Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Pair of Hares and a Quintet of Winners

Good morning everyone! Hope your week has been going well...I imagine most of you are anxious to read who won my giveaway so I'll get to that soon, but first I want to thank you all for the comments on my last post of my "Nature's Alphabet" finish. I was overwhelmed by your kind thoughts--I've never had that many comments on a post (other than a giveaway post) before. Each morning when I opened my email and saw a new comment waiting there, it was like starting the day with a little gift--it really was!

Anyway, on to more important business... First of all, I want to thank all of you who entered--I was amazed that these simple gifts got so much of a response! I had my husband draw the winners out of a hat (well, actually a paper lunch bag!) the other night and they are as follows:

Grand Prize Winner:

Prairie Schooler Winner:
BARBI at "Blissfully Stitching"

"Delivering Spring" Winner:
MELANIE at "Moonraker Lampworks"

"Bunny Gingham" Winner:
MARGARET at "Days of a Sampler Lover"

Winners, please send me your mailing addresses and I'll get your prizes out to you next week. (First I have to buy more of the Raspberry Creams to send to Christina and Barbi, as I very piggishly ate BOTH boxes myself). As always, I wish I could have given each of you something... You have all been so supportive and kind over my past three years of blogging. Please know I am going to try to do more Random Acts of Kindness for my regular commenters in the future just to say "thank you!"

Several of you have asked about my April "bowl" of smalls... In fact, even my middle son, when he was over for dinner on Sunday, looked at the bowl of March finishes I still have on display and said, "Um,'s April." Yes, I'm a bit behind! So, I wanted to share with you two of my finishes for April rather than waiting to reveal them all at once next week.

Do you remember when I showed you this little sneak peak a few weeks ago and asked if anyone knew what I was stitching? Well, no one guessed it correctly. Several of you thought it was Bent Creek's "Are You My Mother;" good guess, but...nope!

May I introduce you to "Slicker Bunny" who is now out and about enjoying the April showers. This was a very old freebie from The Cricket Collection, which, unfortunately, I don't see available on their website any longer. Isn't he the cutest little thing with his tiny purple flower "umbrella" and yellow slicker?

I used a 28 ct. overdyed jobelan called "Babbling Brook" (stitched over one) along with the suggested DMC threads. The little pillow is backed with the lovely plaid fabric you see in the photo. This was actually a cloth napkin I spotted at Kohl's--ah, yes, a new source for my backing fabrics. First my son's discarded shirts and now cloth napkins!! To finish him off, I added two teeny beads for his raincoat buttons and ruched some yellow and white gingham ribbon for the edging. I think he is cute enough to chase away anybody's rainy day blues, don't you?

My second finish for my bowl of April smalls is one you've likely seen on other blogs. The first time I spotted this adorable Patrick's Woods design, I knew I had to stitch it. I mean, really-- what could be better than a piece combining two of my favorite things: rabbits and stitching? This was a very quick and easily-stitched freebie which can be found at "The Dandy Hare Blog".

Stitching it was easy (I used 40 ct. flax Newcastle linen and good old DMC), the hard part came in deciding how to finish it. I thought and thought and below is what I came up with. Combining three different fabrics, some ivory-colored lace, some brown satin ribbon, a yo-yo, and three square shell buttons turned on the diagonal, plus my stitching, I ended up with a sweet, little pillow looking like this...

So, have you figured out the theme for my April bowl full of smalls, yet? Of course--it's rabbits! More will (hopefully) be hopping onto my blog by the end of the month, so stay tuned!

This has been the prettiest of springs here in western Pennsylvania and the flowering trees and shrubs have been spectacular.

The view from our front porch...

The beautiful white crab apple tree at the corner of our porch.
Can you spot the pretty orange butterfly?

A crabapple tree by our back patio: the "White Angel," which
was hybridized by my husband's dear grandfather in 1947.
We planted this as a tiny tree more than 15 years ago
and it has grown to more than 20 feet tall...
a wonderful reminder of a very special man.

Tulips, pansies, rhododendron, and dogwood...
Oh, if they could only last all summer!

Finally, I'd like to say a warm welcome to all my new followers, but a special welcome to one in particular... Mr. Red Robin! He's been visiting my window near my stitching chair almost daily and seems to have taken a keen interest in my stitching! Here he is peering in to check out the new-to-me Prairie Schooler chart (Garden Alphabet) that I finally, finally won on ebay. I think he approves of my purchase, don't you?

I am working at the library all weekend, unfortunately, but I wish each of you a special Saturday and Sunday filled with relaxation and time to craft and create! Thank you again for taking the time to visit me here at my little blog; I truly appreciate each and every comment and email. Bye for now...


Siobhán said...

Congratulations to the winners!

I love your new finishes, Carol! The slicker bunny is so cute. Your yard is so pretty with all the flowering trees. We lost a lot of our perennials in the previous two hard winters so are replanting now--I am trying to get my DH to go with a cherry or crab apple tree, just for the flowers!

Septiembre said...

Hi Carol:
Congratulations to the lucky ones.
Precious Bunny free finish, very cute coordinating fabrics, ribbons and yoyo.
What beautiful photographs of the explosion of spring.
Do not you get tired a lot at work and continues to delight us with your embroidery.

Shirlee said...

Congratulations to the winners! Your photos are gorgeous! I love both bunnies you stitched as well as the finishes! I enjoyed seeing the tree blossoms & the robin : ) Makes me want to hop in the car (no bunny pun intended) & visit PA now instead of later in the year ... lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi carol

Congrats to all the giveaway winners.
I love your finishes, especially the bunny in the yellow raincoat.

Your garden pictures are beautiful, I love Spring with everything just starting to bloom.
Happy stitching!

Shelly said...

Congrats to the winners! Your April finishes are really cute and I like the way you finished the vertical pillow. Your trees are beautiful!

Sally said...

Congratulations to all the winners:)

Love both your April finishes. You always finish things so beautifully:)

Giovanna said...

Oh my, your bunnies are just adorable! Especially the CEC, and what a perfect fabric for it. Well done!

Kate said...

So much eye candy!!!! I really like your new finishes and love all the photos .... we're still waiting for shrubs, etc. to burst into bloom. What a fabulous picture of Mr. Robin!!!!!

Autumn said...

Congrats to all.

Oh my goodness! I love these projects you've shown especially the bunny with scissors. Cute!

Vickie said...

What a special tree you have! I have a rose transplanted from my mother's home. It was planted by my grandmother more than 50 years ago. :)
Isn't that funny? That silly robin!
The bunny with scissors pattern has been patiently waiting for me for a looong time. I will be doing it, I love it. You finished both of your stitches so well. Love them. So unique. :)

Beth R. said...

Oh my goodness Carol - you continue to amaze me! I check your blog often to see your beautiful cross stitch and finishing. I don't normally comment but I have to tell you how adorable your "slicker bunny" is!! I am in love with him! I hope you continue to share your stitching and finishing. Beth

Annie said...

Those are really the cutest bunnies ever. I don't remember ever seeing the bunny in the raincoat before. And you've given me a good idea for a backing fabric source! I'll never go in a big box store again without checking out the kitchen section.

Pretty spring blooms. Hope I don't get a pollen headache just looking at them, because I can't stop looking at them.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Carol, your finishes are just the cutest!!! I love them both!! And that picture of the robin is spectacular. We have a nest full of 3 eggs outside our back door and Mama Robin gets very irritated with us when we are outside! : )

Have a blessed weekend!


Laurie in Iowa said...

Your April finishes are super sweet. Your finishing technique is perfect for the designs.
Congrats to all the winners.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all, especially the Prairie Schooler winner (schuiff, schuiff for me!!).
Love the front porch view, and the bunnies and the birds. Spring seems to have forgotten Portugal, but I'm glad she is wide awake in other countries.

Barb said...

Hi Carol! Where to start??? First of all a big Congratulations to all of your lucky winners!

And then I must compliment you on your beautiful cross-stitch bunnies and your amazing and creative finishes! You are so talented and so generous to share these with us - thank you so much! Seriously, you are such an inspiration!!! I check your blog frequently (nearly everyday!!!) and it's so much fun when there is a new posting from you - just a happy way to start the day.

Thank you, too, for sharing the beautiful pictures of your yard (and Mr. Robin - how fun is that?) Spring is a beautiful time of year, isn't it?

Have a happy week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Your hare pair are adorable, Carol! Off to print the hare with needle, thread and scissors. Love how you finished both and looking forward to seeing what you add to your April bowl.

Congratulations to your contest winners! What terrific yard photos you have shared.

Robin in Virginia

BeckySC said...

Oh my! I love BOTH your pillows dear Carol! Just beautiful :)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What a lovely bowl of goodies you have to share with us in April :)
and your giveaways and winners: CONGRATULATIONS!
You have a gorgeous view to sit and stitch watching :)

BrendaS said...

Carol --
Congratulations to all the winners:)

Your bunny finishes are just adorable. I especially like the little fellow with his yellow slicker and the way you finished them both is just superb! Your finishing is always wonderful.

Great pictures of your views. Everything is just beautiful here to. I just hope we don't have a HOT summer!

HUGS to you.

Jennifer said...

Congrats to all the winners Carol! Love your stitching from the The Dandy Hare. How cute that is that your son noticed your basket was still the March theme.Beautiful spring pics and that lovely Robin.... So nice you got the Garden Alphabet. I have to get taking pics so I can add to my blog . So much going on as usual . Great to read your blog!

Loraine said...

Very lucky winners! Yea for them!
Love your little pillow. You did a great job finishing it. Show us your "Bowl full of bunnies" when you get a chance. I'm interested in doing one of those too.
Your trees and flowers are just beautiful! I love the Robin in the window!
Have a great day.

C in DC said...

Both of your bunnies are adorable, and the finishes are incredible. Your Slicker Bunny is so cheerful!

McKenna C. said...

Congratulations to the winners!
Your finishes are adorable!
You have inspired me to try and finish my smalls into little pillows now. :)


Gabriele said...

Congrats to the winners.
Carol, your garden looks beautiful!!
Hugs from germany

Beth said...

Carol - Congrats on all your many Followers. No wonder - your finishing skills and eye are extraordinary. Your latest 2 bunny stitches are great - the eye for finishing them - without equal. I'm green with envy!

Shari said...

I am obviously WAY BEHIND on blogs!!! I have missed your past post or two or three.
your april finishes are gorgeous!!!! Sure wonder if I have that CC freebie is too adorable!!!
Love the robin peering in your window....I just filled feeders all over our yard...spring has sprung so let all the birds arrive...

Cole said...

Congrats to the winners!

Love, love, love your new April finish Carol! What a beautiful pillow!!

passionfruitprincess said...

I love your bunnies! Such darling finishes. The raincoat guy is way too cute! Too bad they don't have the pattern anymore!
And your garden is just amazing! Makes me think of the way to Green Gables on the DVDS.
Lucky you, being friend with a robin:) I am reading The Secret Garden again.
Have a wonderful day!
Ana Paula.

Melissa said...

I love your two new finishes, Carol! So precious! Can't wait to see your April bowl!

Your front yard - wow, like a park! So pretty!

Congrats to all the lucky winners!

Elia said...


I'm a winner!!
I can not believe, I hope I'll check again .... YES!!
Ohhhh, my hand trembles, my dear Carol, I love the prize has been given me, I'm very happy, it was a tough week for me, for my health, and this joy is being a blessing!!

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You can not imagine what I like your visitor with wings, it's wonderful to come and see what's new do, I wonder why pretty things overboard. The bunny with scissors so I have yet to do, is wonderful, and I really like the finish you've given.
The other in the rain is very beautiful, adorable.
As the accompanying pictures around you, Spring is here!!

A special hug,
I write an email,

kisses - besos

eljardindemiduende ^^

Elia said...

I forgot one small thing:

Congratulations to all the winners !!!! :)




Christine said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing, I love the rabbit with scissors.
Congratulations to the winners

marly said...

Congratulations to all! That Slicker Bunny is adorable, and the napkin - oh my is that ever perfect. The finishing of the Hare is great! You should be selling a packet with instructions for your finishing styles.

Deborah said...

Congrats to the winners! I love both of the finishes. The way that you finished both of them are perfect.

geeky Heather said...

Congrats, winners! =)

I LOVE the slicker bunny! He is too cute and nice and cheery-bright. I love the ruched ribbon you did, too. My ruching always turns into a mess! And I adore your finishing for the Patrick's Woods bunny. Great combination!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Carol, what a fun post! I always love seeing what you are up to. I had to smile when I read DS's comment about your bowl. So cute! Your April additions are so nicely done. I can't wait to see what else you get up to for April! Have a good weekend in spite of having to work! Hugs dear friend.

Barb said...

Carol, Those bunnies are just adorable. I'm sorry that the one in the raincoat is no longer available-what a perfect bunny for Seattle! Congratulations to all your winners! Lucky folks!Your yard and the area are just beautiful!I do love flowering crab apple trees,flowers in the spring and the little apples in the fall!

Lesley said...

Congratulations everyone:)

Gorgeous stitching Carole. I especially like the Hare with the Scissors and I love you photos. Your visitor is very colourful:)

butterfly said...

Congrats to all your winners Carol.
Oh Carol what a wonderful post again love all your photos your garden looks so beautiful, I love the crab apple. And the sweet robin I just love him. I fall in love with all my birds.
Your stitching is just beautiful you always pick the most Fab charts and again I fall in love with them.
Your finish on both is fantastic.
I even buy tea towels if it's the right colour . Hugs.

Friendship Crossing said...

Congrats to all the winners Carol! I'm sure they're thrilled!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your Cr. Coll. raincoat bunny and how you finished it! and all your other goodies you share w/us.

Beautiful pics of trees/bushes/plants in your area~ours has been gorgeous too here in eastern Ky.


Friendship Crossing said...

oops~ forgot to mention that I LOVE your other bunny finish too! Way cute! LOVE your ideas and I may have to 'borrow' some of them. :))


Lois said...

Congratulations to all the winners, Carol! I love your two bunny finishes. I couldn't imagine you not having a bowl of bunny finishes for April! Can't wait to see what other ones you stitch this month. Love the pics of the colour already in your garden. That must just bring a smile to your face every time you walk out of your front door. Cute pic of Mr Robin (and congrats on the ebay win!!).

Deb said...

Congratulations to the winners!

I just love your two finishes. How sweet they are. Slicker Bunny is just too adorable and I love that fabric that you stitched it on. And the finish - perfect!!

And thanks for the link on the other piece - anything with scissors is a must in my book!

Giovi's Creations said...

Congratulations to all winners!
I like your finishes, they're so cute!

I'll post a giveaway too soon. You're invited to participate ;)


valerie said...

Congratulations to the winners! Lucky, lucky ladies! I just love your two April smalls. The slicker bunny is over the top cute! I just love those CEC designs.

The flowers and trees in your neighborhood look wonderful and that robin paying you a visit it so cute. All we seem to have here are pigeons, gulls and crows. I find them all pretty obnoxious!

Hope it's a nice weekend despite working! *hugs*

Theresa said...

Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!
Your finishes are so adorable!!!!! You always have the most wonderful details on your finishes~
What a beautiful garden you have!!! The blooms are just gorgeous!!!!! And how lovely that Mr. Red Robin visits you everyday~

Kay said...

I just love 'Slicker Bunny', it is so sweet. Your yellow edging on the pillow sets it off perfectly too.

dulcinella said...

congratulations to the winners! I love your stitching projects especially the little bunny:-) and your garden is sooo beautiful! must be a real treat seeing all those lovely spring colors everywhere! I enjoyed your pictures very much.

Christina said... won???! Wow, I'm thrilled to bits! My very own needle minder - I can't believe it!
I was absolutely convinced that your 'sneak peak' was 'are you my mother?' Slicker bunny is just as cute though. I'm looking forward to seeing your basket of smalls. My mother-in-law bought us a lovely basket for Easter so I'm thinking of doing the same thing next year. I'd better start stitching now, right?!
I showed my husband the photograph of the view from your front porch and said 'I'd like our back garden to look like that please' it's beautiful. We've just bought lots of rhododendrons and I'm hoping they flower this year.
Mr Robin is very sweet. American robins look very different to British robins. I wonder if they have different accents?!

Margaret said...

Oh I'm excited!! Thank you, Carol! I love that little bunny design! And speaking of bunnies -- I love your April smalls so far. The way you finish them just makes each piece. Just wonderful! Your springtime pics are gorgeous too. We've had spring start and stop and start again around here, so it's been a bit weird that way. lol! Will email you my addy. Thanks again!

Ranae said...

Congrats! to the winners
I love your super sweet finishes.
The crabtree is gorgeous, I wish we had them here.
Take care!!!

Barbi said...

OH!!! I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing right! YEAH!!!! Thank you Carol!!
I love the bunnies!! You did a great job at finishing them. I might have to do that cutting bunny!
Your gardens are gorgeous. My tulips are just starting to come up. Nothing blooming anywhere yet. Grass is just beginning to turn green. Ah will always does :)

Mouse said...

ohhhh well done to all the winners ... your bunnies are simply gorgeous and the finishing *sigh .....
love your wee visitor too and your flowers are simply gorgeous :)
happy stitchy weekend :) love mouse xxxxx

Daffycat said...

Wonderful finishes, Carol! I am always impressed with your finishing ~ just perfect!

boysmum2 said...

I just love the fact your son managed to notice you hadn't updated your bowl of stitches! So funny, obviously boys do notice something!

Lanie said...

Hi Carol! I found your blog while writing a comment to Penny @ Larkspur Lane. Always happy to meet a fellow stitcher from my area. (I noticed you're a Pens fan, too!) Enjoyed reading your blog. Your smalls are adorable! Love the creative ways you finished them! Someday I hope to have a seasonal basket of smalls too. This year I'm working on the 4th of July and Christmas...we'll see! Hope the Pens keep it going Friday night...very exciting!!

Lisa V said...

Congrats to the winners, lucky ducks!!
Your new finishes are gorgeous, the little bunny in the rain is ever soo cute and the bunny with the scissors is one I have noticed around lately that has grabbed me too.
Hope you are keeping well, hugs.

Linda said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners. Your stitching and finishing is gorgeous. And, your yard is absolutely stunning.


barbara said...

Your finishes are FABULOUS, Carol! I love your style. And thanks for the link on that adorable freebie. :) Your robin is so sweet - haven't seen them out on our lawn yet, but I have spotted one or two way up this way.

Wanda said...

Your bunnies are so adorable! The finishes are just fabulous. You are sitting in a piece of heaven - thanks for sharing such beautiful views and Mr. Robin. I have quite a few bunnies gathered but have not stitched them yet. Thanks for giving me even more finishing ideas! :)

Kathy A. said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners.
I LOVE "Slicker Bunny". He is just too cute.
Beautiful spring stitches.

Veronica said...

Congrats to all the winners. Oh, I love your rabbit theme for April. Can't wait to see what you came up with for your April bowl. Both very cute rabbit finishes.

What a lovely stitchy companion. The robin looks like a pretty inquisitive fella ^.^ Your garden looks gorgeous with all those blooms!


Karen said...

Oh my gosh! Your raincoat bunny is just too stinkin cute! It's so sad that the pattern is no longer available. I love the way you finish your work. So inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing :)I'm your newest follower. Have a great day!

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats to the winners. Welcome to your new follower. Your finishes are gorgeous as always and I LOVE the backing fabric - cloth napkin - such gorgeous colours. Your garden looks beautiful.

Patty C. said...

Congrats to the winners ;)

Valma said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners =D
Happy stitching girls...
Once again you made 2 wonderful cushions !!
They both are really gorgeous but the 2nd one is so so so lovely =D
I wish I could post pictures of such a beautiful Spring ! Here we have a November weather !!!!!
big hugs from France

Chris said...

Congratulations to all your winners, what wonderful prizes!
I love your last 2 finishes. Your finishing is awesome.
It looks like you are having a beautiful spring.
I hope your weekend at library is good!

priscilla said...

Adorable !! Love the slicker bunny , so cute ! They are beautifully finished as always ! Can't wait to see the full pressure or anything :)..

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Congrats to the winners of those great giveaways! Your April bowl is going to be fantastic! That little slicker guy is adorable, and I do love how your bunny turned out - thanks for sharing the link, by the way. Congratulations to you for winning the Prairie Alphabet. It just gets harder and harder, doesn't it? Enjoy the beauty of that view of spring when you get the chance for stitching!

Melody said...

Carol, What an adorable pair of rabbit finishes! I especially love the Cricket one. The yellow slicker is just too cute. Your finishing work is inspiring too!

I really like your idea of a seasonal display of smalls. This is something I'm going to have to work on after I finish my BAP.

Congrats to the lucky winners!

BARBARA said...

I love your bunny finishes and extend congrats to all who won your giveaway..

Penny said...

Slicker Bunny is so cute! He makes me smile. :) Both of your finishes are just lovely! What a great idea using the napkin as a backing fabric - I will have to keep that in mind.
All of your trees and shrubs are gorgeous! White Angel is a beautiful memorial to your husband's grandfather. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners! And that Robin would drive my cats crazy! :)

Nancy M said...

Your 2 April pieces are so adorable! I wish I could have you sit with me and pick out how to finish my smalls! I just adore how you get so creative with each piece. You certainly have a great talent for that. And the trees and flowers have just been awesome this year, haven't they! I had to snicker because the blog I posted yesterday had some of the same outdoorsy things as you!

Andrea said...

Love your April finishes. They're always finishes so beautifully.

Kathy Ellen said...

Oh have some wonderful finishes here. 'Slicker Bunny' is just adorable and I love the way you finished this sweet pillow. Your 'Dandy Hare' design is wonderful and your pillow creation is just amazing. How clever you are!

Congratulations to all of your lucky giveaway winners! Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures of your springtime blossoms everywhere!

The Queen Bee said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! Your newest little finishes are just perfect.

Enjoy the lovely spring. Mother nature is sure putting on a show.


Brigitte said...

Oh Carol, you don't know how much I love this kind of posts from you. Your finishing skills are fantastic and it's particularly the little pillows that I love. Like the ones in this post. These little guys are so cute and they look gorgeous on their pillows. Each time when I see your finished pieces I plan to dedicate the next weekend to finishing my own little pillows. But somehow it never happens. Sigh.

Solstitches said...

Congratulations to your lucky winners.
Love your slicker bunny :) and snap!
I just finished the Patricks Woods design also. What a fun stitch.
Looking forward to seeing your April basket.

Kay said...

Congrats to the winners! Your stitching finishes are beautiful as always! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of Mother Nature at her finest! Spring has sprung!

Julie said...

Your new april finishes are as beautiful as ever Carol, you do have an eye for just the perfect fabrics and trimmings.

Mr Robin is adorable and how wonderful to get such a close up picture of him admiring your new stash purchase.

Congrats to your lucky winners.

I'm looking forward to seeing your April bowl filled up, it's nice that your son shows an interest in your hobby.

Myra said...

You find the cutest patterns Carol. That rain slicker bunny just makes me smile.

msmartello said...

Congrats to the winners. They are very lucky! Fabulous finishes Carol and your flowers are just beautiful!


Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Ohhhhh I love your stitching, and the beautiful garden .....

bisous bisous de FRANCE

Anne said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners!!!

I love how your son noticed your bowl of smalls hadn't changed for April!! So cute!! I love the slicker bunny and that plaid napkin! You spot the best stuff! I still haven't found a good flannel shirt and I've been huntin! Very sweet finishes as usual Carol!! I love the photo with the butterfly and the cherry blossoms!! So pretty!! Grats on winning the Prairie schooler chart from EBAY!! Can't wait to see you start that one up!!



Valentina said...

Your rabbist are lovely, can't wait to see more of them.

Annette said...

Congratz to all the winners..

hihi even your son... lol...
But that Slicker bunny is to cute... and the fabric you used is wonderfull.
And the finish off beautifull as always.

Your next piece is so wonderfull . But I so love how you finished it als with the lace

I have the same apple tree and it's amost in bloom, but not that beautofull as yours.. one side no flowers..

Wonderfull your flower pieces!!
I so love this time of the year.. al is getting green and flowerly

Hihi that red robin..

Have a great week... have fun stitching bunny's!!!

Kathy H said...

Beautiful bunny finishes. So nice to see them.

♥ Nia said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!! :D
Such a pretty bunny :) Love the color mix, blue and yellow :D And this little daffodils =) so adorable!!
Your finishes are always gorgeous :) Great work sweetie!!!
Hugs&Smiles to you my friend

Michele B. said...

That little scissors bunny finish is fabulous - you are SO creative with your designs! Great idea about using napkins from Kohl's (they have great coupons too - you never have to pay full price). I love how your son prodded you to change your theme for the month - can't wait to see what you do for May!

Lillie said...

Congrads to all the lucky winners!
You finished both bunnies beautifully. Thanks for the link to the freebie.

The flowers are just simply gorgeous!

Meari said...

Congrats to all the winners!

Your two bunny finishes are adorable :) I enjoy seeing what you come up with each time.

Springtime in your area is so beautiful.

Catherine said...

Congrats to your winners! Love your bunny finishes ~ so very cute. Great garden pictures too ~ I love the robin coming to visit you!

Lynn said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners!

Slicker Bunny has to be the cutest bunny chart I've ever seen! He is just so precious and your finishing is just perfect. Love that gingham ribbon!
Thanks for the link to the second freebie. This one is new to me.

Your garden pics are lovely! Things are just starting to green up around here. We actually had snow on Monday!

Alissa said...

Gorgeous pics, Carol! I just love Slicker Bunny. I've already been Googling all over to see if I can find that pattern. For some reason every time I visit your blog I end up at 123stitch spending another $30... this is bad! :)

Pumpuliina pistelee said...

Hello Carol! Such a pleasure to visit your blog. I love your all rabbit- themed finishes. Oh.. that one with april shower is adorable. And I wish we would have spring that far also.. snow is melting but slowly (I live in north Finland). Take care

Jennifer M. said...

Those were lovely gifts you gave away to your readers. I had no idea you were having one cause I was without internet for two weeks at the time. :/

Your bunny finishes are adorable. I especially love slicker bunny. The colors are so bright and fun.

The outside pictures of your flowers are beautiful. I wish I knew how to take pictures as good as you. :) Pennsylvania is beautiful in the spring/summer time. My dad is from Lancaster and I always enjoyed going up to visit my grandfather when he lived in PA. Everything is so green there.


Sweet Sue said...

wowzer, your blossoms are stunning, nuthin like that here yet, only a few apple trees starting to blossom....