few years in between stitchings, do you? This is called "Candy Canes" and is designed by Sue Hillis. I found the cute candy cane charm in the lower right corner on Etsy.

"Candy Canes" by Sue Hillis

This Prairie Schooler Santa, from the "Father Christmas" booklet (No. 43) is now residing with my friend, Lois,  in Northern Ireland. For the finish, I used the suggested DMC colors on 40ct. raw natural Newcastle linen. I tied a couple of rusty bells on the hanger and added handmade cording to complete this one.

Prairie Schooler's "Father Christmas" gold Santa

To Lynda (no blog), in England, went another Prairie Schooler Santa from the "Father Christmas" booklet (No. 43). Once again, I used the suggested DMC colors on 40ct. raw natural Newcastle linen. I'll definitely be stitching both of the PS Santas that I sent to Lois and Lynda for myself. I just love how relaxing they are to stitch!

Prairie Schooler's "Father Christmas" blue Santa

For Nathalie (no blog), in France, I stitched an ornament which I've stitched at least four times! This gingerbread boy is designed by Plum Pudding NeedleArt and  is stitched "over one" on 28 ct. Jobelan using the suggested DMC threads. The chart can be found in the "Candy Cane Wishes" booklet which features two other equally adorable designs. I'm sure that won't be the last time I stitch him--he always makes me smile!

Plum Pudding NeedleArt "Candy Cane Wishes"

And finally, for Gabi (no blog), in Germany, went another favorite Prairie Schooler  design that I've stitched multiple times. The chart for this one was featured in the 1999 Just Cross Stitch ornament magazine. I used 18 ct. sage green aida and backed it with the cute polka dot fabric which coordinated perfectly with the DMC colors in the finish.

Prairie Schooler "Let It Snow" snowman

If you'd like to see the gifts that June, Lois, Lynda, Nathalie, and Gabi sent my way, just take a peek at my previous post.  I've so enjoyed my friendships with all of you--thank you again for thinking of me at Christmas time!

And there was also a special birthday gift for my friend, Cindy, who turned 50 on January 1st. I chose yet another Prairie Schooler design (are you tired of all these PS designs, yet?!)...  This one is from the chart "From the Heart" and is stitched on 40ct. raw natural Newcastle linen. I used the suggested DMC colors, but changed the border to all white and added six little beads to the basket. I thought Cindy could use it for Valentine's Day in a small basket of finishes or just place it on a bookshelf in her home. I previously stitched this for my bowl of February finishes back in 2012, but used a different color scheme in the border, which you can see right here. I actually think I like this all-white border even better!

Prairie Schooler "From the Heart" finish

Blogging slowdown? It was so interesting to read your comments and emails on my last post's reflections on the change in the blogging world over the past year. I'm thrilled that so many of you plan on keeping up your blog and a few of you even said you missed the personal contacts that blogging brings and plan to return to it. Yay!! A couple of you emailed and said you were discouraged with blogging because of the lack of comments on your blogs. Well, my answer to that is: "Do you comment on other blogs?" I comment--a lot. I know how a few kind words about a finish or a post can make me feel and I try to bring that same feeling to others. I rarely comment any more on blogs whose authors don't comment on mine. Does that sound childish? Perhaps, but there are only so many hours in the day and I'd rather take the time to comment on those blogger's blogs who reciprocate... A comment can be as simple as "nice work" or "lovely post." It really doesn't take much time out of your busy day. Anyway, it was an interesting conversation and the general consensus seemed to be that blogging offers more of a chance to build real relationships than some other forms of social media.

A little giveaway... I know you're all familiar with that lovely Santa postman in Marly's  header on her blog--isn't he the most handsome Santa? I love how Marly finished him, too, and will definitely be adding him to my "must stitch" list one of these years. While doing some organizing last week, I discovered that I had an extra copy of the book that contains that chart as well as over 20 other lovely projects. Who would like to win a copy?

Here is a collage of just some of the charts you can find in this beautiful book including the postman Santa shown in the far right photo. If you would like to win a copy of this Leisure Arts book, please let me know in your comments and I will pick a winner on my birthday on January 16th. I will leave the drawing open until midnight on January 15th. 

Giveaway for "Christmas Portraits" book

I'll leave you with this photo that doesn't look like much when you first glance at it. But, as I studied it more closely, it took my breath away when I noticed the brilliant reddish orange cardinal perched on the very top of a snow-covered pine tree in my back yard. Can you spot him?

Here is a blurry close-up--such a cheery bird in the middle of winter...

Enjoy your week, my friends... the next time I post, I'll officially be the big 6-0!! Thanks so much for each and every comment; I truly appreciate them!  Bye for now...


Jennifer said...

So glad to have found your blog last year to see all your lovely projects and read your posts. I agree with your comments on blogging and commenting - I love Instagram and facebook (ok, I don't really love facebook, but I do love that it allows me to stay connected, even if on a superficial level), but they don't replace blogging for me. I would love to be in your drawing for the book - my goal for this year is to work on some ornaments for my tree and for gifts next holiday season.

Anonymous said...

What lovely designs! I have to admit I feel a little different about January - I was just relieved to make it through the holidays this year. We start with a birthday on October 29 every year, so our last few months are always packed. I look forward to January because it means out busy season finally slows down.

Brigitte said...

So great to see this new blog post from you. Whenever I see your name in my reader that there is some delightful reading and looking ahead. And as usualy I'm not disappointed. How could I, lol.

Your have stitched and sent out some wonderful ornaments, I have seen some of them already on the recipients blogs. Prairie Schoolers have always been my favourites, particularly their Santas. This year I will also stitch some from another book than last year. I'm already looking forward to it.

There you said it about blogging and commenting. Like you I also comment as much as I can, I love doing so. When my fellow bloggers take their precious time to show what they have stitched and to tell me the details about it I want to take my time and leave them a comment and tell them that I enjoyed reading what they wrote. But I have decided to limit my commenting a little bit to the ones who also visit my blog and every now and then show me through their comments that they were there. As you said it, blogging is also something personal and I don't want to spend my precious computer time on blogs whose owners never ever come over to say hello on mine. Thanks for writing about this subject. So I know that I'm not the only one .

Mii Stitch said...

Carol, another wonderful post on your lovely blog. I'm forever in awe with your stitching and finishing. You have truly treasured your friends with these beauties :)
Wishing you & sending you all my best wishes for the New Year xx

priscilla said...

Love all the beautiful ornaments you stitched and finished so perfectly Carol ! Those PS Santas ...oh my I have to stitch them !! I have that candy cane chart and need to stitch that too! Such nice gifts for your friends ! Your comments always make me happy ! Thanks so much for that ! Hope your month of January goes by quickly ..for me it is March ..I want to get out in the yard and start gardening but it seems to drag by! Have a great weekend and a very happy birthday !

Kate said...

Beautiful gifts that you sent out, Carol. Such a gorgeous winter pic that captured the cardinal! I tend to agree with you about commenting; I try to leave a comment whenever I read a blog post but must admit that sometimes I'm at a loss for something to say. Whilst I have few followers and even fewer comments I remind myself that I blog for me and the comments that I do receive encourage me to carry on.
Enjoy your birthday ♪♫♪♫ and new decade - I highly recommend both! :)

Gabi said...

Great post again and wonderful ornaments which you have sent. Yours is still on my tree which will go off tomorrow. January is not that bad here, very warm again.
I think snow will come later when nobody will expect.

The Queen Bee said...

Winter certainly does have a hold on us this year.

Beautiful finishes.

I would love to win the book. Christmas is my favorite stitching subject.


Sheila said...

Beautiful stitching and I loved the winter pic. I love seeing the birds.

kcenya1950 said...

your finishes always look so terrific. they have inspired me to try to finish some of my own things that have been waiting for, well, in some cases, years, to be finished

twinpeakprimitives said...

Your post is like a treasure chest for any stitcher! I just love everything in it!

I totally agree with you about Maryl's Santa! It is the most handsome Santa, I've ever seen! Honestly, I do rarely attend to a giveaway! But for the sake of Maryl's Santa; I'd love to enter!

Could you count me in?????

Greetings from far♥

Vickie said...

Wonderful gifts you have made and shared.
I have to agree with you and Brigitte.
Winter really drags up here, especially with this bitter cold. Having a second Christmas to celebrate this year helped a lot.

sewsherry said...


I have followed your blog for several years and you have even been so kind as to answer a personal email or two. Your finishes and stitching are always such an inspiration. I just finished three January pillows to start my own monthly bowl of ornaments. Sadly, my finishing does not compare to yours but I smile each time I pass the bowl. Thanks for the great ideas and like everything I hope my finishing improves with practice. Congratulations on turning 60. That milestone occurred for me last September. Not sure why but it was a tough birthday. I had recently lost my father also and I think I was just feeling "old". I hope you have a great birthday. Please enter me name in the drawing for the Christmas book.

sew.darn.quilt said...

Your pieces are so lovely and the finishes, inspiring. The PS are very charming, your friends received beautiful treasures.
I would thrill to have my name thrown into the hat for a chance at this wondrous book. The designs are truly spectacular.
Thank you for the chance ")

Robin in Virginia said...

First, let me say how much I love your snow pictures of the evergreen and the cardinal! Please send some my way!

What fabulous pieces you stitched for your friends! Hard to pick a favorite since you included several PS ones in the mix.

Enjoy your weekend, Carol!

Robin in Virginia

PS What a generous giveaway you are offering; I don't need to be entered.

Jane said...

Lovely post Carol x
I don't think I even knew of Prairie Schooler before I found your blog a couple of years ago but I love them and always look forward to seeing a new stitched one on your blog ~ my favourite this time is the Gold Santa, makes a lovely change from the usual red!
I have to admit I was a bad blogger during 2014 with all the upset the year gave me I stepped back from it all so I consider myself very lucky that you still pop by when I do post and leave me such encouraging comments ~ thank you Carol
Here's to a brighter warmer February xxx

Natasha said...

What lovely gifts you stitched. The Candy Cane on the black really is stunning, the fabric makes it POP!!

I try to comment on blogs I follow and I try to respond back to those that leave comments on my blog, it is easy to do because they are few, but I still appreciate when people take the time to leave a sweet comment.

My only goal this year is to stitch the WIPs that I have had laying around for far to long. So far I have my fisrts finish of the New Year YAY!!!

How did you know I have been looking for this book?? :D So I would LOVE to be added to the giveaway. I think that snowman is just the best and would love to stitch him.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

Tedra said...

I love the old-fashioned /Victorian Santa's and would Love this book.. what a generous giveaway. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Maggee said...

You have such a talent for stitching on the tiny counts! I always enjoy seeing your posts in my reader! They are inspirational to us all! You would not BELIEVE what just happened! I finished reading your post, enlarged the cardinal to admire, and then just on a whim turned around to look at MY feeders and a Cardinal just flew up to the feeder!! Granted, he picked the one he can't fit on... but STILL...I tried to grab a picture, but then the phone rang and as I grabbed for it, my quick motion scared him off!! Dang! Dang! Dang! Happy Birthday! I turned 60 last year, and it's not so bad! Big Hugs!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Carol, such beautiful gifts. I always love everything you have made for me. I treasure each piece. I like January, its my birthday and oif course yours to. To me, it marks a new beginning and a fresh start. I have a bunch of patterns picked out, but never pressure myself. Happy birthday .

marly said...

I don't know when I will be back to read blogs so I will wish you a wonderful birthday now. Your stitching and also the finishing is just so neat, precise, and perfect. Beautiful.

CJ said...

I am so glad I found your blog today. I know what you mean about the January slow down, some days I feel lost. Happy birthday next week. Loved looking at your beautiful stitching.


Irene said...

I tuoi ornaments sono meravigliosi! Anch'io vorrei farne 1 al mese fino al prossimo Natale, ci riusciremo? Sei brava brava

Lynda Harrison said...

Hi Carol!
So good to read your first post of the year! You described January perfectly - such a hard-to-get-through month, and I am already longing for a bit of warm sun!
As you know, I love reading all your posts and seeing your beautiful stitching - the wonderful ornament you sent to me is much treasured, so much so, I had a terrible time of putting it away for next year!
What a beautiful bird in your garden, and such a cheerful sight. It's wet, windy and cold here!
Take care and keep warm - and if it's ok, I would love to enter your draw.
Have a wonderful week and a super birthday!
Love and best wishes,

Heather said...

I just love seeing all your beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. I would love the book of Santa's.

Heather said...

What beautiful gifts for your friends! I am sure that they will be treasured! What a sweet and generous friend you are!

I agree with you about January! :-) Happy birthday a few days early! We are a month apart! :-)

Your cardinal is gorgeous, they are one of my favorite birds! They are so cheerful this time of year! We have had a lot at our feeders the last few days. :-)

I hope that you have a lovely birthday!

Unknown said...

Not fond of January either. Not sure why. Maybe all the hype over new year resolutions (that are never met) and goal setting (that is unrealistic). In any event, your post is lovely and I never tire from seeing PS Santa in all his glory. I love the little bells at the end of the cording. Such a simple little touch that finishes the piece perfectly.

I miss the chickadees from my Montana backyard...

Have a great weekend!

lynda said...

I love all your stitched ornaments, and that little Prairie Schooler pillow is perfect. What a lovely birthday gift.
Sending early birthday wishes to you now, just in case I forget next week (which happens too often lately!) Hope you have a wonderful day!
Please add my name to your drawing for the Christmas book...I love stitching Santas!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh dear friend, you always have the prettiest finishes! There's nothing like the comfort stitching of a Prairie Schooler. I never tire of them. They are truly classics. Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Ann said...

What lovely treasures your friends received this year! I love those rusty bells a lot. I adore the Santa on Marly's blog, I would love to stitch it! The other Santa in the book is lovely too. Your finishes last year inspire me to do better with my ornaments, I might have to get a bigger tree!

Melody said...

Oh Carol. I love seeing pictures of your beautifully finished ornaments. You are my inspiration. I hope the January blahs don't hit you too hard. You are not alone feeling that it's kind of a let down. Seeing cardinals in our yard always make me smile as well. They look especially pretty against the snow. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Katya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

oh my, how many lovely finishes! I'm overwhelmed with gorgeousness!
I agree with you, the white border on Cindy's gift is fantastic, it looks like lace - and I love the beads you added, just the perfect touch!
all the PS charts are lovely, you should go on if that's what you feel like doing!
as for blogs, I must say 2014 was a terrible year for me - too many hiccups and bumps in the road, but I mean to get back to like never before. it's such a pleasure to meet with old & new friends - somehow blog friends seem to know me more than many others.
thank you for the giveaway too, I would love to win this although sending it to Italy would cost you the world, I would rather have you invest that money on stash supplies! :)
we don't have cardinals in the area, so thank you again for showing one to me.. how beautiful! (well, there are cardinals in my home, only they're stitched ones!)
hugs and happy xxx,

Mini Addictions said...

Hi Carol,
There are certainly some lucky ladies to have received your beautiful work. I really love the different ways you come up with to adorn them too. January is a let down after the holidays for sure. Even here in Georgia where the weather is mild, the first 2 weeks of January are usually dreary. It makes me want to stay in bed all Spring will be here before we know it along with more sunny spirits and crafts!
Have a great weekend!

Katya said...

Hello, Carol,
Beautiful finishes! I agree, the "all white" border on the "From the Heart" ornament looks even better... I only wonder how you manage to stitch so many ornaments and projects. I have yet to find that "golden secret" - always wanting to stitch so many items, but only a handful of them come true.
The Santas in Christmas Portraits book are fantastic! I think I have this book already - so no giveaway entry for me. Good luck to the lucky winner! And thank you for being so generous. )))

JoanneS said...

I'm inspired by all your beautiful work !! I would love to win :) Take care , sending warm wishes !!

carol fun said...

From one Carol to another Happy Upcoming 60th birthday! I had mine last year. Oh I never tire of your beautiful ornaments and PS are timeless. Thanks for the giveaway too... I'd love to add this book to my library. Take care... stay warm!

Carol C said...

Hi Carol,
First time commenting but not first time visiting your blog.
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely stitching and finishes.
You are truly an inspiration. I so look forward to reading your post. Not commenting for the book as I also have it and it is lovely. Very kind of you to offer.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Hi Carol, lovely blog, wish a Cardinal would fly into my feeder some day. funny thing that you are giving that book away, I just got it off of E-bay in December because I wanted to stitch the postman. happy new year hugs Lynda Ruth

butterfly said...

Lovely gifts you stitched Carol , I didn't want to take my ones down even DH said he missed seeing them.
You are just the kindest sweetest person.
Thinking of others at sad times.
I must say I do love the New Year brings new hope for all .What I don't like is New Year Eve and saying good bye to another year.
But I don't like the cold weather, and I do like to sit by a nice warm fire nice and cosy and lots of stitching hours.
You are so right about the blog world , if you don't give out kindness you never get much back , this is the same with life , if you don't give kindness and love out , you are not going to get much love back .
I have always said it is so nice to give away a smile , it costs nothing and it's free , ok we can't smile on the blog but we can make someone have a nice day by what we say , big hugs for your Birthday.

Please pop my name down love those books .

Karen2683 said...

Your blog is my favorite, Carol! Thank you for sharing all these gorgeous ornies! Happy early Birthday to you as well!



The Attic said...

All your ornaments are so pretty. I love PS, every year I vow to stitch more Santas for my tree. I agree with you about blogging and comments. I am going to try to leave more comments on blogs this year. Please enter me in your giveaway. Love that book!

Melissa said...

Such wonderful gifts, Carol. I always admire all the special touches you do with your finishing!

I understand how you feel about whether to leave comments if the blog's owner don't comment on yours. There's only so much time and why waste it on people who don't comment on your blog? But after saying that, I have a problem in that I can't comment when people have certain comment settings! That's a big dilemma for me.

You don't have to include my name in your book giveaway.

Talk to you soon in email!

Friendship Crossing said...

Happy early b'day Carol!! You truly are a wonderful stitcher friend in so many ways ~ those are beautiful ornaments you stitched for those gals across the ocean. I miss being in swaps where we exchanged sweet gifts like that.
My 2 favorites are(you didn't think I could narrow it to one, did you??)LOL
Of course the candy cane one is stunning on that black fabric!! and you know my obsession w/gingerbread!! (I've had that same chart for a few yrs. now and still not stitched it), but you always inspire me!

Hugs to you my friend and may you have a wonderful new yr!


Unknown said...

Love all of your ornament finishes. I love to stitch, now so much doing the finishes!

Pam in Virginia said...

Thank you for another lovely blog entry. Because of you, I have enlarged my 40 ct stash of linens, because your Prairie Schoolers always look so beautiful on that count. Thank you for that inspiration. I've been seeing a cardinal or two in the last few days - perhaps because he shows up so easily on our new fallen snow. I would love for you to enter my name to win this book. I remember doing several Leisure Arts designs some years back, and the backstitching really makes them pop. Don't feel bad about 60, I'm turning 70 this year!!!! Happy Birthday and Happy New Year.

Sherri said...

I never get tired of PS and your ornaments are adorable! The finishes on each ornament are so cute and I'm sure the recipients love them. I hope you do something special on your big 6-0 and make it a special day. Happy Birthday.

Caitlin D said...

What lovely ornaments! They look like they all came right out if a high end store. Goodness your finishing skills just blow me away!!!

I feel the same about January. Although, I must admit, there is a sort of peace that comes for just a few days.

Happy almost Birthday!! The cardinal is beautiful! Such a bright pop of color in the dreary winter months. A very welcome sight in sure. :-)

Paula said...

Carol, I always enjoy your stitching. You do such lovely work. I absolutely love, love, love the snowy cardinal picture!!! Thanks for sharing.
No need to enter me in the giveaway.

Linda said...

Congratulations on all the stunning finishes Carol. Your stitching is gorgeous.
I agree with the commenting on blogs. I have over 225 blogs that I read. I comment on about 75% of them. I don't get a reply back or a comment on my posts from most of them. Kinda stuck on what to do.


Angela said...

I really love your PS Santa ornaments :) Lovely gifts for your friends :)

I used to comment on over 100 blogs but rarely get more than 20 comments on my posts so with the new year comes a new resolution to concentrate on the followers I have that take the time to make a connection with me as time is just so precious for all of us :)

Nicola said...

Love the ornaments that you stitched as gifts Carol, particularly the PS Father Christmases. I really wish that Prairie Schooler did not discontinue these lovely charts.

Tricia T said...

Beautiful post, Carol! I love seeing all the goodies that you've sent abroad. Little bits of happiness floating around the world! :) The book looks lovely, but I'll pass on being in the draw. I am concentrating very hard on finishing a few of the things I've started in my stash right now!! :) {{Hugs}} to you, and hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows, too! when you are missing your dad. I think of you often.


Dani - tkdchick said...


I haven't blogged in ages and I'm missing it! I know for me the later two months of 2014 turned out to be a combination of really busy and time not feeling well. Who wants to be on the computer with a constant on again/off again headache/migraine? I keep thinking I should blog and then I go meh and I don't know why. Maybe it its the lack of comments, and I am just like you I only comment back on the bloggers who comment on mine. Also social media definitely gives an instant gratification is so quick and easy. Instead of pulling out my computer downloading the good quality pics I took, editing them typing said blog, uploading and arranging photos. I don't know when I decided it was too much work. On Instagram I just snap a quick picture with my phone a few clicks and hastags and its up and I'm getting likes and comments right away.

But you're right and so are others there is a personal touch to blogging that just isn't there in social media.

Also I'm so driven to get The Accolade done before we're too far into this year that I hate to take away from that precious stitching time.

I should blog, yes I should.

You made some beautiful ornaments for your friends last year and I'm sure each and every one of them are treasured!

Linda N said...

Wow, you have a good eye. A nice surprised at the eye of your blog. I love seeing what goes on in your backyard.

Anna van Schurman said...

What lovely ornaments you sent out, Carol! (Please don't enter me for the book; I have it. Thanks)

laceystitcher said...

I enjoyed seeing the Xmas projects you stitched for your international friends; can't wait to see the others next time! Please enter me in your drawing for a chance at the LA book, Christmas Portraits! Thanks for sharing. Until next time......................

Mary said...

I would love to win a copy of the Christmas Portraits book. I love collecting and stitching vintage santas.

barbara woods said...

would love to win that, thanks

Sherry B said...

Carol, Thank you the chance to win this book. I used to buy these every year and they are beautiful. I have noticed the postman on Marley's blog header and love it. Sherry B

Kate said...

Not too keen on January either - although we do get to celebrate a few family birthdays within the month, including my DS who turns 20 next week!
Seriously, gorgeous gifts you sent out, lucky friends.
Would love to be entered in your drawing.
Happy Birthday in advance!

Phyllis said...

Nice finishes! Love the Cardinal pic!

Pamela said...

Wow! Your stitching is beautiful!!! Love all your ornaments and each one is so unique.
Thank you for sharing your blog with me! I love to visit.

Barbi said...

My hubby and I were just talking about the same thing, how it seems like just a little while ago we were all waiting for our computers to all crash and die with the year 2000 rolling in. And it's been 15 years. Almost unbelievable. I like to putter're allowed to miss your dad, take the time to do it, but not get lost in it.
Love the finishes as always. That cardinal!! What a gift to capture that picture.
When my dad died...there was a hawk that used to make an appearance for me for the 1st year after he was gone. Odd for this area in the city. I always liked to think that it was my dad sending me something special.

Mary Ann said...

Those are some very lovely gifts that you sent to friends, Carol! Happy Birthday next week!!

Nicole in MD said...

I have just recently discovered your blog. I am glad to make your acquaintance through your blog. I would love a copy of the book! Thank you for the opportunity!

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

First,what beautiful pictures of the Cardinal Carol,the tiny dot of colour in the first photo stands out straight away.
The gifts you stitched are all lovely and so beautifully finished.
January usually goes by quickly for me, and I am always surprised when the first month of a new year is suddenly over.

Kaylene said...

Your stitching is beautiful and I loved the gifts that you stitched. How pretty was that cardinal in the photo! I would definitely love to win the book with such detailed designs and I just love Chrismas!

Annie said...

You really stitched some lovely pieces for your blogging buddies. I'm sure they were all thrilled to receive them.

I keep blogging, but I keep feeling like it's more of a burden these days. Not sure how long I will continue. I do fewer and fewer posts as time goes on.

I couldn't find that speck of a birdie in the full photo, only in the close-up. I don't know how you managed to see him in real life!

And I'm not like this super-cold weather at all! I just thought I'd throw that in.

Andrea Stoeckel said...

Carol Happy New Year! What a gorgeous book. I have been a sticher probably around 50 Mother taught me. The things you stitch are drool-worthy to say the least. I've seen this book before and I think it is so nice of you to give it away on your birthday! Thanx for brighten our days

Cindy said...

I always look forward to your posts, your stitching and finishing is so inspiring. The ornaments you've posted to day are beautiful, I'm sure your friends loved each of them.
Love the cardinal on your tree, I spotted his color immediately, but didn't realize what I was seeing until the close up shot, I love seeing the bright male cardinals in winter.
So sorry for the loss of your dad, I'm sure you have much time to miss him now.

Myra said...

Carol all your stitching is gorgeous. I treasure each and every gift you have stitched for me. I love the pic of the tree with the cardinal. Perfect timing! I am trying to motivate myself to get back to my blog too. January is turning out to be a cold one here in NC.

craftingpaws said...

Your ornaments are so cute! (Some very lucky friends that you have!)
Love the pictures of the cardinal, he has certainly found a great hiding spot.
Really enjoying your blog, terrific posts!

Christina said...

Oh wow, such lovely gifts your friends received. I love the little ginger too. I stitched him for our tree a few years ago. The cardinal is pretty that spot of red really pops out. Thank you for the reminder to post comments. I always wonder about those that accept comments but don't send any replies when you do comment. Stay warm!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a lovely flash of red in the tree, nature is so beautiful. More common sense words about blogging Carol, I agree with what you said once more. I don't think I would ever tire of PS designs, they are quite unique - such lovely stitched gifts.

SJB said...

You're finishes are lovely. I wish I had your vision for finishing things, all the extra little touches. Happy 2015 and Happy Birthday! Sarah

Emma/Itzy said...

Things always seem to slow down a bit in blog world over the Christmas season but I always find the new year brings a new lease of life to blogs (mine included!)

Gorgeous stitching :)

Lisa V said...

I love all the super gifts that you sent out Carol, all are gorgeous and the recipients must be so pleased.
I would love the opportunity to win the book you are offering Carol, there are some lovely designs and that super cute chubby snowman makes me laugh.
Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.

Margaret said...

Love all the gifts you sent to friends. Beautiful! I agree -- I only comment on the blogs where the blogger comments on my blog too. Plus maybe one or two favorites. lol! I just don't have the time to comment on every single blog. Hope you are getting used to the empty house again. My empty house comes on the 20th. Sigh.

Shelly said...

Carol, your finishes are just the best. Everytime I read a new post, I'm inspired to do more pillow finishes! Thanks for the reminder to reply to comments; I've been lazy about that lately. Have a great weekend!

Kathy H said...

Happy birthday. I am so glad you showed your finishes. They are all so pretty. You inspire me to try to finish some of my pieces. I really enjoy the pictures. That Cardinal looks amazing. He is so bright that he looks painted on! Thanks for the chance for the book. That is such a fun prize.

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful stitched pieces! I also love your header! Wonderful give away, but you don't have to include my name, I have a copy of the wonderful book!

Lynn said...

Beautiful stitching and finishes. Happy New Year!

Barb said...

What beautiful gifts you made!! I love them all! I so enjoyed the cardinal photo. That is one bird we don't have out here. I had them every other place we lived and I miss them. Thanks for the picture!I would like to be in the drawing. I'm like you Carol, no list just stitch the design that speaks the loudest!

Anonymous said...

Those ornaments you made are so beautiful, Carol! I can imagine the years of happiness they'll bring! :)

Ellen said...

Wow Carol, I just love all your ornaments! They are all beautifully stitched and finished!

I am blogging less now, have not update my blog for a long time ha ha!

Love to have a chance with your giveaway, thank you!


Unknown said...

Hello Carol

I just had to message you to say how much I admire your skill with your little decorations.

This was the first Christmas I have been truly able to enjoy the season since are son was killed just before Xmas some years ago. You inspired me to make some ornaments and to put up the tree. For your motivation I wish to say a huge thank you.

Best wishes for your 60th Birthday. Enjoy a happy and healthy year

StitchWitch, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

PS: Please enter me in the draw for the lovely book and I will pay the postage to Aust if I should be the lucky winner.

AliceKiss said...

Красивые вышивки и подарки!
Добавьте меня в поддавки! Отличная книга! Восхитительные дизайны!

Mavi. said...

Hi Carol, I missed your post earlier. My happiest memories of last year when my daughter is again found work as a librarian at the National Library. These are difficult times for young people in this country. I love seeing those twelve embroidering cushions that go to decorate your beautiful Christmas tree. Of all the cushions that show us the one I like is "from the heart", it's beautiful. And yes, I plan to continue maintaining the blog, I like more than fb, I feel closer, more involvement. And it's true if you're right and you have a minute to bloggers with what you relate, you always have a comment at least polite.
Have a happy January.
Many kisses.

Mavi. said...

Ohhh Carol, se me olvidava, si quiero participar en tu sorteo. Gracias.

Sheryl said...

Lovely gifts Carol, I love the `from the heart´design and finishing. wonderful shot of the cardinal - like a Xmas card- The Christmas Portraits book looks very interesting, do put my name in the hat please.

Christine said...

What beautiful ornaments! Love the photo of the cardinal bird too, we don't have those so they always look exotic to me

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely stitching gifts. I like the use of the brass bells on the hanger. I'd like to copy that idea sometime, if you don't mind.

Preeti said...

You made lovely gifts for your friends !!:)
I agree what you say about comments. A few words makes us happy and that somebody has seen our work. But sometimes it happens that there isn't really time to read all posts and comment. I always try to comment on the posts I have opened to read. About reciprocation: I have earlier joined a SAL for two years, but the SAL owner hardly turned up to see my posts while I commented and linked back to her in all updates. That was upsetting. But encouragement from participants kept me going so I didn't drop out.

Mary said...

I'm always such a sucker for PS Santas, and your finishing on these two guys is wonderful! Hope your upcoming birthday is full of fun and surprises.

Wanda said...

Hi Carol! Happy Birthday to you for the 16th! I hope you have a wonderful day and wish many more happy and healthy ones for you.
January is a tough month. You're right, it's so quiet after all the rushing and activities that occur around Christmas. I will be taking our Christmas decorations down today. I am honestly not tired of looking at them yet. They just make me smile!
Your ornaments are just gorgeous as always. What beautiful and treasured gifts! (and no, never tired of PS stitching!)
Cardinals are just so stunning. We often have a pair who come at dusk and they are such a joy to watch.
Thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful Leisure Arts book. It looks like there are some very beautiful patterns in it.
I am so thankful for you and your beautiful blog Carol - thank you for the gift of both. I was excited when you said you will be stitching an ornament per month for your tree - yeh! It's always such fun to anticipate what you have stitched.
Happy Birthday!
Hugs, Wanda

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Dear Carol, I wish you a lot in 2015 xxxx success!
You have so many beautiful gifts from friends !!!
Me, your blog really like, I like reading about your life!
You're going to have 60 years, I had back in November:-))))
So welcome among girls 60 !!!!!!

Andrea said...

A Happy Birthday for your up and coming 60th. I hope you enjoy your day even though you are not looking forward to it.:)
Wonderful ornaments as always, I love your finishing ideas.
Oh a cardinal ... as you know we don't get them here in the UK but they are such a brightly coloured bird it must be good to see them on gloomy days.
I won the book recently from Frances. It is such a gorgeous book.
Have a great day.

Annie said...

All your stitching is lovely, and you finish them beautifully!
Please enter me in the drawing for your book. Thanks, and happy birthday!

Brenda A said...

Wow your finishes look lovely! I'm still working on making mine pretty! I just got the "pillow" technique down, next to add cording like yours. :)

Jonette said...

Your stitching is beautiful! I would love to enter the giveaway. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us x

Pondside said...

What a lot of beautiful gifts you made for the holidays! I am stitching away on next year's gifts but will take a break to do something with an Easter theme - time for some pastels!

Barb said...

Hi Carol - you know how much I love your blog, and look at all your comments!! Isn't that so much fun? I can only imagine how much enjoyment you get from reading them. When I get a few spare minutes, I'm coming back to read them all.

I have to tell you that I am so impressed with the amount of stitching you did last year - I don't think you give yourself enough credit. You stitched all the pieces for your tree AND you stitched another 11 ornaments that you gave as gifts!!! (Very lucky recipients!) WOW!!! That's amazing and I'm sure there are some other pieces you stitched that I'm forgetting.

Thanks for sharing your stitching and for the great photos of the cardinal - one of my most favorite birds (probably because they are red-my favorite color). I just love how he was tucked up in the trees like a surprise!

xo to you


Jess said...

I just found your blog and find it very refreshing and calming. Thanks for sharing your freebies. I have been getting into cross stitching again after a long absence and it has been a needed and relaxing habit to pick back up. You have a lovely blog. Thank you!

Sarah said...

You do such lovely, lovely work! I would love to win the book; making Christmas presents is my favorite part of the winter, and I plan on making a lot of ornaments next year.

Joy said...
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Joy said...
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Joy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaisievic said...

Lovely stitching, Carol and yes, I believe as you do, if you are active on other people's blogs than other people will visit you in return. Oh, please, please count me in the giveaway, I would so love to win that Leisure Arts book - I love those santas so much.
hugs, Kaye

LoriU said...

Oh I can soooo relate to your January sentiments! I do not like it!

Great finishes ... As always I love your finishing skills.

I would love to be included in your giveaway. I have a soft spot for Santa!

shirley flavell said...

The photo of the snow clad landscape with the pop of colour of the cardinal is beautiful. Amazing red ,red. We don't have cardinals in N.Z.At the moment N.Z. is in relaxation, holiday time. The country really winds down 'til late January.It is very hot.School doesn't go back until beginning of February. The children have 6-7 weeks holiday then go back to school when the weather is even hotter.I have enjoyed looking at your lovely made up stitcheries and admire them very much. Thank you for the opportunity to be drawn for your lovely giveaway. I have never seen those books, it looks gorgeous. Shirley N.Z.

linny said...

Love seeing all the beautiful ornaments that you stitched for Christmas.
Isn't that Cardinal so sweet.
I have started back x-stitching after a long break & am really enjoying it again. I would love to win the Christmas x-stitch book. Thanks for the chance.

Frances said...

Gorgeous stitching, as always, and no one could ever be tired of Prairie Schooler!!!!
I hosted a giveaway earlier with that same book--such pretty designs!

Anna said...

I discovered your blog off of Pinterest and it felt like a life line! I am immersed in the world of quilting but love cross stitching. I have added your blog to my blog roll with the idea of seeing your post will encourage me to get going on my cross stitch projects! Thank you!

Judy said...

Hi Carol.

Your ornament gifts are perfectly stitched and finished. I'm sure each of them found a special place in their new home.

January is always a long, cold and trying month. I love the snow, but not when I have to drive the 35 miles to and from work. I am still putting away holiday decorations. I love the house decorated with all of my favorite things.

Lovely photo of the cardinal. They truly are beautiful birds.

Please don't enter me in your drawing, as I have that book.

Hope you have a great birthday. 60 is the new enjoy!!

Judy Heartland stitcher

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I would love the opportunity to win this book. I remember when these were being published (before blogs), and I never thought I would need them. Now when I see projects complete, my first thought is 'dang!'

I really enjoy your posts and the inspiration I get from your blogs. Thank you.

I hope January moves quickly for you.

Chrissie B said...

Hi Carol,

Another terrific blog as always.You stitch and finish the cutest and prettiest ornaments for every holiday!! You have given me such great inspiration. I just wish I could stitch as fast as some of you do.Happiest of Birthdays...I am the Big "60" this year as well!!! We are just getting better not older.....

Mary Joan said...

Oh Carol, What lovely stitching you have done for your friends. I just had to comment. I also looked at your Christmas Tree decorations you have been stitching all year and over the past six years, WOW!! What a wonderful tree full. I only have a very small tree, but I do have a small set of cross stitched Christmas ornaments on it. Hopefully I will stitch some more for next Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration.

Happy Stitching

Mary Joan

Unknown said...

Lovely giveaway! Thank you for your generosity and the oppportunity to participate in your giveaway! I wish you a fantastic birthday month!!!

Connie K. said...

As a cross-stitcher and a Santa Claus collector I would love to have a copy of this book. Thanks for the chance to win!

Julie said...

Marvellous ornament collection you made and sent out Carol. They are all so beautiful.
The cardinal always looks so regal to me, great shot you captured.

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Carol! I always like your posts very much and I have to admit that I felt very honored when I first time get a comment from You! I think You are one of the "Stars" in the blogging community
I have heard saying "Learn only from the best ! and that is why I love to visit blogs of the stitchers who have been stitching much longer than I have. Be Blessed You and your loved ones..!

Unknown said...

Que labores mas lindas y agradecidas quedan muy bonitas, te invito a mi blog que es variado


Mylene said...

Such lovely gifts you' ve made and sent to friends. That is waht i' ve miss this year, i haven' t sent any stitched piece for christmas so it is one of my resolutions to start now for endof this year....Now, i have sometime but i think comes April will probably no time for hobbies again...or i have to lessen my hours at work...
Happy weekend!

Meari said...

Beautiful finishes, Carol! You give me such inspiration on different finishing combinations. :)

I think there is a much more personal connection with blogging than there is by using othe forms of social media. For instance, 100 people can "like" a photo of your finish on Facebook but really what personal connection is that? I'd rather have 40 people actually write a comment than click a button saying they liked something. Oh, and it's not childish to comment on those blogs that comment on yours. I've done the same thing for years. I've also told people the same as what you wrote when they say they don't get comments. LOL Just my 2cents...

Would love to have a change to enter your giveaway :) Please?

Spring will be here before we know it...

Felicity said...

You have such a lovely blog and I enjoy following you!

lindawwww said...

I just found your blog and love it! Thanks for showing all the ornaments you stitched for Christmas gifts for your friends. I'd love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

Lillie said...

Beautiful ornaments stitched and sent,you always amazed me with your lovely finishing details for each and every ornaments.

And I always enjoyed your photos from your home especially with the changes in each seasons.

Lovely giveaway, but do not put me in the draw :D

Lois said...

Carol, you already know how much I love my ornament (and I'd a hard time packing him away until next Christmas!) but thank you again my friend. You stitched such beautiful ornaments for everyone! I have been very hit and miss in all areas of my blogging life throughout 2014 but I'm starting out 2015 hoping that I can do better!!

I love the two cupboards you received, perfect spots for your monthly stitchings!

I hope 2015 is a good year for you and your family.

Ele said...

My dear Carol ,
I am always very happy to see the beautiful patterns of TPS , I like the most of them and they can never be too many!
I think the trend is quite similar in Germany, many blogger switch to instagram or fb , because it is there simply and quickly to show a photo or to write something new, maybe daily. To make an appealing post with beautiful images that will last much longer. This time not everyone likes to take for a new post. Also is blogging after some years probably not more as exciting as before, and so choose some, thanks to the new media such as iphone on these platforms.
Thank God there are still you and your wonderful handicrafts and texts, hopefully a very long time !
I am always happy to visit your blog to admire your works or read your kind comments on mine.
It's a give and take , but no one should feel compelled to have to leave a comment , just so he gets himself one new.
Don't worry about "60", I think it is a beautiful old and you will enjoy your new decade, I am sure!

I don#t have any books from Leisure Arts, to win one would be wonderful!

I whish you a great birthday and all the best

hugs & kisses

Hilda said...

When I see all this beautiful ornaments you have made I really could not decide which one I love more. The two Santas are looking so cute - in both colors. And the little gingerbread boy as well as the snowman are enchanting. Maybe a little bit of a winner is the candy cane stitching on black - so delighting!

Concerning blogging, I am really sad, that so many long-standing bloggers do not like to blog any more. But on the other side there are so many new and wonderful blogs - I really can not see, that blogging itself is getting less popular. And for me personally: After my long blog pause in 2013 I enjoy it more than ever. Both writing posts (and receiving comments) and reading other blogs (and writing comments).

It would really be wonderful to win this amazing book. I already owe too of the Leisure Art Christmas Books (from which I stitched my Nicholas bags out of) and I love them both.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts and pictures.

Unknown said...

I love the photo of the cardinal. Living in the UK I've only ever seen them on XS patterns before. Your photos of your lovely finished ornaments made me seek out the issue of JCS Ornaments with the wonderful snowman design - definitely a must stitch -thank you

Anne said...

Hello Carol! Your birthday is on what day again? The 15th? Oops..the 16th! I know that you, Mouse and I all share January birthdays but can never get the dates straight..except for mine of course! I used to feel January isn't my favourite month but actually I love it. It's the start of a new year, my bday happens two days later, then I start to spot the snowdrops poking out through the dirt...a promise of spring to come. That's why I love January! But I can understand why some people don't like it in colder climates! Your presents for your friends are beautifully crafted and I'm sure they cherish them dearly. AS for the blogging bit, I've been so remiss with commenting I feel guilty for even posting now. But today I spent a good hour or 2 visiting blogs and it's nice to take the time to read everyone's posts and comment. Being busy does cut into my commenting time but I am tying to make more of an effort this year. Love the photo of the little cardinal on the top of the pine tree. Makes me think of Tweet from LHN!!! Hugs to you!!

Laurel said...

Hi Carol.....a wonderfully interesting and inspirational post as always. I enjoy so much seeing your stitching and only wish I could finish a fraction of what you do. Still working full time, reading wonderful books and quilting leaves little time for cross-stitch although I so enjoy it.

Belinda said...

Happy new year Carol! And a also a very happy birthday to you. I hope you have the most wonderful day.
I loved looking at the ornaments you have sent your friends, just beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing many more ornaments for your Christmas tree this year. I always look forward to seeing your finishes.
I know what you mean about blogging, although you don't have a problem with lack of comments, haha. I at times feel uninspired when people don't comment on my blog too. I know my blog isn't as exciting as others as I am a one project at a time stitcher and it can take me awhile to finish a pattern because I tend to stitch larger patterns so that probably makes it boring. People seeing the same thing all the time. I tend not to blog alot, mainly due to lack of time but hopefully this year I can change that a bit. I would also like to know how to make my blog prettier, mine looks a bit boring! haha.
Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your stitching soon.

Jentwyn said...

Beautiful finishes.

Sally said...

Oh Carol your gifst for friends are just so wonderful. I bet each and every one will be treasured.

I understand how you feel about after Christmas. I always feel so fed up afterwards. I do like January though but I'm still waiting for my snow!

I am glad to hear that there are people coming back to blogging. I think it's so much nicer than Facebook or Instagram. I need to get back to regular commenting though!

msmartello said...

Hi Carol,
OMG! I love the cardinal. So sweet! You made such lovely ornaments for your friends. I am sure they loved them. Have a great day!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

You don't sound childish Carol, you sound like me, as I say the same thing to have to "work it" to have comments on your blog, as well as commenting on others, I think it is also very important to have a positive outlook on life and share that with readers and of course have lovely things to show...which you do both in spades each and every post! Funny you are giving away that book. Guess who pulled it out of her box recently because of the very Santa you mention in a header here in blogland...yep! I'm copying! :) Have a most wonderful, exceptional birthday dear, sweet Carol!

Beth said...

Such a pretty blog header Carol. You create such lovely and thoughtful gifts and are asource of inspiration for me. I must stitch that PS snowman asap!

Kay said...

Beautiful finishes as always!!! Love the pictures you shared as well of winter in all its beauty. Happy stitching!

Catherine said...

You surely spread many smiles with the beautiful gifts you sent, Carol!! Love, love, love the picture of the cardinal in the tree ~ simply serene. I so agree with your thoughts on comments ~ I know I have had a hard time keeping up, and hope to do better this year. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

Annette-California said...

Loved your post. Every ornament you stitched I looked at every detail. Each one is beautiful and love how you finished them. Great designs you stitched and I never tire of PS:)
I love blogging and I love getting to leave a comment letting the person know I did get to see their post. You are such a caring, sweet person Carol! Thank you for always caring & sharing your words of encouragement. I wish you a wonderful Birthday. I know you are missing your dad. It hurts but he would be so proud of you continuing on and making special memories with your family. Love never ever goes away:) much love to you - Annette

Annette said...

It's cold, it's wet.. it a dirty weather month January.. let it be February soon.. But My little Angel also hasher birthday, so first we do that.. hihi

I agree with your hubby as you told in your last post he is so proud you handle the died of your father so well.. It's indeed.. It's so hard, but you always see the beauty in things..
Keep doing that..

beautifull gifts you made!! Awesome!!

Not childish... In the year I saw new bloggers commenting on my blog, I go back, see it's a lovely blog, follow it and comment, after a few months I didn't saw any comments back.. sorry, but then O stop too..
It's like a relationship.. it's a 2-way street... It need to come from 2 way's. That's how I see it..
There are also blogs I comment for years and never get some back, but I just love there blog..
Indeed so little time in a day!!

That picture is awesome.. Love love the little red bird on teh green white picture!

Enjoy your day.
Hugss Annette

Quiltsmiles said...

Happy 60th Birthday Dear Friend. Your finishes are as lovely as always. Since I already have that book, please do not put my name in for this drawing.
I did stitch the angel with American flag design within those pages and it's stuck in a UFO box somewhere. Perhaps I can find it to frame it by July this year. Crossing my fingers here about finding it. You saw all those scraps of fabrics I'm sorting purging and merging, so if you need something specific, please let me know, I'd love to send you what ever you need. Stay well and hope your Birthday is all you dream it to be.

Maggie said...

Hi Carol,
I just found your wonderful blog! I am not interested in winning... I already have this book;). However, I would like to know what pattern you used for the cross stitch piece for the cabin and deer on your banner. It looks just like our home in northern MN.

Thanks, Maggie

Jacqueline said...

Happy birthday to you. And just think January is half over.

Thanks for a chance at your gracious giveaway.

Sue said...

Your blog is beautiful! It's been lovely visiting here.

Theresa said...

Love your blog and all your beautiful stitching. I would love to be included for the Leisure arts book giveaway. I collect santas and would love to stitch some of the lovely ones in this book . Thanks Theresa

hazel c UK said...

Happy birthday Carol hope you have a nice day.

I love all your ornaments and you are a very generous stitcher.

I do not have a blog and must confess I don't comment very often but after reading what you said I will try harder to comment knowing now how much it means to the blogger.

It's a bit late but Happy New Year, I use the month of January to have a good tidy up and declutter.

Hugs, Hazel c uk

Melanie said...

So many beautiful little goodies! And so much work! Bless you. I'm sure they will all be cherished. :)

Here is a story about one of your finished pieces: I have all my finished 'smalls' in a nice Rubbermaid drawer thing so I brought that out in preparation on Xmas eve to do the tree (we put our tree up very late *ahem*) and, for whatever reason, my husband got to it first and pulled out all the Xmas ornaments and wee knitted stockings and put them on the tree, etc. It was all very helpful of him and I always love to see where/how he will place things on the tree. As I was looking things over to see what he did I came across....your lovely little purple scissor fob hanging from a branch. He thought it was a Xmas ornament so it went up with all the others he did. It looked pretty good there so I left it as is and he was none the wiser. I mean, who says you can't hang a scissor fob from a tree, right? I did use it as a fob when I first got it but that darn Livvy just loves attacking anything that dangles when I'm knitting, etc. It made me panicked that she would pull a stitch so now it is tucked away as a keepsake until I come up with a nice way to display it. Silly cats! :( Anyway, that was long. Hope you enjoyed it. lol

Stitching Noni said...

So many beautiful finishes!! :)
I enjoyed reading your post and your comments on blogging. Last year I was so busy at work that I didn't get around to keeping up with everyone blogs, and mine was very neglected... And I really did miss it!!! This year I am trying to get out more and comment and keep up with everyone's news :)
Hugs xx

♥ Nia said...

I'm reading "backwards" :p so I don't know yet what you asked but I do have to say I agree with you, about commenting. So many people don't comment and then they are surprised why they don't get comments either. I agree with all you wrote.
I always comment when I read posts that I enjoy and on all my favorite blogs that I follow. Even now, I haven't been posting anything but here I am, reading back on all my favorite blogs and leaving comments as I read :)

Unknown said...

Work until your idols become your rivals. Have a good day and have time to open my site. God Bless :)

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