Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Small finishes and daily smiles

Finally! That long month of March is over... And how are my stitching friends feeling on this, the first day of April? Hopeful, relieved, renewed? All of the above? After more snow on Sunday and then highs in the 50s yesterday, March certainly lived up to its rollercoaster of a month reputation, didn't it? I get very bad headaches on the left side of my head with any major weather change so you can imagine how my head has been feeling lately--ugh! But, April will bring daffodils, nest-building, the blessings of Easter, and, most certainly, warmer days than we've seen in months... 

I have one spring finish and two Christmas ornaments to share with you today. Which shall I start with? Well, let's go with the spring one which was stitched and sent to a friend for her birthday. This little Just Nan bunny  called "Dewdrop" (love his name!) hopped all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to France to help my friend,  Valerie, celebrate a very special birthday.

I finished him into a little pillow using shades of purple and white for a very spring-like finish. Aren't you loving stitching with the pastel shades right now? Little Dewdrop is stitched on 40ct. pearl gray Newcastle using the suggested DMC colors. I did change a couple of the egg colors, though--omitted the blue eggs and replaced them with purple and pink. I don't know if you can see them in the photo, but there are tiny pink bead in the border. I don't stitch many Just Nan charts and when I do, it always surprises me at how many colors are used even in a tiny design like this one. I'm so pleased that dear Valérie loves Dewdrop--I think I may have to stitch him again for myself.

I'm proud to say I'm keeping up with my Christmas "ornament a month" stitching this year and I have March's and April's to share with you today. For March, I stitched a darling kit by one of my favorite cross stitch designers, Chessie & Me. I love the way simple cross stitches are combined with specialty stitches in these designs. The roof and the center of some of the snowflakes are finished in satin stitching and the berries and "Noel"  are done in Smyrna stitches.  And how cute is that tiny "over-one" stitched reindeer. This was done on the fabric included in the kit--36 ct. Vintage Exemplar linen  (which I wasn't crazy about--found it to be very floppy and difficult to stitch on) using the Gloriana silks that were also included. I rarely buy kits, but I'll tell you it was so nice to just pick this up and begin stitching as soon as it arrived in my mail box--no waiting for threads or searching for substitute colors.

I used a piece of the lovely fabric that I won from Laurie, in her fabulous giveaway last month. The colors were a perfect accent for this piece which I finished as a flat mounted ornament.  I added a couple of green wooden beads to the cording as an accent. Overall, I'm pleased with it, but it's quite a bit bigger than my typical Christmas ornament.

"Noel" by Chessie & Me

Here is a closer look so you can see how well the fabric accents the finish. Thanks again for all of that gorgeous fabric, Laurie--I'm already planning another finish with more of it!

My April ornament is from an older Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazine (1997) and is called "Nutmeg Santa" by Schoolroom Samplers. I really love how this one turned out and I think it is mainly because stitching it on the 32 ct. black Belfast linen gave it a totally different look than the photograph in the magazine. The colors show up so much better and I also changed the date on the ornament at the bottom to the word "Noel." I am not a big fan of dates on the front of ornaments for some reason--they make me feel old when I see them years later. How do you all feel about them?

This was finished as a simple pillow with an ecru bow and hanger to match the ecru in the snowflakes and the wording. I also added a few more snowflakes than were charted. The backing fabric is the dusty green shown in the background (a cloth napkin that I picked up on sale at Kohl's). What do you think? It's hard to believe that I'm one-third of the way through my annual ornament stitching--2014 is flying by for sure!

Nutmeg Santa finish

I'm positive that  all of you are familiar with the generous Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Nancy has giveaways galore throughout the year offering her beautiful threads, trims, and charts and I was lucky enough to win these five luscious spring shades recently. Thank you so much, Nancy--I'm already using the green on a new WIP that I'll share later this month. It is a pleasure to stitch with your beautiful threads!

Beautiful floss won from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

MY DAILY SMILE JOURNEY...I'll have to admit that the past few months of our horrid winter weather have really gotten me down. By mid-March, I was really frustrated and looking for a way to pull myself out of the slump that was starting to set in. So, I decided to start keep a small journal and write down one thing that made me smile each day. I found this little blue (of course!) notebook at Target with the quote "Light tomorrow with today" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning imprinted on the front cover that I thought would be perfect for my latest venture. After all, the purpose of it is to look back on my daily "smiles" for years to come, especially in times of sadness; in other words to "light my tomorrow" with the things that make me happy each day.

A smile a day...

I have neither the time nor the inclination to write a long journal entry and the few sentences that make up each daily entry are so quick and easy to achieve. They range from things I've seen (four horses grazing in a snow covered field thoughtfully covered with heavy wool blankets) to things I've smelled (the return of spring when I opened the window last week) to things I've felt (my mom's hug which soothes all hurts) to things I've heard (my dementia-riddled father telling me, "I know who you are" when I visited him last month) to things I've tasted (some fabulous soft pretzels made by my oldest son). In other words all five senses can--and do--bring smiles. I'm anxious to see how long I can keep recording these thoughts--what fun it will be to look back at them when I'm on old (older!) lady and recall the happiness that a simple smile brought each day. Some days are harder than others, but I guarantee if you keep your eyes open you will find your special smile for the day :)

It was so nice of you to visit me today--a special thank you to all who leave me comments each time I post. I know how busy all of us are in our daily lives and the fact that you take a moment to say "hello" means so much to me. And I want to wish a warm welcome to my new followers, too--so glad to meet you! I'll be back with some spring stitching soon and photos of another RAK that was sent out yesterday. Bye for now...


Gillie said...

What a lovely idea.....we all have SO much to be thankful for in the West. Your Nutmeg Santa has made me TOTALLY dissatisfied, lol, with my boring traditional one I am stitching..!
Lovely ornaments, Carol , hugs

Teresa said...

karol hello, I love your bunny, all your fabulous work. a hug

LaNelle said...

Lovely stitching ....thanks for the great inspiration both on stitching and to be Thankful for, we truly have much we are blessed with!

Mii Stitch said...

Awww Valérie must have been so pleased with your cute bunny finish!!! Great finishes as always. Hugs xx

priscilla said...

Beautiful bunny stitching,Carol ! Love those 2 new ornaments ! Hope your weather stays on the warm side!

Natasha said...

I love the idea of a smile journel, it will be noce to look back at the things that brought you joy and also a reminder to smile when you are having a not so great day!

Those ornaments are just lovely! I really like Dewdrop and are her spring happiness she evokes :)

I hope today is a wonderful one and April brings you lots of happiness

Tricia T said...

Bunny cross stitches bring me a smile!! : ) I love Dewdrop and the one in your banner. Kudos to you on your ornament stitching. I can't bear to think about winter stitching at the moment... although I did catch myself whistling "We wish you a merry Christmas" the other day, so it probably won't be long before I'm ready!! LOL!

Have a blessed day!


Robin in Virginia said...

Dewdrop is adorable and congratulations on both your ornament finishes.

What a great idea to keep a smile journal!

Enjoy your day, Carol!

Robin in Virginia

Barb said...

Oh Carol - your stitching and your finishes are just gorgeous (as always!). I always love to see what wonderful things you have stitched up next - you are truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us.

Thank you, too, for the reminder to be thankful and grateful - it's so easy to overlook the really simple pleasures of life that do make it special.

Rhona said...

What beautiful stitching! Love that cute bunny....the perfect way to welcome Spring!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Carol, such a positive bright post :)
Firstly, Dewdrop is cute as a button. I'll have to admit, Just Nan never hits my button, but your Dewdrop did! And your newest ornaments are real stunners too! That Santa...I totally agree, comletely different look and I like yours best. Might have to borrow that idea ;) I think your sweet thoughts on jotting down a Smile a Day...is so wonderful. I try to recount the blessings I have each day at my bedtime prayers, but that smile a day idea is a great one! I'm glad that it pulled you out of the pit :)
Sunny days and happy smiles to you!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Dewdrop and all of your finishes are lovely... as always! Looking forward to more Spring finishes.

Kay said...

Happy spring. I love dewdrop and haven't seen this design before. Good for you getting some Christmas designs done early, I always mean to.. I love the soft colours used in Nutmeg Santa.

Mini Addictions said...

Happy Spring, Carol! I love the bunny..so adorable and I am sure Valerie loves it. It always a treat to see your finishes. Your work is so lovely. The journal idea is a great one. I think keeping it simple will help you stick to it. I need to do a better job of being grateful & thank you for reminding me of that. :-)

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing--as always! I hope you enjoy the Spring days ahead!!

Lisa V said...

Three gorgeous finishes Carol. You always finish your ornies off perfectly with your choice of fabrics and trims.
Hugs dear friend.

Vickie said...

All three finishes are great, but the Chessie and Me is awesome! Good for you enjoying so many smiles. I am trying harder to acknowledge them daily too. We should!

Denise said...

Awesome finishes - loved all 3 of your projects - beautiful stitches!
Happy Stitching

Elizabeth Ann said...

Absolutely beautiful pieces you have finished last month! But I love the piece in your header! I think the best part of this post were your fathers words, so precious. Have a great April 1st!!

Hilda said...

What a wonderful post, my dear!
I love your finishes - all three of them. I do have the chart of Dewdrop too in my stash and when I see it here in your post now, so lovely finished I get in the mood to stitched him too this easter. Will see!
I love your idea of the 'a smile each day'-notebook. I really can feel with you. I can't stand long winters neither.

So I hope for you, that one of the things that let you smile today is a sunny blue skied spring day!


BrendaS said...

Carol --
Happy Spring to you! It sure has been a very long winter and we will certainly appreciate Spring even more.

Your little Dewdrop is as cute as a button. So pretty.

You always give me inspiration to get going on my ornaments. I admire you stitching them all year. I started out great guns in January but now they are on the back burner....

Take care my friend and I hope we all have warmer Springlike weather soon.

Heather said...

Good morning Carol! I always enjoy your posts. I enjoyed reading about your smile a day book. What a great idea.
I loved the bunny that you stitched for Valerie. It's so adorable! I like your Christmas ornaments too. :-) It is a beautiful spring day here, I hope it is there too!

LoriU said...

Oohh love that Dewdrop Bunny! He is a cutie!

What a great idea to keep a journal of things that make you smile. I like that! :-)

butterfly said...

Beautiful post my friend , wonderful stitching and happy thoughts.
Love the sweet rabbit such a fun stitch and love your Christmas stitching so beautifully put together.
Wishing you many Spring like days ahead to lift your sprit, hugs.

Von said...

You've stitched the sweetest ornaments, Carol!
The end of winter is a difficult time for me too, but now that the days are longer, I feel much better. I think you have a great idea to write down things that make you smile. They say an attitude of gratitude makes all the difference. :)

Shelly said...

Dewdrop is so cute. The other finishes are great. Thanks for this uplifting post; sometimes we need to slow down and take stock of the things that make us smile. Thanks Carol!

Gabi said...

Wonderful post again. What a cute bunny!
Greetings from Germany

Babs said...

So lovely :)

blue star stitcher said...

Desktop is adorable, I like the purple fabric you used on the pillow. I also really like the black linen for your April ornament, makes it stand outb more. Personally I enjoy seeing the date on my cross stitch, I was just looking at one in my kitchen today and thinking that piece is 18 years old!

Kate said...

Lovely pieces, Carol, and I really like the finishing. Such a clever idea to record 'your daily smile'. I like the caption on your journal.
Enjoy spring.

KimM said...

Beautiful finishes - love Dewdrop.

KimM said...

Beautiful finishes - love Dewdrop.

Melissa said...

As usual, Carol, such awesome stitching and finishing. The bunny is really cute and I liked how you staged the photo with all the different coloured buttons! Sweet.

The Christmas stitching are both gorgeous! Love the Chessie & Me though I can't imagine not loving Vintage Examplar fabric! Do you like stiffer linens like R&R? I love the Santa on black linen. Gorgeous!

The Daily Smile journal is a great idea. I should do that too!

Julie said...

Lovely finishes has always,and yes it is nice to be using such bright colours.
I'm sure Valma/Valerine will love her gift.

Катенька said...

сколько всего красивого!

Cynthia M. said...

Hi Carol: What a great idea for a journal. I will often take note of something (today it was the last small bit of snow in the yard which will be gone by afternoon), and need to write these things down too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Solstitches said...

Oh the bunny is so adorable and the ornament finishing is as beautiful as ever.
Love the two Christmas ornaments also. I'm one that does like to date the pieces I stitch but equally I like how you changed things up to your own taste.
Pretty threads from Nancy. Her giveaways are the best.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Lovely finishes Carol. I love Dewdrop what a beautiful gift.
Your Chessie & Me finish is gorgeous,the fabric is perfect.
Recording somthing that makes you smile each day is a lovely idea.

passionfruitprincess said...

Sweet finishes, Carol! I love the bunny! Such preety colors, perfect! And yes, even with the ups and downs of life, we always can find something to make us smile and be thankful for!
Have a wonderful day, and a lovely Spring!
Ana Paula.

Kristin said...

Carol I love your Nutmeg Santa. I prefer the "non-red suit" Santas like that. I don't mind dates on ornaments as I have a terrible memory and sometimes things like that act as a trigger and I am immediately transported back.

Kristin said...

Carol I love your Nutmeg Santa. I prefer the "non-red suit" Santas like that. I don't mind dates on ornaments as I have a terrible memory and sometimes things like that act as a trigger and I am immediately transported back.

Lynne said...

I enjoyed reading your lovely post.

pj said...

You are a very special lady. So talented and I love your willingness to share with every post. Not only do you share you wonderful stitching and sinks hinge but also a soft part of your heart and your feelings. Thank you for such inspiration that may help others become a much better person.

Love your new ornaments nod that sweet bunny finish!

Pam in iowa

pj said...

You are a very special lady. So talented and I love your willingness to share with every post. Not only do you share you wonderful stitching and sinks hinge but also a soft part of your heart and your feelings. Thank you for such inspiration that may help others become a much better person.

Love your new ornaments nod that sweet bunny finish!

Pam in iowa

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Coming by to see the lovelies you've finished always brings a smile to me. Glad you were able to find the ticket for brightening your exit from winter! Sending sunny hugs your way!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Dew drops is adorable, what a nice gift. Your new ornaments will make a great addition. Your blog always makes me smile, I know I tell you that all of the time, but it truly does. Sending some spring weather your way.

Lee said...

As always your work is just perfect and beautifully finished
Loved the Journal idea our lives get so crowded we need to take time to know we are blessed Yes another journal will be started here. Thank you for sharing.

cucki said...

Aww what a cute stitching..very pretty
Happy spring hugs x

Christina said...

Very inspiring! Not only with your lovely stitching and finishing but with your daily journal. I agree we all have a lot to be thankful for. Congrats on your win. Such lovely colors.

Katrina said...

Ohh love the colours on the Just Nan bunny Carol, gorgeous :) Lovely choices for your ornaments too.

Ali said...

I have loved reading your post so bright and colourful very spring like just what we're needing at the mo. Your bunny pillow is just gorgeous I love the bright spring colours you have used and your ornaments are lovely too.

Melody said...

Hi Carol. Your posts always give me something to think about. I like the idea of your journal of things that made you smile. It's a nice idea.

Your stitching is lovely. The bunny is so cute stitched on the pretty linen!

Margaret said...

Your finishes are wonderful as always. Such a good idea to have a smile journal. I like that.

Barb said...

I love your smile journal idea. Like you, I would not keep a long one but we do all have something to smile about each day. Your entries so far, are very special. As usual, your finishes are just spectacular!!!!

Pam in IL said...

Beautiful stitching. Dewdrop is adorable and perfect for spring. The ornaments are fabulous too.

I like your journal. My grandma used to write on her calendar each day. I find myself wishing my mom would have kept grandma's calendars so I could look through them again.

Ellen said...

Adorable bunny! I just love your ornaments, all perfectly finished!

Love the idea of a Smile Journal..I may start one myself ha ha!


Simply Victoria said...

Hi Carol! Love your new Christmas finishes and the bunny you sent overseas is a honey. I keep a journal of my "thankfuls" similar to your reasons to smile. It sure does help chase away the complaints.
I hope the weather quits bouncing around so you don't continue to suffer. Take care!

Linda said...

Lovely finishes Carol. Hard to pick a favorite.


Judy said...

Hi Carol, It is always a pleasure to find a new post from you. Dewdrop is adorable and perfectly finished. The monthly ornaments are perfect as well! I love the Noel House and the way you finished it.

I love VMSS threads. She has beautiful colors and the thread seems thicker than the others. She also has beautiful trims.

Your smile journal is so you. And a wonderful idea. I began a journal many years ago..but life got in the way and the entries were few until none.

It is at least beginning to look like spring. I can feel my spring energy taking over my winter hibernation!

Enjoy. Until next time.

Judy Heartland stitcher

Kay said...

As always beautiful stitching! Love your smiles of the day that you shared, beautiful things too! If we take the time to think there is always something that makes us smile at least once a day! It is those things that mean the most to us and help us to embrace all those fond memories that we have. Have a good week!

Beth said...

Carol - Dewdrop is adorable. Love the colors you used in the finish for him. And your Schoolroom Samplings santa is fab too! I need to dig out my copy of the 1997 ornament magazine. The berry fabric perfectly compliments your Chessie stitch. Your journaling is a wonderful idea. I've tried the past several years to consciously acknowledge each new day as the gift that it is.

Beth said...

Carol - Dewdrop is adorable. Love the colors you used in the finish for him. And your Schoolroom Samplings santa is fab too! I need to dig out my copy of the 1997 ornament magazine. The berry fabric perfectly compliments your Chessie stitch. Your journaling is a wonderful idea. I've tried the past several years to consciously acknowledge each new day as the gift that it is.

Bekca said...

I love the new header picture for your blog Carol, it looks perfect. As do your recent finishes, Dewdrop is so cute!
Thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my latest post. I feel very lucky to have such generous stitching friends :)
Best wishes.

Elia said...

Hello my friend
I love so much your bunny ^^
so lovely..
Here es april, I hope de sun visit you all the month !!
The header picture is so cute !!

big hugs for you carol,


Thanks for your visit on my blog ^^

Justine said...

What a lovely post Carol. We all have so much to be thankful for. Your finishes are beautiful and Dewdrop is so cute. I'm glad your friend liked him. What gorgeous colours Nancy sent you.

Lanie said...

Carol! your ornaments are always charming and exquisitely finished ... delightful! And I love your 'smile a day' project ... we all need to remember to enjoy the little things each day blesses us with.
I too experience sinus headaches with weather changes ... but I'll take the wonderful weather changes we're experiencing in Pittsburgh this week ... sunny skies, 70 degrees, and to top it off Opening Day for baseball ... all good!!!! :)

Annie said...

Right there with you in the misery loves company department with Spring headaches. Seem to be really bad this year so far.

Love that through it all you can keep a smile journal. Great idea. Of course you only have to take that smalls collection out from under the bed to give yourself a psychological lift!

I like softer linen a lot of times and more substantial linen other times. They both have their pros and cons. Or maybe it's what you get used to.

Your latest pieces are as lovely as usual. The Just Nan bunny is a real delight. And good for you keeping up with your ornament a month goal.

The Queen Bee said...

It really has been a hard winter...and the weatherman tells us it isn't over yet. I hope that your journal helps turn around some of the winter blues.


Belinda said...

I love your ornaments Carol, they are gorgeous especially Dewdrop. I am sure he's happy in his new home.
I love your idea about the smile diary. What a great thing to look back on when you are having a down day. It's important we appreciate life and the special things that make us smile. I totally agree about Mothers hugs taking away the hurt. It always works.

Shirlee said...

Such a lovely post my friend! I was reading & came to the part about the Chessie & Me kit & starting thinking "Oooo! A Chessie & Me ornament!" Then I read about the specialty stitches & that ended that. However, I then saw the photo & realized I have that kit in my stash ... lol! Perhaps one day I will tackle it : ) I am with you about dates on the front of ornaments. The back is okay, but not the front. I'm always thinking of things to substitute. I like your choice of Noel : ) Love the idea for your daily smile journal & am wishing I could try one of your son's soft pretzels. I've been pretzel crazy since I was a child (I even have a pretzel charm on my charm bracelet!). Traveling to Germany & eating the soft pretzels there I think was the closest thing to being in heaven : )

Priscila Junqueira Ponto Cruz said...

Hello, I just passed by here to know your wonderful blog! There are so many amazing things and stitches here!! I enjoy making new stitching friends!! If you want to, come to see my blog someday.
Hugs from Brazil,

Barb said...

Carol you continue to be an inspiration to so many and I for one am truly grateful. Your posts never cease to delight and amaze me, such pretty items you stitch and I love the idea if the one good thing a day ,may have to imitate you on that. I look forward to your next post ahhh spring .
Hugs from me to you.

Lynda Harrison said...

Hello Carol,
It is so good to read each post on your blog, and the little book of smiles is a beautiful idea - you always bring a smile to many people when they read your news and ideas. Your stitching is all so lovely, and the handsome 'Dewdrop' very lovely!
It is always such a pleasure to hear from you, and I hope that your visit to your dear parents was a good one, and that they continue to do well.
Take care - and Happy April!
Love and best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Great Post....love Dewdrop and your photo header! Nice Christmas orniesand LOVE your little last clip art. I keep a journal also...very similar.

shirley flavell said...

Beautiful stitcheries and finishes Carol. It is always a delight to visit you.Your header photo is just gorgeous.You are waiting for Spring and we are into Autumn and very warm. Think it may change soon though. Shirley N.Z.

Mary said...

Your journaling is such a wonderful idea Carol! Stitching keeps me sane too.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Dewdrop is such a pretty design. I should try to find the one. So appropriate for the season!

I love your smile journal. I keep a smile file too. It really does lift you up when you look back.


Rowyn said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing, as always Carol.

I love your daily smiles journal idea. I might start something similar, it will help me remember all those moments when Annabelle makes me smile (like if she wakes in the middle of the night, after being fed she just wants to smile at our reflections in the mirror).

That must have been a wonderful moment when your Dad said he knew who you were.

valerie said...

Your smile journal is a great idea! It's easy to feel down when things are gloomy or busy but sometimes it really is the little things that brighten up a day. We just need to remember that!

Love your finishes! That bday gift for Valerie (Great name btw! ;-)) is sooo cute! And I love your ornies too. The Nutmeg Santa looks great and different too. The "Noel" addition is a great alternative from the year. Hope all is well. I am still struggling to find my routine and get caught up on things.

Kathy L. said...

Lovely finishes as usual, I look forward to your monthly posts.

I was also a lucky winner of some of Nancy's floss. I can't wait to start using it.


Chris said...

Hey Carol!
I think that March was in Lion mode all month!? Now we are having summer weather!?! 86 yesterday...crazy.
Lovely stitching update. I love the nutmeg sampler. I love your blog header finish too. Do you have any larger projects going or do you stick mostly to smalls?
Have a wonderful weekend, I hope that it is full of sunshine and reasons to smile.

Jennifer said...

Such gorgeous finishes - and I LOVE the bunny egg featured as your "cover photo". So pretty and delicate!

You know, your March ornament would make a lovely holiday door hanger, but I think it would also work really nicely on your parade of ornaments down your staircase garland. (Which is still one of my very favorite ideas)

msmartello said...

Hi Carol,
Love your finishes! I really love the way you finished your Noel ornament.Great idea for your smile journey. It's the little things that are forgotten these days. Keep it up!


Jackie said...

Carol, your finishes are awesome as always. I like dates on my projects and the quilters really emphasize labeling your quilts. I suppose force of habit on my part. I like your daily smile journey idea too…that is a really neat idea.

Mylene said...

Such a lovely gift to your friend as well as your christmas ornaments. All are beautifully finished!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful - the bunny really puts me in the Easter mood!

Andrea said...

Our clocks went forward last weekend so it does start to feel like Spring is here with the lighter evenings. A lovely journal idea ... we all have a lot to be thankful for.
Love the ornaments, Dewdrop is such a cutie and Nutmeg Santa is just so wonderfully different.
Have a great weekend.

Valma said...

I soooooo love my cute bunny :D
believe me girls ...if you find him already beautiful in pictures..in real he is stunning :D
Such tiny stitches, wow, I'm so lucky
and with all that purple...
thank you so much again
I forecast to post it this week on my blog but I've been stuck with a terrible flue since Wednesday :(
Hope I will e better this weekend to enjoy the sun we are having those days....
very beautiful pieces you've done !
I really have to try something on black fabric !! I love that :)
Nutmeg Santa is really great
I'm on a Christmas ornament too, I said I would do one per month but it seems that April will see the first one ;)
have a great weekend my sweet friend
big big hugs

Michelle said...

What beautiful stitching - lovely post xx

marly said...

I can't believe I missed this post! Did I? Good grief I can't remember. Great choices once again. A kit? Hmm. I imagine it would be nice to not have to choose fabric, but I don't trust myself. I would probably change it anyway. Your change to black on Santa was a great idea.

Meari said...

Congrats on another beautiful finish. I agree with your sentiments about the ability to find a "smile" each day if you look. I've always believe that gratitude journals, happy thought a day, etc. create positive vibes in one's life.

Julie said...

Dewdrop is adorable Carol, I was only looking at the lovely bunny pillow I was lucky enough to in in your giveaway yesterday and thinking of you and your beautiful finishes I love to come here and see. Your latest two ornaments are super.
A wonderful idea with your new daily journal, we can all find something in each day that made us smile even on the darkest of days.

stitchersanon said...

Amazing stitching...lovely xx

Karoline said...

More lovely finishes, Dewdrop is gorgeous

Mavi. said...

How wonderful pillow Carol, I like all the bunny, santa in black fantastic and I chifla blog header.

Brigitte said...

It's always a pleasure and an inspiration to come to your blog and look at all the lovely finishes you produce.

Your new header with the little bunny is so adorable, what a beautiful finishing with the rushed edge. And the JN Dewdrop bunny is so pretty and beautifully finished. Congratulations on sticking to your monthly ornament goal. Nutmeg Santa looks so good on the black fabric and the backing fabric goes just perfectly with the thread colour of the border.

Have fun with your daily smile journal. I don't keep a journal but try to remember every evening the nice moments of the day. And there always are.

Melanie said...

These are all so fabulous! And I have to say, you are the ONLY person I know of in my little 'blogosphere' who regularly chooses to work with black linen. I actually bought a small piece of it last year after one of your spectacular finishes with black linen but it just sits there taunting me because I haven't used it yet. lol
I do feel you on the toll of this long winter. Yeesh. It has been ROUGH. I need to check myself for a pulse sometimes lately because I feel half-dead some days. I hope your journal restores your soul and continues to get you through it. :)

Wanda said...

Sometimes I am just made speechless by your blog! It feels like a very special gift each time you post.
Dewdrop is so adorable! What a perfect name for her! I have not yet stitched a Just Nan piece. Nutmeg Santa is so perfect! I love how he looks on black. Aren't the JCS ornament magazines fabulous? The Noel ornament by Chessie & Me is beautiful (and the over one reindeer is too cute!)
What a great idea to write down a smiley thought for each day. I cannot think of a better way to ensure our whole day is better when we approach it looking for goodness. Your little postcard girl is making me smile. She is the perfect picture of what I hope we all feel like when we are stitching!
Congratulations on winning from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!
Have a great week.
Hugs, Wanda

Parsley said...

Another happy, inspiring stitchy post. Your finishes always amaze and inspire me.

♥ Nia said...

Beautiful finishes! On your post and also the one on your head banner :) looooove the spring ornament for Valérie :D
Oh such a great idea :D i might start one journal like that too, very cool idea :D
Big smile to you my sweet friend, enjoy your weekend!
Happy April :D

Dani S.G. said...


Annette said...

Finally found the tiem to comment on your blog, it's standing too long in my bloglovin.
here we had a awesomely good March, pretty weather, many sun hours and warm days, April is much rain.

The gift for Valerie, is adorable..
Real spring/easter and her colors
I know she loves it.. the colors you used are perfect for her, and the pinish off as beautifull as always!!.

Your CHristmas finishes are great!!
Do you know how many ou made in total over the years?
You have so much , and all different finish off

What a wonderfull journal, and a great idea!!
keep written, no matter when,, al happy things are great!!
Love the little gil stitchine!!

I hope your havinga better April.
Have fun stitching

Little Kisses from Noah and Kira.
Greetings for Holland

Anonymous said...

Very lovely finishes, Carol. Noel by Chessie & Me is my favorite this time.:)

Sue said...

Do you know if Cricket Collections freebie called Slicker Bunny is still available?

Maggee said...

As always, cute stitches and beautiful finishes! I love your new Journal... and the saying across the front. Might try to do that Smile a Day. Have been gloomy of late, being sick so long, then work is stressful. Need to remember to be Happy! Life is Short! Hugs!

Sally said...

What a wonderful post Carol. It always makes me smile when I visit and see what wonderful things you have been creating.

Your Smile a Day is a wonderful thing. Sometimes the bad things overtake our thoughts and it's becomes harder to remember the good.

Ms. Wright said...

Love the "Nutmeg Santa," Care. Really different and quite striking! Glad the journaling has been helpful and enjoyable. Miss you!

Ms. Wright said...

Love the "Nutmeg Santa," Care. Really different and quite striking! Glad the journaling has been helpful and enjoyable. Miss you!

Lillie said...

Beautiful stitching as always Carol.

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Gorgeous finishes! Bunny is ecpecially adorable!

Anne said...

Oi!! How did I miss this amazing post Carol?!?! I spied your little bunny on sweet Valerie's blog and commented there...somehow I missed yours! It's a darling little design and you finished it beautifully. Love the pastels in that design. The Chessie and Me is so sweet too and looks great as a hanging ornament! The nutmeg Santa is just so awesome on black!! I definitely need to get some good black fabric and stitch on it one day. Beautiful threads from Nancy. She's such a generous lady and I know you'll love using the threads! The Smile a day journey sounds perfect and so important to remember to do even when faced with things in life that are upsetting. I too am trying to find joy in the simple things in life. Like the smell of pavement after an April shower...love that! Hugs to you dear!!

Jackie said...

Good day Carol!
At this juncture at the end of October, it was nice to see a spring ornament in the fall:) I do like the purple fabby and ribbon..so very spring. I too rarely buy kits and I prefer to stitch the dates on everything I finish stitching… I believe that comes from labeling my quilts.
Nice floss from the win at Victorian Motto.
I like your daily smile journal idea and hope you've been able to keep pace with it and it is always so nice to get a chuckle from such "small things" you do.
The nutmeg santa is gorgeous too. Do you use a light when you stitch with the black fabric? Please let me know at your leisure.
Take care,