Friday, May 31, 2013

Farewell to May

How on earth could this be the last day of May? I mean, really... why is this year flying by so quickly? Do you remember when you were little and you couldn't wait to grow up? You wanted so badly to drive a car, to experience that first kiss, to move out on your own; you wanted time to pass as quickly as possible. And now--now that you're older--you wish there was some magical way to slow things down, don't you? That's how I feel. I know that it will probably just keep speeding up as I age, though, but I've found that taking an hour or so to add a few lines of stitches  to whatever design I'm working on really does seem to slow down my world. Have you ever noticed that? It has such a calming effect...

With a busier than normal month that included extra work days and all those "must-do" outdoor chores that greet us each spring and summer, I've had little stitching time, but I did manage to finish the Prairie Schooler "Summer" piece that I was working on the last time you visited me. I do love seasonal stitching, but, for some reason, I have very few summer themed pieces in my collection. So, I'm thrilled to have a new finish to display this summer. 

     Prairie Schooler "Summer"
      from Book No. 50 "Prairie Seasons"

"Summer" is stitched on 32 ct. flax Belfast linen using the suggested DMC colors (except for the little ducks which I changed to a lighter gold than was charted). I changed the ducks' beaks, too (using straight stitches rather than cross stitches), and gave them French Knots (well, my odd version!) for eyes. There is a mistake on this chart--the sunflowers on the left were charted for a different color than the ones on the right although in the photo they were all the same, so I stitched them all in the lighter gold.

A trio of ducklings guarded by their mama

If you look closely at the sun, can you spy a smiling face? Such a cute touch! The colors in this piece are my favorites--the blues and buttery yellows so, of course, I love the house. I'm so pleased with this encompasses the essence of those hot, lazy days of summer, doesn't it?

 A smiling sun

I'll be framing this one with the same frame I used for the Prairie Schooler Spring finish that I showed you in this post back in 2010. Here is a collage of some of the little details... the bee hive, the flower garden, the willow tree and bird house, the oversized sunflower. Such a great design!

Prairie Schooler Summer from Book No. 50

I also finished up the Little House Needleworks scissor fob that I shared with you last month. This one was sent to my friend, Melanie, to thank her for lending me one of her charts. I hope she likes it! This was my very first scissor fob and I'm very happy with how it turned out...

    LHN Scissor Fob 
(from "Wool Needlebook & Fob")

The fob was stitched "over one" on 28 ct. dirty linen with the suggested DMC threads. I added a purple cording and backed it with the pretty tulip fabric shown above. It is filled with crushed walnut shells and a penny was placed inside for good luck (thanks to Terri for that sweet idea!). This may be my first scissor fob, but it won't be my last!

LHN Scissor Fob

Now, it's time to start a new project! What to stitch, what to stitch? Last year, it was easy because I had a monthly theme to help guide my choices. This year, it seems to be whatever calls my name as I browse through my stash. How do you pick your projects? I think a nice patriotic start might be in my future!

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND... Our Memorial Day weekend, although unseasonably cool, was a delight... Can you guess why? Well, we had all three sons home for the first time since Christmas! I love it when the three of them are together--love to hear their laughing and teasing, their inside jokes that go way back to childhood, their interaction as adults versus little boys (although sometimes those little boy roles make an appearance, too!). We took advantage of the sunny, but chilly, weather on Sunday and drove 40 miles north to a beautiful state park called McConnells Mill. The last time I had been there was 36 years ago as a newly engaged-to-be-married college senior. My soon-to-be husband (we were married two months later) and I visited the park with our college friends right before we graduated way back in 1977. It was so nice to visit again after all these years with our three grown sons. We packed a picnic lunch and then hiked along the beautiful Slippery Rock Creek after we ate.

The park features an old gristmill which processed buckwheat, oats, corn, and wheat until the late 1920s. Unfortunately, the old waterwheel was removed years ago, but it was still very interesting to go inside the mill and learn how the grains were processed in days gone by.

The old mill at McConnells Mill State Park

The mill and covered bridge

The covered bridge over Slippery Rock Creek 

Inside the old mill 

The antique scales at McConnells Mill

Slippery Rock Creek
at McConnells Mill

My guys hiking along the creek

Large rocks and boulders were scattered
across the landscape and creek

During our hike, I was most enchanted by the pretty red covered bridge, however this slithery creature was the highlight of the walk for the guys... They kept trying to see who could get the closest to it and I kept saying, "Stop, you guys, it might be poisonous!!" In researching it when we got home, it appears that it was a harmless Northern Water Snake. But, still, snakes rank right up there with bats in things I most fear! Anyone else feel that way?

Northern Water Snake

 Scenes from McConnells Mill State Park: May 2013

When we got home I made one of our favorite desserts, Key Lime Pie, and I thought you might enjoy the recipe. It is so quick and easy to make (I believe I got this recipe from my mother-in-law many years ago). I am not the best at making the meringue topping, but, trust me--it was delicious!

Key Lime Pie

THANK YOU... I recently won a very nice giveaway from Shirlee, better known as "The Easily Influenced Stitcher." She sent me a gift certificate to my favorite online stitching shop, 123 Stitch, so I could have a little shopping spree. Would you like to see what I purchased with Shirlee's generous gift? Just look at these pretties... Three lovely charts and three new overdyeds for my collection. Thank you so very much, Shirlee--I know I'll enjoy stitching these and I'm so appreciative of your generosity! Which one do you think I should start first?

 Purchases from Shirlee's Gift Certificate

Are you still with me? Another mammoth post--that's what I get for procrastinating and only posting twice a month, isn't it? I thought you might like an update on the nest in my wreath from my last post. I mentioned that the mother had abandoned it and the beautiful blue eggs slowly began disappearing until they were all gone... So sad! BUT, guess what? Another bird has taken up residence in that same nest and has two beautiful eggs of her own. Just look at her proudly sitting on her nest. I hope the birdies live to fly away after they are hatched. I'll keep you posted...

Mama robin in her nest!

So, June is upon us and it appears we're in for a hot, humid summer. I don't know about you, but I think I'll be spending lots of time in my air-conditioned home this summer. The older I get, the less I can deal with the heat and humidity. Does that mean I'll have a productive summer stitching-wise? Let's hope so!! Anyway, enjoy the start of summer, my sweet friends. Thanks to all of you for sharing your comments and your blogs with me--you're the best! Bye for now...


Catherine said...

Wonderful post, Carol!! Love your PS piece. So many little details to look at! And yes, time is flying by too quickly ~
So glad you were able to have time with all three of your boys. Your trip to the park is exactly something we would do with our three!! I will definitely be trying that pie recipe ~ looks yummy!! Love your new goodies ~ I was happy for you when I saw your name on Shirlee's post. What a pretty picture of the bird in your wreath ~ having gone through something similar, I can warn you that it won't be so pretty once the babies are growing and doing their business all over your wreath!

Peggy Lee said...

I enjoyed this post so much Carol!
I too love the colors in the PS piece and your stitching is perfect.
Thanks for taking us on your hike but I would have ran screaming at first sight of that snake!
Thanks for the recipe. I've never made a Key Lime pie but I think I will try it.
Isn't Shirlee the sweetest? Love your choices and I vote for the La D Da piece first but Lori's designs are my favorites!

Robin said...

What a wonderful way to start the day -- reading your latest post! Congratulations on your latest PS finish and the giveaway win from Shirlee! What beautiful pictures you shared with us!

Have a fabulous weekend, Carol!

Robin in Virginia

Margaret said...

Lovely post! I love your summer finish and your fob too! Hooray for having all three boys home! That's so great! Your hike looks like it was fun -- my DH especially loves mills. So cool that another bird has laid eggs in your wreath too!

Margaret said...

Oh and thanks for the recipe! My DH loves key lime pie.

Scattered Threads said...

I am "driving by" and will be back to visit so I can sit and read. LOL.

Jane said...

Love this post Carol, it was lovely to read with great photos.
Your Summer finish is gorgeous and truly represents everything Summer should be!
I know how you feel when all the kids are back home, although only one of mine is missing away at Uni, it doesn't ever feel quite right!
Your hike and the old mill looks like it was a lovely day and I bet brought back some special memories.
How cute is your wreath with that gorgeous bird nesting in it, fantastic photo, thank you for sharing.
Here's to a hot summer and lots of lovely stitching xxx

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Beautiful stitching, beautiful pictures, beautiful stash and, oh, what a lovely gift from God sitting in your wreath!! You must feel very rich indeed, with such evidences of love all around you!! I look forward to seeing your new patterns come to life!

Happy June!


Mii Stitch said...

Great post! I love your finishes & your new stash. So nice an other bird is using the nest as their new home!! x

Carol C said...

Hi Carol,
Thank you for your wonderful post. I so look forward to reading and seeing your lovely finishes. You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others.
I also love the Prairie Schooler designs and find them very relaxing to stitch up.

That bird knew where the welcome was, smart!

Thanks again and happy stitching.

Carol C

Barb said...

Such a happy, cheerful posting. I always love to read your blog - to see what beautiful things you have stitched and to read what you have been up to lately.

Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Parsley said...

So much fun in this post. Love the PS designs and your stash. I am sure you are excited to start some new projects.

EEK on the snake. We find harmless ones too but I consider them all dangerous and go running.

Jennifer said...

Such a lovely finish! I could look at your tiny, perfect stitches all day long. I love the subtle smiley face on the sun too. I don't know about the essence of summer though, as it seems to be missing the droopy wiltyness from humidity. LOL

I also love the idea of the penny inside the fob for good luck. I am a sucker for sentiment and hidden meanings.

I bet it was just wonderful to have all your sons home, and I also bet you were looking around the kitchen and pantry when they left wondering if they had left *anything* uneaten!

Marilyn said...

Great finishes as alwasys.
Your stitching is beautiful.

Bev said...

Hi Carol you have some lovely photos on your post. I live in South Yorkshire in the U.K. and I for one have been looking forward to May disappearing, hopefully we might get some good weather.... I need some for my 'achy bones' x

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Carol, I do know what you mean about time flying by! Wonder what's up with that? LOL! Love the finishes. The scissor fob reminds me I have that one in my stash...hmmm. Looks like you had a good outing with your men too. I'm not a fan of the slithery things either and I'm not a fan of spiders either. Yikes! Have a good weekend! Hugs, Lisa

Annie said...

Your PS piece looks gorgeous. I've always like that series. And that is a very sweet fob.. I'll probably steal that penny for luck idea.

Love the park trip photos... all except that creature. That would have shaken me up so much, I'd be a nervous wreck for the remainder of the day!

Real limes?

You really provide a great bird trailer park. That robin photo is just too cool.

BrendaS said...

Carol -- Great to see a post from you. LOVE your PS Summer finish. That is such a timeless design and reflects summer to perfection!

Great pictures of your hike with your boys. Time does fly by and it's nice to be able to have them all home together.

Hope it's not a HOT and HUMID summer like last year -- I just can't take it anymore either!

Have a good weekend my friend:)

Shirlee said...

A delightful post, as always : ) Was just going to drop you a line so I will comment on things there : )

Vickie said...

Pretty stitching Carol. Such a nice gift.
Yes, I hate coming across a snake. I scream.

Julie M said...

Great post Carol! I love the pics of the old Mill. Especially since my last name is McConnell!

Your fob is adorable, hard to believe it was your first one and I love the penny idea!

Love the PS Summer piece too. It does seem to embody the spirit of summer!

I pick my projects by what ever calls my name at the time. I always think I'm going to stick to a plan but that never happens!

Have a great weekend!

LoriU said...

Adorable scissors fob!!!

priscilla said...

Love your "summer'finish ,Carol ! Glad you got to have all your boys home :) Your photos of your walk are fabulous ! Can't wait to see what you stitch next :)

Melody said...

Carol, what a wonderfully long newsy post. It's good to catch up. Glad to hear your boys were all home for the holiday! That makes it so special for you. Your PS summer finish is very cute. I have stitched their four seasons, but a later version than the one you stitched. Your fob turned out great.

Also, how cool that you have an actual bird nest, complete with eggs and bird in your wreath!!

I agree about the summer weather. Good time for inside stitching when the heat and humidity get to us.

Lanie said...

Hi Carol!
Glad you had a wonderful w/e with your boys ... what is it about having everyone home (eventhough busy and noisy) that makes us such happy mamas?! And isn't McConnell's Mill a wonderful treasure in our little neck of the woods. It is so close for us, but sadly we rarely take advantage of it ... or Moraine State Park for that matter ... shame on us! I will try to make it a priority this summer.

Девушка с пяльцами said...

It was my greatest pleasure to read this post, Carol!! Love your PS piece! The ducklings are soooo lovely!
That’s really nice you were able to spend time with all three of your boys. Thanks for the recipe! I like baking, so I’m going to give it a try! Looks delicious! And congratulations with your certificate and precious purchases!

Natasha said...

What a terrfic post!! Love your PS finish. The colors are wonderful!

I am not terrified of many things but snakes, YES!! Because you never know which are dangerous. We have water Moccosians here in the Lake, and while that name sounds harmless they are not.

Loved your post and I hope your June goes by VERY VERY SLOW! Have a great day and happy stitching!

Elia said...

Hermoso post como siempre,
adorable este trabajo de punto de cruz, es precioso, Carol!!!

Y tu mini viaje me gusta, siempre es maravilloso descubrir nuevos lugares... me gustan las fotografías, y la tarta ^^ mmmmhhhh

felicidades por todo, la corona de la puerta es una delicia de trabajo !!

un abrazo

aquí hoy todavía parece que hace fresco, se resiste el buen tiempo,



Laurie in Iowa said...

That's wonderful that all three sons were home to spend the holiday weekend.
Love the PS finish and your fob.

Penny said...

Your posts are always such a treat! Your Prairie Schooler piece has all of the elements I love in a sampler and the scissor fob is so pretty - I love the idea of placing the penny inside! It is wonderful to have all of your children home together, isn't it. :) I enjoyed the pictures - it looks like a really pretty place to visit. Love the bird on the wreath. :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great to finish the PS Seasons with summer! Love the fob you've done - beautifully as always. The tour with the guys looks like a blast, and the pie - delish! Personally, I would be happier with the snake than the bat-eeeek! Best wishes to the Robin Wreath family - and yours, too!

books4me said...

This was so much fun to read. Although I'm a PA native, I never made it to McConnells Mill State Park. Your pictures were beautiful and inspiring. I'd love to take my kids someday. And your stitching is just incredible. So, so beautiful. This entire post was just such a joy to read - beautiful scenery, wonderful art, delicious food. What a treat for a Friday afternoon. Thank you so much for sharing all of this!

Gabi said...

Great post, great pictures and wonderful stitching! Thanks for the receipe, will try.
You are absolutely right time rushes by much to fast.
Warm greetings from Germany

Karoline said...

Congratulations on your finishes, summer is gorgeous.

Sounds like you had a great weekend with your boys

Patrizia Valle said...

fantastich work !

Julianne said...


The robin perched in the nest on your lovely wreath is surely a sight to behold. I forwarded the photo to share with both of my daughters.

All your stitching is lovely. I am so glad your family could be together for Memorial Day. Both of my daughters were here last weekend and we celebrated my 51st birthday.

Vicky L said...

Your summer piece is very summery. I love how you describe the details. The LHN fob is adorable. Glad you got the time to spend with your sons.

Beth said...

You always have such nice posts Carol and work on lovely things. So pleased you were able to have all three boys at home with you.

cucki said...

Aww such a sweet post...
Beautiful stitching ...sound like you had a fun weekend with your sons...
Hugs x

Judy said...

Hi Carol, What a pleasure to see your post today. How fun to join in your trip to the park with your family. I agree about grown children and their conversations. I love spending time with my 3 also. I don't even like pictures of snakes--so passed that one quickly! Perhaps your fob will motivate me, I have that fob and needlebook stitched--but not finished. The bird in the wreath is just the cutest! Congrats on your win and new stash. And thanks for sharing your reciepe. Happy June!

Judy heartland stitcher

Barbi said...

So many wonderful things in your post today Carol. Two things that mademe so happy to read and see was you with your "boys" and that another robin has taken up residence on your door wreath! Such a gorgeous new PS piece too. Lots of stitching time coming up for me this week and probably for you with the Pens in the playoffs. We have a couple of connections to the team this year so we're cheering for the penguins this playoffs.

Linda said...

Another great post Carol. What a beautiful bird in the wreath. It looks fake. Sure hope the eggs hatch. Love the pics of the park except for the snake. lol What a great scissor fob. Don't have one of those. Your super summer sampler. I started that one many years ago.


Elizabeth Ann said...

LOVE you summer PS piece! Thank you for sharing your weekend with us, beautiful park for a picnic. Hopefully your summer won't be too hot so you can enjoy the outside!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful finishes this month Carol! I can't believe how your wreath keeps inviting birds to take up residence!

Myra said...

That sweet Robin hardly looks real sitting on her nest - so sweet. Do you use that door often?

Great job on the scissor fob Carol and your PS stitching is amazing.

marly said...

Another great post Carol! That fob that is OVER ONE is so sweet. Thanks for the recipe, too.

louise wise said...

Love the wreath and dear little bird minding her eggs,very sweet.
Your Praire Schooler design is really lovely and I have been tryin g to buy this book but no luck at all.
Would you consider selling it to me when you have finished with it or I could send you some goodies in exchange.
I would really appreciate it,there,s nothing wortse than livin g a design and not being able to find it.
I so enjoy your posts,very inspiring.
Thank you,

Ellen said...

Beautiful finishes, just love PS Summer and the scissors fob!

You really have a fun time at the Park, thanks for the lovely photos!

Love that robin sitting in the nest!


Barb said...

Hi Carol, Loved the post! First, what a wonderful summer sampler. I agree, the colors are so pretty. It looks like a very nice Memorial Day. I can imagine how special it was to have all your sons home. I love old mills and so enjoyed the pictures. Poisonous or not I HATE snakes. I would not kill one as I know they are quite useful creatures. But I avoid them at all costs! A Happy June to You!

Michelle said...

Beautiful finishes Carol - the PS design is so bright and cheery. Thanks for taking us through your walk beautiful scenery xx

butterfly said...

Lovely post Carol, beautiful stitching love the PS one and your scissor holder.
Great photo's of your walk and that little bird is so sweet.
I must say you are right that stitching for a moment really slow's down time, but then you get up and it just races past . I wish sometimes we could go back in time when time would stand still . We are always so busy now . I gave up work a few years ago and I find I still don't have enough time. hugs.

Brigitte said...

I feel it just the same, the passing of time, and it gets faster the older you are. At the moment I'm a bit torn between the wish time might pass a bit slowlier, and the desire that time might pass a bit faster until the beginning of August when my retirement starts, lol. But I can wait, patiently. And in the meantime I will be stitching.
I truely love your new PS piece. It's a great book you are stitching the seasonal pieces from. I also love stitching seasonal projects but have never stitched a real summer piece, I'm much more drawn towards spring and autumn. And quite obviously many stitchers are. It might be the heat in summer which makes you put stitching on the backburner.
I don't know exactly how I choose new projects but as I have a lot of WIPs I usually go through my WIP box and when something calls my name it will be my next stitch. And when nothing really calls my name I go through my stash and look for that one chart that I have always wanted to start, lol. And that is it then. Whatever you will choose - I'm looking forward to seeing it in your next post.
What a reat weekend you spent with your family. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures.

Lesleyanne said...

A great post. Both of your finishes a gorgeous. Great pictures from your trip.

Libby said...

Yes, Patriotic. Perfect colors for this time of year. I am currently working on one and getting reads to pull threads and fabrics for another.

I've been craving a picnic, too. How funny. There are a couple beautiful places around here to go spend the day enjoying the outdoors with a picnic. The trick is getting the kids to join us.

Happy stitching.


Mary said...

I loved seeing all your pictures, Caril! Two of my favorite things - Prairie Schooler Summer, and Key Lime Pie. So glad your summer is off to such a wonderful start.

Scattered Threads said...

Good day my dearest Carol and top of the morning to you:) I expected to get back here yesterday, but that plan went awry:( So here I am:)
Oh my dear, yes! Farewell to Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, and May. I am so glad June is here…One more week of school and the girls and I are so looking forward to a summer break.
I love the PS summer as it is so welcoming…makes me want to dig that one out, but I had better not. LOL. I have some others working at the moment.

I love the scissor fob too and surely your recipient, Melanie, would be pleased with it as your finishings are absolutely gorgeous.

On to the subject of picking projects…I usually have a running "to do" list or if I tire of that list, I go to "plan B," of whatever lifts my skirt:)

I am so glad you had wonderful time with your children for the Memorial Day Weekend…and what a nice way to reconnect with them with a hike at the state park. The pictures are awesome and I enjoyed seeing them. Oooh, and the little no shoulder fella made the hike more interesting, I am sure.

TFS the Key Lime Pie recipe. I will have to take a stab at making it. I make a Lemon Meringue pie as a family favorite, and I am sure they will love a Key lime version too. It is one of my favorites pies. My meringue do not always end up perfect and they don't seem to mind it's imperfection:)

Lovely pickings and purchase from Shirlee's Gift Certificate and I can see how the Feathered Friends chart may have been an easy select... with the picture of Mama Robin in her nest. It is an awesome pic Carol. TFS.

It is already very hot here. My thermometer read 101 degrees yesterday and it is still only spring. I can only imagine the intensity of summer here.

Well my dearest, I've babbled long enough. LOL.

I hope you will have a productive summer and I look forward to seeing what you will share with us this summer.

Take care Carol,

Meari said...

Congrats on your finishes! The fob looks great... can't even tell it's your first one. I love making them.

I haven't seen a bird's nest up close since I was a kid. The pitfalls of living on a busy street, I guess. :( Or, maybe my place just isn't bird friendly, lol.

Mary said...

PS Summer is beautiful, Carol and your scissor fob is perfection. I know that Melanie will be thrilled to have one of your lovely pieces.

What a great way to spend the holiday. It's the best when all of our kids are home at the same time.....good for us and for them to be together.

Congrats on your win! I love your new charts. You will be busy!

Thanks for sharing the recipe. Key Lime is a favorite here and will be refreshing with this heat.

How did you manage to get so close to the robin? Your wreath has been a popular spot this season for your feathered friends.

Have a good weekend. Hope you can get into your new stash!

HUGS to you my friend.

Bekca said...

I'm so glad you got to spend such a lovely time with your sons. I've just come back from Glastonbury and it was so wonderful just to be in the company of my parents and sister. I think being apart makes me appreciate them all the more :)
Wonderful stitching, you must have quite the collection of PS designs. Do you have a craft room Carol? I would love to see pictures of your crafting space!
I'm ok with snakes, it's spiders that make my skin crawl! Wonderful gifts from the certificate, I look forward to seeing what you'll be stitching up next.
Best wishes.

Christina said...

Great finish! I too love seasonal stitching, seems like my stash consists of Halloween/Fall and Winter/Christmas. Glad you had a great time with your family. Cute little momma protecting her eggs.

Fiona said...

Lovely stitching. Thank you for sharing your hike. I would have been out of there in a flash if I had seen that snake. I moved that picture on as fast I could. I love listening to my children sitting round the table sharing their memories, teasing each other and laughing together.

Anne said...

I agree, time is flying by too quickly! I wish we could slow it down for a moment and stitching does seem to slow it just a bit. The PS Summer is darling and I love the little duckies in the pond. The LHN scissor fob is so sweet too. It looks like you had a lovely time with all three of your boys on your hike. Such great photos!! Ick that snake is massive and freaky even if it is harmless...don't like them much! Great stash enhancement Carol! I love the chickadee pattern!!My hubby and I got a kick out of that robin in your wreath! She looks like she's one of those fake birds people put in wreaths!


Julie said...

Hello Carol, what a splendid trip you had with the boys, unfortunately if I had seen that snake I would have been running in the opposite direction at a very fast speed.
A gorgeous PS finish, such lovely details in this design. Love the idea of the penny in the scissor fob,you did a super job stitching and finishing that.

Melanie said...

The new piece is just wonderful. I didn't notice the sun detailing until you pointed it out - its a nice touch. And thanks again so much for the little fob. I could definitely see one of those done up in a patriotic theme. :)
Love the photos of your hike. We have an old grist mill not far from our house - but ours does still have its grindstone. It's quite fun to go out there in the fall when they have their festival and get to watch it in action.
I actually don't mind snakes. Must be the tomboy in me. :)
Hope this mama bird is successful with her little eggs!!! It is too funny, nesting right on your front door like that. Lol

Kaisievic said...

Carol, fantastic post, I do love a good old chinwag, which is exactly what reading your post felt like! Lovely finish on Summer and all your other stitching, too. Your trip to McConnell Mill looks like lots of fun! Thanks for taking me along for the ride! Such a sweet robin mama, too.
Hugs, Kaye

Lynn said...

Ever since I retired I noticed just how fast time was passing by me. I can't believe 2 yrs have passed already!

Your summer PS stitch is so very pretty! Like you, I have very few summer stitches completed. Hopefully I can add some this year.

I'm so glad you were able to see all three sons at once. That hasn't happened around here since Christmas 2011! It looks like you all had a wonderful day together.

I don't think I've ever seen a robin make its nest in a wreath before. You have a very unique door decoration, lol!

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Carol!

Thank You for visiting my little blog!

I have allways loved your blog and its long posts,maybe because I often write quite long ones too...
I always have a maybe a little bit shorter text in english too but please excuse me my funny english and the bad grammar ! :) :)

The PS "Summer" -stitching is very pretty and the smiling face of the sun is very cute !

Enjoy the summer and all your stitching!
With my best greetings from Finland,
Maija (=Lumiruusu) "The Snowrose"

María Dolores Jiménez Acevedo said...

Muy bonitos trabajos y bonito paseo. Un beso grande desde España

Rachel S-H said...

I didn't read the last post, but I saw the wreath and thought, "That is a lovely idea for a wreath! that robin looks so lifelike!"

Sally said...

Gorgeous little fob and lovely summer finish.

Glad you had a wonderful Memorial weekend.

Oh wow what a fantastic photo of Mamma Robin!

♥ Nia said...

Oh my! It's so true! Time is flying so fast!! Almost half the year is gone :p we better enjoy every little moment of the ride ;)

Lovely stitching! those little ducks look so cute =) I'm always amazed to see your stitching in such a small fabric! :)

So cute!!! can you open your own door?? LOL I hope those little birds will fly and come to visit you every year =)
hugs&smiles to you sweetie!!

♥ Nia said...

hahahah Just noticed that you have 1111 followers...

... make a wish! ;)

Pam in IL said...

I so love it when both of my girls are home! I'm the most happiest, content momma in the world when both of my girls are under my roof.

Your day out with the boys looks like fun! We have a restored, operational gristmill not far from here. It's so fun to visit.

I really like your finishes. Beautiful as usual!

I fall in love with your finish in your blog header every time I visit your blog!

Mylene said...

I always enjoy reading your post...a lovely summer finish and the scissor fob is perfectly finish, so cute. I think the receiver loves it!

Great pictures of your visit to the park...and hmmmm, the pie looks yummmy!!

passionfruitprincess said...

I love your post, Carol! What a lovely finish, I also don't have a lot of summer stuff.
The pictures of your trip are beautiful, and yes, I don't like snakes either.
And you shared a recipe! I will make sure to try!
But the best of all... the robin mama!!
That's so cool! What a lovely picture!
Enjoy your week and I can't wait to see what you are going to stitch.
Ana Paula

msmartello said...

Hi Carol,
Love the summer pattern. So sweet!
What a great time with your family. Looks like it was great fun. Love the new stash enhancement. Not sure what you should do first. I have a hard time deciding that as well. That's why I have so many things I want to do right now because I add to faster than I can get things done. What a sweet robin on your door. keep us posted on her progress.

Andrea said...

Another wonderful post Carol, jam-packed with all your wonderful stitching to show us. Love the photos of the mill and surrounding area. Aww a sweet robin. I hope she has better luck with that nest.
Great stash too.

Anna van Schurman said...

Love your Summer stitch! I don't stitch Prairie Schoolers as often as I should. I think you solved the mystery of what kind of snake Stella went after when she was walking along the creek with the dude! Thanks!

Mavi. said...

Carol siempre nos enseñas unos trabajos preciosos. Me alegro mucho que hayas podido disfrutar con tus tres hijos haciendo un fantástico recorrido y además compartiéndolo con todos. Bonitas fotografías. El petirrojo está feliz en la corona.

Chris said...

Hey Carol!
How nice to have the family together. Your day out looks lovely. What a great park.
Gorgeous finishes too. I can't wait to see what Patriotic pieces you choose to stitch. Lovely new stash too.
Stay cool!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures
bisous from FRANCE

Maggee said...

There is NO better way to spend a holiday than with family! Looks like a great park! We have so many great spots to visit in this country! Glad it was such a great time for you! Like the PS Summer piece! And I look forward to seeing your next finish. Hugs!

Giovanna said...

Great finishes! Especially the PS Summer - must stitch it up too. I'm not usually thrilled by faces on suns and moons, but this one is subtle enough to be quite charming :-)

Shirley said...

Love your summer stitching Carol. The picture of the bird nesting on your wreath is so charming.

Wanda said...

Carol your PS Summer is beautiful and your scissor fob is as cute as can be. The ducks look much cuter with your changes. It really is hard to go wrong with PS - she is such an amazing and timeless designer (for that matter, LHN designs too!). It sounds like you had a wonderful family weekend. I am so enthralled with your residents on your wreath - thanks for the updates. I know I have said this before, but your blog is just so beautiful, it's like having a friend tell you a story and you can't wait for the next chapter!Have a great week, Wanda :)

Nicky said...

What a wonderful post Carol, I so enjoyed reading all your news. How exciting to be spending time with all the 'boys' in your life! Love your stitching too....

Giovi's Creations said...

Lovely post as always, Carol!
Congrats for your 'Summer' finish and the scissor fob. They're so nice!
Mama Robin is adorable. Here, in the city, is difficult to find nature elements ...
I love the pie! In Peru (where I was born) lemon pie is a classic!
Hugs from Barcelona, Giovi.

Nancy M said...

A great summer finish! I too find I have lots of winter and fall things and not much spring and summer. I just bought 3 more patterns and they are.....pumpkins and Christmas ornaments! LOL Looks like a great place for a hike and brings back lots of happy memories! I can't believe that was your 1st fob! It's gorgeous and I see several more in your future. I have one a friend gave me and I've been using that one for YEARS!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that snake is terrifying! I really hate all kinds of snakes. They’re just too deadly and unfriendly for me. So you’re planning for a new project. Well, why not try mermaids and elves. I believe it’ll be adorable. Hope to see more of your wonderful adventures. Till next time!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that snake is terrifying! I really hate all kinds of snakes. They’re just too deadly and unfriendly for me. So you’re planning for a new project. Well, why not try mermaids and elves. I believe it’ll be adorable. Hope to see more of your wonderful adventures. Till next time!

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Marie said...

PS is by far a favorite of mine...all of their designs. Congrats on the completion of Summer, it looks beautiful.

I can't believe that bird took up residence probably can't enter/exit that way now. :)

Love the pics of your PA travels...although that snake creeped me out. Not too sure I could have stayed around long enough to snap that picture.

Congrats on your Shirlee Blog giveaway...I also won ~ I wanted the handmade item and got it!

Solstitches said...

What a pretty PS finish Carol and the fob you finished is gorgeous too.
You're an expert in the cording department so I'm sure that finishing the fob was easy for you.
Lovely blog win!
Nice to learn what happened to the birds nest although sad that the first resident wasn't able to see her eggs hatch for whatever reason.
Nice that new tenant moved in though.
Lovely pictures of the mill and your day out.

Quiltsmiles said...

Lovely stitches Carol. Glad your day at that park was enjoyable een though you ran into that snake, he would've frightened me abit too.
Thanks for sharing that Key Lime Pie Recipe, I tagged it to try it out later this summer. Hard to believe that it's already June11th!!!! Take Care and Happy stitchin, Jane

Vinniey said...

Looks like you had a great outing with your family. :) Thanks for sharing the hiking pictures. I really enjoyed all the pictures of this post.

I agreed with you, Carol! Time fly so quickly. I missed my childhood, wish I can turn back the clock :P. Lovely finished of PS Summer and beautiful finished of the scissor fob.

I hope you have a happy summer stitching time. {{{Hugs}}}

Kay said...

I love your finishes!!! I so know what you mean about time moving on way too fast. It seems like the days are shorter and the years move by way too fast all the time. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday weekend having all of your children home!! That is a beautiful picture of the mama bird in her nest. That is amazing!!

Valma said...

ho my ! why did I miss this post with superb pictures ...???? (hum, except the snake !!)
lovely stitching again, your scissor fob is so lovely
and mama robin, so cute in her nest on your door, hehehe
is she still there ???
big hugs sweetie

Annette said...

Beautifull blog post!!
yes time is flting so fast..
What a wonderfull PS piece...
You stitch so neat..
really wonderfull

The little sheep piece is so cute.. hihi

That must be such a joy all your sons home..
What a wonderfull pictures..
It looks so great.. love that ols mil.. so great that between pc, ipad, such beautifull things stil are alive
How is it with the girls???
Any daughter -in-laws there yet???

Ow My that Key Lime looks really so great
I don't undertsand the recepi when I read it like this.. but i will take it in teh translator.. I wanne try it..
I love baking cakes/pies

have a loevly time with your stitching
very beautifull your Robin in her nest

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