Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beginnings and Birthdays

Thank you, thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes you left me on my last post. With each one I read, it seemed to make turning 57 "just a bit" easier to take! I truly love how this cross stitching blog community brings together stitchers of all ages to inspire and offer support for our passion, don't you? I know I'm one of the "older generation" in the world of cross stitcher bloggers and I love the fact that I've made friendships with people of all different ages from all over the world. It's been a wonderful three years since I began my blog and I've gotten so much more out of it than I ever dreamed I would. If any of you are thinking about starting a blog of your own, I highly encourage you to!

What have I been working on so far this year? Well, a bit of a larger than normal piece (for me at least). I've had the lovely Nature's Alphabet by Elizabeth's Needlework Designs in my stash for years and finally it just begged me to stitch it. I'm loving this one, even though all that hunter green backstitching between each blog is a bit tiring. I'm up to the "P" block now, but don't want to spoil the surprise so I'll just share just a few of my favorite blocks so far: "E" is for Ewes, "L" for lavender, "D" for daisies, and "C" for cherries... (These are all stitched on one large piece of linen--I just photographed the blocks separately and created this little collage). Aren't they pretty? And the specialty stitches add such beautiful texture!

My other new start is Little House Needlework's "Snow White" which I'm stitching on 16 ct. Stardust Heatherfield. It's such a pretty fabric with the flecks of blue and the wooly appearance, but it is not my favorite to stitch on--it's just too "flopsy" for me. I like a fabric with more body. Anyway, here is my progress so far--it should be finished up next week.

So, I'll bet you're all wondering about the birthday dinner that my two older sons cooked for me? Well, I'm happy to report there wasn't a green vegetable in sight--not one!! They served me chicken parmesan on angel hair pasta, garlic bread, fruit salad, and for dessert these wonderful cupcakes. It was so hard to pick just one flavor--there was mint chocolate chip, peanut butter, strawberry, double chocolate, yellow with chocolate frosting, and red velvet. Which would you have chosen? I finally selected the double chocolate, but had a taste of my husband's peanut butter one as well--absolutely scrumptious!! The guys gave me a variety of stitching and crafting gift cards and a new GPS (I'm known for having absolutely no sense of direction so this will be a huge help!) which I'm still smiling about. I love you so very much my guys; thanks for making my birthday one to remember...

I was thoroughly spoiled by my blogging friends as well... In fact, I feel truly honored to have so many kind and caring friends in the stitching world. You made me feel so special and I thank you all for your friendship as well as all of your generous and thoughtful gifts.

From the always thoughtful Myra, came this lovely group of gifts. She knew I didn't have many summer charts so she fed my "over one" addiction with these tiny By the Bay "Stitch An Inch" charts and a lovely pendant complete with seashell trim to frame one of them. The overdyed floss she included is a perfect soothing shade for summer stitching. Thank you, thank you, dear Myra--you are such a generous and kind friend!

Cindy, one of my very first blogging friends and fellow January birthday girl, sent me this sweet LHN chart called "This Is My Joy." With it she included not only the fabric, but a skein of Belle Soie silk in the loveliest shade of burgundy. I've never stitched with silk before and am so looking forward to it. Along with the stitching things, Cindy sent me a very cute Christmas mug to hold my hot chocolate while I'm munching on those chocolate covered raisins which she included. Your gifts truly made me smile, Cindy, and I want to thank you so very much!

All the way from Ireland, came this bunch of goodies from dear Lois. Isn't this pincushion the prettiest little thing? Lois knows I love blue and she chose such a soft, soothing color to stitch it in. She also included a skein of blue overdyed thread, a cute bookmark (perfect for a book-loving librarian like me!), and the cutest note cards... Lois, you have my color scheme down perfectly. If you could see all the blue and white in my house--you would know how much your gifts appeal to me! Thank you again for remembering me on my special day!

I was tickled pink to receive a surprise gift from dear Linda. She is one of my fellow "Grape Arbor Stitchers" whom I meet with each fall for a few days up in northern Pennsylvania. Linda sent me a generous gift certificate to 1-2-3 Stitch which I can't wait to use. I told her I already know exactly what I'll be spending it on--the threads for some of those darling Word Play charts that I received for Christmas. Thank you, thank you, Linda--you were so kind to remember me with something you knew I would love!

Brenda, my stitching friend from the Chicago area, surprised me with this packet of goodies. Isn't this scissor fob the cutest thing? It is stitched on both sides--a Goldfinch on one and a Martin birdhouse on the other. So perfectly stitched over one--I just love it, Brenda! She kept up her "bird" theme (which I love!) with a hummingbird needleminder and a lovely compartmentalized box which is perfect for holding buttons, bows, and charms. It turns out she and I share a birthday, so if you haven't visited her blog lately, please stop in and wish her a "Happy Birthday" as well! Thank you, Brenda--your thoughtful and generous gifts truly touched my heart...

Another gift from "across the pond" came from sweet June. Just look at this darling linen pouch embroidered with ribbons--how dainty and charming. I'll bet that is a hobby I might enjoy some day (if and when I have more spare time!). The bag was filled with this assortment of blue trims and ribbons and tiny butterfly and bird embellishments. And look at that birthday card--it's shaped like a frilly pink purse. I was so surprised to get your goodies, June, and I can't thank you enough for remembering me!

And last, but definitely not least, my fabulous friend, Valerie, sent me the cutest scissor fob in a pretty blue paisley pouch. The fob has all of my favorite shades of blue and such pretty accent beads... (Do you think everyone knows I like blue? I'd say they've figured me out quite well!). I'd love to visit San Francisco some day, meet Valerie in person, and have her take me on one of her "urban hikes". Watch out, Valerie--I just might make it out there some day! Thank you very much, my friend... you were so kind to remember me on my birthday!

I was also lucky enough to win a giveaway from Kathy Ellen. She sent me this gorgeous Carriage House Samplings design called "Quaker Christmas Samplers" for my prize. I can hardly wait to start stitching this one for next Christmas--I'm trying to decide on the perfect blue overdyed or silk. Any suggestions? Do any of you have a favorite blue thread that you've used? Thank you so much, Kathy--it's always a pleasure to visit your blog and your 12 Days of Christmas gifts made twelve stitchers, including me, very, very happy!

Whew! I still can't believe my luck in having "met" so many wonderful friends through my blog... Your comments, emails, cards, gifts--my goodness; I really have been overwhelmed by your kindness. I've been so very blessed in my life and I count each of you among my blessings. Thank you again for making my birthday so incredible--it certainly was one I'll never forget. Enjoy your day everyone--and take some time to do whatever makes you happiest! Bye for now...


Peggy Lee said...

Oh my! You are a lucky girl indeed. Bloggy buddies are the best!

My favorite color combination is blue and white! My dishes are blue willow and...well I could go on. I REALLY like your LHN Snow White. You may not like to work on that fabric but it's just gorgeous!

Septiembre said...

Happy Birthday Carol. I have delayed a few days sorry.
A very nice gifts.

barbara said...

How WONDERFUL!! Your sons really knew how to treat you - mmm, peanut butter cupcakes ..... And such lovely gifts from stitching friends. Ro and I are not too organized, but we do send our love. :)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Such a lovely person you are Carol, and look at the bounty your friends and family have showered down on you! I'm salivating thinking about the delicious meal your sons made for you....the cupcakes though....oh golly, one? I could have eaten them all and 5 more! I'm a cake eater if there ever was one. Love it!
Happy Belated Birthday to a great girl!

Susan said...

Love the cupcakes!

You received some lovely goodies!

Shari said...

wow, what a great birthday....with birthdays like that, we could all tolerate more than one a year, right?!?!
fantastic gifts from everyone....
and I will take the mint chip cupcake!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I know I'm late wishing it but I was so in awe with all the ornaments and finishes that I missed that bit of text. Another New Year resolution for me: pay more attention to what you read!!!
Loved the "birthday" cake and the description on the dinner made me a litle hungrier (it is almost lunch time here!).
It is amazing really, as you say, that we get to know through blogging so many more people from different parts of the world. And it is really good!!!
Have a great year!
Best regards from a sunny corner of the world (Portugal)

Sally said...

OOOh Carol you received some lovely gifts for your birthday. Love what your sons made for your birthday dinner.

I love the Elizabeth's Designs pieces. They are so beautiful. Your Snow White is looking beautiful.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Good morning! Your birthday dinner sounded perfect especially that Mint Chocolate Chip cupcake. Need to give those cupcakes a try someday. Your ABC piece is so cute, much easier than the one I am working on! and your Snow White will be so pretty when you have it all finished. Amazing gifts you received, you will have plenty to keep you busy for awhile. Have a great rest of your Birthday week!

Giovanna said...

So glad you had a nice birthday and such wonderful gifts! The ED Alphabet teaser promises loads, and what a pretty fabric you're using for Snow White.

Shirlee said...

Happy Birthday Carol! You received some beautiful gifts! Blessings, Shirlee

Hilda said...

Dear Carol!
The story of your birthday-celebration sounds wonderful - how lucky you are to have such wonderful sons - but I am sure - you really deserve it! As well as the wonderful presents you got.

I also admire your wonderful new stitching projects. The "Garden Alphabeth" is also found in my stash - waiting to be stitched. Perhaps you are - as many times - the big inspiration to me ;-)

Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful new projects!


The Queen Bee said...

Wow. What a lucky birthday girl you are!

Glad the boys served a memorable meal, and not in a bad way.

Your stitching is looking as lovely as ever.


Lesleyanne said...

Happy Birthday Carol. You received some lovely gifts for your birthday. Love what your sons made for your birthday dinner. Your Snow White is looking beautiful as is your alphabet.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! I had no idea our birthdays were so close together. Looks like you were rightly spoiled too. It truly does make your day when folks remember your special day. I'm glad you had a good one.
P.S. I'd have gone for the chocolate cupcake first too!

Lisa S said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!
Sounds like you had a wonderful dinner and dessert. I'd have a hard time choosing one of those cupcakes myself,but I probably would have gone with the chocolate too!
You received some beautiful gifts. Lucky girl!
Love your finishes & wips!

butterfly said...

Hello lovely lady, Carol your blog looks lovely, Your new starts are just wonderful.
Lovely gifts off friends , they know just how lovely you are.
OH let me think , yes Mint Chocolate Chip would be nice , if you send me one in the post can you bubble wrap it Ha ha.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts you received from friends and family! The cupcakes looked yummy; glad I didn't have to make a choice!

Your progress on the LHN piece is terrific; love the color of the fabric!

Glad you had a fabulous birthday, Carol!

Robin in Virginia

Nicola said...

Belated Happy Birthday Carol. Your birthday gifts are gorgeous!

Great work on your new starts.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good for you Carol. You are well loved and blessed. Your sons did a wonderful job! I'm with Vonna, never could have just eaten one! But I would have chosen double chocolate too!;) Snow White looks very, very nice. So pretty.

BrendaS said...

Carol --
I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday dinner with your sons:) The cupcakes look delicious.

Wonderful gifts received for a well deserved stitcher!:))

Your WIP's look beautiful and I like how you teased us with taking separate pictures and making up a collage of the Elizabeth Designs pattern. Can't wait to see it in it's entirety!

HUGS to you my friend.

BeckySC said...

Happy Happy birthday my friend!
BEEutiful gifts for a most lovely person! So deserving :) Enjoy each one :)

Julie said...

I'm so pleased your birthday was so enjoyable for you. Fabulous goodies you received from your friends and family Carol, those little cupcakes sure do look yummy.

I love ED stithcing, i have a few in my stash pile that keep getting pushed further down, might have to rectify that after seeing your beautiful alphabet. I bet it looks stunning all together.

Sweet Sue said...

Happy Belated Birthday Carol, looks like yours was filled with family love, stitchy goodness and yummy treats, thx for sharing! I'm January too and keep discovering more stitchers who're January babies:)

Laurita Hall said...

Happy Belated Birthday Carol!!!
Your gifts are so pretty!


Elia said...

Carol, how lucky you are to have such wonderful sons and family,

Your gifts are so wonderful, enjoy each one.And your news works are so lovely!!!

be happy

eljardindemiduende ^^

cucki said...

Happy birthday carol..
Cup cakes are looking so yummy..
You received some sweet gifts..
Keep well xxx

Ana Luisa said...

What a wonderful day you had!
I haven't stitched in over a year, but I do love to read and follow cross stitching blogs. Thanks for sharing. :)

Nancy said...

So glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Your boys outdid themselves in your honor! You are lucky to have such thoughtful men in your life! And your blogging buddies treated you like royalty too!! You are a very blessed lady!

Kay said...

Happy birthday again. Looks like it was a great day you had and that you got many goodies as well! Your latest stitching is beautiful!

Kate said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Carol! I, too, am a cross stitcher and at age 65 I think you're "just a kid". Looks like you had a delightful birthday ... you have great friends and wonderful sons so I think you're a very lucky lady.

dixiesamplar said...

Wow, what wonderful birthday goodies!! Congrats and happy birthday!

Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and some beautiful gifts received. Those cakes looked yummy.
Projects are looking good
x catherinne

passionfruitprincess said...

I am so glad that you had such a lovely birthday! The cupcakes really look yummy! Your gifts are beautiful, and I can't wait to see your floral sampler finished. The LHN pattern is very pretty too.
Have a wonderful day!
Ana Paula.

Beth said...

You are not alone - I'm a 50+ stitcher too! I love your fabric for "Snow White" - sp pretty. And weren't you showered with glifts - I really like the little goldfinich ornament - it looks like a Prairie Schooler design.

Mouse said...

coooo you had a wonderful meal made by your guys ... and mint methinks would have been my choice .... lovely goodies you received from every one and I can't wait to see your goodies with the GC ... love mouse xxx

Cindy's Stitching said...

What nice gifts carol. I can't wait to see your alphabet completed.

Christine said...

Wow, you certainly got some great presents and your birthday meal sounds wonderful.
Great stitching too, the alphabet designs are lovely

Laurie in Iowa said...

Wow... wonderful birthday gifts and a lovely dinner too.

Margaret said...

I love what you're stitching! I can't wait to see the whole piece -- the tease is just so wonderful! And your birthday dinner -- wow, did you teach the guys to cook? I'm impressed! Those cupcakes look delicious too! Yum! Love all the lovely presents you received too. Looks like you got spoiled for your birthday! Happy belated!

MoonBeam said...

I love your two projects. Can't wait to see the alphabet. And what wonderful birthday presents. Nice.


Lee said...

What a great birthday you had! You are a very loved blogger!

Barbara said...

Such wonderful goodies you received and how on earth did you decide which cupcake to eat? I'm afraid I wouldn't of been able to decide. I'm happy you had such a wonderful birthday!!!

Ranae said...

What a lucky birthday girl you are, lots and lots of treasures.
Happy Birthday!!

Mary said...

Carol, Happy Birthday! I'm behind on my blog reading, and just read a bunch of your past posts. Your stitching, both old and new, is just lovely! And, all of the ornaments are just adorable! Your finishing looks perfect.

Elaine said...

Belated Birthday wishes Carol. Sounds like a lovely Birthday treat your boys made for you.
Enjoy all those beautiful birthday gifts your dear friends have blessed you with, you deserve them.
Both your wips are so pretty. Looking forward to your finished Natures Alphabet. Hugs!

Theresa said...

Wow~~ Look at all the goodies you received from your birthday!! You are well loved!!!!!
Your alphabets are gorgeous!!!!!! Those specialty stitches makes it so unique!!! I might have to add this to my wish list!!!!

geeky Heather said...

I love the Elizabeth's Designs alphabet! The specialty stitches would make it a very fun stitch.

I'm afraid that if offered that plate of cupcakes, I would have commandeered the whole thing, citing my rights as Birthday Girl. =)

Ellen said...

The cupcakes look yummy! Happy Belated Birthday!

Wonderful gifts from dear friends!


valerie said...

What a great birthday you had! The boys cooked, you had cupcakes and look at all the wonderful stitchy gifts! And stop calling yourself "older generation". You're still young!

I like your start. The Elizabeth Designs alphabets are great. I actually have this in my overflowing stash.

Happy Birthday!

Myra said...

I am glad I could be a part of your celebration Carol! You really got some nice gifts. I love your Alphabet stitch and can't wait to see the piece in it's entirety - that is going to be gorgeous! Snow White is just lovely on that fabric but I agree with you on the Heatherfield. Love the look but not the hand of it.

Barbi said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday my friend! It sounds like your boys outdid themselves for your birthday dinner! Bravo for no vegetables! LOL I would have sooo picked the peanut butter cupcake. I had never tried one, I was always a chocolate/chocolate girl, until one day someone brought me a peanut butter/chocolate one...once you go never go back! tee hee!

Colleen said...

Happy belated birthday, Carol. Beautiful gifts & a super dinner from your boys! Can't beat that. You so deserve to be spoil all of us. Love your header picture....this is on my to do list in 2012! Have a super week.

Melissa said...

Awww, your boys are growing up! The dinner sounds like it was wonderful!

Lovely stitching and many lovely pressies too - well deserved!

Catherine said...

Oohhh....I can't wait to see what you will be doing with the alphabet! As for your other start ~ I've stitched on Heatherfield before and felt the same ~ but it is so pretty!!
Sounds and looks like the boys did wonderful with your dinner!! I don't think I could pick just one cupcake!!
What wonderful treasures you recieved from everyone! Enjoy them all!

Mary said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful birthday, Carol. The cupcakes look delicious It's hard to choose just ONE! Looks like the perfect end to a special birthday dinner.

Nature's Alphabet it will be beautiful when you have it finished! Each block is so delicate.

It must be "Snow White" time. I just started it the other night. Maybe it's wishful thinking for some snow? (I better be careful WHERE I say that!)

You are so loved by your blogging friends...such wonderful gifts and heartfelt stitching sent to remember you on your special day!

You are a very special friend to all of us!


Vinniey said...

Happy birthday, Carol!

Gabriele said...

You are really a lucky girl! Wonderful gifts you got! And ... don't be afraid about the age. It's only a number.
Hugs, Gabi in Germany

Lois said...

Well, that dinner sounds and looks delicious Carol! I know how much you'll have enjoyed the meal. What lovely gifts arrived at your door for your birthday. I'm so glad you liked the little pin cushion. As for suggestions for your Quaker Christmas win, well, I loved the CC Milady's Teal I used for that. Another blue that has caught my eye is the one Siobhan is using for one of her projects -Belle Soir Mer Blu. I know I want to add that to my thread stash at some point.
Can't wait to see your Nature's Alphabet!

Nancy said...

Hi Carol! I agree with you about blogging - it is so fun and you can meet some wonderful friends!

Your Nature's Alphabet is going to be gorgeous, and so is Snow White.

Glad you had such a nice birthday. The cupcakes look delicious!

Siobhán said...

Wow!! You were thoroughly spoiled, Carol, and you totally deserve it. What fantastic gifts! Lucky you. :) The cupcakes--oh my goodness. I think I'd definitely have to go for the peanut butter cupcake, though I LOVE buttercream frosting.

Your new project is so pretty! Nice progress.

Jackie said...

I am so glad you had a nice birthday with your children... and let me whisper, the new 57 is now 47. So I've been told, so your in good shape. LOL.
All your blog posts and gifts are evidence of your warm embrace to all of us Carol.
TFS and I so look forward to your next post.

Gabi said...

Happy belated birthday carol.
Gorgeous gifts .
Glad you escaped the greens... Lol. Your sons are very thoughtful and it shows how much they love and adore their mum. I bet that was the best gift:)
Of course a navigator is always good too. I would be lost (literally) without mine

Mary Ann said...

You were certainly showered with some absolutely wonderful birthday gifts! I don't know how you were able to choose just one of those cupcakes. I would have needed to try each one!!

Edit said...

You have received so wonderful birthday gifts Carol! I love each and every one of them.

Glad to hear there were no vegetables at the dinner :) And those cupcakes...!!! how could they make you chose only one?! :) They all look so delicious! I should really try to make cupcakes on day myself.

Have a nice weekend, Edit

Angela said...

I'm so happy to hear your Sons didn't feed you anything green :) LOL and those cupcakes look so yummy!

Great gifts from all your stitching friends!

Quiltsmiles said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Thought of you and knowing it was coming and then the days flew right by. Glad you enjoyed and were spoiled.

Meadows08 said...

What a sweet thing for your kids to do for your birthday! And what a haul too!

Love your new starts. Your stuff is gorgeous as usual :)

♥ Nia said...

I love it when I open your blog and all I can see on my screen is your banner :) so - sooooooo pretty :D

You're 57? I'm 32. No difference. There's no age here, we are just stitchers sharing their passion :) And friendship is for all ages :D

I love LHN Snowhite :) I need to find some pretty fabric to stitch that one too!

I read about you B-day dinner on the email, so happy to see that you had a great time :D You sons did well :) hehehe

So many lovely gifts!!! Lucky birthday girl :D
Hugs&Smiles to you my friend!!

Shelley said...

WOW!! You have been spoiled to bits by your stitching friends, and your family. I love the friendships I have formed since starting my blog as well. Who would have ever imagined in today's age that one could find so many wonderful people via the internet of different ages from around the world and connect so well with each other.

valerie said...

Oh and I forgot to say that San Francisco would welcome you with open arms should you decide to visit and I would be thrilled to show you around! Bring comfy shoes! =)

Meari said...

You had such a memorable birthday with dinner from the boys and all those beautiful stitchy gifts. And Oh My those cupcakes!! They all look so scrumptious.

Again, Happy Birthday :)

boysmum2 said...

You are one very lucky lady, Happy birthday for earlier in the week. Love the alphabet stitchin, very cute, can't wait to see some more. Just out of interest, do you have any online stores that you buy cross stitch fabric from?? Here in NZ it is very limited and very expensive, I am sure with the exchange rate I can get it cheaper online from the US. So if you know of any good online stores would love some details. Happy Stitchin, Kathryn

Annie said...

Talk about the greatest birthday ever! And you deserved every moment of that time with the family and the abundance of gifts. Hope your year continues to be wonderful!

(I've been having computer problems and also been a bit under the weather so I'm way behind on blog reading and everything else!)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

It makes me smile to read that your birthday turned out well - you deserve each and every pleasure you received plus more! So, we're the 'older generation' are we? grins Your new alphabet is adorable! What lovely spring dressing for your tree...? Oh, as for the floppy fabric, have you tried Q-Snaps? I have problems with the left thumb joint when stitching in hand, but these make it possible for me to stitch for hours - and there's no flopping of fabric going on!

Nancy M said...

I guess I have to include myself in the "older" generation of stitchers! yikes, never thought of it that way. Well I am a grandma! LOL Great dinner and desserts!!! And what lovely birthday gifts you received! I've met some very nice people on the internet, isn't it great???

Brigitte said...

Oh Carol, your new projects are gorgeous. I have stitched some letters of Nature's Alphabet myself and finished them as little gifts for friends. All of them together on a piece of fabric must look absolutely great.
You must have thrilled by all the wonderful stitching and non-stitching gifts that you received on your birthday. Enjoy them all.
Happy belated Birthday!

Annette said...

Happy B-day!! =)))))))

I agree... I'm on of the younger craft bloggers.. and love to have contact with al kinds of people and different ages... To share fun and give eachother idea's.

Your you going to stitch the whole alphabet?? lovely designs, and a wonderfull white strat on blue fabric... hihi...

mmmmmm ... You sons made a wonderfull and yummy dinner!!!
Be very proud on them!!
Those cupcakes looks wonderfull!!
I will go for the peanut butter.. never trted that.. here you only eat that on bread, but never on cake.. so like tp try it..

Your sons spoiled you I see... enjoy al of it.. and the memory

have a great week


Ps... I loved your story about not eating your green veggies!!!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Carol!! I think I said this in your last post, but if not you get another big birthday hug from me!! Looks like your dinner was yummy and those cupcakes look delicious!!! So sweet of your boys to cook you dinner!!

Such lovely gifts from your blogging friends! I also really love that alphabet. The ewes are my favourite!!

Martine said...

Dear Carol,
I wish you a very happy birthday and I see that you were spoiled well! I am very happy for you!
I hope that you spent a good day with your small family.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carol with many kisses !!!

Lynn said...

I'm so glad that your birthday celebration was such a great one! The meal your sons prepared sounds fantastic. Pretty cupcakes too.I think I would have gone for the red velvet. I haven't tried one of those before!

You are so blessed to have so many wonderful blogging friends Carol. They have sent you some lovely gifts and they are so well deserved.

I love your new starts. That heatherfield fabric is a gorgeous one and perfect for the design!
As for a blue floss for the Quaker, I'll check my stash. I know there was a blue floss I really liked working with but I'm darned if I can remember the name of it. Hopefully I still have some left in my stash so I can let you know.

Alissa Marotta said...

New follower here! I just came across your blog and I love it! Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to reading more. (I just followed you on Shelfari, too - we seem to like similar books.)


Melanie said...

Love the new projects, particularly the wee lil sheepies. :)
Sounds like a great birthday dinner! I would dived into the peanut butter cupcake straightaway, no doubt. I loves me some peanut butter.
Such wonderful wonderful gifts!!!!!

Veronica said...

The cupcakes look scrumptious! Sounds like your sons are great cooks. I love your new starts. The fabric Snow White is stitched on looks gorgeous. Too bad that you don't enjoy stitching on it as much. You've definitely been spoilt :) Gorgeous gifts... Every single one of them.


sana said...

Thank you for visiting my small blog.
You do such beautiful stitching! I enjoyed your blog very much & have become a follower :)

Patty C. said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday - you certainly received some lovely gifts!
Beautiful alphabet WIP ;)

Suzanne said...

I am glad to hear you had such a great birthday. You received such wonderful gifts.

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and you definitely deserved it :o) Those cupcakes look delicious and a pregnant lady should not see these. LOL!

WOW! You really had some happy mail come through you box lately! Such lovely gifts and I know you appreciate each one :o)

I have this one in my stash! I can't wait to see yours all finished.

What a pretty fabric color for Snow White. I love working on Heatherfield but don't do it very often.

Kathy Ellen said...

Wishing you another wonderful year ahead, Carol. To have so many special friends, you must be a very special friend. The lovely gifts that you received, in honor of your birthday, are a testament to you, Carol, as a very special friend indeed!