Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Giveaway Time!

Hello, my friends! Well, I finally gathered a few items together to celebrate my 500+ followers, but, before I tempt you with them, I have a couple of small finishes to share with you... I wanted to send my blogging friend, Valerie, a little something for her birthday so I stitched up this sweet pin pillow from the Prairie Schooler J*K*L chart (Book No. 105). Since she has an October birthday, I thought the grinning Jack-O-Lantern would be perfect. I backed it with the fabric shown and made the cording out of the same DMC shade that the pumpkin is stitched in... The cute little guy is now sharing Valerie's apartment on the other side of the U.S. in sunny California... I'm so glad you like it, Valerie--I really enjoyed creating it for you!

Another tiny finish--and I do mean tiny--is this darling design called "Froth and Bubble" created by the very talented Mindi at Joie de Vivre blog. Mindi offered a "little something" to anyone who stitched her twin witches huddled around their cauldron before October 1st. Isn't this just the cutest Halloween scene? I used my own choices of DMC giving the witches purple socks along with green faces and hands. I also added a long handled spoon so the witch on the right could stir her bubbling brew.

Stitched over one on 28 ct. country mocha Cashel linen, I turned it into this little pillow with some black-bubbled fabric, a bit of black and white checked ribbon, and a gold star topped with a black button. It is now sitting on my side table in my kitchen and every time I see it, I smile... You all know how much I love "tiny" things and these witches that Mindi designed are just perfect! Anyway, I sent this photo of my finish to her as she requested and was so happy to hear that she liked it.

To thank me for stitching her design, Mindi sent me this most delightful assortment of goodies! Just look at this gorgeous fabric covered notebook that she created! It is perfect for keeping track of my starts and finishes, wish lists, supplies to be purchased, etc. I'll keep it right inside my stitching bag, Mindi. Her gift also included a black mesh make-up bag, two Halloween pencils, some yummy apple cinnamon lip balm, a packet of fun-colored travel tissues, and some tasty mints. If you haven't discovered Mindi's blog yet, please pay her a visit; you won't be disappointed. So, thank you again, Mindi--you had already given me a gift in the form of your charming design and I was so touched that you would add to it with these wonderful goodies...

Okay--on to my 500+ follower giveaway... Do you remember how thrilled I was last Thanksgiving when my dear niece and sister-in-law presented me with this delightful stitching bag? I've used it so much--in fact I would say it is one of my "required" stitching accessories, just as much needles, fabric, and threads are...It helps me stay very organized; in fact I keep mine right beside my stitching chair with little folders in it for each project or soon-to-be stitched project. Its portable size makes it ideal to take to an afternoon of stitching with friends, too.

Well, I thought you might like the chance to win one of your very own, so I asked my niece to order me this little beauty to give away to one of my followers... This version is black and white with the prettiest raspberry colored monogram that says, what else, "STITCHING." It has two mesh pockets on either end which are perfect for storing needles, scissors, eyeglasses. And the interior is wonderful for holding your current projects or things you are thinking about stitching.

Of course, I didn't want to send an empty bag, so I'm including two fat quarters, some lovely pink hand-dyed thread from Nina's Threads, a handy notebook to keep track of your stitching needs, and of course, a bar of Lindt dark chocolate. How does one of my lucky followers go about winning this package of goodies? Well, all you have to do is leave me a comment that you would like to win (on this post only) and tell me about your blog's name... Some of your blogs have such interesting names that I'd love to know the story behind them. If you have a blog named after yourself--well, tell me if you ever thought about changing the name or if you like it just as is. And, if you have no blog--what would you name yours if you created one? Please do not advertise this on your blogs--I want this to be for my regular readers and followers. In fact, there is a little bonus for those of you who regularly comment on my blog. If you commented on either of my September posts before October 10th, I will automatically give you one extra entry just to thank you for taking the time to say hello without the incentive of a "prize."

I guess it's only fair that I tell you how my blog got its name, right? Well, almost three years ago when I thought about starting this blog, I got the idea that it would be fun to stitch an ornament-sized piece every week for a full year...That was my dream--my "stitching dream" and that is how my blog "Stitching Dreams" came to be. If you are a new reader, you might want to go back to the beginning of my blog and see how far I've come. Back in January of 2009, I knew none of you in the stitching / blogging community. No one commented on my posts and I was never expecting that anyone would. I was honestly blogging to simply document my finishes... Well, ever-so-slowly, comments would trickle in and before you know it, I had more and more readers and even better, more and more blogging friends and inspirational blogs to follow myself. I wish I could give each of you a prize to say thank you for such wonderful comments, emails, and, most importantly, your friendship. It has meant more to me than you'll ever know...

I'll keep the giveaway open until November 1st and announce the winner soon after. Good luck to all!! Enjoy your last warm days of autumn! Bye for now...


Danielle said...

Great finishes! And what a great giveaway! One can never have enough totes. My blog name is Peace, Love and Stitching. When I named theblog I had been going thru a difficult period emotionally and I the word peace was my word for the year 2011. And love and stitching just came right behind it. When I stitch I definitely feel at peace and full of love for this wonderful craft we do!

Chris said...

Good Morning Carol!
Congratulations on 500 followers.
I love your new little Halloween finishes. I know that VAlerie will love her gift.
Have a great week.

Cindy said...

Just found your blog and I will be a regular follower. I love it. I don't have a blog yet, but am planning to start one before the end of the year. I will read the name origins with interest to help me pick a name for mine.


JillMN said...

I love your "Froth and Bubble" piece. The finishing is beautiful! My blog is Purple Peacock. When deciding my blog name, I didn't want one that related only to stitching because at that time I did beading also. Now I also am knitting in addition to all of that. My grandmother was a huge peacock lover and it kind of rubbed off on me. That, with my favorite color, purple, became my name, "Purple Peacock". Please enter me in your most generous drawing. I love bags! Thank you.

Patty C. said...

Oh - What a beautiful Giveaway - Love the colors-
Congratulations on so many followers !

About Blog names -I had stopped crafting in order to take care of my children/work & go to RN school(long story) ....After finishing I decided to start blogging in the middle of the night - When everyone was sleeping & I was missing being awake in the day time & having normal hours with my family - I finally figured out how to access blogger but had no idea what to call my blog -And then it hit me -

While missing my family in the middle of the night & doing those things that they needed from me (laundry, dishes, cooking....)I decided I needed something a little more fulfilling that I could add to those quiet hours because I was ...

"Hanging On By A Thread" -
I started stitching quietly (after stopping for 10 years) while my family slept peacefully - Blogging helped me to share my interest with wonderfully creative people who could see it after I went to bed in the morning - It has worked out wonderfully . I have met many wonderful blogging buddies & it helps when I miss those here that I love who are sleeping and unable to spend this time with me -

Thank you for the opportunity to win such a lovely stitching bag -

Good Luck to all ;)

mbroider said...

Thanks for this giveaway!! You have a huge following:)

My blog is titled 'Stitching my way'... Stitching keeps me sane, and helps me in my life's journey. Hence the title:)

Giovanna said...

Love the Froth and Bubble pillow, it's so dainty over 1!

Not sure I qualify for the giveaway as I'm not an official "follower" - I'm subscribed with Google Reader. If I do, I'd love to be included, please :-)
I've named my blog after myself, and I like it as it is. I just can't come up with a fancy name that I like, so keeping things simple suits me fine :-)

Ariane20 said...

Your banner is so beautiful!I love your lovely stitching bag.

CalamityJr said...

Lovely finishes as always! What a great stitching bag, and such a generous gift to give. I don't have a blog name, so I will instead give the short version of why I use Calamity Jr. Way back when, when CBs were the cell phone to have in your vehicle, my mother chose to be Calamity Jane. Since I am definitely my mother's daughter, as well as a klutz by nature, Calamity Jr became a way to carry on being part of her and show who I am, as well!

Thanks for sharing your stitching and finishes with all of us! You're also going to make one of us very happy with the stitching bag and accessories!

Teresa said...

Partecipo anche io, a presto

Shari said...

wow...not a big Halloween fan, but you made those witches look fantastic.....I must check out that blog....
The gift you sent your CA friend is perfect too......Oct. birthdays are the best!!!
Congrats on so many followers! Keep up the great work!

Annie said...

Your little finishes are so clever! Love the extra touches (that spoon is to die for!) on the witches. And what a nice surprise to have Mindi show her appreciation this way.

Not surprised at all that you have 500 followers. Your blog is one of the best stitchy ones around!

"Annie Bebop" is what my tap dancing teacher used to call me, and I alway got a kick out of it. Don't exactly know where the 'coloring book' idea came from.. just popped into my mind when I was creating my blog. I was only experimenting to see how you create a blog.. never thought I'd still be doing it.

You are so sweet to offer that lovely bag stuffed with goodies!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carol! Just yesterday, I was thinking to myself, I could really use a stitching bag. No, really! What a great one that is too. My favorite color is pink. And I love chocolate. I eat it everyday. And guess which kind it is everyday? DARK! I do not have a blog. Not sure what I would name it. Absolutely a stitchy name. Maybe something to do with chocolate or poodles? And finally, hooray for me being a commenter!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Congratulations to you and everyone of your followers. It is easy to understand why you have a following as you do. Your work is beautiful and inspiring
As far as titles on our blogs, seems I have always had a needle in my shirt, blouse, hoodie, blazer, scarf, and I do have an eye for threads as in remembering the name/# of all the colours. and we have named our home Henley's Landing so that's where the eye's are.
Be always in stitches

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Carol, I had forgotten about your ornament a week "dream" but I think I started comment toward the end of your year and I was always so fascinated that you made your dream a reality. Golly JUST THINK! an ornament a week...that's 52 ornaments! Your one of my favorite bloggers to come visit and I mean that sincerely, your write with such verve and positivity, it adds an exclamation point and a good feeling to my day! I would love to have a chance to win your beautiful, generous prize.
Hugs and love to you, and many many more posts to read for me!

szaberka said...

Congrats to the 500! As for my blog's name (Szabó-művek), it's playing with the words: Művek in Hungarian means "arts" and "works (factory)" at the same time. Szabó is my last name and means "tailor"! My best friend gave the name.
Greetings from Hungary

Margaret said...

Love your two finishes -- I bet Valerie loved her pressie! How nice of Mindi to send you that stuff for finishing her design! As for your giveaway -- wow! That's so exciting! and 500 followers! Wow! Well, you know I'd love to win. lol! Thanks so much for the giveaway -- you're a sweetheart! Oh, my blog name. Well, I really couldn't come up with a name. I sort of copied from Sandra on the Sampler Lover part. Her blog is Sampler Lover's Blog. And I thought, oh, I'm a sampler lover. And then I just went with the Days of a Sampler Lover cause I couldn't think of anything else. lol! Creative, huh? Whatever! :D

sunny said...

Congrats on your milestone! I can't imagine stitching over one thread the way you've done - it's beautiful. Quilting Dreams came about one snowy afternoon when I decided to play around a little and see if I could start a blog. I had not idea how easy it would be to set up, and I needed to come up with a name quickly. I had just started quilting, and I really was dreaming about quilts. Since then, I've also gone back to crocheting and cross stitching, something I hadn't done for about 10 years. Embroidery has also been added to my list. If I were to rename my blog, it might be something like "Needle Addict"? Hmmm... that ddoesn't sound quite right, does it?

Annette said...

What a beautifull stitching pieces you have made, and as always you finished them up so beautifull.
I love how you make your little pillow's with the stitching piece above... My Margaret Sherry Pumpkin pie piece, I hope to finish it also that way.

How great to get such a beautifull gift, for stitiching her design.

I love that stitching bag.. my stitching stuff is always everywheer, and mostly on teh flour under teh couch, then the kids have been playing with Still need to make something for it..
But I would love to get the change the win that beautifull back, and wow what a great goodies to did with it!!

At the moment my blog is called Annette's Pieces, because my last name already existed already.
Ther will be a new name No.Ki.. Th efirst two letters of my kids, I love that name.. but it will get there some day

You name is romatic also...hihi

I have a qeustion,, that piece you stitching in your header in the right above cornor, from which designer is it.. I love it!!

Good luck with your give-away!

Hippywitch said...

Gorgeous stitching! I love the little witches, very sweet little cushion you made with it too :-)I'm off to check out that blog next!

My blog is Hippywitch crafts, I was looking for a name that would work when I finally got round to setting up my etsy shop too (which I have now done). I thought about it and well, I'm a bit of a hippy and a witch too and it just seemed to go together and sounded quite good, lol!

Sweet Sue said...

Sweet congrats on your followers Carol. All my life I've noticed people seem to like saying *Sweet Sue, How Do You Do*. Since I'm a stitcher and avid pastry baker since childhood, it made for a good blog title, and has absolutely nothing to do with my demeanor, just ask my hubs LOL. Nice job on those really cute pin pillows, beautiful finishing. Not entering, but plz offer my chance to another ~ good luck to all and have fun with your giveaway:)

Tricia T said...

Oh how fun to read everyone's blog name story! What a great idea! I have been blogging as a rubber stamper since 2006, but just last year I started to find some stitching blogs and joined the LHN group. When the Crazy Challenge came around I decided that I needed a dedicated stitching blog to document my progress, since I wasn't sure my stamping following was too interested... hence... The Stamper's Stitches was the name I chose. Afterward I thought it sounded like I'd gotten stitches while stamping... LOL... but I guess I'll keep it!! : )

Your stitching bag full of goodies is lovely and so generous! It will be like an early Christmas for the winner!

Hilda said...

Dear Carol!
Your stitchings and finishings are again sooo wonderful. I love them.

For me, it is no wonder, that your blog developed to such a popular place in the www! Your stitchings are so wonderful and reading your stories is nearly as sitting together in your (or my) kitchen, having some coffee and talking and listening. Thank you for this!

Oh - and I love your new layout!

Have a nice day!

Hugs & kisses

Parsley said...

Oh how sweet of you! I'd love to be entered!!!

My blog name represents a pinch here, a dash of making a good soup...adding the 'seasons of my mind'. My blog is a variety of things.

Mouse said...

HI Carol ohhhh i love your finishes :) I got Mindi's design but couldn't squeeze it in so hopefully will get it done for next year (forward planning heheh) .. that bag is super duper and I hope it comes to the mouse house as loveeeeee dark chocolate too heheheh
mmmm my blog name is tales of a stitching mouse ... I talk a lot hence the tales ... ask any of my friends ;) .. my nicknames mouse and I stitch ..."simples" in my best meercat impression take care and have a great day :) love mouse xxxx

Deborah said...

I love the little Halloween pillow. So pretty. I loved the story about you blog name. My name came about from my first cross stitch store back in the late 80's. It was Cranberry Cross Stitch because the store was located in Middleboro, MA the headquarters of Ocean Spray Cranberries. We in southern MA are surrounded by cranberry bogs. I wanted to show my samplings of stitching so the name was born. Cranberry Samplings. Thanksd for having a great giveaway.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Congratulations! I found your blog and read all about your Christmas ornaments and started working on a collection of my own! My daughter thought I needed a blog to help my little quilt business but then I discovered how fun it was and learn to change it up and then I found all the wonderful cross stitch and quilting blogs out there! All this blogging was going on while I was working and taking care of my family and I didn't even know about it. Now I have met some amazing ladies and I am just loving it!

Syd said...

I would love to be entered in your drawing. What a wonderful prize. Congratulations on 500 followers. My blog is
I haven't thought of changing the name since Syd is still an unusual name for a woman, although I do hear it more than I used to when I was growing up.

Lesleyanne said...

I love your finishes. I would love to know how you make cord with DMC threads! I would love to be entered in your giveaway. My blog is named after me, Lesleyanne, and my stitches, Lesleyanne's Life in Stitches.

Pamela said...

I just found your blog and it is amazing! I LOVE your finishes especially the little witches! Sorry, but I don't have a blog... IF, I did have a blog it would be called STITCH NUT! I am over the top nutty stitcher
Would love to enter for a chance at the gorgeous bag! Thank you!

Jennifer said...

Hi Carol, Congratulations on your 'stitching dreams ' coming true! Your stitching is an inspiration and finishes so lovely . My blog seasonal stitches name comes from the fact that I enjoy all the seasons in Canada and enjoy stitching for different seasons. I would love to be entered into the draw for the beautiful tote. It is so generous of you to have the draw. All the best.

stitchinpeanut said...

Hello Carol, I have been a lurker for quite a while... and enjoyed seeing all of the goodies that you have posted.

My blot is Peanuts place to stitch... My DH nicknamed me Peanut when we were in college dating because I am 4 foot "nothing". This nickname has stuck with me throughout the years... so when I made up my email is was stitchinpeanut and when I made up my blog it became peanuts place to stitch. Nothing fancy... just something that brings my DH and his love for me into something that I love to do! He supports me with my stitching and loves the work that I do... so I wanted to involve him in this part of it too!

What a simply awesome giveaway! Thank you for doing this!
Please keep posting ... I love to see everything!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Hi Carol! Congrats on the milestone.
I chose the name "The Inspired Stitcher" because visiting blogs and seeing other stithcers' work truly does inspire me. Sometimes to the point of distraction. LOL
I know just what you mean about the comments and visits from folks. It always amazes me that anyone would be interested in what I post. I'm so thankful and humbled.
I'll keep my fingers crossed that I might be the lucky one. Have a great day!

BrendaS said...

Carol --
I always get so excited when I see a new post from you! You always have such beautiful stitching and finishing to share:) Love the little gift you made for Valerie and your "mini-witches" are just too cute.

I would love a chance to win the stitching bag and goodies. What a beautiful giveaway.

Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. We've been having some beautiful weather here in Chicago the last week or so and I hope you have too:))

HUGS to you.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is beautiful, and have followed you for a while now.

My blog is Periwinkle Ink, and the reasoning behind the name is because "periwinkle" has always been my favorite color (think the gorgeous periwinkle-y color of hydrangeas in late summer) and since I write for my career and my blog, the word "ink" was very apropos!


Beth said...

...and now you are up to 523 Followers - it's humbling isn't it? Congrats!

Rhona said...

As always...lovely stitching! Congrats at having over 500 followers, that's awesome! Great giveaway...thanks for the chance to enter. It's been great reading all the comments on how everyone picked their blog name. I got my blog name (Tangled Threads) because I try to be organized and keep my threads of the project I am working on on a card, but as I get closer to finishing I forget about the thread card and the threads always end up in a big tangle in the bottom of my work basket...hence Tangled Threads!

Cindy's Stitching said...

The halloween ornaments are so cute. I started my blog are cross stitch ornaments and more. I have many hobbies, stamping, crochet, etc. but my favorite by far is cross stitching. Please include me in your giveaway. 500 followers how sweet.

Bekca said...

Congratulations on finishing two sweet Halloween ornaments, they're perfect. Please enter my name into the drawing for this very generous giveaway. My blog name from combining a nickname my friends gave me (Lion - due to my unruly, large natural hair) and what I like to do, stitching! Thank you very much.
Best wishes.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,

Love the finishes, so cute :)
I'd love to be included in your giveaway. My blog is Ruth's Running Stitch. Ruth after my name and Running stitch as 1 I'm always running about the place and 2 my stiching runs on and on and on and on........ lol.

pandy said...

Congrats on your finishes! I love Hallowe'en designs, but never really get around to stitching anything! I should remedy that (I can hear my pocketbook crying from the other room..)

As for my blog name, "Adventures of a Crazy Cat Lady" as I got older and it was looking more and more like I'd never marry, the teases started rolling in about how I'm going to end up being that "crazy cat lady". While it does have negative connotations, I wanted to make it my own. There's nothing wrong with wanting to stay single and have a bunch of cats in place of kids. And by bunch I mean two - I do have to be realistic :)

I did find your blog rather recently, and I find it hard being "the new girl" when it comes to trying to find a place in a community, but you guys have been very welcoming!

Unknown said...

I am a fairly new follower, I think I first found you in September, but I do really love your work, and I think your header is fantastic!!

I have a blog, but not a lot of creativity, so my blog's name is Beth's Blog. Maybe someday I will ask my new creative DIL to come up with something better, but for now, I at least can remember it - LOL

What a lovely giveaway you are running, thank you so much. Please consider me to be a part of it.

Paula said...

Hi Carol, I have a list of blogs I check in with every couple of days and yours is included in that list.
I love those stitching bags. I also like keeping my supplies organized.
I can't even imagine having a blog, but the first name that popped into my mind was, Stitching the Day Away. I don't do that, but I'd sure like to!
Congrats on 500 followers.

butterfly said...

Well congratulations to one sweet lady. I am so happy for you. Just love all your work you make it up so beautiful always love every thing you stitch.

Wow would love to be part of your give away.

I started blogging because of you my friend.
And the reason i am the Butterfly is i flutter from one thing to another never staying for long , but i hope i will put my wings down for a rest for many years to come. Also having a June birthday makes me flutter from one thing to another, so that my friend is my story.

Unknown said...

What a lovely giveaway!

My blog's name is simply EveningEmma, because I am not very creative when it comes to naming. I have thought about changing it, but whenever I ask my boyfriend for inspiration he says it's "charming" just the way it is.
The name EveningEmma came about because when I was a wee little goth teenager my standard forum name was Eveningshade and when I went over to LiveJournal that name was already taken, so I picked EveningEmma (Emma being my name!) and it's stuck ever since.

Teresa S. said...

You have a way with words and stitching, Carol--that's why you have over 500 followers-Congrats!

I got my blog's name from the willow tree that sits on the island in my pond. Original, huh?

Throw my name in your giveaway-it is a sweet one :)

valerie said...

Carol, I remember finding your blog. Someone had mentioned a lady whose goal was to stitch an ornie a week. I thought, wow, an ornie a week, what a crazy lady, let's go see what she's stitching and I've been a reader since! I love all your ornies and stitching!

My blog started off over 6 years ago as a dating and to be knitting blog but I found my stitching obsession instead in foggy San Francisco. FogCity Dweller was born. I would love a chance at your giveaway. That bag is awesome!

Thank so much for the pinpillow. I love it and put it against my new Halloween figurine. I will have to take a photo for you. I love the cording on it too. You did a great job! That other pinpillow is awesome. The spoon is a great addition as are the goodies Mindi sent you!

Ranae said...

I love the added spoon from Mindi's freebie, I wish mine wasn't finished-finished or I would have copied your idea. I should go add it to my chart, before I forget.
I just love my covered notebook.
Please enter me in your fun give-away. I love that bag. And wow 500 followers, You Go Girl!
My blog name (stitch by stitch)was to just to take time and not rush, to be relaxing

Sara said...

Hi Carol,
What gorgeous finishes you have done the pillows are gorgeous :)
Congratulations fo the 500 followers
And what a great giveaway you're having... I would love if you could consider me... now in relation to my blog name... it's actually quite simple, in Portuguese when we want to refer to our home or working place in a very cozy and personal way we call it our "little corner", so as I wanted my blog to be my little space to chat about my projects and cross-stitch in general I knew that had to be the name for my blog, and besides I do have my current projects all piled up inside a shopping bag, at the corner of the living room just by the side of the couch where I stitch, so it's literally "My Cross-Stitch Corner" xD

Anonymous said...

Carol, congratulations on your blogging milestone.
I would love to entered into your drawing.
My blog name came about because I love to stitch samplers. When I was trying to come up with a name some of my first choices were taken in one form or another. So through the process of elmination and creativity I came up with what I have now. I thought it was rather perfect and self explanitory. I since have thought of another name for a blog that I would like to start but haven't made time for it at present. I don't think anyone would ever take the name because it is rather different.

Lisa Russell said...

My blog's name is just my name with the word 'designs' after it! Simple as that!!

Sherry said...

Wonderful finishes! I love the little witches! I just love that bag! How sweet of you to have this giveaway!

My blog's name? Actually it is Blog It. First thing I could think of when I was setting it all up. Not very creative, I know. But on the header it says Inhale Life. I like this so much better. I did a scrapbooking layout and used that as the title. It says it all and just stuck with me. Some days are harder than others but this saying can remind you to take it all in. No matter what.

gracie said...

Such wonderful finishes...and marvelous give away...oh please do enter my name!

Linda said...

Hi Carol, I found your blog when you were doing an ornament a week and just loved it and still do.
My blog name is Stitchin with my Furbabies. I have 11 cats and several of them like to lay in my (lap). Sadly, my tummy takes up most of my lap and my left arm lays on my tummy when I stitch. No room in my lap for a cat so they lay on my arm/tummy. There are a couple pictures on my blog. That is how I came up with the name. Great giveaway. Please enter me in your drawing. I only have dollar store bags.
Thanks for many hours of enjoyable blog reading. (I go back every few months and read your blog).


Poppypatchwork said...

Please add me to your giveawy, I'm from my name comes from my two fav things, I love to see field poppies, bright red waving the the breeze, and mixed in the corn field and my love of patchwork, but I make patchwork designs with cross stitch. My second blog is Somerset House, a minature project so called because I grew up in the heart of somerset in the country.

Christine said...

Your two new finishes are gorgeous!
My blog is called The Alchymyst's Study, I use the tag "Alchymyst" on the internet because I have a PhD in Chemistry.
Please would you enter me in your draw

Dani - tkdchick said...

Hi Carol! What wonderful little fishes you've stitched up there. I'm always impressed that you completely finish pieces ... unlike me.

Please enter me in your fantastic giveaway!

My blog has been around since September 2003, so pretty early on in the stitching blog scene! Dani is the name I allow my friends to call me, at work I am my formal name, Danielle. So if you get to call me Dani, that's a privlidge in my opinion! Now as for the subtitle "Black Belt Stitching Wizard" that was a name that Jennifer Aikman-Smith the designer of Dragon Dreams gave me years ago! I used to model sittch for her and stitch up things quite quickly so she called me her Black Belt Stitching Wizard (stitched afew wizards for her too!). Black belt, well because I have a black belt in Taekwon-Do (3rd degree) and that's where my "screen name" tkdchick comes from!

So there you go my whole story in a nutshell!

Tracey said...

Hi Carol! I confess I am not a regular reader(yet)but that's because I just discovered your blog via Beth's blog list at "Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles." I can tell I am going to like you already cause we both love bags and we both love fall! :) I would love to be entered in your giveaway if I may be. My blog is "I Stitch Therefore I Am"- not sure where I picked it up- if I saw it somewhere or thought it up in my head but just thought it fit. :) I do think about changing it from time to time but I don't want to confuse people.. :) And I'm not sure what I'd change it to!

Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

That is a lovely way to celebrate your 500+ and I feel so lucky to be one of the 500! yay!
Its always a pleasure to see your finishes you never disappoint, So cute!

Christina said...

How enjoyable to read how others came up with their blog names.
My blog is called 'Whilst Iris Naps'. I started blogging about a 18 months ago. Something unbearable had just happened in my life and my parents suggested taking up stitching again as a distraction. After trawling the internet looking at other blogs for inspiration,, I decided that blogging about my stitching could be a really positive thing to do with my time. My daughter - Iris - was around 2 at the time and was still napping for a couple of hours in the afternoon, perfect opportunity for me to get some stitching done! And 'Whilst Iris Naps' was born. I now have a bit of a dilemma as my son Isaac was born 6 months ago. Should I change the blog name?????!
I'd love to be included in your give-away. Congrats on 500 followers.

Unknown said...

I would love to win your tote! You're always so generous with your followers.

My blog is Pencil Crossings. Pencil because I'm a mathematician and an archivist (2 professions that often use pencils) and because I love pencil puzzles. Crossings for cross-stitch and travel. It was a name that just seemed to fit.

Birdie said...


eat stich love is my blog's name and it's because these three things are what I live for.


Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

All your projects coming and going are wonderful and the tote is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

You have some of the most beautiful finishes - you're the stitcher whose blog I look at and think, "Now isn't that clever? Love it!" And then wish I was that clever myself. :-)

I dig that tote - I have been on a black and white kick lately, and that tote would very nicely coordinate with my laptop bag. I'm just sayin.....

As for my Sweet Pea Stitches blog, I wanted to be a bit "incognito" when I started it. I have some personal issues and didn't want particular people to be able to google for my usual online names and find my blog. I try to keep most personal stuff off my blog anyway, but I like my privacy. So I co-opted my nickname for my husband and made it FAR more girly with the pink and green and flowers. It's still relevant to me, but not as identifiable as my older online names.

Siobhán said...

What beautiful finishes, Carol, as always! I'm sure Valerie loves her gift--how super sweet of you to do that for super sweet Valerie. :) Love your blog header collage, too!

I will pass on the giveaway because I've been so lucky lately. I don't want to be a glutton, but thanks for the opportunity! I'll go along anyway and tell you about my blog name. I went with Hollow because a lot of people name their houses here--hollow, cottage, etc. Hollow is more of an American term so we went with Blue Hen Hollow when we named the house. The Blue Hen part is because the Blue Hen is the state bird of Delaware. Special to me but not something a lot of people know about, I guess. I figured I didn't want to set it specifically about stitching in case I wanted to talk about books or quilting or whatever. So, there you go, not very exciting but it is what it is! Congrats on the 500 plus followers!

Julie M said...

Congratulations on 500 followers! What an accomplishment. Love your finishes and I would love to be entered for your drawing.

Not sure there is a story behind my blog name. I wanted something that was related to stitching in some way but not something that was obvious. Most everything I thought of though was a bit risque so I settled on I'll Cross That Leg When I Get To It.

Lisa V said...

Such gorgeous finishes as always Carol. Love them!
My blog is my name and surname initial and I wanted a word that represented my stitching and a relaxing comfortable place to be. I stitch on my lounge chair and I also relax and watch tv there, lounging is also another word for relaxing, so the three came together nicely "Lisa V's Lounge". I think it sounded nicer than Lisa V's Couch or Lisa V's Chair. hehe

Myra said...

The PS piece for Valerie is wonderful Carol. You certainly have a way of choosing the best finishing fabrics and trim. Your Froth and Bubble is just adorable too. Isn't Mindi just a sweetie with those extra gifts.

Love your giveaway, so generous of you. As you know my blog is Gr8dame's Place. The Gr8dame name goes back to 1999 and the days of message boards. I wanted to participate in an online message board that was all about pets and needed a nickname. Since I had a Great Dane at the time I somehow wanted to tie my nickname to Great Dane. Hence, Gr8dame was born. Then I started participating on quilting message boards, and graduated to blogging and the Gr8dame nickname has stayed with me the entire time. :o)

Congratulations on 500 followers and for having such a delightful and entertaining blog.

dragonxser said...

what a wonderful giveaway - and I love the designs you have stitched! My blogs name is Dragonxser's Threads - from the days I used to stitch dragons! I still have a few in my stash awaiting their turn.
Have a wonderful fall!

Ellen said...

Love your blog header, I love Autumn!

Congrats on your blogging milestone! Love the name of your blog, mine is my passion for stitching!

Love to enter your giveaway, thanks for the chance.


Barbi said...

Well my darling....I love your blog, and you finishes and I watched you stitch an ornament a week for a long time and I loved it...especially the ornies, because of my stitching tree :)
Blissfully simply that...Someone asked me once what I was doing one weekend and I replied I will be "blissfully stitching all weekend" and that's where it come from. It was always my reply when someone asked me what I was doing or what my plans were. Not a big flamboyant story..just a simple one. So please enter me in your contest..I would love to be considered for your wonderful giveaway, and congratulations on your over 500 members! woo hoo

~*Sharee*~ said...

I would just love to win this prize hun; I LOVE this bad and all the goodies...:) I have been a follower of yours for a little while now and love to read your blog..

My blog is "Sharlene's Stitching Site"; not really a fancy name; when I started it I wanted to share my love for stitching; but it is really more like "Scarlett's Grandma Site" as I post more pictures of her then my stitching I think...LOL Congrats on the followers hun..

Hugs, Shar

Berit said...

Wonderful stitching; I only know how to make a braided DMC cord, so I am very impressed with what you have done here.

Since you are a Woman of Letters, I will tell you that my blog title, "Along the Paths of Pins and Needles" is a reference to one of the older versions of Little Red Riding hood in which the wolf asks Red if she will take the path of pins or the path of needles, and then he says he will take the other after she makes her choice. Do you know it? (That is my favorite fairy tale, I think. At least amongst the western ones. :D

But, please let me sit this one out as I have won too much recently!

Jeanne said...

That stitching bag is awesome! Sign me the pink & black.

Your autumn finishes are just so cute - love the tiny witch pillow. I could never get as many ornaments done as you have - I'm impressed! Love the header on your blog too. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Vinniey said...

Congratulations on 500+ followers milestone! And many many more to come! From our years of contacts, I probably know why you name your blog "Stitching Dreams". :) Your PS finished is so lowly, love the matching fabric color with the design. I always tell you that your finishing are gorgeous; and I love this "Froth and Bubble" little pillow! What a good idea to add in that spoon! You're so creative, Carol! Beautiful notebook from Mindi.

I was so pleased that you asking this question and I enjoy reading your commenters' message about their blog's name story. That's interesting! So, why I choose "Sometimes I stitch" as my blog name? I'm a busy work at home mom with two little girls. I homeschooling my children, working, designing and "Sometimes I stitch"! LOL…. that's how my blog got its name.

You are so sweet and generous! I love that gorgeous black and white stitching bag and goodies! I'll keep my fingers crossed that I might be the lucky one.

Have a wonderful week!

Theresa said...

LOVE your little finishes!!!!!! They are adorable!!!!! And congratulations on hitting 500 followers!!!!!

My blog name is "Giraffe Crossing", well, as you might know, I love giraffes, and I just begin cross stitching when I started my blog, which turned out to be my second love, so I combined two of my favorite things together as my blog title~

Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!!!

Ele said...

Dear Carol,

today is much to read, to see and to translate for me...;-)
but I love it!

Your pictures are always wonderful and the stitchings too, amazing today the little Halloween pillow and the nice filled bag, oh I would be so happy to win it!

I started my blog in July 2007, "Eles Kleine Wunderwelt" what meas "Little Wonderland of Gabriele", because I wanted to show objects of my hobbies, pictures of my garden and the nature and thoughts about me and my emotions...a little bit of everything...

Whish you a happy stitching time and a wonderful autumn


Elia said...

What a great giveaway Carol! I love the designs you have stitched too!

My blogs name is 'el jardin de mi duende' (the garden of my elf')
It is the elf in the work with me, my inspiration and keep my house and garden ...
My house is called the goblin or elf.

Thanks so much for this illusion gifts, makes me feel a little girl again.

kisses and Congratulations on 500 followers !!!!


The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Your Jack O lantern finish for your friend is lovely, no wonder she liked it :)
What a generous give away. My name is 'Home Is Where My Heart Is' because my blog is mainly stitching orientated but I do blog about a few other home based subjects that I love, and I am very thankful that I have our family and our comfortable home.

Tatkis said...

What a cute stitched pillows to your friends!
And a great idea about giveaway :) Congratulations with your (first) 500 followers!
My blog's name "Tatkis - mouse house" was created from my nickname (and it itself is simple - 3 first letters from my name + 3 first letters from my surname ;) ), and my school nick as Mouse :))


Barbara said...

What beautiful finishes!!! As to the name of my blog....To Stitch or Not to Stitch....well at the time I was contemplating starting a blog, I had lost my stitching mojo and I that name just popped into my head. Do I want to stitch or don't I become "To Stitch or Not to Stitch".
Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway.

Lynn said...

This is a gorgeous stitching bag Carol! I would love an opportunity to win. I'm enjoying reading how everyone's blog names were chosen. Great idea!
As for my blog, well my maiden name was Kearn and my nickname as a kid was Kearnel Korn. It seemed only fitting to choose this for my stitching Korner! None of my friends have a hard time finding me now, lol!
Your finishes are fantastic! I love how you personalized Mindi's design. Too cute!!

Julie said...

Congrats on 500 followers!

Valerie's little pillow is superb, i saw it on her blog when i was having a catch up. The design from Mindi is so pretty and such a teeny tiny cutie you have finished it into.

My blog started out as Julie's Stitching Journal as i wanted somewhere to record what i was stitching and when, and i used to blog 2 3 times a week at first. As i did a bit more knitting and started to create the bunny's it changed to Julie's Stitchyknitter Journal, a place for me still to log what i do and when, it keeps me on track (well, most of the time is does LOL)

Please enter me into your draw Carol, thank you.

Catherine said...

Carol, It's easy to see why you have reached such a milestone of followers! Your posts are always filled with such positivity and stitchy goodness!
My blog name came about when a friend had asked me to design and stitch some gifts for her. I wanted a name to put with the designs and after tossing around some ideas with my mom, it was decided I would use the name of my childhood home -Bramblewood. And of course, it had to have something stitching related in the titl, so it became Bramblewood Stitches.
Congrats again on your followers!

Edit said...

I love your Halloween finishes Carol. The PS is great and the one with the lithe witches is so cute. We do not celebrate Halloween here but maybe one day I will also stitch one of these cute designs :)

I love your stitching bag also and would be happy to be included to the draw. My blog's name (Függőségeim) is a Hungarian word and means "My addictions" :) I think I don't even need to explain why :) My main addiction is cross stitch, sometimes I really can't stop :) but I also like other craft activities. Lately I haven't got time to all, so I do only stitching though.

Hugs, Edit

passionfruitprincess said...

Wow! cute finishes...I love the tiny witches.
My blog's name... all the names I wanted were already taken... being Brazilian and loving Passion fruit, I came up with passion fruit princess. My Mom always makes passion fruit juice... the real thing...and is sooo good! And smells wonderful. There's nothing like it!
Can you tell how I miss it? :)
Just a note: In Portuguese passion fruit is called maracuja.

Lois said...

What lovely goodies you are offering for your giveaway Carol. I'd love to be entered. Love your finishes and what nice goodies you received from Mindi. I love what you did with her little freebie chart.

How did my blog get its name? Well, I really started my blog as a way for me to keep track of the things I stitched so I went with a title that was stitching related - needles, pins and stitching things! I well remember coming by your blog and being amazed at how well you did with stitching an ornament each week. What an achievement!

Cindy said...

Beautiful finishes! I would love to be entered in your giveaway :D!

I 'discovered' stitching blogs this summer and after a month or so of reading them the idea to finally start one of my own to document my stitching journey started to formulate. My husband and I have been through some very bad things the last 8 years and I suffer from severe PTSD. It sounds so simple, but reading other's blogs has helped me to realize that good things are still out there. Hence the name Clear Skies After the Storm. Your blog was one of the first I 'found' and I have been so inspired by your posts and ideas. Thank you.

Charity C. said...

Congrats on 500+ followers!! I'm not suprised though...your blog is one that ever since I started following you I have always looked out for. Your posts are always down to earth and interesting. I love the two pillows you stitched and finished for your friends! They are so cute. Even though the witch one is small you made up for it with the beautiful finishing you did. I think the bag is very cute! I love bags, because like you said they keep you organized. I would love to be apart of your giveaway! The name of my blog is Lover of Cross Stitch. Cross stitching is my favorite I will never tire of. It is something I can say that I am decent at, but surely not perfect. And while I have many loves these are my favorites God, family and friends and cross stitching. So I believe that is how I chose the name of my blog! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to win such lovely gifts! Take care Carol!

The Queen Bee said...

Such cute stitching. Yes, you can enter me in your drawing. When I have more time I'll read thru everyone's post so I can see how they came up with their names. Such a good question.

Stitching between the lines and
The Queen Bee... well, it took me forever to think of a blog name then when I did it was taken. So, back to the drawing board. Then one day it just hit me.... stitching and reading. The Queen part because I'm the queen of my world and the bee is like a quilting bee or sewing circle....something like that. No real fondness for the insect variety.


LoriU said...

Congratulations on 500!! And your little witches and the jack o' lantern are SOOO awesome!

OMG love that black and white bag with the raspberry embroidery!

My blog name is Lori Rambles/Lori's Ramblings. I named it that because DH always says I can go on and on rambling about anything! I am trying very hard to get up to speed on this blogging business!

Thanks for offering this and again, your stitching and especially finishing are just beautiful!!

Mary said...

I'm always happy to read your blog Carol. You are so inspirational to all of us with your lovely stitching and finishing.

Your newest additions are no exception. Absolutely adorable.
Good things DO come in small packages!

Congratulations on your 500+ followers. You are so generous with your giveaway. A beautiful gift for a lucky stitcher.

As for my blog name....stitching has always been a time of peaceful retreat and thought for me. The stitching and sentiments that I have shared are reflections of these times. I share them with the hope of bringing joy and gratefulness for the blessings, happiness and "good" we can find in life.

My schedule these past months has put me woefully behind on my blog but I will be back soon with more sentiments and stitches :)

Wishing you 500 more followers...


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy seeing your latest accomplishments. Please enter me into your drawing.
I do not have a blog but am truly glad so many people do. It is wonderful to see stitching shared by all. I would have to say after now thinking about your question if I had a blog what would the name would be Just One More Row. That is my usual answer
when the wee hours arrive and I should be in bed!!
Thanks also for sending me to my stash piles so often to look for those designs that I long forgot about until you show them all wonderfully stitched. PS will never go out of style with me!!
Congratulations on 500 !!!
Take care,

Friendship Crossing said...

As always, Carol, I love all your stitchy finishes and those goodies Mindi sent you are sweet!
Love that fabulous giveaway bag, so please enter me.
Friendship Crossing came about when I was trying to think of something 'catchy' and I thought about all the friends I'd possibly cross paths with while blogging.

Thanks and congrats!!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Congratulations on your finishes! I love that gingham ribbon with the button!

My blog name is Jackie's Stitches. As you can see, I'm not overly original. My blog started as a knitting blog, then I took up quilting, and then stitching. I needed a new name and that's what I came up with. Now I need a new picture for my blog header as the knitting one really doesn't represent my blog today.

Phyllis said...

I love how you finished the pillow..very cute! I am already a follower of your blog. I read it often but don't always post a comment. I don't have a blog yet, but I want to make one sometime. I just need to learn a little more about it. I've been trying to think of a name for my blog and I think I would call it "Crazy for Cross Stitch"!

Kellie said...

Hi Carol,
Your stitching and finishes are beautiful as always.

My blog is The Stitching Post. My blog is named after me. My maiden name is Post; I began stitching in my teens as a Post. When I started a blog, I thought it appropriate and cute. I later discovered that there is another blog and a store by the same name. I briefly thought about changing my blog's name, but decided to leave it as is. It is part of my actual name after all. :)

I always enjoy reading your blog although I am lax about commenting at times.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Kerry said...

Just found your blog, I love it. Hope you stop by mine. I will be checking in on yours whenever I can.

Veronica said...

I think those are the cutest Halloween pillows I've ever seen! You really have a knack for picking the perfect fabric to go with them.

I'd love to be entered in your generous giveaway. Very lovely prizes... Especially the chocolate :P

As to my blog's name. Obviously part of it is my name and it's about stitching hence the stitching part. As for Vault, I was looking for a word that starts with V to go with Veronica (not many options available, I can tell you that). However, vault fits because to me, my stitching and stash are my treasures and treasures are usually kept secured in a vault ^.^

♥ Nia said...

I looooove your new head banner :D So pretty! So cute!! :)

That's a really tiny stitching :p and you finished it into a cute little blue pillow =) adorable!
You have one cat scissor! That's awesome, I love it, don't have one yet but it's on my list to buy someday hehehhe

Such a cool giveaway!!! Please, count me in!! I'm already crossing my fingers for good luck :p
My blog's name is Little Box of Pixie Dust :) Little Box = Caixinha Pixie Dust = Pirlimpimpim
I wrote about that on my blog before, I think you already know it :) The name is mostly because I have a crush on fairies and wonderland, life is better when we believe in magic, special the magic of the positive thinking :)

Happy weekend to you my sweet friend

Michele B. said...

As a previous winner of a giveaway of yours I can attest to how you know how to spoil a person! Not only with giveaways, but with the feast for the eyes your finishes always are. I just love checking in and seeing what you have done lately. These finishes are no exception.

X Marks My Spot came about when I was trying to think of a blog name and kept focusing on the letter X - my sisters and I always used to trace X Marks the Spot on each others' backs (X marks the spot with a dot, dot, dot...) and I thought it was perfect for a blog name. Alas, it was already taken (though the blog that had it seemed defunct) so I figured X Marks My Spot was the next best thing, and in fact, it fits my blog even better because it really is "my" spot to keep track of my stitching. Thanks for asking the question - it's such fun to read about what everyone else chose.

Kathy A. said...

Oh Carol - what an accomplishment - over 500 followers!!! Congratulations.
I have been reading your blog for some time and have always been inspired by your beautiful stitches.
I would love to enter your giveaway. That stitching bag is just calling to me.
My blog - Kathy's Sit and Stitch - came from my commenting often that no I didn't want to play golf or go jogging or run a marathon I just wanted to sit and stitch. And on my blog, that's just what I can show you - what happens when I sit and stitch.
It has been really interesting reading how other stitchers have come up with the name for their blogs. What a wonderful idea.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

What a sweet Jack O' for your friend! Love your tiny witches and company, too! Congratulations on your followers - and I'm not a bit surprised. Your stitching is beautifully inspiring. What a great giveaway. The name for my little blog, Needle in Hand, was influenced by the fact that most anything I planned to post would involve some sort of needle work. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Gabriele said...

Great giveaways and wonderful stitching. I like them. The Jack-O-Latern cushion is lovely.
Greetings from Germany Gabi
(Hope everything is fine)

Meari said...

Beautiful finishes! What an awesome giveaway. Congrats on the 500 followers... Please include me in your giveaway.

Melanie said...

What a great giveaway. Super generous, as always. You totally rock, bb! :)

Well, my blogger blog got it's name from my bead web site, so that bit was easy because they are connected. My bead web site, however, got it's name from this house in Narragansett, RI. When we lived in RI, we would visit the coast line there all the time in the summer - on one side is the ocean and on the other are all the uber-expensive houses. One of the houses that we would walk by all the time had this big beautiful 'moon shaped' stone archway with the words 'Moonraker' carved into it. Because of the view they had, I assume? But I always found it very intriguing and wanted to know if there was more to the story about it. When it came time to pick a name for my bead business, I incorporated that into it for no other reason, really, than I liked it. I've always liked things about/showing the moon and it seemed different. That house is still there with that archway, though I don't see it nearly as much living in CT now. I just googled it and there is a picture of it here:

Melody said...

Great finishes! I enjoy reading your blog. Your entry gave me food for thought...

My blog, which I just started this year is called bookwoman stitches. I named it because I'm a librarian, so I often think of myself as a bookwoman...and the stitching part is self-explanatory. I received a few comments, and have a small number of followers.

I enjoy blogging, and have been an avid reader of stitching blogs for much longer.

Congrats on your milestones with your blog. I'd be very happy to be entered in your drawing. What a wonderful bag!

I hope you will visit my blog sometime.

Thanks. Melody.

Michele said...

When I grow up I want to be you :) I've really enjoyed your blog since I found it and I'm enjoying getting to know you more and more with every post and every email :) Congrats on 500 followers!!!

I love your finishes .. those witches are sooo cute! I'll be stitching it up soon too :)

Hugs, Michele

barbara said...

What a great finish! I have ABC from this series and keep meaning to get to it - I just love it! :) But I seem to keep running short on time, if not on inspiration. ;)

You really thought about stitching an ornament a week? Wow ... that's an amazing challenge. One a month would have me pretty happy the way things are going, LOL.

I named my blog when I was living overseas and really missed Maine. I knew it would be mostly about stitching, but I wanted my family in the US to have a way of following our lives in Holland, so there would be other content as well. Since I'm an absolute fool for stupid ways of playing around with the language, I came up with "mainely stitching". :)

Nancy M said...

Just getting back from my vacation in Vegas...maybe my luck will continue! Very cute finishes you've had and what a great giveaway! Looks like a 31 product! I'm going to a party next week and I never thought about a stitching bag. I'll have to check it out. My blog name is boring, but my Dad came up with it years ago when I had a booth at a craft fair. He named it Nancy's Needle Nook.I just changed the last word to "notes" to deal with a written blog. With 500 followers and over 100 comments now you are getting a great response!

Kay said...

You sure do keep busy! Love the finishes. I love the stitching bag idea! I love how you came up with your blogs name! Mine is not too original. Kay's Corner came to me after sitting there and trying to think of a name. In my house so to speak there is many of Kay's corner's lol with all my stitching stuff around. I have never thought about changing my name though. Count me in on your giveaway!

Ineke Platvoet said...

Hello Carol,
Congrats on your 500 followers. I love reading your blog and admire the beautiful finishes. It is such an inspiration for me. Thank you.
Ineke Platvoet
iplatvoet at hotmail dot nl

tina said...

Hi Carol!! Congratulations!! Your blog is fantastique!!

Kim Reid said...

Congratulations on your 500 followers!!
I am already a follower of your blog and want to create one of my own soon and the name will be Stitches on the Hill (because our house is on a very steep hill).
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

Hi Carol - you just commented on my blog, so I thought I would pop over to look at yours. You have some lovely stitching. I hope you don't mind me entering the giveaway, and I plan to be an active commenter going forwards! :)

My blog is called Stitching in the City, pretty much because I live in a city (London) and Stitch! but also because I'm very passionate about being from London and the place that it is. Us "urban stitchers" seem to be a bit fewer and further between, so I wanted to make a little feature of it.

Anyway nice to meet you :)

Hannah (the City Stitcher) x

msmartello said...

Great finishes and awesome giveaway. The twin witches patterns I have lined up to stitch next. I just love it! My blog is My title is Maureen's Mountain of Stitching. I started only 8 months ago so I am kind of new. It is so much fun though to post all my projects etc. and share them with the few followers I have right now. Hopefully in time that # will increase.

Jan Gartlan said...

I looove your tiny witches! What a darling giveaway. I would love a chance to enter it. I named my blog as I enjoy crafts in general that use threads and love gardening. Hence 'thread garden'. Lately though there is little about my garden and lots about cross stitching which is a hobby I have found again.

cucki said...

hello dear, its me your cucki..
i love your stitching so much..very sweet..lovely blog too :)
very sweet giveaway..please count me in for this..i am so excited for it..
thank you dear for leaving lovely comments on my blog.
lots of love for you
hugs cucki xxx

Anne said...

Hey Carol!! I seriously don't know how I miss your blog in my updates...yours always mysteriously disappears...or gets lost, but I'm always searching for it?!?! Anyways, I wanted to say that I love those cute little pillows that you stitched up. I think I have some purple stars like the ones you used. They are the cutest!! As for the giveaway, I would love to enter, but I see there are 118 people vying for the stitching might as well throw me in there too. As for the name of my blog, well, I tend to muse a lot, and my last name really is DOLL!! People always get a kick out of this, especially the kids I teach (the little ones). So there you go, there's my story behind the name. Nothing very exciting!!



Sally said...

I love both your finishes Carol. They are lovely. I bet Valerie loved her gift.

I won't enter your giveaway as I've been very lucky with blog giveaways lately:)

SueT said...

I love your little witches, what a great finish.
I don't have a blog, if I did I think it would have to be called No time to stitch too much surfing!
Sue T

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

very beautiful
marylin from France

Kay said...

Lovely work and finishing. One of these days I'll get brave enough to do something more with my smalls than tuck them into a dresser drawer.

My blog name, Kay's Random World, came about because I was staring at the screen to create a blog name and all the cute, clever ideas I had in mind, had left my mind. The funny thing is... my world isn't all that random after all!

Jane said...

Lovely spooky stitching Carol and beautifully finished.

Congratulations on 500 followers ~ it's a wonderful achievement and I'm so happy I'm one of them and seen all your lovely creations!

Oh! blog name was easy for me ~ 'Buttons' after my beloved bunny & my stitching pal and 'Stitches' because that's my second love! When I lost Buttons last year I didn't know whether to change my name or not but he was such a BIG part of my life and this way his memory lives on ~ oh! sentimental me !!!
Congrats again Carol xxx

Mavi. said...

Hi Carol:

I would get lucky and win the prize.
My blog is called for September is the month where I was born many years ago.
And my congratulations on all your followers, not for nothing, you always learn something visitándote.
Many kisses.

Cindy said...

Love your fall finishes. Please enter me in your giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Love your most recent post with Trick or Treat Lane. I may have to order this one myself. Please enter me in your giveaway. Sherry in GA

Kris said...

Your stitching and finishing are just beautiful. I have followed your blog for a long time, but I don't comment that much. I'm kind of a lurker. :) I have just started to think about a blog of my own, but I'm struggling with what to call it. I would love to be entered in your drawing! Thanks!

Kris S

Hazel said...

I would love to enter your giveaway. Just glad I didn't miss the post. My blog's name is Quietly Stitching and I guess it was just the first thing that came to me when I started my blog as I had no idea what I should call it. I was surprised that the name hadn't already been taken. I guess that just represents me - quietly stitching - alone - a lot! Also quietly crocheting now! xx

Vicky L said...

Wow! Over 500! Congratulations! Please enter me in your giveaway. I know I have been a follower for a few months and I have enjoy reading your blog, even if I don't post every time.

My blog's name is Nutmegger's Stitching Works. I started a blog to show my stitching but sometimes I do crocheting or sewing. I am bit of a history buff and I want the name represent where I leave. One of Connecticut's nickname is The Nutmeg State, these leading to Nutmegger.

Courtney said...

I love your little witches!! Please enter me in your giveaway! Thank you!

Cyn said...

Hi Carol,

Congratulations on 500 followers!

I don't alwasy comment on your blog but I always enjoy reading and seeing your current projects and recent finishes. :-)

Where did your niece find the "Stitchers" bag? I'd love to have one.

The name of my blog (which has been inactive for a while but I'm starting it back up again soon), came as a variation on where I reside. We do have a house in a meadow and there is usually wind moving just about any day of the year.

As a computer professional, I knew not to name my blog with any personally identifying information. :-)

Windy Meadow

Shelley said...

Your stitching is fantastic and you are so generous to have a giveaway!! I would love to be entered into the drawing. My blog name is Shelley's Artsy Fartsy Life. I have always loved the term 'Artsy Fartsy', not really too sure when and where I first heard it but from that moment I knew it described me and my love of crafts. When I started my blog the name just came to me and I knew it was perfect for me.

Rachel S-H said...

Carol, I would love to enter this giveaway. My blog's name comes from the title of an Oprah book, of all things. When it started, I was inspired by the idea that taking floss and making a picture is kind of a crazy idea if you're not a stitcher, but it's morphed from that. I look at it now as meaning that, taken on a day-to-day basis, the things I do are kinda nutty and choatic, but that they flow together and have given me this really beautiful, blessed existence.

mckinney37397 said...

wanted to enter your giveaway love reading your blog

Unknown said...

all very fantastic and beautiful

Suzanne said...

Such pretty finishes you have there. I particularly love Froth and Bubbles.

Quiltsmiles said...

Congrats on the 500 followers and blogging friends. It's nice of you to share your insights and finishes. As for naming my blog, I wanted something smooth without being too wordy and easy to remember, and it came to me that when people were snuggled under a quilt made for them, smiles would be the constant feeling of love withit, thus quiltsmiles. Thanks for the chance. Jane

Pumpkin said...

I saw that finish on Valerie's Blog and loved it! It's a good thing she lives on the west coast ;o)

How adorable! And yes, that IS tiny ;o) That was very sweet of Mindi to send you those goodies!

Oh man! I JUST missed your giveaway :o( That is one bag any stitcher couldn't refuse. LOL!