Monday, December 31, 2012

A Quintet of Santas and a Farewell to 2012

Happy last day of the year to you, my stitching friends! I know I say this every year, but where have the past twelve months gone? I do think time passes by more quickly the older I get, don't you? I hope each of you enjoyed a lovely Christmas week with your families...It was so nice having all three of my sons home for most of the week...we played lots of board games, watched a few action movies together (When I told them they "owe me" a chick flick next Christmas, they all began to groan!), and ate way too much food. I'm really looking forward to some healthier eating and getting back to my exercise routine in January!

So, for those of you who were wondering about my December bowl and whether I would succeed in my goal of doing a themed  bowl for each month in 2012, the answer is "YES!" I did it--it was quite an effort this month to finish it up with all of the other things that were on my December "to do" list, but in the end, I came up with a theme I'm happy with. I originally planned to have a baking/gingerbread boys theme for the bowl, but when it came right down to it, I realized that, unless I wanted to give up sleep for a couple of weeks, there was just no way I could get all of them stitched. So, what did I do? Well, I turned to my faithful drawer of "unfinished finishes"and searched for something--anything--that I could use as a theme for my bowl. As luck would have it, there were three long-ago stitched Prairie Schooler Santas just beseeching me to finish them and release them from that dark drawer. So with the three of them, and two more quickly stitched smaller PS Santas, I am happy to say I now have a bowl of Prairie Schooler Santas!

December 2012 Prairie Schooler Santas

So, let's start with the oldest stitched piece first... That would have to be the one done when I was still stitching on Aida, so it was probably finished way back in 2003 or 2004. Stitched on black Aida with the suggested DMCs (I never dared change colors way back then!), is this charming Santa giving a cute brown fox a lift on his sled. This is from The Prairie Schooler Book No. 110: "Santa & Friends." The shade of red isn't showing up true at all (at least on my computer)--the color is DMC 3777. I backed it with the print shown in the photo and finished it off very simply with cording made from the same red and tied in a little bow.

 Prairie Schooler's "Santa & Friends"

Next up, is probably my favorite of the annual PS Santas: the 1990 Santa with his woodland buddies. I most likely stitched him in the mid-2000s because, by then, I had ventured into trying evenweaves. This seems to be stitched on a sage Jobelan using the suggested DMC colors. I just love the little feathered and furry friends shown in this charming design! The little pillow is backed with the gingham fabric shown and I attached a tiny cluster of holly leaves and silver bells in the upper corner for a little accent.

Prairie Schooler 1990 Santa

Another "oldie, but goodie" is the PS Santa from 2001 carrying his pear tree with the requisite partridge. Again, this one is stitched on a 32 ct. jobelan using DMC threads. I simply applied some handmade cording in DMC 221 and tied it in a little bow at the very top to finish it. Simple and quick!

 Prairie Schooler 2001 Santa

My final two Santas were ones I managed to stitch in December--somehow squeezing them in between stitching gifts for friends and all that accompanies the multitude of things to do for Christmas! These stitched up fairly quickly and I love their old-fashioned look. I think that's why I love the older Prairie Schooler Santas so much--they bring back thoughts of, what seems to me, an easier time in life--slower paced and less hectic. This green coated Santa is from Book No. 88: "Old World Santas II." He is stitched on 32 ct. flax Belfast linen with the suggested DMC threads.

Prairie Schooler Old World Santa

And his buddy, the gold-coated Santa is another handsome fellow. (Although, for some reason, every time I look at him, I think of that wicked Queen in Snow White tempting her with the poisoned apples--yes, my mind works in an odd manner sometimes!!).  Both of the Old World Santas are backed in the green gingham fabric and finished off with handmade cording in DMC 520. I really didn't have time to do any "fancy" finishing this month, but I think simpler is better when it comes to these guys.

Prairie Schooler Old World Santa

So, which one is your favorite? I think I'd have to vote for the one on black--I really love the whole design of it and who can resist those cute foxes? 

December 2012 Prairie Schooler Santa Finishes

And here we have my final bowl of monthly finishes for the year... It has been such a fun journey and I owe a lot of it to you, my friends and followers. It was your kind and encouraging comments that kept me going month after month. I plan on taking a photo of all of my bowl finishes next week--I think even I will be surprised when I see them all grouped together! I'm still trying to come up with a good way to store them. Right now, they are in shoe boxes under my guestroom bed--one or two months worth per box. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

December 2012 Bowl of Finishes

I also received three more Christmas gifts which I want to share with you... From my dear friend, Mary, came this darling LHN chart called "Holiday House" along with a very generous gift certificate to The Strawberry Sampler. I can't wait to visit their website and pick out some of the goodies on my wish list! Thank you so very much, Mary--I've truly enjoyed our blogging friendship and trust that we will, indeed, meet in person some day. After all, you are only on the other side of Pennsylvania! 

Gift from Mary

All the way from Northern Ireland came this next group of gifts from my dear friend, Lois. I was so happy to see what she stitched for me because I had just pulled the threads and fabric and was about to stitch it for myself and now I won't have to. I just love the little pillow ornament, Lois--your stitching and finishing are perfect! The chocolate Santa lollipop, festive Tralala Chart, and the most adorable flannel snowman fabric are so "me!" Our long-distance friendship has really meant so much to me over the past couple of years and I am very thankful for it as well as your lovely gifts.

Gifts from Lois

And from The Netherlands, sweet Annette sent me a jolly Santa card and enclosed  a pretty handmade gift tag and the tiniest little ornament I've ever seen. She knows I love tiny things and I told her this would be perfect for the miniature tree that I have on the shelf in my family room.  Thank you so much for your gifts, Annette, and for sharing your photos of your wonderful crafts and adorable kids with all of us! It is always a joy to visit your blog!

Gifts from Annette

Our snow had all melted by Christmas Day so there was no "white Christmas" for us, but the day after was a different story... The snow came down in huge flakes making the roads treacherous and even closing the library early. Since I was scheduled to work that evening, I enjoyed a free night and I'm sure you can imagine how I spent it!! Here are some photos of the storm "in process" and after it had stopped... So peaceful looking, isn't it?

December snowstorm 2012

Today is a very special day for my youngest son who begins a new job with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. His dad and I are so proud of him! His hard work has paid off and we know he'll find the job to be both exciting and rewarding. We wish him the very best of luck!
Well, I do have more to show you, but since I have to work today, I'll save it for my next post! I want to thank each and every one of you for your friendship and kind comments over the past year. Bye for now...

May your New Year be filled with much...


Девушка с пяльцами said...

Carol, many wows to all your Santas! They are a gorgeous bunch! Happy New Year to you and your relatives! Much joy and happiness!

Palkó said...

Beautiful works!
Happy New Year!!! :)

Birdie said...

Carol, your stitching is beautiful and what a very blessed lady you are with the bounty of gifts, Good-luck you your son and his new job.



Michelle said...

Your Santas look beautiful and some lovely gifts received! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Hilda said...

Dear Carol,

your five Santas for your December-bowl are all sooo cute! Congratulations to you, that you succeeded in your 2012-goal. That is really adorable!

Nice to read that you had such a wonderful week with your boys - I thought so often of you and your eldest son, hoping he is on a very good way to health after his surgery!

Have a nice last day of the year, my dear friend - and I am so much looking forward to a new stitching year in 2013!

Hugs and Kisses!


Ann said...

Hi Carol,
I so love your santa finishes for December! And I can't wait to see all of your pieces from this year together! This will be a sight I think!
I wish you and all of your family a Happy New Year and that all your dreams may come true.
Kind greetings from Belgium,

Melissa said...

Love that basket of Santas, Carol! I think the black background one is very striking. I also like the one with the raccoon staring adoringly, or is that hungrily?, at Santa.

Good luck to your son on his new job!

Happy New Year to you!

Nicola said...

Carol, I just love your Santas! I can't choose a favourite, they're all lovely! The fabric you backed the black one with suits it very well. Will you be continuing your monthly bowls in 2013?

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2013!

Vickie said...

Love, love, love your Santas. My favorite is the one on black. =)
Great presents for a great lady.♥
I store my finishes in a large, clear bin. They make the flat ones to fit under the bed. ;)
A Blessed, Happy New Year to you! I hope and pray your eldest is recovering very well. Good for your youngest!!

Kathy A. said...

Wonderful, wonderful post my dear friend. I love your Santas and they are so beautifully displayed in your bowl. I really need to learn to make the corded braid. It makes such a nice finish.
Congrats to your son. You have every reason to be proud.
And snow - my DH wanted snow for Christmas - well we've had over 2 feet and it's still snowing. I want to go back to AZ LOL.

Sherri said...

Love your your Santas. My favorite is the one on black. The red cording makes it pop. Your bowl full of smalls this year has been adorable. Well worth the effort.

Siobhán said...

Wow wow wow wow!! I just love your choice for bowl ornaments this month. PS Santas are my favorite, so it's hard to choose which are my favorites... instead I'm looking at them and thinking of what I still need to stitch! ;) I do love the black ornament... I want to stitch that series but as always have been hesitant because of the black. What way do you make your floss cording and how do you attach it?

You've received some lovely gifts!

Congratulations to your son on the job! How exciting! My brother just took a job with the federal government--he loves the hours and benefits. I wish him every success. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2013!

priscilla said...

Love, love, love your Prairie Schooler Santas !!! ( I am stitching one right now :)) ..They look fabulous finished in your bowl ! Glad you had a nice Christmas and your snowy photos are beautiful!Good luck to your son in his new job ! Happy New Year Carol , can't wait to see what stitching you show us next year !!

Judy said...

Congrats on your December bowl and the entire year of beautiful stitching and finishing! Your cording is always so perfect as well. I agree, time passes way to quickly. Last fall, my son began his 1st job after I know how proud you are of your son. Hope your son was able to enjoy those mashed potatoes for Christmas. Happy New Year!

Judy heartland stitcher

Cindy's Stitching said...

They are all so pretty Carol. The year does go by so quickly the older we get. I am looking forward to a new year. Have a blessed day.

Sweet Sue said...

Your Santa finishes are a great way to finish off the year Carol! Has been a joy following your handwork and escapades throughout 2012, thank you for your warm posts and fun monthly stitching theme my friend. Wishing you the best in 2013 and a very Happy Stitchy New Year! xoxo

Margaret said...

That is so cool that you made it through the year with each month full of monthly ornaments! I love your PS Santas! I'm looking forward to seeing all your ornies too. Good luck to your youngest in his new job -- so exciting! Hope your oldest is doing well and recovering nicely. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Jodi S said...

Congrats on completing your bowl filler challenge in 2012. I love your Santa theme for December. My favorite is the 1990 Santa with the woodland creatures. I have this in my collection and hopefully will stitch it up in 2013 as I am very fond of the design. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013.

Faye said...

Carol, I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your monthly "bowl" finishes this year! It is amazing what you accomplish and each is beautiful and unique....

Best of luck to DS on the new job.... I know you guys are oh so proud and well you should be.... Big accomplishment!!

Here's to a wonderful 2013, with happiness, comfort and warmth from me to you.... Faye

sunny said...

Another lovely bowl! I really love the stitchery in your header photo. Do you know the name/designer? Happy New Year.

Lesleyanne said...

Your Santa bowl is gorgeous. I have loved seeing your bowl of monthly stitchings. Lovely gifts received. Congrats to your son on his new job. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Lanie said...

Hi Carol! Congratulations on completing your monthly bowls! I have enjoyed them, and for December, how can you go wrong with PS Santas...always adorable!

Congratulations and best wishes to your son as he begins his new adventure.

May many blessings be yours in the New Year!

Annette said...

Dear Carol, this tme a shorter comment than normal.. hihi.
You made so many lovely Santa's you have stitched and finish off.
You bowl looks great!!

And got so many gifts!!!
I'm happy ou like mine!!

Congratz with your son, hope he will have a wonderfull time.

beautifull pic's of teh snowstorm.. I love to have some snow, only rain here.

Wanne wish you all teh best for 2013.
Thank you so much for your friendship!!

Anonymous said...

Love your December bowl of Santas! Hard to pick a favorite, but I really do like the one with the red birds! Congratulations to you on your monthly bowls finishes; way to go, Carol!

Congratulations to your son on his new job!

Robin in Virginia

Nicola said...

Well done on all your Santas.

Happy New Year. I wish the New year brings you lots of happiness and joy. May God shower his abundant blessings upon you all year round.

Christina said...

Your santas are wonderful. I love the two with the animals. What lovely gifts you received. Congrats to your son on his new job. Best of luck to him.
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Michelle said...

Beautiful stitching - Happy New Year xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best wishes to your son in his new job! :)

Your PS Santas are wonderful. How she comes up with so many delightful variations on the same theme really points out her mastery in the art of design, doesn't it? I picked up a few more PS Santa designs as Christmas approached, and even started one, but ... Maybe next year? As you say, the time does indeed pass faster the older one becomes. I'll soon be waking up in May and going to bed in October!

Best wishes, now and always, to you and your wonderful family (from me and mine).

AnaCristina said...

Congratulations to your son and happy new year for all your family!

Thank you for your blog! kisses

Kate said...

I love all your santas and thoroughly enjoyed your blog post.
Happy New Year!

Deborah said...

Congrats to your son. What a wonderful city to work in. I love all the Santa's. The one on the black fabric is beautiful. Happy New Year!

Shelly said...

I agree with you on the Santa on black, love it, and time does seem to go more quickly the older one gets! Shucks! I'm enjoying your monthly ornament fix and hoping you'll continue in '13. I really do need to try cording for my ornaments!

Congrats to your son on what sounds to be a great job! Great gifts also; fellow stitchers are a generous and friendly bunch aren't they?

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I love your PS Santas. Wishing you a New Year filled with lots of stitching hours.

Missfil From Paris, France said...

Your Santa are beautifull !

have a good evening and Happy new Year !!!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

I've certainly enjoyed watching each month's bowl become running over - filled with perfection! Of this month, I will have to choose the Santa and Friends on black, with Partridge and Pear Tree a close second.
I'm a little jealous of your snow days, but hopefully ours will come in January when we could use a day away from work, too.
Congratulations and best wishes to your DS. Dedication and hard work really do pay off, and he deserves your love and pride.
I look forward to seeing what the new year will bring from your needles. Be well, stay safe, and Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

Very pretty Santas! Happy New Year Carol!

marly said...

No way I could pick a favorite in this group. And no way I would store your fabulous work! A few bell jars, straight side large glass vase, glass door display cabinet? They're too special to be hidden. Have a great new year!

BrendaS said...

Carol -- It's been so much fun watching all your monthly "Bowls" being revealed and I think you saved the best for last. I love all your Prairie Schooler Santa's and your finishing is just stunning!

Happy New Year's to you and your family and good luck to your son as he begins his new journey in life

HUGS to you

geeky Heather said...

Glorious Santa's!!! Oh my, I am going to have to stalk eBay for that 1990 Santa...I love squirrels AND raccoons!

SilverCuteDwarf said...

So beautiful and amazing small pillow! I like it so much!
Happy New Year!
Hugs :-)))

butterfly said...

Happy New Year Carol, you did it you set your goal last year, and what treats you have shown us all year, so much beautiful stitching thank you Carol you inspire so many of your friends.
Good luck and well done to your son.
Hope all your wishes for 2013 come true for you sweet friend and your family.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love all of your Santas! I think the one done on black is my favorite, too, but they are all so lovely. Hope your New Year is filled with many blessings!

Natasha said...

Those Santas are just all so lovely.This year is the year that I hope to stitch move over 1 smalls. It really has been a pleasure reading your blog this year and seeing all your lovely finishes

Congratulations to your son on his new job, best of luck to him. And a Happy and Heatlhy New year to you!!!

Linda said...

Congrats on another great bowl Carol. I have so enjoyed reading your blog. You so inspire me (at least in my head). Now I just have to transfer it to my hands. lol
Good luck to your son.

Happy New Year

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your bowl is gorgeous - I'm sure I've said that every month but it's true! Congratulations to you son on his new job too. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and safe New Year!

Wendy said...

no, it´s not you, it´s just that in 2012 time has gone by a whole lot faster.
I think it is something simulair to global warming, don´t you think ?

love your Santa´s, and I love the way you finshed them, they look great !

pj said...

Happy New Year to you Carol! I have loved all of your "monthly bowls" and you are such an inspiration. We would all love to have your dedication and finishing skills!!! Great job on the santas and all are pretty!

Wishing you a wonderful 2013 and I hope you have something fun in store for us again. pam in iowa

Lisa V said...

Carol, I find reading your blog absolutely delightful. Everytime I see you have a new post I squeal with Joy as I know I have a visual feast about to happen. Your monthly bowl finishes have all been soo wonderful and you are such a creative inspiration.
Happy New Year my friend.

Giovanna said...

What a great collection of Santas - well done! A happy new year to you and your loved ones.

Carin said...

What a great stitchings you made and beautiful present recieved.

Happy New year !!

Ellen said...

Wonderful Santas, love them! I have enjoyed your monthly bowls of finishes very much, each so beautiful and creative!

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

I love all of your PS Santa's. They are just beautiful! I think I need to make a few myself this year...grins...I have so enjoyed your blog this past year and love all your "smalls". Congratulations on a job well done! Happy New Year to you and your family! May 2013 be a wonderful year in all you do!

Anne said...

Love your Santas! It reminds me of a book of Santas I haven't started yet. Your finishes are just lovely! Can't wait to see your bowls next year, if you do them. Snow is so peaceful after it has fallen, with such beauty, but yes, cold sometimes! Happy New Year to you and Happy Stitching too!! :)

Belinda said...

Your santa's are so lovely Carol. I agree with you, my favourite one is the one on black aida. The colours really jump out.
I also love the snowman Lois made for you, just gorgeous with the bells on the bottom.
Happy New Year to you and your family too.

Andrea said...

Love your December basket of goodies. I must say I do like the one finished on black too. Your finishes on black have inspired me to get some fabric and have a bash this year. I think I have stitched only one thing on black many years ago.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and I look forward to my year of nosiness on your blog. :)

Shirlee said...

Absolutely gorgeous Santas Carol! Congratulations on reaching your bowl goal in 2012 : ) I must admit I love the Santa with the fox best but my runner up would be the old world Santa in green : ) Amazingly I have all these charts & my plan is to stitch myself at least one PS design in 2013 ... hopefully more : ) Lovely gifts you received! Thank you for adding the lovely snow photos ... of course I love them : ) Happy New Year, dear friend : )

Annie said...

Prairie Schooler came through again! Fun little perfect Santas! How many un-finished finishes do you have stowed away?

Quite a storm for you. We've been lucky so far on that score (by lucky I mean almost no snow.. not that everyone would think that way).

Best wishes for a great 2013 to you and the family!

Myra said...

Lovely, lovely Santas Carol and a fitting bowl for December. I think my favorite is the one stitched on black as well. Many blessings for you in 2013 my friend.

Chris said...

Happy New Year Carol!
Congratulations to your son on his new job.
Your Santa finishes are lovely. So great that you finished some of the older pieces that you had stitched. So will the bowl for January be snowmen?
Lovely gifts from your stitching friends!

Krista said...

What beautiful finishes for December! I love all of your Santas, each one is sweeter than the next! I look forward to seeing what projects you will do in 2013, Happy New Year!!

Meari said...

Your Santa finishes are adorable! Congrats on getting them finished in time.

Lovely gifts you received.

Congrats to your DS on his new job.

Happy New Year!!

Mary said...

Love the "bowl 'o Santas"! Your finishing - as always - is superb. Will you continue to add to each month's collection in the new year?

Silvie said...

Your Bowl of Santas is adorable!
Happy new year to you Carol!

Loraine said...

Fabulous Carol! You are amazing with your finishing. I love your Santa's filling your bowl. That looks great.
Have a wonderful New Year!

Catherine said...

Carol, it has been such a fun journey this year waiting to see each of your monthly bowls ~ and each month you amazed me with your beautiful stitches and finishes. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will share with is in the new year.
Best wishes to your son on his new job!
May the new year bring you many blessings!

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely finishes Carol. I especially like the one with the foxes too. I'de say you had a great stitching year. Can't wait to see what you stitch next year. Your projects always come out so perfect.

You received some lovely gifts too. Enjoy them to the fullest.

Happy New Years :)

Michele said...

Happy New Year Carol .. hope 2013 is a great one! Love all your Santas!!!

Mylene said...

Such beautiful finishes!

Happy New Year & best wishes for 2013!

Katrina said...

As always, beautiful stitching and finishing to admire! Happy New Year Carol to you and your family, wishing you a happy and healthy 2013!

Katrina said...

As always, beautiful stitching and finishing to admire! Happy New Year Carol to you and your family, wishing you a happy and healthy 2013!

Beth said...

Love all your PS Santa. I've enjoyed watching your bowl fill with lovely each month.

Lillie said...

Happy New Year Carol and may the New Year bring you & family many blessings!

Loved your finishes on the PS Santa and beautifully stitched as always.

Congrads to your son on his new job.

Kay said...

I love all of the Santas!! Good luck to your son on his new job, it does sound exciting. Happy New Year to you and yours!

passionfruitprincess said...

Lovely Santas, Carol! Congrats on all your 2012 finishes! And congrats to your son wishes for him on his new job.
Ana Paula.

Angela said...

I love all of your PS Santa finishes! Happy New Year :)

LoriU said...

Happy New Year Carol! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog this past year and am looking forward to 2013 entries!

Mary said...

Fabulous Santa finishes for the bowl! I've enjoyed seeing all that you have stitched for it during the year. You've done an amazing job!

Rowyn said...

Happy new year Carol.

Your bowl of Santas looks wonderful. I think the PS Olde World Santa in the green coat would be my favourite.

I hope your son is enjoying his new job.

Maggee said...

Congrats on the last bowl of ornies! You have been quite an inspiration to the stitching and blogging world! Congrats to Little Brother on the DOJ position. Hope he likes it! Hugs!

Maggee said...

P.S. That Tra La La chart has been on my wish list since it came out!! Maybe I should just get it! It is just too darn cute! Hugs again!

♥ Nia said...

Wow!! Your December bowl looks amazing :D So perfect for the season! Love it :D Congrats on all your finishes!!
Well done!! Congrats to your son!!! Wish him good luck and much success :D
Happy 2013 my sweet friend!! hugs&smiles

Melanie said...

Perfect ender to a fabulous year of bowl stitchies. PS Santas are so very 'you'. I think I like the black one best too. Such a stickler to work with, that black fabric, but the contrast makes it all worth it. It really pops. I keep my small finishes in Rubbermaid drawers in a closet (with shelves). Keeps them safe until I want them and I find the drawers are easier to rummage through vs. fiddling with something with a cover. (The whole drawer comes out easily if you need to tote it around too.)
I still have that snowman pattern to send out to you. I really got into the depths of doing NOTHING these last few days of holiday. Haha! Back to the grind as of today though so I need to catch up on email and mailings. I will have it to you in the next day or so!
So glad you had a wonderful holiday and was able to spend so much time with your sons. :)

valerie said...

Happy New Year Carol! I'm so happy to hear YS got the job at the US Dept of Justice. Woohoo! I'm so behind on your happenings. I love all your Santas but I agree with you and my favorite is the Santa stitched on black pulling the fox on his little sleigh. Love it!! They are all finished so nicely and displayed in your bowl. I was going to ask where you got your bowl...I really love the shape of it. Hope you enjoyed your snow day. As much as I doubt I can handle snow, I still like the idea of snow days. I wish you the best in 2013! *hugs*

Valma said...

your last bowl for 2012 is so beautiful !
as usual we may say, hehehe, so lovely pieces each time
I'm now ready for a whole year of bowls =D
last year I only started following you in the middle...
hope you'll make bowls again this year !
happy new year, to you and yours of course
Health first to better fight life
I wish you ALL the best, don't be afraid to ask too much =D
big big hugs

Sally said...

All of your Santas look lovely but I have to admit my favourite is the one done on black.

Beautiful gifts.

Oh I envy your snow. We are having more mild weather than cold and it's horrible. So much rain. I long for frosts and snow!

Happy New Year.

Julie said...

The PS Santa bowl is so 'you' Carol, simply perfect. It just goes to show that it is good to have some unfinished off projects in a drawer for such an emergency situation lol.

I love the nest with the painted eggs, that is so effective and pretty.

Lots of lovely gifts from your friends.

Your snow looks beautiful, i'll swop you some for our rain!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Love your December bowl! What a great way to be resourceful to get it done too. Congrats to your DS on his new important job. I hope your other DS is feeling better too. Hugs to you in this New Year!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Carol!

Wow your PS Santa bowl is fantastic! I really like the one stitched on black with the foxes its so adorable and the black fabric does so much for the design.

You've received some wonderful, generous gifts from your friends!

A HUGE congrats to your son and his new job you have every right to be proud!!!

Ele said...

Dear Carol,

thanks so lot for sending me your New Year greetings and your good whishes and also for showing us your lovely Santa ornaments in such beautiful pictures.
Hope that "2013" will be a good year for you, your family and all the persons, who are in your heart.
Good health for your eldest son

take care, hugs

Quiltsmiles said...

Your stitching is great as typical and as for my favorite, it's the same as yours. That Santa pulling the sled with the fox is adorable.
Happy New Year and congratulations towards your son's career successes.


Brigitte said...

Carol, what can I say. These Santas are all so beuatiful, I just love them. There is something about the Prairie Schooler Santas, you are right, something that I cannot describe but makes them so overly attractive. I love the way you finished them, just with the braided cord. That goes perfectly with them. Your monthly bowls got me completely excited and I'll try to make them as well, maybe not on a monthly basis, but maybe seasonal. I don't know yet, I'm still planning. But thank you anyway for all the inspiration that I always get when reading your blog.
Congratulations to your youngest son for getting this job! And my best wishes to your eldest son and his healing process.
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year!

MartyG said...

Carol, I have really enjoyed following your bowl filler journey. Fantastic job on all of them.

Karoline said...

Your Santa's are gorgeous, congratulations

Happy new year to you & your family

Gabriele said...

With a little dealy Carol, but from my heart:
Happy New Year 2013!
Your Santas look great.

Nancy M said...

What a great finish to the end of the year! I think the yearly PS Santa's was the first "series" I ever started buying. I realize I never saw 2012 and I have it on my list of patterns to buy this year! I've had fun doing them in different large as a full size pillow, to over one on 32 ct to fit in a 2 X3 frame. Can't wait to see what 2013 brings for you and your stitching ideas!!!

Jackie said...

OOoops!!! Looks I entered the incorrect comment button. LOL.

Edit said...

I love your PS Santas Carol!!! I also need a drawer full of such nice stitches :) :)

The presents you have received are also lovely and what a beautiful snow you had! Here no snow at all, and some days we are having around 13ºC during the day.

I wish all the best for your son with his new job and a happy 2013 to you all!

Giovi's Creations said...

Happy new year for you too Carol!! All the best :)
Your December bowl is very nice, a real Santa Collection. And you're right: Time pass faster and faster...

Hugs, Giovi

Mary Ann said...

Doing a little catch-up here...Lovely ornaments(your stitching and finishing are always amazing), wonderful gifts you received, and your Christmas tree is gorgeous!!! Congratulations to your youngest son on his new job, and I hope that your oldest son is completely recovered from his surgery.

Anne said...

I adore your PS Santas!! My favourite is the Santa & Friends on black! Such sweet gifts from your friends. Really love Lois' snowman with the bells! Too cute!! Happy New Year and congrats to your son and his new job!!


Lynn said...

I'm so far behind in my blogging Carol but I just had to tell you how wonderful your PS Santas are. I think my favourite is the Old World Santa.
Many congrats to your son on his new job. How exciting!
I hope you all enjoyed a very happy and blessed holiday season.

Anonymous said...
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